Keith Eats Everything At Domino’s

Keith Eats Everything At Domino’s

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- On December 9th, 1960, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Tom and James Monaghan purchased a pizza parlor for only $1,500. And that pizza place was called Dominick's. It would then grow to three locations before a pizza delivery guy said, "Hey, why don't change the name to Domino's?" And they're like, "Great idea, bro." And now it's all over the world.

They got lots and lots of places. Yum, yum, yum. They're everywhere. They deliver over a million pizzas a day. In 2009, they revamped everything on the menu. They're like, hey, you know what? This place sucks.

Let's make it better. Did they? Today we'll find out. As always, Eat the Menu is brought to you by Keith's not too hot sauces. Look at 'em in all their glory.

But if you're looking for something hotter, the time has come. We have a hot version. It's no longer not too hot. Now it's borderline too hot.

It's got ghost peppers in it. We're gonna try it today. Stick around as we eat the menu at Domino's. It's gonna be (laughs) fun. (upbeat rock music) Let's eat the menu, starting with the twists and dips, things I didn't know they had at all. I like Domino's, you know, enough.

It's not my preference, I'm a Pizza Hut boy myself. But I do know that when we get to the pizzas, that they're known for the greasiest crust in the world. You pick the pizza up and there's a full ring of grease just where the crust was.

But let's get into it, I'm excited. It's gonna be a big day. We're gonna start with the Parmesan bread twists and the cheesy marinara dip. Actually, let's just start first with the... What are these? The Parmesan bread twists. The Parmesan bread twists, hard to say.

Look at these little breast cancer awareness ribbons. They also like there's so much Parmesan gunk. But let's try the Parmesan bread twists. (crunches) It has a good crisp exterior.

Very salty, very buttery, very heavy. But you're probably drunk or high, right? You want a big bomb of flavor, and this will get you there. It's good, the crust itself is quite pleasing. Wow. It's kind of beautiful. (Keith sniffing) (bouncy music) Oh. (laughs)

This is basically pizza that you do yourself. (laughs) Cheesy marinara dip on the Parmesan bread twists. It taste like lasagna. It's pretty good. Mm, (smacks lips) it's salty. Ah, I wish I was drunk right now.

I don't know if we should. And also like I can't possibly get drunk fast enough. So these are the garlic bread twists. They're a little bit fatter. Oh, they did untwist.

That's cute. Da da-da, da da-da. (crunches) Tastes like garlic bread.

Still, the crust and the bread itself is good. It's got this sort of pan style crisp to it. Look at that one, kinda looks like a thumb. Like the top of a thumb that was severed. It just sits nicely.

I think that's very cute. Okay, let's try the five cheese dip. It's warm and delicious. Stop reading this lid and dig in already. (chuckles) Don't put text on it.

Whoa! (laughs) It's got what appears to be clarified butter coming out of the top, or just straight oil. I think one bite of this will give you like high school acne for a week. (Keith sighs) That's too much. The other one's pretty good.

Tastes like lasagna. This one's too much. And the bread themselves, quite nice. I think they did a good job here.

I think they really fucked it up with this, but everything else, I think they did a good job. Joining me for some more Brie pizza bread items is everyone's favorite comedy man, Lewberger. - Yeah! (Keith imitates trombone) Whoa. (men imitating instruments) - I didn't put the products on the table yet because I know that there must be something coming from Alex.

- That's right. - It's time for everyone's favorite segment. Alex brought some cookies to the all you can eat eating the menu time.

- This is so cute. We got this from a fan on tour. - Named Amity. - And it was cool.

And now you have it. - And now I have it. - What have we got here, boys? - Well, I've got something very special for you today. I and my partner. - Uh-huh. - Jasper. - Yeah. - We had a cinnamon roll bakeoff.

- I'll tell you visually, this one's doing it for me. - Okay. - This one looks hot and sexy. I love the nuts. This one looks boring and bland, just saying. Okay, let's try it. (jazzy music)

I definitely still taste a little bit of the flour on this on the outside. This one, however, feels like it can't have been cooked through. That's not cooked through. (Alex laughs) All right, the other one. Sticky, nutty. - Very nutty. - I like that. - Lots of nut flavor.

- Which do you like better? - They both have their strong points. What if I put 'em together? - [Alex] (laughs) Oh, I don't know about that. - They're better together, because this one has more structure. It's kind of nice and pillowy, but this one has a lot of flavor, but it's a little too gushy. I think these are best made together.

- Wow, well, I'll tell you, I made the cinnamon roll, and Jasper made the sticky bun, the one with the nuts. - So you provided the structure, and she brings the flavor. - That is so beautiful. - Yeah. - That is so sweet. - That's nice. - Wow. - That's cute.

Let's jump into these breads. (jazzy music) Let's start with the smallest box, just because it's small, and good things come in small packages. And these are the Parmesan bites. - [All] The Parmesan bites.

- Ooh. - I think the crunch on these is magnificent. - Wow. - It almost tastes like they're fried.

- Crust is very buttery, garlicy, and I'm loving it. - It sort of just tastes like the crust on the Domino's pizza. - But it tastes better. - Mm-hmm. - It's really good. - That's really good. - This is a dipping sauce in here? (groans) - Oh, no. - This is lasagna. I scraped it through.

It's good. - No. - Do you like lasagna? - I do like lasagna. - Then you're gonna love this. - All right. - I fucking love lasagna, let's go.

- Everyone loves a good lasagna. - It doesn't look appealing. (food crunching) - It's a good sauce. But honestly the flavor on this is so good, it doesn't need sauce. - I know. The knobs, the little thumbs, they look like kind of little thumbs over there. - That sauce is actually delicious.

- I told you. All right, let's get into this next one. This is the stuffed cheesy bread with bacon jalapeno. - Wow. - Oh my god. - Oh, boy. - Look at that.

- Wow. - Look at, I love it. What I like about fast food pizza chains is their ability to get the real caramelization color on their cheese pizza. You know, it's almost unnatural.

It's too much, but it is visually exciting. Oh! (laughs) (paper crinkling) - Here, you wanna gimme that one? 'Cause you're probably not gonna eat it. - Can't eat it. - Probably not.

- Wow, this is a big old hunk of jalapeno. You can see bacon right there. - [Alex] Oh, boy. - Cheesy bread with bacon jalapeno. - Domino's makes really good cheesy bread. I remember that from my childhood.

(suspenseful music) Adding bacon? (Hughie laughs) Great idea. - It's spicy, but I tell you what, it's not as delicious as the new Keith's chicken sauce that's hot. We're still gonna be having not as hot chicken sauce. Don't worry, we just are adding the hot, hot chicken sauce.

- I was shaking in my boots. - I bet you were. - It was great for me, 'cause I love the heat. - Yeah, you can. - It really brings out the flavors in a lovely way.

- I'm crying a little bit. (gentle music) Let's move into the just plain stuffed cheesy bread to cool it down. - You are crying.

- I'm crying, but it's okay. - [Hughie] You're so excited for the cheesy bread. - (sniffs) I just so excited to be here. This box just opens into a plate so fast.

Oh, the back. (laughs) I think its back looks like a sexy guy on the beach. - [Alex] Yeah, that's some abs.

- Some sexy muscle builder. - [Alex] Here, stand up, you're gonna give yourself abs. - I'm not putting this anywhere near my shirt. Make it a little tell us how it is. - Oh, I will. - I can't have

anymore hot right now. (mumbles) The stuffed cheesy bread. It's got a lot of cheese, look at all the cheese. - It is a lot of cheese, but it's really good.

If you're like stoned at like two in the morning, and you just did a show. You go to Domino's, grab some of these, you're gonna feel a lot better about your life. - The hot sauce, it just brings it out all the flavors.

- Well it's time to get to the stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta. - Oh, no. - A little trip to Greece. A little trip on over to the Mediterranean. Oh, the back looks so good.

Doesn't this look exactly as fuck? What about it is so erotic? - It looks like abs. - Yeah, it does. I get what this is. It's a calzone that they were slicing and only filling with cheese. (laughs) - This side of you.

- [Keith] The cheese is a little congealed. - Yeah, what cheese is this supposed to be? - It's a lot of them. (Alex laughs) - Let's try the stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta.

- Hmm. - It's different, it's very elevated in flavor. It kind of is like a spanakopita in a pizza. I mean, I had a lot of fun just then, but I already feel pretty bad.

Look at my hands. - Dude, it's a lot. I don't even like it. - It's so much grease. How do they do it? How do they get this much butter and oil into this food? - I'm exhausted. I've been here for like five minutes, and I need a nap. - Well audience, I know you're excited about the new hot sauce, but the other hot offering we have to tell you about is that this month, you can come see Lewberger Presents: The Wizard of Friendship.

It is our original comedy music special that's more like a theatrical musical. We're gonna be playing characters, big costumes, big props. We'll have a little pit band as well. It's gonna be an extravaganza. Get your tickets

- Don't let us down. - Don't let us down. Come see the show, have a good time. - [Alex] And also, don't forget to check out our podcast... - [Keith And Alex] Celebrity Theme Song. - All right, Lewberger, thanks for dropping by.

We'll see you next time. - See you next time. - Bye! - Make sure you follow these boys and Lewberger on the internet. - [Hughie] Bye. - Let's move on to the salads. (upbeat band music) This Domino's has two salads, a garden salad and a Caesar salad.

Honestly, I'm thrilled. I don't want them to have more salads. Okay, I love this funny sort of cat paw. Like a little, this kind like a Lunchables. I also got croutons and go slam. Oh! (Keith laughs) Try a little balsamic corner moment.

Let's get some cheese. (laughs) (crouton cracks) Crouton. Here we go. Yeah, not bad. I mean, it just taste like balsamic. Let's get the ranch on there.

Pew, pew, pew, pew. (crunches) The ranch is fine. They're trying.

Let's try the Caesar salad. Little Caesar salad. I know, it's just (laughs) a Caesar salad. 'Cause if I say little Caesar salad, everyone thinks I'm eating Little Caesars. Caesar salad. (crunches)

That's good. That's a good to go Caesar dressing. I think that's a good little Caesar salad. Like, it's simple, not trying to be anything it's not. I didn't even put croutons on it, and guess what, I liked it.

But that's the salads. We don't wanna hear anymore about salads, do we, audience? No! Get to the pizza? Yeah! Well, sorry. We're on our way there. We did the salads, they were fine. It's time for some more unhealthy stuff. Now it's time to noodle around with a little bit of pasta.

And joining me for the noodle extravaganzza is everybody's favorite (stammers) guy? It's Ryan Garcia! Hey! - Everybody's favorite? - Earlier, I actually-- - I'm just, what an entrance, jeez. - Earlier, I was really just trying to decide in the moment, if I was gonna make the same joke I did before, where I said that you had a great noodle. (clock ticking) Trying different pasta is a wonderful boy, quite the, he's got quite a strong noodle, if you know what I mean. I mean his brain.

And then, but I meant that about your brain. - Right. - But... - But you were afraid people would take it a different way. - Sure did. - Well, you know what? Best intro I've ever had. - (laughs) Everyone's favorite guy.

(Ryan laughs) Did you know that they even had pastas? - I don't, I'm not, a big pasta orderer. So I'm excited to dive in. I know. - This is crazy. - This is really wild. - What about like a lasagna? - No. Is that considered pasta, though? - Yes. - Okay.

See that, to me, that's like a different thing. - It's not as pasta-y. - Right. I guess it's like a cousin. - But it is pasta.

Which one do you, I don't want to eat any of this. Which one do you wanna start with? - We're gonna start with the chicken Alfredo. - Chicken Alfredo.

That's the one I want. - Oh, and it's in a bread bowl? Oh my god, it's in a bread bowl. - It's a pizza pasta? This is amazing. - That's beautiful looking.

- I wish it was cut into slices. We could just eat it like pizza. Let's have a chicken Alfredo pasta. (upbeat music) That's good, wow. I haven't had chicken Alfredo in a while.

'Cause it makes me shit myself. (laughs) - I will say-- - I can't. I'm not eating it, what am I doing? (both laughing) Because Keith, we're just having a nice little lunch together. - It is kind of good. - You can lost in it. It's really nice. - Honestly. You need to try the dough.

Mmm. (slurps sauce) - Not. - It's pretty good. - Not bad. - Salty, but good. - Just they get the, Domino's gets the bread right.

- That's fun. If you're gonna have pasta, why not have a loaf of bread? - Why not carbo load? - Yeah. - Why not carbo load like you are training for a professional marathon? - That was good.

I don't think you should eat it by yourself, but I bet some do. - I bet a lot do. - I would have. The chicken carbonara. - Yum. - It's got so much oil floating around in it.

- It does. - Look at that. - It's good for dipping. - It's fun. Like, do people take this home and they just have to throw away their table cloths after dinner? - Okay.

I'm gonna give it a shot. - I want the bacon. - Which one is this, it's the carbonara. - Carbonara, chicken carbonara.

- I wasn't sure what to feel about being here for the pasta section from Domino's. I'm loving it! - It's got like a new mommyness happening. It's got a new mommy thing going. - Yeah. - It's like you get when you get a new mom. - The old mom's like, I don't wanna be here anymore.

So she's out. - You get a new mom. You got a new mom. - This is delicious. - It's fine. It's got nothing on the Alfredo.

- It's better than the Alfredo. - Okay, this is the Italian sausage marinara. - Wow! - That looks just like a deep dish pizza. Doesn't look like a pasta yet. - Wow. - Ooh, it slides right out of the box.

I like that these do go down the pizza assembly line. - This feels like a Giordano's pizza. - You gotta say it now. - Illuminatis. - Illuminatis, get down, down. - Oh, watch this, Gino's East. - Eugh. (Ryan laughs)

Gino's East Pizza. (both laughing) - This is the... - Italian sausage marinara. - Italian sausage Gino's East

marinara. - It should have more flavor for the amount of sausage in there, but it's not bad. - It's a bland sausage.

- It needs more red pepper flake. - Mmm. - Do you like spicy? - Yeah! - But this is the new spicy version of the Keith sauce. - Oh, like mama used to make. - Like mama used to make. - Dab it in. - This is

the hotter chicken sauce. - I love a spice. - I imagine it'll be pretty good. - Oh yeah, okay. - To heaven.

- Mm! (horn music) - Is it like your mom used to make? - No, that's way better. - Yeah, it's a lot hotter. - Because you already have the sweetness from that sauce. That sauce that has so much of the sugar in it, like mama used to say. - Like mama.

(napkin crinkling) One more pasta left, and this is the Primavera pasta. - Ooh! - It's the pasta Primavera. - Oh, finally, some vegetable! - Whoa! Some color, huh? - Look at that! - Looks like Christmas on a pie. - What's that, spinach? - Oh, tomatoes? - Yeah, those are tomatoes. - And there's mushrooms again. - Mushrooms, this looks pretty good.

Do you think they just pour the butter Parmesan straight into the box and then put the pizza in it and be like, there you go, sent it out the door. - Yeah, like it's cooked with no extra butter or oils, and they just do it for effect. - Yes, let's try some pasta Primavera. This actually looks really refreshing for being a cream sauce pasta.

- I'm glad we're ending with this. (both chewing) Mm. - Mmm! Mmm! - That's great. Feels fresh. - Mm-hmm. - It feels light in a way that it shouldn't. - It is kind of refreshing.

It's like a summer pasta. - Yeah, you know when you're on a hot date with Ma? - You're going on a hot date with Ma? - Yeah, you go on a hot date with Ma, and it's the summer, and you're like, Ma, I just wanna give you what you love, which is a hot summer pasta. - I'm very confused about the family dynamic in this. You can catch Ryan, he is voice acting on a Nickelodeon show. - Big Nate. - Big Nate, which people are loving. - I think people are really loving it.

- People are loving it. - We got a second season. - We got a second season. - Big Nate's coming back! - That's huge. What else is going on with you? - Nope, the movie Nope, Jordan Peele. That's coming out in June 22nd. I'm in that. - You're in that?

- I'm in that. - Ohh! - I play a cop. - Man! - Also, if you're in Scotland, go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and catch me in Lottie Platchett Took A Hatchet. Thanks for having me, Keith. - Thanks for dropping by, Ryan. Make sure you follow Ryan online.

Check out Big Nate. And if you're in Scotland in August, go check out on this live show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Take those pastas with you. - See ya.

- Everybody's favorite guy. (laughs) Now, it's very exciting, joining me for sandwiches, her first time ever on the Eat the Menu table stage, she has the Guinness world record for the largest mouth gape of a lady in the world. Please welcome to the Eat the Menu table stage Sam Ramsdell. - Yes. - Woo! - [Sam] Thank you, thank you. Thank you, yes. - She's on TikTok, Instagram,

always trying to find a sandwich that she cannot eat. And I don't know if you've done it. - Well, I've gotten pretty close. I've had some lately, like of course now, you know, people are stepping up. - Yeah, they're like, let's see you do this. - And I've seen...

I did a 16 incher. - But I saw that one, and it wasn't just like, yes, it was 16 inches wide, but it was like-- - It was girthy. - This. - Yeah, so... - What are the dimensions?

- 14 and a half centimeters wide. Like a little, almost eight inches, like seven, eight inches, seven a half inches wide. - That's crazy. - Yeah. Like five inches top to bottom. - And that's like when you like take one of those medical stretchers. - Yes, calipers. - And how did you discover this about yourself? - I really didn't know my mouth was big until people started pointing it out.

- Of course, of course. - You know, being like, what's wrong with your face? - 'Cause you don't know, you don't know until. - Right, you're just a young, going to middle school, ready to get bullied, like everyone else. And they're just like, what happened to you? What happened, you know. - Your mouth is big.

- Well, I say because my mouth is so large, like I must have like extra taste buds, you know, because I have more area. - Uh-huh, right. Right, of course. Makes sense. - So my bites are more like it's like a real taste explosion. - You get more out of it.

- Yes, and I get the full. - Like, I have, I have a freak tongue, I have a geographic tongue. - Oh, you do? - So I have a hypersensitive tongue. Yeah, at my tongue. - What? Oh my god! (laughs) - The weird mouth club. - Oh my god! - Yeah, so I have a hypersensitive tongue, and it's more sensitive to like spicy things.

That's why I make the hot sauce that's actually not that hot. But we're gonna eat some sandwiches today. We can talk about our mouths. We could go on and on-- - For hours. - With our mouths about our mouths for hours.

This is a chicken habanero sandwich. Let's check it out. Wah-bam! It really smells like a pineapple sandwich.

- Yeah, that's a lot of pineapple, I feel like. - I haven't had a lot of pineapple sandwiches. But let's try it. It's the chicken habanero sandwich. - Okay. - You gonna go for it?

- Are you? I'm doing it front of you? - I'm not. I have to eat so much. I'm gonna eat it, I'd eat a big bite, but not like... - Okay, touche.

- It's hot, too. - Yeah, no. I'll do a big one for you. - You, okay, you do the-- - Okay, ready? - The money shot. (sandwich crunching) Holy cow, unbelievable. I think the flavor's pretty good.

It's definitely too Alfredo-y on the flavor. - Yes, yes. I don't wanna say mushy, but like kind of a little mushy. - I'm kind of into the low quality ciabatta, 'cause normally ciabatta's like dry and difficult, but this is like really soft. - For real.

Yeah, it's really soft. - It's really soft. It's kinda like playdough. - Yeah, it's fine. - Save your stomach room for the next one, 'cause this is the Italian. You can tell me how this measures up to all the incredible sandwiches in and around New York City. (Sam laughs) - It's so sad.

- Yeah, a good Italian sandwich normally has more meat than bread. - Yeah, I like a lot of meat. - This definitely doesn't. - This is a, yeah. All right. - The Italian sandwich.

Wow. (laughs) - The meat, lack of meat. It makes me sad. - It is sad.

For me, somebody who doesn't get to eat East Coast subs. - Oh yeah, oh yeah. What do you think? - It's not bad. It kind of reminds me of Quiznos, and I like Quiznos. And it's got the banana peppers. And it reminds me of an Italian sandwich. - Like an Italian sandwich that tried to be the Italian sandwich. - Mm-hmm.

Not amazing, not terrible. - Not amazing, yeah. - Look at this. - Ooh, that looks good. - That looks kind of good. This is the chicken bacon ranch. - This is up my alley.

- This sounds good. - This is my kind of sandwich. - Are you a ranch bitch yourself? - I eat ranch on everything. - A ranch bitch as well. - Yeah.

- The chicken bacon ranch sandwich. Okay, I'm gonna try to do one like that. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Okay, and you just basically try to put as much sandwich as you can. I bet you could probably. - I could probably do the whole thing.

- I don't think you should. (playful music) I like it, but it also tastes like a hot dog. - (laughs) It does. - Why does it taste like a hot dog? - I don't know if it's the bacon. - It tastes like a hot dog. I don't get chicken, I don't get ranch.

I get ballpark frank. Oh my god. - I don't know how that works. Let me try it. - How does it taste like a hot dog? Maybe it's 'cause I put so much in my mouth. I was able to kind of do it, though.

- Yeah, very good. - I was able to take a Sam sized bite. - Yeah, I love that. - This one is the Mediterranean veggie. It does look sad, but we're eating Domino's.

- Exactly. - We are sad. (both laugh) You're not like things are going great, let's get Domino's. - (laughs) Right, right. - I'm at the end of my rope. I can't decide what I actually want.

I'm too drunk to get anything else. It's the only option open. - It's 2:00 AM, I'm crying in the fetal position. - It's never like, "Honey. I got a promotion. "Let's get Domino's!" - That's so true. - The Mediterranean veggie sandwich.

(sandwiches crunching) It has like a grit to it like a cottage cheese. - (laughs) It does. - And I haven't mentioned that yet in today's episode, but it's been there a lot. - You want it to be like a caprese almost. You know, it almost has that, but just without, with the weird cheese. - Yeah, it's not that. - It's really not.

- It's not what you wanted it to be. - It's not. - What is this? This looks like a buffalo. - Is this the buffalo chicken? - It smells and looks like buffalo.

I don't like how it smells. - Well, I normally love like a crispy chicken. - Oh, yeah, yeah. - And this just doesn't,

again, looks a little... - Look at this goo. Why is it so gooey? - It's a little gooey. - The buffalo chicken sandwich. It is college dorm food.

- Yeah, yeah. - It's like eating a really nice pillow. - Yeah. (laughs) - Kind of like a marshmallow. Texture's like a marshmallow, flavor's like-- - [Sam] Buffalo flavored marshmallow.

- Kind of chickeny. I don't really pick up the blue cheese. I don't really, I mean, I pick up a little bit of the buffalo.

- But the spice, yeah, it's not spicy at all. - It's not spicy. - Yeah, at all. - But I mean, I think that's 'cause of the amount of goo. - [Sam] Yeah, it's a lot of goo. - Okay, I'm done with the sandwich.

- Yeah. - It's, you know it's-- - It's okay. - It's okay. Chicken Parmesan. I'm sure they aren't actually doing it, 'cause it, oh, did they do it? - Did they do it? - They did it. It is, look at that. That's chicken parm! - (gasps) Ohh.

- We had all this other chicken all day long, and I was like, well there's no way they had a tiny little chicken cutlet for that, but they do. The chicken parm sandwich. That chicken is mush. - Mushy, gooey, yeah. Like, it's so-- - Oh, I'm trying to see like if it's the chicken. - It's so soft. - [Sam] They tried, they needed their best, I guess. - I don't know if they did.

When they in 2009 were like, we're gonna make our pizzas better. They weren't like, and our sandwiches. - (laughs) Right. - Sam's sandwich. - All right, I'm nervous for this, a little bit. - The Philly cheesesteak? - Yeah, I'm a little nervous. - You don't think it's gonna be traditional? - [Sam] I don't even see meat.

- It's in there. - Yes. - It's on this side. - Oh, there is it. - Here it is. - Oh, it's in the back. - Here it is.

Philly cheesesteak sandwich. - That's what they taste like. That's what they taste like from Subway. That's what they taste like from your local shitty Italian place if you're not in Philly.

- Yep. - Like, the fact that the popular version in the world is mushrooms and onions and peppers is crazy. It's like totally wrong. - Yeah. - I like them. - Yeah. - It's not my favorite city's beef sandwich.

- Totally. - You know, you got your Chicago Italian beef. You've got the pit beef in Maryland. You also have some places that like just have like hot dogs in them. But I guess that is technically a beef sandwich, if you want to call it that.

What was your favorite sandwich? You're the sandwich connoisseur. - It's tough. It's a tough one.

Actually, the pineapple one. - You know what? I agree. I think that the first one, while it was spicy and sweet and salty, it kind of had the most going on. Also, I couldn't compare it to a thing that exists. - Which I think is the good part. - Right? So it was like, oh well-- - There's nothing better out there.

- This is its own, and this is Domino's. Like, try this. I know you didn't like that version of these things, but what about this? - [Sam] Yeah, exactly. - Well Sam, where can people find you? What are you up to? - Yes, yes.

- You're touring, doing shows. - I do some live shows, too. So I'm gonna be in Philadelphia in June, I'm in Boston in May, D.C. in July.

So TikTok, Instagram, @samramsdell5. - Well make sure you follow Sam. Thanks for joining us on Eat the Menu table stage. - Yes, thank you so much. - And as a parting gift, you're gonna take those hot sauces with you. - Yay! - Woo! - Let's see if I can fit 'em all in my mouth.

- Well, okay, okay. We can in a moment, okay. - Sure, sure. - Chicken wings, chicken wings, hot dog, and baloney.

Just kidding, it's just chicken wings. And joining me for this is everybody's favorite sweetheart, Jared Popkin! - Woo! Bitch is back, Papa's home. Domino's. - Papa's home. - [Keith] Oh, damn! Look at his cool jacket, too. - You know, thank you.

- Very brave to wear a white jacket to a greasy pizza episode. - Didn't think about it. (laughs) - We're eating wings. - This table's a mess. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- What's been going on? - It got a little messy. - Yeah. - Boneless or bone-in? - Dude, you're the one going through a war today.

- Yeah, this is a lot. I was honestly full after like the first three parts. We're gonna measure my mouth now that Sam's not here, because I would be too embarrassed to measure it. Okay, this is not how she does hers. - [Jared] (laughs) Oh my god.

You're looking at like four. - How many centimeters? - 10? - Okay. - 10? - Okay. - [Jared] You're like 10 by 10. He's like a 10 by 10 mouth.

- She's got a bigger mouth than me. And that's how life is sometimes. - There's always somebody out there bigger and stronger than you. - You can't always have the biggest mouth. I don't want to eat these.

- You have to. - Look at them. - They're... - I don't wanna eat these. - Chicken, they're specialty chicken, they're sweet barbecue chicken. It looks like they've been baked with cheese on them to be a pizza. The barbecue chicken boneless pizzas.

- Oh, I like that Do you hate it? - I hate it. (Jared laughs) - It's the chicken underneath that's the worst part. So much breading, barely any actual chicken in here. - Whenever Keith really does a like something, in general, it's always like a really like a really, like to himself, like a... (sighs)

(Keith crunching) (both laughing) - It's also a bit of an exhale. - Yeah. - It's sort of a (sighs). - Yeah, but it's very subtle. - Because it's like too late now. Are you like this? - I don't mind it. It tastes like if you're a person that would order this sweet BBQ chicken, this is what you'd expect.

- I think the chicken is really low quality and the barbecue sauce is cheap. - Well, there you have it. (laughs) - That's what I think. - You heard it here first. - Let's try the same thing again. (both laughing) Look at these little nipples.

Look at these little tomato nipples. Look at that one. - That is literally. - This is crazy.

It's a crazy little tomato nipple. The nipple chicken, the tomato bacon chicken. - That's pretty good. (Keith gags) - That is revolting. (Jared laughs) Like, why? Why was there on Alfredo it? - Do you think that one's worse? (laughs) You do? You look like a little baby right now. (laughs) - Okay, this is the specialty chicken, the spicy jalapeno pineapple. They really like this flavor combination.

All right, let's try this. What's it fucking called? (belches) The specialty spicy jalapeno pineapple chicken. (chicken crunches) - Okay, that, I don't like. That one, I do not like.

I liked the first two. (laughs) That was terrible. - No, I think it's more interesting than the other two. - Definitely more interesting. - But I don't like it. - We're going into classics, but there's still cheese on it.

The classic hot buffalo, and there's cheese baked on it. Cheesy hot buffalo chicken bites. - Let's do it. - Compared to those, it's the best thing I've ever eaten in my life. - (laughs) Yeah. - And it's not good, but comparatively, it's incredible.

- [Jared] Yeah, I mean it's the best cooked. - And it's way better. The sauce makes sense, the flavors work.

- It's very similar to pizza. - It is very similar to pizza, but it tastes like a buffalo chicken pizza. Oh, look! Let's check out the where they were baked map. It's Domino's, get it? - It's like the chicken version of Stonehenge. - Let's try just the plain chickens. - Let's do it.

- It's still gross. - Yeah. - It's not a very good chicken. - Without the flavor, you can really taste how it's not-- - How low quality the chicken is. Without the cheese and various fruits. Okay, let's stack all these up. (dramatic music) - Okay.

Tell us how you really feel. - They're bad. - Okay. - Put 'em over here, oh boy. - Buffalo wings. - Oh, starting with a classic. - Come on, that was a random choice, too. - I ate these with Chris Reinacher on the wing fling that we did.

- I remember that. - And they were the worst. - They were the worst? - Of the whole day. Hot. - Cheers. This tastes worse than a lunch meal at your school. - This is awful. What is going on? - This tastes bad. - The chicken tastes like-- - That was worse than all of the meat was.

- It sadly was, but I was looking forward to it. - Usually, I feel like I get on here and I'm loving a little bit of everything. I like Domino's. I wanted to come on here and just love it today. - No, their wings suck.

(upbeat string music) Let's try the plain with my hot sauce, and see if that helps at all. But I think the quality of the chicken is part of the problem. Keith's hot chicken sauce. - Let's do it. - Until this moment, the taco sauce was my favorite.

- Yeah? Now you're into this one, huh? Yeah. - That's a really good sauce. - Yeah, it brings out the rest of the flavors 'cause of the amount of like pepper and heat. - I like the pepper and the heat, I like the spice. - It's got ghost pepper in it.

This is good, but the meat, it eats like a mop. - It does eat like a mop. - It's like squishy and slimy and awful, just so awful.

Garlic Parmesan. Oh! (Jared laughs) Oh! Oh, Alexandria. Oh, I don't know.

Jonathan, Jelon. Ew. - This does not look good. - And they expect you to eat these with bones in it? - I don't even know where to begin with this, this is--- - Just gonna put it in my mouth.

The garlic Parmesan wings. - (indistinct) by the end of the day. (laughs) - I'm so sorry.

- It is getting worse and worse as we eat. - Even know how to describe it. - Disgusting, I can tell you, it was disgusting. - What do we have now? - Honey barbecue wings. I'm excited for this. - That should be fine. - This could be a redeemer here.

This could be round redemption, baby. Oh, no. - It's just so much sauce. (dramatic music)

This looks like a can of paint. - I'm scared. - Barbecue. - Augh! That is disgusting. - I can't even taste anything other than barbecue sauce.

- Oh my! - Think the sauce is so thick, I can't taste how bad the chicken is, and that's a plus. - And that's a serious assessment, that is true. - That's a plus. Domino's, now's the time to make your wings better. - To do the chicken. - Yeah. - Do the same campaign.

Say we were wrong, Keith was right. Get me on there, pay me, and I'll come in. I'll help you redesign your wings.

How about we make wings with my sauces, and we get good chicken? - You could pay me if you guys are hiring. - Yeah, Jared's also available. - If you're hiring. - What the fuck is this? Habanero wings, sweet mango habanero wings.

- I like sweet mango in general. - Look at that. I mean, that's a lot of goo, but it looks better. - This looks the best by far of the sauces that we've used. - I touched. Mango habanero jelly wings.

Doesn't it look like there's jelly on them? Doesn't look like jelly? - It smells terrible. - It smells really bad. And it smells like paint.

Ugh! (laughs) Oh! Ew! - It's... It's so bad. (laughs) - Problem is that the chicken is the same consistency as the jam. - (laughs) You're right. - I think you could cut this chicken off the bone and spread it on a piece of toast.

- Is that all? (Keith gags) - Is that what we get? - Thank god. - Is that what I get? - That was awful. - I feel kind of bad for you guys out there, 'cause you know, I wanted to have fun today. I wanted to love it. I wanted you to love-- - Normally we have Jared Popkin having a ball, we're going, yum! - Yum! - Ooh! - Ooh! - Tangy. - Hey! - Spicy. - So fun.

- My tongue hurts and I feel bad. - This was shit. - It was shit. Well, thanks for dropping by the Eat the Menu table stage. It's great to have you. Sorry it was like this. - Hey.

- It's always great to be here, even if the food is trash. 'Cause I love you guys. - Aww. - You're all great.

And I love you guys. I'll see you next time. - You gotta get out of-- - Oh right, okay. (joyful music) - It's time for pizza.

The real reason you're calling up Domino's at one in the morning when you're plastered outta your mind. And joining me for the pizza pies is everybody's favorite Marissa! - Yay! - Welcome back! She's queen of the commercials. She's been on your screen, fixing up bathrooms, and talking to celebrities on Zoom. (Marissa laughs) So Marissa is here to help us try all the different build your own possibilities. So we're trying all the different crusts that you can get.

And also some of the standard toppings that you might have on any pizza. - Look how tiny it is. - It doesn't look that bad, actually. - It doesn't. - It kind of looks-- - I do like a thin crust. - Yeah, it looks like a pretty decent thin crust. - Yeah.

- The gluten free crust cheese pizza. Actually, I kind of do like the crust. I don't like the sauce, and I just don't like the flavor of what I'm eating. - Is it the sauce, is it? - I think it's a sauce. - It's a sweeter sauce. - It's very sweet. But it even kinda tastes bland.

But I do like the crust. - I'd be happy with this if I was gluten free or like seven years old. - I would eat it if I was drunk, for sure. I wouldn't like it, but I'd eat it. All right, this is the crunch thin crust sausage.

This is fun, it's cut party style. Sorry, I almost got you there. All right, let's try the crispy crust sausage. (pizza crunching) - Well, it's crunchy. - It's crunchy. - And thin. - And thin. It's got a little bit of corn meal on the bottom.

It is good, the herb flavor is very strong on the sausage. It actually, I think they just fucking hit-- - Not too much. - Oregano right on top. - Mm! - I think it's just they threw just a bunch of oregano on top of this pizza. I think it's pretty satisfying.

- I don't have Domino's pizza sober. - While sober. Yeah, I'm not sure if I ever have. But I think that's quite good.

Very herbaceous, a good, it delivers on the crunch. What's in the next, what's next? - Ooh, handmade pan pepperoni. - Hold on, they have pan pizza at Domino's? - It smells really good. - Is this new? - A marvel of modern inefficiency. - This pizza's wearing a tuxedo. - This is the fancy pizza.

- Wow! - Whoa! (Keith imitates a horn) - I didn't know they had this. Has this always been a thing? - Yeah, is this new? - It looks amazing. The bottom. - It's crunchy. - Look at the bottom. - It looks gorgeous.

- The bottom, this is girls on the beach getting a tan. - Ooh. - I have found the backs of many Domino's items quite hot. (Marissa laughs) Let's try the pan pepperoni. You'd think it'd have more flavor.

- Yeah, it doesn't taste like pizza. - It tastes like almost nothing. - Yeah. - Ah, I was really fucking excited. Maybe I just gotta only eat with my eyes.

I don't know why it doesn't have more flavor. It looks like it has so much flavor. - I like it 'cause I really like the taste of bread. - Yeah.

- But it doesn't taste like a pizza. - Yeah, a little underwhelmed, but I'd still eat it while drunk. Hand tossed cheese.

- Hand tossed cheese. - They're not hand tossing it right now. - [Marissa] No way. - This looks Domino's. - Yeah.

- But this looks like what I remember. When I was drunk at 2:00 AM, this is what I was getting, this. Way too much cornmeal on the bottom. Poultry looking... It just looks like there's nothing there.

All right, let's try it. Hand tossed. It already taste like yesterday's pizza. - Marinara. - I think it's fine.

I'm gonna try the crust. - I'm gonna try the crust. - Yeah. - Yeah. I'm gonna try the crust the garlic. (crust crunching) It tastes like what I remember Chuck E. Cheese tasting like. - You remember DC Discovery Zone? ♪ DC the discovery zone ♪ ♪ So much to do, I can do on my own, oh ♪ ♪ DC discovery zone ♪ That shit was the best. - That was so good. - As a kid, it was basically-- - I got so hurt every single time, though.

It like somehow, like... - Get your fingers smashed in that roller slide. - Yes, in the roller. Oh my god. - No way you wouldn't smash your little fingers.

That's literally a thing they used to use for assembly line belts. They're like what if we sent kids down? - Yep. There's something about this pizza that is nice and nostalgic. - All right, I mean, it is a child, you know, it's a church lunch pizza. (both laugh) - Brooklyn style mushroom. - Okay, all right! - Ooh! - Brooklyn.

- I love mushrooms. - Calling up Brooklyn. This one looks good. This is the pool of orange grease is calling to me.

- You get it. - Look at the front of that piece. If it doesn't fold, it's not a Brooklyn pizza. - Well, if you can't eat it on the go.

- Yeah, exactly, you gotta be able to do one of these. - Mm-hmm. - The Brooklyn style pizza. - It's not bad. - I kinda like it. - I love mushrooms, so like the bites with the mushrooms are really good. - I think this is really good, all right? 'Cause I think my problem with the other ones is like I don't really love the dough and the sauce.

And this is like kind of the least of both, and the most just cheese and topping. I'm not gonna say that a New Yorker would like it. But it's New York-- - Don't claim that. You can't claim that. - Like. You're really going for it.

- I'm really hungry. - How is it with the ranch? - It's good. I think this one was my favorite. - I think so, too.

Well, Marissa, what else you got going on? What's new with you, other than obviously you're doing the auditioning and the pilot season, still being in a thousand commercials, and you teach people to be better at getting in commercials now, too. - I do. At the Joy of Acting studios, I teach commercial acting. I love it. And it's nice because I'm like, I do know what I'm doing. (laughs)

- That's true. Well, thanks for dropping by, always a pleasure. - Thank you for having me. - Yeah. Make sure you follow Marissa on the internet. - That was good.

- And look forward to seeing her in between your favorite TV shows. - Yay! (drum rolling) Drum roll, it's time, ever the highest anticipated moment of the day. Welcome to the Eat the Menu table stage my wife, Becky Habersberger.

It's time for the pizzas. - Pizza, pizza, pizza. - Now I know we just had some pizzas, but these are their pizzas, the menu item pizzas. They got 12 specialty pizzas.

We're now, though, a Pizza Hut family. - Yeah. - We never get Domino's. So it'd be nice for you to try these and see if you still think that no one out pizzas the hut.

- Yeah, it'll be a, you know, a walk back down memory lane. - Okay, well here, let's start with one you certainly never had, the California chicken bacon ranch pizza. - It looks fake. - It does, there's no pepperoni at all. - What is the chunks? - It's the tomatoes.

I was talking about this all day, and now it finally happened. - It's a white pizza. - Hold on. I talked about how Domino's has so much grease on the bottom of box.

Look at that. Is that not in the most amazing thing you've ever seen? Look at, look at it. Wow. - This smells really bad. - Yes. (Becky laughs)

- I've had it as a sandwich and as something else before. - It smells bad. - And I didn't like it. (upbeat music) The Cali chicken bacon ranch. It smells really gross. - It smells actually very nasty.

- Well it tastes better than it smells. - No, I don't hate it. I wouldn't say it's good. It's not like repulsive. - It tastes way less-- - It tastes better.

- Like a hot dog than the sandwich version of it. How's the crust? - The crust is good. - The crust is always gonna be good. - 'Cause the crust is always gonna be what it is. - They seasoned it.

- Oh yeah, I mean, they always pour their butter juice all over it and everyone's excited. They love their butter juice. And Papa John's has the butter juice too.

Let's move on to a more normal pizza, the deluxe pizza. Typically, deluxe is yeah, it's like this. - Okay. - It's mushrooms, onions, peppers, sausage, and pepperoni. I love a good, I always get deluxe when I get frozen pizzas. - I was gonna say, it looks like a good frozen pizza. It looks like a Boboli.

- A Boboli? - A Boboli. - Isn't Boboli just the crust? - [Narrator] Only you can top Boboli. - You thinking like Tony's or DiGiorno? - DiGiorno. - Mm.

Okay, let's try the deluxe pizza. It looks the most like normal pizza. - It looks pretty good. - The deluxe pizza.

- I'd eat this if it was free. Like if someone's like welcome to my meeting. - Yeah, it's fine. - It's fine, yeah. - It's exactly what you expect it to be. - This looks good. - It's time for the ultimate pepperoni.

What's on top of the pepperoni, you ask? I don't know yet. - This looks good. The crust looks slightly thinner than the other ones. - This one is the one, this is actually the grease-- - (gasps) It's wet on the pizza. - The grease I've been waiting for was this one. This pizza has a perfect circle of grease.

- (laughs) God. - It's incredible. The ultimate pepperoni pizza. Cheese flavor's good, very balanced.

Very salty, obviously. - Very salty. - Wow, it's really salty. - Yeah. It is like they used oregano salt instead of oregano. - But it's good, I like it. So far, that's probably my favorite bite of pizza of the day.

It was like really deliciously pizza-y. All right, it's time for the Meatzza. Honestly, for it being called Meatzza, it doesn't actually look that meaty. - It doesn't, no. There's not even, like the pepperoni looked more meaty than this. - Yeah, it looks more cheesy. - But this is the Meatzza.

Hi, I'm Keith, nice to meet ya. - Hey, nice to meet you, Keith. - Nice to meet ya.

Nice to meet ya. - Okay. All right. - I like tossing food. - Throwing the pizzas. - It's fun to toss. It looks like it's fine, it can take it. - Do you wanna look at this? - I like this better than the deluxe pizza.

- I don't think it tastes like anything. I couldn't discern the meat on it. - It tastes like meat. - General meat. - I think that's the goal. - General meat. - It's not called the ham, sausage, and pepperoni pizza.

- That's true. - [Both] It's called Meatzza. - It's the perfect blend of meat flavors. - Yeah. - Tastes like meat.

- I personally don't think fruit should be on pizza, ever. - What about tomatoes? - Why are there tomatoes? Why are they like that? - What about about tomatoes? - That's not what it's supposed to look like. - Fruit is part of pizza, and it always has been. - Pineapple should not be on pizza. - Cheese is a fruit, too. - What? - Cows are like big milk berries. (laughs)

- Are you drunk? - I'm a little tired. - [Becky] Have you been drinking? - We thought about getting drunk. This is the craziest looking Hawaiian I've ever seen.

- Yeah, this looks strange. - The tomatoes, the ham. Let's try the Hawaiian pizza. It's an divisive pizza. I wonder how-- - Blegh! - I wonder how the Hawaiian nation, the Hawaiian peoples, feel about this. - This is certainly something Americans invented after they imprisoned Hawaii's queen. - Yeah, but do you think, though, that-- - And then stole the entire land.

- I know that, but do you think that people in Hawaii-- - I don't think they eat this. - What if they do now? What if they heard about it? And they're like, yeah. Yeah, you know what? Yeah. - No. - Does anyone ever say like "aloha" with passive aggressiveness? Aloha. - This is the Memphis barbecue chicken pizza.

It's so hot. Why is it so hot? - Mm-mm. - Mm-mm. - Domino's, no. Domino's, where'd you get that barbecue sauce? - It was the same sauce as earlier. - Ooh. - It was bad.

- Ooh, it's like a water sugar. - Yeah, you know, we don't need to dwell on it. It's not our favorite. - Yeah, don't get that one. I wouldn't get this, a bomb.

Oh my god. (both laughing) That looks wrong. - You guys ever seen a slasher film? You know what a slasher film looks like? (chilling music) Looks like this. Okay, let's try the buffalo chicken pizza.

(steady rock music) Oh, there's no sauce. It just tastes like cheese. - It just tastes like cheese. - It's cheese bread.

I kind of like this. - Hmm. - Wow, I think that tastes pretty good. It just, it kinda reminds me of a grilled cheese sandwich. It just kind of tastes like cheese bread. - Oh, you got something on your face. - Eugh. (laughs) - There you go.

- From one great state to another. I didn't even realize buffalo is also a place. Buffalo, New York. We've been to Hawaii. - Isn't that where buffalo chicken comes from? - We've been to Tennessee.

We've been to New York. Now it's time to head on down to Philly. Look at this ocean of cheese in the middle. - I can't imagine this is gonna be good.

It looks foul. - Disgusting. - Does anyone ever order this? You leave a comment if this is like your thing. - If you're so excited about it. - And like, just briefly in the comment, describe what you're like. Philly cheesesteak pizza.

- Yeah, I mean it just kind of tastes like salty goo. Yeah, it's just like a very gooey pizza. - It's actually not as bad as some of the other pizzas. - Yeah, but it's not good.

- It's not good. I still don't think you should order it. And also, I don't know how you would want to eat it after looking at it. I kind of had to close my eyes and not look at it as I bit it.

I kind of took it like medicine. We have four pizzas left, and they include a vegan pizza. And that's why today we actually don't just have Becky of the Miller dynasty. We have Becky's mother joining us. That's right, she's been here the whole time. Please welcome to the Eat the Menu table stage, Kimberly Miller! - Bamboni, come on. - Scoot over!

- I just flew in from Chicago, and boy, are my arms tired. (laughs) And I'm hungry. - Okay, great. Let's ease our way in.

- I don't like labels, Keith. - They actually have a vegan pizza. - Oh, wow. - This is Extra-veganzza. - Wowzer. - That's cheese. - That's looks... That looks like meat. - And the cheese and meat.

- And butter. Are you sure this is a vegan pizza? - I don't think there's a vegan pizza. - Then why is it called Extra-veganzza? - Maybe it's extra-- - Extravaganzza.

(all laughing) - It does say Extravaganzza. - It does, I just saw the... - I didn't... - The veganzza.

- Extra-venganza. - And I was so excited. - Extra-veganzza is a really good name for a vegan pizza, though. Let's try, let's start actually with the spinach and feta, then.

This is the spinach and feta pizza. Have you ever seen anything more appetizing? - It tastes like spinach, it's not lying. - It tastes kind of like a spanakopita pizza. - Uh-huh. - I don't mind it.

- I don't mind it, I like this one. - It's very salty. - I don't like it. It's too salty, but it does taste the way it promises. - Not a lot of tomato sauce, either. - There's none, in fact. - No, none.

- There's zero tomato sauce. - Zero. - Okay, should we try the Extra-veganzza, or? - The Extra-veganzza? - Extravaganzza pizza, let's go. This is basically a complete pizza.

- Yeah, this is just the deluxe with olives. - It's this Extravaganzza. It's also got ham. It's not bad though, it's a good supreme.

- This one is more for me. There's just too many toppings. - And mild as well. - Goodbye, vegananzza. - Sorry, the Extra-veganzza.

- Sorry, Extra-veganzza. - And here I thought Domino's was so bold. - I can't believe they don't have an Extra-veganzza pizza. Right, this one's actually the closest thing we're gonna get to an Extra-veganzza. This is the Pacific veggie. - Veggie? What do you think makes it Pacific? - We live in California.

It does have feta. - Uh-huh. - It's got tomatoes, green peppers, olives, mushrooms, onions. Just got all the veggies. Spinach. - Spinach. - The Pacific veggie pizza. - It was watery.

- Too much. - Oh. - Yeah, the cheese is, I mean it's just, honestly... - The flavor is off. - There's no salt. - It's wet. - The cheese is very crumbly and hard. - It's gooey.

- It's like congealed or something. - It's congealed. Well, it's not as hot as it was. We tried to keep it hot for you. But we failed. - You did. (laughs)

- Look at the Wisconsin six cheese, one more state to drop by on this Domino's adventure. - Oh, yeah. - That looks cheesy. - Look how thick. Look at this. Look how thin the crust is and then truly how much cheese is on this pizza.

Let's try the cheese pizza. Oh, it's not bad. - Not bad. - It's so rich. - Not bad at all. - I'd eat it if it was free. - It is a lot of cheese.

- I'd eat it if I was hungry. - Yeah, I think the feta is a choice that... - They keep putting feta on stuff. - I don't if I would make. - Can you see my legs under this? - Yeah, I don't know why. - Oh, thank god.

Thank god you can't see my legs. Can you see my foot? - [Becky] Now what are your legs doing? - Well, we did it. - Wow. - We did it. - Wow. - What was your favorite of the four that you had? - My favorite... Actually, I know you complained about the feta, but I do... - This spinach and feta? - The feta, yeah, feta and spinach. - To me,

that is the most mom pizza. - Yeah, that was. - I think that we had. Well, thanks everybody for dropping by. - You're welcome! - We'll see you next time on the Eat the Menu table stage. - Good to be here. - Thank you for being here.

Sorry about the Extra-veganzza. - That's okay. - That was a big letdown. - That was a lie. - That was so funny, though. (all laughing) - It's time for desserts.

It's Will Witwer, everybody, everybody's favorite Will. - Hello. - Everybody's favorite Will. And we got a little doggy with us, we got Millie? - Yeah, she mostly just wants to run around and... - Aww.

Well, Will is here, and Will's joining us for our desserts, our just desserts. Will, how are things going? What's going on with you? - Oh, you know, I'm good. Today's my birthday, I'm 31 years young. - Oh! - Jared Popkin told me I look 27, so I'll take it. - You definitely look young. - Yeah.

- You know, you got that youthful energy, the youthful glow. - Yeah, not much good it does me, but, you know, time continues forward. - It's time for desserts. Let's start with this one, huh? The chocolate lava crunch cake.

- Okay. Oh, boy. It looks, these are sad. This is a sad tin look.

- You think the little puck, the little hot puck, isn't the most desirable dessert? - No. - It's so nice, it's warm. - It's very soft and warm, that's not what I was expecting. - It's very gooey. - I thought it was gonna be hard. - Oh god, I should not use my hands.

I really didn't expect it to be full of goo. - Take a big bite here. - Let's try it. Tastes like chocolate. - Yeah.

This, it's warm, it tastes pretty good. - It's a little undersweet, and it's a little chalky, the outside of it. - Yeah, if I was stoned and I ordered this, I'd be like, this is great.

- I'd like a scoop of ice cream on it. - Oh, if you put ice cream on this, it would actually be really good. - A little vanilla ice cream would go a long way with this.

- It's screaming for that vanilla. - Screaming. (Will laughs) Give me it! Whoa, look at these. - Okay. - Whoa! It looks like a game of tic-tac-toe.

These are the marble cookie brownies. These look dope. - They actually do. This is pretty good. This is really... - It is pretty good.

- Like... - Again, would be better with some ice cream. - If you're at home and you have ice cream, you just gotta put it on here, like.

- [Keith] Yeah. - I feel like given how a lot of chain desserts are such an afterthought, these seem a little more like a thought. - Mm-hmm. Brownies are kind of like the pizza of desserts.

What the fuck is this? - Whoa. - Oh, they're cinnamon twists. From this side, I thought I was about to see two big hands.

I didn't expect this. - I don't know. It's just the-- - It's a dip. I really didn't expect-- - Is it moving? - It's hot as fuck. Put your hands on the bottom of this.

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