Goodbye Sydney: BBQ at Toni Francis, Seaplane Views of the Bay, Lunch Over the City, Hello Melbourne

Goodbye Sydney: BBQ at Toni Francis, Seaplane Views of the Bay, Lunch Over the City, Hello Melbourne

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We will go straight to the point. Straight straight straight. Look at the beautiful smile. I told you.

Tony Francis, the best butcher in Sydney. Best of the best. Today we are having a gathering, a Lebanese barbecue.

Come, sit, eat, enjoy, drink, and everything in between. Sunday, it won't be better than that. Like a village barbecue.

Welcome. My name is Antoine Francis. I am from the apple farm, in the small district. I came to Australia in 1975, when the Lebanese war started.

I learned about the country here. I worked before meat, but my second job was meat. Because we are the main family that drinks meat.

I opened the shop in 1985. About 38 years ago. God gave me, and I kept my job, and the love of people, and cleanliness, and everything, is our success.

Until now, and we will grow, and we will grow more, if God wants. People love me, and this love is from God. But if I didn't have clean meat, and I take care of it, I wouldn't have reached this point.

And, thank God, this is the most important thing. The Australian meat is the most important meat in the world. Very important. Its cleanliness, its softness, everything in it.

The most expensive meat in the world. There is no... The reason is its cleanliness, and its order, and everything.

And its quality. The most important thing is the quality. We have in Lebanon, in Syria, the sheep. It's good, we don't mind that. But the Australian meat eaters don't eat other meat.

We opened here 4 and a half years ago. We started working a year ago, to prepare the shop. It took us a year to prepare and organize it.

We open 7 days. We open every day, from 6 to 6, on weekends, from Saturday to Wednesday. On Sundays, from 6 to 3.

I have employees, thank God. Thank God. People's love is the most important thing that brought us here. And our way of working. Every day, if I can do something new, I do it. And the business didn't stop here.

I still have restaurants that come to me. I have... The most important Lebanese food is from my customers here in the shop. Kebab, kebab shops, everything. Everything that has to do with clean meat, I have here. I'm famous for everything,

but the most important thing is that I have a stand. A stand. I have a stand for raw kebab. People know me, they tell me.

I know this, but they tell me. There's no other place that you can eat it from. And I'm confident of this. We prepare everything. It's called BBQ. From everything.

Raw kebbeh, raw kafta, raw meat, and whatever you like, you're ready. The best breakfast. We're going to start with the meat. Right away. Oh my God.

Super tender. Beautiful spice. Amazing start.

I'm going to start with 2 bites. Amazing. This French kiss is amazing. Today, I'm with Tony. Tony opened a BBQ for everyone to come and enjoy, eat meat, taste it, drink Arak, eat Hummus. Today, it's an open day BBQ to meet, sit, talk, meet, enjoy, laugh, listen to nice music, and eat amazing meat. I heard a lot

about it, many restaurants, I filmed it for the last 10 days. You take meat from here, and they've been here for years, and they get it on the spot. From the tenderest meat in the BBQ I've eaten until now. This is for me. Crispy, crunchy, and tender.

Why not? We start with the meat breakfast. We send greetings to all the people in Lebanon. My dear, I hope to come back to Lebanon one day, and do this beautiful thing that I used to do before. What can I tell you? Australia is beautiful, but there's nothing more beautiful than Lebanon. And you are something.

I hope that soon, we'll go back to Lebanon. I promise that I'll come back soon, if God allows. Why not? Why not? Again and again. It's very tender and delicious.

It's time. So freaking good. And Jerry came from Malaysia. Can't beat Australian lamb. There you go. Jerry, and Fori, and the one who put it the last 2 days.

Cheers. Cheers. We started, and it's time to go. These are made by you. Very nice and sweet. They make Arabic in Lebanon.

The Lebanese have a very nice Arabic. And the people are from Syria. So we have Arabic here. Top. He told me that the Arak without a farm doesn't work. We're really back to the village.

Excellent quality meat. Lebanese in Australia is the best Arak in the village. The traditions are still there.

The love is still there. Do you want to eat with me? No. God bless you. I told you that the world is crowded. Like the Lebanese cedars, the world is crowded, and you are also crowded. God bless you.

God bless you. Welcome to Australia. Thank you for coming. I came especially to see you. Garlic. Madam, are these mine? These are yours.

My name is Therese Elias. You don't leave any post that you like to put a like on. No one. Mama Elias. She follows everything.

I follow you for a long time. I really love you a lot. You are encouraging me. Because my circumstances are not good. Thank you.

Thank you so much. It is not a shame to lose these for people. For the family. The most important thing is for the family.

Thank you so much. We should eat it now and taste it. Of course. Listen to the crunch. Listen. Wow.

Thank you. Start sending messages on Instagram. Follow me.

You might start selling the cake. Mama Elias food. Thank you. You made my day.

You are the best. All homemade. We bought everything for the fork. Enjoy. Really? Thank you so much.

Thank you so much. Thank you so much. It is delicious. Thank you so much. Wow. Amazing.

Enjoy. You made my day. Thank you so much.

Mama Elias food. Send her messages. She should start a business. Send me messages. I make Knafeh cheese cake. Okay.

I make many things. Come on. New business starting soon. Mama Elias food. Thank you.

I am trying to take pictures with your son for 2 days. He is running away from the camera. His son is taking all the beautiful pictures. Keep it for me. There is nothing better than this. Thank you for coming. 230 00:10:13,000 --> 00:10:02,000 I don't know anything better than you. How is the room? Perfect.

Today, I am alone with this camera, so I can't film all the people we are visiting and seeing. Beautiful vibes. People are still coming and we are still continuing. From meat to skewer to skewer to skewer. We are not stopping eating. Unbelievable.

Unbelievable. I can't stop. No hummus, no bread, nothing. Just meat. People are coming and you can hear the music in the background. Beautiful vibes.

Hello, come in. We are here for another delivery. We are here for a delivery this time. Mughli. They talk about them differently. It is called Mughli & Co.

If you have a party, a birthday, or Christmas coming, look how they come. The packaging is very nice. The decoration is very nice. The generosity in the boxes is amazing.

We will leave this for a while. I wish I can keep it for a while. And then comes these. Mughli, one of my favorite, favorite, favorite desserts.

Pineapple, walnuts, pistachios. I will eat a lot. Wow. Wow.

Texture, top. Sweetness, top. Great taste. The spices inside are amazing.

The aromas are perfect. All the top boxes are crunchy and not chewy. Let us know the story, where did it start, and all the details. Who are you? We are Mughli & Co. We came from Lebanon, from the port.

This was my mom's recipe. Since I was young, I remember that all people order Mughli from my mom. When I came to Australia, all people started ordering Mughli from me. We started with the recipe. My family and friends encouraged me to start a business here.

Let's see the days. It is well-known because usually in Mughli, all the villages do something. Every lady does something. Sometimes it is very hard, sometimes it is very watery.

This reminded me of the Mughli we used to make, in our village if you want. Super delicious. The almonds are amazing. The raisins are top quality.

They don't stick to the teeth. They are filled with water. The walnuts are great. They are being thrown now.

Good job. You are welcome. I stopped the camera.

After the Mughli, they followed me to this. He told me to eat and close my lips. I twisted it a bit. Fat. 100%. Something.

Do you want to eat with me? No, it is unbelievable. Come closer and eat with me. It is amazing.

Super crunchy. You are welcome. Thank you for all the work that you do.

You make us proud of our heritage. Every time you televise anything, it gives us a lot of gratitude. And hungry.

You are welcome. May God protect your family. How is the meat? Beautiful.

Did you like it? Amazing. I salute your diet and diet. You are welcome.

The meat is delicious. I will introduce you to Tony's mother. Thank you.

The lady of ladies. You are welcome. Thank you.

How are you? Good. Everyone is waiting for you. We will say goodbye and thank you.

I want to continue the tour. You know all Lebanese people. We are saying goodbye to the camera to say goodbye. We will stay for half an hour. Thank you so much.

We salute your love for this delicious meat. For this beautiful love. For the Lebanese spirit. For the truth that exists. You are welcome.

Thank you. Next, surprise. Surprise.

We will show you Sydney from above. We will take the blessing from you before leaving. You are welcome. Thank you. You are welcome.

You are the whole story. I hope you will meet me in Al Fkhaya. God willing. Marmoura. We will pass by. I swear that I met the whole family today.

Best for last. Thank you. Goodbye. Thank you. I don't know where to start because I ate half of them and there's some left. Let me show you the rest of the plate.

I arrived to the room, now checking out, I'm going to Melbourne. Maamoul, not any Maamoul. I ate Maamoul, I saw Maamoul, I was tired of Maamoul.

The good Maamoul, the bad Maamoul, the messed up Maamoul, the stoned Maamoul, the hard Maamoul. Where did this heart reach? Maamouls are exceptional, they're in a box with amazing packaging. You feel high end, fine dining. I dropped them, they were even better. That's it.

The special edition Maamouls, like Nutella, Lotus, or Raspberry, another story. It's perfect on the edge, it looks thick. Super flaky, like the sand that breaks.

It doesn't stay between your teeth, it's not liquid. Amazing. The sugars are right. Nice touch. Nice taste.

Look at the Lotus. Also with some sugar. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Teta's recipe, more than 30 years, it's called Smeed.

Home delivery in Sydney. And they're impressive. Made my day. I left here, best for last. We taste the traditional one.

This is the traditional one, pistachio, it's stuck from the bottom, it's wrapped individually. It looks nice, it has a lot of sugar, it's generous, you don't have to eat them, you can throw them away. A lot. But, it's generous. One next to the other.

No sugar between them. Delicious. Delicious. Delicious. A big piece. Each pistachio is bigger than the other.

The sweetness comes from the outside. Really, wow. Snow, snow, it's snowing. Wow, bravo, recommended. Made all year long. Thanks for the gift.

I mean, the last day, the end and the excitement after we met, ate meat, enjoyed, talked and laughed. I showed you Sydney from above, 360 degrees, the city. Now I will show you something new. It is the first time I go on a water plane, I hear this sound for the first time, I see it a lot in movies.

A plane that goes above water after seeing helicopters, Cessna from the airport. I think we tried everything together, the train, there was a surprise helicopter during the trip but the weather helped. This time we will do the seaplane. From the water, we will go up and see the whole coast. We will see amazing views from above and continue our tour. In this way, we might have finished Sydney.

A truly amazing ending. And we will continue to Melbourne. Let's start. Here we go. Wow, the wind is strong today. Strong wind.

We will have a good time. We got out of the bus to see the waterfall. We are going to Sydney Head.

We will take a picture of you both. We will walk to the waterfall. We will walk to the waterfall. We are going to the waterfall. We are going to the waterfall. We are going to the waterfall.

We are going to the waterfall. We are going to the waterfall. We reached the first road and now we will go back. What did we come to do? We came to take these people who are having dinner behind me. 4 of them came back by plane and the rest came by boat.

This restaurant, Brower, has no road. Fully booked. Always fully booked. The smell is very nice. Anyway, it seems that people are coming. What teaches us that you don't have to open a restaurant in the city, you can open a restaurant anywhere in the world.

People are coming and are ready to come. If he has a story, if he has experience, if he has a case, this man is doing great. What did I learn from this trip? One, his voice is normal, so he doesn't need protection for the ears. The experience is nice. Fast. The views are nice.

What I learned the most is that Australia or Sydney is amazing. How happy and surprised I was when I went up and saw this greenery, these rivers, this sea water, the creeks that are passing by. It is unbelievable, the tree that reached the water, I looked at it and said, ok. They think that Greece is like this or Turkey or the Mediterranean coast is like this. What a greatness, the houses that are sitting here and there, the boats, the views, the sun.

Amazing amazing amazing. Amazing. Something very new, I can't believe it.

I am always looking and saying how beautiful is this country. There is an opportunity and chance for whoever is here, the lands are empty, it is not necessary that we all gather in the city. Great.

2 minutes of calmness. The sound of nature. Here is my drone. I hope you will enjoy this video. If you want to support our channel, you can find the link in the description. I hope you have a great day.

Bye. Bye. Bye.

Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. and saw the sun setting in the background.

Thank God. Great experience. I advise you if you are living here or coming here to visit, to do the bridge. It is necessary. This bridge took half an hour to go and half an hour to come. It is very beautiful, especially in this time which is the sunset behind us.

Let me tell you that it is amazing. I am discovering how beautiful this country is. How beautiful. From inside. What's next? Next is to run to the airport to eat something delicious and meet you in Melbourne.

We will meet our dear friend Claude. I came just in time. The last person to leave from here. I am closing behind me. We will say goodbye to them.

The airport is empty at the end. We are the last plane. I am already late by 15 minutes. From here, I say bye to Sydney and I say bye to you. We will meet in Melbourne

in a few beautiful days and among them, a very nice surprise. Melbourne, I missed you. Claude is waiting for me. You got to know him and got used to him in the first and second trip. The airport is here. We are saying goodbye

and see you. I hope you enjoyed this day. It is very beautiful. It is long. Under the sun. It is very long. See you soon and more discoveries. I think the plane has arrived and it is time to leave.

I am late by 1 hour. It is 12.30 a.m. He didn't accept. He didn't accept until he came to take me.

I missed you. He is the first reason why I am in Australia for the first time 3 years ago before COVID. He is Melbourne. We are not allowed to come to Melbourne. We should come to his place.

Thank you. Thank you. My big brother.

Claude Werdan. He is taking me to China. Some people open at 12 a.m. and have dinner now.

Something different. Yes. He is the man. It is 1 a.m.

I am late by 1 hour. I am late. I am late. I slept at 12 a.m.

There are still people in the street in this restaurant. I took my bag with me. No one knows. The streets are empty but there are people who are coming from this narrow street which looks like a restaurant. It opens at 2 a.m.

It is an experience. It is unexpected. Everything in trips is unexpected. I came at 12 a.m. I will go to my room and sleep.

I will start my day tomorrow. Claude is not accepting me. We should start with a celebration. It opens at 2 a.m.

You saw many restaurants that open at 2 a.m. Here, I remember the kitchen is open at 9 a.m. It opens from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m.

The menu is this much. 6-7 pages. You look at the kitchen 3 meters by 3 meters. Everything comes out from there.

Some people are eating. We are on Sunday night. Tomorrow, there is work.

I don't know how. I am very excited. I will tell you. I brought a bag.

Beer and sparkling water. We are celebrating. Me and my dear friend.

We start with duck pancake. Good. Really good.

Nice duck. Crunchy vegetables. Chewy. Sticky pancake. The lobster is coming.

Thank you. Thank you. Huge. A big lobster. It is broken. It doesn't need a headache.

It is cooked with its sauce. Very good quality. You just need to help it and remove the other parts. It is crispy everywhere. The people deserve all the sauce we put.

We are used to eating fresh lobsters. Nice discovery. It needs a lot of sauce.

We are still continuing. It is 1 a.m. Light dishes.

Fried chicken. Pork skin with fat on top. It is good quality. 631 00:40:06,000 --> 00:40:05,440 Good sauce, good meat, good quality food.

Chicken and honey something. This plate is very interesting. It has 3 things, mix. Pork, chicken, and meat. You are seeing all the quality.

I am saying again, it is not good. It is heavy for an hour meal, but I made a calculation that I won't have to eat tomorrow. I always say this and I will have to eat at 6 a.m. Chicken, nice skin. You know, nice vibes, we are foreigners alone, if we can call ourselves that. The rest are Chinese.

The seating is nice, we are talking and laughing. I don't think there is another restaurant that opened except for McDonald's. And it is a real deal. This food is satisfying.

Robster, chicken, pork. We took a lot. Claude wanted to eat salad. Vegetables, nice. Now, I want to change David. How did I stay with Claude for 2 hours? And with David, I tell him that he will take me to the hotel at 11 a.m. because I have work and 2 hours.

Claude, I missed you. Let's start Melbourne, almost 7 days. We started right.

Good night and see you tomorrow. I think when I came from 6 months, I sat in the same room. I am remembering and looking at the same view. I will show you tomorrow morning. The view is very nice, the whole city is in front of me.

I came back to the same hotel. Thank you Michael so much for the invitation. Awkward. Floor 37.

The view is amazing. I am going to sleep. I am going to sleep. I am going to sleep. I am going to sleep. I am going to sleep.

The view is amazing. Mini suite. Executive suite. The kitchen.

The living room. The comfortable bed. A small office to work and finish the edits.

A bathroom. All what I need for a one week stay. I will put my stuff in these boxes. I will sit here.

Look at the view.

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