I Found True Humanity in the Poorest Place on Earth vA 114

I Found True Humanity in the Poorest Place on Earth  vA 114

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(Somewhere in Rwanda) - Morning, my friends. Ah, nice. I guess I'm ready. Let's go. Bye-bye. - Bye. - Bye-bye. - Let's go to the border today, guys. The border with Tanzania. So the last full day, riding in Rwanda. 80 kilometers to just before the border. Let's go, guys.

Let's go across one of the least corrupt countries in Africa, Rwanda. Hello. Hello. Hello. - Hello. - Hey, you. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello.

- Hi. Hi, hi. - Hi. - Hey, hey, hey. - So my friend here wants to come to Tanzania with me. - Are you gonna take him? - Take you? I'm already overloaded. - Yeah.

- What is your homeland? - My what? I'm from France. - France? - Yes. Hello. - How many beautiful things have you seen in Rwanda? - How many what? - Beautiful things.

- How many beautiful things? I don't know how many. But it's beautiful. The landscapes are very beautiful in Rwanda. - You're a tourist? - Yes, I'm a tourist. Yes. The peloton. The trike peloton is on the way to Tanzania.

Hello. - Camera, camera. - Hello. Oh, man. It's quite a shame. I can't catch this guy. He's going faster than me in the climb despite all the weight he has, while I have an engine. These Rwandan cyclists are really good.

Jewelry. Let's accelerate. Yes. Finally.

Oh, man. You're going too fast. And another cycle lane, guys. Ha-ha! Beautiful. The infrastructure is really, really good in Rwanda. The government does a really good job of providing a good infrastructure to the people. Hi. Hello. - Hello. - Hey, man. - Hello. - Hey, man. Hey, man. - Well, the cycle lane is not really for bicycles here.

- Boss. - Thank you. Thank you. Fine, fine. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Hello, mzungu. - Yeah. - Mzungu, mzungu. - Mzungu, mzungu. - How are you? - Yeah.

Look at this bike. - Hey. - Beautiful. - Yeah. - Nice, nice. - Yes. - Beautiful bike. - Ay. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's funny. In every city, I catch a new peloton. A new peloton.

- Yeah. - Hi. - Yeah. - Good, good. Yes. Yeah. - Yeah. Yeah. - Hello. - Hello. - I love it, man.

Hello. Hello. - Hello. (Kid hiding from the camera) - Good morning. - Good morning. Barcelona. Hello.

- Money. - Ah, money. It starts to be like in Ethiopia here. Hello. - Hello. - Oh, putain. Hello. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. Yeah. - Hello. - Yeah, hello. Yeah, yeah.

No, I'm continuing, I'm continuing. - Hi, man. - Hello. - Hi, man. - Hello. - Hey, hey, hey. Hey, man. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hey, man. Fine.

- Oh, that's a church. Interesting. Hello. Hello. - Yes. - Yes, yes. - Hello. There are too many people walking on the cycle lanes. It's just more dangerous than anything.

Ah, I need to stop for the rain now. - Where are you going? - I'm going to Tanzania. - Tanzania? - Tanzania. Yes. - Okay. - Okay, let's put on some... Let's put on the rain jacket.

- Mzungu. - Mzungu. Yes. - "Migare". - "Migare"? I don't understand. - Rain. Yeah, rain — "migare". - Rain. Yeah. - Yeah. - Ah, "migare" is Kinyarwanda. Yeah. - Yeah. - Kinyarwanda.

- What is this? - It's a trike. - Water? - Yes, this is water. Brakes. Brakes like these. Speed. Speed. - The GPS. - Velo... - Water.

- Ah, no problem. There is no problem. - Tanzania? - Yes. - Ah. - Far. - Yes, far. Far. - Look at this beautiful valley. Awesome. Okay, hopefully, it doesn't rain long.

So I don't need to put on the pants. I'm gonna lose all my sunscreen. Ah? Right there? - Ay. - No, no. It's okay. Look at this. Good. Tanzania is this way, no? - Tanzania. - Rusumo. - Yeah, Rusumo.

- Tanzania is this... - Okay. - You take a car. - A car? - Yeah. - No. No! Bicycle. - Bicycle. - Good. - Yeah. - Okay, goodbye. - Fine, fine. - Fine. Fine. - Yeah. - Have a good day. Have a good day. - Yeah. - Let's go. Oh, I'm gonna be all wet. Shit.

Maybe, I should put on the pants. - Your name? - My name is Yves. - Yves? - Yves. And you? What is your name? - Yuriki. - Yuriki? - Yes. - Nice to meet you. I mean, it doesn't look like it's gonna rain for long. So that's why I don't wanna put on the pants. And I'm getting quite in a good shape, man. I'm climbing the hill... Ah?

- Video. - Video. Yes. I'm climbing the hills quite easily now. - Yeah, it's so beautiful. - It's beautiful. Yeah. - Yes. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hey. - Hello. Hello. - Hello.

- Oh my god, and the rain... No, it doesn't look like the rain is gonna stop anytime soon. Oh my god. I think I passed the... The big storm is behind me now.

Yeah, hello. - Yeah. - Hi. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. Look at this landscape, guys. With the clouds, it's so beautiful. Hello.

- How are you? - Good. How are you? I'm happy I learned the most important word in Kinyarwanda, "hello". The pre-storm atmosphere is awesome now. How beautiful it is! Hello. - Hey. - Hello. - Hey. - Hello. - Hello. - Yeah.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hello. - Hello. - Mzungu. Mzungu. - Hello, mzungu. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Look at those rice paddies down there. Beautiful. Rwanda is so beautiful, man. Hello. I don't know if you can see it, but I can see the light of my front light on the ground. It's crazy. It's so dark. And it's midday, actually.

Beautiful storm. Rwanda is too small. It's not nice because I'm just getting used to the country now. I finally adapted to the country, and it's already time to leave. Oh, the rain is coming again, guys. Hello. - Hello, hello. - Hi. - Hey. - Hello. - Hi, hi.

- Oh, there is a big shower coming... - Hello. - ...straight ahead. Shit. Actually, it's coming from my left, I think. Hello. - Yeah. - Hello. - Yeah. - A shower coming straight ahead, guys. Big squall coming. Ay-ay-ay. It's time to eat, but there is no restaurant around here.

Oh, man. This is a big one. Oh, f***. I need to stop. Oh, man. Where do I go to hide, man? Can I come here? Let's go there. Oh, man. Hello.

As the Gallic tribes would say, the sky is falling on our heads. Here? Oh, it's better here. Yes, good. Oh, man. This is crazy. Hello. Ah? I don't understand. Oh, hello. Hello.

- Welcome! - Ah, I go inside. - Yes. - Okay. Thank you. Oh my god. Thank you. Oh, there's electricity here. Nice.

Ah? I can sit here. Okay. And this is your book, your school book. Good. I'll just check the bike. I'll make it safe.

I'll come back. To return, but... Okay. I just want to make sure that the bike does not go downhill.

I'm just gonna put this here. Okay. Oh, man. This is mental. Okay.

Oh my god, I'm so wet. Cold. Ah? Just the sound of the rain is completely crazy, man. Look at that. Look at that. This is mental. This is the apocalypse. Of course, the electricity is gone.

Is my bike still here? Yes, still here. Oh my god. Oh, look at the pigs. Look at the pigs. Oh, they left.

Look at the baby pigs. Oh, electricity is back. Oh my god. - Mzungu, how are you? - Ah? - How are you? - Mzungu. Ah? Ah, how are you? Good, good, good. Yeah. - Yeah. - Good. - Yes, fine, fine. - Fine.

But rain, rain... I'm gonna see if I can continue. Thank you. It's better. Oh, it's better. Yeah. Thank you. - Yeah. - Thank you.

Oh, the storm is over. Is the bike still here? Yes. Oh, man. Wow. I don't know.

Oh, it's so cold. Oh, man. Oh my god. - Oh my god. - Oh, it's so wet. The seat is so wet now.

- Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Yeah, okay. Thank you! - Yeah. - Yeah. - Bye-bye. Goodbye.

- He, goodbye. - Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - Oh, man. That was... It's okay, it's okay. Thank you, thank you. It's okay. Thank you. Oh, man. What an experience! I felt so weird in this house because when you have heavy rain like this, you... I mean, we're all the same.

We're all cold. We're all seeking shelter. And it's good to be helped by the locals. But just... I don't know.

Usually, when you travel in a place like this where it's very, very poor, you can't feel. You just can't feel what you see because... Because it's too much. You would cry all the time otherwise, because poverty is just too hard to see. But seeing those kids in this house, in this mud house, doing their homework despite the cold, the rain. They are drenched. We are all drenched.

And they still do their homework. They know school is, is what might take them out of misery. It was just so touching to see that. And the contrast with, you know, the wankers in the West who shit on what is given to them for free.

The human being is very strange, often. Hello. I'm so... I'm cold. I'm so freaking cold. I have spotted a restaurant, guys. I need to stop.

It's midday. I need to stop to eat, so I can also warm up a little bit. Oh, man. I'm so cold. Hey. Hello. Do you have food? Do you have food? This is a restaurant, no? Hello. Is this a restaurant? How are you? Good. Do you have food? Food? Food. Food. Okay, okay. - He has meat. - He has meat.

- Yes. - Okay. I'm gonna have meat. That's good. Oh, man. Cold. Cold. Do you have meat? Food. - Food? - Yes. Yes. - 1,000 Francs ($0.8). - Ah? 1,000. Ah, 1,000. - 1,000. - 1...

1,000 Francs? - Yeah. - Okay. What? Goat? Goat? Pork? Ah? - Cow. - Cow? - Yeah. - Beef. Cow. Okay. - Yeah. - What's this? Oh, you have matoke or... - Yeah, we have… - Oh, this is more. Okay. Can I have...? Okay, can I have three? - Yeah. Three? - Three.

- Yeah. - Okay, I'll go sit there. Oh, man. I'm so cold I'm gonna try to dry a little bit. Oh, yes. Thank you. Yeah, sorry. I only learned "hello" in Kinyarwanda, and I understand "How are you?" But I didn't learn "thank you" and "I am fine". Yet. Ah, I'm so cold. Maybe, I should change clothes, right? Oh, yes. Oh, nice. Fantastic.

Great. Thank you. How do you say "Asante" in Kinyarwanda? - Kinyarwanda? - Kinyarwanda. Asante? In Kinyarwanda. Ah, how do you say it? - How do you say it? - It's okay.

- It's okay. - Okay. It's... It doesn't work. So I'm having some, some beef, some good beef skewers. It's gonna warm me up. Oh, yes.

I definitely need to change clothes. Oh, that's so good. Look how wet I am as if I had been one hour in the swimming pool. Oh, yes. Okay, I'm almost ready to get back. This is wet. What the hell?

How come this is wet? - This was with my laptop. No, everything seems dry here. So that's good. Okay, I need to pay first. Oh, let's give 5,000. It's okay. Ay, no. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. - Yeah, bye. - Bye-bye. Thank you. - Yeah, bye.

- Oh my god. I feel better. - Oh my god. - Yes, oh my god. Yes. Oh, that was a crazy morning. - Morning. - Bye-bye. Bye-bye. - Bye-bye. - And I have this gang watching me for half an hour. Hello.

37 kilometers to go. A big climb on the way, I think. That should warm me up. But wow, that was the proper apocalypse. That was crazy, but the humanity I experienced during this time was amazing, wow. Oh, let's go.

Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. It's very interesting to see that... Well, it was off-camera, so you didn't see it, but I was really poorly, poorly welcomed by the rich people of Kigali and welcomed with such great humanity by people who have nothing here, because here they have absolutely nothing. But they have humanity. That's a big family. Hello. - Morning, morning. - Hello, hello. - Morning.

- Mzungu. Hello. Mzungu. Hello. - Hello. - Peaceful. Oh, man. Peace, peace. - Hi, good. - Good, good. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Mbappé. Hello.

Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - Hello. - How are you? - Hello. Good. Good. - Very welcome. - Very good. Hello. - You too. - Tanzania? - I'm going to Tanzania. Yes. Hello. - Hello. - Goodbye. - Yeah.

- Hello. - Hi, hi, hi. - Hi, hi, hi. - Hi, hi. - Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hello. Hello. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Yeah.

- You are fine? - How are you? - Fine, fine. - Yeah. - Changing gear. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. - Yes, yes, yes. - Hello. - Yeah.

- It's funny: this region is French-speaking actually because actually Rwanda switched... Until the genocide, it was French-speaking. But after the genocide, they switched to English. - Hello. - Hello, hello.

But it seems this region is still French-speaking. Hello. - How are you? - Hello. Good, good.

Hello. - Hello. - Good, good, good. Hello. Good, good, good. - Yeah. - Hello. - Morning, sir. - Hello. - Hello. - Yeah, mzungu. - Mzungu, mzungu. - Mzungu. Yeah.

Hello. It's getting hot. Goodbye. Hello. - Hi. - Hello. Hello, hello. - Yeah.

- Hey. Hey, mzungu. - Hello. Yes, yes. Mzungu. Hello. Yeah.

Hello. - Hello. - Hello. (Censored because of YouTube policies) - Mzungu. Mzungu. - Mzungu, mzungu. Yes. - Yes, yes. Oh, mzungu. Oh, mzungu. - Mzungu, mzungu. Yes. How are you? - How are you? - Fine. - Yes. I'm good, I'm good.

Almost there. One kilometer to my motel for tonight. Ituze Motel. That's where I... That's where I intend to stay. Let's see. He's afraid. There are rooms here? But it's there, no? Ah, it's there. Yeah. The reception is here? Hi. Do you have rooms here? Rooms? - Yeah. - Yes, you have.

For how much? - 10,000 ($8). - 10,000. Can I see it? - Yeah. - Yes. And there's loud music all night or...? - It's nice. - It's nice? - It's nice. - It's nice. Okay. There is electricity, no? - Yeah. - Yeah. Okay, good.

There is hot water? - Toilet? - Hot water. - Yeah. - Water. Water... Hot. Oh, wow. That's a big... That's a very big bathroom. 10,000? - Yeah. - Okay.

I can go there, no? - Yeah. - Okay. - No problem. - No problem. Okay. - Yeah. - Thank you. Thank you. - Yeah. - Do you like it? - This is a phone? - Phone? No, this... Speed. - Okay. - I know... - Camera? - Camera. Yeah. I know. Speed. I see the speed. This — camera. Drive.

Fantastic. - Drive it. - Ah? - Drive it. - Drive? Oh, yeah. But from there. Here. Yes. Yeah, but here careful because it goes upside down. - Up. - You want to drive there.

Remove the legs. No, legs like this. - Up. - No, no, no. Remove because...

(You can't have your feet on the pedals when going backwards) These are the brakes. - Yeah. - Okay? Because then it's gonna go fast, so you brake. Great? - Thank you. - You're welcome.

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