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Hello! Welcome to the third video in  our Vietnam series. We are spending   three weeks in this beautiful country and  we are currently in the city of Hanoi.   We have been completely submerged in the hustle  and bustle of the city which has been a total   contrast to the quiet village life we left behind  in Laos. Hanoi has so much to offer and in today's   video we're going to be taking you around and  showing you all of the do not miss top sites! wooo Good morning you guys it's another dreary day  here in Vietnam. Today we're heading to some  

of the main sites. We are going to hit up the  mausoleum, the temple of literature, the prison   but first things first we're going to  start our day off with some traditional Pho So today does seem a little bit slower around  town. It's not nearly as crazy I think a lot   of people left for the holiday. I guess they do  leave the big city and head back to their homes. All right we're having Pho for breakfast  I got the half done minced beef. It's really good it's actually  perfect for this rainy gloomy day. It hits the spot. It is a traditional Vietnamese breakfast, It's wonderful.

And we get fried bread, donuts,  the locals dip it in their Pho. That's so good never would have thought that soup   and donuts for breakfast would be a thing  but it's so good the Vietnamese cuisine is   not disappointed yet. It's lived up to all the hype. It's  so delicious. It's the best breakfast I've had in   a long time. All of that was under twelve dollars  for four dishes and four orders of the fried bread. ahhh All right we just arrived to the Temple  of Literature it was built in 1070.   We are gonna go check it out. Thank you This is the first university built in Vietnam. I  guess there's five different courtyards we just  

went through the first one it's very beautiful.  The Temple of Literature honors Vietnam's finest   scholars and signifies the beginning of  a uniform educational system in Vietnam.  There are five different courtyards to  walk through and admire. The city of Hanoi  

has done a lovely job of maintaining the  grounds in the perfectly manicured gardens   We are in the third courtyard and it  has a big like pond in the middle of   it and it's called the well of heavenly  brilliance. It's very beautiful in here. It's beautiful grounds! So the museum was pretty cool  the courtyards were beautiful   now we need to pick me up, it is time to get some coffee. What are you drinking there? Coconut coffee, so it has condensed milk, coconut ice cream and coffee and it's delicious.  I love it just dark with a little bit of condensed  milk. I think that's the local way. I had to have 

two of them. Oh it was so good, refreshed and ready to go the  next spot. I think we're going to the prison. We just entered our second stop for  the day. It's called Hoa Lo Prison.   I believe it's where a lot of  the POWs from actually both sides   The United States and Vietnam were held here at some point or another in history. it was 30 000 to get

in. This prison was built by the french colonists who came in and was conquering the Vietnamese. and it was used to imprison the revolutionists of the Vietnamese and the soldiers   and then later on in the early 1970s it became prison for U.S. pilots that were shot down and   Senator McCain from the United States was probably one of the most well-known soldiers   that was kept here we're gonna walk  through and see what else we can learn about it. In the later part of the prison's  history it received its nickname   the Hanoi Hilton by the American prisoners of war.

While the entire walk through is a roller coaster of emotions we would absolutely recommend coming   here to learn more of Vietnam and Hanoi's  history. So what did you think Sammy? I thought it   was very informative, I learned a lot got  my history lesson for the day. Pretty sad   its a terrible history but I like how they kind  of the message is to celebrate their heroism   and how brave they were during those times. After a sad museum visit we're about to go   change our moods and drink a  bunch of beer. It was Sammy's idea! why not okay hopefully good  so for you thank you yeah So we found this awesome  brewery right by our place.   I got the double IPA. It is delicious,  I can't believe how good it is here.

and they have shuffleboard All right, I'm just getting my feelers out there. I feel scared. wow What did you guys get? Irish Stout. It's really good. We're tied 1-1 right now and the  winner of this game is the champion. So how does it feel to win mom? They took  down the tournament three out of two   mom carried them pretty much. Jackie killed it. I carried us. Who is she competing  

against? That doesn't make any sense. No  She carried the second game for sure. Me and sammy lost but it's not a big deal because we're not competitive and it doesn't really matter.  Rematch tomorrow! So it's dinner time  and we all have some different cravings   mom and sammy are getting the Bahn Mi  and me and dad want the noodle dish again, which I cannot pronounce so I'll put it right here If you want to learn more about  this dish make sure you go back   and watch our previous video where  we take the ultimate Hanoi food tour. So we just made it to the famous train  street here in Hanoi and I think we   got here a little bit early we have  about 25 minutes until the train comes   looks like there's a bunch of cafes and  restaurants right on the side of the tracks. The train supposed to come any minute  we're getting a little anxious I heard   it goes very fast through this little  neighborhood. It's so crazy how close   the houses are and we're at a little bar  here and just relaxing waiting for it to come.

Woooo, I can't believe how close it comes. One of our favorite stops was the  Hanoi train street. These families   backyards are the railways where  the train passes a few times per   day. Just ask the locals about the train  schedule to get there for the best time. After a super fun and busy day we slept easily and woke up again to explore more of Hanoi. 

Our first stop of the day is the Ho Chi Minh  Mausoleum. A couple things about this mausoleum is   it was constructed from materials collected from all over Vietnam. It houses Ho Chi Minh's body   and also i think between for a whole month  of the year it's closed down because they   ship Ho Chi Minh's body off to Russia for  like maintenance, like re-embalming, I guess   there's a few rules no hands in your pockets, no talking, and no photography so we'll see you after.  All right so we just finished up seeing o Chi Minh. It's very interesting they put you in a straight line they walk you into this like  dark eerie room and Ho Chi Minh's body is like   lying there embalmed under this like one little golden light. It's pretty creepy but it's actually  

pretty cool to see as well. It's crazy that he's  so well preserved and then they just march you   out. It's over in like two minutes and then they give you like all these other points of interest   on the grounds that you can go look at. You get your camera gear back and it's 40 000 dong and   we're just walking around seeing all the sites. One of the most visited attractions in Hanoi   the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the resting place of the founder of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.  He lies here embalmed and in a glass case with a military guard watching over him, in this massive   granite structure that looms over Ba Dinh square. The Ho Chi Minh complex not only includes the  

mausoleum but we also visited the Presidential Palace and two houses that Ho Chi Minh lived in. This is right next to the Ho Chi Minh Palace  um behind us and this is the place where he   worked from like 1954 to the 1960s trying to gain independence and also he was fighting off   the aggression of the United States their term lackeys. They also have a Ho Chi Minh museum   and the one pillar pagoda. All right so the  pagoda behind me is called the one pillar  

pagoda, it's a famous pagoda here in Hanoi, Vietnam and you get to see it on your way out   of visiting the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. It's a teeny tiny pagoda built on one little stilt. It's worthwhile to visit all the sites in  the complex. The history and lovely grounds   are enough to make this a great stop on your itinerary. We just finished walking through  

and kind of around this park here it was very eerie but very cool to see Ho Chi Minh up close. They take really good care of them  and seems like he is celebrated   but a very cool memorial..a time for  everybody to see him and celebrate his life   and the grounds here are beautiful but now  it's time to get some food and some breakfast. hey thank you It was only 50 cents! That's crazy! Well  that was a yummy very cheap breakfast.   Sammy actually ate two of them. I'm not  judging, I just wanted you guys to know   we were supposed to share one and I got  two bites. So I'm still a little hungry  

but for less than 50 cents which is 10  000 dong I think.. so yummy! Coffee time! So this coffee was so yummy and it's a great design, so smart they have a candle underneath   the little mug so it keeps it warm and  actually gets hotter as you drink it.   Which is a great idea. It's the best idea  for a cup of coffee that you could ever have. We're stealing this one. So I'm officially  addicted to the Vietnamese coffee. I had it  hot this time for the first time and it was  so yummy. I like what they call it. They   call it black or brown. The brown means  it has a little bit of condensed milk  

very sweet but very good and the coffees are just about a dollar. It was 25 000 dong. It's so fun being in a new country  around like their holiday season. So   right now we're here during the Lunar  New Year, so it's called the Tet holiday   and it's so interesting to see everybody on  their bikes either choosing a kumquat tree or   a peach blossom tree to put in their house for the new year. It's kind of like our version of  

a Christmas tree. I personally love the kumquat trees because they keep the base like the root   system in a flower pot so it's like you  have like an actual fruit tree in your   living room. It's so cool to walk down the street and see like what everybody chooses but the peach   blossoms are beautiful as well. It's so exciting being in a new country for their holiday. Hello!

It's really funny to see how they actually  haul the trees from where they buy them   back to their home. So usually they're on  a scooter with another person and someone   in the back's holding this ginormous tree.  So it's actually very fun to shoot because   a little scooter with this big  tree it's pretty hilarious actually. After lunch we stumbled upon Quan Thanh Temple it is a Taoist temple dated back to the 11th century. It was ten thousand dong entrance  fee and was so peaceful inside. One of the most prominent  statues is the black bronze god   which is the second largest statue in Vietnam.

We then took a walk around Trúc Bạch Lake and took in its many sites.   One of which was a statue commemorating the capture of John McCain where he was taken as   prisoner of war after his plane was shot down by anti-aircraft missiles. So this sculpture   right behind me is exactly where Senator John McCain's plane was shot down in 1967. It's kind  

of memorial to him and the U.S which is weird right in the middle of Vietnam but pretty cool. We also saw the Tran Quoc Temple which is the   oldest buddhist temple in Hanoi  and was built in the 6th century. We wanted to check out train street  during the day, so we went to have   a couple drinks and enjoy some sunflower seeds.

We also walked by Saint Joseph's Cathedral  which is the oldest church in Vietnam.   This church with this neo-gothic design  was built to mimic the Notre Dame in Paris. We next headed to Hoan Kiem Lake to take a quick break from the fast pace of the city.   Peaceful and quiet the lake surrounds Ngoc Son Temple which is a pagoda sitting in the center on   a small island it is Hanoi's most visited temple and is connected to the lakeshore by an elegant   scarlet bridge constructed in classical Vietnamese style. The temple opens at 8 a.m and it's best to  

get to the lake as early as possible to watch  the locals doing their morning yoga and tai chi. oooo look at you Isn't a cutie. Is that your  dog? No.. you're doing tricks. That's so cute what's the name? I don't know? You don't know.. that's a good name. I like i don't know. Your english is good though. It's my grandpa's and you haven't told me his name. Oh no! Where'd you learn english english? Well have a good day man. Bye ..See you later. This self-walking tour wouldn't be complete  

without grabbing another bowl of pho and  another cup of the delicious egg coffee. yeah We ended our day exploring the Phung Hung Mural Street in the Hoan Kiem district.   This street has beautiful murals painted onto the base of the 120 year old Long Bien Bridge. The murals are fairly recent and were painted in 2018 as a celebration of 25 years of political   relations between Korea and Vietnam. Don't forget to look at the plaque next to each mural to learn   a bit more about each individual piece. Hope you guys enjoyed our time in this exciting  

city don't miss next week where we check  off a bucket list item where we sail Ha Long Bay. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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