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Dubai is the largest metropolis in the United Arab  Emirates (UAE), also known as the Golden City,   located on the southeast coast of the Arabian  Peninsula in the heart of the Arabian Desert. Dubai has evolved from a modest fishing village  into a major global business center and has   managed to become a top tourist destination,  attracting millions of visitors annually   from all over the world due to its architectural  landscape, extravagant luxury, shopping centers,   and exciting tourist attractions. Many of the luxury hotels have rooftop   swimming pools, which offer a beautiful landscape  with spectacular views of the city and the Arabian   Sea, making it a perfect place to relax and take  pictures, as well as make unforgettable memories. In the next few minutes, we'll take  a closer look at Dubai, such as:  Top 10 tourist attractions in Dubai  (what to see and do in Dubai; prices;   recommendations), customs and rules to  follow in Dubai, and Dubai seen at night We   wish you a pleasant viewing! What to see and do in Dubai:  Top tourist attractions BURJ-KHALIFA Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai that  is today called the tallest building ever   built by man, a world record worldwide,  measuring approximately 828 m high.  It is located next to one of the world's  largest shopping malls, Dubai Mall. 

The exterior of the building is covered  with steel and reflective glass,   producing a glowing appearance that  varies with the angle of the sun. The building was built by Samsung Corporation, and  the project's expenditure totaled $1.4 billion.  It is currently a residential, office, hotel,  and commercial building with 163 floors,   162 of which are residential and  one is dedicated to services.

The Burj Khalifa is home to the world's fastest  elevators; they can travel at speeds of up to 64   km/h (40 mph) and offer passengers very  smooth transport in a very short time. The Burj Khalifa has two vantage points  for viewing the cityscape and beyond.  The two vantage points on  the 148th and 124th floors   have different looks and open-air balconies. It is recommended to go to the 154th floor, where  you can admire the amazing view of Dubai and take   the best pictures while enjoying a tea, a beer, or  a dessert (all included in the entrance ticket).  From that height (approx. 550 m), you can admire the  

city's attractions (Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab,  Dubai Marina), the Dubai Desert, the Arabian Sea,   the peaks of the Hajar Mountains, and  many other sights that amaze the viewer. Ticket prices are approximately  46 USD for adults and 38 USD for   children (for the 124th floor vantage point). For the 148th floor, tickets are approximately   129 USD for adults and 109 USD for children. At peak times, the ticket prices are higher.

Recommendations: due to the  sudden temperature changes,   come dressed for the wind and book tickets  in advance, especially during peak season. Attracting travelers from all over the  world, the Burj Khalifa is a must-see   tourist destination that at the same time has  become a major international business center,   attracting foreign businesses and investors  who want to take advantage of the city's rapid   development, invest large sums of money, and thus  contribute to the further development of Dubai. BURJ AL ARAB It is considered a symbol of luxury  and architectural extravagance. The Burj Al Arab is located on an  artificial island off the coast of Dubai.  At approximately 320 meters high, this building  is the tallest hotel building in the world.  The building was built with the intention of  revolutionizing the notion of luxury hotels by   offering guests an unforgettable experience and  thus captivating interest from around the world. 

The interior of the hotel was  constructed from high-quality   materials, including marble and gold  leaf, as well as bespoke furniture. Although it is widely recognized as  the only 7-star hotel in the world,   its official rating classifies  it as a 5-star Deluxe. The hotel has internationally renowned  restaurants with numerous renowned chefs,   each offering guests a wide variety of  culinary recipes, from the simplest to   the most sophisticated and extravagant dishes,  satisfying even the most discerning tastes. Over the years, Burj Al Arab has managed  to attract celebrities, dignitaries,   and tourists from all over the world who  want to experience its unparalleled luxury.

PALM JUMEIRAH Palm Jumeirah is an artificial  island located in the Persian Gulf.  Using state-of-the-art engineering,  the island has managed to be an example   of architectural innovation around  the world and a paragon of luxury.  Viewed from above, the island's image  is very much like that of a palm tree.  The island is also visible from space,   as it can be seen from a distance of  about 400 meters above the ground. The project was designed with two  objectives: to enhance Dubai's real   estate portfolio and to provide access  to the world's most luxurious locations,   luxury living, top tourism, and  numerous recreational activities.

The project began in June 2001, and the  apartments were handed over to the owners in 2006.  The trunk of the palm tree comprises  infrastructure, roads, and utilities,   while the leaves comprise a neighborhood  of villas and luxury residences.  Overall, this location encompasses a host  of internationally renowned hotels, resorts,   and residential complexes offering breathtaking  views over the cityscape and the Arabian Gulf. 

It is both a popular tourist  destination and a luxury community,   containing state-of-the-art  residential developments.  On the waterfront are various properties offering  stunning views, easy access to the beach, and a   diverse range of amenities, all set against  the backdrop of Dubai's renowned landscape.  As a luxury destination, Palm Jumeirah also  attracts celebrities and wealthy individuals   from all over the world who are looking  for expression and an opulent lifestyle. The Dubai Mall Located at the base of the world-famous Burj  Khalifa, Dubai Mall is the world's largest   shopping mall and one of the largest shopping  and entertainment destinations globally. 

It opened in 2008 and is a destination  for people looking for a vast experience   encompassing state-of-the-art retail, gastronomic  delights, and exciting entertainment offerings. With   over 1200 stores, Dubai Mall is a place for  people who have a keen interest in fashion,   elegance, and sophistication and are looking  for the latest collections created by renowned   designers and luxury brands. The stores offer customers a   wide range of fashion styles, from  haute couture to street fashion.  This is reflected in the large influx of  visitors in 2012—over 65 million people.

In Dubai Mall, one finds a diverse selection of   cafes and internationally renowned  restaurants offering customers a   diverse gastronomic collection covering  many cuisines from around the world. Besides the diversity of luxury  shopping, the mall also offers some   cultural and educational facilities. These include: the Dubai Aquarium and   Underwater Zoo (with over 33 thousand marine  animals such as sharks, tropical fish,   and turtles), a year-round artificial ice  rink, and a 22-screen cinema (Reel Cinemas).  For children and families, Dubai Mall offers two  popular attractions: VR Park (a virtual amusement   park) and KidZania (a miniature city where  children can try out different professions).

DUBAI FOUNTAINS The Dubai Fountains are one of the biggest  tourist attractions in Dubai and are visited   by millions of people every year. They are located on the artificial   lake Burj Khalifa (with an area of  12 hectares) near the Dubai Mall.  It is the world's most extensive  system of choreographed fountains   that delight spectators both day and night.  Approximately 275 meters long, 150 meters  high, and with a total of 6,600 lights,   the fountains offer a synchronized movement of  water and light to a musical accompaniment with   a wide range of musical genres, from  classical works to modern folk songs.  Performances are held daily, every  30 minutes, and last about 5 minutes. 

The nighttime performances, which usually  start after sunset, attract most tourists.  The illuminated tower of the Burj Khalifa,  together with the surrounding skyscrapers,   provides a unique backdrop for the  artistic interplay between light and water.  The fountains use 80 thousand  liters of water per minute,   and the shows are performed  by a team of 100 people.

DUBAI MARINA Dubai Marina is a luxury neighborhood in Dubai;   it is built on a floating surface and  is a popular destination for tourists.  It is also the largest man-made  marina in the world (there are   over 1500 yachts and ferries here). It has a lot of tall residential and   commercial buildings (grouped in a block  known as "The World's Tallest Block",   where most skyscrapers are 250–300 meters high). Also here are numerous hotels, shops, bars,   and restaurants, as well as several  kilometers of landscaped public walkways. In Dubai Marina, tourists can  stroll along The Marina Walk,   where they can admire the impressive  architecture of the buildings, relax at   the beach (Jumeirah Beach), and participate  in a number of water sports activities. 

A yacht trip is also a great way to see  the city from a different perspective.  The cost of a yacht trip can differ  depending on the length of the trip,   the type of yacht, and the tour operator. A 30- to 60-minute ride, which includes the   Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah as local sights,  costs USD 13 per adult and USD 6 per child. 

Day or multi-day tours include several  activities, such as snorkeling, swimming,   and lunch, and are priced at USD  78 per adult and USD 41 per child. SAFARIS DESERT Enjoy day or two-day trips to the Dubai Desert,  where you can enjoy the view of the sand dunes,   the wildlife there, and the  Desert Conservation Reserve. Day trips include activities such as camel rides,   game drives, and Arabic  dance and music performances.  The cost of the trip is approximately 27–54  USD for adults and 13–27 USD for children.

Two-day trips to the desert include activities  such as sandboarding or hot-air balloon rides.  The cost of these trips is approximately 54–108  USD for adults and 27–54 USD for children. Recommendations:   trips that include more activities are cheaper  than those that include fewer activities. THE DUBAI FRAME A truly amazing place for photos is the  Dubai Frame (a 150-meter-high frame).  The cost of the ticket is approximately  13 USD for adults and 6 USD for children.

Recommendations: To see the amazing views, it is  advisable to be there 30 minutes before sunset. DUBAI EYE WHEEL A unique tourist attraction, it is  the largest Ferris wheel in the world.  The Ferris wheel is 250 meters high and has 48  cabins with a capacity of 40 people per cabin.  A full ride on the Ferris wheel  takes about 30 minutes and  the price of a ticket is 13 USD  per adult and 6 USD per child. Tips: Choose to take the ride at dusk or at night  to see an absolutely gorgeous view of the city. EXPO CITY (AL WASL PLAZA) It is a crescent-shaped architectural building  in Dubai with a dome made of glass and steel. 

It is the largest fabric dome in the world  (150 meters in diameter and 60 meters high).  It is an open-air plaza and a popular venue   for events and celebrations such as  festivals, concerts, and exhibitions. RULES AND CUSTOMS IN DUBAI When visiting Dubai, keep in mind that it is an  Islamic country (with a predominantly Islamic   society), and it is important to observe certain  rules and customs regarding behavior, conduct, and   dress to avoid social problems during your trip. Below, I will list some of these: Respect Islamic culture and show respect for the  Islamic faith and traditions of the inhabitants. 

Avoid behaving insensitively toward  their religion or making comments. During the month of Ramadan,  fast from sunrise to sunset.  During fasting hours, most cafes  and restaurants will not be open. 

Respect this religious custom of the community,   so during this month visitors are asked not  to eat, drink, or smoke in public places. Wear modest and decent clothing in public places.  Women should wear clothes that cover  their shoulders, arms, and legs,   and men should avoid wearing shorts  and sleeveless shirts in public places. Avoid kissing and hugging in public places; it  is considered unacceptable and frowned upon. Do not consume alcohol in public  places, on the streets, or in parks;   it is illegal and can be punishable  by a fine or even imprisonment. Smoking is forbidden in some public places,  such as beaches, parks, and transport stations.

Avoid making noise and behaving obscenely in  public places; this can lead to fines or arrest. AERIAL DUBAI AND DUBAI SEEN NIGHT The aerial view of Dubai, with its sophisticated  urban design given by its famous skyscrapers and   the city's intricate network of promenades  and waterways, is truly a blend of luxury,   vision, and innovation, revealing a fascinating  world of stunning contrasts and achievements.  Every detail, from the tall  buildings to the golden beaches,   contributes to the complexity  and beauty of this desert city.  Suspension bridges, the modern network  of highways, the number of islands,   and residential complexes also define this  unique city, which is more than a metropolis.

As the sun sets and the night falls, the  atmosphere in Dubai is unique and captivating.  The urban landscape becomes a luminous  fantasy, where the city's tall buildings glow,   casting a multitude of colored lights  against the starry night sky, creating   a dreamy cityscape full of light and color and  transforming the buildings into true works of art. Dubai's lights are a symbol of the  city's drive, creativity, and ambition. The iconic Burj Khalifa is illuminated  by a multitude of lights cascading down   from its extraordinary height to  create an unforgettable spectacle.

The Dubai Fountain at the base of the Burj  Khalifa also creates a mesmerizing spectacle   that impresses viewers with its jets of water  that move in time with the music and lights. The Burj al Arab also becomes  a shimmering jewel at night,   when the ocean waves create a luminous outline  of its silhouette reflected in the water. However, the skyscrapers are not the only  thing visible against Dubai's starry skies;   the streets are also spectacularly lit up. Traditional lanterns light up the city's   crowded souks, creating a lively  atmosphere on the busy streets. Watching Dubai at night, you'll feel the  rhythm of a metropolis that never stops moving.  It's a city that offers a memorable experience,  whether you're looking for a light show,   a romantic stroll along the waterfront admiring  the city's nighttime views, or a lively party.

So   Dubai is a holiday destination not to be missed. Thank you for following us, and I  hope to see you at the next video.

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