Insane Frozen Animal Market of World's Coldest City (Yakutsk, Russia )

Insane Frozen Animal Market of World's Coldest City (Yakutsk, Russia )

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The fish has frozen to a rock. This rabbit has died due to freezing. Look what I found here.

It's a chopped head of a horse. Milk is sold in the frozen form here. The cabbage is like a stone now after freezing. This is the 7th layer of clothing.

That's 1...2...3 layers... Guys this is a frozen horse head. People eat almost everything for surviving. There's no market similar to this in the entire world. These 2 fingers are feeling numb.

My name is Tourvashu. I am currently in the coldest city of the world. Which is the Yakutsk, capital city of Sakha republic.

I am in the house now, and the temperature here is around 30C. The temperature outside is -40C. Which means there is a difference of 70C. This is my locality guys. Look at the local locality of Yakutsk. The entire city is white.

It almost feels like someone has painted the city white. The temperature is so low here that people equip this type of mat on the cars. So that it doesn't apply any pressure over the engine. He has covered the entire engine.

This blanket is made of wool guys. There are in total 3 layers of coating here. No wait!...there's more below. All the different pipes of oil, fuel and water in the engine. All of them are covered with wool.

OMG! Greetings As I showed you in the previous vlog that all the glasses are double-layered. This front windshield is also double-layered. An extra windshield has been placed here. They have joined them with tape. So that the car doesn't lose the temperature.

All the mirrors are doubled. I had never worn these many layers of clothing in my entire life. On my upper body there are 6 layers of clothing. Down below there are 5 layers. There are so many.

This jacket of mine is bears -20C. So I thought if each layer at least bears 5C, Then I might survive this -40C somehow. It's -40C now, at night it will fall to -50C. The temperature outside is -40C but according to the weather app, it's -48C. Whereas the forecast for the night is over -50C.

We have come to the biggest market of Yakutsk. People from out of Yakutsk call this 'Fish market' or 'Animal market' or 'Local market'. There are all types of fishes and seafood here.

There's a variety of meat here. This is a duck that is completely frozen. Their prices are written below. There are fish of all sizes here.

Look at this... The fish has frozen to an extent that it feels like a stone. Hear the sound guys. You can use this as a hammer. There are sizes of fish here. Small fishes, large fishes.

The temperature inside a refrigerator is around -20C. And the temperature here is around -40C. This means the temperature here is lower than that of the refrigerator. Just imagine that we are roaming in a refrigerator. This is as capable as wood, iron, and stone.

It's so rough and tough. I don't feel like I am holding a fish. This is around 10kg.

We can weigh things here. This fish is 6.5kg. The fish is sold for 1500 ruble or 1800 INR per kilo.

All the varieties of fishes are available here. But most of the fish are caught from the places nearby. Look at this. OMG! This is rabbit guys. 2000 rubles per rabbit. Look at this!....the rabbit has died while being frozen.

Look at this! I am not able to twist this rabbit. His every part and organ is frozen. Even its flesh and meat have been frozen. The fur is good but the internal parts are stones. Look at this guys, it's frozen cow milk. It's completely frozen guys.

Have you ever seen frozen milk? Buy it from the market and take it home. Heat it and make it melt then sip on it. It's 150 rubles per liter. It's frozen so it's measured in kilos.

Since you cannot measure in liters, this is one kg. This is sold in kilos and the price is 150 rubles per kilos. I drank soup from these berries in Mongolia, it was so good. This is cabbage guys. It has been frozen to a stone guys. This is cabbage guys.

Hitting with this will break open anyone's head. There are a few more types of birds here. I wonder which animal's fur this is. Is this skin or fur? This is reindeer's skin and fur. She works while standing on this.

Look at their shoe guys. There are so unique. The normal residents and tourists like I hardly come out for 30mins. But people here stand in such temperature from morning till night.

Their boots and cap are so thick. These are local Yakutsk clothes. Look how dangerous this looks.

This is the local jacket. This jacket is made from a reindeer's skin. It's so thick that I am not able to bend my hands. I look so fat here. This is my 7th layer of clothing. It's very thick and warm.

This will keep me warm at -70C as well. And with this jacket alone you can bear -60C. That's 1...2...3 layers... And this is the fourth layer. When I stand here my legs feel less cold.

But here I can feel the low temperature on my legs. So people stand on this for the entire day. She manages her entire shop from here. This market is frankly very large. Although this is a single shop here but there are several shops like this ahead.

The shops are extended very long, let me show you a little. She said to keep wearing this reindeer fur. She said I can return in when I am going back home. Look what I found here. Whose head is this?... Horse?

OMG! they are selling a chopped horse head. And this is horse meat. This is the chopped meat of a horse. This here is the meat with bones.

This horse's head is very heavy. This is completely frozen guys. You can see his teeth. -50C and -60C are very common here.

People eat everything to survive here. This includes raw meat. This is pork and beef. This is some animal's liver here. It's very big. This is cow's tongue guys, it's sold for 1800 rubles per kilo.

You can buy any part of any animal separately here. You can buy and cook the food you want. I have visited so many markets but this market is one of its kind.

And even if it exists somewhere then it is going to be super rare. We are walking for a while now but the market is reluctant to end. I am out for over 30mins.

So my hand is kind of affected now. This is some animal milk. They are selling this as blocks of ice. People are complimenting the cloth I am wearing.

These locals are wearing clothes like cabbage. People here tell that we cannot fight this environment and weather. So you just need to respect and wear lots of clothes to survive. People here advise me to wear as much as clothes like a cabbage. If I am going out of the house. And I am supposed to eat all kinds of meat to survive here.

People of this place eat all types of animal meat. They consume both cooked and raw meat. I was in the market for over 30mins and now I am not able to bear this cold anymore.

So I will have to get inside the car for a while. My legs and hands are freezing. I just removed my hands out for a few seconds. Just to take some picture videos from my phone. And my hands are in a terrible situation from that. I feel so much pain in this hand.

And I don't even feel These two fingers anymore. I guess it will take 15-20mins for this to get normal. I would have suffered from frostbite if I removed the gloves for a minute. My hand's skin cells would have been harmed. It's very dangerous out here. It will be harmful if we are not careful here.

If you suffer from extreme frostbite then you might as well forget about that body part. That body part might be paralyzed or completely dead. While going on this path......

This is a complete reindeer's meat. Took a reindeer, chopped it's head and removed its skin. Used the skin for clothes and then brought the left-out meat here. It's reindeer's raw meat. I had never seen one like this.

Look at this, there are smaller pieces of the meat here. Every reindeer is pf 63 kilos. So this entire reindeer is 35000 rubles.

Which means it's 40000 INR. The entire city of Yakutsk is completely white. But you can still see some people walking here.

Those are either students from school or people from jobs. Look at these gloves, even that is looking fierce. He is using socks like gloves. I feel like I am gonna die here and end up as a tomb.

My body parts other than hands and legs are manageable. Ujin was telling me that during the Soviet era, an Indian movie was quite popular in Russia. Everyone knows it so I don't need to mention it. So aged people treat Indians with high respect. Although the younger generation also treats us well, there are more people in the age criteria who do that. My shoes which can bear -15C are not keeping my legs warm for over 20mins.

My leg is completely frozen. I am wearing 2 pairs of socks that I bought from Mongolia. They are made from sheep wool, these keep us very warm. This is equal to 5 pairs of socks from India.

Ujin has Brought me this shoe. This shoe is from the local, he told me to try this. He said if I am comfortable in these shoes then I should buy them from the market. I am gonna wear these shoes now.

We are drinking this tea which is made from berries. This is Yakutsk's natural tea. It has tea leaves, berries, and water. It has no sugar or milk. It's quite tasty.

I am coming out wearing this shoe. These dangerous-looking shoes. I am coughing a lot since the weather is extreme here. I am gonna be making 3-4 different videos in Yakutsk.

So you will not be able to see everything in this video. I will be sharing all the information about Yakutsk but in 3-4 videos. There are so many things that I can show, so I cannot cover everything in one video. You will have to see all the videos to learn about their tradition and culture. We have come here for some garden.

This is a garden and you can even call this a lawn. This is in the center of the city. The view is so good that i have no idea where I am.

It feels like I am in a separate world altogether. He is shaking the tree for making the snowfall. Everything is extreme here guys. As I walk my legs are sinking into the snow until my knees. This is why this is called a Snowshoe. This shoe covers until my knees.

Look I am gonna shake this tree. I have showered in this artificial snowfall. There's an amusement park in this garden.

This is functional only in summer. Look it's written summer stay. There's a large Ferris wheel here. Which is covered in the snow completely.

No one is here now. It's functional in summer but now it's closed. The colorful Ferris wheel has become white. For over 8 months it's cold in Sakha republic.

Winters are from October to May. The summer is only for 4-5 months In summer the temperature is around 30C. The lowest temperature recorded in the winter is -72C. Which means there is 100C difference from summer to winter.

In this Sakha republic the temperature difference between summer and winter is so much.

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