Inside a Crazy Modern Glass Mansion With a 3 Level Pool!

Inside a Crazy Modern Glass Mansion With a 3 Level Pool!

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to Bel Air. Today we're touring this newly constructed modern estate that not only features an amazing backyard, but a spa, a three tier movie theater, and an architecture that truly incorporates the interior to the outdoors. I can't wait to show you this beautiful home. Let's go have a look.

All right, everyone, we're going to start our tour on the backyard. I'm currently on the primary bedroom level. Sliding glass doors open up.

Amazing indoor outdoor flow. And on this patio, we have a seating area here with a fire pit. Lounging area on this side. And coming right here, you can see the outdoor staircase that takes you all the way to the main level. Now, this home is built on a hillside. That's why they have this massive retaining wall and it also allows them to position this multilevel pool area.

On this level, you can see the Baja shelf with a water feature. Looks really nice. And coming down to this section, we have the infinity edge, hot tub.

Sunken seating area here with a fire pit in the center. And on the other side, you even have a small dipping pool with a built-in bar. I mean, this is incredible. This home is built for entertainment. Now I want to go back to the landing on this level so we can check out the main pool. Main pool is also infinity edge, dark plaster, and it wraps around the entire pool section.

And, I mean, this is insane. Water features, pool lighting, beautiful textures. The design of this pool area is truly one of a kind. Now we're on the lower level, where we have this grass section, sliding glass doors open up.

House looks incredible from this angle. Multiple balconies, massive scale, outdoor kitchen. This is amazing. And I'm so excited to be in Bel Air. Erman what do you think? - [Erman] I love this house. You have a massive backyard.

And it's private, too. - [Enes] It's super private. And honestly, that's one of the advantages of building on a hillside. You don't have any neighbors.

You have all the space to yourself. Now, follow me this way. Let's talk about the exterior of this home for a second. Again, so many different sliding glass doors, integration to the outdoors. I love that almost every single room, both on the first floor and second floor, just opens up to this amazing backyard. It's peaceful, it's tranquil.

House is super modern. We can see some stucco elements as well as this reclaimed siding that we're going to see throughout the property. I mean, this is fantastic.

And let's now go this way. We have a really nice patio here. Outdoor seating area on this side, and this massive opening, this great span, takes you to your formal living room. I mean, look at this. This is one of the main common areas of this home, just connected to the outdoors.

And before we go in, let's talk about the specs of this home. So we have ten bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, 18,500 square feet of interior space, 0.69 acre lot on the market for $35,680,000. And of course, I want to give big thanks to listing agents Sally Forster Jones, Marco Rufo and Farah Levi for making this tour possible.

As always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video. Now follow me this way so we can check out this incredible entry foyer and the formal living room. I love the volume here and natural light coming in. Beautiful oak hardwood floors installed in a herringbone pattern. Right in the center, we have the seating area. Double height ceilings, these contemporary light fixtures, and again, ton of natural light coming in from both sides of this room.

On the other side, we have the formal living room area. L shaped couch, faces the backyard. Two chairs, beautiful stone and wood coffee tables.

You have a fireplace here. And what I like about the design of this fireplace is the fact that flue doesn't run all the way to the ceiling. Meaning they vented this fireplace on the other side and they left the top section open.

That way, glass can literally wrap around this fireplace and maximize the natural light coming into this room. Nice, clever detail. Now, another important detail in this room that I want to talk about are these setback steel columns. Because they are not on the exterior parameter of this home. It allows you to have these massive sliding glass doors.

That way you can open up all these common areas to the outdoors as much as you want. Obviously, ceiling height here is great. We have Venetian plaster walls throughout the house. And you even have a small wet bar here. Now I want to take everybody this way. We're going to check out this room, which is the first office.

Again, we have hardwood floors here. Love this marble desk that's right in the center. Built-in cabinetry. Sliding glass doors open up to a walkway where you can access the front of the home. That way you can come straight to your office without having to go through the house.

That's really nice. Great light coming in. Comes with a full bathroom. That way you can either use this space as an office or as a bedroom as well.

And my favorite detail here is the glass opening above. You can see the canyon that surrounds us. It's green. It's lush.

We also have Erman behind the camera today, because Mikey is really busy editing at home, right? - [Erman] Yes, Mikey is super busy. That's why I'm handling the A-cam today. - [Enes] Fantastic. Erman is excited. I'm excited. Let's continue our tour. Now let's go back to the formal living room.

By the way, right next to the office, we also have a powder bathroom for the seating areas. And coming right here, staircases on my right hand side, massive pivot front door. I'm actually going to close it. And you can see that they brought the reclaimed siding detail even to the interior with the frame of this door. And it's nice that it continues to the exterior, so it feels very cohesive on the outside. We have a really nice driveway.

House is super modern. Again, we have stucco, massive windows and sliding glass doors and these reclaimed siding details on the front of the property. Now let's come over here.

Modern staircase, steel frame. Everything about this staircase looks beautiful. I love these solid wood engineered treads.

Then you have your glass railing, stainless steel hardware, and the amount of picture windows, natural light coming in, Venetian plaster walls. A lot is happening with this house. And yeah, this is another beautiful moment. Now, right next to the staircase, we have the formal dining room seating for ten modern chandelier above. And I just can't get over how open and airy this property is. Scale is insane.

I'm just going to go around this dining room table for a second. It's so open. I mean, you can easily entertain 400-500 people here so easily and just have a great time. Follow me this way.

Next, we're going to tour the kitchen. All right, everyone, before we continue our tour, I want to give big thanks to Surfshark VPN for sponsoring today's video. Surfshark VPN is an app and browser extension that allows you to place your computer or your phone anywhere in the world.

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Big thanks to them for sponsoring this video. And now let's get back to our tour. The scale of this kitchen matches the scale of this home. It's massive. We have two islands.

You have your bar seating here with this redwood live edge countertop, which looks really, really nice. Obviously, you have ton of cabinetry space. Then this is your main island. You have your first sink here. Massive commercial vent above. Love the countertops here with the waterfall edge.

And coming to this side, you can actually see that this is a two tone cabinetry. We have darker tones on the walls as well as the islands here. And you have more of the lighter tones here that are vein matched for your base cabinetry. And your uppers, second detail I really like are these linear picture windows that we have on this side as well as above the cabinetry.

They just bring so much natural light, complement the Venetian plaster walls. And it's just a really nice view to look at. It just makes the kitchen exciting. Now I want to cover this commercial sink. You have an integrated cutting board here, two commercial faucets. You have all these different accessories for you to dry your dishes.

You have this matte design here. It's pretty awesome. And it gets better. We have four half drawer dishwashers here. This is pretty awesome. Perfect for parties or every time you have just few dishes, you can easily run them. I have to show all four because I love this stuff.

Now, you have your 48 inch gas cooktop here with a griddle. That's also really nice. Induction cooktop.

I mean, you literally have everything in this kitchen and details continue. Now let's come over here, Erman. Again, your wall cabinetry. Built-in freezer, I believe. Yes. And then fridge is on this side. There you go.

You have four built-in appliances here. Your ovens, microwave, all that good stuff. And you would assume that that's it for the kitchen, but it's not because follow me this way. We even have a chef's kitchen that's tucked behind the main kitchen. Same cabinetry, stone countertops.

You have a gas cooktop here, oven below, microwave, another fridge, two more dishwashers, sink, and it just continues. Another sink and ton of cabinetry for your dry food. Pretty impressive. And even this room gets so much natural light. All right, let's go back here so we can continue our tour. Right on the other side, we have a family room.

But first, let's check out the powder bathroom here. Now, the design elements of this home is very bold and contrasting with each other. If you look over here, you can see a redwood countertop concrete sink that's very dark, but at the same time has that really modern, integrated drain design. I believe last time we saw these kind of sinks, we're at a property in West Hollywood where you can hardly see where the water is disappearing. Well, you can see them.

It's just very seamless. I wanted to ran the faucet for Mikey. He loves this stuff, and since he's not here with us today, I just wanted his spirit with us. So, Mikey, that was for you. And just a beautiful and a very spacious powder bathroom.

All right, let's go back so we can check out the family room, which is on the other side. Extremely open. I mean, I can't stress it enough.

The amount of square footage that you get with this house is just incredible. Look how spacious this seating area is. Corner glass. Your backyard looks incredible.

Ceiling height. Look at the herringbone pattern that's installed on this wall. It just contrasts so beautifully with Venetian plaster and natural light coming in.

And Erman I don't know if you remember this property, but we toured a beautiful home in Bel Air that was looking over the Bel Air reservoir. You remember that house? Absolutely. Well, the developer of that home is also a developer over here. Oh, really? Yes, it's designed by the same people.

And that property was insane. It was great. Views are fantastic. And this one is totally unique on its own way. Yeah, I can see his taste in this house, too. Absolutely remember that one also had a lot of Venetian plaster details and all that. Now, before we leave, let's check out this section for a second.

Another dining room. Look how modern and contemporary these chairs are. This home is also perfect for featuring art because you have so much wall space pretty much throughout everywhere you look. We also have a small staircase here leading you to the six car garage. So you have an easy access point here as well.

Garage looks phenomenal. Epoxy floors. And I really appreciate the volume there.

Now follow me this way. Let's check out the next space, which is another entertainment area. Are you seeing this? This is insane. It's huge. It's huge. It's massive. And you have another staircase here. And on this one, they use engineered lumber to frame the staircase as well as the treads.

It has glass railing. Then you have a massive glass wall on the other side just flooding this space and flooding the staircase, landing with natural light. Now, before we cover this section, I actually want to take everybody this way. Right underneath the staircase, we have a contemporary wheelbarrow and a hand truck, and they just look so different. I don't even know what I would do with it, but I definitely want to buy one for myself just so I have it. I guess it's my construction and development background that makes me want to appreciate art pieces like this.

But I thought this was a very clever touch underneath the staircase. Now, follow me this way. We have a game room here with a table in the center, full bathroom.

And if you want to create some separation, you can actually use the sliding glass doors here that are frosted that way. You can separate the room and maintain privacy here. Now, I said it earlier, comes with a full bathroom with a really cool cement tile design on the wall.

It's nice that this section even has its own bathroom. And going right here, we have a courtyard. Now, this is a really interesting architectural detail that I want to take my time to talk about. Obviously, we have a really nice outdoor seating area here.

Water feature. It feels really Zen open on top. So we're getting great natural light. And because we have this courtyard here, it allows all these rooms that's around us to benefit from natural light.

We have the garage here, staircase landing. You have primary bedroom opening up on the second floor here. If all this wasn't enough, this section here also leads to your ADU. You heard me correctly.

This house comes with a separate two bedroom, two and a half bathroom, 1300 square foot apartment that you can access. From this side, there's actually an outdoor staircase. And the way they positioned this ADU is so clever.

If you look at this side, you can actually see that house consists of three levels. It's the same height as the rest of the property, but they kept the ceiling heights a little bit lower. They also sunk the garage a little bit, and they benefited from the elevation.

And they managed to squeeze in another level here where they have the ADU. Erman, do you understand what I just explained? This is incredible. It's incredible. Rest of the house is all two levels.

This section, three levels. That ADU has its own kitchen, seating area, two spacious bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. It's fantastic. And it even has its own address.

So you can legally separate it, you can legally rent it out. It's a proper ADU, and it's just a really nice feature. Going back in, let's check out the main entertainment area. Again, I can't get over the scale.

You have your first seating area here. Beautiful oak hardwood floors installed in a herringbone pattern. You have sliding glass doors opening up your outdoor dining area, outdoor kitchen. And then you come over to this side. And this is where we have the main seating section two L-shaped couches, coffee table in the center, great natural light coming in.

And on the other side, we have a ping pong table. This space is fun. And look at the wall.

Look at the herringbone pattern there and how they did this border design with a slightly lighter tone hardwood material to create this beautiful contrast. And again, you have so much wall space in this house, and it's perfect for you to feature your art. Now, let's talk about this corner section here. This is your wine cellar. It can hold up to thousand bottles.

And I love how they incorporated the bar top all the way to this section, where you can use it as a bar seating here or you can use it as a bar seating inside the wine cellar. Now, coming to this side, this is where we have the main bar. I really like these bar stools. Again, solid wood countertops, dual elevation. You have your fridge, ice maker, microwave, sink, all that good stuff. Venetian plaster wall.

They even have some LED lighting behind these floating shelves to just create more contrast and color in the bar. Really nice space. Next door, we have the movie theater. I really like the elevation difference here.

Three-tier seating. Comfortable couches, built-in cabinetry on this side. To hide some of the speakers. 200 inch screen projectors.

On the other side, more of the darker tones. We have paneled walls, venetian plaster details. And I really appreciate how they used LED strip lighting around the staircases and around the room to light up the space and to give better contrast.

Really nice movie theater. Now, let's continue our tour back to the entertainment room. Coming to this section, another powder bathroom on my left hand side. Sliding glass doors open up. Your backyard is amazing.

And this is technically the back section of your pool area. And you can see that you have individual staircases that take you to the floating deck as well as the other side of the pool where you can access to your sunken seating area. Now, coming here, we have the gym.

This is insane. The scale of this home, this is one of the main qualities of this property. You get so much square footage. Every single room is so oversized, including the bedrooms, which we're going to tour later.

But yeah, look at this gym. I mean, it's insane. You have another full bathroom here. Walk-in shower, texture tiles. That way you can just work out here, take your shower on this side, or go straight to your backyard to enjoy your pool.

Again, they brought Venetian plaster details anywhere they could to just give more contrast to the space. Yoga area. Love those picture windows to maximize the natural light coming into this room and coming to this side, this is where we have the big surprise. We have the spa. Now, I really like this section.

And it's so nice to have these amenities within your property. We have a water closet here. This glass door opens up to the sauna. And I love that it has a glass front. That way you can be in the sauna and still look at the space and enjoy this room. Let's talk about the vanity for a second.

I love this live edge countertop. They have another one down below for your towels. Then you have this massive concrete sink with copper fixtures. Beautiful mirror design. I mean, this is fantastic.

This is so unique and different. Then you come over here, and this is where we have a jetted tub with all these beautiful fixtures. rainhead above, built-in speakers. This is also your steam room.

There are steam outlets below these built-in benches. Textured tile. This is all cement tile, so it looks very contemporary. You can actually overflow this jetted tub and make it more of a water feature as well.

You have an open walk-in shower here with a handheld, body sprays. This is just a perfect room for you to relax, recover and enjoy this property. With that, we're done on this level. Now let's take the stairs so we can check out the second floor. Now let's check out the second floor landing Picture windows behind me. Bring in natural light chandeliers on each side, venetian plaster details.

And then we have this bridge here taking us to the other side of the home where we have the second office. Well, I say office because they have a beautiful desk here. Seating area up front. Great natural light coming in. And it's crazy to me that we have so many different spacious seating and entertainment areas in this house. Sliding glass doors open up to a balcony.

But before we go there, let's go check out the bathroom here. Freestanding tub on the left hand side. Beautiful picture window above. Looking at the canyons that are above us, I can actually see all the way. To the one here, the most expensive house in Los Angeles.

And on the other side, there's a home that we toured, I believe, two years ago in Bel Air. It's one of my favorite homes. So we will put links for both of the tours down in the description of this video coming here, another beautiful vanity. Waterworks fixtures. And because they have a picture window behind this vanity and they want to maintain the privacy in this bathroom.

Bottom section is frosted, but the top section is clear. walk-in shower. It's a really nice bathroom considering its location. Now, Erman why don't we take everybody this way? Let's turn to this section for a second. So this is the entry foyer opening. This allows the lower level to get so much natural light, but at the same time allows this level to benefit from the openness of this house.

You can see the light fixtures here. Scale of this home is insane. I'm just going to keep saying that. Now let's go right here.

Sliding glass doors opened up. A lot of times we see these sliding glass doors pocketing into walls. There are two ways to design these sliding glass doors. You can either leave them open like this, where you stack it to the end of the wall so you can still see through them, but at the same time, sliding glass doors or these panels are exposed, or you can build a pocket wall here. That way you can have that seamless opening, but then you have a wall here blocking your view.

So it's a personal preference. Some people like this, some people like more of that seamless look, I wanted to mention that. Now let's go over here. This balcony is amazing. You look down on your pool area.

That's the primary bedroom wing right there. We even have a rooftop deck, which we will see later. There's another outdoor seating area. And Erman, do you see the cactus over there? - [Erman] Yes, it's the biggest one I've ever seen.

Yes, it is also the biggest one I've ever seen. So that cactus was actually here before they built this house. And when they were building it, they've literally designed the entire house around it, and they protected it. And I really appreciate developers thoughtfulness on maintaining that cactus and just building around it.

And it just really complements the backyard. Nice touch. This is super nice. All right, let's continue. We can see some of these shiplap or these reclaimed siding details here as well.

Massive picture windows. And now we're going to tour the first bedroom on this level. Again, we have hardwood floors here. King size bed in the center. Great ceiling height, door right there opens up to the walk-in closet, which then leads you to your full bathroom.

It's a really nice bedroom that faces the backyard. All right, follow me so we can go back to the landing again. Now we're on the other side of the staircase.

I can't get over how spacious this house is. We have another dining area or a seating area on the second floor. Double sided fireplace opens up to the same balcony that we just toured.

Then you have a Juliet balcony. That way you can interact with the backyard. And that's also why I said it's a perfect house for entertainment. If you throw parties here, I feel like every single level or every single room is really connected to the outdoors.

You can engage, entertain, and space flows really, really well. Now, Erman let's take everybody here. Another seating area.

There's another powder bathroom here. Textured tiles, floating vanity, beautiful brushed nickel waterwork fixture. And coming to this side, I'm even forgetting some of the rooms. Wet bar.

That's the laundry room. We got to go in there because I really like the cabinetry design here. This is different. Again, bringing rustic elements to a modern home. You have your sink and Erman can you turn to this side? This is your hookup for washer and dryer. I'm assuming they wanted to do washers down below, two washers and then two dryers.

That's why we have two dryer hookups and capped gas lines. But what's so nice about the space is the fact that they built this floor pan here, waterproofed it, and they also incorporated a drain here. That way, if your washers ever leak, you can just collect the water here. They won't damage the floors or you will avoid future problems. So this is a really clever and very important detail. I wanted to mention that.

All right, let's continue. This house comes with so many bedrooms that I'm going to skip a couple of them. You take the staircase here, and we have two more extremely spacious bedrooms with their own balconies and their own bathrooms. One on the left has two single beds.

One on the right just has a regular bed, plus a little seating area. Again, they both have their own balconies. Super nice.

Now let's come over to this section. Double sided fireplace, beautiful textures. Again, you have so much wall space for you to feature your art. Erman, let's continue. Let's continue. All right, let's come over here. Staircase landing.

This is the second staircase that we saw. Again, glass wall, courtyard down below. And going this way, we have this pivot door opening up to the primary bedroom suite.

Now, obviously, we tour a lot of beautiful homes, a lot of expensive properties, and we see amazing primary bedrooms. But this one, is just out of this world. The scale is insane. It's around 2,700 square feet.

Back when I was living in Texas, my home was 2400 square feet. And I thought it was a really big home. So this is a little bit bigger than that.

And it's just a primary bedroom suite. We have a seating area here. Corner glass design. Juliet balcony on this side.

That way again, you can look to your backyard, interact with people here. It's so nice. And coming back to the seating area, double sided fireplace, herringbone pattern, hardwood floors. And just like the first floor, where we had, the gaming area, we also have a sliding glass door here to separate the office from the primary bedroom.

Yes, this is the third office. Now, for privacy reasons, glass section here is all frosted except the top section. And these are also sliding glass windows. How nice is that? This is super cool. Super cool.

And I'm just like I'm blown away. There's actually another sliding glass door there, opening up to a small balcony. Then you come over here. Office has its own bathroom with a built-in tub, floating vanity, and this unique cement tile design wall. Now, let's go back in so we can check out what we have on the other side of the fireplace, another seating area. We have a wet bar here.

And Erman, can we get a close up look at the cabinetry design here. We have this floral pattern, which I've never seen before. They have it also in the upper's here. Then you have your green Venetian plaster walls.

Lot of different design elements and textures in this house. And coming right here, again, seating area. Sliding glass doors open up straight to the patio for the primary bedroom.

And this is where we have the king size bed. This is crazy. Erman stay right there. Let me go to the other side of this room for a second.

This has to be one of the biggest primary bedrooms we've ever seen on our channel. I can't even speak. This is crazy. 2,700 square feet. I think it's the biggest one.

Yeah. Has to be up there, right? And before we check out all the details here. I actually want to take everybody to this side. We have a glass door here opening up to the first walk-in closet. I'm speechless.

I'm just going to walk to the other side. This is insane. The amount of space they have in this closet have multiple skylights above bringing natural light.

Floating cabinetry, racks, LED lighting. Upper section. It's really well utilized. I mean, they've basically covered every bit of surface with cabinetry or paneling. And they even brought that floral panel behind this section here.

And you have an island in the center, inside of the drawers, even have the same pattern. Pretty crazy. This is the first walk-in closet. Let's go back in. Now, let's cover this room. We have a drop down screen, by the way, projector on the other side.

That way you can leave it open like this or drop down the screen and watch your TV. Seamlessly opening up to the outdoors. Again, you have your backyard right there.

Private patio. Just amazing. I mean. I'm out of words. Erman let's continue. Yeah, let's go to this side.

Second closet. Now, you may have assumed that the first closet was big. Well, check out this one.

It's even bigger. Two islands. Design of the cabinetry is pretty similar in terms of a layout, but finishes here are more on the lighter tones with this white finish.

It's kind of textured. Then you have your LED lighting integration. Four skylights above bringing natural light. Look at all the shoe racks.

Look at all the space. This is fantastic. Anybody that wants a lot of space in their home, a lot of different bedrooms, for whatever purpose they're going to use, this is the house for them, because you get a lot for your money. 18,500 square feet of interior space. All right, let's continue.

Let's go back to the bedroom so we can check out the bathroom. We have these double glass doors opening up. It's going to take us a minute to tour this bathroom because we got a lot of details to cover. Let's open the first door. Your water closet, nicely separated with its own corner sink.

Then you come over here. You have another water closet with another sink, so you have two of them. Then you go to the center and look at this black freestanding tub, contrasting nicely with these lighter tone floors. Waterworks fixtures here.

And on the other side, we have a glass enclosed walk in shower there, which I'm going to cover in a minute. But first, let's talk about this beautiful vanity. Solid wood countertop that runs the entire length. Look at this concrete sink with this unique drain design. Wall mount fixtures here.

And this entire back wall has this really unique textured tile that runs on this continuous pattern. Two chandeliers above, makeup area here. LED lit mirrors.

This section is really nice. Now let's go into this walk in shower. Erman, why don't you follow me from the other side? It's super spacious. Obviously, you have a built-in bench in the center, picture window, skylight above, two shower heads. I mean, this is fantastic. And you have another door on the other side opening up to this section.

They even have a chandelier right here. Pretty crazy. Now let's go check out the patio. This is where we started the video.

This is all for the primary bedroom. Granted, you can access it from the outdoor staircase, but it's nice that your bathroom. Your bedroom just opens up to this balcony that looks down on your backyard.

They even incorporated an olive tree here. And if you think that's it for this property, it's not, because right above us is the rooftop deck. If all that outdoor space wasn't enough. You even have this. Crazy.

A rooftop deck on this property. Views are great. I just love this canyon environment that we have here.

Birds are chirping. It's quiet. It's relaxing, it's green. Life is good out here. And then on your rooftop deck, you have lounging beds, seating area, dining area. And you have all these hookups, outdoor speakers.

That way, if you want to bring an outdoor kitchen here in the future, you can also do that. Now, follow me this way. This is the walkway that takes you from the staircase to the rooftop deck. But I want to bring everybody here, because on this level, they even have another grass section here, which is quite spacious. You can see your retaining walls. Again, it's an important aspect of this home.

That's how they built this home into the hillside. That retaining wall is literally holding this hill that's behind us. And that's the cactus right there. It's pretty awesome that they protected that plant while building this amazing property.

Now, we're not done yet, because right over there, you have another outdoor patio. Bel Air is a very special location. And one of the most important aspects of this home is the fact that it's built on a hillside. And that hillside provides you so many different outdoor seating areas, lounges. And you have this section here, which is fantastic.

It's so private. It's so tranquil up here. Your surrounding is beautiful. And you have a seating area here. Lounging bed. It's just a fantastic spot for you to come up, read a book, do some yoga, and enjoy this amazing scenery here. And with that, we're done with our tour.

And now let's see this home at dusk. All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Hope you enjoy this video. Stunning home, amazing backyard.

And I want to give big thanks to the listing agents Sally Forster Jones, Farah Levi and Marco Rufo for making this tour possible. As always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video, so make sure to check it out. Now, if you enjoyed the tour, give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys on the next video.

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