Gulmarg Kashmir - Unforgettable Memories - Beautiful Huts to stay -40 साल पहले की यादे हुई ताज़ा

Gulmarg Kashmir - Unforgettable Memories - Beautiful Huts to stay -40 साल पहले की यादे हुई ताज़ा

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So we will look for our home, - He is going to find his hut - If I found it If we find it, then it is definitely a desire to see. They have many different types of cottages, and it is not just in one place, it is spread in different places. It has 1 bhk, 2 bhk, suite room, normal room, etc it's like this and the tariff is very reasonable. Today we have found the best place for camping, snow camping. This location is such that it is a location that comes in dreams.

So I can never forget this. This place is very famous for film shooting. This is the champion horse here, comes first in the race every year. Jai Maa Gange, Har Har Gange! Hello everyone, welcome back to OTA Expert. Good morning everyone, welcome back to OTA Expert. Look where we are going, we have left early in the morning, the gateway is Gulmarg.

Because we were very confused about the post we posted yesterday So see here 64% of people said to go to Gulmarg. And 36% of people said to go to Pahalgam. So we were confused in both.

And specially he also wanted that we should go to Gulmarg. Because his childhood memories are connected to Gulmarg. So I also thought that we should go to Gulmarg only. When so many people are saying to go to Gulmarg. If we go to Pahalgam, there are a lot of places that we should cover.

But one day is not enough for that. So next time when we come, we will plan everything. I can also see the way to Gurez Valley from here.

So we have to cover that too. But this is all we could do in so many days. Today we will go to Gulmarg. We will give you all the important information. Let's go. We have reached this very beautiful place, Gulmarg.

Seriously I have to say, yesterday we went to Sonamarg The road from Tangmarg to Gulmarg, I have never seen such a beautiful way before. And I didn't want to come up from there. But we had to reach here.

If we compare between Sonamarg and Gulmarg. Personally, I would like to give my opinion. Whatever other people think but Gulmarg is more beautiful than Sonamarg.

It is very beautiful. And as soon as we came here. Yes, there are a lot of horses here.

Pony was also there. Pony was available to go to the glacier there. The charge was 1,500 rupees. There are also some points here. Glacier here, where you can go by pony, you can take pre-paid pony.

But we will go on foot as far as we can go. There is a very beautiful temple above here. First of all, we will go here. This is a very beautiful temple of Lord Shiva.

We have to climb a few steps. Bam Bam Bhole ! Mahadev is sitting here amidst these beautiful views. And seriously, as soon as you enter the temple. Such a beautiful fragrance of sandalwood has spread there.

And you are feeling that positive energy here. Like you go to any big dham and feel. Now you can put the whole environment. Or the energy of Bhole Baba [ Lord Shiva ]. It was a lot of fun to visit here. This temple was built by Maharaja Hari Singh on the name of his wife.

It is also known as Shri Mohinishwar Shivalaya. Whenever you come to Gulmarg. So see, wherever we go, we give the numbers of the contact persons in advance. So that you do not have to worry.

Here we've met Amir Brother. As he told us about this place. You can also roam by car.

You can also roam by horse. Which places do you visit brother? There are 6 places here, sister. Okay So first here is Maharaja Hari Singh palace. Okay. Then U Point.

Hanji. Golf Course. Okay.

Krishnasar lake. And Charanaspara. Do you get this done by horse or car ? We do it by horse and by car... we take Buta Pathri by car. Okay. Buta Pathri what place is ? Buta Pathri is a famous place.

It is open only this year. Okay. Yes, it is open only this year.

So we take the car there. Okay. How much is the charges ? First you have to take the permission of the car, police is there. Okay, Buta Pathri is the LOC area that you are telling. Yes, it is the LOC area. How much do you charge? Charges.. there is a fixed rate by government.

3,000 for one car. - Of one car ? - Of one car How many people can go in one car? 8 people can go in one car. There is a fixed rate of 2,500. Okay Yes Do you take only one family? Yes, we take only one family.

We take only two. Okay If there are 4, we take 4. If there are 8, we take 8. - In 2,500 Rs - Yes in 2,500 Rs And what is charge of horse ? If you go by horse, full sightseeing, it will cost you 1200 rupees. Okay Yes Fine.

So today we are eating sandwiches for breakfast and hot tea. There you have many options for breakfast here. You can have parathas, you can have maggi.

We had maggi yesterday, so we are not having it today. We will have sandwich today. And they have told us a lot of places to visit here. Now we are confused where to go. It is a good option.

If you come here, you can take the Bakshi restaurant option. You get fast food on this side and you get North Indian food on this side. The sandwich we had was good. Otherwise, you can see other options here. It was a sandwich for 150 rupees and tea for 40 rupees.

After breakfast, we thought that we will go up from Gondola. There are two steps there. So for the 1st step someone told me that it is not very good to go, go till 2nd step. But we must get tickets, The problem is that it is sold out here. For first step it is 800 rupees and the second step is 850 rupees per person. If you go up, it will cost you 1,650 rupees per person.

Finally, we decided that we will not take a horse. We will come only after getting permission for our vehicle. Brother helped us in this. He got our car's permission and he came with us as a guide so that we could cover all the places. First of all, we have come to Maharaja Hari Singh's palace. On the way, he was telling us more than what Brother was telling us because he has been here before.

His childhood memories have become fresh. Now, what he is telling me from behind, I would like him to say in front of the camera. I will take the shot with the camera. This is Maharaja Hari Singh's palace which is spread over 8,700 square feet.

Now, this is a heritage place. You can come here to see. This is Maharaja Hari Singh and his queen.

This is the miniature of the entire palace. It is beautifully made. Of course, it is a palace, so it will be made. The original palace which is there, that is in Srinagar.

Which is their main palace. They used to be such big royals, what, they used to call them Mehman Khana. So many people can sit together.

These are the bedrooms. He always used to tease me by talking about Gulmarg. Now, I can also say that I have been to Gulmarg.

Whenever we used to go to Chopta etc, I used to say that these places are similar to Gulmarg. But Gulmarg is Gulmarg. And why Gulmarg is Gulmarg? Basically, I will tell you around 79-80, my father.. it is called a chairlift. He was the head engineer of that. So, we used to have a beautiful hut near the jungle.

And as people think that such a hut of dreams. In such a beautiful place, we had it. He always used to tease us and used to tell children also. We used to do like this.

I myself was just now when the voting was taking place had to go to Sonamarg.. When we had posted that we had to go to Sonmarg or.. When we had posted for Gulmarg and Pahalgam, - The vote they cast - I had voted for Gulmarg after that Gulmarg was decided. Because the beauty of Gulmarg cannot be described.

and actually.. Even when we used to have a hut here, there were monkeys, cherries behind it, here right now because there are no flowers in this season. Otherwise, there are so many flowers here and they used to come on their own. So, first of all, if we have to find something, we will look for our home. - He is going to find his hut - If I found it If we find it, then it is definitely a desire to see.

Because it's been a long time. It happens, see, the memories of childhood always keep twinkling in our eyes. I come here when I was 3 or 5 days old. If we talk about living options, there are cottages of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism. This can be a good option as we showed you in Sonmarg.

Along there is big golf course here. You get the ultimate view from everywhere. Let's see their cottages because you can book them offline on the spot coming here if it is available.

you can book online as well. Let's see the cottages. As far as I know, this place is very famous for film shooting.

120 years old church is shown in front of us It is in the middle of the golf course. And here Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Shah Rukh Khan's movie Jiya re Jiya re is shot here. He told me that this is the biggest golf course in Asia and number 2 in the world. So it is so spread out that it is visible just by looking at it and it is spread as far as the eye can't even see.

Established 1902, Wow. So this was their reception area, where we got all the information, they have many different types cottages, and it's not like they are in one place, they are spread out in different areas. in that 1BHK, 2BHK, suite room, normal room, etc and tariff is very reasonable, it start from Rs. 2500 up to Rs 12,000, different categories, right now there is a 30% discount in that, December-January when it's peak time here that time the discount ends, and the tariff increases by 10%. For booking you can book them online or offline, we have their reception number, we will put it in the description. You can book directly by calling them.

And now we are trying to find the childhood home where he used to lived. so we are going to look for it. This hut that you can see, the one that's burnt in Bhoombra, the one that you can see next to it, used to be something like this, so I can't remember.

Yes, because there was a jungle behind, there was used to be a tap below. a tap below, he is trying out to find that tap. So maybe we will find it. Brother is telling, here are some similar options here, let's see, maybe that's it. brother is telling, this is the champion horse here, it comes first in the race every year. Now see, this is a new children's park, so if the kids come with you, you get activities for them here.

He is telling, there was nothing like this here before, there is a lake here too. And see, today we have found the best place for camping, snow camping. You can come here with your camp, this area is all for camping. Here you can see some ready-made camps too, so you can rent them here too.

And if you want to bring your own camp, then for that too you just have to take permission at the main gate from where we took permission. And this area, this area, wherever you like, you can do snow camping there. I think there can't be a better place than this for camping. We have come to the end, there is no road ahead for the car, we can go by foot or maybe we will go horse. You will call it the strawberry valley here, because you get strawberries all around here, that too not normal strawberries, very delicious, black strawberries.

We are ready to hang out with handsome Rocky. Shall we Rocky? This is very beautiful. The hut of Mr. Sharma was right next to the chairlift. The JKTTC people have made a hut there. You understand this..

Hut number.. His hut was in place of 904, 905, sir What is your name ? My name is Mohammad Rafiq, I have been working here for 60 years. Look, we have found someone here who, he just told me something. And as soon as he said Mr. Sharma, we understood that we have reached the right place.

And he also knows about the other people who were their. Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. When I was young, I used to go up from the chairlift, there were drains in the middle. Absolutely.

So once my slipper fell, - Yes yes I could see it from above again and again, if I go down, I can't see it. It is used to get very good parathas up there, potato parathas. Of patato, there were dhabas up there. There were dhabas where the chairlift used to stop. Yes, yes, yes. There were dhabas there.

Yes I know that when they stopped the chairlift, it was around 1971-72. It was very nice to meet you. Thank you madam, thank you. And he found out where his hut is.

- This is the hut that you are telling - Now brother will take me Now let's go to our hut. So now we have come to hut's of J&K Tourism, it is made like this differently. This is a 2BHK hut here. Let me show you one hut from inside. According to what Mr. Rafiq had told, According to that, this is the hut where we used to live.

But there is a little confusion because this is about 40 years old. So, brother is also telling that there is one such hut, which I think may be that too. But because he was confirmed that this is the one, there is confusion. As far as I know from research, I have seen a few more huts, but I did not feel like saying that is the one.

Because this is the that location. And I am telling you from here. This is the bedroom. The part on this side is the kitchenette area.

The area on which the bricks are, this is the washroom area. Let's go. This is a very emotional moment. Exactly what he had told, this is the washroom. If Bunty bhaiya or mummy were here, she would have been very happy. This is the bedroom area, he had told from outside.

When Miraz bhai told me that there was a blast here in Mission Kashmir to make a film, then I saw this hut. And it was calling me. We visited 3 more locations after that. But I did not feel that from inside. When I was down, we have come about 300 meters up from there.

I did not have the courage to come because we have been walking since morning. But as soon as I saw this, Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Staff Quarter. I had told her from there that this is the washroom, this is the bedroom. Here we had a heater. Here is your storeroom. There used to be woods here.

It is exactly the same from inside. And to prove this, if brother or mother were here, they could have told. I always used to tell them that there is a jungle behind, there was a forest at that time. And even strawberries used to grow here. Monkeys used to come, we used to eat monkeys too.

And we were not afraid at all. I am still not afraid in the jungle, never. And the location, this location is such that it is a location that comes in dreams. So I can never forget it.

That's why I recognized it at a glance. So if you also see, then you will say that how can anyone forget it? Our dream of coming to Gulmarg today was fulfilled. But coming was also successful. Because the happiness that we have got here, we cannot explain it in words. We can only feel it. Once we left from here, but we came back for some reason.

There was a dog here, maybe someone hit it. We came to see it again, otherwise we would have taken it to the hospital, but someone had already it away. So maybe this house was calling us. We can see some beer bottles here in a place like heaven. We had a lot of fun with Mr. Miraj. He explained everything to us so well.

And the best thing is that he helped us a lot in finding our hut. Thank you so much, brother. - Thank you, thank you. We will give his number in the description box. You can call him.

You can pre-book. And you can take help from him to book a gondola here. Yes, Yes. You can book a horse. You can book a car, ATV Anything Anything, Yes yes - Thank you so much, brother. - Okay, thank you. We have come back to Tangmarg. And here in Tangmarg, there are so many hotels in a line on the road.

There are also restaurants. And we have found a Jain food court here. There is pure vegetarian food here. There are a lot of options for veg and non-veg here. So in fact South Indian food is also here. So let's have lunch first.

We will give you the feedback of what kind of food it is later. So let's have a quick lunch. We have ordered Mixed Veg Do Pyaaza. This was their request. And there is Phulke along with it, I am liking the phulkas of butter. We have asked him about the options of rooms here. They told us it starts from Rs. 1000.

You can check it upto yourself when you come here. But he has told us the minimum range. Let's taste the food and tell you. Spicy, as I wanted. It's good.

The food was really very tasty. Whether you take 4 items or 1 item, you get to know the taste of the food. That's why whatever we ate, we ate to our heart's content. We have told you the options of food and accommodation here, what kind of tariff is. This has been our entire trip to Kashmir, It has really been the location of Kashmir, the beautiful locations as well as the people here that have won our hearts. I can't tell you how polite and helpful they are.

You should come to Kashmir at least once or twice in your life. We will definitely come again. It was a coincidence that today we reached the place where we reached in Gulmarg. Reached that hut. Today is also the birthday of elder brother, Bunty Bhaiya, who was his elder brother. Everyone knows him as Satender Sharma.

That's why we were so emotional. It was such a coincidence. Our plan was made suddenly. We reached Gulmarg at the last day. And today was Bhaiya's birthday. Everything was great. We enjoyed a lot. We wanted to stay longer but we were so emotional that we came back early from there. But really we will definitely come again.

We will bring our kids. And in this way we will keep traveling you to new destinations. Similarly, to travel in this way, it is necessary to Subscribe the channel. Only then you will get so much information. See you soon in a new video. Jai Maa Gange, Har Har Gange.

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