First Impressions of Jezzine Lebanon

First Impressions of Jezzine Lebanon

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All right we have arrived to the I  Heart Jezzine sign. [__] Jezzine. All right we're gonna see if we can find a  coffee shop around here looks like we're right   near the tourism office such a chill City and  it is a Saturday today so you figured there'd   be more people out and about but it's  quite quiet can hear the birds chirping. Fouad have you been to the tourism office? I had  some friends working over there. And they give you  

like recommendations to do stuff in Jezzine  yeah there's lots of things to do in Jezzine.   Hiking, Trails, camping, good food, waterfalls  whatever you want a little bit of everything   and it's such an amazing place man yeah it is  it's like it's like Hidden Paradise yeah yeah   yeah Al Shouf Cedar natural reserve. Oh  we got a couple options right along here [__] it means the waterfall oh they're open for coffee. I'm sure they are. All  right so we're entering here, Hello [__] All right we're entering into  the restaurant of the waterfall   so does this mean we can see  the waterfall from up here Fouad? [__] Oh look at this place absolutely gorgeous there  really gorgeous this is heaven you know the Tik- Tok it is oh and look at this area wow I think  we're gonna stay outside oh for sure personally I   think we should stay outside yes with the Lebanese  recommendation. All right bro let's check out down   here what do we got going on can we see oh there's  the waterfall right there you can see it going   right down the side I believe that's not even the  waterfall I was telling you guys about earlier   that's just another one here in Jezzine but  there's nothing like the sound of running water. Guys I was just talking about the waterfall that  I thought was here this like not this exact photo   but one of these photos of this waterfall as  you can see here instead of scrolling through   this was what I thought was Jezzine but I just  found out from Fouad that this is actually in Sebhel.

So that just means it'll be in an upcoming video  and we won't be showing you this waterfall but   trust me at some point we will other than that  we have gotten some menus for ice cream so I   think it's about time to get a little true  [__]. How does that sound? A little ice   cream almost like a molten lava cake except  with ice cream and a nice hard shell around   it that's like that's a must maybe a coffee  to chase it down what do you got in mind for   ice cream. It's a [__] pudding.[__] pudding it  looks like caramel or something oh my God! It's scare. She's vlogger and training though. Yeah  I'm training I'm still training still   getting used she's got to learn that whenever I'm  around whenever you're around me anyone is when   I'm Vlogging the camera's probably in your face  camera's probably on oh yeah. What should I take guys?

until to this post then you're gonna come back three months hey easy for you oh you're gonna take one so I'll take  something else this one okay he decided or   this one okay oh no this is very basic oh yeah I  don't like basics yeah you gotta keep it exotic. What do you guys got in mind for ice  creams no nothing no whoa what who it is   holy [ __ ] I think he's got a fever  Coco oh Coco oh that's going to be taib   and what do we got going on over here exactly  the true Fido Bros imagine if they came back   and they were like oh no that was just  uh for you to not mess up the the table oh they better have this ice cream yeah you can't even joke like that  I'll be crying I'm gonna take   the cow please it's a toy you can't eat it no Hello I thought it was ice-cream. this water's getting to her say one more time okay [__] oh no you joked around and you were actually  right you jinxed it like it didn't make any   sense for them to put it because we didn't ask  for ice cream so oh I guess it does say Spain's   from your ice cream so yeah this is not Lebanese  but it does have Lebanese pounds that's so cool   I'll take the cow please oh we do have some  delicious coffee right here oh yeah fresh and this   is the Lebanese way yeah yeah it kind of looks  like Turkish coffee or maybe Lebanese coffee looks   like Turkish coffee it's Lebanese coffee hey I'm  a travel vlogger I have to relate stuff in every   country to other countries I've been doesn't mean  I'm saying it's better I'm true to Lebanon we've   got Malakal coffee pouring them up see if Fouad  does any drips there all right that's one down did oh yeah Lebanese coffee better than Turkish coffee it's been said yeah it warms up the whole body how do you  guys rate it compared to Australian coffee   oh wipe it up way better yeah oh  wow all right that's gonna be some   fighting words when it gets back  home yeah why do you have to ask me that's a diplomatic answer the safe Zone yeah  yeah. Fouad? Well Australian coffee is good like   they said in my dreams when I was in Australia  in my dreams exactly Lebanese coffee is always   number one for me always number one it stays  true to living in yeah better than Starbucks better than Irish coffee full respect Irish people   sorry but nobody's coffee for me it is  medicine better than the Patron coffee uh this is decaf Patron oh no sorry Patron is  the Lebanese coffee with alcohol there it is   All right that was a nice stop for a good cup  of coffee actually I ended up having three of   them I can tell you I'm feeling wired now so  we're gonna head down to these souks so we   are walking into the souks here as you can  see you got a bunch of different shops all   along here but they all have the same design  you have the Lebanese architecture you have   those really nice doors that pop out with  that uh brownish color and just a similar   theme like each shop has their own font to  kind of make them unique but uh it still all   has that similar feeling. Fouad do you know do  you know any history with these uh Lebanese  

knives right here? Yeah that's the one I told  you about these are the ones that you can only   get them in Jezzine yeah they're made of horns  animal horns oh wow and uh with carvings and   stuff it is really unique here it is only made  here really yeah wow yeah they look beautiful   As you guys can see so if you want to find the best  souvenir to take back to your country or to take   back to your village here in Lebanon this is  where you gotta go for it all right as far would   say this is the the Rolls-Royce objects oh wow  you can even get a sword here sorry I slay them looks like down here we've got a bunch  more shops lots of ice cream in Lebanon   that's one thing you'll never not be able to  find except that the restaurant we're just at We've got [__] that's also ice cream yeah um but that must be an older shop yeah but I like the   outfit yeah yeah it's got that  older traditional Lebanese look time to get back and hop in the afternoon  we're gonna go for a little Cruise here whoa oh yeah   let's get the buggy we're getting them going fire  it up and oh there we go oh good luck [__] Fouad tell me a little bit about this place we're  cruising through the Foothills yeah and look at   the restaurant place this place is full of like uh  restaurants like uh how do I say the countryside   of Jezzine where the farm like uh Ranch  restaurants you know it's a really nice place yeah   uh it's called the remedy-Remine. We're heading  to uh grab our stuff because we're about to   check out from this gorgeous gorgeous place  that Max showed to you there we go yeah [__]  All right we did a quick clean up we got all of our  stuff and now we are cruising up the mountain we got a Fouad taking the  uh path of extra resistance oh you guys got the good seats up there  yeah VIP section yeah exactly ah well guys   it's been a really really nice stay here  honestly could have stayed for a couple   more days while we were exploring this part  of Jezzine yeah great property as you guys   can see now yesterday when we were riding  whoa that's a tree oh that's a tree too   but it's a great property to be able to explore  for the last couple days subah ho hello hello whoa we survived it oh yeah I almost got nailed by the tree branches  but but we made it so we're still in one piece   and we have arrived found a safer way  to cruise we just left the uh place and   now we're gonna be going to meet Fouad's good  friend Anthony from Lebanon we call him Malik   al-Jezzine. Yeah he's Legend oh wow so he  knows everything about it oh yeah from A to Z   well we're gonna have to ask him some serious  hard questions about this about this place   [__] and then we're getting ice cream yep  oh baby that's gonna be good all right so we   have made it down back to the center which is to  get some ice cream at Bashir key [ __ ] Anthony How are you bro? Hey good and you nice to meet you you  guys already know round two coffee here We've got Malik-Al-Jezzine now we had Fouad. Try out the coffee pour there looks like only at  the other restaurant can you pull it off perfect   material that's it oh oh all right wow even  Malik al-Jezzine I'm not sure I'm not much better   oh look at that there we go all right   we're just making sure the table you have to  put it up more and then more down we thing you want me to give it a shot okay and to be fair and hit the water bottle that's  why that's why one more try the problem is yeah   that's what I meant that one's Mac that's no  that's what I tried to do on that one but I   hit the water bottle honestly you guys saw that  in the camera you saw that in the camera it hit   the water bottle proof oh wow I have someone  professional definitely girlfriend material Anthony tell us something unique about Jezzine  oh Jezzine is a big story to be honest yeah they say it's the Bride of the South the bride  the South yeah yeah it's it's a touristic uh place   you have you can you can go for a hike  you can go for a tourist for a   registered the registers yes  for uh like churches and uh um at night we have this this life a life  night but not like this it's uh you've   got a mini Sky Bar yeah yeah yeah if you  if you can stay tonight you will see uh   people in front of the municipality right  okay yeah yeah the one that's and somebody   has food stands yeah we saw that last  night the drinks everything yeah yeah we drove past last night yeah yeah yeah it looked amazing we didn't make it  though I wish we would have gone so you guys   heard it from Anthony it's so much to do here  in Jezzine I'm loving it honestly I wish we were   staying another night but uh that just means we're  coming back in a future video. All right looks like   we're gonna get some ice cream in here key [__]. All right uh can you ask what flavors uh we've got um

yeah yeah a biscuit we've got all the flavors down there  yes chocolate, vanilla . I can see [__] Say hi to the camera. Hi guys making  memories you only want Oreo yeah   wow guys this is the best ice cream how does that taste [__] [__] All right so let's say Mabelle got at the Lebanese  way of course the Lebanese way you gotta get   multiple flavors so I'm gonna use that strawberry,  pistachio and then Oreo all right it's a bubble vanilla and Oreo.

You got Oreo too Maria? Oreo and [__] What did you got? Pistachio and Oreo. Oh [__] All right well what's making me feel better   because he only got one flavor  also lemon lemon [__] bro. Oh yeah oh there we go Anthony got  Oreo too [__] brother cheers. We finished up some delicious ice  cream see you thank you very much bye.   All right next up we're gonna go to what's  the name of this place so we're gonna get   some very very fresh water from Jezzine  that comes from uh like a natural spring   waterfall yes yep so we're gonna try some  of that out and it flows all year round so   you can come down there or locals come down  here get all their fresh water from there. All right so we're going for a cruise in the  bends yeah yeah oh sweet that's my baby oh I   love it and we will take this out so we got top  down here now this is how you get around Jezzine   here we go so this thing's  pretty fast bro of course oh yeah   let's do it man oh man I love convertibles the  best way to go around toss on some music here   and we are especially weather yeah yeah perfect  weather yeah oh it's close we'll be here all uh   tables around all around ah this is the bar  right there so that's where Anthony used to   work right up there and uh right along  that whole area normally there's tables   set up there and then that is kind of like  the uh Lake right there does this lead right   into the waterfall no but the waterfall  is right underneath it oh wow foreign.

All right so guys we're actually arriving at the spot  right here a lot of the locals are filling up   all these big water jugs and then and then  basically bringing it back to their homes   uh yeah see look at how many they have there  all those five gallon water jugs right inside   there and then you have this spring uh so  it's just that one little hose yeah wow   and it's just constantly running at all times  so yeah this pipe right here comes from pretty   high I'm up here at this point yeah this  one right there all the way at the top of   the mountain somewhere yeah I don't know where  oh wow oh so it's a lake up top it's not like a   waterfall that brings it down not the waterfall  it's not the lake it's uh the reservoir water   comes from somewhere yeah but oh what it comes  from nobody can reach it ah nobody can reach it   oh we got some huge frogs down there look at them  making some serious noise look at that thing oh you guys ready for some fresh water oh you're  about to scare me I could hear someone walking   behind me I was like something's happening y'all  on next time you try it you try it first yeah oh thank you my love. All right so this is how it's done okay [__] oh yeah oh Mabelle [__] okay this is  definitely gonna get all of you [__] Go-Pro oh um wow yeah you want me to hold  it oh we gotta keep it going oh that is how you cool down in a fresh water spring  Jezzine wow oh it feels great actually oh wow   We'll add some good water yeah oh what is  that some sort of aliens over there in the   form of a frog yeah be careful they bite  how was it yeah it's good yeah yeah best   water you've ever had probably yeah [__]  Fouad what's for lunch yeah he's ready for Shawarma. All right we're back in the convertible what do  they say top down seat back rolling in my Cadillac   Ben's Edition I call her my baby yeah this  definitely would be my baby if I had it too sorry   uh I mean uh baby you know it's uh it's uh well   let's see I forgot what languages yeah  exactly she's out of here we're done you guys Anthony's gonna be taking  us for a cruise now right after the   water spring there's like a road that's  kind of along the edge of the mountain   here and we're gonna have some incredible  views so let's do this all right so I'll   put the camera up and take a look at the  view from here hopefully you can see it. Yeah I'd say this area definitely gives me  the Jezzine uniqueness but you know you got   to taste of maybe the shadow Aiden because you got  similar Landscapes as you agree or disagree yeah   but it definitely looks way different heights wow so this used to be a gas station at  some point something and then it became   an army checkpoint and you can tell  it's seen some days from back in the   war there's so many bullet holes in onset or  all around the walls of this place and some   pretty intense graffiti over there we've  got the word [ __ ] written inside there   and a lot of other graffiti but it's  kind of cool though at the same time where so guys our last stop  of this short little Jezzine   tour is we're actually going to be  cruising down to see the waterfall   so we're going down this like long path and  it's beautiful because you just have these   pine trees that are outlining the road that  leads you down and you can kind of see it   right now but you have beautiful views coming  down into this part of the city of Jezzine.

I feel all right we gotta climb up there all right all right we have entered in   which one that's easier all right let's  see if my baby can get up of course I can   don't fall wow whoa you a dancer or something  uh maybe I don't know so we gotta sneak in guys. All right we got Fouad convinced he's coming  over too oh you make this look easy bro hey watch out for that barbed wire bro I'm good I'm good you got it all right you can't  do it I need to leave the present the man has   returned to the prison guys there's the waterfall  right there wow yeah it's a small stream right now   as a disclaimer I don't necessarily recommend  you to hop fences to get to tourist sites like   this but we're with the locals so uh we've got  locals approval the uh Malik al-Jezzine I'm gonna   die there from slipping and we've got a quick  little pathway that leads us to this waterfall   stunning so as you guys probably can guess  this time of the year it's pretty dry so the   waterfall is much smaller for those of you  have seen photos of this waterfall you'll   probably have seen it maybe like from the  uh I'd say maybe April time frame because   then a lot of the water is melting uh  you know from from Winter and uh thank   you Mabelle keeping me safe right now because  I'm sliding down the Rock still trying to vlog and so yeah guys basically the  waterfall can be way-way uh yeah like so much more water will normally  be falling but it just depends on the time   of year you come so keep that in mind. Fouad  you've done this hike before up to the waterfall   yeah yeah tell me some facts about it you got  to know a couple things. You find Bitcoin over   there well in that case let's run [__] uh it's  just like uh it catches [__] are certain you remember the village that I told  you about it yeah it is a bit like far away from Jezzine yeah so above this Village there are there are  mountains over there yeah and the ice melts from   those mountains and the water canals and like the  geographical rivers yeah all flows through here   that makes this waterfall during winter the water  is stronger yeah yeah right now you know there's   no ice anymore right but the peak is always on  spring when the ice freshly melts yeah yeah and uh   oh my God! you're out of breath bro yeah yeah  don't be falling so you just explain that so   much better than I did I was like I think the ice  melts at the top of the mountain by the way wow   winter we cannot even come close to  here wow because it's just too strong   oh right here yes we can go a little further  shower yeah you're gonna go in yeah hey could the   it could uh cool us down a little bit yeah thank  you babe wow look at this waterfall unbelievable yeah so Anthony was telling us that when the  waterfall is much stronger you can't even get   this close because it's spring down and splashing  everywhere so it's nice we're able to be able   to like actually walk up and see it but it is so  Majestic looking at it here from the distance all   right guys and that was our last stop sharing with  you Jezzine definitely a place we'll be coming back   to and I'm really looking forward to it so much  to do here so much to see a lot of like hiking   that we didn't get a chance to do but once again  it's just like the uh I don't know if it's easier   but uh it's harder yeah we're uh we're testing  the waters here's easier no yeah it's easier oh   and we made it down safely yeah maybe that  was easier it's nothing makes it look easy   thank you so Anthony big thank you so much for  showing us around really appreciate it brother   I have to thank you guys it's a pleasure to  me to meet you oh likewise likewise thank you. So yeah guys that's where we're gonna end this  video really hope you've enjoyed it and we'll   be sharing with you another trip another video  tomorrow where we head down to sewer the southern   part of Lebanon and I actually have been there  once before but I didn't make a video so it'll   be fun to be back there and share some content  with you guys so really hope you've enjoyed this   one if you have make sure that like button if  you want more videos both here as well as all   around the world hit that subscribe button  and I'll see you guys in tomorrow's video.

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