I Didn’t EXPECT to see this on the Beach EP.113 | Ras al Jinz | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

I Didn’t EXPECT to see this on the Beach EP.113 | Ras al Jinz | MIDDLE EAST Motorcycle Tour

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Right direction. 120 kg Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from Sur, Oman. This is the first main city on the way from Muscat to Salalah. I stayed here for a night after visiting Wadi Mibam. Let the truck pass.

It was a really beautiful valley. I hope you guys enjoyed my previous vlog. One of the best places to visit and highly recommended. We had planned to visit another valley today. But as you can see it's cloudy.

It's even raining at some places. It's not advisable to visit valleys during rain because of the possibility of flash floods. So, we might visit Wadi Bani Khalid on our way back from Salalah. Time to move forward. Situated an hour away from here is Ras Al Jinz.

This area is well known for its turtle population. Out of seven different breeds of turtles, 5 are bred here. That's because it's a protected area. We do expect to see different types of turtles. It has rather beautiful cliffs.

So we are gonna go there today. We'll also visit a ship factory outside Sur. And then we'll go on. Everything has already been setup. Time to leave. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... *Prayer for the journey* May Allah make our day and ride a trouble free and memorable one.

And I pray the same for all my viewers. It's not going to be a very long ride today. However, we are sure to see a lot of interesting things. I'll start by giving you an overview and a ride through the city. The ship factory that we are going to visit today is also not too far from here. Look at that beautiful mosque there.

Most of the mosques in Oman have a very similar exterior. This is the old souq. Wow... the beach looks awesome. We are the corniche now. I can see many small boats here. I wonder why everyone is honking their horns here.

I mean there's not enough traffic on the roads for that. It's quite windy today and that is producing waves far into the sea. It seems as if... Camping here by the beach may not be a good idea due to this wind. The coast of Oman is simply amazing.

Besides, we get to see a lot of historical sites here. And that makes things more interesting. Looks like people are playing cricket here. So, we can see the factory on our left side. We can park the motorcycle on this side.

No point in taking it to the other side. I'm standing outside the ship factory. It's sort of a museum. I've already had a round in the factory. Not just a museum but ships are also manufactured here.

That means people are working there. The entrance fee that I paid is 1 riyal. Let's get inside and give you guys a glimpse of what it's like inside the factory.

Assalam Alekum These kids are also visiting the factory. As soon as you enter... you see some experts working on boat parts. Not just that but they are also working on some wooden handicrafts. Let me show you how they work here. I just talked to this Bangladeshi guy here.

What's your name bro? Hussein. Hussein is from Bangladesh and you can see how meticulously he is working on this ship. Are you preparing it for that big ship? Alright let me show you that big ship. Some more wood work happening on this side as well.

People are working rather passionately. Over here, you can see bamboo wood. The ship that these guys are working on, is right there in the front. Let me take you there. You can also see small scale models of ships. This is a traditional Omani ship.

There's a sign here saying 'Don't Go Up'. However, I did see some tourists going there. So I'm thinking about asking someone for permission. Al Ganja Ship Project Actually this is the biggest sailing ship in this area.

Currently, it is in the process of getting revived. Renovating and renewing it for the next generations to see how the ships in old times looked like. So in a way, it's an attempt to preserve their ancient heritage. Let me give you a glimpse from down here. Quite massive. I've got the permission to go up the ship...

from an Omani local who is sitting in the handicraft shop. So lets go inside and see how it is from inside. I haven't seen an old style ship of this size before. Wow Impressive Have you guys seen anything like this before....? A lot of wood work is being done here. It looks like ...

The wood is going from one side to the other like flowing waves. Very impressive... Worth visiting place in my opinion. Especially if you are visiting this area and you have time.

Because this is something really unique. Also, do try to get permission to go inside. I can see some forts here and there. And other historical sites as well. Would like to make another stop as well. There's a small tower atop that hill in the back.

Looks like it has been recently renovated. But it looks wonderful nonetheless. Not just this one, but I can see some more towers around. All on top of hills around.

I'm looking to see if there's any way to get up there. Couldn't find any back there. There could be one here. We can park the motorcycle here and go up a short walking path.

So... let's leave our motorcycle here. We are back from the view point at the top. It was a really good one. I have some friends here.

He's Kabir. He's Mansoor and he's Nauman. Seems like he's a little busy on the phone. Nauman and Kabeer are from Haripur. And Mansoor is from Multan.

I met them at the hill top. And here we are waiting for burger. We are gonna have lunch together. Will show you when our meal is served. The guys in these cars that you can see here...

All they do while sitting here is to honk their horns. And their meals are served instantly. Feels like we are standing in some bazaar. Although there are just half a dozen cars parked here. Rather than sitting in the car... Although we had the option...

Is it your car? Yes, it is. We could have just sat inside. But we just chose to sit here. And take a look at this burger. Is it lamb burger? Yes.

Please don't hesitate... Continue eating... Okay then... Thanks very much... Goodbye. All this horn honking here...

It's really annoying... It was really nice to meet them. They were nice people. And... The next part of our ride is about 50 km long.

Hopefully we'll reach within next one hour. It's a public holiday here today. And as you can see the weather is quite awesome. There's a bit of cold in the air. The roads are quite crowded though. Overall, you can call Sur to be a fishing village.

With a beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere. And it's a tourist spot as well. The tourists who want to go to the coast, do stay here for the night. Or the ones who are here to explore the valleys. Because there are a few valleys here that are famous among tourists. Other than that, there is also a route to the desert from here.

There are many wonderful spots here for families to sit and relax. Right beside the beach. I think it's a bit cold for the locals today. Probably that's the reason most of the people are sitting in their cars.

Not many of them sitting out in the open. I can see some more people on this side over the mountains. The view points here are great.

I just saw a resort here. Looked rather beautiful. So I thought to at least ask them about the charges for a night.

Nevertheless, we don't plan to stay here. I'm good. Alhamdulillah. How are you? Good. Nice. Can you please tell me what do you guys charge for a night here? There's no room here. O... It's full... Well... Well... Who are staying here? Mostly Europeans.

Okay. I think the people staying here are with some touring company. We better go on with our journey.

So, we have finally reached the village of Ras Al Jinz. I'm not sure if it's just the name or are there actual giants living here. We might get to see some of them if they are actually living here. Well, there is a small giant in front of us for sure. There's a guest house here.

Let's go and ask them. There's a resort over there as well. Looks like a fine place.

It would be best for us if they have the option of night stay. This area on this side... Seems like a closed area. Let's check it out. I can see some huts at the top. This is Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve.

Assalam Alekum Am I allowed to go inside or not? Time... Closed? Okay This is a reserved area that's why it's closed. I can ask the guys here. But it will be better if before that... We can find ourselves some hotel. Because we can't go along this side by the beach.

We might be allowed to camp on the other side. But that's not confirmed either. Let's ask them here. Assalam Alekum Do you have a room? Yeah. One person for one night. 20 riyals? Okay So this is our room for which we paid 45 dollars.

It's a nice and spacious room. Tidy as well. With reference to what we paid, the room is good enough. Because the guys at the nearby resort charge 250 dollars for a night.

We are now going back to the spot where we came from. The guy told me that if I was interested in seeing turtles... There's a special tour for that around 8:30 pm.

The beach is closed for now. In fact, all the beaches in this area ... as this is a reserve area. So they close it at 5 in the evening.

After that, turtles come out. They spend their night here. And then they leave early in the morning. So, there's a guided tour here. So we are going to get ourselves registered for that tour. You can say that the beach was closed just a few minutes before we got here.

But they will reopen it in the morning... And that's when we'll visit it. I've come to the Turtle Resort by the beach, for my dinner. The tour will also start from here. Since it's a buffet...

We have lentils with rice and butter chicken. Here's stir fried chicken. And there are some vegetables as well. So we have sort of mixed everything together. This drink is on the house.

On the house? Thank you so much. Thank you very much. What's your name, sir? Naresh. Here's Naresh. Would you like to be in the video?

Shahid, will you please come here for a moment? We have with us... Shahid and Naresh. Shahid recognized me and he's been very helpful. Thank you so much for that, Shahid. It's really great to have you here.

Thank you so much. Anytime... You are most welcome. Consider it your own place. Thank you very much. At random places like this... where you don't expect to find anyone familiar. I get to meet so many wonderful people.

I'm really grateful for that. Let's start our dinner then. We have finally spotted our first turtle here. We have been waiting for about 15 minutes or so. Actually, turtles come here to lay eggs, cover it with sand and then leave.

So it all comes down to your fate... if you are gonna see a turtle or not. This one here is going back to the sea. We may get to see a few more.

However, the light here is not enough. I'm trying my best to capture them on camera for you all. Right direction... There's another turtle here. It has just finished laying eggs. We can get more footage of this one.

Because it laid its eggs in the area back here. He's now gradually covering the eggs with sand. The tour guide told me that it can pile a heap of sand of about 1 meter height. After that, even if someone walks over this area, the eggs stay protected. This turtle might continue to throw sand for next 15 minutes or even an hour. It will go back to the sea only after it is satisfied.

So we can record it comfortably. The red light that you can see is infrared light. These are the only lights here that are kept on. Any other source of light, even the mobile flash light, are prohibited. Only the guide has this red light, that can somehow make the whole thing visible.

What is the size of this one? This one is a medium sized turtle. I think it must be 120 kg.

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