Harbin Chapter10 -Our hotel is decorated with beautiful mushroom snow, the main tourist attraction

Harbin Chapter10 -Our hotel is decorated with beautiful mushroom snow,  the main tourist attraction

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Now, you can see, actually they have to plow the snow to make it rough, so that people will not slip and fall and as you can see this is the window of our hotel looking out to a nice view Kean, are you ready? okay let's go It's your turn, do you want to use it? No Please close it, I need to use it I need to change clothes and this is another room Now, these are the rooms these are the traditional "Kang" bed, as it is called Can sleep 4 persons here and that is kind of the antique bed of the Dongbei (Northeast) people Keep these 6 ID cards ! This is the traditional bed of the Dongbei people This is a baby cot Come, take a look, take a look, ah On-site, on-site, candied haws The skin is crisper and less sticky to the teeth Watch the "Duo Play" (二人转) Meng, give them 40 yuan What to do 40 yuan for our entrance fee and feeding the animals Crisp and non-sticky Watching the duo play, eating rock candy Bear Order! Haha Ha ha ha ha Oh, bite my hand Lift up a little That poor deer has nothing to eat The deer is skinny Bite my hand, really? Hahaha! Deer trying to grab something from Liern This one is like the Santa Claus reindeer Feeding deer and children is free of charge. 30 yuan for one adult and one child Just one person's money Oh right Charge 30 yuan for two people, play one session Includes food for deer feeding Ha ha Hahaha! Stop recording it Our children don’t need money. But it must be an adult taking care of a child. It costs 30 yuan to purchase at the front desk.

Remember to raise it a little higher at this time Lift it higher Lift it higher so it can't take your food away Grab something from the basket, haha snatch it from your hands and eat freely Very nice feel Very nice horn Snatch food; it's antlers are nice I have finished feeding, get recorded? yes Record me, yes, recording Aren't you going to feed her? Haha, she finished eating He likes to eat If you buy one, you can record it for free and then take photos. The dream hotel Made on the spot, rock candy served on the spot Baby You photo me, right? I'm taking pictures with my camera Night scenery better use video Next morning is better to take photos Look at these That's not a bar In front is the bar Yes, you have to go up Well, this is called Dream Home We just arrived in Xuexiang around 3.30pm We took the big bus.

Then we took the big bus enter this place this national park We checked into the hotel at 3.30pm rest for a bit By 4 o'clock the sun already set So the sun set at 4 o'clock Then after that Change clothes after eating Follow us to see the reindeer The reindeer It's so fun, you keep stealing our food Now we've seen it all Playing with the reindeer, here we are This is a viewing deck From viewing deck, we can see panorama view of Snow Town Mushroom houses are very beautiful This viewing deck like a few flights of stairs Think about it I could climb up here Hi! Xuexiang! Later they will be (Xuexiang Yangko Team float parade) The music parade There are fireworks Also, Disco as well Disco! It’s like disco, dancing So, we don't want to miss that Go one round and go down Observation deck So bright Bright enough over there here Did you get Xuexiang full view, yes take a look Candied haws on the field Chicken crispy dream crispy and non-sticky See duo play, eat candied haws Come and take a look, take a look The most we can go out it's about half an hour and then we feel very cold again Come back to get our self warm and cozy Can we eat now Can And we are in Dream Home mushroom house So pretty! Here All the building look like mushrooms shape Liern is here, oh, she buy something to eat Hahaha Kean, over there Later, we do the "Pour hot water" So pretty. Let’s go take photos there. Look at this mushroom, very big Lets take a family photo Let take family photo My hands ! I can't stand it Take a photo, take a photo Good photo arrived Now we are going out of our hotel compound This is the main street Lets eat first Polar Bear there, Look! A very big Polar Bear I gotta go Very beautiful this place at night Go in please go in so our hotel is next to this beautiful place the mushrooms My hand is painful (too long expose to cold) let's go back Come in and go first I haven’t taken any pictures here before Go in first and rest awhile now we are going back to the Hotel My hand is feeling very painful probably, frostbite We must go back !

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