EP 5 Udaipur Tour Rajasthan | City Palace visit | Bahubali Hills | Udaipur lake evening boat ride

EP 5 Udaipur Tour  Rajasthan | City Palace visit | Bahubali Hills | Udaipur lake evening boat ride

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Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali. Right now I am standing on Bapu Bazar Road in Udaipur. In front of the Town Hall.

We are starting our day with breakfast at JMB, Jodhpur Mishthan Bhandar. As for our plan, after eating kachori for breakfast, we will leave here for Bahubali Hills. There is no taxi today but we will go in an auto.

I've already hired an auto for the purpose. This is the auto for which I am paying Rs 900. For the to and fro journey of Bahubali Hills. After that we plan to visit the City Palace and go on a Heritage Walk. Amrat Bhai, Come let us eat kachori for breakfast. Hello! Namaskar! Do you live in Jodhpur? Yes Sir, I am from Jodhpur.

We want to eat the most famous kachori of yours. Our most famous kachori of Jodhpur is Aloo-pyaz Kachori & Mirchi Bada Sir. Aloo-pyaz kachori is quite popular in Jodhpur.

Yes Sir! Alright, so we will take our kachori from this counter. And I've heard that you also sell a famous mithai called "Diljaani"? That is a famous sweet of the whole Mewar region. You have that? Yes, I do. We will have it after kachori. See, this is also a way to serve.

I saw him chopping kachori with a pair of scissors. Then he poured sweet chutney and kadhi over it. I've asked him to pour the kadhi in a separate dish for me.

That would allow me to taste both kachori and kadhi separately too. Delicious! The kachoris that we ate in the past few days were different in taste. But this kachori is in typical Jodhpur style because the shop-owner belongs to Jodhpur. I must tell you, if someone eats Jodhpur kachori once in life... ...he won't be able to enjoy kachori of any other place. This is the truth, with all due respect to other kachoris.

Bhai Sahab, in my opinion, the kachori is so delicious on its own that I don't like it with kadhi. I mean I like it more without kadhi. You can have more without kadhi. No, I don't want to eat one more. I am just saying. You are right! I mean it would be an insult to Jodhpuri kachori if we add anything else to it.

I always ask my customers to eat kachori as it is first and then, if need be, add chutney. But they don't add chutney. Yes, because this kachori is delicious on its own. Absolutely Sir! So, I didn't understand the relevance of the chutney and kadhi. Anyways, I added both for taste. Bhai Sahab, eating Diljaani feels as if I am eating Boondi Choora (scrambled Boondi).

We were told this sweet is not available outside Udaipur. Is that so? Yes Sir! So, how is it made? Besan batter is prepared and deep fried in ghee. Then we prepare sugar syrup with orange juice and add it to the fried boondi.

Really! That is wonderful! I was expecting it to be very sour but it isn't. But at the same time, this boondi boasts of a subtle flavor of orange too. Wonderful! This unique sweet also has desiccated coconut and dry fruit in it. Delicious! It was good that we tasted a different kachori here and, of course, this unique Diljaani.

We travelled about 8 KM from Udaipur to reach this place called "Badi Lake" (Large Lake). Come let us watch it closely. You will see a lot of tourists at lakes in Udaipur city, but there is no one else here.

The road is also empty. Just an occasional vehicle passes by. The Aravalli Hills' shadow falls on the water surface so beautifully. It is a peaceful environment. We will watch this view for another 15 minutes and then, we'll go to the Bahubali Hills.

It is about 2 to 2.5 KM from here. I tried visiting there two days ago, but the road was closed due to a local mela (fair). But today, we faced no such difficulty.

One needs to travel uphill to reach this place. But we were able to reach here in an auto. I can't see any boats here. You can stop here for about 10 minutes or so, as this place is on the way to Bahubali Hills. We've reached the base point from where we will climb the Bahubali Hills. Tourists park their cars here and then climb rest of the way.

Is this the Badi Lake? Yes Sir! It took me 10 minutes to reach this point. This track is of low difficulty level. The best time to come here would be early morning. We've almost reached the peak. It will take another 5 minutes to reach.

So, we've reached the viewpoint. I can see the whole lake from here. All these hills are Aravalli range. Visiting here during sunrise would be a nice experience. By the way, I was told that this place is somewhat crowded during the evenings. But only till 5.15 pm or so. By 6.30 pm, all the visitors leave.

Do you see that one person sitting out there, in the distance? That spot is the main point of this location. The river water flows into the lake. If you manage to click a photograph of yourself at that point.... ...it would be fun but I am not going there. You are aware that I had a knee surgery about 3 months ago. So I go to only those places where I feel comfortable walking.

Though the path leading to that spot isn't difficult, but it is strewn with small stones. Not worth the risk! But that is the main point! It is wonderful to go there and click a photograph of the view. I say this with confidence because I've seen that view in a photograph. One of my team member went there and clicked a photograph.

And we've also shot a small video to show you a glimpse of this place. I've come to sit in a hut nearby. It is feeling good. It was warm outside but inside, things are better. Bhaiya is cooking maggi here. And they are also selling water bottles. We will stay here for another 10 minutes and then go back down the mountain.

Our plan next is to go back to the city and visit City Palace. We've reached City Palace. There you can see the ticket counter. You can purchase an entry ticket for Rs 300 per person. And it is better to visit along with a guide, otherwise, it wouldn't be as good a tour.

So, you can hire a guide from here. Here are written guide charges for groups. Rs 100 is the charge per student visitor. You can show your ID card and you will be allowed to enter.

In front of the City Palace is an auto-stand. The auto in which we came is also parked here. Come, let us go inside. This basically is the main entrance to City Palace. I am going to introduce you to Mr Patwa who works as a guide inside City Palace.

He told me 5 minutes ago that he has been working as a guide here since 1971. I was born in 1974, so I was trying to imagine the years that he has been a guide. It has been so many years since then. So much must've changed in Udaipur in these years. A lot has changed Sir! So, tell us where should we start from.

Let us start our Palace visit from here. The first foundation of this palace and Udaipur was laid down by Maharana Udai Singh II. On March 16, 1553. The city was named Udaipur and it took 22 rulers about 450 years to complete this complex. Since then, generations after generations of erstwhile rulers have lived here. The 24th successor who lives here at present is Ex-Maharana Arvind Singh Mewar.

The place we started from is called "Badi Pol." This is "Manek Chowk." This is "Diwan-e-Aam" (public courtyard), where public gatherings used to take place. And this used to be the King's court. This is the place from where Maharana Saheb used to climb atop an elephant.

The ruler clan belonged to the Suryavansh. They prayed the Sun before starting their day's work. The Sun wasn't visible during the rainy days. In that case, the public gathered here to watch an imitation of the Sun, before having breakfast. Padmaja Bai Sa is the second daughter of the present Maharana. She got married in 2011.

At that time, this 'Toran' (symbolic sculpture) was installed here. That one? Yes, the baraat had come from Gujarat. Alright! Come! Patwa Saheb has suggested that I must also visit the Jaisamand Lake. It is what, 52 KM from here? Yes, 52 KM.

That is a huge lake but we'll have to miss. Still, I will see, while coming back to Udaipur from Mount Abu.... ...if we can visit there. Come! Is this from where we've to go up? Yes, we do.

Please come! We will bow ourselves to Lord Ganesha at the City Palace entrance before visiting inside. When Maharana Udai Singh came here, this place was one big forest. He met a lone Rishi (Sage) atop one of the hills here. Prem Giri Goswami! It was he who blessed the foundation of this palace.

March 16, 1553. So, what is there? There is a fire-pit inside, Agni Kund! We call it "Dhooni Mata." These are the original weapons that Maharana Pratap used in the battle of Haldighati.

This is the original 'Bakhtar' (armour), two swords, shield and arrows. I've heard that Maharana Pratap used to carry two swords while fighting. Why? Because in case the enemy lost his sword, Maharana would offer him the spare one.

It is the symbol of the courageous to not attack an unarmed enemy. This painting tells us the story of the time when Maharana Pratap's son, Amar Singh, captured... ...a Mughal Begum and brought her here. Maharana rebuked his son. And told him to take her back to her camp respectfully because she wasn't the enemy. We've climbed the stairs to the top.

Which floor would this be? This would be the fourth floor. I can see benches installed here. So, we decided to sit down here for 10 minutes and understand history properly. Tell me one thing, Mewar's last capital was Udaipur. That's right no? Absolutely! Which were the former capitals? In the period of 1500 years, there have been 3 capitals - Nagda, Chittor and Udaipur! Nagda. Chittor and Udaipur!

Where is Nagda? Nagda is 21 KM from here and 2 KM from the Eklingji temple. Alright! Someone once told me there used to be one more capital, in Aahad. It wasn't a capital but the archaeologists have discovered 4000-year-old ruins there. This bedroom was built at the time of Maharana Karan Singh in 1620.

After that Maharana Sampat Singh got this mirror-work done. So, the Maharana used to live here with his Rani (Queen). With Maharani! (empress) A while ago, we were down there. From here, we can see a good view of the lower portion of the palace as well as the city. This is Lake Palace Taj. In old times, the Maharanas used to spend their summers at this palace.

But today... ...it is a heritage hotel. The yellow building in the distance is the Oberoi Group of Hotels. Udai-Vilas and Trident! So, in the evening, we will go for boating right here, in the Lake Pichola? Absolutely! Just like that boat visible in the lake. This is Moti Mahal! Women of the royal family used to come here to look outside and watch any festival or event. This used to be the residence of the grandfather of the present Maharana.

Maharana used to live here. And he handed over his palace-estate to the government right after India's independence. It was in this room that the Maharana handed over his estate to Sardar Patel and Nehru.

He was given the title of "Maharaj-Pramukh" (Chief King). He used to receive Rs 22 lakh privy purse from the government. And that was discontinued by the government under Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Alright! And it is called 'Pritam Niwas.' There is one more fact about Maharana Bhoopal Singh. When he was 18-year-old, he fell down from a horse.

And he used to sit in this wheelchair, that you see now. He could not stand on his feet after the accident. We are now going for lunch inside the palace, where we'll get to eat Dal-Bati.

Where are we going? Dal-Bati is inside! Zanana Mahal! It is called Laxmi Chowk. So, where are we going? There? Very good! Mewari Dal-Bati Thali! You get to eat Dal-Bati Choorma inside the palace. Its cost is Rs 150. Patla Saheb won't eat it since he finds it to be too heavy to digest. Good! When I ate Dal-Bati last time, I forgot to squeeze lemon into the Dal.

This time, adding lemon juice has elevated its taste. Good! This portion of the palace, where we are sitting and eating Dal-Bati, is called Zanana Mahal. This is Laxmi Chowk. This is where the Ranis (queens) used to reside.

Yes, they lived here. Nice! This choorma is well-prepared. It isn't too sweet and really delicious.

The time is 2 pm. After lunch, we are going to visit the Karni Mata Mandir. How far is it? 1 KM? 1KM! We've visited the palace properly.

It took us 2.5 hours to do so. But if you would want to see the palace in more detailed manner, you will have to give it a day. But you can enjoy a decent visit in 2 to 2.5 hours. Now we are going to Karni Mata Mandir. For that we'll have to exit from a different gate of the palace. We will now join you once we reach the Mandir.

Patwa Saheb, Thank you for giving us time. Telling us about the history of this palace. And guided us around the palace. I will mention his contact number in the description of this video. Once again, thank you! Bye! We will reach Karni Mata Mandir on a ropeway. Its ticket is Rs 107 per person.

And, you told me, if I want to book a private ropeway car, for that the cost is.... For that, you'll have to pay Rs 642. 642! We've climbed into the cable-car. We can see the view around. See, that is the Pichola Lake!

Usually, on a ropeway, cabins are at a uniform distance from each other. But here, they have an interesting system. There are 3 cabins travelling close to each other on the ropeway. This is the first time I've seen something like this. Do you see the cable car coming from the opposite direction? 3 cabins together! It is the first time I've seen this concept.

Interesting! The ropeway is till this point. Now it is going back down. The way to the temple is right next to it, from here.

We just had darshan of Karni Mata at this hilltop temple. It was Maharaja Karan Singh who got this temple built during 1620. And established the idol of Karni Mata here. For your information, Maharana Karan Singh is the grandson of Maharana Pratap.

This means, he is the son of Maharana Pratap's son, Maharana Amar Singh. You can visit this temple and have the darshan of Mata ji. If you look outside the temple boundary, you will enjoy some very good views too. One thing I forgot to share with you. Earlier, there was a wall built around the Udaipur city to keep the enemies out.

This is a portion of that wall, which you can see in the distance. So, right now, we are inside the city. Anyone coming into the city had to come through a gate in the wall. This wall had 12 such gates along its length. You've heard the names - Suraj Pol, Chand Pol, Hathi Pol, Delhi Gate. Those are the gates. So, the visitor will have to come through the door because the wall is at a great height.

See the view of the Pichola Lake. It looks great! Since the weather is cloudy today, one cannot see far but still ... ....one can enjoy the experience of looking at the surroundings from a higher altitude. Let us leave here now because we have to go for boating at 5 pm. You can go for boating even at 4 pm because every hour of the day, a new trip begins.

We will go for the 5 pm slot because it is 3.45 pm and by the time we will reach City Palace.... ...it will be half an hour by then. Come, let us go now! We travelled about 100 m by auto. This place is called Doodh Talai. It is said that, at one time, water of this lake used to be pure as milk. That is why it is called Doodh (milk) Talai. But the water isn't as pure anymore.

Pichola Lake is on this side. You can choose to go boating either from here or from the City Palace. Boating charges here are Rs 165 per person. I will find out whether they take you out for an hour or 30 minutes.

If you do it from City Palace, charges for a boat ride are Rs 500 & it is available till 2 pm. That is the rate till 2 or 3 pm and after 5 pm, the rate is Rs 800 per person. We are going for boating from City Palace & we've already booked our tickets. The boating trip here is 15-minutes long.

It is written here, 30-seater motorboat, Rs 165 per person. This looks nice! Namaskar! Very nice! Sir, please sit here! No worries, I will stand here and listen. So good! We've entered the City Palace. Our boat ride is scheduled for 5 pm. And there are 5 minutes left in that.

Since they take groups for ride, there are people already sitting on the boat. They are waiting. The last boat ride leaves here at 6 pm. Charges upto 2 pm are Rs 500 per person. And after 2 pm, till 6 pm, the charges are Rs 800 per person. See, we've been travelling in Udaipur for 3-4 days now.

Going for a boat-ride in the evening is a different experience. It is so much fun! The best thing about it is that this Pichola Lake is a huge water body. And from the boat, you can look at the City Palace and so many other heritage properties. We also saw a lot of Ghats (river-banks). Aravalli Hills are also visible. So, this experience is unique! The last boat ride is at 6 pm.

We've just entered the Jag Mandir. You know the best part of this place? This is a magnificent point for photography. You can stand between two pillars and look out at the lake.

And click photographs in the distance. So beautiful! Shah Jahan was given refuge in this palace for 18 days. The place where he stayed is there, towards the top of the building. We cannot go to the top but we can enter and visit the ground floor.

When Shah Jahan declared revolt against his father Jehangir.... ...Shah Jahan sought refuge here because this kingdom was independent. And you know Mewar was always at loggerheads with the Mughal empire. When the spies told the erstwhile ruler that Shah Jahan was seeking refuge, he couldn't refuse. So, this is the background story of this place. Come let us see the ground floor too.

Now we've come here to return. The boat is already waiting. We've exited the City Palace the same way we entered it. That is the Jagdish Temple, which we are going to visit as well. Since the temple is open till 9 or 10 pm, we will go there after 1 or 2 hours. You can take a look at the market here. The shops are selling handicrafts, clothing, and the famous Rajasthani Bandhani products.

Now, where are we going? I feel like spending some more time by the lake. Because, once we leave here, we won't be able to enjoy this view, or have this much fun again. Afterwards we will roam around these surroundings and visit the market too.

And, if possible, we will also visit a handicrafts shop. We've come to the Jheel Cafe by the banks of Pichola Lake. This restaurant is roof-top, as well as spread across 4 floors. We will sit here and watch the view, before it becomes dark. I've ordered mix-sauce pasta for myself. It will be ready in 5-7 minutes. Till then, you can watch the surroundings.

This bridge is located opposite to Chand Pol. Chand Pol is a little further. So, if you want to go from City Palace to Ambrai Ghat, you can cross the lake from here.

The sauces taste delicious! The flavours are mild, with no extra chili or spices. Quite a decent taste! White & red sauce! Too good! Whenever people visit Udaipur, they want to enjoy the rooftop experience at least once! That is why, you'll see every building has its rooftop highlighted. Okay then, I am going to enjoy my pasta while enjoying the view.

After that, I will go to the nearby market. Right now, I am near the Gangour Ghat. Just like I've shown you other markets, take a look at this bazaar as well.

There are 15-20 shops right outside the Gangour Ghat. Out of these, we are going into this shop - Ashoka Arts! Let us go inside and see some handicrafts. Namaste Bhaiya! We came to your shop while going around the market. Yes Sir! You are most welcome! Thank you! Can we see some of your handicrafts? All these paintings are made on cloth, paper or resin. Very good! Nice! Oh, you've also written the prices below the paintings. Yes Sir, in our shop, we have fixed prices.

We have the same price for everybody, whether it is a foreign tourist or local. Alright! It is called 'Picchwai painting.' What is it called? Picchwai Paintings. This is a famous painting of Srinath ji in Udaipur.

What is the price of this painting? Sir, the price of this painting is Rs 9000. Alright! So, how is this painting done? Sir, it is handiwork, using brush and strong colours. These are traditional block-printed shirts.

Then there are traditional sarees, bed-sheets, cushion-covers, etc. All the traditional handicraft items, you'll get here. Do these come in different colours? You will get a large variety of colours in it.

Every size and every colour. I don't mean that. Colors stay Sir, absolutely! What is this fabric? It is pure cotton! So, its price, I read somewhere! Sir, this is Rs 600. 600 rupees! This is full-sleeve kurta! Do you have half-sleeve kurta? No Sir, only in full-sleeve! Ok! These are short length kurtas. Hmm! Also they are made from the block-printing pattern.

So, bhaiya, this shirt that you've opened... Yes Sir! This I will buy. Sure Sir! You have a vast collection.

There is something for everyone! Our shop is 60-year-old and it took us a lot of time to build this collection. That is obvious. Since we've personal relations with many artistes, it is easy for us to collect and source.

Naturally! That is important too. In Udaipur, you will also find a lot of marble work happening. Beautiful handicrafts carved out of marble. Many types of marble statues too! A lot of marble work happens in Udaipur. That is nice Bhaiya! Please pack this shirt for me. Alright!

Now our plan is this. Let us first pick the shirt. After that, we will go to the Jagdish temple. It is nearby. We will reach there in hardly 5 minutes. Oh easy! I had darshan of Thakur Ji, inside the temple. It is my personal experience that when I was looking at the statue...

....I couldn't do so for more than 10-12 seconds. I was forced to blink and then look again. This place a good amount of divine energy. Right now, we have with us the Pujari ji (priest) of this temple.

Jai Jagdish! Please give us some information about the history and significance of this place. Sir, this is one of the most significant temples in Mewar region. It was Maharana Jagat Singh who got this temple constructed during 1652. He was a devotee of Jagannath Puri's Thakur Ji.

With Thakur Ji's blessings, the Maharana could see him everyday while sitting in Mewar. For some reason, he stopped seeing Thakur Ji. He gave up food and water and, eventually, Thakur Ji appeared in his dream and...

...asked him to build a temple here itself. Thakur Ji also told him of the promise he had made to Mira Bai that he would come to Mewar. After that, it took 25 years to build this temple. Then came the question as to which idol should be placed here. When the Maharana was in doubt, Thakur Ji appeared again in his dreams and told him....

....to dig up a hill near Dungarpur, where he would find his idol. He was asked to place that idol in this temple. During the Mahabharat era, when Lord Krishna killed Kansa, he announced that during.... ....the Kalyug, the stones of that place would be worshipped by people. So, this is the same idol that was brought from there.

And Sir, you talked about a special energy of this place. Yes, that's right because the lord is sitting here in all his glory, as the Chaturbhuj (4-armed) deity. This temple possesses a special energy.

This temple holds a significant place among the most important temples of India. This temple is home to Mira's Giridhar Gopal! As also the Jagannath Swami himself! This idol of Thakur ji changes its facial expressions several times in a day. And devotees come here from everywhere, within and outside India.

The energy present in this temple is something that I haven't seen in any other temple. So nice! Please also tell us about the story of a Kangan (bangle) and Thakur Ji. Yes Sir! That the Maharana presented to him. Maharana ji offered gold bangles to Thakur Ji at the Puri temple.

When the idol was placed here at this temple, Maharana had a doubt about.... ....whether it was the same Thakur ji that also resided in Jagannath. The very next day, during the Mangala Aarti, those four bangles were in the wrists of.... ...Thakur ji here. Really! Yes! What better proof could there be? And this is something we can feel ourselves. The Jagatpita (Lord of the whole world) is himself present here. And if you ask any bhakt (devotee) here, or look at his expressions, you will realise that... ...it is a fact that Jagannath Swami is himself present here in this Kalyug. There is no doubt about that because I've experienced it today for the second time.

I had visited here for the first time 5 days ago. This place has a powerful energy, as we were talking. Yes! One is almost forced to sit here, do nothing but feel the power of this temple. Yes Sir! That is my feeling. Yes, you are absolutely right. Thank you for explaining everything to us so beautifully! Jai Jagdish! The time is 9.15 pm.

Today's Udaipur episode ends here. With this, the 3-episode series of Udaipur also ends. Tomorrow, our plan is to visit Eklingji Temple first thing in the morning. After visiting Nagdwara and Haldighati, we will spend the night in Kumbalgarh. From there, we plan to travel upto Mount Abu.

Tell us your opinion about today's episode. As always, I shall wait for your comments. We enjoyed today's journey very much. And, overall, the past 3-4 days that we've spent in Udaipur... ....were amazing! I am sure you would also be enjoying this series. So, I will say bye to you now.

We will meet again soon. Till then bye-bye! Thanks for your time! When the 40,000 strong Mughal Army was walking through here towards Haldighati.... ....Maharana Pratap's soldiers were positioned on top on either side of the pass. They started attacking the Mughal army with rocks, arrows and spears.

Since this passage is narrow, the Mughal soldiers panicked from the attack. Due to that, there was a stampede in the huge Mughal Army, which started retreating. So in a way, the Mughal Army was forced to step back even before the war had begun.

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