Exploring Bandung (and eating strange Lumpia)

Exploring Bandung  (and eating strange Lumpia)

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all right all right guys I'm fully caffeinated  and I'm still here in bandong Indonesia and uh I'm   about to explore bandom in the last video we did  a little little little exploration but now it's   time for the big big big big big exploration so uh  we're here on the Asia Africa Lane here in bandom   which is very iconic they have um hello yeah they  have lots of photographers I noticed that when I   was walking here they have lots of photographers  everywhere uh maybe I should get my picture   taken I'll see I'll see but um the street is very  iconic because it's like um every country in Asia   or Africa has like their own uh Little Rock here  I'll show you in a minute let's first uh cross the road okay okay hey dud oh I'm already on a  picture hey hi everybody's taking pictures   here oh I'm sorry I'm met English oh no  English okay okay nice meeting you yeah I   see so many photographers here I remember when  I was in KL at um The ponos Towers it was also   like that but here they have like a proper  camera it's not with the phone they have   proper camera and you can see like people  with a tripod there here somebody taking   pictures everywhere there photographers and they  have like um they have like an official jacket   that says uh Street photographer Asia Africa  something I've never seen I think there are   officially uh photographers here in band or  something but yeah we'll see maybe I'll get one I see here as well ruining their  picture sorry oh I was ruining the picture okay and we have the grand musk in the  background and the Alon aloon Square as well   I'm going there right now actually seems like a  cosplay come on come here oh no it's okay thank   you I think there's like a cosplay event going  on or something you can see here it's cosplay   cosplay okay you're doing cosplay okay that's  right cosplay okay nice nice good good I think   they're doing cosplay look you can see there lots  of people here as well it's for or for Halloween   or something I don't know what is this um  no idea no idea yeah and this is what I'm   talking about so every African and Asian country  has their own uh Rock here this is the one for   Palestine but you have one you have so many and  on the other side as well you can see so many rocks so yeah it's nice every country has their  own rock here uh that represents uh the country   and it's a very very busy day today it's a  Saturday so you can imagine bandong it's a   little bit colder than Jakarta so a lot of people  come here for the weekend so yeah it's super busy   probably here mostly in the weekend and you  can see it especially on this Lane and on the   bras street it's the most popular place  here in B look another guy for Halloween   or something I don't know what's going on  hello M hello hello I wonder what's going on yeah so we have made it to Alon Alon  bandong uh it's uh pretty much the main   Square here in bandong and uh it's right next  to the Grand Mosque you can hear the prayers   now uh maybe I will try to make my way in I'm  not sure if I will be allowed in but it would   be nice to go in because it's a really really  huge mosque um apparently a lot of people from   West Java come here even to this mosque so  it's not only people from band but from the   whole West Java so uh but first I need to  make my way across which will be uh pretty   tricky let's see let's see if I can go for for  it I'll I'll just go for it I'll just go for it   yeah that's how you do you just put your hand  up thank you just put your hand up okay I made it yeah you can see lots of people are hanging  out here this is really like the hangout spot   okay we made it to the Grand Mosque at least  outside I would like to go in but I'm really   not sure if it will be possible let's see  if I can uh find someone hi hello sir do   you speak English uh a little bit little bit  do you know if it's possible to co inside oh   no not possible not possible May one going to  get you and inside this what tomorrow tomorrow   today today canot canot canot okay thank  [Music] you just a little bit all right   I will ask someone else because I feel like it  should be possible to go in but the prayers are   going on so maybe that's the reason that  it's not possible this is here the aloon   aloon square wow last time I was here it was  almost empty now it's really full full full of people look at this it's like a big  big square with a synthetic grass   nice B sign there in the background and  then there's a Jun I'm not sure what that means this is the machet here but I'm  really not sure if I will be able to go inside just need to find uh somebody  important here somebody important that   can allow me in I need to ask but I guess it's not possible hello sir is it possible to go  inside can I go inside is possible yeah   is it possible to go in the tower not  possible not possible okay so I just   take my shoes off shoes off shoes  off yeah okay okay okay yeah I'll   take my shoes off and I I can go inside  apparently it's okay with short okay with short I think he's trying  to find someone that speaks English yeah it would be really cool  to go in the tower but I don't think   uh that's allowed that's like really  really exclusive access so I don't   think so imagine being up there that  must be really nice beautiful views and everything let's see possible  yeah okay I'll take my shoes off okay I cover yeah pleas oh okay okay  I will cover yeah I need to cover my legs no idea how this works hello how does this work  you know all do you want to pray   no just go in and see oh you need  this oh you also have short I oh   not need not necessary oh you also  do one can you you know how to do it put okay okay okay okay okay do you know where I can go can  I go okay okay yeah oh and he's wearing   a short oh wow look at this the color  stained windows and everything looks gorgeous wow I think the prayers are going on for  the women right now or something maybe I should   follow him sir a sir do you know it's possible to  go up huh is it possible to go up only here only   here okay Central is Central over there where up  there oh no there there there I can go there oh   okay okay how just walk here yeah no problem  okay thank you what's your name sir Mugi Mugi   Tim you Tim Tim from Belgium Belgium okay welcome  welcome from from here from okay thank you thank   you I think you just uh shooting shooting shooting  if everybody ask you I'm tourist I'm interesting   you want to come with me uh I will go wash my  hand first oh yes should I wash my hands also   no need sure no because you don't pray oh no I'm  not going to pray okay thank you I will company   you okay I'll wait here I'll wait here uh he will  help me because um he's kind of the only guy that   I find here that speaks English so he can give me  some uh information but yeah you can see they're   praying here and then there's something there  in the background that you want to show me let's see so this is where the female pre for  this is for the women oh women here no no   they have uh what do you call kind of uh  ceremonials oh no ceremony okay okay and   here's where the prayer goes on oh wow we  have like a big gong there it's a Gong a   Gong for um a like a a drum I don't know  what it is it's a sign of timing okay for   the timing I'm not going to go all the  way I'll just wait here okay thank you   I'm not going to go too far I don't want  to disturb because the prayers are going on if you want to pretend to pray  okay not it's okay no no I'll just   film from here and I I thank you  thank you anything thank you yeah   I canot oh wow look at this wow look  at the beautiful look at the ceiling also wow oh this place is beautiful but I'm  not going to stay because the prayers   are going on it's not a good timing now  I didn't realize well I should have known   the call to prayer was outside but this  man told me I can come in so it's okay   just want to see this here the drum it's  beautiful this looks really ancient and   wellmaintained as well look at this wow it's  a huge drum there's something written on it um wow okay so this is not for the women  praying there it's uh they're doing   some kind of ceremony not sure  what is going on but I'm leaving now look at these doors as  well how beautiful this artwork maybe I'll leave a donation for letting me  film here and everything let's see what I have here see how much I have here I'll leave you a little donation here okay thank you okay this was  it for the mashid here the Grand   Mosque of band time to explore other places let's go all right guys after visiting  the mosque we're going to gong s   uh which is another tourist Hotpot here in  bandong and uh it's my first time here on   an electric bike I didn't even know he's  accelerating super fast I need to brace   myself and you don't hear him driving even  it's super silent oh that would be a dream   if every city had only electric bikes  then uh I could sleep at night without disturbance [Music] okay yeah okay finally I can take the helmet  off way too tight for my head okay thank you   very much thank you okay so it's electric bike  grab electric wow that's nice what is the range   do you know how many kilometers can you ride oh  you have 4G also connected connected GPS oh wow   that's cool and that's the battery life 65,000  no 6,500 km wow nice okay cool thank you thank   you boom okay wow my first ever grab electric and  I must say every time uh we leave at the traffic   lights I was almost falling off yeah it's a whole  experience if you're not a driver and especially   I was holding my camera in one hand you know it  was a bit uh a bit tricky but it was worth it it   was uh I wish everybody would drive electric that  would um be less noisy here then I mean it's not   as bad as uh New Delhi for example here in here  in bond but still it's pretty noisy at nights so   this is the g s let's see uh if we can cross the  street here I think we can I wonder what these   colors are I think it's like a political party  or something not sure what it is hello hello do   you speak English where are you from Belgium  oh Belgium your name my name is this one I'm   from local in here oh local yes oh my name is Tim  oh yeah my name istim I'm not local nice to meet   you too nice to meet you you know what this is the  color what is that color what the flag what on the   tree what is that uh I don't know what you don't  know oh I thought you were local local should know   everything I'm joking I'm joking so you're going  there okay me too nice cross with the locals they   know how to do it they have a helmet on to cross  the street that's actually a smart move helmet   to cross the street for your own safety because  you need that here here g s they say it looks   like saté no it looks like a sé uh it it looks  like saté is it the roof the roof oh yeah you   have like um the stick sticking out and then you  have the saté saté for eating no yes is the name   of food food food food yes famous Indonesian food  oh I'm not going to ruin your picture do go ahead   yeah they say G sat so G is building and S well s  s I don't know if they mean s the food here with   this name of this building but um it looks a bit  like a sa I don't really see it honestly just a   little bit there there's like a stick and then  you have the the the roof which looks a little   bit like a piece of meat on the saté stick but  uh yeah I don't know where the name comes from   honestly I'm just here to admire the beauty of  the building and uh then I'll just go for a walk   around okay nice meeting you byebye okay G looks  like a really beautiful building though very very beautiful hello hello more tourists how are you  good good good okay let's see if we can get a   let's see if we can get a closer look somewhere  um not sure how oh maybe it's closed or what   it's closed already can I take with you yeah sure  sure sure what's on your need money not friends   oh good good good money here with the G sé in  the background yeah okay okay I'll take also picture yes good done ah also  wait let's one by one one by one okay next okay oh yeah everybody oh what what's  that it's from school from school school   oh you have many patches that's like  when I was a boys card we had that as well okay good oh you two you two okay okay  okay it's a whole photo shoot here okay you   have uh Instagram yeah Instagram you YouTube  is better YouTube yeah I'll I'll do you have   YouTube app no uh you don't use YouTube you  don't watch YouTu I don't have but I don't   have channel YouTube Oh Yeah Tim t wait  I'll type it for you let me type it for   you Tim [Music] T yeah here this one okay yeah  thank you okay thank you nice meeting you nice   meeting more picture oh with you with you okay wow  you're so tall man almost my size or maybe even taller okay okay boom okay boom boom okay do you  know it's open can we go inside inside yeah okay   okay okay okay yes yes Mister okay okay let's see  if I can get inside but I don't want to go ins   inside the building I just want to go inside  the the garden and stuff but it seems a bit   close honestly sir moto moto a photo photo with  your son son son where there okay here here here   here here here with me okay okay like this yeah  show your show your muscle muscle strong strong he says I need to hug him with the mom as well okay okay thank you thank  you thank you terassi let's see   if we can go inside but it looks  pretty closed oh we have like a The   Shield here GMA Ripa repe rapi wow  that's like a hard that's a mul GMA ripi not sure if I pronounce  that wrong hello sir it's open it's open still or not closed already yes  oh not open today no apply one to machine H apply   online Museum H sorry museum a museum no I just  want to see the building outside or it's closed   closed okay thank you thank you terassi oh it's  closed really it's maybe it seems like there's   like an event going on maybe there's a wedding or  something let me just try to get a shot from here then it's uh a gorgeous building but I wish I  could get a bit closer you can see written there   Contour guur yawa Barat so it's like a governor's  office or something or it used to be a governor's office yeah but uh okay I'll  explore the neighborhood a little bit and honestly I could use a drink  because uh I'm pretty thirsty I'm   following the locals again oh there's like  a running track here you can see it they're running that's like a nice park okay yeah it's just a park where you can  run um nothing much interesting going on right   now honestly it looks beautiful though but uh  I'm not going to start running or something   right now I'm just uh being a tourist here hello  hello you're also coming for running yes jogging   jogging Jing oh this is a park or what is the name  of this park name name of this is a park uh gasibu   gasibu gasibu okay okay okay it's only for jogging  yes okay okay okay good luck with the jogging boom   boom okay it's for jogging but I'm not going to  jog now what not sure what he's saying but hello hello wow look at this jogging going  on and there's like something in the   background as well there I wonder what  that is looks like a beautiful building   in the background yeah so that building  there in the background on if I look on   Google Maps it looks like so we're right here  and if I look all the way straight we can see   the West Java struggle Monument um which  is this Monument yeah that's exactly what   I'm seeing I'm not sure if it's visible on  camera but it's pretty far away you can see   it like all the way straight there's like a  corridor and you can see that monument in the background oh it seems like we have some juice  here H maybe some juice I want juice juice oh it   seems like a busy stall here lots of people  they have sugar canes sugar can juice fresh   sugar suar cane uh sugar sugar cane right sugar  canane okay you ordered already yeah okay so one   sugar cane juice please one one uh please  oh yeah I didn't have sugar cane juice in   a while oh he's going to start his motor oh no  gasoline anymore empty oh no it's starting it's   starting W look at these big bamboo sticks  well not bamboo sugar cane look at this oh   it's even too big too big oh yeah he cuts  them like this so it can fit inside look at wow wow these a really thick thick B uh why  do I keep saying bamboo it looks a bit like   bamboo but it isn't sugar cane oh look at this  look at this oh it's really a strong machine is   making it completely flat different than the  one that I saw before and it's attached to   his bike basically so he can walk with this  has some wheels and everything wonder where   the juice comes so where is the oh the juice  is here so the juice comes here juice comes   here and then it's you see it's filling it's  filling wow looks nice some fresh sugar can juice yes oh wow look at this  it's really strong you can hit   someone with that no it's hard no you can fight oh with eyes also oh now he's going to  sift it yeah because there might be some pieces left the color is also nice it looks  nice nice nice like a yellowish green   with some eyes very refreshing Bara 10,000  10,000 okay let me see how much I have here uh my 10,000 this is a 10,000 10,000 is that 10,000 yes 10,000 thank you  oh you have straws also oh it smells like durian here smell oh yeah it smell durian oh that's why I   I told already I smell durian here  you have a garbage yeah okay thank you okay let's give this uh  let's give this a t taste test oo very nice very nice you like it also good  no lequer leer wow yeah the   the sugar can juice is really nice it's  been a while that I had it a few months actually oh hello very good very  good good good anak [Music] a no   no Indonesia no Indonesia no  no no no no no no Indonesia oh sorry the best that I ever had in Indonesia  yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah really it's my first   one in Indonesia though but it's really really  good man where from from Belgium Belgium yes   yes yes oh so good I like with the eyes also  it's very refreshing speak English FR Dutch uh   Dutch French English Spanish oh Spanish  yeah yes but in Belgium we don't speak   Spanish but Dutch and Dutch and French Dutch  and French and a little bit of German also the ice is melting really fast it's getting super cold you speak French poo I'm Tim nice to meet you how how did you learn French from tourists see oh he said he learned  French on the on the streets H okay okay thank you very much thank you what what what I need translation so  what are you selling what is this what is   this uh name uh no no uh the name of  the food what is the name wait can I say Sir s huh mer why say mer 15,000 15,000 what what is  it what is it lumpia Lumia basa Lumia basa   is good is good yes spey special from band  what is inside what is it with vegetables   uh vegetable and this okay oh so soy no uh how  you call it okay okay how 15,000 for what One   Piece One Piece okay can I have One Piece  please one piece 50,000 oh he's going to   make it fresh yeah he's making it fresh  what what is this it's rice sauce sauce   and W it smells really strong so what  kind of sauce do you know uh this is a sauce uh sweet sweet sweet  sauce what is this what is this on onion oh that's what I smell  wow I smell something really strong   and I think it's the onion on is  good good one yes I hope so he   was trying to convince me where are  you from Belgium Belgium belgia oh Belo yes he knows him he knows him so he's  he's mixing the onion facee with the egg   then he has some uh kind of paper uh rice  paper Rice wrapper and uh some sauce in it   oh I'm standing in his way now he's getting  some uh oh so many so many look at this oh I   going to fry them w a lot a lot what is this  sugar Bo yes what is bumo uh bu uh pin oh P oh Ms Ms MSG I don't know H just  a little bit a little bit little   bit little little yeah that's okay okay  okay okay okay okay wow there's a lot of   stuff going in I thought it would be a  small loomia but it's a big one look at [Music] this W I smell it already it's spicy it  smells spicy no I feel it in my nose ah   not spicy not good not good no it has to  be spicy that's good ah yeah yeah must   be must be spicy must be spicy yeah yeah  yeah yeah you also want one you want one   I buy for you sure thank you very much  sure okay okay you're selling show my   it's okay no problem but I don't know if I  will eat your my also I'll be so full you know so it's shrinking you can see it's  shrinking shrinking and then he has the   the rice wrapper ready with the sauce he'll  put it in and wrap it I guess I can't stay   too close the the spicy smell is going in  my nose I feel it you're also making video   oh yeah oh look at this yeah yeah yeah from  South Korea South Korea oh okay okay you're   tourist here yeah oh okay I'm not the  only tourist well there's many tourists here oh yeah you can see it's shrinking  okay now he's going to put it in W how   how are you going to wrap that so much stuff  let's see how he does that okay oh it's like this no uh new friend was not my friend but  now he is how much 15,000 no ah 15,000 it's finished let me see 15,000 I don't know what you're  saying but here you have change okay okay I don't know what he's saying let me know  in the comments what he's saying because I have   no idea uh okay okay okay so how do I this I  can sit down yes yes yes okay I'll sit down   sorry thank you thank you so how do I eat  this wait I'll set up my camera I need to   make a video now let's see how do I eat this  I thought it would be a small lpia but it's   a big one like this looks like this yeah it's  a big big big lpia not a small one yeah it's a   big one right let me see in in B traditional  oh you have a oh okay thank you okay so uh   how do I eat this how to eat like just like  this I break it like Japanese Japanese yeah   I know the sticks but how to eat this just open  it like this yeah open like that oh yeah so you   open the wrapper and then you take it out like  this yeah oh but it's very it looks very hot though M yeah good no that's very  good I didn't know what to expect   I thought it would be a w lpia this  is a little bit of oh spicy little   bit of different concept but it's very  delicious it's like a big big big ass loia I don't really understand the point  of the the rice wrapper though is it just   for to have some carbs in the meat or  because they don't really use it as a rapper hey guys finishing up this  mirr here and then um on to the next one okay nice meeting you thank you bye-bye  all my friends here thank you thank you very   delicious very good thank you very delicious thank  you byebye okay we move on to the next location   and in the meanwhile it started raining a little  bit so I need to be fast when I eat spicy it's   always like this it's not super spicy but still  a little bit so this is the Taman lania Park and   right next to to it is there a food street so  we have made it to the food street right next   to Taman lansia Park and we have a dinosaur there  as well let's see if I can make it a bit closer   but I didn't find the official entrance yet hello  hello they're just chilling chilling where's the   entrance how to go here I just climb over oh  they're saying I need to climb over okay hey   so we have a dinosaur here some bik icles and some  dudes hanging out hello hello yeah yeah yeah yeah   man yeah man how's you doing drinking drinking  oh good good enjoy enjoy what is it what is vodka vodka okay okay enjoy enjoy wow and you  have free Wi-Fi here in the park I feel   like I came in the back entrance though but  uh it doesn't matter the locals told me to to   do it so I'm allowed that's the advantage of  being a tourist you know when you do illegal   stuff mostly you get away with it because  you're a stupid tourist maybe not a stupid   one a naive tourist so um let's go for a little  walk in the park and uh see what we can find here honestly my mouth is a little bit on  fire still from the spicy food so I could   definitely do a drink let's see what  we can find here probably there must   be a place with drinks but I guess I need to  be back on the street or maybe there there's   somebody selling something let's see what  they have hello sir what are you selling   you speak English no English what is what  is this what is this it looks like a hot   drink traditional D denan harbal asle oh  asley I know yeah huh good good a knock a knock okay can I have one uh one one please  yes yes yes oh let's see I don't know what   it is but I know asley asley I had asley in  Malaysia it's like a detox drink or something   it's delicious lequer lequer can I see it's like  a brown powder yeah okay brown powder and then   he's going to add some hot water okay I'm not  sure how it this let's see and then stir it a   little bit okay okay okay okay let's see  it's very hot very good healthy healthy   healthy drink oh it's very hot oh it smells  very herbal how much much how much how mucha no Liu Liu 5,000 oh 5,000 okay wait I'll put my  drink down for a minute first 5 oh it's almost   falling okay liar ribo yeah liar ribo oh I  have a liar ribo here that's good this is a   liar ribo yeah liar okay uh Teri okay let's  enjoy a drink a little bit it's a hot drink   and actually it's not too bad to have a hot  drink because um it's like a little bit of a   dark day today it's uh not too hot which is  honestly perfect for me but uh it's getting   very dark it's really not that late yet but  it's getting dark it's uh a little bit rainy   a little bit cloudy overcast so it's perfect  day for um a hot herbal drink but I still   didn't try W it tastes a bit like well it  smells a bit I don't know very herbal very herbal I hope this doesn't put me on the toilet   for 2 days because these herbal drinks  you never know wow he's he's following me oh hot hot hot woo good thank you there's some little pieces in it as well  hello what's that oh no thank you you don't   smoke I don't smoke I don't smoke you know what  this is what is this what that what's Oley huh   what is this I can't see uh H it's too far yeah  yeah I thought maybe it's something famous here   oh sorry wait no I come there I come there wait  I'm coming wait I'll go to my new friend maybe   he can help me with this is because I think  he speaks English he asked me if I want to   smoke with him but I don't smoke so I only do  herbal tea do you know what this is this is a   ginger a ginger yeah you know Ginger oh does  like Korean Korean uh Korean drink is healthy   traditional drink uh a little healthier than a  coffee a little healthier than coffee but I will   I will not be on the toilet for two days I hope  not it might be but it might be you want some so   I'm not the only one where do you come from uh  from my hotel now or you mean my country yes oh   Belgium Belgium belg belgia belgia and you from  band Yes I'm here from Born to Race and and like   this oh what are you carrying what is this for  coffee this is a coffee dripper oh you're making   coffee here or no I was to chat with my fellow  groups and they going to make some coffee in   here outoor oh so you bring the drip and somebody  else brings the coffee and somebody else brings   the water also bring this oh you have like a  whole setup oh wow fresh coffee full wash dry   Arabica wow looks good this is originally from  mangang Mon oh you're like a barer no I just and   coffee addict coffee Enthusiast coffee Enthusiast  yeah that sounds better than addict and you have   a cup also here a oh he has everything cup I'm  only coffee dri andof an ordinary cyclist full   of coffee and how do you have the filter also  yes of course and where are you going to get   the water uh my friend will bring oh he will  bring the water oh wow it's like a teamwork guys or you can get water from the people that  sell in just walking around here exploring a   little bit having weird drinks so you're a can  of traveler M that's good oh wow this tastes   funny it's very sweet very horrible but I  don't taste a ginger hly is that like new   for you yeah new yeah yeah yeah I'm just a bit  worried that I will be on the toilet for a few days it sounds healthy it tastes healthy  more healthier than a coffee oh so you're   not healthy then that's right because Indonesian  people is like cigarette most oh I see a lot of   people smoke here that's right yeah also in the  restaurant you allowed to smoke uh restant not   at all but uh most of all oh yeah in Belgium  or in the west mostly you are not allowed to   smoke in the restaurants super restricted yeah  restricted yes yes yes there's a law about that   or the government reg yes yes yes yes yeah  you're not allowed to smoke in restaurant not   in bars not nowhere only outside only outside  yes yes yes yes that's crazy man well you like   you're doing now you can smoke in the Park live  at oh look they're doing a dance yes for Tik Tok they it's for Tik Tok or something  some ordinary Mommy Mommy yeah are your friend yes he has the same bag as  you same bag hello sir wait I'll uh I'll put my   drink here Hello nice to meet you what's your  name I didn't give you Tim Tim your name Andre   Andre but my fellow group also known me Dre  Dre Dre Dre okay and your name galy gly yeah   and just gly or also like a nickname just gly  just G Andre his real name is g g okay okay   I'm wondering should I finish this completely  or not I'm just a little bit worried you know   I am as The Bu people not so like that they  don't like that but he's still selling it so   somebody buys it burn your mouth yeah that  the ginger the ginger that's still thing   with the ginger it burns your mouth a little  bit that's why I like ginger I like ginger actually ah it's um yeah is it easy to get ginger  in your Ginger we can find yeah but not this kind   of drink but the real Ginger you know the  root yeah you can find so how you consume   that uh we can cut it in pieces for food or or  also for tea you know make tea of it additional   recipe for some food yeah but they're calling  me Mr Bulet okay I'm sorry no it's okay it's   okay wow with all the Mas here where should  I uh where where should I stand here in the   middle on the sides like this okay okay the  sun is very bright today smile I'm smiling I'm smiling okay happy happy also  with me yeah okay okay I don't   know if I will allow that if you call me Mr bulle okay okay thank you very much you're welcome did  you also with you oh sorry sorry did you did you do okay okay thank you m thank you thank you  very much bye I should say ma bye-bye byebye   I mean if she calls me Bulet I can call her  ma no regular afternoon in Bando yeah they   brought their personal photographer only one  guy with all the women son maybe assistant oh   really assistant yeah they just hire him for all  the pictures and carry the bags maybe only for   photo for photo and carrying the [Laughter]  bags once more one two thank you okay thank   you for all the information yeah I don't know  boom boom enjoy the coffee enjoy the coffee   peace okay let's go um and after that spicy  food I wanted to have a refreshing drink but   instead I took that herbal drink which is  actually also kind of spicy because it's   full of Ginger first I didn't really know what  it was but it's Ginger actually so my mouth is   still a little bit on fire but it's like a  a different fire now but it tasted actually   really good so it was not too bad overall  asle something drink pretty good pretty good

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