Inside a $48,000,000 Beverly Hills "MODERN BARNHOUSE" Filled with Expensive Art

Inside a $48,000,000 Beverly Hills

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Hey, everyone. Welcome to Beverly Hills. Today we're checking out this gorgeous contemporary barn house designed and built by Nobel LA. Nestled in a canyon, surrounded by beautiful trees and landscape, this home is a wonderful blend of organic materials, sleek contemporary lines furnished and decorated by stunning art pieces. Now, everyone knows that we go out of our way to showcase some of the best properties in the world. But this week we got lucky, as one of those homes happens to be in our backyard here in Beverly Hills.

So without further ado, let's go check out this stunning home. All right everyone, let's start our tour with the exterior. I'm currently on top of the staircase. Right in front of me is the front door that we're going to check out in a bit. But first I want to turn back and look at this stunning estate.

Right in front of us. We have the pool area. Looks incredible. You have your long driveway bringing up to the motor court, which is down below us. And the house itself is a beautiful contemporary barn house with this vertically installed reclaimed siding. You have your steel case doors and windows, steep roof lines, three car garages down below.

We got a lot of details to cover today, and we're going to talk more about the grounds and the exterior later in the tour. Now follow me this way to the front entry. This has to be the tallest front door we have ever seen on our channel. This is insane. - [Mikey] Yeah, this must be at least 25, 30ft tall. This is wild. - [Enes] At least.

And then if you think this entry and this front door is impressive, come on in and check out this stunning foyer. Double height ceilings, exposed roof rafters. Then we have these steel columns and beams here, beautiful marble floors. You have steel case doors and windows throughout, bringing so much natural light. And on my right hand side, we have this stunning staircase curving beautifully to the second floor landing. And below that is this art piece right here.

This is by Kaws. It's called compliance. They have it three in black and three in pink. And that's it, really. Exactly. And one of them is here, sitting on this beautiful stand custom designed by Nobel LA.

You can see the lighting below as well as on top around the art piece. And it looks incredible with a staircase on the back. Over the last four years, we've seen a lot of different homes, assets all around the world, but somehow you always come up with designs that are very distinct to yourself.

Thank you. Tell us what we're looking at today. - [Max] This is my vision of the modern barn house. We're in the main living room right now.

Two story ceilings and very open volume. I love art. I love beautiful and perfect interiors and architecture. So art is mine.

I stage it, I take it. But this is my vision. I just want to show here in the project, how the art will complement this interior. - [Enes] Now, follow me this way. Let's take this walkway.

There's a staircase here that goes down to the lower level. And then we have this opening taking us to the formal dining room. I really like the way they laid out this room. Right in the center, we have a Henge dining table, eight chairs from Minotti, Henge chandelier above, this section looks gorgeous. Then on the right hand side, you can see this wall with oak paneling running all the way to the ceiling.

Then we have these brass dividers, on the floors. You can see the recessed in lights to light up the texture on this wall. And they even have a marble incorporated to this side. So you have all these different materials coming together really nicely. Now, on this side, we have steel case French doors opening up to the front of the home and to the pool area. And lastly, on this side, we have this beautiful glass display Rimadesio doors with cloth in the glass to create some texture.

And inside of these drawers, you actually have this lightbox design to just elevate the mood in this room. And Mikey, let's turn it off. When you turn off the light box, it turns into a mirror.

Very cool. How cool is that? So elegant. So sleek. Look at the floors of Mikey. They have the AC diffusers nicely recessed in.

They actually make these outlet covers out of marble slabs, and they just create the openings. Looks beautiful. And this way, your ceilings can stay very minimalist as well. And this is your dining room. Pretty awesome. Now follow me this way. Going through this opening, we have the kitchen on our left hand side, family room on our right hand side.

And it's another beautiful space in this property. Now, before we continue our tour, I want to talk about the specs of this home. So we have six bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, 16,390 sqft of interior space, over two acres of land, and on the market for $48 million. I want to give big thanks to Max Nobel and his team at Nobel LA for making this tour possible. This is a stunning home. And as always, you can find more information about this listing in the description of this video.

Make sure to check it out. When I look at your homes, I see a lot of custom pieces. And when I say custom, they're literally fabricated specifically for this house.

Half of your kitchen is fully designed by you, not just cabinet selection. Those islands are literally fabricated by your team. How do you go about fabricating these pieces? And is it a lot of trouble to design these elements? - [Max] We have a full team of 40 people designing technical drawings. Architects.

And everybody is passionate about creating something unique. That's why we all come into the design, to create something new. So we go room by room, and we understand first what people would ask from this room. First of all, what will be logistics throughout the house, how they're going to use it and who will be their guests or. - [Enes] How they're going to flow through the space.

- [Max] How they're going to flow. So we want to think about all these details first and then make a design element. Let's continue our tour with the kitchen. Beautiful space.

We have two islands here, and the way these islands are designed is very unique. The first one up front is all wrapped with brass with these grid details. Looks so contemporary.

Marble countertops. You have your fabricated sink. Incorporated drying rack here. Looks beautiful. Above we can see these pendant lights or chandeliers.

These are from Henge. And we have seen these light fixtures before. - [Mikey] They look familiar. In Dubai. Oh, yeah. - [Enes] Second property that we toured. - [Mikey] They had a lot of Henge pieces in that house as well.

Now that you say that, I do remember it. - [Enes] Correct. And before we move on from this island, I want to mention we have a dishwasher here. And within the drying rack, we also have this incorporated cutting board. - [Mikey] I love that.

It is a solid slab of marble and it moves back and forth so quietly and easily. I love this detail, too. Yeah. - [Enes] Now, on the other side, we have the second island. This one is fabricated out of marble, including the drawer fronts. And check this out. It's all vein matched.

And in order to keep the weight down and make these doors really functional, they actually incorporate the wood cabinetry in the marble slab. And look how many pieces of hardware they had to have in order to operate this door and make it soft close. Looks beautiful. I love this piece here. Then you have your incorporated sink and wrapping around. All the cabinetry that's on the walls are Poliform.

You have your Gaggenau built-in appliances here. Espresso maker in the center. This is the freezer. And we have the fridge on this side.

Nicely decorated. - [Mikey] It has been a while since we've opened a fridge on one of our tours. Occasionally they'll have these really beautifully staged refrigerators, full of drinks.

So we have to show them. - [Enes] We have to. Now, the other side of the island, again, you have your fabricated sink here. These are Dornbracht fixtures with a titanium finish. Super sleek and contemporary. You have another built-in drying rack. This is a lazy susan.

You can move around the kitchen and just have it to your utility. Let's talk about this pet gas cooktop design. We have seen this before.

We have seen it on the other property that we toured that was built by Max, remember? Incorporated gas cooktops within the countertop. - [Mikey] Yeah. Not to detract from the tour too much, but I loved that house. It was really cool. It had that massive what? Brass fireplace, right? - [Enes] Correct. Yeah. Stunning home in Hidden Hills.

That was also built by Max. And you have your pop up vent. This also contrasts very nicely with the countertops, too. And then you come over here. We have a built-in floating or cantilevered dining area.

Now, I said cantilevered, because if you look below, you will realize that there are no columns. This section here sits on a steel beam that runs underneath this dining area into the cabinetry and all the way down to the floor trusses. So it's really bolted into the ground.

That's how they accomplish this look. And it has no deflection. It's super strong. - [Mikey] No give at all? - [Enes] No give at all. Looks beautiful. And these are the islands and your wall cabinets.

Now it gets better, follow me this way. Chef's kitchen, pretty nice. It's all stainless steel, commercial grade. You have your gas stove, sink, dishwasher, another fridge and freezer. Some open shelving and I want to say. They just finished this home.

They're still putting some of the finishing touches, and it's not even on the market yet. We just got an opportunity to tour it, and we're leaving for Europe in a few days. So we wanted to make sure we captured this stunning home before we leave.

- [Mikey] Yeah. - [Enes] Now, this is the informal dining area. We have a circular table in the center, seating for six.

Gorgeous light fixtures above. It looks like a Hermes belt wrapping that I'm assuming alabaster light fixture. And it looks beautiful. And then you have all these steel case French doors opening up to your grounds, to your side yard.

Really nice. All right, that's it for the kitchen and the dining area. Now let's take everybody to the other side so we can check out this family room, which is one of my favorite areas in this house. We got to talk about this massive L shaped Minotti couch. Look at the shelf here. It's all leather wrapped.

The materials they used to fabricate this piece, it's very minimalist. Then you come over here. We have two gorgeous leather chairs, floor lamps, french doors opening up to the grounds. Great natural light coming in, oak panels on the walls. And then your eyes are drawn to this section here, which looks fantastic. Fireplace right in the center.

Look how they fabricated the marble and incorporated all these grits. And I have to show this detail. That's your future TV connection. - [Mikey] I noticed this yesterday. I really liked that Max did not want to put a TV here for showing the home. But at the same time, he cares so much.

He doesn't want anyone actually ruining the marble and putting their own holes in it, so. Precisely. Exactly. He wanted to give people an option to put a TV here. - [Enes] Exactly. And look at all the built-ins. Look how all these different materials come together to create these sections. You have brass dividers, wooden shelves, LED lighting, stone on the back.

And it's filled with art pieces, Bearbricks, accessories. It's a really unique, almost an aggressive take on a contemporary design. But the way Max designs it, he always pulls it off. - [Mikey] Yeah, it looks incredible. - [Enes] It looks incredible.

This is your family room. And to me, what I really like about it is the fact that you can just open up these French doors that are custom to this house with these custom leather handles, and you just walk to your grounds. Pretty amazing. Now let's go back to the hallway again. I want to quickly take everybody to the dining area because we're actually not done here so far.

We have seen all the common areas that are on this side of the home. And for these spaces, you got to have a bathroom. And they actually have one right behind this concealed pivot door. It actually opens up to this space first, where we have this fabricated sink. And I'm really going to take my time to talk about this piece here.

These are all marble slabs. Right in the center, we have a hidden drain. And these marble slabs are all different sizes.

They have chiseled edges. And Max and his team create these technical drawings for these vanities. Then overseas, these pieces get fabricated, and then they ship it over here.

It gets all put together, and that's how you accomplish this custom vanity piece. It's so cool. Look at the faucet here. Then we have a massive window on the back, modern light fixture above, mirror on the side. All of it coming together. What an amazing moment in this home. And, yeah, this is the first vanity. By the way.

You go to the other side. This is where we have the actual powder bathroom. They have another vanity here. This one is also fabricated. And these reeded details actually run all the way to the walls. You have your sink, Gessi fixtures, wall mounted toilet.

Look how nice this powder bathroom is. - [Mikey] really cool. I love all the stone.

And obviously, all the light fixtures are really awesome. - [Enes] Beautiful. Just beautiful. All right, let's go back to the hallway again. Now I want to bring everybody back, to the entry and the formal living room.

We briefly covered some of the details here. I want to take a moment to talk about the staircase design, which is a very important element of this entry. It's mostly made out of brass and how they fabricated the brass around this curve with different sizes and dimensions. Then we have recessed in floor lights to highlight the texture here. And because we have great ceiling heights and this darker plaster backdrop, all of it coming together makes this staircase so dramatic and all the way to details. Even the handrail is wrapped with leather, and it's gorgeous.

And just going up to the second floor is an experience. Look at this. - [Mikey] It's incredible. - [Enes] It's incredible. Now let's go to the other side so we can check out this formal living room. Look at this glass door assembly here.

It's actually two French doors opening up the front facing balcony where you can look down to your grounds and your motor court. Great natural light coming in. Two Minotti couches, coffee tables, accessories, details. Volume here is just incredible. And just like the rest of the home, a lot of different art pieces.

These are all Kaws, by the way. It's so impressive. And light fixtures above us, and how this second floor bridge curves so beautifully.

And all these different components and angles, and architectural lines coming together is what makes this home so unique. What makes this space so unique. These marble floors are silver roots. And before we wrap up, let's check out this intimate seating area with a fireplace. Built-ins on each side.

And talking about different materials coming together. We have a light box design on the back, brass dividers, stone shelves. And you have marble here with more brass details. And all of these different components coming together, even though they're from different brands.

And creating this seamless and very cohesive design is not an easy thing to do, but they pulled it off really well here. When I look at your design elements, you also use a lot of different manufacturers, and you somehow blend them, install them, or incorporate them in a way that it feels very cohesive. How do you accomplish that harmony in your design, even though you're using countless manufacturers? - [Max] We really spent a lot of time on it. But what we love to do is this complication.

I don't know why. - [Enes] It challenges you. We love the complication about having four different vendors creating one wall. So you will see the element when the marble is going into the brass panel, is going into the wood panel, that would have an understructure behind it.

And then another element of brass. And then a wine room. All the four manufacturers in one spot. And each element has its own understructure, it has its own backing, it has its own depth. And we love to put it all together on the technical drawings to have that deep, beautiful element.

All right, Mikey, let's take everybody back to the hallway. Another detail I want to point out. So far, we passed through two different points.

This is the third one. Even these hallway openings are wrapped with marble, and you can see it closer here. Now, few details on this side.

Number one, let's get a close up. This brand is called Meljac. These are these custom light switches. Sound incredible. It's like out of a plane. - [Mikey] They're very satisfying. - [Enes] Super satisfying.

Another concealed door that matches the wall paneling. And going in, we have the second powder bathroom here. Fabricated vanity.

You can actually see the fluted details here. Even the drain cover has Nobel branding on it. Copper fixtures, circular mirror with LED lighting. Another light fixture here.

And to bring more flair to this powder bathroom, we have this three dimensional wall made out of walnut. That looks so cool. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like this. It almost looks like the surface of water just in the waves.

And we'll see something like this in the primary bedroom a little bit later. - [Enes] Correct. We'll see that in a second. Now let's go back to the hallway. On our right hand side, we have the secondary staircase landing going down to the lower level as well as the second floor.

A beautiful piece from Huckins. This is a lot of fun. Look at the scale of this piece, by the way.

- [Mikey] Tsar nicholas, I believe. Possible. Yeah. - [Enes] Now, I'm looking for a door handle.

This is the only guest suite that we have on this level. Now, I'm really going to take my time to talk about why this room is designed the way it is. When you own a property like this, the caliber of guests that you're going to have here is going to be quite high. So you want to make sure when you accommodate them, you can give them a space that not only they can stay, but they feel comfortable that they can work in while interacting with the property. So this may seem like a junior primary bedroom, but it's actually a proper suite.

We have a seating area here, TV is behind Mikey, two separate walk-in closets that are very spacious. Then you come over to this side, dedicated office area with a massive desk. Another TV on this side, some open shelving beautiful accessories.

And then you walk this way. Then you come to your king size bed, oak panels on the back, mood lighting, your automatic shades and blackouts. You have French doors here opening up to a front facing balcony.

This window here faces the motor court. That way, when you come to this property and when you stay in this guest suite, you have your whole experience covered. You can entertain, work, sleep, open up your door, go to the grounds, and not only be part of this estate, but you still have your zone. And to me, this looks like a penthouse suite at a Mandarin hotel in the UK. Somewhere very special. You're in Hong Kong.

And your hotel suite is not just a bedroom and a bathroom, it has everything. And look at the volume here. I mean, a couple can easily stay here and be comfortable and have their clothes be able to sit down, watch TV.

Look at this curved glass here that faces the backyard. So you kind of interact with the grounds. And then you come over here to your full bathroom. Off of the entry, we have the water closet, door opens up to the backyard.

This is your vanity. Marble slabs have these reeded details that run all the way to the walls. And then you walk this way to your open walk-in shower. So tasteful, something about natural stone.

How it can transform a space into something so elegant, so timeless, really speaks to me. You have a built-in bench here, all these slabs, rainhead above. Then look at this Gessi fixture here. It's like your control knobs for your shower.

- [Mikey] We'll see this in the primary bedroom as well. A slightly different take on it. But I think these are really, really cool.

- [Enes] without a doubt. And this is your walk in shower. And to me, this guest suite has the full experience.

You have a seating area, office, bed set up, really nice bathroom, and then you just open up this door and go to the backyard. What's so unique about this property is the fact that we are on over two acres. And with its unique topography, you get so many different outdoor sections within this property.

Now, we're currently on the backside of the home. You can see the architectural lines and details. Again, vertically installed reclaimed siding, steel case doors and windows.

The guest suite that we just toured is on the left hand side. House looks very modern and rustic at the same time. That's what I love about it.

Now, French doors here open up from the entry and formal living room. Those are the French doors that we have off of the family room. Again, it's all connected to the outdoors.

There's a retaining wall on my right hand side. And you can also see these mature trees. Lush landscape. Property is so private. Then we have these steps taking us to the side of the home where we have an outdoor dining area, bar, seating area.

You got to appreciate the olive trees as well. That's what I really like about it. And this dining area is so grand. We have this solid wood table seating for, I want to say, 15 plus. And we have never seen these kind of outdoor lights before.

They literally cantilever over the table. So modern, at night. This looks super cool as well. - [Mikey] Yeah. It's very like dreamy, you know. - [Enes] Very dreamy. Well said, Mikey.

Now you have your outdoor grill there. Outdoor seating area with a fireplace. And look how private it is. I'm just going to use this way here for a second.

Go between these trees, this is your side yard, not even your backyard. And this section, we have French doors opening up from the family room and the kitchen. Another important detail I want to mention, there's a secondary driveway right there that comes up all the way here. Perfect for caters. Additional parking for the staff that's going to maintain this home. They can literally bring their car up here.

Now, let's wrap around to the front section of this property. Outdoor seating area with a fire pit right in the center. There's a lower outdoor seating area there. And look at the views. Look at the grounds. I'm getting so excited. Look at this grand staircase.

That brings you to the entry and to this point. And that's your front lawn area with this contemporary pool. Let's go down there. This pool looks very inviting.

60ft long, 20ft wide, dark plaster, Baja shelves. And look how amazing this space is. Grass lawn, outdoor seating area on the other side.

This space really gives me a Hampton's vibe. You have your long pool. Your estate is on the back. It's private, it's lush, and all you want to do is just walk around and take it all in. - [Mikey] Yeah, it looks really cool. And this starts to give you an idea of the topography of the land.

A little bit better. - [Enes] Yeah, we're still within the property. Yeah, how we have these elevation changes right there.

We just have the stairs that we were on top of around the corner. We have the side yard and barbecue area that we just toured. And there's even more down below us, which we will see in a second.

- [Enes] Absolutely. To me, house is gorgeous, but having grounds like this is what takes it to another level. You can easily have two to three hundred people here hanging out for an event, and you can accomplish that with this property.

Now, this is the main staircase going up to the entry, and now we're at the motor court. This is the front facing balcony, three car garages below. You can easily park 20 to 30 cars here just on this space alone.

And if this is not enough for you, down below us, we have a ten car garage that matches the architectural lines of this home, and it also has a spacious driveway. So in total, I want to say you can park 40 to 50 cars on this compound, which is incredible. It's not something that you find on every single property in Beverly Hills.

Land is really valuable here. And not only you get the privacy, you get the grounds, you also get the space that you can really use for your cars or for your events. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's insane. And I got to say, this frame I'm looking at on my camera right now looks absolutely crazy. The house is just towering above you. - [Enes] The development of an incredible property like this doesn't happen without the all important component of financing.

So we sat down with Max's business partner Emil, to learn just a little bit about their process. Emil, thank you so much for joining us. You are Max's business partner on this project. How do you help someone like Max to balance between financing, designing, staying in a timely manner, and keeping investors happy? - [Emil] Typically, you buy the land, you engineer it, and you figure out what you're going to build, and then you start the design process. With Max, he does the opposite. When we're in escrow, he's designing the project.

By the time we close the deal, it's rendered. So you already know what it's going to look like, how it's going to feel like. - [Enes] What you're getting into. - [Emil] Exactly. Max and I put in significant amount of capital of our own into the deal.

Besides that, we go out there and raise money. Right. How do we do that? Well, by having a track record of success. You have to put in some of your own skin in the game.

I mean, look, people want to be a part of a cool project. The best thing about kind of at the level that we're at now, everybody likes each other, people are having fun. You create this product. Yeah. You're working your butt off to try to make it happen. And it's 14 hours, days, and Max is here looking at every crevice, every single thing, doing touch ups, et cetera, making sure it's a product that he wants to be proud of. For him, it's extremely personal. - [Enes] Very personal.

- [Emil] Very personal. And so, I mean, it's a joy to see that on the site, at least for me. Right.

And I love it when my partners are all hands on deck. I'm very passionate about what I do. He's passionate about what he does. And that chemistry, that energy is what people see.

The investors know that, right? They get their reports, they're excited, they tour the property like, we did this together. That formal living room right there. Look at that glass assembly.

That's a front facing balcony. Again, down below, we have a three car garage, exterior door. And this is the guest suite that we toured on the main level. You can actually see the balcony from here. Now we're going to take an interesting route. I want to open up this French door here, so we could go in to the lower level guest suite.

What I like about this space is the fact that it has its own exterior access. Guest suite is very spacious. King size bed right in the center. Small seating area, closet space.

And the color palette. And the design palette used in this room is on the lighter side with these terrazzo tiles. Mikey, let's quickly show it. We have a full bathroom here that carries out the same terrazzo elements all the way into the walk in shower. This modern pedestal sink with incorporated top, brush nickel fixtures, and going back out, of course, we have a full walk-in closet here, Rimadesio cabinetry.

Overall really nice guest suite. And again, I really like these lighter tones. Now, coming here, this is the secondary staircase landing, storage closets. This door right here opens up to the laundry room.

All stainless steel cabinetry, commercial grade. And then we have this door opening up to the three car garage that we saw earlier. Same terrazzo floors are here. Again, stainless steel built-ins and open shelving. And on the other side, we have the staircase landing. For the main staircase, we have a small built-in area here.

Open shelves above, refrigerator down below. And going this way, we have the screening room. I really like this couch. Massive TV on the other side, black plaster throughout. And on the walls, they have this rock wall feature.

With LED lights to create contrast and give depth to this room. Looks super cool. Then we go over here. Game table, another pattern wall.

That's walnut, floor lights. And we have two built-in seating areas with skylights above. I hope I mentioned it when we were at the backyard, but you can actually see those skylights from there. And some bookshelves. It's just a cozy area for you to just sit down, relax, and enjoy the lower level.

With that, we're done here. Now let's go to the second floor so we can check out the bedroom suites. Now, off of this staircase landing, we have three guest suites. This staircase here takes you up to a really unique space that we're going to check out in a bit. But first, I want to take everybody here so we can see the first guest suite that faces the front.

Steel case, french doors open up to a private balcony for this room. Then we have a queen size bed here, wall paneling on the back. I really like this light fixture right here.

Spacious room, built in Rimadesio closets. And of course, right here we have a beautiful full bathroom, with a glazed tile walk in shower and a floating vanity. Now I want to take everybody back to the landing. On the other side, we have two guest suites. First one starts here.

Queen size bed here, oak paneling on the back. Great volume with two skylights. Then we have French doors here opening up to a back facing balcony. And this balcony is shared by the bedroom next door as well.

And around the corner, we have the full bathroom. Now, I really want to take my time to cover the details here because this is one of the chicest bathrooms we toured over the last few months. I love this pastel pink tile selection that starts on the floors and runs all the way to the walls.

You can actually see these oversized subway tiles installed in a vertical pattern. And in between, they have these thicker pieces to create some depth. Beautiful brush nickel fixtures, freestanding tub right in the center.

And if you look above, you can actually see the rainhead because this is also your shower. I love this bathroom. I love the color palette here. This is just so chic and retro. - [Mikey] Yeah, I really like this as well.

I feel like, it is not clashing with the house, but it is different enough to stand out. - [Enes] Without a doubt, it's definitely different. It picks those pink elements that we saw so far. Remember the walkway, front lawn area, main staircase house has this slight midcentury influence, I almost want to say.

And to me, this is just a fun take on the bathroom. And it looks absolutely gorgeous. Now, on the other side, we have a floating vanity with a cabinet on the bottom. Generous countertop space, built-in sink. Again, brush nickel fixtures.

Just a beautiful bathroom. Now, this is not it for this guest suite because right above us, we have an amazing loft. This is an extremely unique space. You can use it as an office or a seating area.

Two skylights bring great natural light to this level. And on my right hand side, we have a small seating area. Coffee table, storage closet. This is a fun space. And, Mikey, follow me this way. We also have a built-in bookshelf here.

Well, this bookshelf also works, as a secret door that leads you to the second part of the loft, where we have a small office. - [Mikey] You know, I love secret doors. How cool is this. This is really cool. I like this.

- [Enes] This is fantastic. And follow me this way. This is the door and the small walkway that takes you back to the landing. So from the loft, you can actually go down to the staircase landing. I really like this little loft area.

This is incredible. And again, small office setup, two chairs. And down below us, we have the third guest suite. Just like the bedroom next door.

It's very spacious. Hardwood floors, queen size bed here, wood paneled back wall. French doors open up to an amazing balcony, beautiful views. And above us is the loft, which looks super cool from this angle. You have your TV, you have your walk-in closet behind this door.

And around the corner, we have the full bathroom. Now, I really like the terrazzo approach here. With the floor tiles and the wall tiles. And if you look closely, you can see that floor tiles are a little bit more polished, has that polished look.

Wall tiles are more flat and a little bit textured, so there's a nice subtle contrast there. Then your shower is all open with a glass wall, beautiful brush nickel fixtures. You have your floating vanity on the other side, another gorgeous bathroom. Now let's jump back to the landing again so we can continue our tour of the rest of this home. Now, coming to this point, we get this amazing view of the main floor as well as the second floor walkway that takes you all the way to the primary bedroom suite.

This vaulted roof line here, exposed steel beams with LED lighting, wood clad ceilings, light fixtures, these massive steel cased doors and windows bringing so much natural light to the space. And all of these qualities coming together makes this walkway bridge and this moment really special. You get to call this place your home, and it's fantastic. Then you have art pieces creating beautiful contrast around the property against these dark plaster walls. I'm speechless.

- [Mikey] Actually. At a loss for what to say. This is a really awesome space, and we actually get a really good view of the front door from here and how big it is. - [Enes] It's massive.

And then you have your main staircase curving beautifully and bringing you to the second level as well. And right here is the massive pivot door that opens up to your primary bedroom suite. Come on in. Now, this walkway takes us to the bedroom. But before we go there, I want to go right here so we can start our tour with the first walk in closet. Rimadesio, built-in cabinetry with glass doors and sleek handles.

Look so beautiful. Then we have an island right in the center with a glass top. And within the built-in cabinetry, we also have LED lighting.

I mean, this looks like an exquisite boutique. We have great volume here. Two windows bring in natural light. And you can go to the bedroom side, either through this walkway right here, which also has two doors opening up to a private balcony. Or you can take this side and go to your bedroom.

Follow me this way. This space is phenomenal. The volume, king size bed, seating area by the fireplace, black plaster wall, built-ins, steel case french doors opening up to the front balcony. I can easily do a ten minute walkthrough of this bedroom alone. And I really mean that. When you start looking into details and how this room was curated, it really impresses you.

I mean, look at this bed. This has to be one of the most beautiful beds we have ever seen on our channel. I know you like low profile beds, but something about this headboard. And how it's upholstered. Color selection and the minimalist approach here is chef's kiss.

I love it. - [Mikey] I know Max, is a fantastic designer of homes but, the fact that he curates all the furniture to place in the space as well really makes it kind of unique and special. - [Enes] He obsesses over them. And when you look around, come with me. Let me show you this detail. So we have this built-in switch plate here with a plug, with a USB-C outlet.

- [Mikey] Let me get close here. - [Enes] And it also has this reading light. And look how incredible this detail is. This wasn't just randomly chosen, right? A lot of times on the homes that we tour, it will be a nice, elegant light switch or like a cover plate. And you look at the back wall and it has this beautiful texture.

It's vein match runs all the way to the ceiling. And then you can see the exposed roof rafters with LED lighting, wood clad ceilings to really warm up the space. And on the other side, you have a cozy, intimate seating area. Fireplace with a brass around, beautiful marble wall on top. And next to the fireplace is this built-in section here. LED lit, open shelves and more Bearbricks.

To me, I'm really fascinated by all these accessories, finishes, materials coming together to curate a space like this. And that's what makes it so unique. Why having these homes, so finished to perfection is that important to you? That's what I want to know. - [Max] Bringing all these materials and finishes and the furniture pieces in harmony is just an amazing feeling that I have in the end of each project. And having the furniture pieces is very important to me. But I just want them to enjoy the product as it is in the full scope.

- [Enes] Now, we have this opening leading us to an intimate seating area for the primary bedroom. Beautiful couch. All these windows bring in so much natural light. French doors opening up to a private balcony.

And above us, we have this unique ceiling design with turnbuckles, modern chandelier, TV on this side, amazing views, more Bearbricks. And before we leave behind Mikey, we have a gorgeous wet bar fabricated out of marble with open shelves. Now let's take everybody back to the primary bedroom one more time to take it all in. Phenomenal space. We have the primary bathroom on this side, which we're going to check out just in a second.

But now I want to open up this French door here so we can check out the balcony. We are part of this beautiful canyon in Beverly Hills. It's lush, it's green, it's relaxing. You can look down to your grounds. Look how amazing that pool looks. We talked about the outdoor seating areas here earlier.

It's fantastic. - [Mikey] This is what I love about the canyons of Los Angeles. Even though we're kind of in the heart of the city, it feels like we could be in any scenic location in the world. It's so green and beautiful, and we're, what, like, ten minutes from the heart of Beverly Hills? - [Enes] Correct. You live in the city, but you get to enjoy an environment like this. This is your backdrop off of your primary bedroom.

It's incredible. Just amazing. All right, let's go back into the bedroom so we can go to the other side and start our tour of the primary bathroom, which is amazing. Just as impressive as the bedroom.

Come on in. First thing you recognize, obviously, is the volume. Again, LED lit, roof rafters, wood clad ceilings, black plaster.

And right in the center, we got this beautiful fabricated vanity and makeup area combo. And look at these drawers. Look at these fronts, how it's all vein match, custom fabricated. And again, I don't want people to underestimate the word custom fabricated. This was all designed by Nobel LA. They had technical drawings.

They got all these pieces fabricated in Europe, brought it here, assembled to make sure it looks perfect. You have two sinks and can we get a close up, Mikey? I know we saw one on the lower level, but even the drain covers are branded. Yeah. Nobel LA.

- [Mikey] I would love to do a video where we go to Max's studio and learn what the process is like to design stuff like this. That would be pretty cool. - [Enes] It's intricate, super detailed, very painstaking. Yeah. Let me give you a heads up. Those are the qualities you're going to see. You're going to realize how many pages.

Some of these drawings can be a vanity as simple as this one. Can be hundreds of pages between the hardware drawers, stones, slabs, cuts, heights. - [Mikey] Before it even goes to modeling software.

- [Enes] Exactly. Then you have fixtures. You have to incorporate plumbing lines, and you want to make sure it looks this minimalist. And then you look on the back, then you realize they have these vertical mirror walls with LED lighting separating those two vanities.

Because, again, we have a makeup area on the other side. Now, before I talk more about this assembly, I actually want to pull everybody this side. Antonio Lupi.

Free standing tub, resin base. Gessi fixtures, you have more of that copper tone. Then you go behind this glass partition wall. You arrive to your walk in shower. Impressive. Built-in bench, marble floors.

These two freestanding shower heads with handheld and shower head above. Then you have your rainhead, windows bring in natural lights. And honestly, if I lived in this house, I would pull all these blinds up and just expose it to the outdoors.

Because this property is super private. No one is going to see you up here. You might as well enjoy your shower. - [Mikey] This is one.

- [Enes] Enjoy the views. - [Mikey] This is one of the coolest showers I think we've ever seen. Not only because of the design I really like these shower heads and the rainhead, but also just like the window array you have in here. You have, like, 180 degree views of your backyard.

It's really cool. - [Enes] Absolutely. And these freestanding shower heads are definitely unique. Even the handhelds are just so exclusive. - [Mikey] Yeah, and my favorite thing is how they control everything right here.

I thought it was a stereo when I first got in here. It's really cool looking. - [Enes] And this is the walk-in shower. Mikey, stay right there.

Let me go to the other side. You flow right back out to the center of the bathroom. You have your first water closet here. Of course, Max would design a stone back wall, for the toilet with LED lighting just so even that looks elevated. Yeah. He could have just easily mounted on the wall here, but instead, you can flare it up like this, Rimadesio built-in cabinets.

Mikey, can you pan up for a second? Are you seeing those strips? - [Mikey] Yeah. - [Enes] Those are LED lights that face the ceiling. They're mood lights.

- [Mikey] So, like, at night, with all the lights off, it just adds a little bit of a little bit of light in here. - [Enes] Exactly. I'm sure I know you like details like this.

The lighting in this house is something else when it comes to mood lighting. Backlighting every single fixture, recessed in floor lights. Throughout it's pretty impressive. You have your second water closet. And follow me this way, Mikey.

This is the makeup area. Again, all fabricated out of marble. They have this leather inserted section here. Rimadesio built-in cabinetry.

Another picture window that faces the backyard. This is without a doubt one of my favorite homes we have ever toured in Beverly Hills. I'm really glad we got an opportunity to tour it and share it with all of you. And we've been also recognizing that a lot of our viewers have been asking us to do longer tours at night because they really enjoy seeing these properties with all the lights on, how they live at night. And I can't think of a better home to show you than this one.

- [Max] So for me, the evening scenario of the lighting is very important because evening is where you spend every day in your house. During the day, I usually work. I cannot enjoy 01:00 p.m., sunshine at the pool.

That's why it's only the weekends. But every day in the evening, I'm in my house and I want to enjoy different scenarios. Ambient light. I want everything in the soft lights and the whole house become much warmer when you turn on all the lights. In the ambient scenario for the evening, each beam and the ceiling has a lighting.

Every single item that you see in design has here a separate lighting. Now it's been a minute, since we have done one of these tours, walking the property at night. This one is so special that we wanted to take the time to run you guys around one more time. Welcome to the main level.

This is the family room. Again, all that built-in lighting, ceiling lights, track lights, mood lights throughout. Really play a huge role when it comes to the feel of this home at night. This is the kitchen.

Looks just as good at night, too. And coming right here, formal dining area. Chandeliers above with windows all dark now. It's a little bit more intense. And the importance of these recessed in floor lighting, there you go.

It just creates a nice contrast. And obviously, if you dim the lights here and dim the chandelier, it will amplify even more and you can see more of the lightbox design here. Another thing I want to point out. Look at the lighting within the light switches. They really pop.

- [Mikey] Oh, yeah. During the day, these are just details we really can't see. - [Enes] And welcome to the entry and the formal living room.

Has to be the most impressive space within the property. Volume here. Exposed roof rafters. Now you can really see how the lighting within the beams play a huge role in regards to softening and warming up the space. Then you have your modern light fixtures, light box design behind the built-ins.

A lot to take in. What a beautiful home. And with that, we are done with our tour. Hope you'll enjoy this video. Big congrats to Max and his team at Nobel LA for doing a fantastic job with this house.

As always, you can find more information about this property and Nobel LA in the description of this video. If you enjoyed the tour, make sure to give us a like, subscribe and we'll see you guys on the next one.

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