Magnificent Garden Route is Absolutely Magical S7 EP.68 | Pakistan to South Africa

Magnificent Garden Route is Absolutely Magical   S7 EP.68 | Pakistan to South Africa

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Assalam Alekum everyone and welcome back to the channel from Port Elizabeth. Actually we are a little bit away from Port Elizabeth. It's a small village 20-25 km away from here. It's called Beach View. I stayed here for the last 2 nights.

And I enjoyed my time here. We have just left to enjoy the Indian Ocean view. We are planning to visit this place today. Because we are at the starting point of the Garden Route.

From Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. It's around 1000 km. People usually do this in 3-4 days.

There are a lot of places to visit in between. And that's our plan for today. I am planning to leave from here and go to Nessna. It's a small town or a city.

From what I saw on the internet, it looks like a village. We will spend the night there. It's about 300 km away from here. We will stop on the way and enjoy all the beautiful places. And will show you the Garden Route. There are a lot of famous tourist routes in the world.

And Garden Route will be at the top of that list. A lot of people wish to visit this place. We got a chance to visit it and I will try to show it to you guys. The guest house where I stayed was a great one.

We had a great breakfast there. The price was reasonable. I think I paid $30 to $33. Let's leave from here and take you on the Garden Route.

Bismillah... In the name of Allah... Prayer for the journey. May Allah make this day a blessed one.

And may it be a good one. Today, we won't be covering a very long distance. Just 300 km. There are a lot of scenic areas in the area. Because you have to stop a lot to see the places and make videos.

Hopefully, we will reach our next destination by evening. I have already booked a hotel there. Let's see how the experience is there. The problem in this area is that there is a lot of tourism. So, it will be good if I do everything a little earlier. We found this guest house to be very nice.

The people are also very nice. In this whole region, people have made bed and breakfasts in their homes. It helps in earning extra money. You can say that a lot of people here are of old age. And they are pensioners.

So, they enjoy their life here. You can see the beautiful houses here. And if you are earning some income, what else do you need? We are on the coast now. Let's see how many kilometers we will be riding along the coast. At max 8 - 10 km.

But the coast is very beautiful. You can see the Indian Ocean here as well. You can see the difference between the white, sandy beaches of Zanzibar and here. The small cliffs here. The wind was also very strong here for the last two nights. Almost daily.

The temperature here was 16 to 17 degrees at night. It was 18 to 19 degrees in the morning. And now it is 22 to 23 degrees. I was reading on the internet that even in winters...

the minimum temperature is 10 degrees. We have reached Jefferies Bay. This is our first stop for today.

It's a big town but very beautiful. I could see White Sandy Beach from behind. We are going there now. I will pass through the town and then move ahead. I am trying to get to all the interesting spots by crossing the main highway.

We are mostly at a speed of 80-90 kmph on the highway. And it's boring. But once you enter such small towns, which are the main tourist attractions, it becomes interesting. So far I feel that... some of the suburbs in Johannesburg were very good.

For instance Centon, where I stayed. But ever since we have taken this route with Port Elizabeth, almost every town is beautiful. The houses are well built. I think tourism is an extra source of income here. And those who can afford it, try to stay in such beautiful areas. We have got a parking lot here.

Let's park here. Then we can check out the beach and take some drone shots. I have to exchange some dollars from here. I have made some transactions with my credit card. But then the credit card company shut down. They had some doubts.

Because of their doubts, I am stuck here. Thank God I had some dollars with me. Let's get them exchanged now.

Otherwise, I would have done everything with my credit card. I think this is the town center. There are small shops. It's not a big town. But it's good for tourism. You get everything you need here.

I have seen a lot of motorcyclists in this region. Hello. How are you? Excuse me, is there a money exchange here? It's in the bank.

Where is it? Oh, the one in red. Okay, thank you. Richard? Let's see if Richard takes care of us. I'll give him 20 Rand.

We have exchanged our dollars to rands. We have got 18.5 rand for $1. I have exchanged dollars. Wanted to have enough money till we reach Cape Town. So that we can get food, petrol or anything from any place easily.

That should be done. Mostly it is the expenses of hotels. If we can pay that through Paypal, it will be easier. Now we are slowly making our way out of Jeffery Bay. Look at this beautiful road in front of us.

When the sea water comes here, they have made some outlets under the road. The water can go through these outlets. That's why it looks more like a lake. We have reached Blue Crunch Village. They do bungee jumping here. We are not going to do bungee jumping.

But the plan is that the area where they do it is very beautiful. Thank you. Let's go a little further. They are selling souvenirs for tourists. This is our first toll plaza today.

We have to pay 63 rand here. That will be around $4. Something around that. $3.5 We have to go right next to it.

This area is more beautiful than the areas we have visited so far today. The mountains are quite big. And right next to it is the beach. And then there is a forest. It's all greenery. There was greenery in the back as well.

But it was more of a flat area. What a beautiful forest! And look at these beautiful trees. I am not sure about the names of these hanging fruits. But it looks beautiful. Look at this tree.

It's a very unique tree. In just one day, we have seen everything from the sea to the mountains and beach. And the towns are very interesting.

The beauty of the garden route is that you see changes in the landscape many times in one day. When the landscape changes, you can enjoy your ride. And you can also stay busy. You get to see something new every hour or two.

You just have to move a little from the main road. It's either all for tourism or it's a small village. It's quite interesting. People are sitting and enjoying their evening. It's a small village. The beach is on the other side.

There is a restaurant here. We can park our bike here. We can walk our way to the restaurant. Safe travels. It's a very beautiful place. There is a jungle right next to the beach.

And there are huge cliffs. I am glad I took the drone shots. I hope you guys liked it.

I loved this place. Just like the name Nature Valley, you will find amazing nature here. And the beaches here are different.

For instance Zanzibar has very calm, white sandy beaches. It's a little windy here. And the water here is a little cold. But anyway, we have our lunch and dinner. Whatever you call it.

We have some hake fish here. And some vegetables. Let's savor this lunch now.

I think this is more like a dinner. Because it's almost 6.15 pm. What can we do? We have been traveling all day. We didn't get a chance to take a break. And I had a heavy breakfast. So I decided to keep going.

The fish is grilled very well. And even at a touristy place like this, I have paid $10 for this. So the price is reasonable. I go to a lot of places. At times you feel that you don't get the value for money.

But my experience in South Africa is 100% value for money. Hi. How are you? Thank you very much. Yes. Yes. Sure. Sure. Why not... Full please. To Cape Town.

No no. Guess... it's the smallest one. 310. 310... 310 It looks bigger but it's not.

It's almost the same size. It doesn't look like 310. I just changed the rims and everything. But rest is almost the same. Thank you very much sir. Thank you. What route you're gonna go down to cape town? The garden route.

I think the same. All the way down_ Yes in between I will just go off the road to reach the interesting points. If I find some...yeah... I have an extra one. This one is spare one. In case this one is broken I can just replace this one. Okay.

You go to oats and then you go to back roads through the mountains. Through the mountain passes. R62 R62 After George? On this side of the mountain range is the national road Yeah Boring On that side of the mountain range...

mountain passes... wine... farms... beautiful land... We'll do that. It's pretty. Thank you very much. Nice meeting you, Sir.

I really liked the fuel stations on this side. You get almost all services here. Food... Coffee... Right now, the environment is really peaceful and calm.

It's sunset time. Unfortunately, it's cloudy. It was sunny during the day.

Would have been better if it was cloudy during the daytime. And we could have enjoyed our sunset here. But no worries.

Lets enjoy what we have. It's a rather calm ride anyway. The traffic here is much less during the evening hours. Overall, there's not much traffic here. Not even during the daytime. Also it's not too windy at the moment.

It's a rather fun ride for us. We have one hour ride from here to... Brenton on Sea. That's where we are gonna stay for the night. Right next to Naessna. It's a hilly sort of a beach area.

We'll see how it looks like. The sun has set. And we have reached Naessna. We have covered almost 300 km today.

Our accommodation for tonight is about 15 km from here. There were many good options here as well. But I booked a place, rather close to those cliffs. It's a bit dark at the moment.

We hope to be able to get some good drone shots in the morning. Looks like an interesting town. Everything is closed as soon as it gets dark. Even in these towns. I mean not in a few random towns, but all of them.

It's almost 7.30 pm here. Very few places... Except for a few petrol stations. And some fast food chains.

Most of the shops are closed. I'm gonna call the owner. I think this is the place.

There it is. That's the cabin. After waiting for about half an hour, the electricity has been restored. There has been load shedding for 2.5 hours or so. I was not able to see anything outside in the dark. I parked the motorcycle on loose rocks.

The weight of the motorcycle was too much for them and so it fell down. Not the best of starts here. But I'd like to show you this accommodation. Because it's really unique.

It's a small cabin. You can say it's more like a... They call it a boat house. They might have been using it to park their boat. There's a fridge and a small kitchen here. Coffee and tea stuff... A microwave oven as well.

A beautiful and clean looking bed A small sofa here. A cupboard Table chair And behind that is a small toilet. Very neat and tidy.

A shower on this side as well. There was only one reason to choose this place. And that's because it's really close to the beach. I won't have to walk a lot in the morning. Would be an advantage to get drone shots if this is a beautiful location. Also offers a great view.

I paid around 48 USD for this. There were many other options in the range of 48 to 65 USD. But many of them were off the beach.

Some were a bit too expensive. That's why I preferred this one. We'll sleep here comfortably.

However, there's no breakfast here. And... The pictures of this place were just too good. Looked rather unreal.

It's really clean and beautiful. No issues there. But if I'm given this option now... I might pay an extra 15 to 20 USD to stay at some place with a balcony and a peaceful ambiance.

It's quiet peaceful here, nevertheless. I don't know what I'm saying... I'm a bit too tired. I'm gonna get some sleep now. Hopefully, you must have enjoyed this vlog. And if you did, please go ahead and Like, Subscribe and Share.

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