India’s CRAZIEST Party

India’s CRAZIEST Party

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Good morning. Good morning. Good morning everybody, and welcome back to another video here in India. Actually, the first video in Delhi but a very special video because today is a massive day of celebrations. Today is Holi, so I’m actually here at the Ambassador Hotel. I got the room right here in the center. We got

three one five right over here. We've got one sire with one-- Geez, he got me good there. Geez, the guy's been getting me more times then I’m getting him. I used to be the guy with the scare tactics and then we've got machan [Bro] number two over here go with Ali, he's probably hiding behind the door.

He’s still got me, the machans [Bros] have got me. Luckily, I have two coffees in the system right now so we have the energy ready to take you guys with us on one of the most exciting journeys we'll be doing here in India. Let’s go. Alright, the boys are heading out. Good morning.

Oh is it popping off out there? Hello. Hi, happy Holi. Happy Holi. Oh it's already popping off out there. Let’s go bro, chalo [Let’s go]. Namashkar [Greetings]. Alright, guys we are actually getting picked up by the Uber right now to head into old Delhi. First of all, need

to get a couple Holi supplies here as you can see, we've got our buddy right here, he's already got purple paint on his cheek and pink paint on his neck. So I’m gonna get a little fanny pack like Ali machan's [Bro] got right there. Yeah there it is. So amazing dude, you

could do a squat with him. Oh that's how you know it's a good fanny pack. There is we got the British lad raging right now. So yeah, I’m gonna pick up a fanny pack right now. I got everything in my shorts here, any clothes that I’m wearing right now to Holi I’m expecting to be done. You know I’ll probably be able to wash these shorts but the shirt I don't know if it'll survive after this.

Alright, here's our guy. Namaskaram [Greetings]. Alright, guys from just around the New Delhi gates area where we're staying at the Ambassador, I think just within a few blocks. We've got a 15-minute drive

with our good man. Aap ka naam kiya hai? [What is your name?] Nice to meet you Abdul Wahab. He's gonna be taking us all the way over to the Old Delhi area. We're gonna get that fanny pack and then we're gonna be sending it straight into Holi. You boys

ready? Oh yeah. Chalo [Let’s go]. There we go. We've got the freshly painted holi guy right there. How

we doing brother? Looking good. looking good out there. Oh he's flexing. He's riding no hands

right now. Oh my God. Tip for you brother. Happy Holi. Makes sense. Happy holi. Guys we have just arrived to old Delhi. It is time to see if we can get ourselves a little fanny.

What do you call it? Fanny pack. Yeah fanny pack yeah, yeah. yeah. That's true fanny pack a little fanny that actually could be taken in the wrong context. Do we just sneak right through here? And we're in. This is usually completely

packed. There's like a thousand people here yesterday when I came. A thousand people yesterday. Holy crap guys and now you're looking at this area where there's pretty much nobody. It's probably a very interesting video for you guys to first see of my experience here in Delhi because like the streets aren't crowded. These markets aren't crowded. It's quite an interesting

time. Let’s go inside. Yes we gotta get fanny packs first. I’ve no-- Okay. We got- we gotta get ourselves the fanny packs first. Okay. [___] close. This system open, okay. Good

point, good point. Oh we got something coming along. let's go. Alright, how are we doing this? You guys have your YouTube channel? Oh yeah. Oh Happy Holi brother. Happy Holi brother. Happy Holi brother.

Happy Holi. Alright, guys we're back in business. How are we doing? Happy Holi brother. Oh we're doubling down, we're switching there we go here we go. Happy Holi bro. Oh yeah, Happy Holi. Happy

Holi bro. Thank you brother, Happy Holi. It is we all have different channels. Let’s do it. Hello.

Thank you, nice meeting you all goodbye my friends, have a great day goodbye. Happy Holi. Oh there we go, I’ve spotted him, he's up on this roof. He’s up on the roof. Oh he's sniping. Alright, he just reloaded. I saw him grab something from the side there.

From the- from the window. From the windows. There he is, there he is. Hey, try and get us. Huzzah. [Laughter] Happy holi my friend.

Happy holi, happy holi. Happy holi. We are getting bombarded. Hey, hey there 137 00:06:27,440 --> 00:06:33,639 it is, got him wise guy. Happy Holi.

They got him good. We have been told guys foreigners are targeted for Holi and we are already soaked. Happy Holi my friends. Happy Holi. Guys, I’m sent in trouble right here to the right. Happy holi. Let’s see.

Gotta keep the cameras rolling, we never know which way we're gonna be having some bombs coming. Happy Holi. Guys already we're not even in the prime spot for Holi and the excitement is incredible, the energy, the walking down the road you never know when a balloon's coming at you. You gotta check the rooftops above you. What an experience. We're gonna see if these guys got a fanny pack. Hello my friend,

do you have these? No. Shukria [Thank you]. 158 00:07:19,199 --> 00:07:24,549 We’ve got some action going on over here. [Music] Guys we're going in full speed ahead. [Music] [Music] [Music] Full speed ahead sire. Hello sire. There we go.

[Music] [Music] There we go sire. [Music] [Music] There we go. [Music] [Music] Happy holi.

Ali machan [Bro] let’s go. Aap ka naam kiya hai? [What is your name?] Okay I am Rajputa. Nice to meet you Rajputa. There he goes. Happy holi. [Music] We’re back in business. Wow, madness is an understatement guys.

That is Holi. Hello. Happy Holi brother. How are you doing? This year happy Holi. You too. Oh yeah, my body's gonna be red after this. My chest absolutely smacked hard. Happy Holi.

Happy Holi. Alright, we're going. Oh yeah, we're back in business. Let's go.

We’ve got- Already- What's gonna happen? I’ll keep the camera rolling. They got me. Happy holi. Oh got him, he's done Holi. Happy Holi. We got you good my guy. Oh we've got powder to go, all the types of powder he could ever want brother.

Hello, we have now been covered guys. Hello machan [Bro]. Hello machan [Bro]. Yeah machan [Bro] how are we doing machan? And we got another machan [Bro] here. How are we doing? Exactly. Happy holi. Happy holi. 216 00:12:28,240 --> 00:12:30,959 Guys as you can see, we gotta use the

windshield wipers. Oh we can see again a little bit. We are getting covered. Remember when I told you at the beginning of this vlog any clothes that we're wearing don't expect to have anymore. Hello, happy Holi my

friends. Just tripped. As you guys can see, we are pretty covered here not even at the main event. YAllah [Let’s go]. He’s running.

Full speed ahead. Happy holi. Hello, there we go brother. Alright, I think we've made it away. Oh [ __ ] we're getting run over. Happy Holi. Happy Holi. Theek hai [Good].

Oh yeah, as you guys can see where you now have a new color peach and green on the face. It's a beautiful color. It actually smells kinda good. The color of my eyes. Yeah, you got the tie dye they're going. Alright, there we go. Thank you.

We’ve got the brown one right there. Thank you. Happy Holi. Brother nice to meet you. Yes Brother happy holi.

Okay. Okay. Theek hai [Good]. Thank you bhaya [Bro]. Happy Holi bhaya [Bro].

Happy Holi bhaya [Bro]. There we go. To buy one of these, you know where we can buy one? To buy? Lena hai? [Want to buy?] Yeah. Aaj band [Today closed]. It’s closed till tomorrow. Alright, so what do you guys think? What- what do you need to put like I might have some space. Oh you might.

We’ll find the spot. Alright, guys we are loading up. Aap ka naam kia hai? [What is your name?] Mohammad Ashraf, good name, good name. As you can see, we're- we're driving the motorbike here and we can even we got a horn ding, ding. Yeah alright, how are we doing back there? I’ve never been better bro. Hello.

Happy Holi. So guys we're actually gonna be cruising over to a club that celebrates Holi, it's about 25 minutes away. Oh, oh, oh we got the troublemakers. We’re getting pulled over.

Hello. Oh thank you bro, thank you. Oh picture, yeah. Hello, hello.

Guys we had to jump out of that last one because that specific type of like trolley rickshaw we're on, it can't go outside of the old Delhi area. We need to go to Ansal plaza. Yeah Yeah how much? Yeah.

Fifty rupee. 300. 200.

How far is it? 22 minutes. It's like four dollars. Alright, guys we have a 22 minute drive to get there. Yeah same. Alright, guys the boys are

enroute I must say now that we're in the auto rickshaw and we're getting a nice breeze. It's cooling us down. It is hot here in Delhi and the boys have started this day out very strong from water balloon wars to getting loaded up with all types of powder and paint in the dance floors. As we say, chalo [Let’s go].

Keep going brother. Alright, brother you got change? 500. Thank you brother, goodbye. Happy Holi.

Thank you. Guys we just teleported to the pool party over here. One legendary game, best name in India. Best name. Imagine if you named your son Jaguar Jaggard.

We are taking you directly into the pit. [Music] Guys we're taking you directly inside the pit and holi. Let's go bro. Let’s go. Happy Holi. Here we go guys, we're headed straight into the crowd here. Up to the DJ bro, full speed ahead. Hey, let's go. Happy holi.

Let’s go. Oh yeah. Happy holi. Let’s go. With your hands up, with your hands up.

[Music] Let’s go. Alright, guys we are gonna get right over here. [Music] Clap your hands up. Clap your hands up.

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh there we go. [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Guys I will tell you, partying for- Guys I will tell you partying for Holi is incredible madness here so much going on, lots of stuff. We got squirt guns here. We got a whole bunch going on let's see what he got bro. Oh there it is, there it is. Oh, he’s got him.

Taking him up. This is Holi guys, incredible what an experience. We literally picked the best time to visit India. Happy Holi. We gotta get up to the front here bro, you show us how we're getting through. [Music] [Music] It’s getting wild out here guys.

[Music] We are leaving the party. It was a really fun time over there but we're gonna continue exploring the streets. As you can see, we started out just kinda cruising through old Delhi stopped at party number one which wasn't really much of a party, made it over to party number two, popping off, insane. The boys are loaded with energy. How are we feeling? Higher.

Oh and we're almost dying, sorry. Oh almost died there. I got so, so much energy and I am buzzing, what an amazing first day here in India. Incredible

incredible. So we're gonna be cruising on to the next place, don't know where we're going or what's gonna be happening but I guarantee if you stick around, you're gonna be happy you did. Let’s go. Brother you're taking us. Oh it feels good to sit down, I’m not gonna lie. Here we go guys, full speed ahead. That’s what I’m starting to gather.

Hello. I just made it back into the hotel room though but before I end this video, I’m gonna do a quick teleportation to be cleaned up three, two, one boom. Oh there we go, we're all cleaned up now guys. Really hope you enjoyed coming with us today for the holi celebrations, such a special time to be here in India and I hope you guys have enjoyed coming with us for the craziness of this day from starting out in old Delhi to making our way over to the big party over at the Sheraton. It was a crazy fun day, had so much fun so awesome to meet so many Indian people that are celebrating today, really nice people and so much energy. So if you guys have enjoyed this one, smash that like button. If you wanna see more

videos both here in India as well as all around the world, hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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