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good morning everyone here from santorini  which is probably the most famous   island of all of the greek islands we arrived here  yesterday from athens on a flight at night so we   haven't really seen anything at all yet and this  is the view from our apartment so we're facing   the east side which isn't really like the iconic  side but still super beautiful beautiful ocean   over there and we're staying at this place  here alonya that's the name of the apartment   so this is 66 a night a pretty good price for  santorini which is usually a pretty pricey   and yeah it's just like one big open space so this  is the bedroom area got ac actually been using it   as a heater because it's pretty cold right now in  may at night anyway and then the bathroom's nice   that's about it just a kitchen area here can do  all our cooking the internet also seems pretty   good as well which is good for us so that we can  do some work and we're staying right here in the   capital called fera we were unsure on which area  to stay in there's different areas there's areas   where you're right on the beaches but we just  decided to stay in the capital it's a small   island anyway so you can get around pretty easily  so we're gonna walk into the center of the capital   now but first we're going to go to a village  that's just close to where we're staying called   firostifani i don't know if you can see in the  mist but there's actually an island over there   so that's anafi another nice greek island i think  all the islands in greece are nice from the videos   that i've seen weather's okay as well isn't it  yeah kind of cool yeah i'm just worried about how   it's gonna be on the beach but for walking it's  it's good actually yeah so straight away this is   already how i imagine the greek islands everything  super white and nice and already an iconic greek   island church because you don't really get  that styling like athens right no at least   we didn't see any yeah we didn't see any like  that beautiful with the blue dome it's too nice wow look at this all right well within like a  minute of walking from our apartment i can already   see what all the hype is about here in santorini  because these views here are just absolutely nuts   it's crazy how high we are like look at that  the villages go all the way to the top there   there's just all these like stairways and  stuff going down i guess like different hotels   can see some swimming pools over there  restaurants spas yeah that's crazy yeah we've never been to a place like this right  on a on an island hillside no it's epic yeah   so there's loads of little different  walkways we're just taking this one here   a bit lower down but i think  we can go all the way to the   center through here so obviously on this side here  you won't be getting any accommodations for 60.   you saw that with even a pool it's like over 500 a  night right yeah they were very expensive and some   were like over a thousand dollars per night  really yes well maybe one day in the future   oh man look at that view yeah this place is  insane guys that is one amazing village there that guy just said if there's a place more  beautiful than this i've never seen it   i really didn't pay attention yeah american guy  this is definitely one of the most beautiful   places i've ever been to i think yeah look at  this church a bit different right like beige   check this out here for a restaurant location  wow constantly wow views yeah wow it's crazy so   i think that's uh the center of fear over there  the capital down there that guy said well as well everyone's saying wow it's amazing actually a big  uh cruise ship here we're so far away it looks   kind of small it doesn't look big it looks tiny  but it's a big cruise yeah and there's like a pool   area there it's like a crazy walk you'll see later  on to go down there look at this church here as   well different style once again yeah this is like  the prettiest place ever prettiest village ever so in case you're wondering this is filmed in  may so it's like around 20 21 degrees celsius max   which is super nice especially to be  walking around cities and villages   like this and it's also not that busy right like  there's people around but it's far from being   super packed like we saw some videos and during  summer it's like crazy facts it's like some place   that i wouldn't want to be in july august i guess  like two packs but now it's actually nice yeah   now it's like perfect mix but yeah as you can see  all the walkways are super small so with a lot of   people here it'll be hard to walk around so that  port that i mentioned before they actually have   like this here like a cable car that you can go  up and see that it's going pretty quick isn't it yeah tiny i think it's like four  people in each one or something   there are stairs though to go all the way  down but good luck walking back up there   let's see the price of this restaurant here since  this is an insane view that might be the best view   so far pizzas like 15 euros not actually that bad  is it 15 euros and you get this kind of view yeah   so a fish dish is like more expensive almost 25  euros but there are some for just like 19 euros   the important part mojito 10 euros all the  alcohol drinks are 10 right the mixed drinks foreign   so now we're walking inside of it  we're right near the center now so cute   thank you then little dress as well yeah so even  the center fairer it's busier definitely but   still not that many people here and  may walk around quite easily really   so this has just been like the main shopping  streets here loads of stores everywhere stores and restaurants cocktail bar wow check out  the mega church here beautiful that's the biggest   one so far yeah i'm gonna keep saying it but this  place is just too beautiful found this really   secluded area here now everything just looks super  nice beautiful blue doorways beautiful pathways   so a really cool thing about this island is  it's actually being created by a volcano so you   could probably see that the island that we're on  bends around there and then there's a part that's   separated over there and then all the way there  in the distance which is still our island so this   used to be all like the outer edge of the volcano  and yeah parts of it have collapsed and the whole   centre has collapsed so there would have been  like a big volcano here but um yeah it collapsed   and i think they call it a caldera so all this is  like inside of a volcano and i think only in the   last couple hundred years this part in the middle  has appeared and it's actually increasing in size   so it wasn't that big a couple hundred years ago  and you can visit that place there's a boat tours   and the eruption that mainly gave it this kind  of structure and made it collapse was around   3600 years ago which isn't really that long  ago i know the there's been volcanic activity   here for like millions of years but the one  that gave it this shape was 3600 years ago   and there was a civilization on this island but  that just wiped them out and they were also on   crete as well but i think it almost pretty much  wiped them out there as well like the tsunamis so some of you are probably wondering about the  drone shots because those of you that watch this   channel will know that i didn't have a drone  in the places that we went to in the middle   east because some other countries there you  can't take a drone into the country or fly   so my dad shipped it from portugal where i left  it to athens dhl and yeah i just picked it up   from their store there so the drone is back now  have you missed the drone shots and the videos   yeah yeah it always makes it better doesn't  it yeah and also sometimes it actually help   us like uh sometimes you find places because  of the drones yeah better parts of the beach   sometimes we we see on the drone oh that part is  uh the water looks nicer and then we go there so   it's also uh very helpful for us yeah i was also  able to see now if like this village stretched on   a bit further but i saw it doesn't we're pretty  much at the end now of this part look at this   building here a bit different so there are lots of  different styles here it's not all the same colors   like a little like maroon red one there majority  are white though so here's a close-up of one of   the accommodations i think these pools are heated  as well obviously not much privacy though because   you're right on this walkway here well some  of them you'll get privacy obviously but   some of them not at all like completely exposed  church number 20 number 20. yeah maybe even more so after looking around a bit we found the  restaurant that we're gonna have lunch at   a lot of the other restaurants people  had already taken the best spots with   the best views but this one's pretty  good here so i get this view over there   and carol also gets a nice view of the  hillside back there this place is called kalia   so here's some of the prices like the fish is  either 30 euros or 28 euros you can get 19 the   free-range chicken fillet i might go for that one  19 euros i think even the drinks are like a water   four euros fifty pretty expensive and  carol's gonna go for this one this pasta ore   with cherry tomatoes from santorini 21 euros  so the food has arrived here's the chicken dish   got a bit of mashed potato it is a small portion  but fancy fancy restaurants are always like   that right yeah fancy fancy dish might be  good though let's get some gravy in there   oh the grave is really good i thought i just  ate chicken but that's actually a mushroom   okay hello chicken all  right let me try the chicken yeah it's good yeah good chicken oh and um the  water was like four euros because it's a big glass   one liter yeah big bottle yeah and mine looks like  a big portion of pasta i think i'm gonna get food   with that yours looks extra saucy yeah it's a bit  spicy actually but it's delicious i really love   the the pasta sauce yeah the pasta is good as well  it looks really good you got more food than me so so we're now at the main bus station here in  fira and we're getting on this bus here to a spot   called camari uh beach spot right it's supposed  to be one of the best beaches yeah finally i'm   eating greece yeah greek meat let's go hello so  the bus is going to be 1 euro 60 per person i   think it only takes like what like 10 15 minutes  yeah because the island is not big so yeah it's   so small yeah yeah so it's going to be quick quick  yeah that's a good thing though easy to get around a lot of people going to i think   the bus is gonna be packed on the way back oh yeah  for us yeah probably all right where is that beach   it looks cool already right how it's right  next to the it's so so giant huge mountain cool ah the bus leaves you right on the beach like  a 30 second walk wow that's a nice beachfront   so got the restaurants all the way along right  there as well it's a volcanic beach isn't it i think all the beaches are like this pretty  much on santorini right black sand beaches as   long as it's not pebble beach yeah i think they're  gonna have some pebbles yeah there's some pebbles   over there wow what a view yeah that looks amazing  nice and quiet as well ain't nobody around at all empty pretty much yeah we thought the beaches here  were going to be packed because uh like the town   wasn't really that busy yesterday we figured  everyone had come to the beaches but i think   there's just not that many people here right now  in may i guess you can go around here somewhere   we've just brought a beach towel so we're  not gonna use one of these umbrellas   let's see what the water temperature is like here  in the mediterranean of greece in lebanon in the   mediterranean there it was still a bit cold yep i  think that's like the same temperature pretty much   still pretty cold in may yeah so  inside it's just all rocks pretty much i think here in greece it's very common to  have rocky beaches not always sandy really   i'm loving those views though look at the  backdrop as well that's actually a road   goes all the way to the other  side to a place called pirissa   that we might go to in the next video  i already know carol's not getting in yeah to be too cool i think it's like the  same temperature as in lebanon yeah but   there was warmer it's the outside temperature  yeah that's a shame because i really wanted   to swim here but i don't think i can do it there  you go carol she's showing us how it's done she went for it all right kyle's  going for it inspired by the lady nice and nice and awake now  yeah i thought not that bad so i think we're going to be seeing  loads of different kinds of beaches   during our stay here in greece we're going to go  to about four or five different islands and they   all look kind of different to each other i think  even here on santorini i don't think they're all   black like this i saw there's another beach called  a white beach and uh red beach even a place where   there's like red cliffs so yeah i think the sand  on those beaches is slightly different and some   of the other islands that we're going to go to  as well we'll have like the super turquoise blue   water because the sand will be a different color  obviously because you can already see here like   how transparent the water is but since like the  rocks are black the water's kind of dark as well   so we're back in fiera now just in time for the  sunset wrapping up a bit here gets a bit cool   in the afternoon doesn't it go yeah i think it  only drops to like 17 or 18 degrees though yeah   but for brazilian that's too cold that's already  that's freezing for carol yeah yeah it's not cold   right now though it's really nice no wind at  all and yeah there's the sun so looks like   it might be a pretty cool sunset carol's  part of the squad the sunset squad no not so so we're now in the downtown area of uh fiera  we haven't seen this place at night yet so we   thought we'd check it out pretty cool it's a  different vibe at night isn't it yeah and the   views look i don't know maybe better i don't  know it's hard to choose but all it's enough   yeah it looks very nice and yeah it's a different  experience but you have to see both during the day   and during the night yeah and there's some bars  and restaurants that only open at night it seems   yeah many cocktails and like wine places to  go many restaurants it's a very nice place   so this is like the main bar street here in  theater that's what carol saw anyway online   where all the bars are so  probably gonna grab a drink it is the next day now we ended up drinking  way too much at the party we weren't even   planning on going to a party we were just  gonna go to a bar for a few drinks and   then uh yeah we ended up going to a place  that pretty much turned into like a club   and we just kept drinking and drinking and yeah  we didn't feel very good so completely forgot   about filming and forgot to close out this video  as well but it's been a really awesome first day   exploring santorini just a spectacular place  and we're going to be here for a few days so   yeah we're going to check out some more of the  areas here some more villages some more beaches   so that's what's coming up in the next one if  you like this video just drop a like to support   us subscribe like see more videos like this one  follow us on instagram and we'll see in the next

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