Free Camping In Indonesian Village Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 5

Free Camping In Indonesian Village  Bike Touring Indonesia, Episode 5

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here is an arab village yeah this is way better  than the expensive campsite good morning from our waterfall campsite here somewhere in Celimber, we've been up for a little   while here's our beautiful campsite we're pretty much all packed up but uh we need to go see the   waterfalls before we go that's what we paid for so we're gonna go for a little hike this way join us   hopefully we don't get attacked by more monkeys and uh hopefully we don't see any of these guys   right here that looks pretty scary but the monkeys made a mess last night there's trash everywhere   I'm sure the staff will come up here and clean it hopefully we'll see but we're going up this way   waterfall number one waterfall number two we are getting up here you can kind of see through the trees I'm   sure you can but you can see some houses hopefully we'll have a nice view up here   but uh even way up here out in the middle  of nowhere you can still hear music and here we have waterfall number three thank you nice semi-flat piece of ground it's time to go load it up and uh time to head down a lot lighter this time that's for sure yeah it's really really steep let's walk it wow even out here in the small campus if you  see monstrosities huge massive homes okay   today we are heading to Cianjur that's the  goal at least we got to go uphill quite a bit   and uh actually that's the goal just to get to the top of the mountain   and then from there we'll decide but it's pretty beautiful through here wow that road sucks just uphill the whole way and we're still not done but I think this is a perfect time for a snack and we are officially back on the main road  from here I think there's nothing but uphill   gonna be challenging that's for sure so one thing we notice when we are at the  waterfalls was that there were a lot of Arabic people and so I don't know we just thought that  was a coincidence but we're making our way up this   mountain here and uh we noticed this place or Vanessa noticed that they're selling none and   uh yeah Arabic style food I guess   spiced tea right here and then up down the road there's two or three other Arabic restaurants and   there are the Arabic money changer place and  so I don't know maybe this is the uh Arabic   Center here in Indonesia but uh we  ordered some food and we got this basically like uh pizza dough  nothing special what do we get basically it's scrambled eggs with some tomatoes and onions and some sort of like bread seasoning   and then we also got the naan it doesn't  look that great but dude it's okay there's more over here actually but it was kind of a letdown just a little bit we were really excited   he's really good but the food's just okay you know it was just   surprising to see something different on  the road so we had to pull over and try it I'm gonna look it works good we're just cycling I think uh yeah yeah Arab yes okay how long have you been here 10 days what do you think of Indonesia this is the 40 times and yeah I'm gonna say I hope you could hear that over the noise and just to give you guys a reference point it's where we are right now   we are by the wrist the rest area still going uphill got a nice looking school over here some girls out playing some uh some foot song I got a nice sweat going on because   it actually feels pretty good out but  this is a workout this is a workout okay a quick break here we were at 4050 feet in elevation   we're going through this curvy part right here we need to get to 4850 that'll be the peak   and then it should be downhill from there we just found this little uh rest area time to get a drink   there's like the roasted some corn over  there time to chill out for a little bit check it out you got a nice pool down  there too if you want to go swimming   and this is what the view looks like wow I feel like you should be able to see into the city from here obviously there's trees here but   there's also a lot of smog and I don't know  you just see so many people burning stuff and   so all the fire and all the smoke just sits  in the air and well you combine that with   uh I don't know all the exhaust and everything that's going into the air and yeah you get this I was talking to one of the shop owner ladies before   before we left and uh I was asking her about the air and I was just like you know is it like   this every single day and she's like yeah  yeah you know it looks like this every day   like are there different seasons where it's  different she's like no all year round it's   like this and I was like is it because there's  a lot of fires you know like air pollution and   she's like no no there's a it's just because of  the weather it's she was pretty adamant in that   it's not from air pollution like Jakarta she says and so I don't know you tell me is this normal don't fall over not being able to see anything what do you think air pollution I think so too I think wow look at this just so we want and we are 4 700 feet up in  the air and we found an awesome   uh fruit market and vegetable market look at this that's what I'm talking about and they got mangis hello mangis okay this is my favorite fruit in Indonesia like he's already loading me up I want to try it first and this is a good one actually ah Maybe how's that look bad bad right yeah it looks  good from the outside but when there's green   stuff in there the green stuff is really bitter  no good this tastes like candy to me so sweet   but it's kind of hit or miss the insides you never can't tell if it's rotten or not wait wait wait trash pineapples pineapple yeah no no no no no no pineapples okay thank you look at the size of those bananas Jesus I'm sure we have to eat it today so hey another cyclist we're getting these for 25 less than two  bucks we're gonna eat those today definitely 4 850 feet I think we've made it to the  top this right here is the atas Maybe I don't know we've made it to Puncak Pass here eat our bananas that you're supposed to grill up bakar means grill right grilled bananas   that's how you're supposed to prepare them  apparently that's how the locals do it   one thing's for sure cycling in Indonesia is uh   I want to say easier but finding food is not going to be a problem or finding a place to eat to get a   drink or chill and relax because doesn't matter if you're in the city or in the mountains there   are warungs and little shops set up all along the road so We're not gonna go hungry that's for sure all right and the question now is where are we going to stay   do we want to stay up in the mountains and maybe find a place   it's already 350 so that could be a good idea or do we want to just cruise on down and then if we   see something along the way stop and stay it'd be nice if we could just find a place like this   a big open lawn very clean very nice but those are all probably Resorts or private property   I don't think that's gonna happen but we'll see we'll see we'll figure out something thank you downhill from here not bad beautiful back in here so we're trying to make it to where are we going a national park so we can camp and we're kind of cutting   through a small little village and it is beautiful really nice around here a nice spot so nice so we're gonna go inquire about a room   or not really a room but ask if we could just camp out here somewhere I haven't yet pulled out the I'm a YouTuber yet but sometimes I'm tempted just to be   like you know I'm a YouTuber and a lot of my viewers are from Indonesia   let's work together we'll see we'll see don't know if I want to go there yet so they do have a camp Zone option pretty good it's 250000 per person  but that includes breakfast lunch and dinner yes yes and a coffee break this is a minimal 30 person 30 people yeah  there's only one we have two two small tents yeah 160 000 per person all right we have decided not to stay at that  beautiful place down there and we're gonna try   to make it to the National Park but uh wherever commute this app that I'm using has sent us   uh it sent us to a really nice little kampung  neighborhood honestly it's super clean I guess it took us to a uh pretty road with a nice view   well the roads are not that pretty but the view is nice and just like that we are back in a very very local component that did not take long hello hello hello wow be careful all right hello well there's a big open field down there he's a Visa camp aign like a report like uh to the closest yeah but we're in a really small compound area   and the guy was just like ah maybe you need to go report to somebody that you're going to stay here   we can do that maybe let's go find a guy we need to talk to the kapala Desa I wonder who we need to talk to say uh Bole di Sana no problem no problem okay well this guy up here is saying it's okay hello thus all right nice guy my name is Nick, from, America is okay beautiful it's beautiful yeah yes beautiful that's nice this Japanese yeah happy happy sure um sure okay okay no matter what I meant no yes I like it is oh at night there's a lot of people here okay so we need to go set up our tent in our Campground before it gets too dark   and then we'll hang out with the locals later yeah this worked out really great foreign much better than that expensive Resort that we just stopped at   that place was beautiful too but this is a real experience I think tucked away in   a small compound only 140 people live here and uh they've been great unbelievable Hospitality   they're welcomed us with open arms uh the  guy said he might make us a campfire later   there's a little warung over there we can go buy some veggies and some food that we can cook so   worked out perfect and this looks like the local Mini Mart what do they have up in here okay yeah tofu tofu, tofu it is a lot here but they still have quite a bit yeah that we can definitely cook a meal  thanks to that, you know, that guy who gave us all the veggies we got some Roti(bread) snacks if you forgot your uh shampoo and medicines you just saw for us um garlic shallots that's it okay

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