Finally saw a Leopard and Cheetah in Serengeti National Park S7 EP.22 | Pakistan to South Africa

Finally saw a Leopard and Cheetah in Serengeti National Park  S7 EP.22 | Pakistan to South Africa

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Even if you don't get to see any wild animal the whole day... And then you come back to this luxury lodge... It has made not just our day amazing but in fact the whole tour great.

When I was planning for this... There are so many tourist vehicles here... Looks like all of them are here. Look at that... We have, in front of us... Two Cheetahs. And that's so cool.

Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel From Serengeti National Park. We got here last evening, after doing a rather long track from Arusha. The name of our camp is Baobab Luxury Camp... or lodge. Well, it's not really a lodge. It's actually a camp. Because the lodges here are properly buildings.

You can see many similar camps all over this national park. It was a really good morning for me. Slept really well last night. In nature... With a proper feeling of being in a jungle.

With all the background sounds that you sleep to. There are not many guests here, at the moment. The guys were telling me that the camp has a capacity of up to 40 guests. And there were only six people yesterday. Mainly because it's off season. There aren't many tourists in this season.

Anyways, we are gonna have our breakfast here. After we finish the breakfast, we have the whole day for activities inside this national park. You can say that we are at the Serengeti center right now. According to our tour guide, that's where most of the wildlife is. Therefore, we expect to have a great day ahead.

We look forward to enjoy the wildlife as well as the natural beauty of this park. Here's Mr. Eric. Good morning. Good morning.

How are you sir? I'm good. I hope you too. Yeah. It was good. How was the night? Slept very well. I was here for the breakfast and I noticed something. I placed my breakfast here. And a bird tried to pick that small piece up.

But it turned out to be a bit too heavy for it. Anyway, that's our breakfast. Some fruits and pancakes.

We'll also get the Spanish egg and bread in a bit. Waiting for the eggs to be cooked. Spanish Omelette I mean. James, are we ready to leave now? Yes we are and we are gonna spend a full day here at Serengeti.

And we hope to see a lot of animals today. James has a diploma in tourism. You did a diploma in tourism? Yes. And then you went to driving school to learn to drive this safari car. You can see that the tour guides here are quite well educated.

He has a lot of knowledge about the animals and everything else at the national park. You studied for two years? Yeah. Thank you. Thank you very much brother. And this is our safari ride. I don't think I have given you a tour of this.

It'd be rather interesting. These are originally land cruisers. But have been covered. This is the driver's seat and that in front is our lunch. The walkie talkie has been set up.

And they have made it really comfortable for the tourists. You can place your mobile phones and gadgets here. There are charging pods in here.

This is where I sit normally. And I place small equipment like camera gear, right here. There's room for 6 people back here.

And one person can sit at the front with the driver. That means 7 people can ride this car, quite comfortably. There is plenty of space at the back for luggage.

I have placed all my stuff there. I brought all my luggage with me. Left nothing at the hospital.

Another thing about the car; we can open the roof. They get a land cruiser and then transform it into a safari vehicle. It's really comfortable; especially the suspension. For instance, our route was quite bumpy yesterday, but we didn't feel a thing. All the vehicles that you see here are land cruisers.

And drivers are quite educated. I only know James though. I also spent some time with a driver in Kenya. Most of them have special training. About the national park and that can interact the tourists in a good way.

So, ready? Yes we are ready. Let's go. The landscape of Serengeti is very diverse.

For instance, there weren't any trees near the entrance of the national park. And the section we just passed through is full of trees. We also crossed many small river crossings.

I have seen crocodiles for the first time here. You'd have already seen crocodiles having a sun bath in some random video. They just like to lay down in the sun.

My guide was telling me that... This sun bath thing helps them with their digestive system. Like hippos, crocodiles also like to spend time in water. Hippos are quite dangerous. They only eat grass.

Pure herbivores. Corcodiles don't attack hippos. Because hippos can be really dangerous with their big teeth. But even then if a crocodile tries to attack a baby hippo... Hippos kill that crocodile.

So they try to stay away. Something has made not just our day amazing but our whole tour indeed. Because when I was planning this trip to Serengeti and Ngorongoro... Lions, leopards, cheetahs and rhinos. I was sure that I'll get to see them here. We have already seen lions here; in Amboselli as well.

But we hadn't seen cheetahs, leopards and rhinos. And I was praying since morning to see leopards today. Luckily, we spotted a leopard walking from a distance. We tried to follow its path and direction.

And that has brought us here. There he is... resting in the tree. Beautiful animal. Seeing it up close and having this experience... It's like a once in a life time opportunity. You plan a safari trip and you get to see such animals.

I have been to similar places before but you don't get to see them very often. Regardless of your safari, you may spot them a dozen times a day if you are lucky. Otherwise, you may not see them at all. But I'm really happy now.

It's interesting to notice that there are so many tourist vehicles here. Looks like everyone in the park is coming here to see this leopard. Because this is a very rare sight. That's why if a tour guide spots them, they communicate about the location to all the others. So, all of them in the vicinity rush to that location. Anyways, this is simply amazing.

Look at that. Right in front of us... We see two cheetahs. Isn't that awesome... We finally get to see cheetahs. The difference between cheetahs and leopards can be seen from their faces. Cheetahs have a tear drop mark on their face.

Also, cheetahs cannot climb trees like leopards. Some more interesting info about cheetahs and leopards, shared by our tour guide. You saw that the leopard was alone.

And they are mostly alone. If you see two of them, the other one must be a female. And that must be the breeding season. On the other hand, cheetahs are found in groups of two, three or more. Cheetahs are mostly active during the day time.

But leopards are as active during the day as they are at night. Before we go ahead with our video, I'd like to talk about a very good friend of mine. He's been trading for quite some time now. He's a very successful trader and earn a big respect in the trading world. Not just that, but he also teaches trading. He's already trained more than a thousand people.

He has launched his virtual training institute just a few days back. It's called Trade Campus by Badar Tanvir. They invited me to one of their events. Met him there along with his team and many of his students.

He has a very capable and experienced team of trainers. They train students about the market analysis. They also conduct live sessions for hands on training. So that the students have a good understanding of the market trends.

Some of the key factors for successful trading include... Risk management Psychology of the trader And discipline. Badar focuses on all these aspects so that you become a successful trader. I know him personally and recommend him if you want to learn trading.

I have shared the link of his YouTube channel and that of his institute as well, in the description. Do check that. This is our lunch spot today.

All the tour guides have brought their respective groups here. It's a rather nice sitting place. You can have a comfortable lunch under the shade here. And the toilets are over there. Over there.

Points like this one are available at many other locations in the national park. These are specific locations for activities like lunch. Other than that, there are lodges and luxury camps as well. Eric and James have already set up our lunch here.

James, what do we have in lunch? We have rice. We have chips. Fries and tomatoes. It's already cold but we are still gonna enjoy it. Some vegetables here.

These are the rice. Some chicken. Got some cupcakes as well. A massive safari truck has just arrived. You can see they have their own water and everything.

The normal safari trucks here... They use the huts and the sitting setup here. Whereas, they have their own camping setup with them. These are Chinese tourists. They also have many children in their group.

Could be a school tour. But it's really interesting. To travel in a huge truck like this one. The downside is... You can't go to all off road locations like a small land cruiser. If you remember my previous vlog, when we passed through the Ngorongoro Conservation area, we saw many local Masai people.

You saw some of them in the previous video. You might wonder that we haven't seen any local in Serengeti. That's because locals are not allowed to live in any of the national parks in Tanzania. It was declared a national park in 1951. Back then Masai people would live here.

But an agreement was signed, according to which they were moved to other locations. Most of them shifted to the Ngorongoro Conservation area. That's the reason, you don't see any locals here. I mean, if locals would live here, along with their cattle and their houses.

They'd probably be doing some agriculture as well. That disturbs the nature of this area. That's why, whenever a place is declared as a national park in Tanzania. Locals are not allowed to live there. So, there are lodges and camps here.

And you mainly see only the tourists. No locals at all. Also, there are certain rules to be followed here. For example, we just saw a rhino here. It's quite rare to spot a rhino in any national park. Because it's a huge expanse with animals scattered all around.

And we cannot leave our route and go off road in any random direction. I mean, all of this is in fact road, but still there's a proper track here. And you just have to follow that.

You are heavily penalized if you leave your track. You must have seen a giraffe quite a few times in my videos. That's because I really like giraffes. And I think it's among the most beautiful animals in the park. It's a very innocent animal that minds its own business. You can see him chilling.

One more interesting thing about giraffes... You can see many birds on this giraffe's back. Busy picking something and eating. And giraffe is letting them continue their business. This benefits both; the birds as well as the giraffe.

It's a mutual benefit. These birds pick insects like ticks from giraffe's body. So the birds get their meal and the giraffe has a clean skin. Birds have this same business with hippos as well. Mutual deal.

We are at our camp. A very warm welcome, once again. Thank you very much. And this is... baobab juice.

Baobab juice or what? It's mango juice. We had baobab juice yesterday but it's mango juice today. Let's see what our camp's gonna be like, today. The location is quite similar to the previous camp though. A very beautiful and peaceful place it is.

Right in the heart of this jungle. We are a little early today. This seems like a place to relax.

With chairs and everything. In there is the restaurant. It's a much bigger setup compared to the previous camp.

There's a proper bar here. For people who drink. There's coffee for us, over here. This camp is known as Moyo camp. I have already seen the room here. I mean...

Let me show you guys. I was just wondering if I should give you a room tour or a camp tour each day. But my intention is to give you a flavor of what it means to have these facilities at such a location.

Why people spend so much money to visit this place. And they give really great reviews when they go back. They feel very comfortable coming here due to all these facilities. So, in turn, they bring more tourists here. Let me give you a short tour.

That's the external view of our camp. A couple of chairs here to have a cozy sitting arrangement. Some chair on the other side as well. One can sit here to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature from here.

When you come back from a full day of safari... A peaceful place like this, really helps you relax. Let's get inside. This is what this tent looks like from the inside. Could you imagine to find this inside after seeing it from the outside...

There's a single bed beside a double bed. Since I'm traveling solo, I can sleep on any of the beds. There's a mirror on this side.

On the bedside table, there's a torch. In case you feel like going for a walk at night. There's a walkie talkie as well. One cannot go out for a walk on their own. Contact the guys on walkie talkie. They escort you because there can be wild animals outside at night. If we take a look at the backside, there's space to place your luggage.

We have also kept our luggage here. Time for the main surprise. Check out the ....

Washroom Very nice It's spacious. I mean you may not get such a grand washroom at many hotels of high reputation. That's the shower area.

Quite spacious. There is provision of hot water, 24 hours a day. Over here is the WC. Even if you don't see any wild animal, the whole day... And you come back to this luxurious tent to spend the night.

It does take the load off your mind. The camp has its own internet. I also have a Vodacom SIM card.

Ever since I am in Tanzania, I have Vodacom as well as Tigo. One of them is always working at most of the locations. However, in national parks like Serengeti, Vodacom coverage is always available.

Normally, anywhere I go, it works. Even here, I have 4G connectivity. So you can comfortably perform your important task on the internet such as replying to an official email. Gonna sit here and relax our evening.

If we happen to see some wild animals, we'll photograph it along with the sunset. I don't know when I'll be visiting this beautiful location again. It's night. Time to rest and say good bye to all the exertion of the day. What else do you need when you have such a beautiful location to spend your night.

It has been a very unique experience for me. I have stayed at many different camping sites, huts, lodges and hotels. But haven't experienced anything like this before. May be that's why I'm enjoying more than I normally do.

This is my first experience of this sort. I'd highly recommend such lodges and camp sites if you are planning a trip. And this is not luxury. The luxury class is at another level.

Don't know much about that. I'll definitely share that experience with you whenever I get that chance. As a traveler, one can get to learn many things in this continent. I'm loving how these sites are established in nature, without disturbing it. That's really enjoyable.

Lot to learn from this place Its people, culture and tourism. Anyways, don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share if you enjoyed this video. Do share your thoughts in the comments. Remember me in your prayers. Allah Hafiz

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