Inside a $4,000,000 Lakefront MANSION in Wisconsin!

Inside a $4,000,000 Lakefront MANSION in Wisconsin!

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(dramatic music) - What's up everybody. It's Enes here and welcome to Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Today, we're checking out this contemporary timber frame home, designed and developed by Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes. House is situated between two lakes, amazing scenery. I'm really excited for today's tour. Here are the specs on this home.

Currently valued around $4 million. And I know a lot of you have been asking us to tour more reasonably priced homes and with a $4 million price tag this is as good as it gets. As always, we will leave more information about this property in the description of this video. Make sure to check it out.

And now let's begin our tour. (relaxing music) This house is situated between two lakes. Scenery here is amazing and we have the driveway splitting up to two. And this section brings you to the top floor where we have the three car garage on the right hand side and the entry on the left. Then lower part of the driveway takes it to the lower floor of this home, where we have another entry point, additional three car garage that's subterranean. And on this side, we have the small lake that is situated on the backside of the property.

I would love to live in a place like this where you can just access these lakes, go jet boarding, kayaking, and on the main lake you can jet-ski, boat and have a lot of fun. Now coming here, we have the house right in front of us. Beautiful contemporary timber frame home. I wanna talk about some of the exterior finishes here, half log siding. And on top you can see the Cedar shingles.

This section here has a double gable roof design, three car garage and I love these timber columns with a tapered stone base. You can see the timber roof trusses here. House looks beautiful and around the corners, they did this dotale detail, which looks super, super cool. Then we have the deck here taking us to the front door and this deck also serves as a roof for the lower level entry. We have this door opening up to the three car garage that we'll see in a bit.

And coming here, we can have a closer look at the siding finish. This has the hand hewn finish, which looks great. Gives you that character.

Wall sconces, that are LED. And we have the covered entry here. Now let's go inside.

As soon as you walk in, first thing you see are the views of the lake, walls of glass, vaulted ceilings. I love these timber roof trusses which we're gonna see a lot of these timber details throughout. And as you walk in you have the dining area right off the entry, solid wood table, seating for eight, chandelier above and next to the dining area, we have the living room. Views from the living room are phenomenal. I love these picture windows that run all the way to the ceiling. And this is where you sit down, relax and enjoy the scenery here.

It's pretty awesome. And by the way, we have Armand behind the camera today, Mikey, unfortunately couldn't make this trip, but yeah, Armand excited? - [Armand] I'm super excited. Your first time in Wisconsin and then it's gonna be amazing. I love this house. - Yeah, it's gonna be amazing house. So super cool.

Wisconsin is beautiful. It's also my first time here and yeah, you have the lake right in front of you. Now, the first detail I wanna talk about is the decking that we have right up front. When they designed this home, they lowered the deck.

That way, when you're sitting down in your living room, it doesn't obstruct your views, but at the same time you still have a wraparound deck that connects all the way to your primary bedroom suite, super cozy space, vaulted ceilings, and the wood paneling that we have on the ceiling is actually white washed, which creates a nice contrast against these darker timber trusses. Then we have the fireplace. It's a gas fireplace and they design the hearth little bit higher. That way you can actually sit down here too, enjoy the fire and just chat with people in the living room. Now that's pretty much it for the living room. A lot of these hand hewn finishes, stack stone on this side.

We have the primary bedroom here but first I wanna take everybody to the kitchen. This kitchen is light and bright, situated right in the center of the top floor. We have the first island here with quartzsite countertops, bar seating, lot of plugs and you have your warming drawer in here, base cabinets. And right next to that you have your prep island, with two sinks.

Granite countertop contrasts nicely against these white cabinets. And we have the first set of dishwashers here. I said first set of, because there are actually two dishwashers here. That way you can run a half load if you want. Cabinetry looks great with brushed nickel handles. Then you have more base cabinets and upper cabinets here.

42 Inch stainless steel sub zero fridge, steam oven, convection oven down below and cabinets have LED lighting, both on the inside and underneath. And around the corner, we have the induction cooktop. I love the marbled back splash design here, hood vent above, cabinetry looks great. And you can see some of these ornate details with the round and beveled edges on the island and around the base cabinets. Now we have the second sink here.

Chrome fixtures. Your third dishwasher is located here. And lastly, on this side we have the beverage bar, small sink, fridge. And this is a great spot for you to prepare your coffee or prepare your drinks, because around the corner we have this awesome drawer where you can hide your spirits, conveniently located right next to your beverage bar. Now, I wanna talk about the house for a second.

This house was designed and built by Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes. It's valued around $4 million. Owners of this property are also the owners of the company. And the company was established in 1966.

They have built over 6,000 homes in North America, which is an astonishing number. And on top of that, they actually manufacture some of their components, such as these timber trusses or the wood siding and timber finishes that we're gonna see throughout the property. They have a really cool YouTube channel where they talk about their builds and their processes when it comes to designing these custom homes. And I'm gonna make sure to leave a link in the description for their website, as well as their YouTube channel. So make sure to check them out and yeah, we're in Wisconsin. In fact, now I wanna take you guys outside, so we can check out these lake views.

So we have this glass door opening up to the covered deck, outdoor dining area. Around the corner we have the grill. That part of the patio is actually open, perfect for sun bathing.

And we have the staircase taking us to the backyard. Backyard looks awesome. People are enjoying the lake right now, jet skiing, boating.

And we're gonna check out the backyard in a bit. Lastly, we have the deck here taking us all the way to the primary bedroom suite. And I love these timber columns with hand hewn finish. They give so much character to the space and exterior of this house looks awesome.

Now let's go back inside so we can continue our tour on the top floor. We just covered the kitchen, dining area, living room. And around the corner, we have this hallway taking us to the first bedroom suite on this level, king size bed, vaulted ceilings, picture windows facing the views. And I really like this reclaimed wood wall design here on the back and look at some of their finishes and details with the trim work. Their baseboards are so thick. Again has the hand hewn finish, but this time, in this room, they have more of the lighter tones, plush carpet.

Your bed faces the amazing views of the lake. And around the corner, we have a unique detail. We have these barn doors opening up to a very spacious walk-in closet, where the owners converted into a bunk room. We have a full bed on the bottom, single bed on top, hanger space here.

And like I mentioned earlier, current owners changed this room into a bunk room, but obviously this would make it a great walking closet. And currently with this setup it also serves great for families. Now let's go back out to the hallway so we can continue our tour.

We have this door here opening up to full bathroom, toilet on my left, tub set up here. Vanity design with two sinks, granite countertops lot of storage space on the bottom. And you have this center cabinet here for additional storage. Looks great, and this bathroom is a pass through bathroom.

Meaning you can access it from the bedroom that we just toured, or you can access it from the mudroom, which is located on the backside of the property, on the top floor. Around the corner we have the laundry room. Let's go have a quick look. Ton of base and upper cabinets, washer and dryer. We have the sink around the corner, casement windows bringing natural light and ventilation to the space.

And going back out to the hallway again, door on my left opens up to the three car garage, epoxy floors, 10 foot high sailings. And on the left, we have an eight foot garage door and on the right, we have an extra wide 18 foot garage door with privacy glass inserts on top allowing natural light to come into the space. Very spacious garage. We have in floor heating here and you can easily park a full size truck.

Now I wanna take everybody back inside so we can continue our tour with the mud room. We have the hangers, storage areas on the bottom for your shoes. And it's located obviously right next to three car garage. That way, when you come in here you can leave your dirty boots, your jackets and walk into the house. Keep in mind, we are here in Wisconsin.

It's snows here. So having your room like this comes in really handy. Now let's go back to the kitchen so we can walk to the other side or the left side of the home.

Where we have the primary bedroom suite. That room is super cool. And before we check out that room. I wanna talk about the cost of this property. So this home with this floor plan and the finishes that you guys are seeing today costs around $700 a square foot. House is around 5,235 square feet.

So the math comes around 3.6 million and I was told by the developers that their homes start around $500 a square foot and can go up all the way to thousand dollars a square foot. Depending on the finishes and the upgrades that you choose. These timber homes or cabin homes in general, are not cheap to build. And that's pretty much the price range.

And I know a lot of you have been asking us or asking me to talk about the cost of these homes. There you go. That's the math. Now coming here, we're back in the living room area, amazing views. On my left hand side, we have the staircase going down to the lower level and we have this door here opening up to the primary bedroom suite.

We have more of the lighter tones here, king size bed. Built-ins on the back with LED lighting. Same timber roof trusses are also here but this time they have more of the smooth and white painted finish. Looks great, carpet on the floors.

And around the corner, we have a sunken cube tub focused perfectly towards the views. This is a unique tub design. I don't think we've ever seen this kind of tub on our channel before, but it certainly takes advantage of the amazing views.

We have the bay windows here, get vaulted ceilings contrasting nicely against these roof trusses. Textured walls and around the corner, we have this door opening up to the full bathroom. After entry we have two spacious walk-in closets. Then the hallway brings you to this point where we have two vanities, marble countertops, drop in sinks, lighter tones, vaulted ceilings, heated floors. And on this side, we have a spacious walk in shower that's all tiled.

On my left we have the water closet. And lastly, we have three windows here facing the front of the home where we have the small lake. Pretty awesome bathroom.

And that wraps our tour on this floor. Now I wanna take everybody back to the staircase so we can check out the lower level. (upbeat music) Now this is where the fun begins. Lower level of this home is awesome. Facing the breathtaking views of the lake, just like the top floor.

And on this side we have picture windows facing the front where we have the small lake. Off of the landing you have your billards table. Style of this table really matches architecture of this home. Industrial light fixtures. And if you look at the ceiling you can see these 10 by 10 beams running across the room. And then we have eight by eight beams butting to it, ton of character.

On the right hand side, we have the bar that we're gonna see in a second. Plush carpet. Lot of textures, fireplace, seating area. This level is awesome.

Now, Armand, let's take everybody this way so we can talk about the bar. This bar set up really compliments the lower level. We have a canopy roof design above, which is a fun detail. Your bar seating, solid wood countertop with a light edge and Armand, can we get a close up? They squared off the live edge with this epoxy finish looks very contemporary.

And then we have another epoxy detail here. This actually shows the layers and the topography of lake Thompson, which is the lake we're facing. And house is actually located right around here because we have a small lake on the back. Another fun detail nicely incorporated into the countertop.

Now, Armand, why don't you go to the other side? I'm gonna walk this way so we can meet in the middle and show everyone some of the amenities of this amazing bar. Designed like a commercial bar where we have a prep area, small sink, dishwasher drawer and around the corner, we have a ice maker. Now I want to talk about the back design here. A lot of open shells with LED lighting. I love all these vintage gas tanks.

And on each side we have this shelf design where you can feature your spirits, under cabinet lighting. Just a beautiful bar. Now Armand, take everybody this way so we can talk about the seating area, master picture windows facing the views, beautiful textures throughout. Wall sconces.

We have the TV around the corner and your gas fireplace, stone clad, beautiful mantle. And this is where you sit down, relax and enjoy these amazing views. We're also really close to the backyard right now. And I can only imagine how this place looks during winter or fall. I was told that lake actually freezes during winter and I'm sure that's a beautiful scenery.

And who knows, maybe in the future, we get an opportunity to come back to Wisconsin and snow mobile around here. - [Armand] Yeah, who knows? You might come back in the winter. - Who knows, right? It would be amazing. I'm sure this place would be so much fun during winter.

Now, before we leave the seating area, I wanna talk about another super cool detail here. Down below we have these carpets that are made out of leather badges. These badges come from back of the jeans. So it's a really unique take on a carpet.

I've never seen a designer piece like this before but it looks so cool. And it brings ton of texture to the space and just compliments the seating area. Now that's pretty much it for this space.

We have a hallway around the corner where it takes us to two spacious guest quarters. First one starts here, a lot of wood tones in this bedroom. On the walls we are one by eight, tongue and groove wood planks.

On the ceiling we have four inch planks, super cozy, bed set up on this side two windows facing the side of the property. And if you look around you can see some of the trims and details. And they're so bulky and just looks very, cool.

Now I wanna get back to the hallway and right next door, we have a full bathroom, walk-in shower off of the entry. We have a vanity design here with a granite countertop and another spacious bathroom. Now the last door opens up to the second bedroom on this wing, this room is a little bit more spacious. We have the same half log siding detail that we saw on the exterior. They brought it to the interior here, looks great.

I believe there's a queen bed, two windows facing the front of the home, spacious room, wood clad ceilings. and beautiful textures on the walls. Now let's go back to the living room area so we can continue our tour, on the other side.

We have two hallways here. We're gonna start our tour with this one. First door opens up to a half bathroom water closet. Vanity set up with a solid wood tub, industrial light fixtures. And then we have this pocket door opening up to the rest of the bathroom, additional vanity with two sinks, more industrial light fixtures wood clad walls, shower unit.

And we have this door here opening up to a very, very spacious bedroom, located on the right wing. This bedroom is quite similar to the bedroom that we toured upstairs. Where it has a bunk room attached to it. King size bed, super spacious. Same finishes that we've been seeing throughout. It actually has another entrance point which we're gonna see in a bit.

And then we have these barn doors opening up to the bunk room, full size bed on the left, queen size bed on the right, twin bunk above, great room. Obviously you can utilize it as a walk in closet or you can utilize it like this where you have bunk beds. Beautiful textures on the walls. And that's pretty much it for this bedroom. Now let's go to the other side so we can check out few other rooms that we have on this hallway.

These doors open up to the utility closets. This door opens up to the garage on the lower level and this is a perfect spot for you to store all your winter toys, ATV's, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, all that good stuff. And coming back to the hallway. We have another additional fridge here complimenting the bar area. This is the exterior door on the lower level that opens up to the driveway. More of these picture windows bringing natural light to this space.

And that's a wrap for the lower level. Now I want to take everybody outside so we can check out this amazing backyard. We have an exterior door here opening up to the covered patio.

We have a small dining area here, stack stone on the house and we got a beautiful rock retaining wall on this site. Now this opening takes us to the backyard. Backyard of the property is so tranquil and amazing.

We got the beautiful views of the lake. Most of the lawn is grass and that's actually the ramp that I came down this morning to do the intro of this video. Riding that UTV was awesome.

In the morning, it was a little bit cloudy and it was actually raining a little bit, but right now it's sunny, bright and it just feels awesome to be here. Right in the center of the backyard we have this fire pit and Armand, can you come to this side because I wanna show everyone how this house looks from the backyard. Love the contrast between the lower level and the top floor where we have the timber finishes, gable roof design, massive picture windows facing the views and house is actually nicely incorporated to the hillside here. Now rest of the backyard continues on this side, tapered beautifully all the way to the water level. And around us, we have red and white pine Oak, Birch and maple trees.

Scenery here is amazing. I can definitely get used to this. And at the bottom of the backyard, we have a really nice beach area where I can access the water and people are boating, fishing, enjoying the scenery here. If I lived here, I would use my Raden jet board all the time. You have so many different coves and beaches and areas.

It's just a perfect place for you to explore and enjoy the nature. Now, continuing our tour, we have a dock here. Owners own this pontoon boat and these things are super fun. Perfect for you to take your friends with you, cruise around, enjoy the scenery.

And we also have a built in seating here where you can sit down, relax, enjoy the views, fish, and I don't know, just enjoy being here. Now, Armand actually, can you come to this side because I want you to turn around and show everyone how this house looks from this angle. It's actually nicely set back. So it's private, but at the same time you're still pretty close to the lake. Amazing views. Architecture looks gorgeous, blends in with the landscape and I'm really glad we came all the way out to Wisconsin to check out this house and see this beautiful scenery.

(upbeat music) All right, everyone, that's it for the tour. I wanna give big thanks to Golden Eagle Log Timber Homes for inviting us to Wisconsin, and allowing us to tour their amazing development. As always, you can find more information about this home and their company in the description of this video. So make sure to check that out. Lastly, if you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys next week. (relaxing music)

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