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On this bus trip to Thekkady, my journey begins with rain. Thekkady is a small town situated in Kerala which comes under the Periyar Tiger Reserve. To reach Thekkady, you first have to reach Kochi and then from there, you can take a bus or taxi to reach Thekkady. The distance of Thekkady from Kochi is around 150 km.

After traveling continuously, we stopped here at the petrol pump, and right now I will talk about the weather only because it is the life here and if you see it there then all the clouds are floating. On my camera, it is raining lightly and a few drops are falling, so let it be naturally and it is feeling very good. In North India right now we are facing so much heat. And here it is like this, neither you will feel cold or hot, the kind of weather that one wants, you will get exactly the same weather here.

After a sweet journey of about four hours, I reached Thekkady, which was a little different than my expectation. When I saw the pics of Thekkady on Google, I thought there was only forest here, but here there is an entire market and when you visit it feels like a combination of Munnar, Ooty, and Mount Abu. So this is the main crossroad here I reached Thekkady in the evening, it was raining lightly, and in such weather, the fun of eating pakodas served on banana leaves for only ₹ 12 was something else. The next morning of Thekkady, I was going to go to the tourist places here but before that I had to try a special dish called Putu Gadala. So now we eat it and the style of eating is something like this, it is complete rice powder, basically you can say it is chana masala, mix it, you can eat it with your hands, or you can eat it with a spoon. Okay, I should mix the papad? Okay, you have to crush it and put it in this and then eat it. It has

its own style of eating and the fun is in it only. It is tremendous and you get it only for Rs. 90. It is available in the morning and evening easily and I will also show you the place where I have come. If you are coming to Thekkady so this is Raza Thekkady. It is pure vegetarian. Come here and taste it and tell me in the comment box how did you liked it. Actually putu

is called rice here. Whereas Kadala means curry which is of chana. The main attraction of Thekkady is boating in the Tiger Reserve here, but there are some procedures to reach the boating, which starts from this parking lot, half a kilometer away from the market. The parking area of Periyar Tiger Reserve is the parking area from where you can say that all your arrangements for boating start from here. So the place you are seeing is the ticket

counter but here it is not the ticket counter for boating. This is a counter for your entry into the forest, so to go to the forest, you will have to take an entry ticket and that is ₹ 45 per person and apart from this, you cannot go by your private vehicle, you will have to go through these buses which stand here and keep moving from time to time and you have to pay ₹ 30 for this but let's see how much does it cost to go boating and how much time does it take to reach there by bus, how is this whole journey. It is through this bus that you enter the Periyar Tiger Reserve and as soon as you sit inside, you should start keeping an eye because wild animals can be seen anywhere. Within 10 minutes you reach the point where you can buy boat tickets etc. It is said that the jungle has its own law, so you have to fill a form here and get a ticket.

There was a ticket counter behind and I have taken the ticket, I will tell you the ticket price for boating. As soon as you come here, you are brought to the ticket counter and you are made to fill a form and only one person has to fill it, rest if there are four or five members then the rest of the people can go ahead. Now let me show you the ticket price. The ticker price is Rs 255 per person and after this let me show you the view first. See this.

This is the scene here and you must be seeing that there are a lot of chairs etc. here. The ticket I have got now is completely empty, that means there is no one here, the number of people who have come here is only by bus and I got the ticket immediately, its booking is also done online, hence many people have booked online, so there was no queue. So you should prefer online so that you do not have to go in the crowd, From where to book it online, I will give the link etc. This is the ticket and now let's do boating. Before that let's see here also. Right now all the photos are being clicked. Here you can also take binoculars on rent for Rs. 50 because you can see the wild animals from a distance. Most of the tourists are those who

make a complete for Kerala and not just Thekkady and if you are planning for Kerala, or even for Thekkady, then if you are a couple or have a family, then package can be a better option for you and for the package, I have given the contact details in the description. You can contact them to know the rates and you see, if you get a good rate then you must book and according to me you will be comfortable, meaning here when you come to Kerala, there is a little barrier of language, because of that you have to It is better to take a package because you get Hindi guides etc. Secondly, the transportation you have here, whether you have come with family or with children and are a couple, then you cannot travel by bus, so you need a car for that. You will get a package with car etc. at a good rate and even if you customize it, it will still cost the same, so please contact once. After waiting for about an hour, I

got the entry. The boats that had gone earlier have arrived. Then after that the entry is taking place so now everyone is going towards the boat and there are three to four boats lined up. The earlier you come in the morning, the sooner you will be free from this activity, but wake up relaxed and do the activity only after being relaxed, anyway there are not many things to do in Thekkady. I have come very close to the boat and here is the boat, although I think there is a boat over there, we have to go on that. You do not need to be in a hurry because here there is

reservation of seats so there is nothing like first come first serve basis, and you come relaxed, and it is something like this, it has two decks and I will tell you about the mistake I made later in the video. I have worn a life jacket and I will tell you about the mistake I made. The mistake was that I did not get the upper deck booked, perhaps if I had told them at the counter, it would have been done, but I told them later, but they said that those who do it online they book it on the upper deck in advance, obviously. It will be better if you book online

because whoever books in advance will book only upper deck There is a good view from above. At present, the view is good. No doubt because I have got a window seat. If I had not got a window seat, then maybe If you were sitting in the middle and couldn't get that fun. So let's go now let's enjoy this ride. Soon the boat started and after Sundarban in West Bengal, this was my second experience of boating in a tiger reserve. The first animal we saw here is the bison that has been seen here and this is the main food of the tiger.

You understand it like this, this is biryani, so right now it is eating grass and it is also slowly moving around. It is its own pleasure to see something like this on the banks of the river and when If you see with live eyes, you get a different experience. There are elephants, tigers, deer, birds and many animals in Periyar National Park and in old times kings used to come here for hunting but in 1899 it was declared a forest reserve and today not only there is the option of boating but also the option of safari, night safari and even stay here is available which I will tell you further. After a ride of approximately 7 kilometers, the boat turns back and now we are returning. The animals seen during this time were, Sambar, bison was seen, some birds were seen, all this was seen and all this is what you are seeing. This river that you are seeing

is the Periyar river here and in this we do boating and this entire reserve is Periyar Tiger Reserve. There is no chance of seeing a tiger, if you are very lucky then you will see it, like this, it is very difficult to see in otherwise in safari etc., so if you want to do safari then that option is available, rest here The greenery is really worth seeing, it means it is peaceful, there is a lot of cloud, there is wind, there is complete natural beauty here. During boating there is no network in your mobile and to complete this entire 14-kilometer trip, keep 3 hours with you because first you have to reach here and wait.

There are many activities in Periyar Tiger Reserve and the real fun here which I understand is that to stay here. To stay here, I have read here behind, you have to pay almost Rs 4800 per night for two adults, there is a complete package and in that you get a stay, in which you get to stay in The Bamboo Groove, and without the package, you get it in Rs 1800, so at 12 o'clock is the check-in and at 11 o'clock is the check out full time is given here. Apart from this, you can also do tiger trial here and for this you have to pay Rs 7200 per person. And for this, there should be a minimum of 6 people.

So, this is a bit costly, if your budget allows it, but this I think you should come here and do it, means you should stay in the groove cottage. It will be a different experience. After boating, the place where I was about to go, is in Kerala only in the entire India. Kathak Kali is very famous in Kerala and that means it is the local dance here and if you want to see it then you get its options here in Thekkady.

You can come here, this place that you are seeing here. Here there are many locations and ticket counters where you can come and watch these shows. There are two shows, and I have taken tickets for both.

One is Kathak Kali and the other is Martial Arts. I will see both the shows. Each show is for 1 hour. It happens in the evening from 5-6 and morning time is not visible, only evening time is visible, so you can roam around throughout the day and come here and watch this show. By the way, let's not talk so much, let's go and watch how is the show and show you also and whether whether the price will be worthful or not, that also we will see. Such ticket counter, you will find many such places, you can book. The price here is you have to pay Rs. 200 per person for one show

i.e. Rs. 400 for me. I was also unaware of what was going to happen in this show of one hour in which in the beginning we got to see sword fighting and some moves which were interesting but for the last few moments we got to see acrobats, after that I would say that everyone should come here at least once. And after all this, it was the turn to see Kathak Kali in which the facial expression and emotion are displayed. And while watching Kathakali, if you are called to do this on the stage, then you understand how difficult it is to do this easy-looking thing. I have seen both the performances and after seeing both performances, if we talk about the judging publicly then the public applauded more on the martial arts, people liked that more. This, I am not saying,

I am telling you what happened there and you can see both as you wish, there is no problem in it, both are fun, both are unique and new experiences and according to me, you should see both here. At different places it is of a different kind. So you can go to any place. There are also some spice garden trips that charge up to ₹ 100 for a half-hour guided trip and spices, ayurvedic oils and many more are available here but this are very expensive , so be careful while shopping Carry an umbrella etc. or raincoat etc. with you in the Thekkady. There is no idea when it can rain here. It was raining now, so I stopped and now I will tell you about the rates of jeep safari.

You must be seeing right next to me, these are all the jeeps used for safaris and what are the rates etc., where does it happen next, I will tell you that also, let's go. If you want an itinerary, budget, or visa related, or any other information about Thekkady, or India, or any place outside India, then you can contact our travel consultancy.

Link for this is given in the description box and you will get very good facilities. You can connect on WhatsApp, or on a call, through this service. So this is the point where you will get the entire tourist information desk for the Periyar Tiger Reserve, because all the activities here are done under the Tiger Reserve, so they only make all the arrangement So, let us show you the rates now. All the charges are written here. All the places which you can do from here and you can read all the rates in front of you and if you do all this here. You must be seeing the safari which is the jeep safari of Thekkady, all the charges are written here.

So if you are coming to Thekkady, so in Thekkady the banana chips here, dates here, chocolate here are quite famous You can get chocolates like 1000 kg and many other things are there, here you can also get dry fruits etc. And this is Halwa, the local dish here. All this you can try a little. Apart from this, the things that are famous here are the spices here, like spices etc. So if you have come you can buy them a little. You can take chocolates here at the price of a kilo

and you will get chocolates in all the flavors. If you have children etc. then you can take all these things for the children. Children will definitely be happy. It will be most convenient for you to take a hotel near the main intersection and market of Thekkady. There are not many things to do in Thekkady, but as much as they are, it is quite relaxing and a lot of fun. Yes, no doubt, your expenses here will be more if you

do all the things because the main expense is your expenses in the forest itself and the activities you do in the Tiger Reserve. Otherwise, hotels, etc. are not very costly here, food is also normal, there are nominal rates and transportation completely depends on the forest here, meaning, there is nothing like local sightseeing here. Whatever travel you do here, it is all under the forest, so you have to pay for them, so if we talk about the ultimate budget, then you will get a decent hotel here for Rs. 1500,

and you will get it for two adults. You will not spend more than Rs. 500 per day per person on meals and the expenses will be incurred on transportation that too will not be given to the taxi driver, it will spent roaming inside the forest. Beyond that, there will be expenditure on activities etc. So I will not call it transportation, I will call it in terms of activities, then perhaps you may spend Rs. 1000, may be Rs. 2000 or even Rs. 10000, so it totally depends on you . What activities are you including, I will tell you my budget,

so you can understand that I travelled here in roughly Rs. 3000 and it means that you will also be able to travel here in the same amount, but according to me, you should stay here in the Bamboo cottage in the forest. So you can increase the budget for that by ₹ 5000, means Rs 2500 per person, then your trip will be even more fun. So, stay here in a hotel for one day and then stay here in the forest for one day. You will enjoy it, so if I talk about the overall budget, then if you give Rs 5500, then you will enjoy Thekkady thoroughly here, and it will be more fun. It is a relaxing place, just relax. And do an adventure trip in the forest here,

it is a fun place. And if we talk about network etc. then mobile network etc. is available here, it is a safe place. If the animals are roaming here in the forest then be careful of the animals. People come to see the animals. And

according to me, the best time to come here is that you should come here in September, October, November, December, January and February. If you come in all these times then it will be good for you, you will get good weather etc. People come in other seasons also. But this weather will be good for you and something cloudy cloudy like this will be the weather.

Although, it is like this almost every time. And if you want any other information in detail, then you can contact our Travel Consultancy. Whether it is of Thekkady or all over the world, you want to know about any place, information, visa, itinerary, budget, every detail will be given to you by travel consultancy. So

make sure, keep nature clean and green. Don't forget to subscribe the channel and like and share the video. That was so much information for today. Thank you friends.

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