Inside the Mega Modern Structures of Dubai Built to IMPRESS TOURISTS S06 EP.94 | MIDDLE EAST Tour

Inside the Mega Modern Structures of Dubai Built to IMPRESS TOURISTS S06 EP.94 | MIDDLE EAST Tour

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What an impressive building this is... This unique building is located in the middle of a group of skyscrapers. From the outside, it just looks like a small structure. Only when you go inside that you realize its true size. You will only find residential and flat area back there. But over to the other side, you only see skyscrapers.

Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Dubai. I'm very excited because we are going to explore Dubai. I'll also try to showcase this beautiful city for all of you in this vlog and the next few to come.

Dubai is probably the most visited city by tourists from Pakistan and India. Easy traveling and less visa restrictions. That makes people more interested in wanting to visit Dubai. There's one thing for certain about Dubai. Here you'll either find the world's tallest buildings ...

Or the foremost modern day buildings with unique architecture. There aren't many places here with historical and cultural significance. However, it's right at the top for its modern architecture. We'll also try to explore that modern architecture today and share with you.

On my left side, you can see one of the best malls here; the Mall of Emirates. I'm staying not far from here because it's easier to get Metro from here. Also because it's a lively area where you can get almost everything. Such as cafes, restaurants and shopping malls.

Let's go inside the mall now. We'll have some light sort of breakfast in there. We can also get Metro from there when we'll have to go to the next destination.

Here's the entrance of the mall... through the parking area. I'll take some shots from the mall as we pass through it. The metro station is at the level 1 of this mall. We won't have to go outside. It's not a very large mall.

And that makes it easier to shop here. However, there are many shops here. You can find almost every brand here. This section of the mall is quite beautiful. The rest of the mall is mainly meant for shopping. Over here, there are many cafes.

We can sit in any of these cafes. Paul Cafe is normally on the expensive side. We can still sit here if there is space available.

That's our breakfast. We are having a croissant today. It will be good enough to carry me for another couple of hours or so. It's already brunch time... so I though to content with a croissant and then we can have a proper lunch. We also have a cappuccino that is vital to start our day.

I paid almost 10 dollars for this. That's sort of a typical price everywhere in the Middle East. I've been paying this same amount for breakfast in this tour.

Let's hope for the croissant to taste good. The croissant was pretty delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed my light breakfast. We are good for a few hours now.

I'd like to have a small round of this mall with you all. This mall is intended for a purely shopping experience. You must have seen people skiing in Dubai. That also happens in this mall. But we are not going there. Just a brief round to give you an idea about this mall. Then we'll go straight to the metro station.

As you saw there are a lot of restaurants down there. The brands here are sort of a mix of expensive and less expensive. One of the floors may have more luxury brands. I think that's either first of second floor.

I can see Rolex, Fendi and similar brands here. I guess this is the floor with more luxury brands. Here's the Metro station. We have to get the card from here.

How are you? Alhamdulillah. Can I take a selfie? Yeah sure. You are gonna be a part of the vlog now. Thanks Abrar. No problem. What's your name? Saim. Nice meeting you Saim.

We've got to get the metro card from here because we can't travel without it. Let see where are the automatic machines for that purpose. We'll also top up the card with some credit.

That's the place to get the card. Let's see if someone's here to guide us. That's the booth and ticket office. Let's go see them. This is our metro card. I paid 25 dirhams for this and it has a credit of about 19 dirhams. The system works on the basis of zones.

They charge 3 dirhams for one zone so it's not too expensive; roughly 1 dollar per zone. The metro has two lines. Right now I'm going to Museum of Future. When this metro started operating in 2009, it was the longest route driverless metro.

In 2018 or 2019, Vancouver also launched its metro which is the longest one now. There's no driver in this metro. It comes to the station every 5 to 7 minutes.

It's not too crowded at the moment. But I think it will be quite crowded during rush hours. I'm standing in the Gents section and most of the passengers in this section are males. There's a separate section for females as well. Let's see how long it takes to take us to the Museum of Future.

There are 7 to 8 stops in between. But we don't have to change the train as this one goes straight to the museum. I'm calling it a train. It's a metro.

It took hardly 20 minutes to get to the museum from the mall. There is substantial distance between the two points. It took me almost half an hour when I came here on motorcycle, even with light traffic. Even now, it's not so packed as it's still day time. You can say that this metro is one of the best in the world. Very clean. Quick service.

You only have to wait for 5 minutes or so between two metros. And it's quite cheap if you compare it to the metros in Europe. Especially if you compare it with the London metro. London metro is really old and still quite expensive. I also used metro service in Qatar.

That is also really efficient and beautiful to look at. You can say that Dubai metro and Qatar metro are about the same level. But Dubai is a big city with a much larger population. And most of them prefer traveling by metro. We have reached the Museum of Future.

I should have gotten off at the previous stop.. But I decided to travel one stop extra to capture some shots. We can now walk back to the museum. What an impressive building this is... Most of the buildings you see around are skyscrapers. Then there is this unique building in the middle of skyscrapers.

You won't see such a building anywhere else nor can you imagine someone building something like this. The calligraphy on the exterior is what gives this building a unique touch. Simply amazing. Such unique structures are always eye catching as we haven't seen anything like that before. Looking at such a building for the first time leaves you baffled. This is the type of building that makes you go WOW.

I mean one can hardly imagine such a building. Very impressive. If you watch it carefully, you notice that the left side of the building has a much greater width. It keeps on getting narrower as you move rightwards, giving it a ring shaped structure. It's base is also on the left side. We'll get an even better idea if we look at it with more attention.

Some part of the base could be on the other side as well. But the whole structure gets really narrow on the right side. This is the entrance. I tried to purchase an online ticket, without success. There is no slot available for the next full month. Normally the ticket is sold for 130 dirhams.

However, there are many tour operators here who purchase the tickets in bulk. And they sell you the ticket from 200 to 230 dirhams. Since they purchase the tickets for their tours, they may have a few spare tickets with them. So if you are not able to get the online ticket, you may need to contact some tour operator. That's where I got my ticket from. So let's go inside now.

Our visiting time has already begun. From the outside, it looks like a small structure. Only when you get inside that you realize it's quite massive. Just see how the lights are changing over the calligraphy. This building appears to be more attractive at night when the lights over the calligraphy do their magic. However, the lights keep changing inside during the day time as well.

Put the QR code here. Only one ticket? Yes only one. After giving our code, we have got this thing. It has the shape of this museum over it. We'll wear this and stand in the queue over there. The place is jam packed. The queue begins here.

So this is our wrist band that they have given us for entry. This device has our info. We'll just scan it to enter. You can see how many people are visiting this place. Everyone has an appointment and their tickets have their visiting time.

You can say this is a top tourist attraction here. That's why there are comparatively more tourists here. But we'll figure that out once we visit some other places as well. Do you see the dolphin that is flying up there. This is sort of an attraction for the visitors.

When I heard about it, I wasn't sure of what it would look like. It's right in front of us and we are watching it together. It's gradually coming down. It's flying very close to us now. I think it's about to land now.

The kids are already waiting for it to land. That little girl is trying her best to catch the dolphin. He's not with us... This one. Thank you.

So we are here. They are sending people inside in groups. I'll try to give you a virtual tour of this museum. The museum has four sections. The first section is called Space. The second one is called Healing.

I think the third one is called Wellness Center. The last one is technology oriented and is called Future. They'll start by taking us to the fifth floor and it's about space. As you saw the take off phase in the lift with related animations being played out. The air pressure also changes accordingly to make you feel as if you are actually traveling.

In this section they try to give information regarding space, solar system, satellites and more. They cover this subject meticulously with visual effects. A great way to learn. You get 15 to 20 minutes to properly experience each section.

After the space section, you go to the healing section. Lets now go to the next section. I'm gonna show you this area. The main objective is to show you what Earth is like when you return from space. You see genetically modified plants.

Besides, they also have models of Amazon forest and they are shown with the use of technology. There's a library that contains 2000 samples of endangered species from around the world. The samples contain both plants and animals. So that they could be preserved here for the future.

So far we have seen these two sections. Lets now go and see the other sections on the lower floors. I'm in the last section now that is related to future technology. Here you can see cars and robots. Also drones, flying cars and more... It explains what sort of things that you might find in future.

As the name of the museum suggests, here you will find all things related to the future. An attempt to show a possible version of life in the future. The museum tries to give the information on this subject. So that people may have an idea of ​​what to expect in the future. This was the museum tour... One thing is still left... We still have to go to the viewing deck because it offers a great view.

Since it's all about the view, let's go there. I'm on my way to the viewing deck and I have Jasmine Kumar from India. It was really nice to meet him and his family. They have watched my vlogs from Qatar. Thank you so much Sir.

Enjoying Dubai? Yes. A lot. What about this museum? I'd say this is the biggest surprise. Thank you so much guys. It was great to meet you. We watch your videos and follow you regularly. Do upload this video for sure.

Definitely. Now we are gonna see the viewing deck. See how amazing this view is.

This is on the second floor. You come here to this view after you conclude the tour on the upper floors. Let me share something interesting with you that I just noticed. Seeing from a distance makes you think that the calligraphy is probably on the outer surface.

But here you discover that this calligraphy is in fact glass. And it's cut out in the structure. The calligraphy is a rather unique feature of this building.

And I realized this after visiting the building. This is a great view of the Sheikh Zayed road. You can't see metro right now but the line in the middle is for metro. After finishing the tour of future museum, we are back to the ground floor now.

Here I have Miss Shaista with me. She's from Tanzania and she asked me to say Hi to her parents through this video. They are watching from Arusha in Tanzania? They are watching from Zanzibar. O sorry. Yes Zanzibar. Akhtar and Farida. Hope to see them in Zanzibar next year. Yeah. Next year. In Sha Allah. The museum was really interesting.

Honestly speaking, I loved the building much more than the museum. Since it's difficult to get the tickets and they are quite expensive too, even if you are not interested in future and technology... Still visit the place, see the building... You are allowed to go in. But you can only stay in the entrance area and not beyond that. Because for that you have to the ticket.

But at least you can watch the building closely and experience it. I think if you could do that, it would be enough. Moving on... We are at the metro station now. Let's hop in and go to our next destination.

We are gonna enjoy the view of Sheikh Zayed from metro. We have finally reached Dubai Frame. It's a small but beautiful park, about 10 minutes walk away from the metro station. We've got the ticket and it cost us 52 dirhams. That's almost 15 - 16 dollars. From a distance it just looks like a building and there's no need to visit.

But my friend told me that we can use the elevator here and go all the way to the top. The main objective behind building this structure is... When you go to the top, you see the modern Dubai on one side and the old Dubai on the other.

All the skyscrapers will be in front of you with the old city at your back. So lets take the elevator to go up and have this experience. We'll see if the view up there is actually worth 15 dollars or not. We are gonna show you the old and the new Dubai.

The building has a shiny gold color and it can be seen from a distance. It's a massive structure but you only realize this when you come closer. From a distance, it just looks like a photo frame. There aren't many visitors here at the moment, so we can comfortably go up.

You can see how they are cleaning it. It's a big task to keep this shiny building clean. Thank you very much. Assalam Alekum So, we are in Dubai frame now. Let's look for the elevator. Welcome They have a museum here.

The entrance is awesome. They are giving information about the lifestyle and first impression of this area. Here they are showing visuals of desert.

These are traditional old houses. This is really beautiful. You don't expect to get this information and this environment inside the frame. Quite impressive I must say. I'm loving it. You actually feel like you are walking in some souq. This building is almost 150 meters high.

As I was saying before, on one side, you'll see residential and flat area. The visibility is better today so we can see far into the distance. You will see old style construction on one side.

While on the other side, you see skyscrapers and the iconic Burj Khalifa. I can't see Museum of Future from here. But you can have this view from here. In other words, it's a great view point that you can visit by paying 15 dollars.

They also have a walk way bridge in the middle. You can walk on it. But if someone has height phobia it may be difficult for them. It's another interesting thing. The long queue at the back is for the people who are waiting to go back down. I think it could be another half an hour before we can go down.

It's still not too crowded. You may have to wait for over an hour when it's more crowded. That was our tour of Dubai Frame. At the end of this tour, you get to see a museum sort of gallery.

They show you a futuristic video to portray how Dubai might look like in the future with advanced technology. It was an amazing video and I really liked it. It's quite possible that our next generation might get to see this type of futuristic cities. The best thing about Dubai is that they are not afraid of experimenting. They have ample money to do any experiment. If it's successful it becomes an asset which is nowhere else in the world.

And if it isn't successful, they have enough money to bear the loss. However, so far, all their experiments are a success and you don't get to see such things anywhere in the world. You may actually get to see a futuristic Dubai soon.

I'm walking through this beautiful park on my way to the metro station. Dubai has really made me feel tired today. And the best way to deal with that is to go somewhere nice and have a nice meal. Dubai is an international city and the best thing about it is that you can get all sorts of cuisines. Not just cuisines but good quality cuisines.

I'm actually a little more careful while crossing the road here. So... the competition here is really high. Any restaurant here has to maintain a very good quality to stay in business.

Otherwise it simply won't work. There are many desi restaurants here and today I feel like having desi food. So lets go and find some nice desi restaurant.

I found on the internet by the name of Wakha. It's close to the Mall of Emirates. Hopefully their food will be great. They had really good ratings on the internet. A friend also recommended me their Karrahi. So lets go there. I can't say anything about the food yet but their service is quite average. I mean it's okay but a customer expects to be greeted with a smile. That didn't happen here.

So this is our karrahi. We ordered Shinwari lamb and naan. Naans do look delicious. Thank you very much. The food is great. Karrahi is mildly spicy.

Tastes great... especially with naan. I paid 90 dirhams that's about 25 dollars. That's okay considering the rates here. I hope you must have enjoyed this vlog. I'm gonna sip on my tea. In the meantime, you can Like, Subscribe and Share.

Remember me in your prayers. See you soon. Allah Hafiz

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