ECHO POINT MUNNAR (the echo here is INSANE)

ECHO POINT MUNNAR (the echo here is INSANE)

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Good afternoon guys, and welcome back to another video here in India specifically up here in the mountains today. Got a friend here. Hello, oh what do you got going on over here? Alright, we'll take one please. Yeah one piece one, twenty rupees. Is that- is it juice? Juice, no only seeds. Oh seeds. Alright, let's try one out then. Only Kerala, Australia, South Africa this one. So this is very unique then, yeah.

Only seeds only seeds we eat. I eat the seeds? Oh it's passion fruit, passion fruit. Yes, yes, yes. Oh yeah, it's good. As you can see, he's loading that up so it's almost like a little dank way up there, perfect thank you my friend. Oh and oh and we lost it. Thank you. Thank you my friends. Direct eat. Eat it right now alright.

No that's tip for you, thank you. Very delicious my friends, thank you. Oh that's quite nice. Guys fresh passion fruit that is how you start off visiting Echo Point, try out a little passion fruit, get that going and then make our way down to this area right here. Hello, Namaste [Greetings]. Alright, entrance 10 rupees, no problem. Thank you my friend.

Thank you. Alright, we have made it. Oh guys, I see why it's called Echo Point because the name echo, it echoes. I can't wait to start yelling. Let's go. We literally have these cows out here.

Alright, let's see if we can- we can get these guys to give us a proper echo. This is Echo Point. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you got an echo and it let's try it out. Very nice, very nice. There we go, you can hear that one way out there. That was really good. Alright, where you guys from?

How far is that? 11 hours driving? Yeah. Wow you flew or drove here? Bus. Oh you drove bus, okay bus yeah very nice. What? You’ve. been Kerala for how many weeks? Eight days in Kerala Yeah. Eight years? Eight days. I was in Sri Lanka for six weeks before. How’s Kerala? Very nice. As we say Habibi, come to Kerala. Oh always. Okay. If I’m outside the camera's rolling.

Alright, alright, that's a new one, I haven't heard that one. That's a nice compliment I’ll take that look like Ronaldo. Yeah, yeah. Alright, I guess today's a good day then.

Yeah very nice. How’s Munnar? Munnar is amazing, I arrived yesterday. Fragrant Nature, it's like 20 minutes away. Very nice, it's beautiful but the mountains I was just on a boat ride the speed boats maybe 10 minutes away from here and it was very nice. Very nice. Well, good to meet you all. Enjoy your time. Thank you. Thank you. See you, nice to meet you all. Bye.

Guys we'll take you for a walk this way, got some cows up there, see some of the wildlife. Guys this is a must having the fruit while you're walking along here that is good. Hello my friend. Hi, how are you? I’m good and you? Yeah fine. From? You’re good- From the US. Your good name?

Yeah nice to meet you. USA from which state? The Chicago area. Chicago, I’m from Virginia. Virginia, nice. What part of Virginia? Virginia, Fairfax Virginia. Fairfax, I lived in DC for five years so we used to be neighbors. Your good name? Kiran. Kiran, nice to meet you Kiran. What’s your name? Mac. Mac, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. You guys are on holiday up here in Munnar? Yes. Yeah it's nice. What about you? Yeah, I’m a YouTuber. So you came alone all your

friends? My friends coming tonight but alone the first couple days. What's your YouTube channel? It’s right- right there. World Nomac, yep. Yeah nice to meet you all, enjoy your time. Safe travels back to Virginia, see you guys. Alright, here's the cows

guys. Oh they're hanging out over here just grazing. They must be quite used to humans though because as you can see, there's probably maybe somewhere around 100 people all the way up and down here and they're looking for some sort of chow, grazing right there. I mean imagine if you're a cow every single day you're waking up this is your spot to eat some good stuff, I wouldn't be complaining either. Let's see what we have up here on the trail. Whoa, and the cow almost fell, don't wanna die there. I don't know if you guys saw that but the cow almost tripped and knocked me off the ledge that would have been a sad ending.

Hello my friend. Yeah what's your name? My name is Mac. From? Mac? Yeah. From the US. Yeah, yeah and you guys from Kerala? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Kerala God’s own country. Yeah exactly. Oh it's very delicious. You guys you like it too? Oh yeah. Yeah it's odd. And no we’re poor so we eat there. I can- I can buy you your next one if you want. Oh no, no. No thanks. Alright,

just funny. So you guys are on vacation in Munnar? Yeah. Yeah, and you like it? Yeah we’re college students and industrial visit. College students yeah, very nice. How many days Munnar? Three days. Total three days. Three days. Today's second day? Third day. First day. First day.

First day oh very nice, first day for me too. Yeah, yeah. Yeah I arrived last night on the bus. Yeah from Kochi. Yeah, yeah, yeah very nice. So what's on your agenda? What other places will you visit here? Al Pura, it's a beautiful place. Yeah, is that the one? Oh houseboat.

Oh yeah, I’ve heard the houseboats are nice. Yeah very good, very good. Yeah the Munnar hills there's a sunrise spots here right. Oh you saw it today. Yeah. The one that you have to go really high up like today

you wake up at 3 a.m. is it? Yeah. Yeah on the way, we coming from in night so we came in the morning not sleep. Oh you didn't sleep. Oh so you guys are pulling an all-nighter right now. Yeah. So it's coffee or chai time. Yesterday 6 p.m. we started out with journey from Wayanad out. Oh wow, 6 p.m. and then you've been awake since the previous night. We are from Wayanad you must come to Wayanad, it's a beautiful place, beautiful yeah also like hills.

Really? Cold. How many hours? Very nice. Yeah hopefully I can come there yeah. Yeah yep, very nice. Okay thank you, thank you great to meet you guys yeah, let's do it. energy. Oh that's amazing. These moments are the best ones guys, very spontaneous

and meeting people yeah. Alright, guys we're back in the car off to the next spot which is Kundale lake. Oh yeah guys maybe we'll get the drone up over there too beautiful drive over here. Guys as you can see, we're cruising through here and this is freshly cleared yeah. Gardens next. Next year yeah. Okay so basically they just cleared off that entire mountain and then now it's gonna be all ready for tea planting. Guys we have just made it over to the Kundale dam right here. As you can see,

we've got markets aligning all of it and it's not as busy as the other places though so that's a little bit surprising, photography prohibited. Alright, hello. One of those guys said in another language that everyone laughed, drop a comment below what it means and here we go. You can get a little bit of everything. You got masks over there. We’ve got some cricket stuff, all kinds

of stuff going on and we've got the dam. Oh I guess motorbikes can ride across it. Hello. Oh it's a pretty large dam. It extends all the way along here. There we go, full speed ahead. Let's go. Squad’s going full speed ahead right there and here we are guys at the dam.

Look at this thing. Oh when you look down, it looks like quite a big waterfall or like water slide right there. That’d be a nice time going right down that. Let's check the other side here

probably would suck you right through there. Oh yeah, there it goes through. Wow, it's massive actually. Oh you can even get cars down here I didn't expect that. Guys we just crossed the dam here and as you can see, we've got those towering trees. Guys just look at how insane this is these trees are just towering over.

Got some sort of party going on up there. [Music] Oh yeah, what else we got here? We got some markets. I have heard the chalk is pretty good over here. Hello, we got boats over there Grandis Cafe maybe we gotta try going up there see what's going on. Oh even a horse there's really so much going on down here. Munnar is a very big tourist town like the way

it's designed like entirely it feels like it's totally meant for that. Oh you got the safari coming up, Grandis Cafe there we are. Alright, here we are at Grandis Cafe that's really popping off. The speakers are attached to the trees just need to get like some little cold drink something to cool the body down I’m thinking. Hello my friend. Oh you have the big bang energies? Yes.

That's the good one yeah. Oh very nice and ice cream. Ice cream, tea, coffee. A little bit of everything, yeah. A little bit of everything. Can I have one of these please? Yeah. One sting how much? 20 rupees. 20 rupees.

Thank you my friend. Thank you. What's your good name? My name is Mac and you? My name is Natish. Natish, nice to meet you Natish. This is your shop? Yes. Very nice, thank you. It's my first time in Munnar. It's a very nice city. Yeah. Yeah. Where are you from? I’m from the US. US? Yes. Yeah, yeah, and you're originally from Munnar? No, I’m from Kochi. From Kochi. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was just in Kochi for eight days yeah very

nice city. Thank you. Yeah do you have one of these cold by any chance cold? No, no. No okay. Like that alright, no problem. no problem. Perfect, thank you so much my friend. Nice to meet you. Thank you. Guys we got a little drink that's going to get us going here exactly what we need to hydrate the body. Although, this is probably the most unhealthy thing I could have selected sometimes you just gotta do it. I’m just kidding

don't- don't do what I’m doing energy drinks are bad for you and unfortunately I like them. Oh alright, we're back in business. Whoa, they've even got buses riding through here. Those are the looks like the college buses or the student buses so- Hello. [Music] That’s quite good. That's hitting the spot. So I’m thinking that's probably as far as it goes another thing down there, looks like the balloon game actually know what I think the guy inspired me that had the head scratch I’m gonna have to go in. How much for one of these?

50 rupees. Alright, I’ll take one of these head scratchers. Thank you so much. Alright, guys let's test out the head scratcher here. Oh. Oh yeah, that is nice, exactly is what we needed.

After wearing that hat all day guys, this thing's a match made in heaven for 50 rupees just paid about 75 cents for this thing and let me tell you that that thing is quite nice. Everyone's looking at me like this guy's crazy and I’m like you're right, you're absolutely right. Oh yeah, worth every penny right there, very nice head scratcher. Alright, let's see what we got going on over here. We've got oh wines, all types of stuff, chocolates. Alright, let's see toys. We need some toys and choc. Oh chocolates, chocolates homemade. Oh homemade yeah.

Do you have any that are mixed partially white and partially brown chocolate. You want brown or white? Is there a mixed bag? Oh yeah, this one 100 gram 50 rupees. Oh okay very nice, 250 gram 100 rupees. Oh okay. This one dark. Oh dark chocolate, okay. Oh and then that one's mixed over there. Oh yes. Yeah actually this I think

this one how much is it? White chocolate yeah and how much? 150 sir. 150, okay I want this one then. Marshmallow. Oh no marshmallows. Wine sir, grape wine, strawberry wine? With alcohol? Without alcohol. Without okay. Very special. Okay. 150. Oh eucalyptus does look nice but oh that is quite nice. Body pain relief. And how much is that? 150 sir. 150 so 300 for

the two? One drop two drops enough. Okay and that'll fix a headache? Yes. Perfect. Alright, for these two thank you. I will pack it. Oh no I’ll put it in my bag, it's safe in the bag and I need it's packed. I will pack this one. Okay. Because it might

spread it. Oh okay. Alright, thank you. I will give you balance. Oh thank you. I’m from the US. US? Yeah. Yep came to India to explore the beautiful country. I was here in 2014 and now I came back. Thank you. This one packed.

Yeah perfect and your good name? Your name? Sobna. Your name? My name is Mac. So nice to meet you, thank you so much. Thank you sir. So guys very nice to meet Sobna and we got some delicious oh we gotta get those sunglasses on guys as you can see, I’m squinting here. Oh there we go, much better. We picked up some eucalyptus

because I’m very curious how like natural medicines work for headaches. I- I definitely don't use natural medicines for headaches and things like that but I was like yeah she offered it might as well test it out and see how it is but speaking of testing things out guys we got the chocolate ready to go. Oh yeah, homemade. Oh that's quite nice. It's got like almost a slightly vanilla flavor. You could tell it's homemade quite a bit of sugar in there, it's tasty though. So I paid 150 for it that's roughly two

US maybe slightly lower than two US dollars and then roughly about the same 150 for the eucalyptus oil so pretty good buy there. I’ll tell you chocolate it's my guilty pleasure. Geez, I look so bad right now I have my energy drink and I’m eating chocolate. Oh well alright good. Where are you from? From the US.

You know what they say habibi, come to Kerala. Yeah, yeah you so you guys are on vacation here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Very nice. Yeah me too, me too. Munnar is very beatiful. Nice to meet you Salman. Everyone else's names? Safaan. Safaan. Yoshi. Yoshi. Yoshi. Sufian? Yes. Nice to meet you and your

good name? Nice to meet you. He said how many days you're on vacation in Munnar? 35. 35 days on vacation, yeah. College yeah. Wow, that's nice. That's nice. Oh very good, a lot of college students are up here on vacation right now. Yeah that's great. Oh a lot of traffic coming this way. First time in Kerala yeah, I was in India in 2014 but I never went south.

Now- now I just came back to India about eight days ago and it was my first time in Kerala best state. Oh you agree? The best state? You guys didn't seem too excited about that. Most other people I say best state Kerala and they get excited. [Music] Can I drive? No sir. I’m a great stick driver.

So you're going driving tomorrow morning? 3 a.m. Hotel only. Oh okay. Alright, alright, well it was nice to meet you. Okay your good name? Prakash,

Mac. Yeah nice to meet you, enjoy. Okay sir. Guys so it was a really nice time cruising down here by the dam and met a lot of nice people again. Oh here's the- here's the people give a hug.

Goodbye gentlemen. Yeah we'll see you later, goodbye. Yeah guys we're leaving the dam now. Geez, we probably met like a hundred people today between the last like probably hour and a half so it's been a great time and now we're leaving right at golden hour so we get to see the sides of the mountains as the day comes to completion. 20 rupees. Oh we got a full stack of them. Okay. Thank you my friend. Okay. Goodbye my friend. Okay. Oh yeah, we got fresh carrots here guys.

Oh yeah, one for you. Alright, let's get these going. It’s as fresh as they get guys what- Oh.

Oh, oh yeah, very delicious. That’s as fresh as they get guys, pull them out of the ground. That's one of the awesome parts about being up here in the mountains in India guys are actually all over India, I found this to be kinda similar to Sri Lanka there's just a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables they can get at all times obviously with all this farmland you can just tell everything's so lush and green in these areas of India and it's quite tasty. I can taste it in those carrots, 20 rupees for a sack of I think maybe eight six to eight carrots roughly 30 cents so quite a nice surprise to get it right off the side of the road there.

Yeah guys that's where I’m gonna go ahead and end today's video another amazing day exploring this beautiful side of India in Kerala known as Munnar. So guys if you've enjoyed this one as always smash that like button. If you wanna see more videos both here in India as well as all around the world, we're gonna have so many adventures coming so hit that subscribe button and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow's video. [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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