Insane Wild Camping Spot on the Way to Salalah S06 EP.116 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

Insane Wild Camping Spot on the Way to Salalah S06 EP.116 | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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Even if you're not interested in camping... We can comfortably spend our night here. We'll simply set up everything by the beach. Oh they have just parked it here. Looks like it's out of order.

I could just lay my sleeping mat here... And fall asleep. And it's not too windy here. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Good Morning.

I stayed last night at one of the most beautiful places ever. And I had a great sleep. Woke up rather early in the morning around dawn time. That's around 6 and 6:15 am The sunset... Oh I don't mean sunset. I mean we enjoyed the sunrise.

I did try to get some photos for you guys. We're definitely sharing it with you. Hopefully you guys are gonna love it. Let me tell you something more about this area. This is the room where I stayed last night.

And when you wake up here... You wake up to this view. As you can see that there is no water near the boat... Because it's a low tide right now. And so the water has receded. All in all you wake up to such a beautiful experience.

It's an amazing place with an awesome view. Let's walk to the area behind us. It's sort of a lagoon.

It's sort of an island with water on both sides. That makes it a very small island. The drone shots might paint a better picture for you. This area down here is for chilling.

You might like to sit here and it's too hot to sit outside. However, mostly people prefer to sit outside. Honestly I didn't expect it to get cold at night. But I am too old even in summers...

That it can get up to 40 to 45 degrees in the desert and the cities. But here it remains between 20 and 25 degrees. And the conditions remain windy.

I'm talking about the summers. These days the night temperatures must be around 12 or 13 degrees. And right now during the day it must be around 18 to 20. But as the sun will gradually rise...

It won't be too hot... But it will stay between 20 and 25 degrees. A very ideal sort of temperature...! However, the water is a little colder in comparison. And look at that. We have found a dead turtle so early in the day.

Poor soul... Rest in peace. I want to touch it and see if it's actually dead... Or is it just asleep. Nope. It's not even moving. This poor soul has in fact died.

I felt so because there wasn't any movement in the body. And it was just lying out in the open. It was lying close to the lagoon side.

There isn't much water due to low tide. I think it got stuck here. Look how clean this water is. And it's rather calm today.

Unlike yesterday ... as it's not too windy. The white sand here is really beautiful. Personally I really loved this place. Loved this place a lot.

And... I think... Not many people are aware of places like this. Where one can enjoy even during summers. In fact, the peak season here is during summers.

That's when people come here for kite surfing and enjoying the beach. The other places are just too hot. Because this place is sort of in the sea. If you look at the map, it looks like an island. Perhaps that's why the weather here is much better.

Let me show you how this tent looks like from inside. And what sort of facilities do they offer here. As you can see...

There are four beds here. It's a simple and very basic arrangement. Not very luxurious. In my opinion, one doesn't need any luxury at natural sites like this one. All one needs is a place to sleep.

Some space to put your luggage and that's it. This is the rear side. There's a mattress here as well. Perhaps a spare one to be used when needed. The water tanks that you see here... These are brought here from the city.

Time for breakfast. We have some eggs here. There's some bread as well. The bread's over there.

Let's have our breakfast with bread and omelet. After that we'll pack our stuff and leave. The plan is that... Since Salalah is still quite far from here...

Even if we are able to cover 200 to 300 km today... We'll have to go almost 40 km off road to get to the road, first. And then we'll get our stuff from there. So... may be...

We'll reach Salalah in a day or two. Otherwise, it's gonna take a lot of time. Because there are a little too many amazing places here. And we can't visit every single one of them.

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Omar... Thank you. Take care... And come back... In Sha Allah... (If Allah wills) In Sh Allah...

Take care... and as you say in Urdu... 'Sweetheart' And may Allah keep you happy. We welcome everyone from Pakistan.

Whales Head Camp Whales Head Camp Thank you so much See you... Come to Pakistan Oh yeah.. Last time you visited Karachi. Visit Lahore this time.

Omar is going to Lahore so you might see him in Pakistan somewhere. People might recognize you from these videos. Okay... Allah Hafiz Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make this a safe and memorable ride for us. We are leaving now.

It got quite windy a while ago but it's much better now. People here were really amazing. And you have already seen the place. If you guys can visit this place, you must.

Do mention my videos... or me for that matter. It will definitely make these guys happy. We are now gonna focus on staying on the right track. The water is coming back now. I wanted to go for snorkeling. But the low tide took the water way back...

And our boat got stuck in sand so we couldn't go anywhere. So I deemed it better to leave. So that...

We can comfortably reach some camping spot or hotel... Before it gets dark. It is slightly hot at the moment due to sunlight. Looks like the water had really gone back to the sea last night.

My motorcycle is slightly skidding off sand. Secondly, ours are the only fresh tire tracks here. I can see a big truck in front of us. I don't know who is in there. Look like Europeans, though. We'll have a better look as we go near.

Trucks or caravans like this one... Must have come from either Germany or Switzerland. It's from Giessen... Not too far from where I live.

Hello how are you guys? Very good. Are you from Giessen? Yeah. I live in Mainz. Not far from you guys.

How's everything going? All good? Everything is good. We are searching for a place to stay overnight. No place was available behind where we stayed? Yes but it was far away from the water.

Yes but it was far away from the water Good, then. Have lots of fun. And have a great trip. Thank you. Goodbye Goodbye These 4x4 trucks are really amazing.

You can take them anywhere. And you have all the facilities. When I'll get older... I'll buy one of these. Until then, let's make sure our YouTube channel keeps growing, so that we can have enough money to buy the truck.

I was asking him why they didn't stay back there. He told me that water is a little far into the sea, back there. And he was right. The huts that they have back there...

They are there because it's a more spacious place. This is the road to sugar dunes. Our ride from here on wards will be off road. Let's hope the route will be good. Looks fine so far, though. Won't be an issue if it stays like this.

And we'll get there without trouble. Straight in that direction... Thank you. So I got a little confused about the way. Because the route that was shared by my friend was from some other spot. So I just confirmed it from these guys.

They told me to go straight this way, for about 15 km or so. Then I'll see a factory... followed by a village 1 km ahead. We need to turn left from there.

Hopefully we'll get there easily. Actually, there's no mobile phone coverage here. That's why I asked this family for help.

He was kind enough to call my friend... and then gave me all the information that I needed. This truck must be coming from that salt factory. That's the resort.

They have installed a fence here. All the area behind it, is owned by the resort. I think it's still under construction. Assalam Alekum It's not finished yet. Still under construction. So, you may get to see a resort here in a year or so.

Nevertheless, it's an amazing spot for camping. I think these are sugar dunes around us now. The white colored sand dunes that we are seeing right now.

Lets keep moving forward... We may get to see something interesting. Or we can get up there and have a better look of the whole place. Ever since I came to Middle East.. and it's been more than a year... It's for the first time that I saw white colored dunes. However, there were some places in Saudi Arabia where I could see small dunes by the road side.

But it's right here that I get the proper feeling of being in the desert. And on top of everything... As a famous phrase goes... 'where the sea meets the desert...'

That's right here... So we have sea on one side... And on the other we see white dunes. Overall, it's difficult to get here. But it's undoubtedly worth visiting.

Because this is a really beautiful place. Especially if you look towards this side... You'll see all the dunes.... Also because there's no wind today, the view is amazing.

Let's sit here for some time. I'm not sure if I'll sit here till sunset or not. Because it's still a couple of hours away And we don't plan on being here for that long.

However, we will stay here for half an hour or so... To experience and enjoy the beauty of this place. A cool breeze is blowing, along with a gentle sunlight. We are not in any hurry to leave.

I can see a few cars parked over there. Let's ask them about this spot. I think we can do camping here as well. And even if we are not interested in camping, we can comfortably spend our night here.

We'll simply set up everything by the beach. Ah... It's just parked here. Looks like it's out of order.

I was actually talking about this. Well... that... over there... What's that over there? I can just lay my sleeping mat here... And fall asleep. And it's not so windy either. That means no need to pitch the tent.

Finally, I have setup my tent. At first, I thought that I might not need it. But one sleeps more comfortably inside a tent. And one doesn't have to worry about anything getting inside; insects for instance.

That's my sleeping pad. I've filled it with air. And it's all ready.

This is the rest of my luggage. We might as well set it properly. Don't want my stuff to get blown away by the wind at night... or the sand to spoil it in any way. So, setting up our tent turned out to be a good decision.

Look at this... There were no insects here, a while ago. And now there are scores of them; coming from nowhere. There could be something edible in our bag... And its smell could have attracted the insects. Perhaps that's why the whole area around the bag is covered with insects.

It's good that we have a tent now. At least, we can sleep comfortably. Finally I have setup everything. All that is left to do is to change into pajamas.

And sleep... You can have an idea about how tired I am by my face and my eyes. Hopefully we are gonna have a comfortable night here.

At least that's what it seems. There's a cool and gentle breeze here. I'm gonna have a good night sleep. We are quite far from the city, so there won't be any noise.

Anyways... let's see how it goes. You'll find out all about that in the next vlog. I hope nothing is missing now. I think not. I think only the part where you Like, Subscribe and Share, is missing. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz

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