First Impressions of Cambodia (Siem Reap)

First Impressions of Cambodia   (Siem Reap)

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good morning guys and welcome to siem reap  cambodia we got here yesterday after a   long about 10 hour journey from bangkok and  i'm excited to be here it is extremely hot   but it is also extremely different so i'm excited  to get out and explore now today i'm going to   show you guys my first impressions i'm starting  the day off right with a nice coffee and check   this out we have this beautiful lady here hello  with a cart with pastries wow this is amazing how are you today wow your cart is so beautiful so here in cambodia they use cambodian reals and  dollars it's pretty interesting you know what   which one's your favorite one  which one the best the best one okay give me give me three three thank you  you're so nice what's your name my name is   my name's chris nice to meet you akon you make this yourself yeah wow okay  i'm excited thank you what is this one coconut coconut oh yeah thank you i'll do yeah one of each okay can you hold this for me gladys thank  you so much i love your cart it's so beautiful thank you oh the people here in cambodia   are so lovely oh gladys shows me that she  has some money right now yeah you show me five five seats wow thank you so much thank you tomorrow tomorrow here yes yes see you  tomorrow see see you tomorrow thank you we i think i understood i think she said that  she's going to be here tomorrow she does the   same route every day wow thank you so much you're  so lovely so nice thank you i gotta get my coffee   thank you bye wow and man it is so amazing  look at her cart guys she has condensed milk   this one this one for ice i think  this is for a shaved ice drink i love her sound system i think she's giving me her phone number no the hotel right there yes   i call you tomorrow thank you so much oh  man she's so nice she's so nice thank you bye oh and like she's just gonna take off  on her motorcycle man i feel like i just bye oh my god what's the sweetest lady how did we just  come across her oh man that is wonderful okay guys   now i'm actually gonna prop myself up right  here in the shade because it is extremely hot   and oh man i'm not lying to you guys it's about  35 degrees out here and extremely brutal but   let's go ahead and try our cambodian donut oh  my god you know what gladys i think i'm gonna   have to call that lady back tomorrow and i  think we're gonna have to give that lady a   surprise that's a hardworking lady man that's  a real hard working lady and we just bought all   of these donuts and pastries for less than two  dollars wow and she was so lovely man okay i'm   not gonna lie for those of you guys who watched  the video when we were arriving to cambodia it   was a bit of a rough experience but the people  are so lovely here so lovely so hard working   and they just haven't had tourists in a very long  time oh man i'm sweating so so bad let's try the   cambodian donut now it looks like  there's a glaze on top some sort of seeds um wow that's so good in right now hey chuck chuck just pulled over because here  in siem reap there are tuk-tuks everywhere   and literally they just want work they haven't  had tourists in a long time and they offer you   sunrise tours and anchor watts sunset tours  oh man my eyes are burning from the sunscreen   wow come on let's get gladys in here try this tell me that is not amazing   i was enjoying this it's latte i flattened  with boa can you believe that only in cambodia   these are the tick ticks on the right behind  gladys right now oh my god that is so good huh this is me it's so fresh huh maybe with tapioca as well  that's what it tastes like tapioca with some   sort of seeds and yeah this is a home holi  and caramel like sugar the sugar which would   you prefer the casio in venezuela it's sugar you  cook sugar and cane sugar right wow that's so good seriously guys um what a way to kick off  our trip here in cambodia and we also got   a chocolate donut and these two like ball things  that i'm not sure what they are but i figured we   should try them too because why not you guys  want to see all of this amazing stuff as well   that looks nice it looks like  a donut hole look how soft wow it's good oh wow yeah but my favorite the cambodians yum wow and  you know what it's crazy because they have so   many patriots because of the french influence and  it's great to find this at the street so fresh so   well made amazing and the most amazing part  was that lady oh my god she can make happy   everybody i mean if you are having a bad day and  you cross with her at the street you'll be happy   for sure after that yes what man i think  she's doing the perfect job she's selling   pastries in the morning so that you know  that's definitely the first person you   want to come across as you start your day  you're going to have an amazing day now these here are like the tuk tuks that  drive around seam rape there are so many   hello they offer tours to like angkor wat all of  the amazing spots around here you can also rent   bicycles from absolutely everywhere scooters   all kinds of cool stuff guys and honestly um this  country is very impressive because as i mentioned   they actually use two currencies they use the  cambodian real and american dollar actually gladys   do you mind holding this for me for a second i  actually want to show you guys a few of the bills   before we um head on out to a different direction  so you guys have probably seen this one before   this is an american five dollar bill they use them  a lot and you can actually find american change   everywhere here now this is a hundred reals  which is pretty much like yeah like nothing   then you have a 500 this one i've noticed  is extremely common so to give you guys   some context 4 thousand reals is roughly one  us dollar there is also the thousand notes and i've been noticing that there is also  a five thousand and ten thousand is there   some right here no these are just like  currencies from all around the world but   a lot of different bills and you can withdraw  them from atms or come to one of the many   exchange centers there's exchange boosts  absolutely everywhere and i'm not gonna lie   the currency exchange rate is actually pretty  damn good we exchanged thai bots and they gave us   a little bit more than what i what i looked up  the price was on google i was actually blown away   now right now we're actually i'm not gonna  lie we had left the house to go and film our   first impressions video but then come came  across that lady in her beautiful cart so   i decided to start the video there but we are  about to start a walk over to the old market   but first i do gotta jump into the pharmacy to  buy a couple little items to take back to my hotel   so i'll see you guys in a few minutes just  left the hotel and we are back baby so right   now as i mentioned i'm in siem reap i'm in the  most touristic area right next to the iconic   pub street and well i'm gonna show you guys a  little bit of what the vibes look like around   here as you can tell there are friendly people  already and you can tell that it is extremely hot   now we've been here for one night so far  and what i noticed yesterday evening is that   on this street right along the riverbed many  different street food carts align the streets   in the late evenings i think right now it's  still a little too hot that's why you only   see a few carts out on the streets right now like  this one and the green one ahead but in the later   evening it definitely does fill up quite a bit now  yesterday i actually had this small little like   ramen dish on the street had a little cart right  in front of this bridge crossing over into the   night market and wow the noodles were incredible  it was honestly something super how can i say it   like super simple it was literally an instant  noodle a pack of instant noodles with chicken   but she put so many incredible seasonings in  there vegetables and what tasted like something   i could easily spend 10 to 15 on back home and  the plate literally only costed one dollar now   what i've been noticing the biggest difference  so far between thailand and cambodia   is the heat the heat is a huge difference and it's  quite impressive because it is literally only a   few hours drive from thailand and the climate is  already so much different i've also noticed that   well compared to all the places i've been  to in thailand of course you can tell that   they're struggling a lot right  now because of the pandemic   but here they are definitely struggling a lot  more steam reap was one of those destinations   that used to be like this with tourists and right  now there's not many guys there's not many at all   and it sucks to see i mean it's nice for us  because we're going to be able to visit anchorwat   with little to no people however for the locals  it definitely is extremely rough now this is   actually where i wanted to come into to start  today's video this old market because i heard   it is a great place to walk around check out  some souvenirs and also try some local food so   why not let's go on and explore the local  market and see if we can find ourselves   i don't know maybe some some glasses i need  some sunglasses because i lost my ray-bans   a few days ago and yeah i'm extremely sad  about it so let's see if we can find something   something interesting something cool inside  of this market now i'm not even too sure   how you enter this place but looks like there's a  walkway in here so let's make our way inside hello yeah i'm the same when i see beautiful women so nice huh okay i don't know exactly  where to start i'm looking for   some shades let's see if we can  find some shades i've seen a lot   of clothing right now and a lot of the  same stuff that you can see like in   in thailand a lot of the elephant clothing  elephant bags buddhas all kinds of cool stuff now wow this is definitely the place  to hide if you're coming to siem reap   it is so much cooler in here than  it is outside so much more nice wow looks like this is like  a big jewelry department   see i definitely don't want to go inside the  jewelry department but wow look at this guys are those real i think they're real to be  honest i think these are real alligators   hello are these real yeah wow from where   i have that oh a crocodile farm wow  myself that's amazing how much are they um oh but we go around 100 wow yeah it feels real  huh yes the weird skin inside just put check   out the inside and put like this simple  this one is broken put like this inside   wow okay that's awesome  where's your crocodile farm do you do tours to the  crocodile farm yeah i want to go   i have uh in the but along uh far away from here  at the thin lake oh okay i have had a big hello   okay thank you thank you sir i mean thank you  ma'am yeah wow super cool we might have to come   by and buy a crocodile that'd be interesting  do you know can i take that home i don't   know you can check first check the internet  first okay okay thank you interesting right   okay that was super super cool i've never  seen a real one of those before they do sell   them in a lot of places in the world but  i've never heard of a real one being sold   now here we go we got some sunglasses for sale  right here some watches oh man look at that   they got all the rolexes citizen watches super  super cool hello how much are the sunglasses five dollars which ones you don't have any ones  that are cheaper than five dollars i'm your first customer okay which ones are  your favorite sunglasses the ray ben okay   let's check out the ray bans then oh can i move  this yeah it's okay oh i don't want to drop it   i had i had ray-bans and i lost them oh yeah so these are just um  cheap okay how much are those ones   15 okay let's check out the so the basically  the big difference guys is that these ones here   are not polarized these ones are polarized so  they're better for your eyes and for the sun   okay but we're gonna go with the cheap ones  because i have a feeling i'm gonna lose these   extremely fast as well i never buy expensive  sunglasses i bought um the ray bans that i   just lost recently at ross for like 60 bucks oh  thank you so much i bought them for like 60 bucks   and they were on sale and i lost them  wow these are cool can can i clean   oh okay thank you thank you no it's okay  no customer huh that's why they get dusty i like the market beautiful market huh not many tourists that's sad huh  i hope it gets better for you guys two years no tourist huh that's so hard thank you it's been a tough two years huh how do i look good handsome man ah i'm a handsome  i like cambodia everyone say i'm handsome which ones are those ones are  those different styles same style but even like this small sign this one's bigger huh is it bigger  than the one same same as this one yeah oh yeah but that one's  more expensive huh are you okay oh no those are too big yeah  i like the other ones better   actually you know what let  me try these ones on again i think i like the first ones i tried  on to be honest these ones look good oh man they bend a little  too far though let me see oh a different style different  side panel like they have one oh wow that's super cool oh yeah wow big difference okay well you know what i think i'll  take the cheap ones because i don't   have that much cash on me i i only  have luke five okay thank you so much okay i try i get better thank you so much thank  you cool guys so we got ourselves some nice ray   bans how much are the watches which one do you  like yeah how much the rolex's i never had rolex   before you know you now like me like they tell  you now twenty-eight dollars wow nice for you okay well i have no more cash i'll come back  i come back and i'll look at your watches   we'll come back and we'll look at some watches  thank you thank you so much oh so friendly   remember me please okay definitely coming back  here hello definitely coming back here to um   check out her her watches let me know  down below if you guys would like to see thank you thank you unfortunately we have no more  cash on us right now we just spent it all but   let me know down in the comment section what else  you guys would like to see from here in cambodia   as i mentioned this is my first impressions but i  think we did pretty good guys we got some donuts   i got some cheap ray bans that yeah honestly are  probably a lot worse for my eyes than walking   around without any at all however for the pitchers  who's going to tell the difference all right guys   now um if you guys would like to see a fake  market tour here in cambodia please let me know   man the rolex is for 28 bucks dude that's  insane in thailand they were still trying   to sell fake rolexes and fake rich millies  for like 150 bucks no way in hell i'd ever   pay that for a fake watch especially when i  could go get like a g-shock or something but   28 bucks for a rolex might have to happen let's  be real i'll probably never be able to afford one   of those unless you guys smash that like button  and subscribe and maybe make that dream possible   but for now who knows a fake rolex  might have to do the job later guys i was the one to take

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