Koh Racha. A dazzling paradise just 30 minutes from Phuket.

Koh Racha. A dazzling paradise just 30 minutes from Phuket.

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Hello guys. Today we are going on a day trip to Racha Island. The Chalonga Pier, like many other marine excursion departure points, sells all sorts of accessories in case you forget something. The three islands on the excursion program are Racha, Maiton and Coral. Chalong Pier The cost of such an excursion is 1100 baht with lunch included.

Our transportation is a speedboat and the travel time to the first stop is only 30 minutes. Along the way you will meet other boats following a similar route. Koh Racha When you arrive on the island, you have the choice to go ashore or go snorkeling. If you skip snorkeling on Ko Racha as part of the tour it will no longer be available, only on Ko Maiton. The snorkeling spot is literally 200 meters from the shore. Any idea what it is? Our captain said they were special concrete structures to create a reef.

After 30 minutes of snorkeling, we land on the beach. Do not leave your shoes on the boat, the pier gets very hot in the sun. Immediately after snorkeling you will go for lunch.

Those not hungry can stay to enjoy the beach. The funny thing is that our restaurant is not on the beach but in the back of the island. And we're gonna ride this brutal tuktuk.

The assortment of dishes stardant for such excursions are rice noodles chicken and tom kha. The beautiful birch color of the water is given by the coral sand. Accordingly, at the bottom of a lot of coral and step on the bottom need to be careful. And of course a massage on the beach. There's also some good snorkeling near the shore.

Lots of fish swimming around unafraid of anything. Closer to the cliffs, they are especially plentiful. Since there are tourist boats to the island as the high season approaches, there are more and more carefree travelers. There is very little infrastructure on the beach at all for a day visit. There are literally only a few sunbeds on the entire beach. Such a set of umbrella beach mat and chair you will pay only 100 baht.

In addition, there is a hotel with comfortable seating on the first line. But there is one thing, these places are for hotel guests only. The temperature is 31 degrees Celsius so it is simply impossible to stay out in the sun for long. At the very edge of the cove sits a restaurant with an overlooking view of the beach. Prices in some places are a bit higher than in cafes of similar format on Phuket beaches.

The mesmerizing color of the water does not leave even non-lovers of selfies indifferent to the photos. Around 14:30 we move on to Koh Mighton. Koh Maiton is a private island, so you can't land on it, only snorkeling. A pack of squid. Coral Island. Coral Island is the closest island to Phuket relative to the previous two islands.

Because of this proximity, there is more entertainment here than in Racha and Maiton. There is a restaurant with Thai and European dishes near the floating pier. Coral has plenty of natural shade, it's easy to hide from the sun.

The tables on the second line are free to use if you have ordered something from the restaurant. But the seats on the first line cost 300 baht and it does not matter whether you made an order in the restaurant or not. Seats on the second line cost 100 baht like everywhere else. There's also a scuba diving school if you've been wanting to try it for a while.

On this beach as on Racha coral sand but not so white. And perhaps the main attraction of the beach is the suspended swing between the casuarina trees. People are willing to wait their turn for good shots. And this photo zone is very treacherous, the coating gets very hot in the sunlight. The right side of the beach is much more quiet and peaceful, apart from a few chairs there is only an abandoned hotel.

From the left side you can see Phuket perfectly so small distance between them. Some tourist boats coincide in time and route with yours, so you will often meet the same people. At 16:30 the tour ends, it's time to take a swim and head home to rest. After each sea adventure you feel very happy and equally tired)

2023-11-25 20:08

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