Italy Day 3: Napoli, History & Culture, The Colored Houses, The Pizzerias, The City, The Tasty Eats

Italy Day 3: Napoli, History & Culture, The Colored Houses, The Pizzerias, The City, The Tasty Eats

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Welcome to Naples! The true Neapolitan espresso, Neapolitan Sfogliatella, Riccia and Frolla. Two types of Neapolitan desserts that are eaten for breakfast. This is a 100% Neapolitan breakfast with Neapolitan espresso. ♪ Let me introduce you to Dory. Today, we are almost in his favor with all this experience that we are living, which we weren't going to live, and no one will be able to reach the corners that he is taking us to in the villages. We are living Italy, until Italians in the cities forgot how to live it.

Like the Lebanese person in the city forgot the village and only you. A really beautiful experience. We learned a lot of things.

We got into the details, the source of everything, how it is done. I met Dory at my house. He came to my house.

He told me, I felt that you have a talent. You have to develop it, you have to go to Italy, you have to learn something new. I always ask to learn something new, especially from people who understand. I called Dory and told him, show me a hotel, where do I want to live, where do I want to go. He told me, come to my house. Come and stay at my house.

He told me, I took a chance, I left my job, I took a chance for 10 days. I will stay with you, I will tour with you. Welcome to our home in Naples. Go to Naples and then die. There is a proverb that says, you go to Naples and then you can die.

Because there is a magnificent panorama. Here in front you have Capri, the whole Amalfi Coast, Vesuvio, which is our territorial symbol, Terroir, the Castle of the Wolf, the most beautiful city in the world. Good morning, good morning, good morning, buongiorno. Today we start in Naples.

We started with the drone, I showed you one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of the colors. Colors, colors, colors, every house has colors. If you noticed, there are not many stones, there is concrete, but it is colored.

Can you imagine, if Tripoli, Beirut, and Saida were colored like Naples, Tripoli would be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Let's go. Come on, let's do it. Let's forget Lebanon, we are now in Italy. In Italy, in Naples, a long day starts now. We have a chance to be in one of the most beautiful places that you can imagine.

We start with the Sfogliatella Sopta. Super crunch. Super super super crunch. Leva inspired dessert. A bit of croissant. Pet fruity.

Crunch crunch. There is no fat, light sweetness. The cream on the inside is a bit like tamarind.

Oh, that's nice. It is tastier than what we ate yesterday in Amalfi Coast. If you want to eat something tasty, eat it in its land. The Sfogliatella Sopta is a traditional dish from the Alps. The Sfogliatella Sopta is a traditional dish from the Alps. The Sfogliatella Sopta is a traditional dish from the Alps.

The Sfogliatella Sopta is a traditional dish from the Alps. The Sfogliatella Sopta is a traditional dish from the Alps. The and we will start the tour. The guys took a taxi and we will follow them in Vespa, they can hear it's sound.

Stefan is with us today, he will show us around. He told me, Vespa, I told him I am behind you, you have 2 helmets. He told me that he will ride here. And let's start the tour. I don't know you.

Oh that's a good one. Hello. Let's go. Mamma mia! This is the last one, he used to do it inside, we saw him do it a while ago. Macaroni and cheese fried.

100%. Amazing, great start. A new approach, something new, you haven't seen it before.

We didn't taste it before. The place has been here since 1945. Fritta pizza, if you know, it was eaten for breakfast, not for lunch or dinner. Fried pizza for breakfast, why? It was next to the Trump's train station. People were in a hurry, they had to go to work, they had to go fast. They ate Fritta pizza, it's very traditional, and this was Napolitan's favorite breakfast.

What do you think? A challenge. Is it possible to make a fried Kishk Manoucheh? Is it possible to make a fried cheese Manoucheh? Is it possible to make fried meat with dough? It doesn't have the taste of oil, it's not soaked in oil, and the idea is very good. Imagine a big Samosa, which is cheese, fried, and when you take it out, you put thyme on top. It's Anthony's Manoucheh, but fried instead of grilled. Let's try it, if someone wants to try it, I'm ready to come and taste it. The experience was nice, and then, let's go.

Now, walking between these streets, between these cars, you really feel like you're in our country. The vibes are very nice, the chaos. Today is a very important day for the Neapolitans, because it's St. Gennaro's Day. St. Gennaro is a patron saint of the city. He's not the only one, but he's the most famous.

And on September 19th, we wait, all the Neapolitans wait for the miracle, the miracle of the blood, which from solid becomes liquid. Fortunately, the miracle has happened, so all the Neapolitans are a little calmer now. It's very nice, you should feel the vibes, I'm talking on the phone, I'm cursing, I'm raising my voice. Tourists from here, from here, the one who found his wife's hand, the one who is walking, the one who brought his family, the one who left his bag, he's afraid to take it. The walls, the colors, the posters, the graffiti, from here and from here.

And there's an energy, I feel like I'm coming out of the ground, it's unbelievable. The colors make the sky blue, the winds are nice, and colors, colors, colors. There's a picture in every corner, and every window looks like something, and every building has a different color, and every floor looks like something. Impressive! Fiocco di Neve, Pasticceria Poppella from 1920, 1920, a Neapolitan dessert which is considered modern from 1920, Fiocco di Neve, Snowflake. I am with an Italian and I want to try and tell them that it's not bad, it's not bad. I can't find the words.

The theater San Carlo is the theater, the opera, the oldest in Europe. It was built 40 years before the Lasca, which is more famous, I think, in the world. Even the opera. And it's a marvel that everyone should know.

In Neapolitan tradition, when you go to a bar like this, a Neapolitan bar, a coffee, you order a coffee, and you order a coffee with pepper sauce, you pay for 2, they leave a ticket for a poor person who can't drink coffee at the bar, they go in, they give him the coffee from the ticket, and they put here a coffee with pepper sauce. Neapolitan coffee with pepper sauce Neapolitan coffee with pepper sauce Neapolitan coffee with pepper sauce Neapolitan coffee with pepper sauce Italy, what a country, Italy. You know people are happy, the taxi driver is happy, people are happy, you go to a place and people are laughing, the bartender tells you to take a picture of him, everyone is happy, no one is pretending to be alive. Just like many other European countries. All people are together, the vibes are nice, the pictures are nice, there are many tourists but we don't bother them, or we don't bother each other because we are tourists. The food is good, there are things to film, there are things to do.

Really, really, really, really, in a place where I feel that I wish I came to Italy more and more than many years ago. It's unbelievable what a country this is. It really doesn't resemble any other experience, and until now, it's just a small part of Italy that we do a lot of things. We are going on, we are walking, we are now at the port. A place where you only pass by taxis, not cars. The wind is from here and from here, you can see the boats, and you can see the Vesuvio, the Croisière, and, oh, amazing.

Vesuvio one portion for each person, eat and sit next to each other. The next plate is coming, and the chef is coming to explain to us about them. Exceptional, exceptional experience. Very good, this is a risotto with saffron and turmeric, we have daterino cream, in honor of the blood of St.

Gennaro, gold leaf, which represents the treasure of St. Gennaro, and eggs of Storione. A big deal, a big deal. You might not like it because the rice is not al dente, it's crunchy.

But this is how it should be. And then comes the saffron on the outside, the acidity of the tomato on the inside, which is unexpected, red on yellow, and the two colors, the two that are present. The gold leaf, the caviar, is very high end, and everything has a meaning to it. Bertoliani said that it's yellow because his face was yellow, gold because he has his treasure, and red because the miracle that they wait for every time during the year, the dry blood becomes liquid blood again. This is an important thing. We're talking about fine dining on the beach.

Look at the color. Where did you eat fine dining, gourmet, high end, wines, sparkling wine, and everything in between, the service, all the details, on the beach. This is the candela, hand-broken, with Genoese, our Genoese, with Montoro's fried onion, cooked for 12 hours, with the addition of the cinnamon bark. It's a tradition. Good morning, I'm the chef Magdalena Buczinska of the restaurant Resta Con Me, which is in Via Lucidio, in the Santa Lucia area.

Right now, we brought you one of our high-end dishes, which is a ragu, a Neapolitan ragu, cooked for 16 hours, and with the addition of a secret ingredient, which I hope you'll recognize. Pasta, pasta, pasta, al dente, al dente, al dente. We have to get used to eating al dente. It's not sticky at all, it's tough, it's structured.

It's not like we're eating bread with a lot of water and it's soft. Very nice crunch. It's so hard, al dente, but it's more than how we make it at home.

It has 2 ragu, which we had a while ago, now it's the second one, and this is the secret ingredient. I'll give Dory the right to pick it, it's the chocolate. It has dark chocolate at the end, you can feel it.

At the end, there's no sweetness at all, there's no sugar. Bitterness, strength, this is This plate is gourmet with complications. It's not like we ate and walked in it. There is something that touches everywhere, something that moves all the emotions.

Done right. Great experience. We finished the second beer, we drank 4.4% on the wine. But we are still standing on our feet and we should continue. We will have dessert somewhere else.

Cheers to a great friends gathering. We are going to the Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia, it's the second most ancient yacht club in Naples and there is something like a museum of the sea inside, you will see and you will enjoy it. The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia Quick break, there is always an espresso.

Always an espresso, before, after, right and left, there is always an espresso. The guys are sitting for a while, smoking a cigarette, relaxing. In this time, I will show you the boats. It's really amazing. I was thinking that it needs a minimum of 7 seconds, minimum.

So expect another trip whenever I have time. With Nell, of course, to show you Italy in its islands, its history, its details. Cote d'Coeur, I fell in love. The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia The Royal Yacht Club Circulo Savoia Very very beautiful, really very beautiful, with beautiful details, in every corner, in every rock, in every color, in every spot, it's beautiful. It's really one of the most beautiful churches in the world, by far. The light that came from here and from there, the shape of the cross in the middle, its greatness, its height, oh my God.

Wow. It takes a day and I will try to film as much as I can to show you the greatness. This is a story of a wise man who became a priest, and this priest who did a lot of miracles and healed all the people around us. We started from the top. Wow.

This is the church of Jesus of Nauvoo. This is the church of Jesus of Nauvoo. In front of it is Santa Chiara. We will go and see it as well. Here we have another kind of greatness, and maybe because there are not a lot of things on the walls, you don't feel its greatness on the video.

But I want to tell you that its height is about 40-50 meters. In the Olympics, it is this tall, this high, this much wood on the ceiling, so you wonder how these walls are standing on this height. There is greatness, there is richness, but it doesn't prevent you from standing and saying wow. Did you notice? The kings were found on this land and on that land. The crown. The crown.

The crown. This is the old town. The nationalities of the people are here. It is crowded.

All the nationalities of the people are here. You can hear all the noises. Of course, it is a bit dirty from here and there. It is simple.

You look up and you feel like you are in Ashrafieh, Gemmayzeh, in the Zare district, in the Latin district, or where? You look at the people. This one is looking at you. This one is not looking at you. This one is picking up his stuff in his bag. Who is with me? Who is against me? Very nice experience.

You should definitely do it. There is food from all over the world. It is not necessary that it is only pizza or pasta. Really, the camera doesn't stop here. The colors, the shapes. I was telling Mark that the 5 senses are moving.

All the emotions. The ears are working, the eyes are working, the mind is working. A long street and you walk from start to finish.

This street is known for its caves. There is a small cave, then a bigger one, then a bigger one. You see it every year. Jesus and the composition of the cave.

It is known that there are beautiful shapes and designs. I will walk from the top to the bottom. It is unbelievable how beautiful they are. The narrow streets, the people. Every time you look at the end, there is something beautiful. Wow.

Next time, of course, I will come with a camera. It has a great zoom for even more beautiful colors. Parthenope, our city was born. And at that moment, the mythology meets the real history, because the Greeks who settled here in Naples, on the rocks leading to the Eiffel Tower, they settled there, in the first villages, and they called the first name of our city, it was Parthenope, in honor of the mermaid Parthenope. And then, a few years later, they moved to the side of the sea, and they settled here, and they changed the name of the city.

The first villages were called Palaipolis, which in Greek means Old City. And the new city, Neapolis, which means New City. So Naples means New City.

Neapolis Pizza From the tourist city center, we are walking for about half an hour, to reach a pizza place. Mark says that this is the most important pizza place in his old trips. Meanwhile, we are passing by an area, where one should have a lot of stuff, which is not very nice, so I don't want to film it.

I felt like I was in Souk El Ahad, but with old buildings. I think you are seeing around me. So let's continue our walk, and go directly to the pizza atmosphere, without going into all these details, and the international nationalities that are gathered here. Pizza Pizza Pizza Since I came here, I ordered 40 pizzas, in 40 different pizzerias.

It was my favorite. Today I came, and I am making the pizza here, to taste it by hand. Pizza It looks important. A very important restaurant. We entered these narrow streets, I don't know how we got here. There is a lot of trash, but anyway, we reached a place that has 9,200 reviews.

It has 9,200 reviews, it's reputation is very high, the atmosphere is very nice, the colors are very nice, the menu is nice, the pizza box is very nice, and I am sure it's going to be fun. Mark started making pizza, I will sit at the table, the music is very loud, so we can't talk much, so we decided to start from here. Pizza Music I am following the music, what catches the eye is the amount of Champagne they have here, from all of France. The high-end wine, they wear gloves to put the service.

We are talking about a different level, in an unexpected place, a lot of colors, a lot of atmosphere, street food style, but very elevated, the colors are nice, the vibe is nice, the reception is nice, the smile is nice, and the way they work with the pizza, wow, this is the first time. Pizza Music Flour, fry in the oil, inside we have ricotta cheese, and outside we have some lemon zest. Music We have our two best paninis, Anarel and Tonino, Anarel with zucchini and small provola, Tonino with carrots, green olives, and pure cheese. A gastronomy dough, a very special dough with a pizza, very soft, very light, buffalo mozzarella, pepper, and lemon zest from Sorrento. Ok, it's time to get serious, and what we discovered in all the restaurants, is that there are always appetizers that start at the beginning.

First, the fleur de courgette, I love it a lot, you know I always tell you that this is the flower of Koussa, that we are not allowed to throw away, we throw it away in Lebanon without paying attention, look what they do with it. Ricotta, Elaha, tempura style, and it's amazing. Oh my God. This is so freaking good. The ricotta is light, it's not hard, it's not chewy, it's not dry, it's very soft, nice crunch from the outside, I love it. I love how in all the restaurants I look at it, this man's tongue, and his right and left hands, I thought he was Italian, but I don't understand his language, because we Italians speak with our hands.

And this is how it continues. Here we have a fried Koussa, with parma ham inside. It reminded me of our shawarma bite.

A small piece of bread. Oh my God, the flavors. Mmm. It has a flavor. Like anchovies, or something like that.

Here, another fried carrots. A lot of oil from here, a lot of oil from here, nice crunch, a bit spicy, and I love it. It's melting, it's sticky, it's shiny, and I'm super enjoying it. Wow. You know what? I was telling Marc before, for me, food is 3 things. There's the know-how, the ingredients, and then there's this 3rd thing that I don't know how to explain, which is the passion.

The love, the tenderness, the feeling, the time, the experience. In a lot of places, I didn't feel them, especially this one from Clinton, but here, I felt it. To see this super special dough, like a cheese manoucheh, I loved the idea of the lemon on top. It's not chewy. Wow. Amazing.

I didn't notice that I didn't show you. Lemon zest is so cool. And the dough is not chewy. Copy paste. I don't know if we're copy paste or they're copy paste.

Our cheese manoucheh, and it's wonderful. Exceptional. The gourmet cheese manoucheh. Pizza and cheese. We're also the cousins. Okay.

Here we have our tomato sauce cooked from 3 to 4 hours. It's a virgin olive oil from Vesuvius National Park. Simone just put some Parmesan cheese for more seasoning. Some black pepper. We smash it to let the aroma go out.

And on top, we put our Montana fried pizza. You rip it off and you dip in the sauce. Okay, take one small panini with your hands. Open it. One mince, one meatball, put it on top. And we're gonna put some ragu sauce. Close it up.

Yes. Yeah, if you want. Close it up, and you have a panino polpetta, a classic Neapolitan dish. How is it, my friend? Pizza made the year.

And has it. The sauce. Okay, here we have a piece of history of Napoli. This occurs, is to represent the city that we all love. We did three colors that was made by Pasquale di Stefano, last painting number.

So, the painting number was the guys who were right behind the prices on the microplaces, that one over there. And the three colors are the red for the passion of these people, the blue for the ocean, and the yellow for the sun. Inside, the most famous pizza in the world. Three, two, one.

The Margherita. Some Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fior di latte cheese, and some basil. Best for last. It's amazing, we're paying a lot for it because it's sold three times more than other places. He got us a pizza in the carton, and we love it. And I'm enjoying it.

If he got me three cartons, I would have said yes. The show, how they came, how they did it. One put the tomato, one put the basil, one put the dough, and they put the work together. Two waiters, super professional. They're following the whole place, and they're like this, they're spoiling me.

The tables are all full, the work is very nice, the colors are very nice. The plates are changed, and this big one that needs ice. I can't even hold it, imagine.

About three times, oh my God. They pay me back, six times a week I pay them back. Where? I'm telling you again, outside. I have to show you outside, so you understand what I'm saying. Outside, outside, outside.

We didn't find the trashy sidewalk to get here. And if you get here, and now we'll see how much the bill will be. Mark, for me, first of all, it has a lot of water, but it didn't bother me much, but you eat it right away.

After 30 minutes of delivery, you eat the soup with a spoon. It's something that bothered me a bit, it's delicious, the flavors, the burn is nice, the ingredients are nice, the sweetness is nice, but it's chewy, why is it chewy? Anthony, why is it wet? Why is it very wet? Because this is mozzarella di bufala. When you put it in the oven, it needs to absorb the water.

And this pizza, I think they don't deliver it anymore. So it doesn't get spoiled. Because they know how their work should be presented. The dough is chewy. It's chewy because... technique.

Either the oven's temperature is wrong, or the dough isn't properly rested. There's something between these two, in my opinion. We have el sole della sanità, it's the name of the quarter sanità that we're in. We have some buffalo mozzarella, yellow tomatoes from Sicily, basil, and some fresh oregano from Controne, here in Campania. And this is how we finish.

I really like the yellow tomatoes. This one has more cheese, less water, it looks more like Harzane. The pizza is delicious. I can say it's very delicious. But the cheese is chewy, the dough is chewy, it's chewy.

It's very chewy. The taste of the fire is more delicious than that. The ingredients are great. The balance is amazing.

But we don't understand why this is chewy. Anyway, it's a good choice. After all the nice vibes, of course we'll put 5 out of 5 on Google Maps. I really like the pizza with the yellow tomatoes. Anthony, can I tell you something? This is not your life, it's my wife's life. That's good, I was going to tell you I miss my kids.

The streets are narrow and popular. The washing machines are everywhere, on the left and right, not far from Karm el Zaytoun, which we know in Ashrafieh. And here, there are associations that are going around, they came back and brought life back. They put lights, books, and no one takes them. They drew on the walls, and we are in front of the restaurant that we left from.

It doesn't prevent you from going anywhere. It doesn't prevent you from going anywhere. There should be associations that put smiles on people's faces, not just associations that bring food and distribute food. I really liked the idea, and this is a small street,

we are in the middle of the popular neighborhoods from Naples, after we saw several faces for today, from the streets that have Vivitone, Gucci, and Hermes, from the second street, and from the third street, which is very popular. This is how we end our long day. We ate pizza, the vibes are nice, we took a road trip from one place to another, you saw the drone in a special way.

Naples needs a week, 10 days, it needs a lot of time. One day is not enough, and don't say, what will he do in one day? We want to try to discover as much as we can, the whole campaign, and taste as much as we can of pizza. A new episode tomorrow.

No No No No No No ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I said goodbye a while ago, but he said I can't say goodbye. We want to show you the most beautiful parking in the world. At least, what they claim. We entered the parking, parked the car, it's late at night, we're going to the elevator, and we're going to take a picture. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ I believed you. So, in your tour in Naples, don't forget that this super cool parking won 3 or 4 awards of the best parking in the world.

Now, it's not 11 p.m. because it's closed and everyone left. But if you come during the day, this is something to add to your schedule. ♪ ♪ ♪ .

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