KUALA LUMPUR VLOG! Exploring the Batu Caves, KL Tower & Lunch at Nobu Restaurant (1st time!)

KUALA LUMPUR VLOG!  Exploring the Batu Caves, KL Tower & Lunch at Nobu Restaurant (1st time!)

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[Music] good morning everyone Welcome to our Malaysia Vlog today we are going to koala Loompa we're currently in Port Kang about 45 minutes out on our piano cruises Arcadia World Cruise we're on day 39 of 66 so this is our last stop in Southeast Asia and we have been having the most incredible time we've just finished in Singapore and we documented our time there and Hong Kong Disneyland and Manila so if you haven't seen those Vlogs already make sure you go check them out if you're new around here hi I'm Brogan and with my husband Benji we make home travel and lifestyle Vlogs so make sure you hit subscribe today is going to be really lovely we're actually joining a piano cruises sh experience where they're literally taking us on a bus to the city center so we can explore on our own and then come back I did look the options for train and taxis but because of the distance I just felt more comfortable with going with them and making sure that our transfer was sorted we're there from 9: till 5:00 so plenty of time to explore the city and get a flavor of what KL offers I've heard some really good things and we've got a little list that we want to take off so we're going to start by going to the bat caves we've got lunch at noou which I'll talk to you more about later and I think we're going do shopping and explore up one of the towers you you know we love a tower if you've been watching these Vlogs so we go see the view and just see what we managed to do in one day in the city and we'll take you along so let's go and do the day it is very warm how hot's it going to get today Ben 36 36 wow the bo even the ceiling is covered they've got some sensory play through 4 5 minutes of this oh brilliant we have just jumped off the bus I totally we didn't estimate the journey time it took a lot longer than we thought it we left at 4 9 and it's half 10 actually 25 to 11: and we have to leave at half 3 so we only have 5 hours so it's definitely a broen and Benji Whistle Stop tour and we got to get out of the city and come back Inu back into the city then we've got lunch and then we've got what probably an hour if that oh wow look at that that is so impressive this is where we're going to be meeting back gorgeous piece of architecture isn't it gorgeous the Patrona towers are not open on a Monday so we can't go up them but the KL Tower is open so we're tempted to do that one if we can fit it in yeah we love a tower don't we we do I think it's the best place to see a city CU you can see it from above and you see the expanse of it can't you you see the view yeah Benji found us the quickest on the- go breakfast to date it's really nice is it yeah little T of sha thing is it okay oh yeah is it's got chocolate in it yeah it's good we are using grab as our mode of Transport with two of our friends so all four of us are going to the bat caves oh if we can all fit in oh [Music] hi this is exactly how I thought it would be but also at the same time so much more beautiful in person the statue what's the name of the statue Lord oh it's dedicated to Lord Moran the Hindu god of war is that Lord Moran or is yes it is it's that is him that's the statue of him yeah and he is the tallest one of him 42 M High and the colorful stairs there are 272 colorful stairs and it will take around 15 minutes to climb if you can avoid all the tourists and the monkeys this is it cool right it's so cool really different to anything else we've seen I love these I don't know I show it's a temple with all the color colorful rooms yeah cuz everyone focuses on the Statue and the stairs but actually around the edges here here this is all the ornate carvings and yeah there's like Bells the detail is amazing absolutely beautiful very hot and it's very busy there are hundreds of pigeons the plan was always to come here first thing this morning but obviously we not been able to do that if you got here at like 8 7 8 9:00 a.m. it'd be a lot quieter the monkeys are running along the scaffolding oh look they're running along the top I don't know if you can see a so cute [Music] so it's important that you wear the right things so we have to wear stuff that covers my knees they do have scarves that you can rent or hire in this little booth here I don't know how much they are actually doesn't [Music] say it's definitely hotter and steeper than I may be anticipated but we're getting there so many monkeys they're just so [Music] cute there's no running 45 seconds all the way up yeah right wow that is so amazing we are looking at the little shop because they have postcards I doubt they'll have pins I'll be so impressed they have pins I'll be so impressive they have pins they do oh that is impressive a Malaysian flag that's what we're looking for yeah that's good I don't know how much time we're going to have to be able to try any of these things but we'll definitely add all of them to our list look how many lovely local dishes there are beef is that renang I thought like I've heard of that yum in sbell chicken there is actually quite a lot to explore around here we go down these stairs and then you can go up the back and more stairs but the caves themselves are so beautiful you have to look up look at this here absolutely [Music] stunning I wish we had more time because this is a really beautiful place to explore the colors the light coming through the natural beauty I think I love the caves as much as anything yeah I think it assume it must be Limestone for it to formed like that with the water eroding it and then the contrast of that with the fact that this is obviously a place of worship a religious place that's very sacred and I just think there's a lot to sort of soak up and absorb here I am as hot as I look I need a sweat towel I think we've got them in our bag we're going to start making our way back to the city center yeah they're in there I Pat the sweat down thank you I need it oh the view going down is really nice too look at that so what did you think love that yeah so good I still don't think I've ever seen that before really no I don't think I have well I loved it I think it's was really beautiful and it's 12:00 now so we were there about an hour so we're now moving on the stairs were a lot easier than I thought they were going to be yeah the stairs were EAS it's just the heat I think if if you went first thing in the morning at 78 a.m. it would be much cooler and quieter so I'd recommend that if you had more time than us but I think we're going to try and head over to noou now for our lunch reservation at 1 so we have an hour to get there get changed and get ourselves settled it's inside the Four Seasons Hotel we are back in KL in the city center it is really big like everything is Grand all the shops are huge like I just said to bench look at the size of that Sephora over there it's ginormous it's really nice I wish we had more time here I'd love the skyscrapers are really cool really cool engineering and architecture really cool so we have been dropped off near the Four Seasons hotel which is where noou is and noou is a very famous Japanese Fancy Pants restaurant there are about 36 hotels and restaurants I believe all around the world so you've got noou in like New York and Dubai and there a couple in London isn't there yeah but we've always wanted to go and when I knew that there was one here in KL I said to bench let's go and have a really nice lunch lunch and have a really lovely experience and just for your birthday as well so it was originally going to be a little birthday treat and then you know isn't it yeah it's the week of my birthday so obviously we're crating you know apparently that's the thing it is yeah so that's why we're doing it but we have to get changed because Benji has to wear long trousers I'm allowed to be back in a dress so we're swapping I don't have to be as covered anymore than you do we haven't had a lot of Japanese food especially not in a fancy environment so we're hoping we can sort of learn and try some nice food and yeah if that's the only thing we end up getting done today as well then it is what it is but we'd love to go up the tower too if we can I want to go to the blue roofed mosque as well but I think that's a bit over in Chinatown so okay it's it's going to be a challenge but we'll try and do as much as we can yeah there's only so much we can do with 5 hours look it's so nice I am changed Benji's just in the men's changing too the toilet keeps flushing on its own I think it's a sensor but it's one of those ones that has all the buttons on it and it was heated it was actually warm like warm to sit on I've done my best to look a little bit more presentable but there we go I doubt this will make it in the Vlog it's got one of them really Hightech toilets if I'm late for lunch then this is why you look very nice I mean looks weird with the Mickey Rock sack but never mind all right we're going up it's lovely lift isn't it yeah it is nice it's fancy the whole thing's going to be fancy I'm excited oh there it is oh wow this is the view how nice is this wow so this is the menu and they do have a set lunch menu in here they have a prefixed one here but this is the set lunch so we can always do this or we can pick our own things they have wagy beef which we love and then we want to try some different sushi so we're going to probably ask and see what they recommend for us they even do mini bite-sized tacos which could be nice as well so they have a load of um s wines cocktails but they also have S cocktails oh okay I like the sound of that dragon fruit isn't my new favorite drink in anything if I see dragon fruit I'm having it that sounds really nice yeah and this view is amazing and I can't see anyone else in the restaurant it's so quiet so lovely because Ben and I are still figuring out what we like when it comes to Sushi we are learning and we'll never learn if we don't try new things so the best and easiest way we thought was just to go for the sushi selection and the Simi Sashimi selection which you get 12 pieces of that and then six pieces of sushi as well so we're going to have that and we've also ordered the black cod misu which is apparently amazing so the chef will just do a selection and we'll try it and let you know what we think but it's so lovely this is actually our last sit down meal in our last stop before my birthday and we're at sea for the next 6 days so this is a really nice way to spend it I know it's not like all touristy showing you all the different sites and everything but it's giv you a little flavor of kind of how we're spending our day we got Fiji Water and it is look can you get it in the thing I want to show you the detail look at this they brought the water in a little thing that keeps it cold it's branded I mean come on that's nice yeah love it FL is a white beef salmon tuna shrimp and scallet on the side for the Shi you got the Salamon Ura bigu is a big egg anago T Mel and snow crap and white fish C what amazing thank thank you we just trying our first piece of the sushi that's really amazing it is so fresh tasty flavorful wow tastes really like like fish fish no it's like a piece of meat isn't it but it's obviously cold the tuna it's beautiful so we've also got the black miso Cod which they soak for 3 days which sounds incredible I'm going to try this we've tried a lot of this there were some hits and some misses but I feel like that was inevitable when you're ordering a selection the salmon eggs and neither of us like SC up but some of them we really loved the salmon was lovely some of these Sushi bits were lovely I think we definitely lean towards loving Sushi over the um niri and the shashimi yeah but we know that now let's try some of this see what that's like I've lost all ability to hold chopsticks suddenly yeah as soon as you mess it up once and you are going to really like that that's amazing it's really soft the flavor is like honey wine yeah honey like kind of sweet and sour M wow that is that amazing isn't it again being a basic boy I'd love some rice with it I would love some rice with it too i' love to scoop yeah so it comes with a spoon but I actually genuinely reckon that I can just take pieces break part I'm going to spin some of that that c was Unreal like unreal So Soft beautiful flavor it was almost like a dessert not like sweet flavors but like that texture of like just melts in your mouth we have a nou Shu Dragon which is nou Shu which I think it's like a fresh dragon fruit puree Ela flow and lemon lovely okay kind of taste like you're eating the fruit you can get the little um it's like a smoothie isn't it an alcoholic smoothie that's tasty it's really fresh I'm really loving this but me too it's feels like an experience yeah it feels like my birthday yeah we remember this yeah for sure we've also ordered some more Sushi just cuz we didn't eat any breakfast only that little cant thing that you bought us Bri thing yeah that was um so I bought four of them I bought for our two friends as well and it was 4 hour and a half Asian currencies um which is like 90p great breakfast great breakfast but I was obviously very hungry so I'm very happy to um some more have some sushi they are the smallest tacos in the world so cute I love it how tiny it is so cute spicy tuna in there so you try it first and tell us how spicy oh spicy salmon has it got a hit it's got a nice crunch on the taco though I like that I don't even have that yeah not too spicy that's really nice not spicy it's nice actually it's got a lot of flavor there something so little has a lot of flavor but I'm obsessed with this cocktail this is one of the nicest drinks ever so we've got um salmon and avocado and California rolls yum that was unbelievably good so light and nice I could scof a whole thing to myself I'm actually quite full now though it's amazing how delicious such small things can actually be quite filling but yeah it was amazing I'm glad we had some sushi as well so I really love that that was such a magic meal that is one of those ones that like rank high yeah I'm really glad we did this how nice oh that's so sweet thank you so much look how sweet this is happy birthday and honeymoon there's a little heart got a little candle okay I got to make a wisht my 30th year of life okay y m that tastes like the cream you have in um almost gone all right okay proper cream it's like a little bit of biscuit base on the bottom there oh it's lovely that was wonderful amazing everything I wanted it to be yeah me too well worth it absolutely beautiful I feel like we should try and do others now now we've done that one next time we'll get more Sushi and less just fish but I enjoyed the fish yeah it was nice we gave it a good gu we're jumping in another grab because it's a 30 minute walk otherwise so let's Jump On In and carry on it's nearly 2:00 we have an hour and a half left right we've just arrived at the KL Tower we didn't pre-book our tickets because we didn't know how much time we'd have so I just bought them at the desk and they sell different versions so there's a Sky Box there's like different things that you can do up there but we just want to go up see it and come back down it was £36 for us both so I think actually better price getting it here and you go through security and then you go straight up here are all the different things Tower walk Sky Deck observation deck and they even have a restaurant too this is one of those Towers where they have bars so you can't get right up to the glass which means there's not a ton of fingerprints on it which is always good but it looks really amazing look at it Ben I feel like we can appreciate it so differently now seeing it up here it's so vast it's so vast the mountains in the background there's like loads to look at you look through the oh you're looking through it now Gardens you can see the gardens point out the gardens let me zoom in you're looking at that over there I can see each not almost each individual flower on that I can see every flag pole on there oh hang on let me have a look it's really hard to try and show you but look you can see with your human eyes you can see everything yeah with two eyes but I can only show you through one thing wow they are such good naul wow you can see each individual car and everything so that building is the the the Royal residence oh it's up there the king ofia yangan aong oh 22 DS that spit into three main areas formal the Royal and the administration component oh wow there over 98 hectares then no wonderful gorgeous yeah you can just see it I doubt we'll be able to look around it but if we ever came again I definely want to go over there see yeah right incredible stunning this view is amazing this might be one of my favorite views of the towers we've seen wow what a nice surprise there's so much to look at like you say because you can't touch the windows you can see perfectly no finger marks we struggling with in New Zealand and NS wasn't it yeah there's some really beautiful fountains too like I'll zoom in but there's some really lovely fountains each window is actually quite different I will say that there's quite a lot of like steel sort of blocking the view a bit which is a little annoying because you know it's not like a full 360 but you know once you actually look through each glass it's good also something I've noticed the colors the colors of like the houses the buildings the green there still MKS and there's a lot of temples and they're all gorgeous roofs yeah that is the Patronus Towers we do have a sideways view on but that is them right there so you can't see the bit that combines them but with the mountains in the background it's so [Music] lovely that was great that was so good especially because we didn't have a lot of time here it meant that we could see a lot of things that we couldn't go to yeah really good way to see the city we keep saying this cuz we've done a few now but that was really interesting I loved seeing the king of Malaysia's Al I could see his laundry hanging up on the washing Line near nearly it's great yeah but last week you wore three blue pants and two black pants really yeah you did yeah lots of Odd Socks though really I don't think the king of Malia does the own watching lots of you know that we collect pins as our souvenir and one of the best places to find pins is at the Hard Rock Cafe we've been doing a little tour of them all haven't we yeah and they had one down here at the bottom of the Tower so it was like perfectly on the way from the tower it's Lally just there yeah to the Twin Towers the um it's on the way to our pickup spot so we're going to swing by here and see what pins they' got the lady opening the door was so enthusiastic oh wow okay hi thank you oh wow oh bottom right's nice oh yeah we're just going to get this one I think but they have loads of good ones love it picked our pin sometimes we buy more than one if they have good ones but we did manage to get a Malaysian flag at the batau caves and then I just the rest of my cash that I had remaining of Malaysian ring so that's now bought it's 5 to 3 and we've got to meet at half three so yeah we have 30 minutes and it's a 15minute walk back to the pickup spot so just in the right time I think we might try and stop at 7-Eleven because like I said we're actually at sea for the next 6 days our next spot after this is macious which we very excited about but 6 days at Sea might get some snacks some drinks you know I'm a little sad that we've not had more time to explore k cuz I have friends that tell me that I'd love it here and from what I saw up at the tower there's some really gorgeous areas to go shopping and eat lots of lovely food but I've enjoyed what we've been able to do in the short time we've had I think we've been fairly successful to be honest so let's walk back to our stop and then we'll show you if we see anything on the way popped to the teeniest tiniest 7-Eleven got some chocolate and drinks CU there's a 7 71 right there if you know you know name that music we probably got it wrong and we've seeing it wrong a lot of you might know this already but we are Pepsi Max people and I love that you can get the vanilla version in a bottle oh so good and so cold and perfect for the little walk back to our meeting point we're just swinging by this little shop Ben is just picking up some monster or Red Bull or something along those lines and I was just having a little read of the sign and what you can get and look at this fast food this actually looks amazing probably is not amazing cuz it's fast food but like yeah it makes me want some noodles this sounds so good yogurt Pearl Berry drink and also one without them yum we have found our group and they're waiting for another 15 minutes outside so we thought we'd come into this shopping mall it's called sua suria KLCC or something like that so many shopping malls in Asia everywhere we've been there's been so many big ones I don't want to get my Dums but do you want to go and see see what special things they have here oh maybe oh it's just a little kios Bene it's not a proper one oh there's a proper one next oh okay oh yeah around the corner okay I do really enjoy looking at what they have so they have chicken like this okay nuggets fine what's that they have set meals with rice and what is that egg parties at home oh wow you can buy like a big set to take away I've never seen that before look how interesting is that ooh they have a chocolate butterscotch pie never seen that Lotus Biscoff and you can buy corn just in a pot Rogue but you know for up for it yeah looked at that it's like rice and is that egg it looks like an egg and chicken and you get a drink like a combo meal I wanted a drink but they don't have any Fanta strawberry that's what I wanted opposite the McDonald's they have a What's this called a a Shins and Broan lost her comb her brush in the great bar Reef on the boat so um I think we're going to pick one up for her they've got Marks and Spencers seem to see this a lot around here actually and there's loads of shops down here beautiful Mall look there's so much stuff there's all the brands that we know and love but loads of these little boutiques around the bottom as well wow what gorgeous dresses we have everything we need from the mall I picked up a hair brush I've I've been looking for a tangle teaser cuz I lost mine did you tell them oh you got your laay lost my tangle teaser how I don't know I love it it's brand new as well on the boat to the or from the great B Reef so I just found a wet brush though so I bought a wet brush back on the bus we go oh the funky bus with all the colors we normally end our Vlogs in the city or location that we're in but we've decided to show you that this is some times what a cruise trip looks like we came back in and we were like Paul a big day of walking around another 20,000 step day 3 20,000 step days in a row yeah nice little soak in the pool yeah cuz it was such a warm day that we thought let's just get in the pool and we'll end it from here I think it's days like today it show why I really love cruising M we were never able to do the whole of koala lour in one day we've had a really nice taste of what what the city's like and it it's definitely made us want to come back for longer and I could definitely see us I know we've said it in every port or most ports in Asia that we've been to is I definitely see each of those places being part of a trip where we do like three or four days in each yeah definitely no it's been amazing I've really enjoyed today I think there were a hundred other things I would have loved to have done like all places but like you say this is why we like cruising so we can just sort of see what these places are like and then where we want to return to and where we would probably skip so I definitely want to go back to that Palace I'm so fascinated don't know if you can get in there no but it might be like bucking and Palace and you can go and see it from closer hope you've enjoyed this one um we've enjoyed sharing it with you after this our next stop is macious but we are going to share a C Day in the Life from my 30th birthday so that'll be fun then maricia so you got some more Vlogs still to come thank you so much for watching we're going to end this before anyone jumps in the pool and we film anyone else so um yeah thank you so much and we'll see you again in the next one see you later p [Music]

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