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[Music] said I could be [Music] like hey guys and welcome to my channel in today's video we are here at the beautiful B Beach here in North Goa I'm going to show you guys the beach I'm going to show you guys the streets of Baga I'm going to show you guys the water sports prices the Kaya King I'm going to meet some International people here let's talk to them ask them how they like Goa and let's check out this beautiful beach here in North Goa so let's go and check it out okay guys so we are starting off from here on the streets of Baga as you can see there's quite a lot of hustle and bustle today it's an absolutely beautiful day today the weather is just perfect and as you can see there's quite a lot of tourists around so it's around 12:30 in the afternoon now and here on the left is the famous Tio Lane area so as you can see there's they've just washed the street so there's like but there's quite a lot of people on the street there so we are going all the way down to Baga Beach but I just wanted to show you guys the streets before we go to the beach so you guys have an idea of like you know the crowd and who's here so just before uh the Beach Road is this road which is like all the party Street and you know the titos lane is the party area and of course you have all the shopping in this area so you also should feel like you're taking a ride down the streets of Goa here with me guys if you're new to the Channel please do hit the Subscribe button I do a lot of videos here in Goa showing you all the beautiful places so that's the pap pay parking area if you want to come to Baga and you want to park easily that's the pay parking area there's a huge parking area this is a really nice restaurant Kasa puga here and of course there are lots of restaurants down on this road but uh this area of course is very popular for shopping mostly so the road both on the left as well as the right here has shopping there are also some nice hotels in this area so a really good hot on the right is the Sun City Resort there it's a huge Resort at the back and they have really good rooms for like very decent amount of rate so just we'll just ride down the road and if you see there are a lot of new places here see these are like all 20 20 rupees 5050 rupes souvenirs here and as you can see the girls they're buying some souvenir so you can buy some shells and some really nice things from these new shops so I'm coming to Baga after almost uh 2 months I think this is the white season uh this is also very nice uh property there for rooms so uh just showing you guys all sides of this street there's also a wine store here that I shot before if you guys seen my previous alcohol videos so I just try to go ahead yeah so uh it's always nice to see the streets before you go to the beach so you have an idea of what is available here you have hook cars over there and you can even buy like a Chillum bong everything is available and uh Baga has not so many International tourists but you'll have quite a few here and there uh the road to the right goes to the Baga Creek area and of course we're taking the road to the left here which takes us down to the main Baga Beach area this is one of the most beautiful roads because of these plants here on the right this is a really nice property here this is a hotel also and yeah talking about International tourist there certainly seem to be quite a few uh in this area which usually you don't see quite a lot of uh foreigners here but good to see that there are a few International tourist in Baga so we'll see them as we come up here there there's more here International T see so yeah so the crowd doesn't seem to have as much as crowd as season time but of course this is you know uh just a regular weekend that I'm shooting on today and you know there's not a long holiday or whatever this is just the regular weekend crowds that are here so uh we are going to go and park up on the right there and then then of course we're going to go and walk around on the beach I'm going to show you guys the water sports prices and everything on the beach so these are like brto restaurant best seafood there see Anthony's if you want live music and karaoke in the evenings we also have a DJ which is really good and of course this is the bike parking here so I'm going to park my bike here and of course let's continue and show you guys the beach okay guys so let's continue and Go on towards the beach so the moment I parked my bike I had like one of my viewers just come rushing up to me to say hello it was so this thing I just took off my helmet and he straight away recognized me which is really nice to see so it always feels great to see you you guys in person here you know whenever I come and of course just to show you guys all the sunglasses by sunglasses pric huh 100 rupees these all down 100 RUP and okay upside 300 okay then they have first copy also wow he can speak Russian also see see there are Russians there so he's speaking Russian so yeah they have first copies also from 700 to 900 for like if you want those you know branded looking sunglasses and yeah so we finally made it to the beach and it looks like an amazing day guys some of the Shacks here look super nice so you know we're going to walk all the way down and these Shacks wow so now they have like a Banas at the Shacks so this is very new and we are going to see something new on the Baga Beach uh this season so this is very interesting I'm excited to see this so let's just walk I hope I don't get copyrighted because there's like loud music playing here and it's always exciting to come to Baga because Baga always has a lot of crowd compared to the other places here so here we have the Baga Thomas and Cosmos Shack here and wow see these are the like beach Cabanas kind of thing there there's Agy Shack on the right there and yeah so let me just show you guys some of the scenes from here so we have some International tourist looks like over there and look at this Shack guys look at the Vibes here so it looks super nice wow this is so cool I've never seen this kind of a shack here in Baga before but of course let's walk onto the beach uh I'm going to show you guys wow it's low tide today so it looks super nice uh there is quite a lot of crowd at the beach beds but again of course that is against the sunlight so what we'll do is we'll walk here towards the beach area I'm going to show you show you guys the kayaking which is available here that is an amazing experience to do of course we'll go back and I'll show you guys the water sport counter in just a bit but let's just walk here and show you guys the kayaking experience first so there's water sports and there's huge crowd like the Tito lane side of Baga Beach I I don't know if you can show you guys the distance but there's thousands of people that side it's completely packed uh these guys with the red pants and white shirts are like the beach photographers and if you want to get some beach photos you know they charge you 50 rupees per photo so this is the kayaking available over here they have the kayak King o how are you so they have the single kayak as well as the double kayak here and just to show you guys the prices here so this is the prices it's 350 r is for River so you can take the kayak in the river it's that's like the easier version uh you know there's of course uh very uh less waves there and then the C1 the C1 of course is if you want to go into the waves here so there's like some International tourists here and they're just clicking photos with people randomly here this is very interesting so my H he hi where you guys from where you from Los Angeles no I'm from Goa oh say Los Angeles where you guys from England England wow you enjoying your time here n it's rabbish rabbish I yesterday oh just got here okay yeah they've been here 20 years 20 years you don't you look very young not 55 wow but you you look just as vibrant and happy yeah yeah I'm always happy I've got my wife yeah yeah he's got kingish pleasure meeting you guys I'm going to yeah I'm going to run around and show people the area here how how many years 20 years you're coming here yeah what do you like the most everything everything nothing nothing everything everything young man so he's the owner of The Kayaks there so if you come come meet him yeah yeah eo's boat okay so going on the boat always on E's boat very good good pilot yeah okay is that right lovely meeting you guys cheers guys see you see you around here so yeah just to show you guys we'll go around I'll show you guys some more scenes from here so as you can see there there's some lovely couple here and you have international people here who are keeping on coming to the beach there's so many people here and very good to to see so they're having a good time here and what we'll do is let's go to the Baga Beach sign and show you guys the Baga Beach sign uh he has a nice English accent so I mean it's a little difficult for me to understand some of the words that he's saying because uh yeah that's just how it is but Baga is so beautiful today guys look at the wat to the water there is like almost tur wise kind of color and of course we'll go and you know uh look at the beach we'll check out the you know the scenes from here so there in the distance are the boat trips those are the boat trips that take you all around they take you towards anjuna side so we'll go and check out the boat trips here that are available so see that's another group of people that are going for the boat trip we'll ask them the prices as well so this is the Baga Creek and the water is just amazing amaz guys look at the water it's so nice and peaceful so kayaking in the river right now wow see the color of the water guys look at that how beautiful is this so there's like little fish swimming all around over there and it's absolutely amazing so we'll just go and ask the guys here of uh the prices maybe price price 300 Domin okay so for 10 minutes trip is 300 rupees for the boat trip so I was talking the local language which is the this thing uh so there in the distance there's like banana boat happening so that's how like people are screaming and shouting there and yeah guys so now that I've showed you guys the bakri area here just to show you another very beautiful property that is just across there if you see there's like quite a a few people sunbathing I don't know if you can see them that side but there's a really nice restaurant across there that's the name over there which is Tav La by the beach and it's such a beautiful day here and you'll see there are more and more people coming into the beach right now so let's just check out the scenes from here but yeah so what a beautiful day here so yeah guys we'll go to the entrance and show you guys from there okay guys so now that we made it to the water sports counter here just to tell you guys the water sports prices so paragliding uh parasailing sorry is 800 then you have jet ski which is 500 you have uh the banana boat bumper boat dolphin trip all the prices are here you can just pause the video and you know check out the prices and let's just walk uh back to the beach and show you guys some scenes of the crowd because you know there's quite a decent amount of crowd here and there's quite a lot of families and so nice to see a lot of you know people having an amazing time here at the beach so what we'll do is let's walk onto the beach here and show you guys the crowd situation right now so there's people from sorry so there's people clicking photos and you know it's just so beautiful right now and yeah just uh so many of these photographers taking some really good photos of people here and yeah you have these boat trips also that keep on taking you for boat trips they also take you for the Paras ceiling so Paras sailing doesn't happen in this area what they do is they take you in this boat and the boat goes all the way there if you can see the Paras sailing in the distance there and of course you have the jet skis here so all the jet ski boats go him here yeah so and yeah we'll just show you guys so there are other uh you know water sports that are here this is bumper boats here so they'll fill up this they'll take two people in the bumper boat hi so yeah so we are almost back to the Baga sign here but I just wanted to show you a little bit of the crowd situation here and how people are just enjoying themselves here at the beach so let's just go into the water and tell you guys like what it feels like so I'm going to leave my slippers out here the good part about Baga Beach here is the water is nice and shallow so wow it's so nice and cold wow so the water is so nice and cold and the water is nice color as well and you can see like people are just having a perfect time here at the beach enjoying themselves with the beautiful weather as well so it's it's really not hot at all it's like completely perfect hi what's up how are you I'm good mes yes how are you good to see you so where are you from I'm from Delhi Delhi so you enjoying your time here yeah yeah where where have you been so far so far I've only been to this particular Resort Ina I've never this is your first time in Goa 18 18 time okay so he's enjoying himself lovely to meet you brother take care see you I actually follow your videos okay just get the inside of what in have you been to any of the places I recommended not yet yes to Bros bros okay yeah amazing great to see you have a great time great time yeah take care see you bye byee yeah see you what's your name s s yeah take care bye bye so that was sandip our viewer here and it's so great to see our viewers always but you know when I'm shooting I like to walk around and show you guys as much as possible and I I always love to interact and say hello but you know uh I like to take one shot of video I don't like to you know break the video into different parts so you guys have like a complete feeling just see something funny everybody's shoes are getting washed away here and everybody's having such a good time that nobody even realize that their shoes are just getting washed away and yeah see the everybody's just having the time of their lives here so these girls having a nice photo shoot here enjoying themselves and yeah so like people are making sand castles and just amazing scenes guys so lovely to see on the Baga Beach here so anyway let's just go back to the entrance and I'll show you a little bit from the uh Beach tracks and like a little view of the beach tracks from there okay guys so we made it to the beach uh Shacks here and I'm just going to show you guys like a closeup of like the beach beds here so you guys have an complete idea we're going to go to agies which is my friend Shack here so Beach beds they charge you 100 rupees per hour if you're eating or drinking then of course it is uh free of cost but let's just go into AI G so I'm just going to show you guys The Shack here good huh so this is what The Beach Shack looks like inside okay I'm just going to show you guys the menu here for an idea of how much drinks cost so if you see the beer prices these are the beer prices for the pints is 150 and you know all the drinks here so this is like the alcohol menu you can just pause the video so you can see the you know food and things like that prices so this is the food menu here and yeah this is what it's like so you have a complete idea of everything here guys so anyway let's just show you guys the inside of the shark and now let's just check out the scenes from here so as you can see there's like International tourists here and yeah look at these how beautiful Vibes here so it's very relaxed beautiful day here and let's say so yeah just showing you guys this side of the beach and uh the crowds here as well so yeah beautiful day let's go and check out some more so guys that is where we were just now which was the AGI Shack and then there is squee Beach Shack here and if you see they all have these really nice Cabanas kind of thing with this uh like this I don't know what this is but it it looks really nice and what we'll do is we are going to take take the road which is going back to the parking lot area but this is another side of the beach side and here we have live music today at the St Anthony Shack here and it's so nice to see you know there is somebody's birthday apparently and they're singing live music they're singing happy birthday for them which is really nice so if you're coming for somebody's birthday or whatever it's a really good experience to come and enjoy here but yeah so just to show you guys this is the chapel here very beautiful people are clicking some nice photos here and yeah let's just walk back to my bike but just I want to show you some last scenes from Baga and what is available here thank you so these are the ladies who sell all those bracelets and uh things like you know small small things you have the slipper shops here you have uh the tattoo PS they have like clothing here and of course you have all these precious semi-precious stones that you can buy from here and yeah guys so very beautiful day here in Baga I hope you enjoyed this video please do like and subscribe and of course I'm going to bring you guys so many so many videos from here in Goa so let's go and check out some more in the future please do like and subscribe

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