Inside the Dark Reality of Gambia's S*x Tourism!

Inside the Dark Reality of Gambia's S*x Tourism!

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This old lady is taking the guy's number. See, she took the number. Elderly people stay here and come to the beach during the day and find their partner. They then return to their apartment. I've shown it live how bumsters approach these old ladies. Now which ever lady likes him, will take him along.

These beaches, resorts or restaurants are a hotspot for white old men & women to find young men/women here and make them their temporary partner. She was not even 18 years old and a white men from England pays money to her family and sort of buy her from them. He makes false promises after marrying her and try to take her virginity and when she resists he mixes drugs in her food and try to force her on us & goes to UK permanently leaving her behind. Welcome to another video from Gambia: the smallest country of Mainland Africa. This country in western Africa on the Atlantic coast is surrounded by Senegal on 3 sides and has an 80-km long coast in west with the Atlantic Ocean. The country is located around a straight flowing river that has a length of about 350 km.

The area of Gambia is about 11,300 sq km with a population of over 25 lakh. Gambia was a British colony and got independence from UK on 18 February 1965 while it surrounding country, Senegal was a French colony. Due to that French is spoken in Senegal but Gambia being a British colony has English as its official language. I'll be showing you the dark truth of Gambia in today's video. 300 years ago from now, Britishers used to come here to buy slaves but at present, come to find young partners.

I've just got in the taxi. The Gambia is the nearest English-speaking country to the UK. It is one of the very few countries having 'The' attached to even its small name. The Gambia is also called smiling coast of Africa as its (Senegal) shape is like a face with Gambia being its teeth giving the look of Senegal smiling. Secondly, the people are cheerful and you'll find them smiling. Thank you! Gambia is popular for its three 's' or the Three S.

That is sun, sand, and you would've understood the third thing. Elders come to Gambia especially from UK, other European countries like Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France, or even from America. They come here to find themselves young partner. Yes! Young & good looking guys! Mostly elder women come here or some elder men also come who find underage or very young girls. You'll find many hotels, apartments, resorts & beaches in Gambia They rent an apartment for a year and come for a month here and stay with their partner to do what they are here for. You'll find such apartments near the beach.

Like he is also an elder man who is returning to his apartment. Where do they meet such partners? I'll be showing you how things operate, what happens or what promises they make to the young men and women here. Also, why such young guys and girls get involved in this. We'll know all this in today's video or documentary. We're going to a beach for now from where these things start. Sara is going to help me in today's documentary.

She is here with me. A similar incident happened with her. I'm not revealing her real name to maintain privacy.

She was betrayed the same way. It happened many times. She got married at a very young age and that man after marrying her left for England the very instant after doing what he wanted to. She was underage that time. We'll also know Sara's story.

Sara will show us how and where they meet... I can see elders on the beach. 60-70 year old men with 18-19 year old girls or 60-70 years old women... Even the resort in which I am staying I notice old ladies the entire day with young & good looking men my age as Gambians are in good shape.

The ladies roam around holding their hands, the guys even wash their clothes. They take such good care of them. So, we'll know about all that today and how their society is deteriorating. The government is also worried. This is actually called s*x tourism due to which their society is crashing We've come to a beach for now. What's the name of this beach? This is Fajara beach.

The beach is so beautiful. Gambia has some amazing beaches. Gambia is relatively safe as compared to other parts of Africa which is why Europeans choose it as a destination. Even the people here are nice and friendly. As you can see, you'll see only older people.

See, this is an older women with a young Gambian boy. How often do you see these old ladies with young men? Do you see them everyday? Yeah! Yeah! Some of them get married & some of them are only for fun. Okay! Behind me, a young European girl was with a young Gambian guy. These young girls come here only to seek fun. They don't have any seriousness. Mostly elders also aren't serious as Sara told me.

They only come here to try new things. These young guys sitting here are known as Bumsters. I'll tell you who they are.

So, Bumsters in Gambia are those young, good-looking, unemployed & harmless men that live off female tourists. So, young guys around 20-30 years have good bodies and I usually see them exercising on the beach depend on female tourists or on the elder women. As those women arrive on the beach they approach them or sit in such groups.

As they see an elder women they go and approach them. and the woman chooses the guy she likes. Those elder women become their sugar mommy here. Girls find their sugar daddy in a different way.

Girls come at the beach & sit with their drink. & older men approach them. They either approach them in restaurants or clubs.

I see this happening everyday from the day I've come to Gambia. There was a 60-65 year old Dutch guy approached a young Gambian girl sitting there. He held her by her waist & started talking to her.

Within 5 minutes, he took her with him. These things happen at this level here. Here's a restaurant & resort at the beach. The old/elder people stay here and come out during the day to find their partner at the beach and then go back to their apartment. They spend some days, weeks or month here and then go back to their country.

This is a craft market here. I think it caters mostly to foreigners. Do you have fridge magnet? This is for 250 GMD ($3.71) & 150 GMD ($2.23) for this. Gambian Dalasi (GMD) is their currency.

1 GMD has ₹1.25. Wolof is the language spoken locally here which is also spoken in Senegal. Their official language is English. Vernacular language depends as they have different ethnic groups like Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, etc.

It will get complicated if I explain it to you in case if you haven't read about the demographics here. But, in general, they are mostly black & are subdivided into ethnic groups. Some of the ethnic groups are here with each having its own language but most of the people including Fula, Mandinka, etc speak Wolof here. Everyone also speaks English fluently.

These are some beach beds outside the restaurant where older women are mostly sitting. See this! Right in front of us. What's this? Massage? Oh, fruits. Yeah!

And here massage! Yeah! Both on the same menu. I like it... oh I'm sorry! Thank you! 600 GMD ($8.91)? Bro, I am not white I am black like you. I am black. I am Indian. Like this? Some old women are sitting here with bumsters over there waiting for them.

I came in shoes. How can I cross? We've to go ahead but I'm in shoes. How to go now! He said, he'll take me on the boat. Should I sit? Okay! Okay! At the edge? Okay! We've come... Okay! Thanks! He gave the hat for 400 GMD ($5.94) or ₹500 and offered to drop for free on the boat.

I still gave him 100 GMD ($1.49) which is about ₹125. It was a lot for him.

So, the young men or bumsters they go and approach the old ladies but how do the white older men get the young Gambian women? Is there any money involved in this? Do the men pay to the women or do these old white women pay the young men for it? Is there any money involved? Okay! There's allowance? So it is an organized business. So, they give allowance to young men or women depending... The old men send allowance to the girls here. When they leave the country they keep sending the allowances? These old white men or women do you think they are married back home or they are divorced? Okay! Some of them have never married, some are divorced and some are those partners have died. While some married couples also come and find a guy and girl for themselves. This is another beach after crossing that.

He's a bumster. I think he's going to approach the old ladies. See, this is how this happens. I have shown you live how a bumster approaches these old ladies.

See, he approached them. Now he'll try initiating a conversation. Whichever woman likes him will take him along. I think he showed interest in that lady and she might do the same. They will go together if they are both interested. This is how this happens.

So you saw how it's an organised game here and has become like a business. I didn't see any tourist guy my age however I did see girls. There're 3 European girls at my resort. Honestly, the girls were good-looking who might get guys even in Europe so I don't know why they are here.

Yesterday, after swimming I lied down here and they sat near me and started talking about boys. They were here to have fun with local guys here and were joking about them. One of them asked her if she'll get into a relationship with him or if she will expect something serious to which the other girl said if she's mad and what she's talking about.

She continued to joke about the guy. In many cases this also happens where the guys gets serious and whites play with their emotions as they are extremely open minded. They do this with them and leave after having fun with them. So, these young Gambian women who get along with old white men they usually want a baby with them, right? They prefer to have a baby? But the old white men they don't prefer to have a baby with these locals. Exactly, okay. I understand.

So, some white men have more than one girl here. One of them is serious to whom they'll send allowances, and when they come here for 1-2 months. They give them an apartment & is an organized business. I'll explain it again to you. Old men and women come here and find a young partner here. They get them an apartment & send monthly allowance to them.

They have fun with them for the time they spend here and stop talking after going there but keep sending them allowance as even a small amount from there converts to a lot here. So, they eat well & stay in the apartment. In return, whenever they come here the partners will take care of them and do what they like, wash their clothes, and live like a slave. At times, They give the apartment to their serious partner and one is for fun. In case they fight with one or don't wish to be with them they go to the other one.

Some also live without an allowance. Its a very complicated system and I can't explain it. The s*x tourism industry has grown a lot in Gambia. Even their government is worried and like I told you, they specially requested UK government to stop s*x tourism here as the country is getting defamed. But, just the whites aren't at fault. You can't clap with one hand.

The locals are at fault for being trapped in greed Interestingly, if we talk of the religion here then almost everyone is Muslim here. 97% people follow Islam and only 3-4% are Christians. Yet, the society has crashed so much. Women have kids with 3-4 men or are married to them. The local men here...

There're 1-2 men in each family who are involved in this. 1-2 guy from each family are involved in this. Some of them are lucky who involve the old lady in a serious relationship they fall in love with each other which is very rare. The lady takes them to Europe or the country she came from. In sometime, their visa becomes permanent & become residential citizen. At times, the men betray the lady & get separated after getting citizenship.

In very rare cases, they stay together forever but are rare to happen as partners have 40-50 years age gap. Partner won't be able to live with such a age difference. Why would the young spoil their life by staying with a partner who is 50 years old to them as they will die in 10-20 years but they have a life to live. He's waiting there. He's standing.

So we started from Fajara beach... Leybato! Then Fajara! Kotu! Okay! From there we're coming to Palma Rima. Palma Nira? Palma Rima! Palma Rima Beach! Yeah! And then? Then we've Senegambia beach, okay. I'm showing you the main beaches of Gambia.

We're at Atlantic Ocean's coast. There's the Atlantic Ocean. I'm telling you the story and showing it to you with proofs. Like Sara was telling me a while back, the young girls here get old men who wish to have a baby with them as then men's emotions get involved and hence take her to their country.

They think men will get serious if they have a baby. But, men insist they're here for fun. The women who becomes successful in having a baby thinks of it as big achievement. She said all the beautiful local girls here don't mingle up with black locals here. as they know they'll be in demand among white men hence don't marry the men here. The situation has become quite bad now as beautiful women here wish for a white men only.

Its too sunny but they have such umbrellas. And... Hey-hey! They have put umbrellas... What juice do you sell? But do you've coconut water? I can have some coconut.

Thank you! We were walking and he approached... Yeah, flags of different countries. Let me see! With this, you'll know people from which country come here. See, Germany's flag.

UK, Norway, America, France, Italy, Denmark & Belgium's flag. So, you'll know tourists from which country come here. He doesn't have India's flag as why would they visit for such things. Let's talk about what benefit do these locals get by being involved in this.

What benefit do they have? Talking about young men, then they get money. Old women help them by giving them some money to sustain. Many boys here are already married and have baby with local women here.

But, what they do is he is locally married to a women here he gets involved with a white lady too. They stay with her and if she takes him along they stay and work there, and send money to their family here. What benefit do the local Gambian girls have? They have the same thing. They get allowance or money.

They get money every month... Not everyone sends it but some who get a little serious or those who come here frequently get them an apartment for them to stay and send them allowance. Those who just came once for a week pay them some money for a week. If they're lucky, they get visa by going with them and their life improves.

Talking about what benefit do the white men have. You would've understood they come to Gambia to escape their busy lives. But, most of them are retired and have had an end to hectic life. They live alone & have loneliness in life.

They miss that affection in their life. In the Western culture, they get separated or divorced, partner leaves them or passes away or there're some who don't marry. They spend their young days but when they're old, they don't get attention, There's no one around, no kids, or a new life to see. Upon marrying, you have a family.

Your child grows, goes to school, the child gets married, grandson goes to school,etc. There's new life around them and hence remains happy & involved. But if you don't marry and stay alone the entire life there's no life around. You start feeling alone. Everyone around you is dying instead of new life. Elder brother, parents, or some cousin expires.

There's no new life as you didn't have a child or didn't marry. So, the man gets depressed and try finding affection through a partner here. They get some love and affection and for those here for fun get that. Those who come here to seek everything get all of that. They get some romance. They get this benefit.

Everyone gets some advantage out of it hence, society dynamics change a lot. Locals here become greedy for some money do not marry here, or don't settle here and not even studying thinking why to go to school thus, young men sit at beaches. Due to this, society's system has crashed. This should stop and I think should reduce. I hope you learn a lot from this video. For some short-lived fun, temporary fun, affection or romance we end up putting our life at stake which is wrong.

Society has become broken. Young girls take advantage of guys here but when they're aware of such things happening they shouldn't get involved in it. They know white women will have fun with them and leave but they get serious or fall in love with them.

They are then exploited or misused. So, you're saying some white men come and they find... They don't need a women but a guy.

Oh, so they're gay. And the men here, do they agree? Even if they're not gay. Hey, I'm good. Thank you! I love your hat! Thank you! Sara how would you react if one of those old men approached you? How do you react? Here's our coconut juice. Thank you! Straw? Straw yeah! So, you won't accept an old man? I'll tell you about Sara's story and you'll get goosebumps hearing it as something similar happened to her. Mostly girls or boys have gone through this phase in their life of being involved with white men or women.

There's an old lady & young man on my left. Even on my right. They're with a baby.

The guy on my left was honestly good-looking. He was a local black here. He was young with great body and was with an old lady who may be unable to walk without support.

They were lying down here. What am I seeing! See, what all exist in the world. There's resorts next to each other here. Outside the resorts...

See, this old lady is taking their number. She took their number and will contact him later. There're resorts all around and are almost next to each other here.

There's the beach outside the resort. They can rest here and bumsters will approach them or women will do the same. What's this? Why would they make something like this? Things got fixed there.

No doubt the beach is beautiful. We can surf also here. We took water from this resort here. People are lying down here. I can't show you even 5% of what I'm seeing as it doesn't look good people are living their life so why should I expose them so much I'm trying to record as little as I can. There were so many people lying outside.

Old ladies knitting sweaters, and some more old men or women. Men were with young black girls & women had young black guys. Some were single too and some were couples (both white).

Not everyone was with black & you can't say much on the intention. Most likely they have the same intention as the world is not devoid of beaches so why are they coming to Gambia. The intention are the same as one who doesn't have this intention won't come to such a place. No one likes going to a beach where local men or women see them, and approach or disturb them when they are not here for that. No one will prefer going to such a place where they don't have this intention but people still judge them. so 99% of them (old men/women) I assume come with those intentions.

They're playing football & having fun. Oh, the ball's going into the water too. Oh! There's a popular restaurant and nightclub here called Rio's, where I had food too.

This is the staff from that restaurant. I just met him here. Are you goal-keeping? Oh, you're doing the defence. Behind me you can see 2 young European girls with a local Gambian guy. Some young girls are also here to find a man.

Some more such things in the front. They mostly link up with lifeguards or coastguards as it is easy to talk to them or they approach themselves. People are lying down here also.

Some life guards! Same kind of vibe ahead too. See! As you have seen so far, beach, restaurants, hotels & resorts are the hotspot of old men or women to meet young good-looking Gambian or African guys or girls and to make their temporary partner. There is water sports equipment here. Like for kayaking or jetski and I also saw surf boards back there. This is one of their most popular beaches. It can be called so! Senegambia beach That's a hotel there which can be called the most popular too.

Senegambia Hotel! We will get out from here towards the city. Towards the main road from the beach. Half of the people didn't come in the video like the blacks...whites were seen even during the day. This is like a restaurant by the beach. We're going towards the road now.

There's Senegambia Hotel that side with main restaurants & nightclub's at the street parallel to it. People enjoy here during the day and after sunset or around 6:30 p.m. they go there to have food, find a new partner and for nightclubs.

Whites party or enjoy there in evening & then go sleep in their hotel or apartment. This cycle then repeats the next day they wake up. Sara, can you tell us about your story now? How many years ago? You were too young, right? You were... My friend and ...

How old was he? The British guy! He was around 50. 54-55... and you were under age. You were still a kid, right? 17-18! She wasn't even an adult & was underage.

The route from main road is long so we took this non-cemented route. But we'll go across this now. Yes, Sara so you were underage and he was 54 or 55. Yeah! And then how did the marriage happen? How did you agree to marry such an old guy? So, this British guy paid money to your father to get married to you? And then you had to agree. He said, that you are going to get fresh meat? Okay! So, he basically forced himself on you.

And he drugged you to do that... So that you can't resist. You...okay. You were not conscious or in your complete senses when this was happening, right? Because you were drugged.

Okay! Basically, this man got married to you only to take your virginity. And because initially you were underage you didn't agree to do it so he basically drugged you and forced himself on you. Basically raping you, right? I'll explain it to you in easy language as their English is little difficult to understand. When she was underage or not 18 yet when a 54-55 year old British guy comes here and offers a huge amount to her family who agree for her marriage. She is married off even when she didn't want to.

After the marriage, he demands her body to which she denies. He then drugs her & when she isn't in her senses, or is unaware of what's happening he forces himself on her and goes to UK permanently leaving her behind. You can call this as a 'kink' for the whites referring to being involved with young guys and girls, or those who haven't yet grown or aren't adults. Due to that, they involve in such immoral activities. She was basically raped which is such a shameful thing.

You're the eldest one? Behind me you can see, how a white girl is going with a local guy. This is Senegambia's main street with exchange shops, restaurants, cafés, food joints, banks, ATMs, etc on both sides. You can get taxis from here. During the evening or after sunset people walk around here.

Those who didn't find a partner on the beach at noon try finding one here. But Sara, that guy from UK he did all that he left you permanently & went back to the UK . He left what? That man paid some of her friends too to drug her food. He paid them money and the same day he left? The story doesn't end here as this happens for the second time 2nd time it happened with a Dutch man right? The guy was from Holand.

The second time? Yeah! How old was the second man? Yeah! The same age? He was also 54-55. She was 17 or 18 years old during her first marriage with a 55 year old British guy. The second time, she married a guy from Netherlands when she was 25-26 year old. The British guy left her permanently.

A man from Netherlands came and was also 54–55 years old. That was her second marriage. He did the same thing & left her behind. Since then, she has not gotten married.

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