LOST and ALONE in China's LARGEST City... (This Blew Our Minds)

LOST and ALONE in China's LARGEST City...  (This Blew Our Minds)

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we're LOST!! he's not even on a leash welcome back we are still here in Chongqing you guys this city is incredible the biggest city here in China that is insane it is the 8D Magic City I can already see Taz is at his favorite shop so far he is obsessed with this place and he honestly has had one every single day if not one more every single day more like three but good morning to you hey good morning everyone how's it going? as usual we have to start our day with something nice and sweet and our New Found Love is this one The Yogurt Cow this one so I'm going for a new one right now how many of these have you had? I don't know I have two to three every day oh wait is this mango yogurt do you think? we're just deciding on what you're going to have I think You've tried four or five different things from the menu I have two or three every day this one yeah thank you okay we got it I've been trying new ones out every single day I was going to say he's been going through the menu slowly but surely but sometimes we find one we really like because we have it over and over and over but so delicious the yogurt cow not the Moo cow that's the name of the shop the yogurt cow but on the busy busy busy food Street here it is crazy everybody's out grabbing a snack or grabbing something to eat but for us a yogurt for now first up of the day yogurt let's go let's do this green man only 2 seconds let's go the good thing about Chongqing is no matter whatever time of day you come out you would never be bored because there's always so much to see but I love this place because of these big giant screens they have these everywhere all across the city look at this but the true essence of Chongqing can be experienced at night especially when the lights go on Cyber Punk City you come out and it's a whole different vibe even this place at night looks great all right Miss Navigator do you know where we're going follow me I'll hold my little tour flag yes I do we're going that sign there Shibati oh yeah we're going to Shibati let's go Shibati is an old traditional Village it's an old Street I think yes it's got the antique kind of housing it's got the buildings it's got some food some souvenirs so we thought we'll go check it out see what it's like I love Chongqing 2024 I love Chongqing yes that's the entrance to the metro line one line two we will be taking you guys on the Metro as well later today but for now we're walking over to Shibati from our hotel which is in the middle of the Central District the main downtown area so the location was so cool we got lucky with that anyway enough talking more walking and our first love here Mixue but lately we've been going with this one now yogurt cow today you betrayed them we are going this way we are going which way so we need this way that way cross here and then I think we're going to go down an escalator as well or the stairs look at this when you're on Apple maps in Chongqing it tells you by that little symbol when you need to take stairs or an escalator so it's so confusing sometimes because Chongqing is a super mountainous City and things are built on top of each other into each other underneath or through It's all amazing we have no idea sometimes but have a drink Apple Maps helps Green Man again do you know I realized what's in the drink the little bits that I was saying was Rice Krispies the little pulpy bit good it's actually Citrus there's another one there's so many all around Chongqing I really hope it's everywhere in China because I've really started liking this there's three of us in this relationship Libby Taz and the yogurt cow I think I'm third Wheeling you're number three it's me and the cow first never never in my life Chagee this is a Chinese Starbucks really cool oh year of the dragon so we've got Dragon here still there's a cool view coming up everybody crowded around taking photos so that must mean something that must be a good view seems like a little square there's too many people gathered around already and you can see tour guide flags all over as well there's one there blue one there's too many tours that come out here to Chongqing and I don't blame people for taking a tour because this place is not the easiest to navigate I think you guys know that about Chongqing already all right what's happening here why is everyone standing here let's find out seems like a nice little Viewpoint is this Shibati we will find out let's go I think it is look at that down there I think this is why everyone's gathering around here because you get a little bird eye view of the lanterns down there massive Dragon here and look at these roofs these rooftops tell you that these are all houses that have been renovated for people to come and check it out not a bad view from up here either got some buildings in the distance some new ones here so this is Shibati Old town we'll go down we need to take the stairs okay cool escalators here? I don't know I don't think so the thing about Chongqing is you can literally find an escalator for any place here like even if you want to go use a toilet there might be an escalator that would take you to a toilet because you're on the ground floor right now but you're on the ground floor here is this really a ground floor who knows because down here you're probably like 10 stories high this is a very confusing city okay oh yes well the hustle and the bustle is down here it looks like it's busy looks like that the Ciqikou Ancient town that we went to in Chongqing this is pretty cool I like this that is making me crazy so we will be moving away from that noise thank you Uncle you're such a gentleman you heard me okay I think we can go down here I think we can get some steps look at the uncle has started again uncle is ready all right this is the little layout Chongqing Shibati traditional style blocks and this is what it's like so it's this whole Avenue if you want to call it that different shops and restaurants and bars and places for people to just chill out I think this used to be like a little Village kind of community back in the day great let's go check it out then yeah let's go look let's go how many steps do we have to go down is the main question we'll find out okay here we are you need to have some form of Fitness yeah physical fitness if you want to visit Chongqing just giving you guys a little heads up so if you're not one for walking or taking the steps then yeah you're in for a little surprise what's up look at this cotton candy and they've got different animals they're so cool there's donkey you will never find me eating cotton candy again the last time I had it it was a syrupy sticky mess this is pretty cool though I have not seen different shapes for cotton candy before just comes in one big fluffy ball yeah fluffy thing so this one looks really cute the thing is it's not too hard going down it will be the coming back up Yeah that would be incredibly tiring and my legs have been feeling some extra workout I've been giving them the last few days we've been here in Chongqing oh my Lord it goes down all the way oh my God there's a lot of steps here wow just like Chengdu you've also got pandas everywhere here in Chongqing and the reason for that is because Chongqing used to be a part of the Sichuan Province but it's so big and it expanded so rapidly and so much Chongqing used to be a part of the Sichuan Province but over the years it's grown so quickly and so rapidly that it became its own City its own municipality as well hence why it's no longer part of Sichuan but it still has too many pandas about which is why the food here also is very hot and spicy now you know if there's anything else that you guys want to add to that please let us know because that is what we heard I belonged to you okay belonged? so no longer free man woohoo all right what's happening down here apart from the dad Jokes see this is what I'm talking about spicy food here in Chongqing some traditional outfits here it is a pretty cool photo spot as well because of it being a traditional Village or an ancient part of Chongqing people love to dress up and come here for some insta perfect shots people go all out they take their photo sessions here very seriously this is what I'm talking about look at this these outfits look so cool so they're a bit different to what we saw in Xian they were like more hanfu's I don't think this is a hanfu this is a different kind but it still looks so beautiful look at this headpiece here gorgeous this area is so cute I love it it's so nice it's so picturesque as well with the trees hanging over and all the lanterns decorated and there's little bits hanging down from the trees so cute I can see why there's so many people here because it's a perfect spot to come and take some photos come and hang out there's loads of little cute cafes I see some food on the side which looks really nice here this look good are you ready for food already Roger Moore as the westerners like to call it I always have space for one there's a KFC here what well we will not be touching KFC there was also a Tim Hortons a little further up as well so they've definitely refurbished it given it a little bit of a modern facelift look at this okay so this is probably how the ancient people here back in the day used to fill up their buckets of water this is the town well where they would come look we've got water buckets here that is giving you a demonstration of how things were done through this well there's fish in there now but you would tie your bucket to the end of this rope lower it in the well and then get your water here today it serves as an Instagram spot where people come and take their photos which is all right as long as we remember how things were done back in the past why not hello how are you? we're already at an attraction but we are the attraction here so how crazy is that everybody's putting their hand on it if it's something lucky or hello some photos here I opted to stay out of this one because I said I'll just be a cameraman no problem here we are that was so cute I love it the people of Chongqing have been so very friendly everywhere we've met loads of really nice people actually in the whole of our trip so far in China everyone has been nothing but nice so it's like a little Crossroad here so this is the main Village Square as it must have been back in the day you got an alley or a street going down that way you've got one going down this way here you got stairs going up there which I think I'd leave it till the very last because I'm not in the Mood to climb up some stairs right now I want to have a nice relaxed moment but that looks pretty cool though Shibati old street is cool please can someone explain to me, we just walked past another one of these orange shops is Chongqing famous for its oranges or something? because I don't understand I've seen them so many times but only here in chonging I don't know we have a 7-Eleven on this side as well which is the first time I've seen a 7-Eleven here actually and then another one of these dragons we saw this when we were in Xi'an in the Muslim Street there was a big one of these and it was a popular photo spot there as it is here too so there we go that is crazy guys I can't believe how much there is going on down here there is something for everyone I can hear the ear cleaning they're doing their vibration things over there some more food on the other side we've got more food stores here selling some kind of oh I don't know you guys can tell me what this is I don't know it looks like something with some syrup or some sauce not sure little bit of construction going on here and I can hear some live music as well I think this would be nice to come for a stroll at night as well when it's lit up with the lanterns that would be so cute very very nice sun is out today it is a little warmer are you enjoying this? this is really cool I think this is more lively than the other ones at Ciqikou yeah this is bigger I guess as well I think it's easier to get here for people from the city because it is in the main downtown area Ciqikou Ancient town is a bit further around 50 minutes to an hour away look at this what is this WOW guys look it's all decorated out so beautifully painted all the gold the blue I guess we're going to go inside we've got these dragons or are they dragons or lions out the front here not sure but we're going to go head in to see what it's like I'm not sure what it is but let's go give it a try I was expecting it to be some kind of Temple or something but I don't think it is I think we've got some food and drinks on the side over here some horses some statues what's this big pagoda? yeah a replica there we go what is this is this an exhibition yeah I thought it was going to be a Temple but I don't think it is got some descriptions here and some display in Mandarin so yeah guys we need your help here look at this one can you do a quick translate for us there we go you can come down to Shibati Oldtown and find many things going on here what's this it's in the middle of rocks on a mountain ooh imagine if it's actually like that gold that would be amazing I would love to live there just leave me there in the mountains I have to say the construction here in China is pretty impressive it's great we've got trains going through buildings we've got all kinds of different quirky stuff we've got buildings on the 22nd floor but also on the ground floor mind blown it's insane okay we're going to have a walk around this shop and then we'll head back outside the sun is out and look at this woo some big daggers and swords but we are finished up here at Shibati Oldtown it has been a lot of fun why are they stuck in rocks here I guess this is some kind of ancient legend I don't know but yeah we have a little dog behind us so cute little pug bye-bye anyway on that note you guys we're finished up at Shibati Oldtown and we are going to go and head over to our next stop so we're going to go jump in a taxi so Taz is up there he's going to go and call one now so we made it to the metro station of Lianglukou I think is the way that you pronounce it but we are going to head down right now because there is something pretty exciting down here you guys I know it's a metro station you're asking what could be exciting however let me tell you that there is the second longest escalator here in Asia or it's here in China but it's the second longest single grade escalator oh it's so dark here in Asia and we're going to go ride it I think it's supposed to take about 10 minutes 13 minutes or something and it goes down it's quite a long way okay that would be interesting 10 minutes just to come off the escalator I think so imagine if you're in a hurry to get somewhere you'd never make it no just the escalator alone is 10 minutes long that's the best thing though because it takes 10 minutes on the escalator now imagine if you're doing that on the steps it would take you even longer especially if you're going to go up right so we're actually going to go and take the train to another stop anyway but we think the escalator is inside I think I don't really know I'm a little confused there's not loads of information about this there's not really many signs so we're going to go check out see what it's like hopefully get the ticket yeah hopefully if the QR code works because I have Alipay and wechat but it doesn't work in Chongqiing neither Alipay nor WeChat work in the Metro station here in Chongqiing don't know why it works everywhere else but nevermind right so look I'll show you right now yep there we are not working it says we need a mainland China debit card otherwise it won't work strange if you guys know the reason you can let us know but oh dear okay let's go and see if we can find somewhere and someone we bought our ticket we found the ticket office there was no problems because we couldn't actually buy the ticket because like we said our alipay and wechat does not work in Chongqing's metro station don't know why but it says yeah we need a Mainland Chinese card so we don't have that but we're going to head on the escalators right now we're going towards line one what's our stop Daping so we we need to make one change and then back on to line two but I haven't seen any long escalators so far they're like normal length I don't know oh the Train's here yeah exactly because I think that the escalator is outside I don't think it's in the station I think it's outside of the station but it does connect two stations together it connects Lianglukou and something I can't remember the name specifically don't hate me but is this our train yeah good timing it's a busy one it arrived just now we're going to head on and let's see this a busy stop in we go let's go let's go let's go this is busy wow all right I'm glad it's just two stops in this one hopefully the next one's going to be slightly quieter than this line one's crazy usually line two is busy thought it's Friday night tonight feels like it but it's not it does okay we're going to wait on here two stops then we're changing it's even busier that way look at that behind you busy look at that here busy all right two more stops before we change yeah when we went Chengdu I thought Chengdu's train stations and the Metros were the busiest wait until you get to Chongqing everyone and all of China and everyone else from other planets are down here as well there's so many people and there's so many people that there's security here to crowd manage or control that's pretty impressive I've never seen anything like that before it is a bit crazy down here and this is not even rush hour this is like 15:00-16:00pm so I'd hate to see what it's like when everyone's finished work and they're out for the evening look at this okay it's picking up on both sides now here there and like Libby was saying it's not even the main rush hour yet no and this is just the station so now we're going to get on the train where there's already going to be people I think it's going to be crazy a day in the life of Taz and Libby because that's how we like to do it action and adventures all coming right at you from Chongqing China yeah let's go all right no escalators here just the steps get ready traffic jam should we go that way yes we can go that way exactly all right and here there's literally like five people going down so this entire place is empty let's go catch the next train it's raining but but we did make it to our next stop guys we got off the train and now we are here at Zodi Plaza why are we here you ask, because we have Instagram and we have seen a very very cool looking aesthetic library and today is the day where we're checking out all of Chongqiing's quirky spots so we're here yeah we've got some crazy queues but it's raining so we're running into this mall we're going to head to the third floor and hopefully going see yeah I hope it's open you're all going to want to see this what is that oh look at that they look like Pirates they look like Michael Jackson that is so cool what is that she's teaching them dancing look at this oh I love it so I absolutely love that people just love to dance in public places oh ballet you going to get your dress on? everywhere seems closed maybe we're just in the wrong side oh look Library this way we are going the right way I mean the stickers are there but is it still open is the question let's see well we'll find out right it says this it says straight now yeah you're following this I'm not I'm literally just freestyling no I'm following floor signs it's the best thing in China you guys everywhere is sign posted through the floor I don't know why but why not if it works it works now to the right follow it around see I'm glad these signs were here though actually because I would never have found it otherwise we'd have been wandering around for ages is it here I think so is it open though again it looks very dark I don't even know if you can go in if you're not a member no it looks ok right okay I see light i see a light I see light okay we feel like we've headed into a mall another mall or another part of the building which feels a little bit newer so yeah don't know but the lights are all off it still dark lets look down the floors are dark everywhere here is closed look at that I say whoever has their business in escalator making in Chongqiing would be rich there's escalators everywhere for sure they have made lots of money so on this entire floor the only reason people are coming is because of this Library yeah the books store here so there's a few people waiting outside but we're going to go in we're going to go see what it looks like this is so cool I love the columns here with the books like the way that they're done and then there's mirrored ceilings so it gives it that illusion that it's further let's see Taz went this way so let's go follow him look we've got pandas over here too very nice plenty of books wonder if they've got any in English look we've got so many I love the way all the displays are that's so cool and of course speaking a little quieter because we are in the library I don't want to disturb anyone all of this is so cool oh look little photos going on there I love it that will be us in a minute of course I want to take a photo here this so cool I love the layout the design the architecture what did you find so in between these Book shelves you can put your chairs down here oh my God I love it like the one behind us here that's so cool that is amazing that's such a cool idea bring a book here and just read hello this would be our little book pod I like this idea feels like a lamp look there's us it could either be for books or you can get and dance up here perspective it's all about perspective there you go you never know do you know what I also love is that there's a no smoking sign right here I'd like to think that in a library it's no smoking but you never know so who knows this place is big and really unexpected if you did not know that this was here you would not know this was here exactly if it weren't for social media you'd have no idea this place even exists I think half the people wouldn't be here Sherlock Holmes in Chinese oh no way look at that that's quite cool actually I quite like it what else is there oh that's a big set it's a whole set yeah it's a whole set we've got the Thursday Murder Club I don't know any of the I know Sherlock but I don't know anything else Doctor Who crazy see I wondered if there would be any English books and there are China has this culture of like really creative libraries all around the country so we saw there was one in Chengdu there's one here in Chongqiing maybe this one probably others as well this is the one that we could find let's go around the corner see what else is happening but the libraries here they're not straightforward they're like very cool I'm having to whisper because we're still in the library yeah of course they're quite quirky I love it I love the way it's all displayed and just cool this would be cool this is the kind of library that would make me come to a library you know I'm not the kind of book reading girl but I'd love to be this Library would make me it's not a boring room right no so this seems to be the most busy place in the entire shopping mall yeah it's like people have come here just for this look a master writing class very interesting what else have we got here not sure oh popular literature best seller do we know any yes no none of them they're all in Chinese so I am not sure what a tour of a library bet you didn't expect to see that on Sun Kissed Bucket List from Chongqiing but we're full of surprises so what can we say let's go check this out have you seen something more impressive this looks pretty cool this is what we saw oh look at that that is so cool this looks epic and it's all mirrored as well so it gives you that illusion that it's like even bigger 360 degrees that's amazing wow okay love it time to take photos go check out our insta go check out on Instagram @sunkissedbucketlist go like it this place is so cool it's quiet there's literally not a soul here so this is like your designated area where you can sit down read over here you even got a cafe as well but everyone seems to be in the main section just taking photos but this library is beautiful and not many people know about this in Chongqing so we thought when we're here we're going to come check this out and it is gorgeous so beautiful right that library was amazing it was it got busy in there though people came to take their photos it's nice and aesthetic it's a really cool place actually if you're a photographer and you're looking for different angles it was really really cool but but that seems to be the only place that's buzzing on this floor this shop's open but there's nobody here this is Art training everywhere else whatever that is have packed up and left yeah nowhere else that's open woo okay I wonder what the city's electricity bill is with the extra escalators everywhere and the fact that there's so many bright lights everywhere I'd be really curious yes time for the stop yes next up guys stay tuned it's a cool one we are looking for Line 18 we came outside and we are still in the same area as the library but look at where we are now this place is opening up so back there is the roller coaster of Chongqing so we just came from the station which is up there it said transfer to line 18 was here somewhere and it's just put us out here in this massive open area looks pretty cool though great big screen you got tall buildings nearby Spa and a KTV behind us as well on the fifth and the sixth floor Spa and KTV what more could you want we have to go and do a KTV soon look at that that's a shop this metro is also known as the roller coaster in Chongqing exactly yeah do you know what it reminds me a little bit of Thailand where they have the sky train going so some parts it goes under it goes into the metro and some parts it comes out and goes across the city I love it we're lost there was a transfer point in this we got to the bottom of those stairs just there and now there's no more signs we're out in this big Square so I would say I think this way that way yeah you're saying that way I think that way yeah I'm saying maybe here the majority of people are going actually could be there let's go I think in the distance there I see an Apple Store as well oh yeah I see too so this area is not as posh as Jiefangbei but it's still pretty cool like there is still a lot going on too much food too many people just a lot of color everywhere love it oh palm trees as well very nice tropical Chongqiing who knew okay let's go is this the entrance? why does this look like we're going to a shopping mall? is this for the Metro? let's see there's an escalator so if there isn't we can just come back on this one then yeah nobody else is coming this way so I don't know if it is that does not look like the metro is it? no it's not no back up we go I'm just going to quickly make sure what there is first oh it's like a shopping mall or something like some shops and things definitely not the metro oh interesting okay up we go again thank goodness for escalators all right see you guys in a minute let's go so we are now heading to line 9 we're going to take one more train and we're going one stop to Hongyancun there you go that is the one that we're going to because you guys it is the deepest Metro station in the entire world that was quite an achievement though down here for China because it's 116m underground it broke the record in 2022 when it opened in January and it is deeper now than Kyiv, Ukraine Metro yeah Metro in Ukraine there you go so we are heading towards we are heading towards this one here Hongyancun let's go I just want to see how many escalators we have to take to come back out again because this was the sixth escalator underground that we've taken to get to this line line 9 but that's insane so we're going to go get on the train now and then head to the deepest Metro in the world escalator number one we've just come up from the top now we need to find the exit but I don't know where that is where is it here is the exit where here it says Exit okay exit I see so guys we're heading towards the exit of the deepest underground station in the world 116M deep do we feel any different no we don't but that's okay oxygen supply is good down here cuz where we've just come from was the deepest point yes of any underground in the world thats insane okay let's take this let's go yay all right so we've done one escalator so far we have no business down here there's nothing in this area that we want to go and see other than just the escalators and you know the funny part? the funny thing is that we're going to go all the way up and then we need to come all the way back down cuz we need to go back on the train we need to go back on the metro to the next stop but do you know what you only live once guys we're only here once Hey listen this is a world record right it's iconic why not? I think it's quite cool I see a lot of people are going towards the elevator is that because there's too many look escalator one oh this is a big one on ready here we go wow we're going all the way we're going all the way do you know what though it might actually only be one escalator because it's 116 m i don't even I can't tell how it couldn't have been it's like a few escalators can you imagine 116 M from the ground coming up one escalator that's a deep hole that would be pretty crazy actually but I wonder how long it took to build all of this? probably all you civil engineers out there you can let us know yeah this is still going let us know what's the deal we're still going all the way up did you say it's this one that takes 10 minutes to go out no it's not this one that might be one single escalator yeah that is oh my gosh get ready for escalator number three there we go you guys ready number 3 you guys we're going double as well because we are I'm getting some stuff ready for insta oh my Lord this is a Stairway to Heaven guys we are so excited we're like woo wooo and all the locals are like what are you doing? why are you excited? we're like it's the deepest one though it's like a landmark guys come on yeah we're just high on life you know we just can't help it all right the Small Things excite us it doesn't take much we just having too many yogurt drinks yeah we're we're high on sugar right now we've got like a sugar high on yogurt sugar rush imagine but here we go we're going wow so if you guys if you're in Chongqing look at that wow halfway there maybe yeah I don't know but if you want to come try it out then it's Hongyancun that you need to come I'm not sure yeah that one as he said line 9 and apparently line five will run here very very soon don't know if it is here on yet or not but it's supposed to number four you know how long it's taken us just to do two? the last two have taken us 2 minutes and 8 seconds that's exciting this is number four here we go oh Lord another very long escalator I understand now why people were going towards the elevator because I guess if this is on like your daily commute or you have to do it all the time escalators just might be a little bit annoying but number five God I just remember you have to come all the way down stop it yeah now we're going to have to come back down again this is exciting though I quite like it I'm not going to lie it's fun here we go number four the electricity cost for this station would be too much yeah imagine that would be kind of cool actually imagine i'd forgotten about that here we go how much further do we have? I have no idea I thought six would be here this is still just as long oh someone's going for the walk she's going for it oh No Just halfway we made it Daylight finally after 8 minutes of being on the escalator the longest ever in our lives right eight levels of escalators this was the last one here and yeah out here it's heavy rain, people are waiting probably for it to slow down a little bit but do you know what the good think for us is like I said we have nothing to do here in this area of Hongyancun we're going to go back down again so it's a nice little roller coaster right back down so come here it's a party let's go oh look at this rain miserable Chongqing you didn't get the weather memo you weren't supposed to rain no okay let's go no messing around down eight levels of escalators to contend with because it's cool and we're here for the ride let's go!!! so it's three and four let's go exit number three you guys we are back in we missed it the first time because of this one no because of this one he was insistent that we go down we buy a ticket it must be the right way it wasn't I was right all along I always am we're back in Lianglukou station we're now heading towards Chongqing Huangguan escalator woo I'm excited its the second longest escalator in Asia first longest in China if you guys know where the longest one is do let us know okay here we are do we have to pay ooh we're going on the crown escalator the time here safety instructions of Lianglikou this is the right place it's also nicknamed The Crown escalator not sure if that's the case but there we go can we pay twice Hope so on the same alipay? I think so and now you need to come back and help me okay you go now help me bye-bye for me too right is it going to work? yes!!! yay is this it is this it? okay we're kind of excited I won't lie it's going to go between stations as well so if you need to go to line three it can take you down to the next station as well apparently so there we go okay welcome share share oh my God it's quick look at this woohoo we're the only ones on it okay you guys we are going down this escalator apparently takes 2 and 1/2 minutes to go from top to bottom or bottom to top whichever way around you go Mr Taz here is of course getting some Instagram shots if you haven't checked us out already go over of course little plug there heading down to the bottom they even have security guards on this escalator that's kind of cool I have to say I think she's making a security announcement as well but I don't know what she's saying cuz it's in Chinese can you imagine if it's really busy you have to crowd control the place don't you? it costs to ride down one way or up one way but it's a oneway fare you can pay on Alipay easy peasy just like that we're down to the bottom yay welcome to come off yoohoo completed it mate there we go as you can see the umbrella has come out just bought one from the station guy outside selling it for 10 yuan not bad £1 like 10 yuan not bad it is raining heavy right now so we had to get umbrellas well that was an epic day though and we're on our way to go and find some food cuz we're going to go eat something yes we are so very hungry it is 8:00 p.m. and we have not eaten today so that is we've just been living on liquid juices and yogurt and God knows whatever else yes basically sugar that's kept us going the entire day so we're going to go for our most favorite meal here in China if you guys can guess it then 10 extra points to you alright pause the video and tell us what you think it is?? what's our favorite meal here here in China pause the video now!!! we made it inside the mall here you guys and look we got some high-end designer Brands St Laurent Mont Blanc moncler but oh yeah burberry I haven't heard of Todds I have to be honest but here we go this mall is pretty big I have to say and quite fancy look at this how many floors have we got down to the ground up up up up up up up up up up up bye-bye wait for me yes we are so very hungry we're going to go and head for food straight away because oh I'm absolutely starving I think it's on the top floor but I have no idea woohoo let's go six we're going up woo woohoo this one this one!!! oh look at this yummy let's sit alright we have finally ended up here where is this you ask? this is a duck restaurant called um this one here the duck one Roast duck and this is our favorite meal in China oh my God it's so good if I tell you I've been dreaming about coming back for roast duck it's just done better in China it's so incredibly good oh it really satisfies the craving I could eat roast duck every single day of my life I don't know what this is but this is so good we've tried this a few times in China the first time we had Hot Pot in Chengdu yeah I think this it tastes like peanuts I would say this is some sort of nuts drink either peanut or soy milk I'm not sure which one I don't know it tastes like peanuts I'll go I don't know this is some sort of milk but it tastes really good yeah because in Chengdu it says soy milk but here it says peanut milk on the menu but the bottle looks exactly the same that's right whatever this is really really good also got a Tuborg why not that's for you pepsi yeah now we're waiting for our super Feast to come out cuz we've had a very very long day going around exploring this massive city of Chongqing but for now we're going to wait for our roast duck I'm so hungry let's go oh my goodness look food arrived this is a feast a duck feast tonight we're going for extra duck got some pancakes here bits on the side you got the onions you got the Cucumber you got the sauces excuse the half eaten rice because we were super hungry famished guys it is 8:30 p.m. time check it's the first time we're eating today properly so we're absolutely famished we're going to tuck right in the beer is already flying what a thing oh you have drunk through all of that? you're thirsty aren't You? yours is half yeah that's my first that's your third no it's not! but I'm so very excited for this so excuse us because we're going to get started okay this is screaming and shouting my name oh look at that yummy glazy goodness oh that looks so beautiful see you guys in a minute because it's time to dig in because love it let's go!! thank you byebye oh how good what was that? oh my God it was amazing I am so very full I ate my body weight in Duck right now and cucumber and onions and we had some rice as well oh China does the best duck anywhere in the world yes Nobody Does it quite like China I'm so very full you guys so on that note we are going to finish up here I hope that you have enjoyed it just as much as we have we've had the best day ever here in Chongqing if you have any questions let us know don't forget to give us a follow over on Instagram but we'll see you somewhere at some point in the next one good night it's now its own municipality municipality it expanded so much and so quickly it's now its own municipality I can't do it okay you guys escalator number four however you just need to fill us in what is NO PHUBBING I don't know if you know if you're any wiser let us know cuz I don't know

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