Inside a $72,500,000 Hollywood Hills MEGA Estate with Incredible Amenities!

Inside a $72,500,000 Hollywood Hills MEGA Estate with Incredible Amenities!

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(ethereal synth music) - This house just sells itself. I mean, there's really not a lot to do other than to open the door and let people take in the view, the architecture, the amenities, and it's instant lifestyle. And that is something that's very hard to find, and this is an irreplaceable property. - What's up everybody. It's Enes here, and welcome to another episode from Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. Today, we're checking out this incredible newly constructed estate right behind me that features nine bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, approximately 24,000 square feet of interior space, built on a one acre lot with an asking price of $72.5 million.

As always, you can find more information about this property in the description of this video, so make sure to check that out. And I wanna give big things to the listing agents, Rayni Williams, Branden Williams, and Kurt Rappaport for allowing us to tour their amazing listing. And now let's begin. (cool synth percussion music) - This house is true California contemporary architecture. It's what it should be. It's built around the lot.

It curves around the street, and it's almost as if the house has been surgically inserted into the beautiful hillside. Really just as good as it gets. - We're gonna start our tour on the exterior. Italian cobblestone driveway brings you to the motor court, two gates open up, and on our left inside, we have the garage door opening up to your four car garage. And right behind me, we have this beautiful modern architecture, two stories from the street level, stone clad throughout, we have the planter detail on the second floor, as well as these white metal lure details throughout.

House looks stunning, and before we come back to the entry, I actually want to bring everybody to this side. House has these high fence walls all around, which gives a lot of privacy to the estate, but at the same time, it's all clad with this reclaimed wood detail, which just gives a lot of character and depth to the entry of this home. Now, coming back here, we have the stone staircase taking us to the front floor. Two water features on each side, setting the mood as you come up to the front door, and we have this 13 foot high massive steel pivot door clad with the same reclaimed wood detail, but this time they have a little bit of a different finish. And lastly, you have your fingerprints scanner right here. And now let's go inside.

Here we are at the entry. Again, massive pivot door, and we have this stunning foyer here with a picture window facing the city. You have a gorgeous water feature up front and the chandelier application above with a table down below.

And Mikey, can we get a closeup? They built this table out of an aged olive tree. It has this twisted lines. It looks stunning.

And it was actually the third one out of the 60 that they have ever built. Looks great. Look at this view here, we have a water feature in front of us and your infinity edge pool. Stunning. Great impression as you walk into this house. Now going this way, we have beautiful oak hardwoods floors, 12 inches wide, up to 13 feet in length, and it brings you to your great room.

This is where we have the seating area, dining area, and this gorgeous bar right behind me. Space is all open. 13 foot high ceilings, and we have 13 foot tall motorized Fleetwood doors opening up this space to the outdoors where you have the infinity-edge pool and your amazing views. I wanna bring everybody's attention right here to the seating area. Custom furniture throughout.

I love the orange tones. Very minimalist. You have your coffee tables right in the center, and the focal point of the seating area is this gorgeous marble wall where we have the linear fireplace and the marble here with the book matching and this dull, kind of leathered finish just looks incredible. And this marble wall actually runs all the way to the second floor where we have the primary bedroom suite. It's a gorgeous detail, so I wanted to point it out.

Now, coming back here, right next to the seating area, we have the dining room, beautiful lavish table connected in the center with this epoxy finish, sits 10 people, and we have these stunning hand-blown crystal chandeliers right above the table set up. Everything looks great. I love the natural tones, and it compliments your seating area.

Now coming this way, right in front of us, we have the bar. Island in the center with marble countertops, bar seating, and if you look closely, you can see that most of the island and the back walls are clad with this gorgeous gloss-finished Macassar wood panels. It looks so exquisite, and even your open shelving over this bar section right here with the floating racks, you have gorgeous suede walls on the back. The contrast, the finishes the textures in this bar is stunning. Now, right above us, we have the reinforced ceiling, because this is an alabaster light fixture that basically is a back lit stone, and it really complements the space. And those countertop mounted racks are all solid and have black nickel polished finish, and they just look so exquisite.

And this is your bar. Also, before we leave the great room, I wanna mention these Fleetwood doors are 13 foot high with no seams. And I think these are the tallest, not only sliding glass doors, but motorized doors we have ever seen on this channel. I think this is a new series from Fleetwood called 4760s, and you have the seamless tracks with the composite flooring, open corner, and you have the incredible views. Now let's come back here.

We have a hallway, Mikey, let's get a close up. These double glass doors open up to your wine cellar. And can we point out the chandelier that's right above us? Looks beautiful, compliments the space, and if you look at the back wall, you can see some of those reclaimed textures. You have have your wool racks throughout, and you have this glass section here facing your kitchen.

In fact, why don't we come back to the hallway so we can take a look at the kitchen and the seating area. Just like the great room, this part of the home is all open and right in front of us, we have this stunning Arclinea kitchen, rose gold finish, Quartzite counter tops. This extended section where we have the dining area and above all that, we have the ceiling mount vent and open shelving design, where you would feature your herbs. In this case, they have some planters there to bring color and life to this exquisite kitchen design. I mean the cabinetry, the fit and finish, everything about it just looks incredible.

Now I want to go this way. We have some wall cabinets here, your espresso bar or your coffee bar, and again, the rose gold finish with inlaid handles and the cabinetry, fit and finish, everything about it is great. We have a hallway here that opens up to the back staircase and to your four car garage. And coming here, you have all your built-ins, rose gold cabinetry, your first smaller sink, and you have two Wolf induction cooktops, pop-up plugs, again, Quartzite countertops. And on the backside, we have the main sink where we have the dishwasher, backsplash, nicely book matched, LED lighting. And this deep rich color of the cabinetry looks absolutely stunning.

Now, coming here, we have this signature Arclinea doors, these glass doors actually. Let me opened this one up. There you go. I mean, so sleek, so exquisite, and it gets better.

We're not done with the kitchen. We have this pivot door here taking us to the butler's kitchen. Same style cabinetry and countertops are also here.

Espresso maker, warming drawer, upper cabinets, your third sink and your second dishwasher. And on the other side, we have some open shelving with same Quartzite countertops and your wine fridge. And what's great about this space is the fact that you have another door right here, let's see, taking you straight to your dining room or your great room. That way you have an easy access. And Mikey, can we show one more detail here? I know we should be continuing our tour, we got a lot to see, but look at this corner cabinet.

- [Mikey] That's interesting. We've never seen anything that looks like that. - You've never seen that before, that's why I wanted to show it to everyone. - [Mikey] Show it one more time. That's really cool. - That is sleek, right? - [Mikey] Yeah.

- There you go. Another beautiful detail. Now let's take everybody back to the second great room where we have the kitchen and seating area, and I want to go right across to talk about the stunning informal dining area.

We have the lazy susan right in the center, solid wood table, beautiful chairs, another light fixture above, and this one really takes advantage of the views. It is right next to your backyard, you have the open corner design here, again with the 13 foot Fleetwood doors, and you have that amazing indoor outdoor flow. Beautiful set up here. Yeah, another great space.

Now let's go back in and go right across to talk about the family room. Minimalist furniture, linear fireplace, TV in the center, and on the back, we got this gorgeous marble wall that's been book matched right in the center, has more of this polished look. And this is absolutely gorgeous. It brings a lot of color and depth to the space.

Now coming back here, we have a hallway. Mikey, let's get a close up. We have this door opening up to a powder room, same hardwood floors, Antonio Lupen marble vanity, ceiling mount faucet, and let's have a look.

It's great. - [Mikey] Love to see those. - Absolutely.

Custom mirror, rice husk wallpaper throughout, and we have this ceiling mount towel rack custom designed for this house. And each one of them cost $6,000, and they have a lot of them throughout. Let us know in the comment section how many of them you guys are gonna see throughout the tour? I'm curious as well. Let us know in the comments.

Now, right across from this room, we have the office. Another great space with open corner design leading you to the backyard and the views. I love the teak paneling that they have on the walls here. It literally feels like we're in an exquisite ship or some sort of a yacht. And you have your table set up here with your chair, and Mikey, can we get a close up? Look at this furniture here.

I'm assuming this is your whiskey bar. Looks great. All the furniture comes with the sale of the home and it is custom designed for the property.

- [Mikey] Kind of goes with that nautical theme also. - Absolutely. Stunning room. Let's continue our tour.

We're back on the hallway, skylight above us bringing in natural light. Same oak hardwood floors are also here, and we have this glass door leading us to the gym. Spacious room, facing the views, indoor outdoor flow, we have two Pelotons here, your treadmill, your rowing machine, your tonal is attached to this mirror wall with two TVs, and this is the entry, and we have this art installation here. That is really cool.

- [Mikey] Yeah, little climber figurines. - It sets the tone as you walk into the gym. You know, you're ready to get to work. - [Mikey] That's right.

- That's right. All right, we have the massage chair here, stacked stone design on the back wall that goes all the way into your red sauna. Mikey, we need to show this detail to everyone. We have this art piece here.

The first time I walked into this space, I thought that was someone sitting here. - [Mikey] It kind of scared me. I was getting a shot of the massage table and I turned around and saw that's there. - It's really cool. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- And we have the same stacked stone design coming in, floated floors here with drain tucked underneath. And this is your wet sauna. Now, before we leave this section, there's one more detail I wanna point out. Right above us, we have these shades, that way you can lower 'em and create some privacy for the massage area. Now we also have this door opening up to a full bathroom, dedicated for the gym and the pool area. We have a walk-in shower here with polished black nickel finishes, same tile wall runs on the back, got another gorgeous vanity, ceiling mount towel rack.

Again, we're gonna see a lot of them throughout, another one on this side, and we have this door opening up to the outdoors. Now coming back out, that's it for the gym, and now I wanna take everybody outside. This is where we have the backyard.

First off, these are your views. It is stunning. You have the city right in front of you. You're about 67 minutes away from Sunset Boulevard. You're right in the heart of the city, and you are in The Bird Streets area, which is probably the most valuable neighborhood or part of Hollywood Hills. Now, as we continue our tour in the backyard, right in front of us, we have the volleyball court.

Now this is a first. We have seen a volleyball court before, but not a sand volleyball in Hollywood Hills. Look at it on the hillside situated on a caisson. I mean, as you're playing volleyball here, you're looking at the amazing views of the city, and this section here is 18 inches deep, and you can imagine the amount of sand and weight sitting in this area alone. This is incredible! - [Mikey] That's crazy.

I was flying my drone earlier and I was looking at this, and it seems highly engineered. It seems kind of like a feat of engineering. - Very highly engineered. We're gonna talk about the foundation a bit. Now, come in this way, we have the same composite floors also here, and we're gonna see this finish throughout the outdoor spaces and some of the other areas in the house. Your first living wall here, bringing in color and life to the space and going this way, this entire section is covered.

You got four fire pits, all these outdoor seating areas, ceiling mount swing chairs, and on my right hand side, we have a small bar with a few fridges, ice maker, and your kegerator. I wanted to point it out. Now, coming back here, four fire pits, custom outdoor furniture. This was designed by a company in Brazil.

It looks very young and contemporary. I love the pop of color, and why you wanna have a regular outdoor seating area? You can have a ceiling mount one. - [Mikey] Yeah, really nice. What are those on the ceiling also? - Those are very sleek and contemporary space heaters.

- [Mikey] Oh, that's really cool. - You've never seen anything like before. - [Mikey] Yeah, you have fire pits and space heaters. - You're definitely gonna be comfortable here. And Mikey, since you're pointing up to the ceiling, there's one more detail I wanna mention to everyone. Even you don't know this yet.

All this cladding that we see underneath the overhang, and we're gonna see this finish throughout the property as well, it's not tile. That's actually hand painted. - [Mikey] Really? I thought it was the same tile from the bathroom we just saw. - [Mikey] No, that's all painted. It looks like tile.

So when they were trying to finish this home, they hit a point right in the, you know, heart of a pandemic and they couldn't source some of their materials and some of their finishes that they wanted to use in the house. - [Mikey] Yeah. - And they had to pivot and change their plan, and that's why they went with this hand-painted design.

They hired a lady that hand painted all these overhangs that we're gonna see throughout the house. It took them months. - [Mikey] That's pretty cool. - It looks incredible. And it's actually better than a tile application, because it's lighter and it's better weatherproof.

- [Mikey] Yeah, I would've never guessed that. It looks just like wood or tile. - Amazing, right? - [Mikey] Yeah.

- Another detail, you got wall sconces throughout, and this is your barbecue area. You have your grill, another fridge, small sink, everything you need. And your second living wall is right here with two gas lanterns, and these were actually made by a company in Texas. They look very sleek, so I wanted to mention that. Now, let's come here.

We have 25 person jacuzzi, pebble tech finish, looks very inviting, and I love that it's right on the edge of the backyard, that way you can really appreciate these views. - What do you think weighs more, the sand from the volleyball court or the water in that tub and which was harder to engineer? - I think it's sand. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Sand is probably more dense.

- [Mikey] You said it was 18 inches deep? - 18 inches deep. You essentially have another small pool here. If you take the sand out, you can fill it up with water probably. - [Mikey] That's crazy.

- Crazy, right? All right, let's continue our tour. Fully detached guest home, sliding glass doors open up, same old hardwood floors are also here. And again, custom furniture throughout. I love this low profile bed design here with these ceiling mount light fixtures and Mikey, we need another closeup.

I'm sorry, we're gonna get like 50 closeups. - [Mikey] I'll get a closeup of the ones on my side. - Perfect. This one has this unfilled travertine finish. And again, it gives so much character to the space, looks great, wallpaper throughout, and the guest house has its own seating area area, and this TV unit against this wall, you have the TV right in the center, some open shelving, all the finishes are just stunning. I feel like I'm complimenting every single room, but this house is something else. Now we have this door opening up to the bathroom for the guest house, fabricated marble vanity, and we have marble back walls that goes all the way into the walk-in shower.

And we have seen this detail around the fireplaces. They have this subtle reveal detail and they have applied that also to the shampoo niche, looks great. I love attention to detail like this, and this shower section is little bit sunken, that way you get great waterproofing throughout. Polished black nickel finishes, looks great, and I gotta point out these towel racks and this custom mirror design.

Stunning. Now getting back out, great guest house, and we actually have a staircase here going up to this exterior door, because guest house has its own outside parking, so I wanted to mention that. That's just for this area.

Mikey, let's take everybody outside so we can continue our tour with the backyard. Again, oversize jacuzzi, your volleyball court. And let's go to the edge for a second.

We have glass railing throughout, look at your infinity edge pool there, which we're gonna check out in a bit. And Mikey, can we point down to the lower section of the property? This home is built on a steep hillside, it's in an amazing location. It has almost 500 feet of street frontage, which is kind of unheard of in The Bird Streets. And in order for you to build a home this size on a hill this steep, you need to really have solid foundation. And the site work leveling out the property and putting all these concrete caissons, the developer here spent over $13 million.

They have over 200 caissons, and some of them are almost 100 feet in length. - [Mikey] Wow. - Think about that. It's incredible.

And look at all these retaining walls and drainage systems they had built to basically collect the water and bring it to the two underground water tanks. That way they can save all the rainwater and repurpose it for irrigation. - [Mikey] That's incredible.

A lot of people that don't live in LA always see these hilltop homes, and they're like, "in an earthquake, that's gonna be dangerous," but they don't understand that these caissons go so deep that they actually get like embedded into the bedrock of these hillsides. So it would literally take, you know, these mountains would have to crumble to bring it down. - Absolutely.

These are some of the safest homes in LA comparing to the homes on the flat sections, you know? - [Mikey] Yeah, we live in an apartment in LA and I would feel way more scared being there than here. - Absolutely. I totally agree. And I mean, look at the scale of this home. We're taking an interesting route here, but yeah, everything about it, walls of glass opening up, you have these cantilevered corners, overhangs, glass railing throughout, and now right in front of us, we got this 18 foot fireplace on the sunken seating area.

This is where you sit down, relax, and just enjoy your views on your property. Now, coming back here on our left hand side, we have the gym opening up. Again, composite flooring throughout, I love these hidden drains. That way most of the backyard is very level.

They have another outdoor dining area here, and now, let's talk about this wrap-around infinity-edge pool. Again, same pebble tech finish that we saw at the jacuzzi. They have it also here. Looks so inviting. They have this baja shelf section with the built-in seating, and I wanna dive in. This is just so inviting.

This is what the Hollywood Hills lifestyle is all about. - [Mikey] Looks really nice. I like these little seats that they have actually, like custom built into the pool. - I mean, it's all there for you to just sit down, relax, enjoy this pool.

- [Mikey] It's really nice. - Absolutely. Let's continue. This is where we have the informal dining area, family room, kitchen all opening up, and take a look at this ceiling mount swing lounge chair. I don't even know what to call this.

Custom built for this house. Can you imagine the weight this has, and by the way, this was bolted through a, I think 30 inch coupling or a bolt. That way it goes through the I-beams and the alveols and all that stuff, and you have it at your house.

- [Mikey] That's crazy. Looks like a great spot to just relax and read a book. - This house is gonna keep opening up. I mean, some of the details, rooms, scales, are truly one of a kind. And now we're right in front of the great room. I mean, look at the scale here.

Look at cantilever above us. 13 foot glass floors opening up. It's just incredible. And right here, we have a small walkway taking us to the other side of the backyard, massive water feature. We saw this off of the foyer, it just adds a nice tranquility to the backyard, and we're gonna actually check this section out in a bit.

Now I wanna bring everybody inside back to the great room. We've talked about the bar, this is your seating area, and around the corner we have the entry. Now, the reason I wanna bring everybody back to the inside is to kind of establish where we are and go to the other wing. Now on our left, we have the staircase going down to the lower level, as well as the second floor that we're gonna check out in a bit, and we have this door opening up to another powder room on this level.

I love this mosaic tile that they have throughout this room with the gold finish and the pattern. Another marble pedestal sink, ceiling mount faucet, beautiful powder room. Now coming back out, we're gonna continue our tour on the hallway.

And by the way, you can see it from the drone shots, the property is curving and kind of following the lines of the street, and that's why some of these hallways or walkways are actually curved. So I wanted to mention that. Now, we have this door opening up to the first bedroom on this level facing the views, opens up to the backyard, same hardware floors are also here. King size bed, ceiling mount light fixtures on each side. Definitely good size.

Of course, has automatic shades and all the details. You have your TV here, and we have this door opening up to the bathroom for this room. I wanna start off with this stunning marble freestanding tub that has been craned in here. This thing weighs 6,000 pounds. - [Mikey] Wow.

- Isn't that incredible? - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really cool. - Look at these fixtures. Towels racks on this side. Your vanity design here with this ceiling mount mirror and this marble back wall that goes all the way into the shower, finishes, details. Beautiful bathrooms.

I mean, I'm sorry, I don't want to come off as like I'm complimenting every single room or like using adjectives, but you guys are seeing it, I mean, it's incredible. We had a walk-in closet here, pretty straight forward, and now let's go back to the hallway so we can check out this room right here, which is your second bedroom on this level, king size bed, TV on the other side with a built in seating area, and I just love that each one of these rooms gets a custom bed set up or light fixture or wallpaper. So I just love the customization, and it gives identity to each one of the bedrooms.

Now around the corner, there we go, we have this door opening up to the bathroom, this one has more of the darker tones with the marble-clad walls. It starts with the walk and shower and runs all the way to the rest of the bathroom. Another contemporary vanity here with the sleek countertops. Everything looks great.

And lastly, this bedroom and the bedroom that we just toured, each gets a section of the backyard where it feels a little bit, you know, more private and dedicated for these bedrooms. You get your own fire pit here, great views, and connects to your backyard. What else do you need? Now coming back in, we are back at the hallway and I wanted to bring every everybody here because we have the elevator access here. And lastly, staircase going down. Let's go check it out. (lo-fi synth music) Now the lower level is a bit of a surprise.

Not initially when you come down, you have a nice hookah lounge seating area, it's almost kind of expected. You know, the first floor kind of sets the tone, but once you follow that hallway, the space opens up and you're like, "wow, I did not see that coming." What was the vision, then, in how you see the next owner possibly utilizing that space? - Well, first starting off with the developer. Seasoned, seasoned developer. Several estates throughout the city, in The Bird Streets, Bel-Air, and he just, he keeps growing and growing and figuring it out.

And this is years and years of experience. So this house has everything you could possibly want in a house. Being an amazing place to live and an amazing place to entertain and work.

I really think it could be work-live, and somebody that doesn't want to go to the office every day, or if you want, just make it more entertainment, and then you could add the, you know, the billiards, the ping pong, just all the games down there. (lo-fi music) - Here we are on the lower level. As soon as you come in, you go straight into your hookah lounge. It's a really exciting space. But before we cover this section, I actually wanna take everybody this way and go through this door, which leads us to the first bedroom on this level.

Another king size bed, ceiling mount light fixtures, more of this blue and white tones on the wallpaper that wraps around. You have your built in closets here, access to your lower level, and around the corner, we have a small bar area, and then this door leads you to a full bathroom with the travertine mosaic walls, spacious walk-in shower, vanity design, everything you need. Now coming back out right across, we have this door opening up to a powder room, more of the darker tones, fabricated marble vanity here with a hidden drain ceiling mounted mirror, and we have this really unique wallpaper throughout. Now, before we leave this section, I wanna mention on our left hand side, we have this door opening up to the elevator access and coming back here, we have the hookah lounge. Now this is a great open seating area with this gorgeous chandelier installation above. And of course it's complimented with a linear gas fireplace, and this stone application here.

I don't know the exact process that this stone goes through to get this look, but it's essentially some sort of a compression, cracking almost, where they get this like crushed glass look, it looks absolutely stunning, runs all the way to the bar area that we're gonna see in a bit. Now, coming back here, we have this wine wall, three glass double doors open up, it's temperature controlled, and it makes a great backdrop. Now coming back here, again, love the chandelier design. We have the staircase on our right, your live band or your drum set, which is just fun, you know? - [Mikey] Did you ever play any instruments? - No, I never did actually. - [Mikey] No? - I always wanted to play piano, but I never made the time for it.

- [Mikey] It's never too late, you know? - It's never too late. Well said. All right, now the bar area comes with multiple seating areas.

Again, furniture looks very bespoke, and coming to the bar, or right across from it, you have this beautiful mirror wall. And if you look closer, you can see the beveled edges on each section and they have a bronze tint behind it. So you get this kind of rich color or depth look throughout this level.

Right across, we have the bar area. You have your dual elevation, marble countertops, open shelving. They call this section or this bar, a tequila bar, and it's beautifully staged. You have your LED lighting, wine fridge, sink, and last detail, Mikey, let's get a closeup.

This is actually one of the structural columns, and they wrapped it with this beautiful material. Utilized it as open shelving with LED lighting and looks great. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now, no lower level is complete without a movie theater. And let me tell you something. This movie theater is simply amazing.

Let's go check it out. Now this movie theater is very special. Not because scale is great, and you have all these Italian leather recliner chairs, you got a massive screen of course, padded walls, but more importantly, the entire thing is cased in concrete on a lower level, right? So you get that great sound insulation, and on top of that, I had the chance to talk to one of the project managers of this estate, and they told me that they had the opportunity to install the speakers at a very early stage, and as they were layering the materials here with the floors, seats, wall paneling, they had a chance to constantly test the speakers, optimize the sound installation throughout to really get that perfect reverb here, and they claimed it is one of the best movie theaters they have ever built and seen in Los Angeles, and that says a lot.

- [Mikey] Yeah, that's incredible. I actually went to school for audio engineering and was obsessed with acoustic design. Obviously I haven't heard what this theater sounds like, but I'm definitely interested.

- I did, and it's pretty incredible. - [Mikey] Yeah, well, I'll have to take your word for it. I don't think we're watching any movies today.

- We lot of work to do still. - [Mikey] Yeah. - A lot to tour, but amazing space.

I mean the scale is incredible. Beautiful design. All right, let's go back out now and continue our tour again.

Double doors open back up to the bar area. We have this same oak hardwood floors also here, and coming back to this section, we have this long hallway taking us to the rest of the lower level. Now, when I got here for the very first time, I thought the rest of the lower level was gonna be pretty normal, couple more bedrooms maybe, but then it opens up to this incredible space.

I mean, look at the scale here. You have three TV walls that each consists of nine TVs, and you can do so much with it. And that's why they have multiple renderings here where you can use this space or utilize this space in various ways. It can be an office setup or your management quarters, it could be a gaming room, or it could be just awesome entertainment space.

And you have your wet bar around the corner, which we'll get it close up in a bit, and also this space comes with this incredible office area. Double doors open up, gorgeous chandelier above, and look at the walls here. Each one of these open shelves with recess lighting and these LED candle details, and now you continue the lighting here, create different moods, and this would be an awesome place to have a poker table or an office set up.

There are a lot of rooms in this house where you can utilize as office and just a great space. - [Mikey] So this is supposed to be an office? I kind of assumed it was like a wine cellar. - It could be that too. - [Mikey] Yeah, I guess if that's your thing. - I mean, whatever you want.

It's just an awesome open area. I love the glass wall. And coming here, you have your wet bar, essentially your office kitchen, a few fridges down below, open shelving, and around the corner, you have the access to the back staircase and this hallway leads you to two water closets and those water closets shares the vanity here with a ceiling mount mirror. Now coming back out, we're gonna continue our tour on the lower level, because we got more to see. On our right hand side, we have the laundry room, three washers, three dryers, we have plenty of cabinetry, sink, and I just love how these washer and dryers are a little bit sunked in, because they have a pan detail for waterproofing. And around the corner, we have a shoe shining station and this one was actually brought from an old barber shop in downtown Philadelphia.

I believe it was built around 1920s, steps are from Philadelphia City Hall, and it was repurposed and basically reassembled. And it looks great here. Now, lastly, we have the utility closet here. This door opens up to the first staff quarters, very spacious, two beds, and we have a full bathroom around the corner and we have the second staff quarters here. Built-in closets, bed set up, bathroom around the corner, great lower level. And that wraps all our tour here.

Now let's go back to the staircase and check out the second floor. (relaxed synth music) - As you come up the staircase, you land yourself on the second floor. Obviously the elevation is higher, the ceilings are high and your eye is automatically drawn to this incredible view.

The entire right wing of the second floor is dedicated to the primary suite. The left wing is just for your guests. So you're tucked away on your own wing, you walk through the sitting area into these gorgeous serene sleeping quarters that open up to a really generous balcony that is eye-aligned with this massive view and off of the primary bathroom, you have the most luxurious closet that looks like a boutique.

- Here we are on the second floor. Now, before we continue our tour on this level, I wanna turn back and talk about this steel staircase design. Since the exterior wall has this curvature, they had to alter and curve the steel frame for the staircase as well.

And the railing details are pre-welded, which means they had to cut each one of these wood threads perfectly and drop it on top, and to do that and get the angles right and get the curvature right, I can only imagine the amount of man hours that went into this staircase alone and it looks stunning. I had to point it out. Now we have glass railing throughout. Again, curved walls, we have the regular details on the baseboards, as well as the ceiling where we have the reveal details and coming to this lower section, we have three doors here. First bedroom suite, which we're gonna check out in a bit, that's your elevator access right there, and this door opens up to the second bedroom suite that is located on the left side.

Sliding glass doors open up to a private balcony where you have amazing views. King size bed, built-in closets. You have your TV and a built in seating area.

And around the corner, we have the bathroom for this room. More of the darker tones, marble clad walls that goes all the way into the walk-in shower. The amount of natural stone used in this house is just mind boggling.

I mean, everywhere you look, you have slabs over slabs and again, another one here, walk-in shower, spacious, modern vanity here, floating design, beautiful bathroom. Now let's head back into the bedroom so we can continue our tour. Coming back to the hallway, right across, we have this bedroom here facing the views.

Let's go have a look. Same hardwood floors are also here, but with a chevron pattern. King size bed, ceiling mount light fixtures, Fleetwood doors open up to another private balcony, glass railing, city is right in front of you.

You're in the heart of Hollywood Hills. I mean, this is amazing. And by the way, you have your gorgeous backyard down below. And Mikey, let's take everyone to the bathroom. And another fireplace, it's double-sided, it actually looks into the bathroom, TV above, and let's go have a look at this bathroom.

This one has more of the contrasting tones with a light marble walls and your darker vanity. Again, polished black nickel, mirror design and finishes, and come in here. We have another marble freestanding tub that's been craned in here. 6,000 pounds. And imagine the amount of weight that puts in here, and you have to have steel columns, LVLs supporting the structure where you have all these open views.

Just incredible. I mean, I'm outta words, you know? - [Mikey] There was another one of these, right? Yeah, it was a different color though. - The bedroom down below us. - [Mikey] By the volleyball.

- No, bedroom down below us. - [Mikey] Oh, okay, yeah. - It has the kind of same layout looking at the same view.

- [Mikey] These houses are big. It's it's hard to remember everything. - Nine bedrooms.

So we're gonna see a lot of bedrooms. So far, I think we've seen eight of them actually, so. - [Mikey] One more to go. - One more to go. Exactly.

Double-sided fireplace, another ceiling mount towel rack, corner glass detail, just amazing. Now I wanna actually take everybody back to the landing of the second floor so we can check out the primary bedroom suite, which starts right here. As soon as you go in, you go straight into the seating area. Four chairs, coffee table in the center, chevron patterned hardwood floors, and you have this beautiful picture frame facing the views of the city. You have your TV complimented with a double-sided fireplace, and I mentioned it earlier.

The fireplace assembly that we have in the great room extends out to the second floor. And this is that same fireplace basically, clad with the same stone, but this one has more of the polished look. You have your reveal details, looks great, and it wraps all the way to the exterior as well.

So I wanted to mention that. Now, we have this opening taking us to the actual bedroom where we have this custom king size bed. Headboard looks stunning. You have your ceiling mount light fixtures, wallpaper throughout that gives a lot of warmth, and this is the other side of that double-sided fireplace and another TV.

But more importantly, your bed faces the amazing views. You have that seamless indoor outdoor flow, Fleetwood doors, pockets in all the way to the bathroom, and you have that straight connection to your 1500 square foot outdoor terrace dedicated to your primary bedroom suite. Views are great. We're gonna go out there in a bit. Now, let's come to this side, another pocket door opens up to your bathroom.

Same chevron floors are also here, and I'm gonna start on the left hand side, gorgeous fabricated vanity design with two sinks, and we have this natural stone back wall that actually wraps all the way to the other side. Oversized ceiling mount mirror design here, you have another crystal chandelier, and just to finish this, details, everything about this house, every corner is so well thought out. Now on this side, we have two water closets, replica of each other with these smoke glass doors, and right on the other side, this is a first, we have two free-standing tubs side by side with their own floor mount tub filler. You have your towel racks on each side, and again, seamless indoor outdoor flow. They're perfectly positioned towards your views. I mean, this is just incredible.

Mikey, in fact, let's take everybody outside. I wanna give everybody a quick walkthrough of this space. You have the same composite stone floors also here, lounging chairs, gas lanterns, two fire pit areas with the outdoor seating, glass railing throughout, and again, this outdoor space is fully dedicated for the primary bedroom.

And lastly, you have an outdoor jacuzzi around the corner. Super private, elevated views, everything's great. Now let's go back in to the bathroom so we can continue our tour from here.

Again, two free standing tubs. Your vanity design, stone clad walls, and can we take a look at this walk-in shower? The size. Natural stone application, book matching, two rain heads, these polished black nickel finishes and fixtures, shampoo niche.

Everything about it is very grand. And this is your walk-in shower. Now we have a skylight above us, and two more skylights where we have the walk-in closet area. I'm gonna say area, because let me walk this way.

Look at the scale here. Again, looks like a boutique store. Every single cabinet is LED lit. You have these beautiful glass doors, and of course you have your shoe racks, open shelving, hangars, your island design in the center where you can showcase your jewelry, watches, and right on the other side, your cabinetry pretty much extends out. I love that each one of these sections have skylights above, and Mikey, we need to show this detail. This is your mirror with LED lighting, and you can kind of change the angle and get a perfect look at yourself and get ready your day.

- [Mikey] Very nice. - Now, it doesn't end here. Look at this.

You have a seating area which can easily be converted into another office for your primary bedroom and another massive picture window facing your views, your jacuzzi is right in front of you. Beautiful home, amazing primary bedroom suite. (cool synth music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. Stunning estate, beautiful finishes, incredible amenities. I want to congratulate the developer for doing such a great job with this build and taking on this ambitious project, but it is worth it. You have incredible views throughout, and the house looks stunning.

I also wanna thank all the listing agents, Rayni Williams, Branden Williams, and Kurt Rappaport for allowing us to tour their amazing listing and share it with all of you. And as always, you can find more information about this estate in the description of this video. So make sure to check that out. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe, and we'll see you guys next week. (lo-fi music)

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