Expedition Series | Episode 1: First time to Germany

Expedition Series | Episode 1: First time to Germany

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Mr. Lukas is struggling hello guys! What's up? We are at the airport right now. our flight is gonna take off at 5:20pm in Boston and then we're gonna arrive in Madrid, Spain about 7am their time and then we're gonna go to Germany to see Mr. Lukas and joining me is my mom. she looks excited. oh my gosh, she has a nice ring she wanna hide it. alright, stay tuned guys! we're gonna update with you more when we get on the airplane

hey. what's up? it is me. it is 11 pm and i just start packing stuff for my trip tomorrow. the weather next week in germany is kind of warm so I'll pack mix between winter clothes and summer clothes. no it's more like spring clothes because it is still kind of cold here in the spring and some dresses for summer. I'm so excited though. this is my first trip ever to europe. Yes, I am excited. i am excited but I don't think tonight we're gonna get a lot of sleep because I still need to pack. I've been working everyday this week so

I've been busy. We will see. Ok, stay tuned everyone. See you tomorrow it's my mom she's taking a nap right now. she seems to be tired do you guys see the airplanes behind me in the corner right there? today I'll go with iberia. to Spain then from Spain i am going to Dusseldorf, Germany. It takes about 4 hours from Spain to Germany. in the beginning, we were supposed to go with british airway to heathrow, london but they canceled our flight last minutes it is what it is. but I am supper excited there are a lot of airplanes. I see air france, qatar, and iberia.

Hello. we just got on the airplane. my mom she is sitting next to the window. (viet) mom: we have to keep mask on during the flight? yes mom. and we have to wear face mask on the airplane. it seems not many people around us. see? (passengers in the back ground) ok, we're gonna do a panorama selfie. hello. my mom is holding her blanket. they give us a pillow and a blanket on the airplane because

it is going to be an overnight flight. they gave us a red blanket and a small white pillow. nice right? and we're gonna have dinner on the airplane as well we will show you later. interesting fact is that because it is a spanish airline, all (info) are in spanish. i'm trying to set up wifi oh well, time to learn some spanish.

oh, never mind. we figured it out how to switch it back from spanish to english. so you just hit this button it's gonna go back to spanish then if you hit this button again, it will switch to english yay. we figured it out. right now, i'm watching movies. gonna watch this one encanto. let's enjoy the show with me. just kidding. i dont think im gonna hold the phone for an hour. but see you guys in a bit

tada. these are your dinner. we have pasta, salad, bread and a piece of cake. enjoy guys! we're done with the pasta. it was good. with the rice salad and right now this is our dessert. i think it is chocolate mousse. it is pretty good. tada. our masterpieces after eating for 30mins. the food is pretty good. my mom she's enjoying the food right now.

and this is how it looks like outside alright, snack time. hello. we've been sleeping for 6 hours on and off whenever there are any announcements, they just turn on the screen in front of us, so bright so it woke us up. we're almost there. takes us 6 hours to get to spain. enjoy the muffins with us yay, we're almost there. gonna be there in 45mins

400km more. yay, can see km again instead of inches and miles we're landing alright we are getting out of the airplane 6.15 am in Spain, flight connections right here because our final destination is germany. we are gonna see and check what terminal we have to go to let me show you guys around the airport, it's a huge airport in madrid. so we're gonna go to gate HJK to go to Düsseldorf, Germany. wow there are long lines of people entering europe since we are entering the EU, we have to go through the security check again let's see how long it takes us here, at least the next flight is at 8.40 so we have some time seems like there are a lot of people we just checked in, because we are entering the EU so we have to go through security where they gave us a short interview within 2 minutes asking why we are here for what purpose, and if we stay in spain or go to a third country i think we have to take the train here are the terminals and gates and everyone is waiting for the train so we're gonna take the next train going to HJK i'm so used to gates like 1, 2, 3, 4 and here they say HJK so i don't know what that means right now it's 7.13 am in Spain which is about 1.13 am in Boston.

hello. we are a bit tired now because it's 1.13 am in Boston, time for us to go to sleep. so we are a little bit sleepy and it's kind of warm in here to be honest with you the train just comes so we are entering it. okay let me show you guys a little bit of the airport in spain. oh this perfume, i like this one, it smells very good, it's like a hair gel duty free stores, you can get everything here for 40% off. madrid duty free.

do you want to buy something from mac? or some perfume? it's 19 euros. oh i forgot you're gonna have to use euros instead of dollars looks nice, right? it's like a mini show room but you can't come in i don't think you can try them wow they have many brands here, way more than in Boston, at least in terminal E there's a lot. hey this one is cute, teddy bear shape. and here for anyone who wants to buy something to drink on the airplane, here you go, you know where to go oh and they have those kind of spanish candies, almond inside and i think sugar and milk outside and here we go, J56 over there. that is our gate. this is a huge airport. i really like the way they built the ceiling, it looks pretty nice, yellow and wavy good morning from spain, we are waiting for our flight at 8.40 to germany and i think now it is 8 already and i think we are gonna board soon. we had to go through the security gate again for the second time

so i realized we didnt have to take off our shoes we have to check with Lukas if it is only in the US that you have to take off your shoes when going through security interesting. and you can see there are a lot of mountains in the back so maybe there are a lot of mountains here at least in the city of madrid or maydrid? (no) madrid, i think that's how to pronounce it properly stay tuned guys, see you when we get to germany, bye and here we are back on the airplane again, my mom is sitting next to me and i switched with her this time so i'm gonna sit next to the window. and you can see that iberia airplane, another airplane is right next to us now everyone is boarding and we're gonna be there at 11.20 and Mr Lukas is gonna pick us up at the airport and let's see where he's gonna drive us to next, we'll see. stay tuned we are taxiing there are a lot of mountains here in spain. it reminds me of Texas in the US

but i'm not sure if they have deserts here as well. hello, guess who's here? Mr Lukas is with us. i'm leading the way to the car, as always. and we are in a parking lot in germany. and guess what? all i see is BMW and Mercedes and one tesla. oh there's a lexus over there. fancy cars here. do you have a BMW Lukas? Nissan. Mr Lukas is struggling to find the way back to his car.

ok ok, stay tuned guys hello guys what's up? I have a special guest today. hello it's lukas who's the driver today. he's back and guess what? he's the driver so we switched. so i am gonna record everything and.. i'm gonna explain stuff to you guys, Mai and her mom yes and my mom is here in the back and she's ready so right now we are in downtown Moers, Germany and I noticed a special thing here that Lukas has been using. Do you wanna explain to us what that is?

so I thought this was common everywhere until she noticed she doesn't know this. if you park somewhere, not everywhere but some places you have to put this thing in the car which tells you what time you have arrived here so sometimes there's a parking limit for two hours so you put the time you arrived in here and if you stay longer you might get a ticket or something i never got one but oh well. interesting, we don't have that in the US. you just get towed right away no we have the meters. with the coins? very old school yeah. not that thing, I haven't seen that before. okay let's go guys, walk around and my personal tour guide will explain to you guys what is going on around here.

i see that there are a lot of food stalls here. smells like food here. indian food, yeah. let's go guys. they have indian food stalls here. what's going on here Lukas do you know? I don't know either. there's music, food stands, way too many people. people are standing here ordering food. they have indian food I suggest we just walk in a circle and see what's around. Spanferkel in 15 minutes? that's pork in a burger bun. oh that looks good. too bad we just ate pasta for lunch so i'm kinda full. my clothes are gonna smell after this. oh no.

i don't like these things i'll be honest with you. we should get out quick i think this is an international food thing right? oh yeah it looks like it, right? all in euros. crepes. french. do you want a crepe? oh noice.

by the way do not expect those people to speak english because you're not at the airport anymore oh okay. i can order basic things in german. obviously beer in the middle. where? oh yeah right here. typical germans right, people and beer? what is that Lukas? i think it's a brewery, that's what it says. i don't know what it used to be but now it says brewery. oh nice.

and you can see a church right there i think those trees, i saw them growing in videos in france. in France (with french accent) yeah they grow in france too. these kind of trees. Lukas it looks like Pizza. Looks like Pizza? yeah it does. I don't think it is Pizza. you don't think it's pizza? that looks different from pizza, doesn't it? i noticed i have seen BMW cars everywhere. and especially here, because they have a stand from a BMW dealership, which is close to where i work, but not in there. the park is that way but this is the interesting way. that church looks very nice. thank you. you're welcome Lukas.

is it a shoe store? yeah i guess. i think so. oh it's very nice. how long is it Lukas? How long is what? The road. I don't know we're just walking around randomly. guess what i found, a pharmacy (my most favorite place). should i go in and harass people? far away from home but so close.

wait they take pictures of pharmacists like this? usually not, no. oh my god. but they show their names there, look. i know but that's not common. interesting. those are different, there's PTA and pharmacists those are different things. it's a pharmacy technician and pharmacist. do you see those people with doctor titles over there? where? see, dr simon and then pharmacist. yeah but just one guy, he's the owner i think. so apotheker is the pharmacist right? yeah it is. that's cool should I go inside and ask them how it is and if i can apply?

yeah go in there, i'm not gonna follow you though. and the hours here are 8-5. take a picture and show that to your colleagues. ooh flowers. flowers. blumen (flowers in german). stores, walking, walking, walking.

hello. how's it going? we are exploring downtown moers with a car behind us. and i'm thinking about what to show them, maybe that. alright Lukas wants to show us this, amazing. did anyone throw any coins in there? no german people don't do that. ok nice. all the stores here are closing because it is the weekend. oh pretty, pretty, pretty. that store looks interesting with that cigar. yeah and whiskey, it's actually open.

there's whiskey here. do you want to buy something for your dad as a gift? no he doesn't drink that. he's gonna say i'm an old man what is Moers gin? Gin from Moers. that's it? yeah. i thought something special. i really like the colors and things. is it not special? it's nice...(thought he meant the houses) the gin. oh the gin, I see yes. alright and we are still walking through, i guess that store is for babies, babies clothes, babies stuff. oh because of the stork? yep. how's that called in english? stork? i think so.

i really like it, the houses here they painted them with different colors. it's really nice for a walk. very peaceful and nice. and this road that's coming up is more busy. "Kinawa sushi and more" they have a sushi place in Moers? I didn't know that. she's checking out shoes, maybe she wants to get some of those. they put them outside like this for people to check those are ridiciously expensive though, there are better places to buy shoes. do you have C&A here? it's like H&M its the same thing. Oh H&M in the US and C&A in Germany or Europe? we have both. it's two brothers who founded it, one brother founded this and the other brother the other one. H&M is generally cheap.

we are checking out C&A so technically it's H&M. Gross (means big in german). Like big size right? yeah. XXXL. Gross, that's gross. that size is gross. that's not gross. you should get one like this Lukas. yeah get a suit like that, yes. hello. how much is it? oh that's just for the tie. who is that lukas? i dont know who that is. some sailorman ?!

I dont know. it says 1702. must be old. ok. I'm fascinated by the public bathroom doors here. no gaps like in the us hello hello hello. we're back. right now, we're heading to netherlands.

for grocery shopping. and mai want to be on the high way. yes so lukas is showing the high way. right now, he's at about 120km/hr. pretty fast no not fast? no? okay. alright, we're gonna show you guys more tomorrow. but today i am pretty tired just slept literally 3 to 4 hours yesterday on the airplane. on and off because whenever there are some notifications

announcements, they just made the screen bright in front of us and that kept waking us up it is very pissful. (peaceful Mai) yea peaceful. very green. very nature i dont see many mountains here. you're not gonna see many mountains here. there is no mountain here. no mountains?! aww. that is why it is called the netherlands (low-lying country). it is flat. oohhhh

ooohhh. yes. most of the netherlands is actually below sea-level. oh below sea-level? but they're smart people so somehow they manage to stay afloat. i see. that's good huh? that's good do you wanna keep filming? we're getting close to the border. oh yay, of course. we're gonna show you guys when we pass the border. you're not gonna see a sign welcome to netherlands like when we cross the state border "new hampshire welcomes you" yes. ok let me show you guys a little bit up front ok? hold on the rain is gonna move forward into germany, to where i live, that's gonna cool down a little bit it is too warm.

and you see there are a lot of (turbines) them here along the road. because i think people depend on wind energy? (nodding). ok. how are you feeling right now lukas? a little bit sleepy but excited at the same time. yay, that's good. do you see that sign? that says 1km to the border? oh, i see that, niederland.

niederland. they call themselves niederland. and you're gonna notice. venlo. that's the city we're heading to right? yes guys guys guys. that's actually the sign. (welcome to the kingdom of the netherlands) that's how you crossed the border in europe.

ok guys, we're in netherlands right now. because of the water on the windshield, the camera cannot focus. but hey guess what? we're in netherlands right now. can you hear how much better the road sounds? that's true. (driving) on the street here is really quiet. noice. and we're heading to Venlo. to get some food for tomorrow. it is raining now anyway. it is raining in netherlands but it was kind of warm in germany.

we're entering a red light. (camera) cannot focus much oh, there are horses. do you see that? they're eating grass in the rain which is sad. horses. more horses. i think there must be a lot of farms here and guess what I found in netherlands? McDonald's. woohoo. yayy

this is how the red lights look like in the netherlands. slightly different. slightly different and really different compared to the ones in the us. (in the us), they will be on the other side of the road which makes sense because if drive too close you cannot see it. it is true. in the us it is on the other side so not matter how close you drive you still see it. guess what we found here? kfc noice. and they have drive through. we have that in germany too.

for some reasons, they don't call it drive through here but drive in. drive in kfc? you drive in but you never leave? or maybe you drive into the store? no, even mcdonald's everything else, they use drive in, not drive through. you're supposed to drive though it, not drive into the store. you drive into it then stay there and live there, get a new life? start all over? maybe. ok, we just get there. we're gonna get off and let's check out this place. get some foodies!!!! yummy, they look very delicious. cakes, pies.

for the record, just notice that you dont have to wear a mask in grocery store in germany (in May) but most people do you dont have to wear a mask here in netherlands either and most people dont. (in may) the difference. germany people are more cautious. you think whats better? leave a comment who's smarter. leave a comment below pleaseeee. they all look pretty good. 2.50 euros. pandan?

we got this one. it is date mixed with walnut. it is a sweet stuff. gonna try it one. we just notice that people put those behind the glass door. i did not even notice that see? that's something that mai notices that i never notice the difference but it is. yea. in germany they dont usually have these doors sometimes yea, sometimes no. i'm learning new things all the time here with this lady. yes because i am a f.o.p (fresh of the plane) so i notice the differences. i dont know where my mom is i have to look for her. we're gonna be right back guys. gotta look for my mom. alright, 2 more

shrimp crackers. they have all kinds of pasta noodle cups and ramen noodle cups. take that and put them in water what should i choose lukas? i have no idea. i've never eaten them hello. we just got back to the car. its raining right now. and lukas is finding the way to get back to the hotel. it's 7pm

right now and I'm super super super tired. time to get back to the hotel get some rest then we're gonna show you guys more tomorrow. see ya. i mentioned to mai that most, used to be all, but now most of the taxis in germany are mercedes ohh. it's quite fancy isnt it? kinda cool right? yea. but then again it is sad that there is no lyft or uber in germany. i would like that but yea, not here. we're gonna have it next week. yay. ok, let's head back to the hotel. everyone is tired now and getting sleepy. i'm sleepy as well yes. lots of driving today

stay tuned. see you guys tomorrow aka next episode! thanks for watching. FYI: vietsub anf german sub are available

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