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ENGSUB 【FULL】乡村爱情15 Country Love 15 EP30 | 唐鉴军/王小利/刘小光/宋晓峰/倪大红/蔡维利/毕畅 | 爱情喜剧 | 优酷华语剧场

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The chosen subtitles are auto-generated, we apologize for any inaccurate translations. Welcome to submit subtitles to us via Email:YoukuChina@alibaba-inc.com How is your homestay ? Telling you about such a daughter-in-law, I really don’t follow my heart, and I will die. I really don’t follow my heart , why don’t I follow my heart? I’m born to play chess. That’s right, don’t go here.

You put your car here , you can’t just fall to the bottom, right? Iron Does the door latch work? He has a horse here. You see, you owe it to me. You jumped here with the horse. Don’t you want to take a taxi ? Musheng, what are you doing ? I’m so busy. Didn’t I make a project ? The village wants to attract some investment , so why ? The people in our village can’t make a fortune in this lifetime.

Tell them about the project It’s like playing the piano with a cow and no business sense at all. What’s the matter? Well, what’s the matter ? Do you understand the Internet? I understand how long I’ve been working at the Taobao service station . Isn’t that right? I keep sending baskets to that Taobao? Is it right ? That’s fine, do you know about that APP ? Software programming, the project is too big and it can’t be fixed, so what can you fix? If the circuit is broken, I will fix it. You go away.

You are not an electrician and the network It’s two different things. I’m going to make a software that can make a lot of money. What kind of software is a platform that puts filial piety first ? You see , if you want to make money on the Internet, people have already had successful cases. They use other people’s cars to make money . Taxi -hailing software has done it by taking other people’s goods Make money Carrying software has done it, using other people’s money to make money Loan software has done it , using other people ’s graves to make money Tomb-sweeping , sacrificial ceremonies, etc.

can be done online, but offline, why do you inquire so much? You vote. If I don’t vote, how can I have money? If you don’t have money , what do you ask ? You can play your chess, no ? How much money does Musheng have to invest? It doesn’t cost much. I’ve already laid the groundwork in the early stage . Now it’s only 30,000 yuan, and this thing can be done. 30,000 yuan is not much. Ah , why don’t I vote for you? Besides, Wang’s group is short of your 30,000 to 20,000 yuan. Then

again, your wife is not good to you. Isn’t it because your career is not good? If your career is good, can she treat you like that ? Aren’t we both comfortable? My son ’s father will give you the last one. Uncle, you’re not kidding. You really voted for me. I took out all the cost of the coffin and really voted. Don’t chatter like this. When you’re gone, you still have to attack me . You want money for the coffin, I understand.

You are the ones who make up the grave. If I am gone in the future, you can still let me have no place to stay. You just squeeze and squeeze out one for me . Then you really voted, right? I voted, Shunzi , your father is old, it’s hard to be young and not to get rich, that’s what men with courage have to do, Shunzi, don’t worry , the money is invested as original stock, and when I go public, we will You and I are the strongest partners, shall I split it for you? Put your heart in your stomach and you will definitely make money.

Don’t worry about it and go to Musheng . Just go with me to withdraw the money and it’s over . Great , stop crying . Dad told me about the lipstick. I blamed you. Don’t cry. Be happy. It’s not about the lipstick. It’s

my second brother. After so many years of brotherhood, he said I was an outsider, and then he opened it for me. Don't cry , if the villa doesn't work, we won't do it. Don't we have a homestay in our own home? Let's manage the homestay in our home. Is

n't it better than anything else? What time is this? Why are you still thinking so much? You have to be realistic now. You just compare me and my son with the big guy. Who is more important? Yes , you and your son are not as important as the big guy. Size is important

, but I’m holding my breath for this matter. I ’m wronged. Don’t be wronged. I understand you. I know you’re not feeling well , but now, we have to cheer up. You know, let ’s run our homestay well and show him, let ’s make a beautiful one. Turn around, let him see that after we leave the villa, we are also living a good life. Don’t blame me for being unkind

to him . It’s good to think so for you . Don’t let anyone else leave and you can’t live anymore . How can you pretend to be strong if you are not covered in bruises ? How can you pretend to be strong if you are not walking around ? Just cheer up , let’s not blame him, let’s run our homestay and show him , don’t cry, it’s okay , reborn, reborn , what can you do, right? Whoever leaves, everyone has to live and live better than before. You think so. By the way, husband, be strong , yes, run the homestay well, we have to show him , just fight against him, just give him what he can do, it’s okay , don’t be sad, I’m hungry, you go and give me a whole meal , okay you think What to eat, fried rice with eggs , okay, I’ll make it up for you , turn grief into appetite, just eat, put more eggs Why do n't you keep silent? What did you talk about with that old lady Jiang? She just wanted to recognize the child and take the child away . I didn't agree with what you said. She also said that she has money and can provide better learning conditions and Living environment, let me return the child to her, and give us part of the money. It’s not that she has money, what can she do? How can this old lady talk like that? She ’s not talking about money, everything can be bought, a complete and beautiful family, she takes money Can I buy it? Our family has parents, grandparents, younger brothers and sisters. Can

she buy it with money? I think so too, so I ’m not polite when I talk to her today. You’re doing the right thing about your daughter-in-law. I support you in this matter. She is rich , the old lady usually looks quite calm, how could she say such a thing, it’s not this old lady, Dad , what are you talking about, no talking, no one is talking, and you are lying , I listened outside the door, it’s not you, Dad Why are you lying at the door again? Why are you disobedient? Didn’t I tell you all about it ? At this stage, you do n’t want to meet that old lady Jiang. What is the result? I knew it was impossible to have a result. I have been talking for so many days, but there is no result. If you go there once, you will be

able to talk about the result. Isn’t it a bit whimsical? You guys, isn’t it that your seven days are not overdue ? You said How many days have you been talking, aren’t we both upset at home? You’ve expired and you’re upset. If you want to talk, can I mean what I say? But you guys say hello to me.

Let’s study and study and find out what countermeasures to talk to others . Smacking, you guys went there. Why are you so good? I just want her to know what I think. After all, I am Tengfei’s mother and

you are Tengfei ’s mother. She is still Tengfei’s grandma. Are you a biological mother? She is a biological mother and has a blood relationship Do you have any, so don’t be stubborn about this matter, understand it, I know you can’t understand it when you get there, is the old lady an ordinary person? We have been rivals for many days, and no one has taken advantage of it, but once you go this time, we are already at a disadvantage now, do you understand , I told you that you are not obedient, you still do it , don’t talk about us, we are both troublesome enough, pay you back The troublesome days are to come, just the way you talk, I tell you , Tengfei has to go with someone if it’s not good, what are you thinking about, it’s okay , I don’t want to talk about you now, the matter is over, I hope you Learn your lesson in the future and listen to me more. You think this matter is so simple? Is it possible to solve it in a few words ? Is it possible? Since you didn’t talk about it clearly today, I will continue to talk about it.

Agree . If you don’t say anything, it means you agree. Remember Don't meddle in the future, listen to me and continue talking , you guess, I don't guess what you think, second brother, how can you drive the eldest brother away, don't mention him to me, I don't have him as the eldest brother, the three of us kowtow On the ground, if you say you do n't recognize it, you don't recognize it Si works hard for this villa . He always makes troubles for others when he has nothing to do . He eats the whole homestay . Did he do that? Did he do that? The outsiders are all reading the joke, look at it, look at it , laugh heartily, and let’s talk about the fact that he eats the inside out, I think there is something strange about it, what’s the strangeness ? Don’t you see the jigsaw puzzle? First of all, we didn’t look for the waiter named Xiaoli Let’s talk about it, there is no customer who said he was dragged away by force . It’s not that simple.

Why can’t she find Xiaoli? Do you know why? Why did she lose contact and can’t contact this person? Damn, does she dare to show up? Then let's do this first, let's put this matter aside, let's get him back first, okay ? Don't mention him to me, okay? From now on, what big brother, Song Xiaofeng, Mr. Song, these few days Just a word , just these few words , don’t appear around me , I don’t want to hear it, nothing, the relationship between the three of us is so worthless , if you want to talk about our relationship, it ’s worth some money , me and him, no It’s worth my rest. I’m sleepy. Second brother , come back and let’s talk again. The eldest sister brought you breakfast.

Thank you , what happened yesterday ? I didn’t have a good conversation with Xiaomeng . Can you introduce me ? It’s okay. My old Song worked in the village committee. A key was a mess . I also worked as a housekeeper. That ’s great. Let’s go now. Next , we should take care of this villager’s homestay. The quality and service quality are double . Uncle Song came for a drink. Uncle Song came . Let me introduce you. This is the customer of my homestay. Why did you complain? Why do you complain? Uncle’s homestay is in such a good condition.

Who can complain about me? Ms. Jiang Ah , I want to talk to you two, okay, then sit down and talk , okay , come sit down, Uncle Drinking Water , what can you do with us ? Can you help me ? You are here to meet Xie Tengfei. Yes, I didn’t expect this incident to alarm all the leaders and cause you trouble. Aunt Jiang , please don’t say that. Our village is not big, so someone has something to do with it. Well, we all know each other , I don’t know, have you met Tengfei now ? We met , but we didn’t know each other . Yes, if it wasn’t like this, I wouldn’t be able to come to you . Auntie , please tell us in detail how your chat with Uncle Guangkun is going. That’s right,

this old lady, I’m going to give it to you I’m going to take this money because of what? It’s not because I can’t take that money for anything, old man, how conscientious we are! Now look at our house. The Yongqiang Orchard was hit by a disaster. The old lady gave us this money and I will take Yongqiang This hole is blocked, you must not tell Yongqiang Xiaomeng , you must hide it from me.

If Yongqiang Xiaomeng finds out that there is a disturbance, we will not be able to make any trouble in the future. At that time, there was a loss of personal wealth, and the court was at most giving alimony . What was the use of it? They took Tengfei abroad and we couldn’t even look at it at that time. The old lady thought a lot, so I talked with the old lady, and I said if I take your money , what does it mean you have to give it, it’s not up to me if you don’t take it, you still feel uncomfortable, right? I took this You can take Tengfei away with the money, but I have a condition. Firstly, you can’t go abroad, right? The old lady also agreed. I said there is another one . Tengfei will come back on New Year’s Day . Just take a look. Later , the old lady also agreed. Think about it, isn’t it good? Second , let ’s talk about Tengfei. You said that Tengfei is very good

in our house, and the conditions are good, but it can’t be compared with other old ladies. Old lady Living abroad all the year round, she is definitely rich. I heard that she got a large inheritance and this old lady.

At first, I was really annoyed by her because she was going to take off, but then I observed carefully. This old lady is really nice and knowledgeable. She is knowledgeable and has seen the world , so she took Tengfei away to find the best school. Can the school in a big city be compared with our place? Tengfei can receive a higher education and grow up to stand out. This child has Promising, are you unhappy, or am I unhappy? So we are thinking about the child , so we have to be taken away, right? Third, this old lady is very pitiful . She is alone, her son and daughter-in-law died, and she is alone in a foreign country.

It’s so easy to know that there is a big grandson, and now I ’ve found it here. You said we won’t let people take it away. From a humane point of view , what we’re doing is wrong . People can’t do that. It ’s a crucial time, and we can’t be too selfish , so I think about it . I’ll take the money, do n’t tell Xiaomeng, just remember you don’t know anything, you’re not a dead old man with a strict mouth , don’t tell me if you don’t, don’t tell me when you’re done talking to me, I can hide it Live here, my wife , let’s live a lifetime. This is a critical time for major events. Can I not tell you about the situation you mentioned, Auntie? Is it your grandson? What should I do now? What to do? Only when we get the result of paternity test, which proves that Tengfei is your grandson, can our village committee come forward to help you solve the problem ? It’s really your grandson. I

think one day, sooner or later, your grandson and grandson will recognize each other. I’m really sorry, Aunt Jiang . We can’t help you this time, but if you need anything else, you can come to us at any time . Well, sorry for the trouble, old man . Brother, what should I do about this matter? You have to help me figure out a solution. I

can only find Lao Xu . Who is Lao Xu? The former director, if he speaks in our village, he must have prestige . Then you take me there , let’s go, wealth is everywhere, action makes dreams come true Welcome to "Get Rich" This year we will usher in the fourth Chinese Farmer’s Harvest Festival Starting today, "Get Rich" will launch a six- episode series "Harvest" "New Concept" reflects the new ideas, new methods, and new experiences of Harvest from different aspects. What do you think you are doing? If you don’t mop the floor early or late, what are you procrastinating about learning? What are you studying? What are you doing? Research projects Why are you shutting it down? I watch you research every day, but nothing comes out.

If you don’t go out again, all the good projects are gone. For someone like you, our family has to drink northwest wind. Old Xu , look at you , here comes Lao Song This is old Xu, this is Mrs. Jiang, hello, hello , hello, hello, do n’t stand in the yard, go to the house and talk, please sit here in the house , please sit here, waiter , see if you need something , see if there is love If you don’t have anything to eat, it’s fine, come on, okay, I’ll do this , this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this,’ please wait a moment, then I would like two more glasses of lemonade , that is fine , thank you My phone number is gone, Xiaomei , I’m not looking for work. Where are you? I’m

in Kaiyuan. Wang Bing picked me up. We’re in a coffee shop . Send me a location. I’ll be there in a while. OK , let’s go. I'm waiting for you here, I'll send it to you, okay , director, would you like to help me, a foreigner, and say something fair? The big girl, Tengfei, is a child I watched and grew up with.

Help Tengfei recognize his relatives. This is about family affection. The second is to do good deeds, I am willing to help you reconcile it , that would be great. As for your local customs here Although I don’t know much about it , it ’s a blessing to take off if you have such a respected person . Don’t worry, as long as you can help me, I will definitely thank you very much. Do n’t thank me too early . It’s not easy because Guangkun is a person you don’t understand, and what Lao Song knows is also quite difficult. Guangkun is

a little tricky . If it’s not difficult, can you please come forward? I will do my best , Director, as long as you can help I will mediate and I can satisfy all the conditions you set out. Big girl, since I have reached this point , I will tell the truth. If this matter, I can mediate for you successfully. I don’t want to

do anything else. I just work in this homestay in our village. It would be great if you could join me . As long as you can help me to recognize my relatives successfully, I will seriously consider all the conditions you offer , so we will make a deal and keep what we say. It is not too late

to act. I will talk to Guangkun now, thank you. Come on, old classmate, thank you for picking me up specially. What ’s wrong with me? This is still reliable as a classmate. Let me tell you, it ’s because I’m not busy today. I have to change the usual time . Then

I can only send an assistant to pick you up . Boss Wang has a lot of things to do now. I don’t need to make an appointment when I see you. I’ll push the assistant WeChat to you later . Tell me, do you have any happy events when you come back this time ? I can have any happy events . I ’m just for work. Progress I came back this time and I told you that it is for work . The village is too busy at Yishui and has no time to take care of the breeding plant. I will come back to help him with the busy work . Besides, I also have feelings for the breeding plant. That

’s it, that ’s it. I have feelings , come back from these thousands of kilometers, just do him a little favor , okay , you can do it, don’t talk about me, talk about you , you, a thousand -year-old five, when will you leave the order? It's more than nine hundred years away. Although it 's still famous, but there are some people, do n't try to take advantage of it. Don't be sentimental. You think too much. You don't plan this or that. Then you come back this time to help. His little favor, yes , yes , this career is very important

, and more important, I see , this person is here, Xiaomei , thank you, Wang Bing, for your hard work, thank you for what I can tell you, you two are the same now, neat and tidy This is false, let me tell you that today I am not busy, so call me and I will pick her up. The problem is that Xiaomei didn’t tell me before she came back. I was caught off guard . Didn’t I know you were busy? It’s hundreds of kilometers back and forth today , you have to arrange for me , waiter, you’re not afraid that he’s busy , I think you just feel sorry for him, but you do n’t feel sorry for me . Where is the chatter going? Order it, look at something , I’ll tell you what I order. I'm not being polite, thank you , Guangkun is here, Mr. Yang , wait a moment , then what , let me tell you something, about me, how should I say this ? Is it right here ? This matter has nothing to do with me. After all, it is your family business.

But because I have seen some things, I have to say it, but I don’t care what I say. To put it bluntly , I also hope Mr. Yang, do n’t take it to heart, okay? I think Wang Dana , Chairman Wang , is a very good person. It can be said that I have come to Ivory Mountain for so many years. I appreciate this person. I think this person,

no matter in terms of business integrity , including this kind of character, especially after you came here from Shanghai, he has feelings for you. I think this person is this. He is a man. I can say this. In Ivory Mountain, I

admire Xie Guangkun. There are not so many people, just say such a good man, Mr. Yang, I don’t think you should take you behind Wang Da’s back and then go get someone else . I didn’t understand what you said just now. What do you mean? I hope you treat me well. Dana, do n’t have those thoughts about other people. It’s not good. I don’t think it has anything to do with you. It has nothing to do with me.

I’m an outsider , but there are often things that happen . Tell me what did you see? Did you go to the sales office that day, right ? You went there with Hu , how did I see it ? The two of you stopped the car and you two went straight to the sales office. I was really surprised at the time, and I thought that I would just go with it. Logically speaking , it was very immoral for me to do this , but because I was with Dana and you Relationship, I’ll just go over and see what’s going on.

I lean over the glass and look in. The guy pointing there is all going to buy a house . Guangkun, you misunderstood. First of all, let me tell you that this is my family business , and Lao Hu is just accompanying I'll go, do n't talk nonsense , accompany those two people, Mr. Yang is so close , shoulder to shoulder, I watched it with my own eyes, Mr. Yang, I don't care what you say, the

real fact , we didn't look at anything else We can’t talk nonsense , but your behavior is uncomfortable for everyone to see. You are from Shanghai. You have seen people in the world. You and I don’t understand . How can you fall in love with Lao Hu ? It’s not what you said at all. That,

that doesn’t mean that, I saw you two so close, I told you, I saw it, you want others to see it , what the hell are you doing here, Mr. Yang , that ’s right How nice you are , how can you do this? Okay, this is the unit . You can eat and talk nonsense, you have to be responsible, do you know that I am definitely responsible, I saw it What did I say when I saw it? I did n’t make it up . It’s unreasonable. It’s not Mr. Yang. It’s over . It ’s over. Give me some ingredients, what else to

mix ? I don’t have the time to mix ingredients . What’s the matter ? You’ve got something serious to do. What’s the matter? You said Mr. Yang is angry again these two days, what’s the matter ? She just loves to be angry . You do n’t think about other people’s attitudes or feelings, I think about her, she doesn’t think about me, I don’t think about raising sheep, she’s angry again, you don’t discuss it with others in advance , you say Is this thing smelly ? It does n’t smell at all. She just said it’s smelly. Don’t you find fault

? Home You say I long for a home You say you have a home Why don’t you care about it for a day I’m enough about it I ’m thinking about realizing myself I’m raising sheep for the first reason to earn money and second because I have to do something Hey, what can I do if I’m so old? If you can’t, I’ll raise it for you . If you can’t, I’ll raise it for you. Where do you put your money? You raise it. You can sell it for two days and then give it to me. How can there be such a good thing? I raise sheep so big If you want to raise a dog, I don’t think you’re stupid. Could it be that your dog manager gave you an idea ? If you think about it, you’ll think about it, and you’ll have to savor it carefully. If you do n’t, you’ll still have to look for me in three days.

What ’s the matter ? You, Mr. Yang, are angry , can you survive for a few more days ? Can you beat her? She is not angry , I am firm in my determination. I should raise sheep and sheep. I can support my family when I raise the sheep . Nothing to worry about, if I were to stand in a real yard with 10,000 sheep, you would hand in guns in any situation, and I would gradually develop the sheep business. If you want to talk about doing business, I would really convince you. Zero EQ Do you know what EQ is? Look at you.

EQ means being hurt by emotions all the time. You are always being hurt by emotions. Being hurt by emotions is called EQ. What ’s wrong? I think you have a problem with IQ .

You work hard , put it away for a while, after you finish eating this thing, you have to put it away, you can’t put it in the sheepfold for a long time, that’s fine, don’t worry about it, don’t come to the sheepfold, you smell bad, Mr. Yang also I'm not proud of you because this flock of sheep lost such a precious Yang. You can't make it up. My precious Yang. Brother and sister-in-law are at home. Lao Xu is here . Why are you here with something?

Things, look at you , look at you , you are not a seasoned person, what are you doing with things, Lao Xu , make some tea for Lao Xu, go quickly, if there is nothing to do, I can just drink water, no, no, make some tea, let me tell you This is when Yongqiang talks about business, the client doesn’t spend money , or else I envy you sometimes. You have a good son. Don’t talk about Lao Xu. In fact, every family has hard-to-read scriptures , don’t you? Said that Yongqiang’s current orchard has also suffered a disaster. That’s all. You only see the beautiful side , but the sadness behind the reality. We have all experienced it. I understand , so I wo n’t talk about it . Are you here for

something ? There’s something wrong . You say it’s okay. As long as I can handle it , don’t worry, Old Xu. That grandma of Tengfei, I know what you said, and this Song Fugui, you went to my place, and you asked me to help you , you said you knew me, I couldn’t get rid of my face, so I did n’t refuse , but I think there is a relationship between our brothers So I came here and I thought about it and asked what you mean, Old Xu. How do you say it? To be honest, I didn’t want outsiders to get involved . You know, they will be able to find you , and they know our relationship. I can say that about Old Xu. It ’s just you who came here, it’s not easy to replace the second person, Mr.

Yang, don’t be angry, open the door , Mr. Yang, what’s wrong with Mr. Yang, Mr. Yang is angry and shut himself in the room. Why are you so angry? Because Guangkun just now Uncle is here, what ’s the matter with Uncle Guangkun , what’s the matter talking, anyway , I said you have a delicate relationship with Mr. Yang, what are you talking about? Come on, what about Mrs. Jiang? I think she is very open-minded in her work. People have also said that you, Xie’s family, were raised by Tengfei from a young age, right? You spent a lot of money , and you invested a lot in your emotions.

If so, we If you want to agree to the recognition of your grandson , they are willing to pay a sum of money. Old Xu, since you have brought your words to this point, I don’t know how much the old lady can give us. You have to agree to this matter. As for how much the old lady will give, I will talk to you. Even if the old lady finishes giving the money

, it’s not for me to spend. I’ll save it for the children. In the future , when you Tengfei come back one day, I can also spend it for Tengfei, right? But we have to have this process, Guangkun . I have to give you a thumbs up, you don’t need to give it a thumbs up, old Xu Fang, you will do the same. We are so old, what have we never experienced? I have already taken everything lightly, including money.

You can still take it away, right? But the premise is like this, you have to talk to Xiaomeng and the others to see if they agree. I have nothing to say here. Don’t worry, as long as you agree here , Xiaomeng’s side It’s easy to say, I ca n’t let Secretary Xiaoshuang tell them After all, they are young people , and there is another one. When you talk to Xiaomeng and the others, remember to only talk about claiming or not claiming . Don’t mention it, do you understand what I mean? Because once you finish mentioning it, if they disagree, if they disagree with this matter , it wo n’t go any further . Do remember , just do as you said. How about Xiaomei, don’t you look pretty? Now the Ivory Mountain Village has developed very fast. In the past

two years, the Waterworks Kindergarten has been established, and it is still live broadcasting online to publicize our Ivory Mountain Village . Last year, we held a kitchen The God Contest was quite spectacular and very lively . This year, every house has been turned into a homestay. Secretary Xiaoshuang plans to develop the tourism industry . Secretary Xiaoshuang is really a manager. In the past few years, Ivory Mountain Village has really developed better and better.

That’s right. It’s not easy for a girl to work alone , but she deserves respect . Of course , we also set up a Taobao service station. By the way, the person in charge of the Taobao service station is Jin Yan . You see , Seventh brother, you said I’ve been talking for so long, you express your opinion, you say something, this person is here, this is the child’s mother, you said this , Xiaomeng doesn’t talk, what do you want me to say, old Xu, you always force me to do it What, we old brothers are nothing but you really made the child understandable, I will immediately let little Mengniang and I go to Zhang Luo Zhang Luo for a meal, I have no problem in this round, you can ask the children, what a troublesome day , isn’t it ? Didn’t ask you, Mengyou, what do you think, Xiaomeng, you Uncle Xu has been here for a long time, take a look at this matter , what do you think, give you Uncle Xu a response , Uncle Xu, what you said just now, I also understand what I am now I feel that it is inappropriate for everyone to sit together and talk about this matter. First, I met Mrs. Jiang once, and

she knows what I think. Second, my husband and father don’t let me touch her , so I’m also afraid of getting into trouble. That’s it. Do n't worry, I can settle things with your father-in-law. I've

been an old man for so many years. As far as your father-in- law is concerned, I'm good at talking. Don't worry .

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