Mai Expedition Series | Episode 2: Explore Venlo, Netherlands

Mai Expedition Series | Episode 2: Explore Venlo, Netherlands

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lukas what are you eating? there's a... it's a horse farm or something... Pride of vietnam   i have to go back to work...actually  that's my brand. what? is it dark in germany?   hello Lukas. good afternoon. good morning. it's afternoon it's 1pm...Sure, fine   it is sunday, the 8th and we're having mother's day. we're gonna have some special german holiday food do you want some basils? basils? basil, growing basils growing basil here? these are potato balls. kloesse (german). kloesse. and here's the master chef today hello. hello, what do you make  today for us? in german it's Rinderroullade (beef roll in german)

beef meat roll, something like that and you said we only eat that for holidays right? special food yeah. special food today. looks very yummy right? fertig (german) done. okay what are you eating lukas? potato balls and these meat rolls meatballs. beef...beef-balls? beef meat roll, i think that's what it's called in english. like   the meat is inside? how do you make it? you buy it as slices and then you roll out the   slice put spices on it mustard some vegetables in it cucumber pickles and then salt and pepper. salt and pepper and then you fry it. oh yeah i should ask the master chef here and you put um mustard? mustard on  the beef. oh okay. salt and pepper   does it take you long to prepare the meal?  one and a half hour. one and a half hour. i'm gonna eat some now.

eat it before it gets cold okay see you guys. mr lukas eating. bye (german). bye (german). hello everyone we are back to Venlo again in netherlands. hello. hello and our driver today, trusty driver...trusty driver lukas is here. it's his turn how's everything going guys? hope you guys are doing fine, no, actually not fine, doing well. awesome doing awesome and here

you can see that there are a lot of green space here in the holland or the netherlands. how are you feeling now lukas? feeling hot it's pretty hot today   yes pretty warm and sunny today. i hope that we have luck finding a good parking spot   that's close. oh i think it's a horse farm  or something there are a lot of horses here  

it's always horses here. really? there are a lot horses in the netherlands? (yea this area) it's really nice guys and again there's the mcdonald's on the right side. where? where? oh yes mcdonald's right here, mcdrive mc nuggets and this is the gas station so we  actually were here yesterday but it was   rainy and cloudy. i prefer that weather over this weather i prefer this weather over yesterday. it looks much nicer right guys? agree with me? no? it looks nicer but it doesn't feel like nicer. and do you like my new hairstyle with bang? i like it. we are stopping at the red light. see? the red light here

looks kind of different right? right lukas? compared to the ones in the u.s? they do look different, they have zebra stripes black and white yes. not sure why but it's like in a  zoo or something. it's a nice sunny day   in the holland and you see there are a lot of apartment complex here. you're going to see a funny house on the right side here that is made from glass or something. i wonder if it's a house. oh really? or art. where? that one, the one that's very shiny. oh this one. i dont know what that is. what that is that? it looks like an art project

it looks super hot in there in summer. that house looks like it is made of metal the outside yeah. yeah but you said glass, it looks like metal. i remember it being glass but looks like metal, yea. today's sunday here in germany. it's sunday in germany and everything is closed on sunday   so we're going to a nearby city in the netherlands because they open on sundays yay and we're not the only german people going here. they're all going here too, those people. do you see?

good luck. good luck. good luck us. it's interesting that in the u.s, everything's still open on sundays, they might close a little bit early but at six or eight pm. like target closes like at nine on a sunday. but here, no. and that's (6 or 8pm) early. yes that's early

but here they close super early today we wanted to buy some flowers and guess what? this flower shop, that's the only flower   shop opened right? today. there were two or three more open but they were only open until 1   and the one we went to there was a super long line. a long line. we ended up leaving. yes so on sunday pretty much in germany nothing happens everything closed  because everyone's supposed to stay home and rest or you go to church on sunday. yes. different and i notice that there are a lot of bikers here yeah you can see those bikers there right? you'll see way more cyclists in europe in general but especially in the netherlands and even more so in amsterdam where we're gonna go people just go by bicycle everywhere. we'll show you. sure, protect the environment

hopefully we will not gonna get run over by some of them, the environment or whatever yeah environment. also because many of the streets are too small for cars i mean it makes more sense now because the gas prices are going up. ridiculous. and for your car you use diesel right? you don't use gas. diesel yes. oh yes they're different too. he's been using the clutch. uh no automatic, yeah. oh this thing looks cool, that thing. it says neighborhood friendship with germany. oh friendship with germany? there are a german eagle and a dutch lion which animal is more impressive?   what do you think as a national   symbol, what animal do you prefer? the eagles. the eagle yeah. the eagles.

there are german eagle, the us eagle yeah. you tend to notice that most  republics like germany and the us are, there's an eagle. but the the kingdoms often have lions like the netherlands or the uk they have a lion too. yeah the netherlands, they have royal family. kingdom

yeah. yeah the netherlands is the kingdom oh i didn't notice that part. yeah this is a line to the parking lot now oh my god it's a long line, you guys can see it? yay it's moving. this city is called venlo right? venlo, yea we say "fenlo" in german but i think dutch people say venlo. with a v not with an f.   when you use navigation map it says venlo too putting on lipstick. you have to look pretty in the kingdom don't  you? find your prince. the prince   is at home. heineken is actually from netherlands yeah just remember that. dutch beer. it's a dutch beer  

we should get some beer today right lukas? well i'm  gonna be driving so not me. there's the parking lot but   because it's so crowded so they actually  locked it wait actually there's people there   unemployed? the people just standing there and telling people where to go? i think so. we're   going to be going into the roundabout in the same  direction back. so we have to drive back to get   to that line right? of people right there. you can see the whole line right there oh my gosh.   and there you go, the yellow sign that you see it says germany, germany this direction.  

so if you want to go back to germany go this way. you see the sign? that's how they call it, duitsland. duitsland, germany in....dutch.dutch oh it's saigon, pride of vietnam guys. oh they have saigon here the pride of vietnam   wow. you know that beer? yeah yeah go vietnam. b.i.a. interesting you know? they have beer saigon   here. we just saw a truck. not in not  in the u.s i don't see that there   i don't see that brand there but  it's a vietnamese beer brand.

this is the rotary we are driving  around guys. guys pride of vietnam whoa   go vietnam. meubelcentrum venlo what do they have in there? is it a restaurant lukas? i would not know   i have no clue. see? another biker there's a lot of bikers here oh Audi as you can see there are a  

lot of bmw and Audi here. all germans. yeah a lot of german cars here Audi, very common, mercedes   audi bmw and mr lukas already put his face mask  on. oh and there's a parking lot right there you   see the p right there? that's a parking lot so we entering the parking lot and then we're gonna show   you guys more around. entering the parking  lot. what are all those germans doing here?  

here we go all german cars. how can we tell if those are german cars? you can look   at driver's license, you see d right there. the license plate not the driver's license because   i don't think they're going to show it to  you if you ask, that would be a little awkward.   i mean you can see it on the driving  drivers jesus christ on the license plate.   on the license plate yes so it's a d right  there is it a porsche? peugeot, french car. finnish car?  

french. french car haven't seen that yet. in europe the license plates are longer but not as thick as   in the us and on the left side where the blue  stripe is you can see the european flag with   the yellow stars and then the country as the  letter. and d is german for deutschland. for deutsch.   if they are from france that should be the  f spain there's an e because it's espana netherlands nl and so on and so forth. why not n? that's norway. not happy now because we are finding  a parking lot all germans go to the netherlands   on the weekend for shopping because all stores closed. we've been driving around for a parking spot. and  

my foot is starting to hurt because i need to  keep pressing the clutch cause i'm going so slow.   yes it's different because it's not an  automatic car lukas has to use a clutch   and i don't know how to drive that car. i  just know how to drive automatic cars,  easier. so after seven and a half hours we finally  found a parking space we're ready to go it's dark   outside but we're ready to go. it's not dark  outside. just kidding it was quicker than i thought.   okay let's go guys. let's go guys and girls. geht's los, los geh'ts wait how to say lets go? Los geht's.

what's up mr lukas. what is up? what is up?  khoe khong (how are your in viet)? careful. khoe khong? huh? im fine (in viet) but getting sleepy. Sleepy (in viet) hello. we are walking around. cold, it is cold outside (in viet). we are walking around... "lạnh"? you mean hot? where are we now lukas? we're now in the city of venlo.   we passed that yesterday because we didn't have enough time. we're back today.   we're here today. why are  you pulling your face mask like that?  

i pull it down because we're outside so uh-huh yeah. okay. and mama vu is on the phone as usual.  they are selling stuff on the street oh there's  cheese. what is it? a cheese store there? yeah. the netherlands are famous for cheese. yeah. there is a shibainu. oohh, shibainu they are selling all kinds of flowers here  fish? where's fish? oh over there? fish. there's baked fish and fries  

oh these are the orchids right here and they  have something looks really like factories.   right there. i think that's just (suck out) for  the air from the parking lot. oh oh ok. so you don't suffocate i thought it's a statue or something. and we are  entering a pharmacy right there you can see   the cross the green cross sign there and they sell  a lot of fries here there's many fries stores here. fries everywhere entering a store right here and the  sign that you see right there it says   it's the largest pharmacy in the netherlands  apparently. okay let's go. okay we are inside   a pharmacy in netherlands. it has all kinds of  stuff huh similar. yeah? (lukas calls me)

here we're walking around and you can see that many people don't wear  face masks walking around here we just want   to be on the safe side so we still wear face  masks because i don't wanna be stuck in germany you have to go back to work i have to go back to work unfortunately so yeah   oh my goodness. oh there's a lot of cheese  stores here. there's a lot of cheese stores   yeah netherlands famous for that cheese and  fishes right? probably why they're so tall.   eat a lot of cheese you're tall too. i'm tall  too. oh there's a "art of chocolate" store right there bars of chocolate for 10 euros and we found a  milk tea shop and of course as an asian we were looking for it oh some  bubble tea let's see what do they have bubble tea look at this Mai, they have a bunch of options (in viet) that's like the only public bathroom that i know  here and it's not public. oh mcdonald's and there's  

a line there wow, lots of people eating. i kind of  need to go to the bathroom but i don't want to go in   there. it's nice what is the city council you go  forward you'll see more of it oh city council   i don't want to hit people. wow that's pretty nice. and there's many people sitting here and enjoying  their food. and there's the sun.. where?   up on the left, that is like a sun clock. oh okay. i'm  not able to tell the time but.. can you? not really.   not really. i wouldn't know how to read that. if anyone knows how to do that leave comments below

something 15? like 3... no clue typical in europe right like with  like a small alleys like this   and then you said dutch people they  like fries all kind of fries? they  like everything fried yeah fried fish fried  potatoes fried fried fried fried...everything fried hello guys. hey again. day two in europe.  number two and now we're gonna go in here try   to find what we're looking for. hello guys we're  in front of an ice cream store so let's go wow so many kind of flavors. get the one has peanut Mai (in viet)

you wanna eat in here or outside? here, this one has peanut, Mai. peanut and vanilla (in Viet). Hello. we just got some ice cream from an ice cream shop in venlo.   yep that's really nice right? mama vu is running  away as usual. she's enjoying her ice cream.

be natural. i'm eating ice cream. what  kind of flavors did you get today?   they are all in dutch. look, there is a chicken on the top of that building (in viet). i just ordered strawberry yogurt   vanilla or no kinder bueno and some kind of  pudding. Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte.   yeah. it's a german cake basically that they  turn into ice cream. that's a very long name   though but it's really good. but i doubt that dutch people can  

pronounce it. there's domino's pizza. domino's  delivery guy on a bicycle. healthy good for your   health right environment too. according to  my mom the ice cream is kind of sweet.   sweet? well it's supposed to be sweet isn't it? it's  too sweet. too sweet? right now it's make me curious   how sweet food in Vietnam tastes like. you're smelling this too? i feel like i'm in boston. well you don't    don't smell this a lot in germany because we're  pretty conservative about these things. the netherlands are not. some gate that Mai wanted me to film that she's rushing  through she says it looks pretty.

what are you looking at lukas? uh right now i'm  looking at the the camera. looking at the camera?   filming something behind you yeah you said that is a city council? very authentically yeah   it looks very old and a lot of people are sitting  in front to have lunch, dinner whatever it is.   very nice building. very nice view and my mom  she's standing there. it's pretty much dinner time anyway. oh.   it's five now. look it's 5 00 p.m and it's still pretty  bright right here. what? it's already dark in germany?   don't tell what you believe that. oh [ __ ] i almost  stepped on that dog it's small. oh no. hello. you can see the clock right behind me from the  city hall and mr lukas is walking in front of me.  

hello we are walking back to the  parking lot and we are planning   on where to go next right now it's 7 pm.  gouda cheese oh that's a cheese store mai gouda. ooohh. it is the month of May so apparently in dutch it's the same as in german   no actually that's my brand of gouda cheese. well you own it. yeah that's my brand right  

lukas? you take it you own it. yes that's my cheese  brand guys. we'll leave it here for today. but okay that's   my brand. you reserve the right to take it  at any time all right. this is my new store   a new cheese store right here guys. all right we  are heading back to the parking lots again and   mr lukas is standing here. sitting. oh  yeah actually he's sitting. sitting on a pole.

oh and you said like um driver's license here  so the first part is gonna tell you like what town..  license plate the german ones. yeah. it  tells you what city or what county they   are from if the city is too small to have  a license plate i see so the one with the d   that you see right there is Düsseldorf.  Düsseldorf? i don't know if you can see it, oh i see your neighbor  

yeah not really. hello what are you doing  mr lukas? hi i'm filling up the car and Mai said those gas stations here look  interesting because yeah you don't have   to put your card in before you pump the gas.  exactly. there's something here that's called trust.  what you mean trust? you just add gas and you don't  have to pay? you have to pay. and then here   like they they all use diesel right? wait it  depends on the car right? you still can use gas? not everyone uses diesel.

and that's a rip-off. wait so you  add gas first and then you're gonna go inside   to pay? oh well my dad will love it. my dad  he prefers cash but i prefer to pay   outside. yeah maybe they make more money  because you actually go in the store and then   see something like oh i'm gonna pick that up?  so you just come in and then like yeah that's   it it looks interesting i was like wow. right now  that's like eight dollars per gallon. right there. wow fun...are you having fun there waiting? no i'm getting a heart attack, that's half the tank and it's 80 dollars. half a tank like for me i pay like 40 dollars.

half full. okay  let's go inside the store to pay. hey guys so we just got back to the hotel  room right now it is 8.24 pm and here people   use military time so it's  20:24. it's 8.00 pm and look at that   here's the outside the sun is still up the sun  is still up. i'm yeah it gets dark really late   here. um usually the sun goes down around  9.00 p.m because germany is more up north.   so in boston remember usually the sun goes down  like around 7 ish already but it's getting later   when it's get closer to summer. and um let me do  a quick review in my room so here is our comfy bed.

and they have a little bed a little cute bed down  here too. yep this is how the outlet in germany   looks like. yeah they look like this two holes so  if you want to travel to germany you have to buy   the adapter. all right and here's the bathroom so  they have two areas so here you can take a shower   like standing up. here's toilets here and you can  just press the button to flush instead of using   the handle. here is the bathtub right here you can either stand up take a shower up there   or laying down here. it's up to you or i mean  if you're small enough you can sit on the sink  

just kidding no you're not supposed to do that. i  have a hair dryer and this one actually was made in   switzerland. 220 and 240 voltage. usually in the  us the you they have a door knob that you   can actually lock the door but no here it's very  common that they use a handle like this and then   if you want to lock the door you can just  turn this around, everything locked. so in the u.s   usually when you go to a restaurant or something  and you order water just bring out free tap water   but here if you order water they're gonna bring  out sparkling water and you get charged for that.   if you go to supermarkets make sure you read the  label the information because we just bought   a bunch of water and we thought it just  regular water but apparently not. those all are  sparkling water. i think it's a german thing  as well that people here they like drinking  

sparkling water so if anyone who doesn't  like sparkling water and travels to germany   make sure you read the labels. all right i think  it's late right now so i should get changed.   and get some sleep and then we're gonna show  you more tomorrow. alright, stay tuned guys see ya.

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