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So we are here in the Wajo Tiger Club club house. And now, we are at the Maxx Coffee. Good morning everybody and welcome back on the Island of Sulawesi, and we are now in Watampone. Time to move on, today we want to go to Toraja. I'm going to show you on the map. So we are here in Watampone and we want to go up to Rantepau, in this area.

To Toraja. Toraja is a special place, where they still practice special ceremonies like funeral ceremony, with offering buffaloes, pigs and I have been there already like two years ago. It's really really interesting, so we are looking forward to go to Toraja today.

Ready my darling? > Yes, lets get outta here. My bike didn't wanna go. Lets go...

It's already super hot. And we are late. We are heading to Tana Toraja today.

We wanna stop at Wajo or Sengkang, something like that. Because the local biker got a hold of us yesterday. And then, we were chatting a bit and we would love to meet. To say hi and what not, before we move on to Tana Toraja.

So, our trip today will take about 280 KM and about 6 and a half hours on the road if we do not stop. Yeah, it's pretty far. We will see. If we have a different option or things happened on the road, we have to change plan. Like always, guys. Nothing certain... Especially during rainy season like this. > Ya, no proper plan. But you know what? Everytime we are doing this, we end up with some beautiful result.

Like this for example. It's nice right outside the city. Are we outside the city, I don't know. 15 minutes outside of Watampone, and we get to see, this here. > That there... And I can not believe Natalie memorized the city name. What? > I can not believe that you memorized the name of the city. I give you something nice to see. > Close your eyes, kids. So we met Bustam or Rustam, I forgot his name already. We met the Wajo Tigers club and I think we are going to their club house, babe. Yeah, we are going to Wajo Tigers Club clubhouse and we are not taking the main road, because there is a check point.

Oh really? > Yeah. It's not like we are avoiding it, but check point will take time. You know what I mean. They're taking us through this villages here. I love it... > Yeah... Ooh... Check it out, Babe. It's a dam. Oh.. Really?? Oh wow.. > Yeah...

Oh, we lost our friend. > It's okay, he will find us. The water level is really high. Ah they opened the dam here. It looked like really brand new yeah. Really modern. > The dam? Yeah... Ya, looks new. I'm going to duck.

Okay Mr. Tall... Hello back.. Oghe the founder of the Wajo Tigers club. He brought us here by his car for lunch today. It's traditional food..

Look at that. Makan (eat). Makanan Bugis > Bugis food. Bugis food, looks so good. And there are his wife and sister, and she's riding a big bike. > She's riding an MT-25. Hi... > Hello...

Wow, thank you very much, Oghe. > You're welcome. So, we are here. In the Wajo Tiger Club, clubhouse. And this is Ronny from the tiger club. He's number 33. Wajo Tiger Club. Next to Figa, she's the next strong woman, brave woman. She's solo riding from Surabaya to Sabang, Kilometer 0 Bravo...

Thank you... > You're welcome. Welcome once again to the tigers club. He loves Justin Beiber... Good morning everybody. So had to change our plan, we just stayed here, in this nice hotel. Because Oghe, the founder of the Wajo Tiger Club. He gave us this room here. Really really lovely. Wow.. And we had a great day, yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't make as many videos. We had great talks with Oghe and Bunda.

Bunda is another female motorcycle rider. She traveled solo on a motorcycle. Really brave woman. And yeah, we were hanging out with the tigers, later on we were hanging out with the max club. With the founder is Taqwa.

And he even invited us for dinner. And after that we went back to the tigers. And we were hanging out til around 1 AM. We had an amazing time. And now is time to move on. Our plan today is, Ronny is already waiting downstairs from the tigers. And he will show us around this area here, and then we will meet Taqwa and his crew.

Like 18 units, we will ride together, maybe some parts, we will see. Because I heard they're fast riders, so yeah. Lets see, lets go. New day... Thank you so much for Bro oghe. > Yeah... Thank you Oghe.

From Wajo Tigers Club for having us here. Taking care of us. Oh my God. We never had this type of treatment. Crazy yeah... > Yeah. He took us for lunch and then got us a place to stay overnight. What an amazing treatment from the bikers community here. Okay, we just had some breakfast and Rustam, he's treating us with breakfast as well. It's amazing. Now they're going to drop us off to the Max Owners club.

And maybe that's the time we are going to say bye to them. Beautiful memory, watch out baby. Yeah, really lovely and amazing people. New friends OnTheRoadAgain... What? > I don't know, I can't hear anything.

Don't understand. So Bustam and Ronny, they left. Thank you so much guys, we had an amazing time with you and you are really really cool. New friends and yeah, I hope we will meet again one day. And now we are at the Maxx Coffee. Good morning everybody. > Morning. Hi everybody. And we are already here. Our sticker is already here.

She's behind me and you follow. > I'm going in and out the line to take video. You're right behind him. Ready everyone! Careful on the road. This is the leader of the Max here. See you in Enrekang, guys. Where is he? > Here.

In front of me, babe. > In front of you? That's him? We are riding with the Max Owners. Really cool. > Yeah, my first time doing that. RIding in a such a big group.

So cool... This is everybody from Wajo Max Owners. Watch that, one of the mountain looking like crazy. We have a coffee break here. And waiting for more people to come, twenty more units are coming.

Group is getting bigger. Ooh, police. Are you really police? Okay, we are safe. > Yes.

Good job, babe. So this is the reason we couldn't make a video before. It's raining like cats and dogs. That's how they said it in England. We hope we can make more videos later. Non stop raining. It's crazy.

We are having a break here. We are having some lunch. We have chicken, chili, tempeh,soup, rice, tea. Hello hello, short update. So we are now here for the first anniversary of Enrekang Max Owners. (Indonesian Anthem) Give us a big applause.. I just want to quote my two new friends. New Family, Ryan and Natalie.

People from Sulawesi are really really friendly. Specially in Enrekang. They're really enjoy riding in Sulawesi. They're happy to get to Enrekang.

They're going to tell stories through their youtube channel, OnTheRoadAgain.Motovlog. They're going to show how beautiful Sulawesi is. They've been away from Bali for 5 months They have a mission, From Sabang To Merauke. From Miangas to Rote. They've reached Sabang, cleared Sumatra, Java, NTB, NTT, Kupang and even Rote. Now they're in Sulawesi.

Hopefully everything goes well. After they're done with Sulawesi, they're going to the east and afterwards they're going to Borneo. I'm proud to befriended with both of them. Thank you! These are experience for us, that bikers in South Sulawesi welcomed them. And this is their first experience riding with more than 3 motorcycle. In Indonesia.

They only got it in Sulawesi. This is because of brotherhood. Liliek from YNCI refered them to go to Sulawesi, the one that rode motorcycle from Indonesia to Mecca. Then Liliek told them to contact Sist Figa, She's my fellow overlander. She messeged me and Bro Oghe

And this is our luck, we have a guest, a lady biker from Switzerland, Ms Natalie... Tomorrow they're going to continue their journey to TanaToraja. Congratulation, bro. Wow, what a crazy day. Like since yesteday, all of our plans just changed from 1 moment to the other.

We were hanging out with the Wajo Tigers til late night actually. Til 1 AM. And in this place I want to say big thanks to Oghe, he gave us an accomodation. A hotel room with breakfast and also invited us for lunch. Really really amazing, thank you so much Oghe. Really really lovely. And also, big thank to Bustam. Because he gave me this here. Present... This is a hand made bag from Papua. Made out of barks. Skin of the tree.

So wow. Really really special. I don't know what to say, thank you so much Bustam. Shout out. And also thank you guys. Bustam and Ronny for showing us around the next day.

Thank you so much. And now, I'm going to show you on the map where we drove through today. So, we started our day in Watampone. And we followed the main road up to Sengkang. Where Ronny and Bustam picked us up and brought us to the coffee shop of the Wajo Tiger Club. And the next day, we drove with the Wajo Max Owner from Sengkang. I think we took this route here. Somewhere here we also took a different road.

I don't exactly really know where. Because we just followed Taqwa. And all the way to Enrekang. To the event. That's our checkered flag. Our today's ride was really really special for Ryan and Me. Like, we never driven in such a big group.

So, shoutout Taqwa. Thank you so much for anything you have done for us. Invited us for dinner and we could join the Wajo Max Owners and riding with so many people. That was fun, and our boots were soaked with water because we drove into the rain. Crazy. Yeah new experience.

And, yeah... We got invited to the event, Enrekang max owners anniversary. We got a shirt and we got a room. Wow, that's just amazing. Shout out. Thank you so much Taqwa. And yeah. That's it for today. I really hope you like our today's video, two days video. And if you did, then give us a BIG LIKE and SUBSCRIBE down below, and then see you in the next video.

2022-11-16 20:05

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