Jaipur Tourist Places - Pink City of India | Itinerary & Tour Updates | Distance Between

Jaipur Tourist Places - Pink City of India | Itinerary & Tour Updates | Distance Between

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Have reached Jaipur and I have got down at the railway station of Jaipur and now let's go outside and look at the hotels etc. For location and price, you will have to go to the street in front of ITC Hotel, about half a kilometer away from the station. Let me show you the room of the hotel. I have been in the room today and it is a double bed room in the Deluxe Room and its You must have seen the location, which is only half a kilometer away from the station and the price wise is very genuine. ₹ 2000000. There are many ways, you can travel by auto, you can take a taxi, you can take a cab, but I am choosing here Scooty Scooty is available here and you can see here what is the price, here you can get Scooty for Rs. 50 per day and it is comfortable if you are two people, if you are a couple then choose this option. And the hotel we have here is in this lane and I just came, it was written outside it was Rs 50 and you should have DL which is compulsory and helmet etc. They

provide you petrol as per your wish. Get a scooter, first of all we are going to Birla temple but before that fill petrol because this 108 is completely empty here, we have only 8 out of 100, right here on 108, we started our Jaipur journey from a special place called You should start any thing by taking the name of Ganesh ji and in Jaipur there is Moti Dungri Ganesh ji temple which is very famous and he is behind me so I was going to Birla temple so I thought brother comes here first and Start your trip from here and you should also come here because this is a very famous temple and is especially famous among the locals, so if you come here, fulfill whatever desire you have in your mind and have darshan here [Music ] And just in front of Moti Dungri temple is a beautiful Birla temple. Know the timing of Birla temple and come here accordingly. This temple opens at 6:30 in the morning and remains open till 12:00 noon. And after that it closes till 3:30 pm and

remains open from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. This entire temple is made of marble and looks very lovely and according to me, this is the preferred time for you. It will either be in the evening or very early in the morning, so you can come in both these time periods because if you come in the summer time, it will be very hot here [Music] Jaipur is also known as Pink City. And now I was moving towards Pink City

but this building on the way stopped us . There is a very famous museum in Jaipur named Central Museum which is also known as Albert Hall Museum and that It looks very lovely in the evening, its colors are very nice and a lot of such shoots are also going on here, that is, many people keep getting pre-wedding shoots etc. done here because this location is very lovely. Point of photos. It is a very good place from off view. If you like museums then you can go inside . The entry fee will be around Rs 50. Otherwise you can get photos etc clicked outside. Hawa Mahal is also not far from here, Pink City is from here. Birla Temple is not far from here, it is a very perfect location, you must come here, if you come to Jaipur in this winter, that is, in December, you will also see some fairs here and this also has its own fun. This gate is entered here, you will see such gates in the city itself and these are made properly. Now our entry has

been made inside the Pink City with this gate, where you will see these walls pink pink, now you will see completely organized buildings here. The Pink City will be seen here. It looks most beautiful in the evening only when the lights are switched on. So brother, this is the Hawa Mahal. At this time in the evening, when you come, it gets lit like this. Tomorrow I will go here and show you I will also show from inside what all the things are here in Jaipur. Generally the morning breakfast in Jaipur is Poha but I have

shown Poha in many previous videos, so this time I will show you a new one and this is the Kadhi Kachori here. Here first crush the kachori with scissor or in any other way and after crushing it add curry to it and then after that they serve you and it is available to you here for 20 ₹1 and ₹ is different in different places. -There is a different rate, it is available according to it and it is very tasty and only here you get it, you will get it in the whole of Rajasthan, but you should try Jaipur once, when you come here, it is special.

It happens and after a lot of breakfast, I reached the Sindhi Camp bus stand here, where you must try tea at this shop. In Maharashtra, tea is called like nectar and here I have taken tea which costs Rs. 20, it is jaggery tea. I have ordered it , it is also available in Rs . Great, you try further, then tell me in the comment box, I am not one to talk much, although the lovers can give a good review themselves. Today was going to start from Amer Fort and after leaving the crowded streets of Pink City, when you Aamir When you move towards Amer Fort, when you move towards Nahargarh Fort or Jaigarh Fort, then Jal Mahal falls on the way and Jal Mahal looks something like this. You can reach there by boat. You cannot go but you can see from a distance and the market here is special, meaning here you can get everything you need like Rajasthani dresses, shoes etc.

and from the point of view, it is a very good place and in the evening. If you come, you will get to see more rush here and more photos etc. at that time, you will get a better look here [Music] which is Amer Fort, Amer Fort has arrived and here in front of us, we can see this lake and further ahead you can see that You will be able to see the entire wall of the fort and the car that we will park. If you are there then do not park here at this place, the road goes behind the fort, go on that road, there you will get good parking also, plus you will not have to walk.

You will have to walk a lot from here. We have come here in the parking lot and there is good parking facility. Now as far as I have climbed, you have to walk a lot if you come from the front. Look, it is good. There is parking here and the entire area that you are seeing, this is the area which is behind the Amer Fort and the houses of the laborers who used to work in the old fort, etc. are also here, so this is The whole area is something like this and it is very magnificent. When you

look from above, it looks like this. For now, let's move towards Amer and enter the fort [ Music] I have come inside Amer Fort and take this ticket here. The price of Lee Hai ticket has already increased by only Rs. Earlier it used to be Rs. 100, now the ticket is Rs. 02. If you are a student then this ticket is only for students.

Apart from [Music], here you can also take composite ticket which is That is a very important thing, composite ticket is that ticket in which you can go to nine main places here, which I will show you, which are the nine places, tickets are available for those places and at all these places, that composite ticket is available at the counter. This is the ticket. If you get composite ticket 12122, then carry your student ID and with the composite ticket key, you can roam here comfortably. Amer Fort was built by Raja Man Singh in 1592 AD.

This is the photo of Amer. That is, where there was an arrangement for bathing, then the two holes that you see below, wood was burnt inside it and due to which there was warmth here, the feeling was frozen and the entire area became warm so that bathing could be done easily. If it was possible then some arrangement would have been made. There were no geysers at that time. Even today there is a problem of water in Rajasthan. At that time, water was stored. From that time, rain water was used and there is a whole tank built under this ground. There is a whole tank built in which all the water was stored, rain water and that too. I will walk a little further and show you

this. This is the whole tank and it is a very deep tank. Here in Amer Fort, Sheesh Mahal is crazy special. And there is also the palace of Man Singh and there is also a tunnel here which goes to Jaigarh Fort . You can see it completely from here, something like this. We have come here from the same road and after following it, we came here from the back route. But when you come early in the morning, you can see the elephant ride here, you can also come by elephant ride from here, there is a charge for it and this garden that you are seeing is called Kesari Garden and There is also a light and sound show here in the evening, which is a ticket of ₹, you can take it from the counter, which is around 5:30 to 6:30, then after that there is also 7:30 and 8:30. If you want to do all these things then you

can do that in the evening also, here every time has its own beauty and the rest is just a fad. It is very cute and there is a lot to see here, so Pooja is from Jaipur and I asked him, brother, please suggest a cafe for our audience, then he said go to Varahi Cafe and we have come there and this Here is our starter, so if you are looking for a different type of cafe here, unique different, then you can come here. Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh Fort are in the same line in the same route and first of all you can cover Amer. Then there are Jaigarh and then Nahargarh, so I am also covering in the same way and this means the road is also similar, there are winding roads etc. Here you should drive with caution even if you are traveling with your scooter, apart from this always wear helmet etc. Keep wearing it here because there

is very strict checking in Jaipur, there will be other wise challan etc. and anywhere else you feel that it is completely deserted here, checking cannot be done here, then it is not at all the case, you can stand anywhere. There are policemen and checking may be done so keep it in mind and it is also necessary for your safety.

The distance from Amer Fort to Jaigarh Fort is about 7 km and this place does not come under composite ticket. Some budget friendly people come to Jaigarh Fort. You can stay here because the entry ticket here is very high. The entry ticket here is Rs 50 for one person and if you are a student then you will have to pay Rs for this. Keep the ID with you. Student parking is also around Rs 0 here. So is it here

? Basically, the world's largest cannon is kept here. Its name is Jaiva cannon. Let me show you that cannon. I have come near the Jawan cannon and I will show you the cannon . This cannon is very big. And if you look at the size of its wheels, you will get an idea of ​​it. Now, there is definitely a dispute on whether it is the world's largest or not,

because when I went to Russia, they were saying that they have it, but it looks quite big to me. And this cannon was used only once and it was not even used, that means it was only tested and its firing capability is up to a distance of about 50 kilometers, so quite a distance. When it hits, it goes but it was never fired again after that and since then it has been standing and there was no need because the structure of the entire Jaigarh Fort has been built in such a way that no army can Could never reach here but Jaigarh Fort is not only known for its cannon but old weapons are also kept here and here too there are big tanks for water storage. You can also watch a funny puppet show here. Passing through the corridors inside the fort, you

also reach a very beautiful view point. I have arrived at the corner point of Jaigarh Fort and Jaipur is named after Jaigarh Fort, which was built by King Jai Singh. And if you look, this is exactly the corner point, here you will see a garden, here you will see an area, corner point and from here below, you will see the entire view, this is what you are seeing here, this is Amer Fort, already when we went to Amer. So it was quite high and now you see how high we have come. If you look from here, the entire walls are gone. How far have the walls of the fort gone? From there, that means, as far as the eyes can see, the walls in it are there. If this fort has been built then at the price of ₹ you mean

the price is a little higher, obviously it is fine here, it takes maintenance but when you are coming to visit, then you will have to spend and the trip to Jaipur is not complete without coming here. Because the name is named after it, it is also a unique information about Jaipur. Let me tell you about it here. If your budget allows, then arrangements for marriage etc. are also made here, which means you can also get married. There is a complete venue here, arrangements were being made here, so I asked brother, what are the charges, then he told that the booking amount here is around 40 to 50 lakhs per day and you go there from City Palace. You can find out if you want to have a wedding etc. If you have a budget, if you want to do a destination

wedding then this is the place and only royal weddings etc are held here, so this is a wonderful place, if you want to have one then this is the place. What's the matter everyone, do the last photo of today's route at Nahargarh Fort, now I was going to go with the best views , thanks brother, when you move from Jaigarh Fort towards Nahargarh Fort, you will see some Khejri trees on the way. Everything etc. will be visible and it is here that you will get tea etc. You will also get the arrangement of Maggi and Vaggie, the food is there and there is a very good view behind here, do not miss it too, it will be a lot of fun, it means that you get the full feel of holidays here in Jaipur and you can come with family or with friends. It is a safe place for everyone, you can roam comfortably in the summer time, there will be little trouble, not a little but not a lot, hence avoid the summer time, rest you can come here at any time. Best time to visit. If any of me If you ask, I can tell you that

you can come here from October to February or mid-March, if that time is good for you , then you have come to Nahargarh Fort and check the entry ticket here, this place will also be worth full for you. Because the ticket is only Rs 50, which means it is a reasonable price and the rest is only ₹ for you Indian students. Free entry dates. Read these. Now let's go inside. Nahargarh Fort was built by Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734 AD. Where you get to see different palaces built for the queens, but the most beautiful thing is the terrace from where a beautiful view of the entire Jaipur can be seen, but after walking a little, you must go to the sunset point where this lovely There is a crowd to watch the sunset [Music] If you are looking for a place for shopping etc. in Jaipur, then you

can come here in Khajanwali Gali, there is a Pink City, here you can find a good market for clothes. Especially for girls, you can come to this place, you will see crowd and locals also come here and if you want it cheap then come here at a good price and definitely get Berg Ning done and by the way, the whole Pink City is here. There are many markets in Hawa Mahal, you can also go there. We have come to Hawa Mahal and the

entry fee of Hawa Mahal is ₹ 2 for students. I have come inside Hawa Mahal and Hawa Mahal was built by Sawai Pratap Singh. Yes, and it was built in 1799 and if you look here in the courtyard at present, the entire foundation is going on. It is a very big courtyard. You might have seen more crowd because a group of students have come, but

you can also see a little bit of puppetry here. I will also show you a little show and will take you up from the window as well. I was already showing you the view of the market from here, now I will show you the view of the market outside from here, from the small window here , every floor of the Hawa Mahal, which is about 87 feet high. A name has been given and by looking at the market outside from the small windows, you definitely go to that bygone era and by going up on the roof, you can also see Amer Jaigarh and Nahargarh Fort together, inside the Hawa Mahal. From here you get two places, first City Palace,

second Jantar Mantar, Jantar Mantar is here, I am not going here because I have already gone four-five times, but I am telling you, there is an entry fee of Rs 50, if you like some scientific things. If you have then you can come here, you will like the good place, I don't even understand the other wise and if you want to understand, then take a guide here, it is a better option, on the other side, there is City Palace, where I have been and the entry fee here is 00 It is quite high, here also you can take composite ticket etc. You can get the fort key and also there is a night show etc. here, if the budget allows then you

can go here. City Palace also has a good place and If it is an interesting place then I am skipping both these places but if you have never come before then you must go. You should have three days to visit Jaipur in which all the main places of Jaipur are covered which I am telling you. I will tell you that it

will be a two nights and three days tour in which on the first day you will start your journey from Moti Dungri Temple, after that you will go to Birla Temple right in front of it and then you will go to Albert Hall Museum. Then you can go here in Jantar Mantar Pink. In the city area, you can go to City Palace and apart from this, there is a temple of Govind Dev Ji, so you can cover these places. In day one, in day two, you will first go to Jal Mahal, then Amer Fort and after that you will go. If you go to Jaigarh Fort and then Nahargarh Fort , then you will cover almost all the places in two days. In the evening, you can go to Pink City etc.

You can stay here till 10 pm and on the third day you can go here, there is Akshardham Temple, you can also go there which I have not covered in the video and if you like to go to malls etc. then there is Gaurav Tower Mall, World Trade Park. This is everywhere you can go so it's Your tour will be for 3 days and now if I tell you the budget, the hotel here will cost you around ₹ 2000000 per day and if you use scooty for transportation then your cost will increase to around ₹ 5000000 per day per person. Now you have one more expense here, which I

will tell you further, but now let's know the personal budget. I am assuming that at least two of you people are going here, so the hotel expense will increase for two people. Let me calculate the cost of three nights for you and according to that, your expenses will be around ₹ 1000000 and your expenses on transportation will be around ₹ 0000000 and the main expense which you will have to pay and you should also do it is to pay for the entry tickets here. They are expensive and for this you will have to keep a budget of at least ₹ 1 with you, so when you make the total, you can travel for around ₹ 5000000, for this you can use bus, metro and also cheap You can book hotels, everything is available here, so if you want, you can also travel here in ₹. If you are a solo traveller, this was the overall information and if you want information about any other place, then you can visit our travel consultancy . You can contact to know about any place. So make sure to keep nature clean and green. Subscribe to the channel and

do not forget to like and share the video. That was so much information for today. Thank you friend.

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