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Music If you are coming to Myanmar, then do one or two days trip in Inle Lake Okay, your number, your card And today you are going to the So if you want to come here, this is the number You can contact it Hello, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal Welcome to this new video I am in Myanmar, Burma And my name is Garima If this is your first time in this video Then welcome And I make a video of travelling This gentleman is with me Hello, Minglaba Minglaba What's your name? KO WINE You arranged tour here for Inle Lek Yeah Nice So guys, I will mention the number in my description You can contact him So, yeah Thank you So, let's go This gentleman is a jetty I mean harbour area From where the boat goes to Inle Lek So this is the canal type And after 10 minutes, Inle Lake will start So, welcome to this new video Last time when I came to Myanmar So, I went to Bagan But I missed Inle Lake So, this time we came to Inle Lake Which boat? The boat, you know, come here Yeah, come here Just a moment Okay So, I am going alone on the tour I don't have any company with me Because there is not a single tourist in the hostel All the locals are here And they have gone here 50 times And I am a solo traveller So, usually alone But nice So, this is the harbour And The Nwangshwe town is 1-2 km away from there Wherever your hotel will be From that area, 1-2 km away You will get the jetty area And you can go on a shared tour And you can go alone But the difference is The shared tour goes directly to Pagoda With the locals It doesn't stop for sightseeing And I thought I should show you in details The views of this area So, it is a beautiful place So, I took this private boat And I am alone on the whole boat And the people who are driving the boat So, let's go This is the canal on the back We have come from behind So, the view has begun This is the canal on the back We have come from behind So, as you can see The water is this deep and clean We can see the whole bottom The grass And There are fishermen here And They are fishing in their boat In the Inle lake In the Inle lake There is a very unique fishing style I will put a photo on the screen Nowadays, it is not seen Fishing in that style But That is the tradition of the Inle lake And because of that This lake is very famous And in the Inle lake There is one of the biggest lake in Myanmar So, look at the water It is very clean It is very hot And amazing So, first of all We have met the fishermen Let's go after that We will also go around the floating village And there was a floating market here But as tourism has reduced The market is still closed So, amazing And in 2-3 hours Everything will be fine So, this is our second stop First, we have seen the fishermen Of course, they can be seen anywhere And the second unique thing is You have seen it here They are saying that this is a floating garden I mean Of course, it is floating And the level of water is amazing There is not much depth here So, this is the floating garden And It is amazing And there is not much at back There is not much at back jut few huts And people are gardening here They are planting tomatoes Now, we cannot go But look here We can see the trees So, people The tribe of Inle lake Which lives here They inhabit the lake Which is a place to inhabit There People do things for their own benefit Or do So, there are vegetables Tomatoes And they have told that They also do weaving with Lotus So, this is a cultural tradition Of Inle lake Which vegetable? Tomato? Tomato? Yes Okay Okay They are not speaking much English But, it is good So, you have seen The import and export here Through the boat I think this is the vegetable of potato Potato Yes, okay So, they go to the town They start the boat from there They can also go by road On the other side But, I think it is easy to go by boat So, Nice Look at that guy He is coming out of his garden So, the gardens The gardens here They pack like this Then, the market The tribal haat They sell there Or they sell in wholesale So, look at this Lifestyle of people in Inle lake So, The Nwangshwe town products will be sold from here to there Right So, You can see This is their net Of this type And, they put it in water So, So, you have seen They use this net They will put it in water And after that For fishing So, As you can see There are some fishes They will get stuck And, according to this They do fishing here Look at this This is their unique type of fishing net Which they make traditionally So, They will get stuck And their fishing is done Can I make your video? Okay I can touch Yes, I can touch Yes So, There is a lotus weaving here So, The fiber of the lotus After removing They are collecting there With water Okay Now the fiber And the table Yeah, now it's more Yeah So, the weave is the scarf We need many loaves of this plant To get one scarf So, we need about 4000 like this For one scarf Like this 4000 For one scarf Wow So, 4000 Let's see Okay And it's dried one Yeah So, here it's dried And How long it will take So, The three kinds are the lotus one So, the white one, the pink one and the red one So, the pink color for our lotus Is special one The pink one is special one The lotus one don't have the fiber The pink color one So, the white one doesn't have the fiber Yeah, okay Only pink color This is the first step It's a little bit strong Okay And the last step is the weave in Okay So, after that process This comes here And Here, by spinning this It makes it a little stronger So, here This process was done And It's very strong So, Everything here is 100% Organic and handmade So, great And this is for I know this is cotton Cotton? This is the traditional design So, the first step They make the fashion They make the color And then the last step is the weave in So, yeah So, how long do you weave in She used 25 shutters So, she made the number on the shutter And then she need to show the shutter in order number So, when 2, 3, 2, 25 And then 25 to 1, 4, 5 So, each shutter we need to Show time So, here This is our coloring area That is for the lotus silk And For the lotus These are natural Coloring things For example, this is The bark of the tamarind So, this is tamarind And for the silk They use chemical color You can see here So, yeah And here we have the dyeing process So, here we have the dyeing process So, here we have the dyeing process So, yeah So, just like India Myanmar also have this tradition For handmade looms And weaving in silk lotus And cotton also, all that And in some areas they will be jute also, of course So, very rich culture And nice So, it is almost time for the day I think it is 10.30 or 11.00 And the sun is setting up extreme in next one hour We have spent almost 2 hours Now, let's go to the floating village So, the floating market Is closed now Because tourism is less here But nice, now let's go To the village and see How the village is So, here you can see This is the whole locality And these people have made their home at lake Permanent And they don't even look at the ground most days You think Whenever go down, the water is there Okay, yeah Look at this view You can see here This is the lake And these people Look at the villages Almost They are made on water These are their floating villages You can see here And Look at their houses They are made of houses And they come down from here So, life is in the middle of the water Even in Kashmir There are some areas Where people live like this Look, everyone has A boat Nice And this is not just This is not just this lake All the lakes in Myanmar The traditional Design Is of this type They put wood below And make houses on it So, There are some places Where the roads are dry But the water Or the lake Or the waterbody Anything Look at this The whole locality Is in the water And this is the locality And here They have the farm Near the lake So, Wow And The main transport Is the boat They have the farm They have the floating garden In the lake And the whole place is here Nice Nice culture So, this is the village And we have stopped to eat So, this is the vegetable And this is the rice This is the strawberry juice So, There is strawberry season here So, I am getting strawberry fresh juice And I am drinking it every day And then, let's go to Pagoda So, yeah I don't think there is meat Or under any case I think it is vegetarian Everything is good Let's go Shan state, food It is a bit different I have come to this province for the first time In Myanmar But the rest is good Brother, you can see That there is a local tourist of Burma On this lake So, this place Is famous for foreigners and locals They are famous Now, let's go to Pagoda And I am wearing shorts I think It is difficult to enter in shorts So, this was the restaurant Where we ate This is also a floating restaurant So, Everything is made here In the lake And from here There is a 4-5 km road away So, it is a bit far This is all right And In Thailand, you have seen Long neck ladies They also live here But I am not going It will be a special tourist type thing If by chance I will visit that village Then I will show you We have reached Finally And I get a lungi from outside So, I am getting a lungi And I think there is no ticket in Pagoda In Myanmar You will go to South East Asian countries Pagoda is everywhere Everywhere In one village You will get 5-6 Pagodas Pagoda The interesting thing about this Pagoda Is that You cannot see Buddha's face In that area So, Buddha's statue is not here I have noticed This is how it is made And I think There are 5 stones The main 5 teachings About that 1, 2, 3, 4 and in one middle 5 What is this Look at this Ladies are prohibited Look at this Even in Buddhism I did not know It is written on every corner It is also written on this side Ladies are prohibited Ladies are prohibited The cats are here And they are eating fish In front of Pagoda In Myanmar You can get meat In Monastery There is no problem And I bought another pants Because my clothes Do you know what happened In Malaysia I put white powder on my clothes With mistake Half of my clothes got white And the whole white So, I am buying clothes And bought one by one So, you all know That I don't buy clothes Finally, I have to buy Nice We have visited Pagoda Now, let's go The ladies are talking I think The ladies are talking Good Minglaba Nice After Monastery I got this Kulfi In India, there is Rasana So, what is this Coffee And it is so sweet They have put Flower market So, View of Monastery from outside People are coming They come to see They come from town And they come in group So, they have to pay in group I got this single boat On rent I am paying 45,000 In Myanmar So, almost Are paying $13 It is good If I do this in Africa It will start directly From $120 Where is $15 And where is $120 So, let's go Brother In this lake The first and last dip I think I will not have to come here again In next few years And they have made this From the bottom Because in the lake There is dust So, they have kept some Support I hope my foot doesn't go in Otherwise It will go in the sand Where is it It is good They have kept some place Very nice Other than that I would like to tell you That the whole country is empty As per last time So, I can see the difference Because I have come here before As per last time All the hotels and restaurants Are closed So, you will see Usually, tourists stay in one or two hotels Because in Myanmar Tourists cannot stay in every hotel So, some special hotels Are for tourists Most tourists Will show you the same hotels Anyway, the view of this lake Is very beautiful And Myanmar is an adventurous country And people are very nice And I paid 25,000, no 45,000 If you are 2-3 people You can share the price So, I had to pay the whole price Because I am alone But nice It is very hot So, cold water Let's go out And I have spent almost 5 hours In the lake So, this boat tour is almost 4-5 hours If you are coming to Myanmar You can do a trip in one or two days And I will show you the hostel So, I think One or two hotels are open in the town Where You can stay Everything else is good Let's go to the boat And Let's continue the video If I feel like eating a dessert Burmese Falooda If I see Burmese Falooda, I will continue video So, I came to the hostel And Let's end the video here And I will show you the hostel I am staying in this hostel You can see the name of the hostel And It is a very nice hostel And I think this is the hostel There are one or two more properties Which are open for foreigners And there are other 3-4 properties Which are open for luxury Where tourists can stay You can't stay in every hostel This is a problem in this country But anyway, you can stay here So, next city We are going to Baggan And I have already gone to Baggan I have travelled a lot But this time I am going to make a video for you Otherwise, I won't go So, I have been to Baggan before If I get some old photos I will attach them on the screen But anyways, let's end this video here Like, share and subscribe You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook If you like my videos And you like my videos So, have a nice day And here you can take another thing You can take a cycle At least right now it is free Because tourist season is very less here But I don't know about the rest So, see you in the next video Good bye

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