Dragonlance: The Last Trial Touring vers (Fantasy Musical by Ruslan Gerasimenko, Daria Burlyukalo)

Dragonlance: The Last Trial Touring vers (Fantasy Musical by Ruslan Gerasimenko, Daria Burlyukalo)

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THE LAST TRIAL fantasy musical The Last Trial is a rock-musical stage adaptation of story, based on fantasy book series Dragonlance: The Saga of the Spear by Margaret Weiss and Tracey Hickman. Music by bard-composer Anton Kruglov, libretto by Elena Khanpira, leader of Tol Miriam band. The authors of musical initially did not set themselves goal of describing the plot of Twins Trilogy as fully as possible. Only the central storyline was taken from original book series, so musical main characters are the black magician Raistlin Majere, the light priestess of Paladine temple Crysania Tarinius, the brother of sorcerer, warrior Caramon and the dark goddess, dragon queen Takhisis. This video version of the fantasy musical is a film-play, a recorded touring version, staged from 2014 to 2017, which opened the beginning of a new stationary form of perfomance. With the reaching a new level since 2018, the Last Trial: Reboot was delivered, which is a completely updated and rethought adaptation of Raistlin Majere story, with stage equipment of large-scale scenery and props. The musical is played on stage of theaters today. The description for this video contains general information about the project, it's differences with original and some history facts. Also there are links to web resources where you can get acquainted with media content, video streams, concerts and events of Stairway Creative Team. Сhronicler / Priest-King Thus, that which I had tried to prevent came to pass.

In the fourteenth year after the end of The War of the Lance the mage Majere became God, having slain all other gods. He gained God’s ultimate power, but not the Creator’s skill. And the world began to vanish. Everyone--everyone who tried to block his path had been nothing more than a step on the stairway to God’s pedestal.

And now, while the world is dying I'm looking back and asking myself-- could it have been otherwise? Raistlin Those eyes that look through flesh, They see life fading away They won’t let themselves be deceived They can no longer love. How can one love void and dust? How can one step across a treacherous swamp? Even God changes. The world is full of deceit. The one that saw Darkness once will never trust in Light. Every sacred thing came to naught and his eyes will not lie to him... Like the sand in an hourglass light passes through these eyes.

I borrowed this ability and the reckoning is at hand! If you meet a beast — strike. But if you can't kill it — leave. For the one who survived fire has a hundredfold more power! The one that saw Darkness once will never trust in Light. Every sacred thing came to naught and his eyes will not lie to him... The greatest wizard: Raistlin Majere.

The most learned mages trembled when they heard his name. Nobody knew the limits of his might. However, he kept his own secret... A secret, which entered his dreams every night, exhausted him and deprived him of sleep...

An exquisite lady, to whom he had sworn an oath and whom he had betrayed: The Goddess of Darkness, confined in the Abyss-- Takhisis. Do you recognize these dead, empty, cold eyes? You shiver like a child and once again you are alone! You cannot turn your back to this fierce gaze like you did in the past! Over and over.. Bewitched by these intense eyes, you perish! And you are doomed! But you wish to reach my divine aura.

So you can feel the might of my power? Look at me only to be lost! You cannot hold my stare! Come to me... Be by my side! Come to me... Be by my side! The twin brothers-- they were so unlike one another.

One of them-- a village boy, with outstanding strength and a simple mind. The other-- a bookworm. There was a time when they were inseparable. But Raistlin stepped onto the path of black magic.

He paid a high price for his magical skills. His illness and his exasperation made him close off his heart even to his brother. Caramon Listen to me, Raist! Stop it, for God’s sake! I don’t like your delusional ambition.

Why should we go to the Abyss? How would we get there? We have already fought our wars... Come, brother, let’s go back home to Solace and pay a visit to our old friends! Your health won’t suffer from a reunion. You have avoided people long enough... Leave me alone, Caramon! My intention has been schemed since long ago.

Like a caretaker you’re always smothering me! The handsome one, the hero-- but what about me? Do you think it’s easy to be weak and sick? Being the freak that others make fun of? You don’t know how it feels. You cannot understand! Everything will be different, once I become a god! Everything will be different, once I become a god! Become a god! Crysania from Paladine's Temple is looking to meet me. Just as I've been expecting. I’ll come with you! It's a long journey to Palanthas... Forget it! I’ll write a letter to you..

Farewell. Good evening, Revered Daughter. Crysania Good evening, mage. I have heard a lot...

I have heard a lot... ...about you. I came to warn you, magician! Paladine knows about your plan. He warned me through a sign in my dream-- therefore, I came to tell you this: Even your colleagues of darkness are afraid to mention you in their talks at night.

The whole world trembles before thee, but for me, it is different! Repent before it is too late! Listen to the voice of God! You're the voice of God? Is that all? No, Priestess-- don't be so modest! I know that you are strong in your sincere faith. But, perhaps, this is a danger? And your sign is a warning? Your soul is pure as the first snow, and you are fearless, Revered Daughter! However, you might have not understood the sign... Maybe, you were sent to help me? Help you? Me?! Let me share with you my view of this world, then you shall understand that I am not your enemy. By all means, Dear Mage, proceed! I will be listening carefully.

The Creator of this world is merciful, isn't he? He created the darkness because he wished for it, don't you think? Therefore, you should accept that it is under his control... God is all-powerful! Darkness and Light are the wings of the world which soars in space. Darkness is not the embodiment of evil, it exists to balance power. A sprout rises toward the light, but the seed is born from the darkness of the soil.

Let's assume you're right. A dark wizard is not necessarily the one intending harm, but the one resorting to the forces of evil! Exploiting it as a tool to achieve a goal that could be good... One who draws upon the power of the Goddess of Darkness-- that's all a dark wizard is. He is her servant.

Her servant and her foe. Do you know that it was a dark wizard who locked Takhisis in the Abyss? Do you know that sorcerers of both darkness and light are guardians for its gates? I alone will dare to do it, and therefore, I'll be damned by the others of my kind. I will walk into the Abyss...

It shall not happen! Majere?... Raistlin... What is wrong with you? It doesn't matter. Let us continue our talk. Let me ease your pain... If you please...

I see compassion is stronger than prejudice for you. You need to be treated in the temple... No, not at this time... It is a bit early for more, what you know is enough for now! If you want to know more, then follow me. You will help or you will try to stop me-- to fulfill the will of your God.

Make up your mind, but for now: Farewell. God, this man is only a victim of evil. It would seem to me that I can cure him. He looks like someone who is waiting for salvation, but is unable to resign from the Dark… How can I help him? In the light of hymns and prayers, in the coolness of the temple's columns, my soul has been waiting for this fire from the start. And now that it’s ablaze, it rushes towards me! I uncovered it in the eyes of the Foe.

Let it wound me! Let it burn my hands! Where there is fear - there will be strife. Where there is pain - there will be love! I only ask you this: Do not stand in the way of my perilous gamble! I will overcome this ordeal or I will die. Face to face! Eye to eye! So he is my enemy! So he is my friend! Listen! Here’s the sound of a heartbeat... Father, do not weaken your grasp... And give me a chance to fight with this fire, just once… Just once! Just once! Ferocious eyes gleam! I can't look away! It's a trial for me, Father! And it's my reward! I'll bring you this monster, I have faith in this: Your proud enemy will bow before You! I believe it! Father, please let me… I strongly believe it! He wants to descend to the Abyss. How can that be possible? "A priest of the light and a dark mage, consolidating their efforts, are able to open the Gates..."

So that is the help he wants! Is he a criminal or a madman? I don’t understand. This impossible condition is the only thing that keeps the world safe. But how he can be found? Dalamar "Go to the Tower of High Sorcery through the Grove of the Dead." So that’s what he has arranged.

He wants to test my spirit. Very well! I shall go! (How could it be otherwise?) I will give you a name: It is the fundamental skill of sorcery. What do you want me to call you? How do you want the world to know you? I will give you a name! Words rule this world. Only the one who masters the art of names is all-powerful.

Reveal your name, and you've trapped yourself in the circle. Reveal your name, and you’ve given yourself away to the enemy. And have already been defeated… I called out-- you answered me.

I uttered a name-- you responded. You called yourself a Savior, Well then, save, if that's your call! If that's your call… My friends, look! Raistlin sent back my letter... Unread… Still sealed… Written on it: "I have no brother." No brother...

No brother! No brother! There was a time when we fought back to back in the war, a war that united us! No brother! Did I not protect him in our childhood? But he doesn't need protection anymore... No brother! I have no brother... My friends, pour more wine! Let us say our goodbyes to the young maple! The one I planted with my brother, It was chopped down! With this axe, it was chopped down... Crysania received an offer to take the mighty warrior Caramon-- Raistlin's brother-- as her guide. Alas, Caramon had changed over the years...

He'd lost his morale and gotten himself into drinking. When his beloved brother had left him, saying words of contempt, Caramon had plunged into an abyss of despair… Caramon gladly volunteered to take Crysania to his brother, hoping to reunite with him. The priestess and the warrior overcame the dangers of their journey. But in the Tower of High Sorcery, the one whom they were looking for was not to be found Par-Salyan Today the Conclave sits united.

The world’s order and the fate of magic is in danger. I heard that Raistlin Majere is playing with magic and ignoring our rules. Tell us, Dalamar-- his apprentice! I feel sorry for Majere, he was an excellent teacher! But now he's going to bring trouble, it's true. Majere is in Istar, looking for the Gate leading to the Abyss, which means he broke the Fellowship's taboo, and the Fellowship renounces him in return! Death to the renegade! Penance to the abjurer! He is the worst freak of our flock! The Conclave's resolution is unanimous: The wizard Majere must die tomorrow! Easy to say, we have tried to get rid of him before, when we initiated the wicked little brat… Instead, we let loose from the Tower a stronger beast… Who will now dare to finish him off? Raistlin’s reputation is too terrible! Everyone fears him.

The Conclave's resolution is unanimous: Dalamar, his apprentice, must deal with him! It doesn’t befit me to break my teacher's staff. However, I will tell you what I found out. Unfortunately, the Spell to the Abyss has been lost by the Assembly… But I had a fine teacher and I read a lot! "The mage, should he want to break the seal of the Gate, will not succeed if a Priest of Paladine, a Priest of Light intervenes and manages to stop him. So be it!" Does the honorable congregation know who is standing behind this door, waiting for its decision? It is Paladine's daughter, the fair Crysania, famous for her faith! I will not allow Takhisis free into our world! She will help us, winning glory for herself, and delivering the decisive stroke to the enemy! I propose this solution to the Conclave: Let us teleport the Priestess to Istar! Let us teleport the Priestess to Istar! The priests are well-known for their narrow minds! If so, the cards will be in our hands! She will easily defeat our enemy. Teleport her, Dalamar. Teleport her, Dalamar.

Dalamar... I’ve done as you wished! Are you pleased, master? The Conclave has sent you the key to the Gates… Those who sealed them missed one thing: That the key itself is eager to get in your hands. The alliance between Light and Darkness is impossible, but you have found a secret way.

Will you reveal it to me, master? For I, Dalamar, am your loyal apprentice! Priest-King of Istar Oh, Istar! The temple city, city of our dreams! I remember you being built, growing gaining in splendor and glory, raising temples and preaching the word of God. And I was the one who filled you with my strength, guided you with my will. I was your King. All heavenly omens agree, the time for purification has come... I see hundreds of anxious faces.

You know, Father, we do not lead this mass in vain! The flame of Your altar will spill over the world like the dawn! Fair Istar, rise from your knees! It is time to put an end to the Kingdom of Darkness! Fair Istar, my life, my pain… Do not be silent, here comes the Kingpriest! Our fair Istar, rise from your knees! It is time to put an end to the Kingdom of Darkness! Hail Paladine, our faith is pure! God is with us. Our Kingpriest is with us! God is with us. Our Kingpriest is with us! God is with us. Our Kingpriest is with us! Greetings. As you can see, here I am.

I've been waiting for you and did not doubt that you would come. Your brother was a good guide. Oh, my brother tagged along with you... Well, where is Caramon? Probably in the vicinity. I lost him in the crowd. I've found the Gates, here, in the basement of the Temple.

And very soon, Paladine’s daughter, you’ll open the Gates to the Abyss with me. You will do what you came here for, won’t you? I will fulfill my destiny. Now I must show you the city. Could I be awake? Could I not be dreaming? This city is real... Here Evil bows before Good! Here the lamb plays with the lion! The house of the Lord brings everyone together.

Look, dark mage! Here are the Gates, which are open to anyone who is ready to receive Light. You are not the enemy of good! So cross this threshold and Light will be victorious in your soul! The Kingdom of God is here! I can see God's will, that led us to Istar! Listen to the good news! You see the Kingdom of Light! So accept this gift! Wake up, Crysania! Why don't you see the tyrant’s grin under the priest’s mask? Oh yes, surely, he hates Darkness, and he is determined to go through with his cause. You don’t see beggars in this bright square because the jails are crammed full! The crowd is cheering that their city is pure now, but future generations will hardly praise everything that the Kingpriest has in mind! Everything that the Kingpriest has in mind-- that sordid blind man! So that not even a stone would cast any shadow, he is willing to tear the world apart, stone by stone. Your God won’t approve of such zeal, and maybe it’s too late to save the city...

Why would I hide the truth from my ally? It’s best for me if you know everything. Don’t be afraid to be stained, Paladine’s daughter: Your Father will approve of my sorcery. Look, what the Kingpriest has in mind! Look, what the Kingpriest has in mind! Wake up at last! So you imply that you were seeking your brother, the black mage Raistlin Majere? (Everything in the name of faith!) (Everything in the name of faith!) (Everything in the name of faith!) YES! (In the name of faith!) Do you confirm that your brother-- the black mage Raistlin Majere-- came to Istar to find and open the Gates to the Abyss? (Everything in the name of faith!) (Everything in the name of faith!) (In the name of faith!) YES! Law, order and justice– This is what our goal is! I am forced to take severe measures in the name of good. These are temporary difficulties on our way to the Kingdom of Light! Objectors – to jail! Heretics – to the stake! Who is not with us – is against us! I give you one last chance.

EVERYTHING IN THE NAME OF FAITH! (Faith! Faith! Faith! Faith!) Do you confirm that your brother-- the black mage Raistlin Majere-- is going to open the Gates to the Abyss to gain the power over the world to destroy it? No... My twin brother is a hero, not a murderer! He is looking for justice, not power! In the past war, he dared to fight Darkness and held the world from sinking into the Abyss. The price he paid may have been harsh, and the color of his robe has changed forever! He will never leave his brother in trouble, and there is no reason to doubt him.

Trust me, there are no bonds stronger than those of blood. The ties that bind us are unbreakable! We are one! I know he will break my chains, my twin brother-- it cannot be otherwise! And everything will be as before, as it used to be: We will stand back to back once more! The union of a fighter and a mage, the union of brothers! I know he’s already flying to me! I know he’s already flying to me! I know he’s already flying!.. It’s strange to me that Heaven is silent, that sunrise and sunset stay unchanged, when a friend is hiding a card up his sleeve, when an enemy is revealing the truth to me! It’s strange to me, my brothers in faith! Have you not humbled your hearts? Only the chosen one must pass judgment. Who chose you to judge these lives? You've taken too much upon yourselves, brothers! Who gave you the right? Who in here stands higher than God? Silence, sister! Your mind is in darkness! Oh Paladine, open his eyes! I am chosen to extinguish evil with fire! You’re blind! You’ll be the first to perish in it! You disparage God! Only one of God’s servants, not God. Although I can see it doesn’t make much difference to you...

Silence, priestess! Do not anger God! Who gave you the right to judge with cruelty? Demonic heresy! You’re on your way to the stake! Who gave you the right? Who in here stands higher than God? (Silence, priestess!) (Do not anger God!) (To the stake!) (Do not anger God! Silence, priestess!) (To the stake!) Teach our delirious sister! Let her delusions pass like a black shadow... Let her see for herself that our deeds are righteous, that the Lord’s will is spoken through my words! Take her… to the Temple. Istar is preparing for the Great Mass. From every corner of the continent pilgrims, priests, and knights are coming to our divine city. All of them are waiting for a Miracle.

Oh Paladine, give them the sign that rids them of the last doubts in their souls! Listen to me, Istar! Let a warrior be found amongst your sons, who will fight in the arena in the name of faith... I am waiting for you, my unknown hero! I am waiting… I’ve come to speak with you, sister. Our encounter is not a coincidence. I believe in divine providence and in the last trial! I used to believe in humility and preaching.

I thought that the truth could reform anyone. I used to believe in the strength of my kindness just like you do, just like you do. I was proud then, and I will tell you now: Sister, this is the path of greatest hubris! Not so humble, not so plain are those like you and those like me! We are alike, my sister. We have God’s blessing! But the last trial is temptation by compassion! Humility doesn’t mean looking for the good in people but recognizing their depravity and weakness.

This is the wisdom of the shepherd, and only he, who leads his flock with a firm hand, is the chosen one. Let the nations graze peacefully and blindly. There is no heavier gift for them, than freedom. Let this burden be shouldered by ...those like you and those like me! You have taken too much upon yourself, father, giving more weight to law than to godly compassion. No, faith cannot be instilled with a whip! Heaven cannot be replaced by a golden cage! No, this is not what the Lord says! Could it really be, sister Crysania, that you are indeed immune to doubts? Doubts that the world needs your love, that your compassion is able to save it? I have hidden the gates safely from the enemy, but I knew he would come, with someone like you by his side. The shepherd must be above pity! Sister, you must point the enemy out to me.

It isn’t easy to make this decision. I feel sorry for you, my sister, but the last trial is temptation by compassion! Did you come here to spy, tramp? You’ve lost your feeble mind… I could leave you to rot here, …but it would be too much for a brother. You are bloated and flabby, my silly brother.

You sank your fighting spirit in a mug. But you’ll have to remember your old valor: Being a gladiator is no trifle. If you want to be free, do as I say… Take him! He will fight in honor of the Kingpriest! Bring the fighter to the arena! To the arena! Prepare everything for the fight! Bring the fighter to the arena! To the arena! The crowd is thirsty for fresh blood! This is your chance! In the name of faith! And for us. You’ll become a hero for an hour! Who are you, my new hero, warrior of light, defender of faith? My prayers are with you, which means you will be the victor! Let the fight begin.

I am not happy with your gift. This barbarian refuses to fight! Your Majesty, he’s a knight: he doesn’t care for his own life. Tell them to bring the priestess to the arena, the one who has recently annoyed you. This priestess has confessed to complicity with a black mage. They’ve come here to open the Gates to the Abyss! She deserves death. But God himself will choose the sacrifice.

Let the fight begin! To bring them both to the Arena, to get the key to the Abyss from your brother’s hands? I appreciate the elegance of your move, black mage! No use staying disguised from someone who knew at once who I was, and for what purpose I’d come to Istar. Oh, it was easy. Who else could bewilder the heart with doublespeak of the nature of Darkness and sow compassion for the enemy into it? You flatter me. She hasn’t agreed to open the Gates yet. Taking the slippery path, she will continue to fall. Then why have you given in? Do you really count on killing her and taking the key from me? You underestimate me. I would be more than happy to meet you halfway.

You yourself have suggested a wonderful idea. Look at her! She was ready to meet a heroic death for the sake of the others, but now she is even deprived a martyr’s halo. Someone else is going to die in the Arena instead of her. After that, what will remain of God’s “chosen one”? She hardly will be able to impact the world. Estimable move. But what if she really is the one chosen by God to rid evil from the world? Chosen? The chosen one would not break the age-old interdiction by allying himself with the evil! He doesn’t think that evil can be changed, and that’s why he is able to put an end to it.

But the sign of God was shown to her, not to you! And now God will show his sign to me! Well, you see, mage? Your warrior has won, and you-- you have lost. Take your broken key. It's a sign! Paladine has heard us.

Let the Mass begin… All heavenly omens agree, the time for purification has come! The chalice of God’s wrath shall pour fire over the sinners. Who is not with us is against us! I give you one last chance– Stand under the banner of true faith and you’ll be saved! By the will of the Creator, I will eliminate the unclean races. In my new design, their place is on the pages of legends! Mercy can vary. Compassion is beautiful and all, but faith demands cruelty and there is no choice in that! Our heavenly Father, You know, we do not lead this mass in vain! The flame of Your altar will spill over the world like dawn! Let those who are not with us burn in fire! Let them burn in fire! Burn... in fire! And Paladine answered.

The heavens opened, and a fiery storm came crashing down upon the city of Istar. This was the answer of the enraged God to those who wished to kill in the name of faith. My arrogance ruined Istar. Yours will ruin the world. I am scared…Where do I stand? The floor of this snow-white Temple is trembling… If only I could keep a small fragment of faith in this hour, when the marble is breaking… Forgive us, Lord! Your wrath is righteous… But who do we follow if the shepherd is blind? But who do we follow if there is no shepherd... No one here will answer you.

Follow me. Follow me. Paladine wiped the cursed city off the face of Krynn. I consoled myself with the thought that both of us were punished: the Gates to the Abyss were destroyed with Istar. A weak hope that my culpable error did not bring only evil… Its vicinity was flooded with swarms of impoverished casualties of the Cataclysm, who became highwaymen along with the degraded knights.

Hunger, sickness, murder– that’s what remained intact. In the midst of this madness, the dwarves’ fortress Zhaman stood like a rock: unscalable, strong, satiated. It tempted thousands of the downtrodden with its promise of shelter and food, order and peace.

Raistlin too yearned to get inside the fortress, but for another reason. He knew, that the last of the known Gates of the Abyss was hidden behind the walls of Zhaman. He also knew how to get to it...

Brother! You’re still expecting an explanation, aren’t you? Raistlin, you betrayed me! Thick-head! You threw me in the arena! To save both you and the priestess! To save us? Friggin' idiot! Was it you or me who got himself imprisoned in Istar? Do you know that it was almost impossible to go down there to get you? Yes, I see! I’m so stupid! (Everything’s as usual…) I won’t be a nuisance to you anymore. (Same old story…) Tomorrow I’m going back to Solace. Well, too bad. Here I thought you’d help me. Help you? Of course, brother! Now you’re talking! I’m relieved.

Well, making you a gladiator was worth it. You’re not a drunkard anymore, but a mighty hero! I need you, brother. You will lead the army! Army? The people will follow you. It’s easy to make up a just goal, a great goal, the kind that mobs adore. I will also need a flawless hero, a mighty hero, who will lead everyone! Eagerly people rush into battle for their homeland, or for paradise on Krynn. Like sheep, warriors go to the slaughter, and the rest is up to me! A deed for heroes, an excuse for thugs.

To youths, we’ll promise glory in battle! A hope for paupers! Food for the starving! And each of them will find what he’s seeking! Are we not lying to these trusting people, Raistlin? It's not them but you who needs this war. Believe me, Caramon, there will be no lies here! All that they need, the war will provide! Let us take placards and bright paints, refresh the portraits of the great ideas: freedom and equality, loyalty and brotherhood-- endearing fantasies. And at last the mob hails the one who leads them on the crusade. That’s how it always has been - the brave die and somewhere aside stays the puppeteer.

A deed for heroes, an excuse for thugs. To youths, we’ll promise glory in battle! A hope for paupers! Food for the starving! And each of them will find what he’s seeking! War will give them everything! War will give them everything! War will give them everything! War! War will give them everything! War will give me everything! And the warrior led an army, gathered by the wizard, to invade Zhaman. For the first time in his life he was in charge of thousands of people.

He fought, heading a huge army, without his brother-- without his magic power, without his support or advice. And he won a splendid victory! Zhaman was taken. Crowned with glory, the commander returned to the camp, for the first time, in a long period, having gained confidence. Brother, our flag is waving over Zhaman, and I became part of it! The enemy was sorely beaten, and I know that I’m happy now! Brother, the bugle is singing, full of victorious delight! Brother, this resonant tune has raised my soul from the pit! Brother, you had always been by my side, and we have fought back to back! Here I accepted the battle on my own, and came out victorious! Where there are no friends to cover you in a fight, there you will find yourself and trust in your lucky star! This is victory! This is victory, brother! This is victory! This is victory, brother! This is... victory? I was not mistaken that the events in Istar would change Crysania, take the wind out of her sails, bewilder her. But it came about that Raistlin benefited from it.

My defeat proved that he was right… Now, she was ready to know his plan... There once was a small family in a village: a mother and her twin sons. One was stronger, the other was smarter, and their childhood was just like every other child’s.

But the father left the family… That year, everything changed! Our mother bowed before the dark forces, sacrificing her soul for our sake. One false move in the dark art cost our mother her life. I realized then: Takhisis traps souls with her dark nets. In that moment I made this oath, that I would never say a single spell! A little boy on his mother’s grave… How naïve that boy was back then… But the traps aren’t there to be left unused.

The hunter will have his prey! So cruelty sparked within the other children, and my friends became bullies. That is how I broke my word… by amusing my foes with magical tricks! I felt the calling for the first time! Nothing can stop... The one who has heard the all-powerful call. The beardless lad is then ready...

to stand under his teacher’s windows day and night. To rip the cover from the mystery of nature, to weave the threads of life with the gods! This is the mad love for magic that is impossible to fight. …I became neither white nor black, I only dreamed of learning the art! I could have been a scientist, polishing my skill like a gem. But the dark forces planted fear of the boy in the Conclave. They gave the novice the Test which nearly killed him… But he survived...

and accepted the challenge of the Dark Lady! That’s how I got into this game with death. I play this match head-to-head, where the enemies are closer than lovers, and a strike is more tender than a kiss. Who is the prey and the victim? Who is the hunter and the victor? We both dream of meeting: She, wanting to walk out into the world, and I, to kill her! Why then, wizard, in the past war did you fight so hard on her side? (On her side!..) The mages’ fears were quite justified! (Quite justified!) Yes, I was tamed, and gave her my oath of loyalty! Yes, I ate from her hands, and dressed myself black! But suddenly, in the decisive hour of that life-changing war I stabbed her in the back with her own weapon! Now, I am a traitor of both sides… Evil and good alike look forward to my funeral… I’m a despicable abjurer, the renegade of all times… In the eyes of the whole world, I am forever stained… In the eyes of the whole world, I am (...you are..)

Unfairly (...Unfairly...) Stained… (...Stained…) Since my childhood, in my dreadful dreams my mother is calling me from her grave… And I know: the power of magic will either devour or save me… I’ll handle the Goddess of Darkness myself. But I need you in order to descend to the Abyss. The key to the Gates consists of two parts. Knocking on them alone is useless.

I’ll give you my answer by dawn. You are chosen. No one else is worthy. You are as cold as steel, as beautiful as ice in which arrows of fire fade… When the Moon rises, when your God falls asleep, I know that you can hear me… Think about me day and night! Dwell on me! Come to me! I am your purpose! Lie to yourself if you want to.

Am I really your warden? You are forging your own chains! You are not like others. What have you gone through? What demons haunt you? What are you hiding inside you? How could it be that it is impossible to cure your heart with love... I dwell on you (...dwell on me...) day and night… (...day and night...) I can only think about you! (...Think about me...)

You are the one I’ve been waiting for! (...the one you’ve been waiting for…) Only I...can help you... (...You can do...anything you want...) Only I (...Only you!) I hear the voice from above! Come to me! Be by my side! Takhisis So that’s what you’ve been longing for! Ah, I startled you, my Raistlin… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interfere in your games.

It’s a pity you stopped– it was lovely! Black and white look so marvelous together! And here I had thought your heart was hopelessly cold… You always come to me when you sense weakness. When I lose control… But this time, the joke fell flat. I will cope with this obsession… I, myself, planted this weed in her soul! I grew it, I poured it with poison– the love grew from compassion for the weak, from pity for me and from lust for glory! Her love may be just a fruit of your art, but don’t you want to stay with her? It will conquer you and take its share! This feeling is stronger than you, Raistlin! It's stronger...

Here she is, the haughty priestess who fell in love! Once, she was brave but now she’s afraid… Once, she was smart but now she’s like a doll! Here it is – love! But it does not bring joy, only torture… I mustn’t fall into my own trap! Mustn’t fall for my own creation! Mustn’t return her false love, deceived by desire to possess… Her love may be just pride in essence, (Just pride, that’s her love in essence…) but you’re unable to fight its power… (I’m unable to fight its power…) So forget yourself, forget your purpose! (Forget my purpose…) Surely you long to be loved… To be loved… Leave it, my Lady. I’m not a silly boy! I’ve learned all your tricks. We are both aware of the stupidities that people do in the name of love. I don’t need anyone! Neither love, nor my brother! I only need a faithful sword and a key to the Gates! Love is a trap for any ruler: to take away my power, to break me! Nothing matters more than love… (Still, power is dearer!) Open your heart to it… (...to fall with it!) You will be loved… (...All of this is a trap!)

I want to be alone! Leave me, all of you! Leave me, all of you! Leave me, all of you! Raistlin! Get out! And here I thought you had lied... when you said you’d sell me for a song… It seems, I lied to myself. Not you, my brother. I lied to myself. It's cold... It's cold... Caramon, where are you? I'm here, my brother. Here is my hand. It's a good thing you banished her.

Stay with me... I'm so exhausted... Do you remember the maple at the fence? Do you remember playing ball and hide-and-seek? It all went by so quickly… So quickly, with no turning back. We are free to forget childhood, but our childhood never forgets us. And there’s nowhere to hide from who we used to be.

Let this night be a long one! Let my brother be in my arms, dreaming of our maple at the fence, dreaming that we are still brothers, inseparable brothers… Once again you are a frail boy, and I am your dull brother. And we are wandering around, having escaped from the dreary school. But when the dawn breaks in the skies, when the wounds close, we will remember that we are not children anymore, and it will feel so strange… You are right to have rejected me.

You are stronger and purer than me. You remain faithful to yourself. Your purpose is great! I shall be worthy of you! I shall win your recognition! I shall show you what a daughter of holy Paladine can do! Promise me, promise to hold me to the highest standard I can achieve! Never forgive me, never forgive this weak heart of mine, my weak faith! If I back down – show no mercy. If I betray – do not forgive. Don’t let your heart soften to my sins.

Condemn me without hesitation. Be straighter and stricter with me than the Highest Judge! There is no tenderness dearer to me than you being rigorous with me! I need no indulgence! I wait for no absolution! Your love is my reward! I shall go down to the Abyss for it! I shall go down to the Abyss for love! I shall go down to the Abyss for love! At the top of the cliff, Raistlin prepared to open the Gates to the Abyss. He whispered conjurations, knowing for sure that Crysania would come back to him. She would come back humble, obedient, yet inspired, eager to do anything for his love.

She would rush to him like a moth to the flame... Little moth – to the flame. Little key – to the lock.

Black – to white. Divided – to whole! We only have one chance to ascend or to fall. The hour of trial is calling us...

Step into the sphere of fire, to become light for me. We will soar like two wings! Into the fire, I will go with you, because in my heart, love shines like a bright flame! The blaze will create for us a key that is forged by its fire! By fire! By fire! Where we stand united! It is so delightful to share with you the pain of the trial by fire! To burn like lively sparks in this fire, as fierce as we are! The pain will come tomorrow, but as for now the flame is pulsing in my hands, bringing together black and white! Might and power! Love, faith and passion! Only once... I will burn to ashes with you! I will burn in fire together with you! Greetings liberator, lover and hero! You finally came! I assume, to free me? The pupil fulfilled the teacher’s will once again… Well done! I was beginning to think that I chose the wrong bait but you came after all, and opened the Gates for me… Well done! Yes! Yes! I could have abandoned you, leaving you in darkness, but I’m giving you a place at the foot of my throne. Forget who you were, from now on you’re my shadow! And, follow me to the kingdom you’ve prepared for me! Come to me... Stand next to me… Come to me...

Stand next to me… Come! Oh, my Dark Lady… Let me finally bend my knee to you. I didn’t come here to look for your pittance, I’ve never been your servant. I only follow my own will: I walked down to hell in order to rule heaven. Yes, I obeyed you for some time, but only to master your power. And I clear my way with it.

However, I have no need of a rival standing in my way. The one who once saw Darkness will never be able to forget it. He can never be its servant, and his eyes will never deceive him… Is that my echo I hear? Your power is a weak imitation of mine! Nevertheless, I am the mistress of my own shadow! You’re worthless, Raistlin, just take your place here, in the kingdom of shadows! The wizard and the priestess fought hand in hand with swarms of hellish creatures. The legions of the Dark Lady weakened and fled before them. Then Takhisis divided Raistlin and Crysania.

She plunged the wizard deep into the Abyss, into the kingdom of darkness and loneliness. The powerful, invincible mage was left face to face with his own fears which were hidden deep inside him like old wounds. I am death and birth.

I am rise and fall. I am peace and struggle. Rest and motion. I am what you seek.

I am what you avoid. I am what you crave and what you reject… Walking carelessly, I came out of nowhere. I have always been and I always will be. How you imagine me is how I appear before you-- as a fatal passion, as love and life… My faces are countless. My incarnations are countless.

I am your death cry and your moan of pleasure. While roaming in the dark, you’ll discover my name: How you imagine me is how I appear before you. Make your choice, mage. Just reach out your hand… Take the first step– lift the veil! I am the dome of the skies. I am the depths of the earth.

Sacred prayers and reeking abyss. I am your mother, Raistlin! I am your death, Raistlin! Rival and enemy. Sister and bride. My faces are countless. My incarnations are countless.

I am your death cry, and your moan of pleasure. Read these signs that I wrote down! Tear the veil from the hidden face! The mage’s wisdom is useless in the dark. Know your death. Know your blessing! Between fear and faith, hope and failure, there is only one choice, your one step! Make your choice, mage… Succubus Oh! What a man! Are you after me, young Raistlin? Why don’t you look me in the eyes, silly? Don’t I seem pretty to you? Don’t be stubborn, boy. Don’t look so sullen! You don’t want me, young Majere? Maybe you’re not confident enough? Breathing in the dust of your books, I'd better go and give your brother a closer look! Sissy! Do you recognize your childhood playmates? It’s us that you shunned like the plague! You are mighty now, you are great now, but you’ve got nowhere to hide from your childhood! Come on, Raistlin, show us a trick! You are alone and your brother won’t come to help you! You are a great sorcerer, but your staff’s power has gone out, and now you’ll remember our fists! Sissy! Raistlin, you’re a sissy! Juggle the balls, my friend Raistlin! We are the nightmare and the torture of your childhood. All your spells are useless against us! We are your fears, we are your memories! We are your tortures, we are your memories! You are alone, Raistlin, at the edge of your grave, we sucked out your scanty strength.

We are the nightmares and the tortures of your childhood, and we will sing you a fatal song! Die, Raistlin! Die, Raistlin! Die, die, die, Raistlin! You are alone and your brother won’t come to help you! You are a great sorcerer, but your staff’s power has gone out, And now you’ll remember our fists! And now you’ll remember our fists! Sissy! Sissy! Sissy! Sissy! Sissy! Sissy! Mother!... My son, I was so terrified to be here alone, but my dear son is here with me once again. Cling to your mother’s breast as you used to as a child… My little boy, only darkness is in store for us.

Only darkness is in store for us. Only darkness… It is over your left shoulder-- Turn around! What are you waiting for? It mesmerizes like a serpent’s look. It makes you dizzy like a drop of poison. It is as light as the last breath. Dance with death, my little god.

Come to me... Be next to me. Come to me... Be next to me. You wish to spread wings like a bird, but your soul is heavy: I captured it and dragged it down. You will forever stay here with me.

My little boy, you know that love is death. Death is over your left shoulder-- Turn around! What are you waiting for? It mesmerizes like a serpent’s look. It makes you dizzy like a drop of poison. It is as light as the last breath. Dance with death, my silly little god.

Come to me... Be by my side. Come to me... Be by my side. Too late. The poor boy is no longer breathing.

I won’t give him up to you. What can I do for my love’s sake? Fly like a bird or rescue it from its downfall. It is so simple, after all: One trial for the two of us – We will flare like stars, and we will burn in this flame. Lord, give me the strength to bring him back to life! Let me look in those eyes one last time! Don’t you trust me? I will accept any ordeal! Your pain and your death, I will take all of them upon myself! I will step without fear, alone in the dark to reach your heart! I swear it! Entrust your heart to me, and let it beat in my palms again! All the life that God gave me, I am willing to give away every second of my life for you! I can do anything for my love’s sake! Take my soul, I only ask that you live! I only ask that you live! Live! I feel sorry for you, darling, but the flame always leaves its mark. Your eyes will not deceive you, if they are no more. Everyone is blessed according to their faith.

Everyone is blessed according to their faith… We have slain Darkness, now your way is clear. I shall take what is mine. The light in my eyes has faded... You’ll get what’s yours. My days are numbered.

Give me your hand. Farewell. Stay with me. That old legend is forgotten, because people always forget this terrible lesson: Love unites the incompatible. Love opens any gates… Once a wizard who served the Moon saw a beautiful maiden in his sleep.

She promised to love him for eternity. She begged: come to me! Having forgotten that the enemy was hiding on the other side, the enamored fool went to the slaughter. But instead of the delights of sublime passion, victorious darkness devoured him! He thought he would know eternal bliss and opened the Gates – it was stupid! What happened next? All children know: The Black Moon devoured the morning! Poets say that the world will be saved by love! But for now, you and I know of an another story: The world, drowning in blood, is burned by war – All because of the fool’s love. The mages found a reliable spell, but those wise men failed to consider one trifling detail: As long as there are fair maidens, There is no more dangerous force in this world than love! I persuaded the maiden to open the gates, and now she is the one dying, not me: I chose to trade roles with her, because, sadly, love is death! Yes, I fell in love, I don’t deny it, but my love was only a means to an end! You were useful – but now you are in my way, I will have to rip you out of my heart.

No! Raistlin! No! Don’t leave me! You can’t do this to me! No! No! No! The price of love in exchange for becoming a god is not too high! The price is not too high! The price is not too high! You are as cold as ice, prouder then a throne. How easily you have swallowed the bait! You are a simple child led on the leash by evil. You are its blind tool. Pointless, like any cruelty.

Cruel, like any nonsense. The darkness is thickening, the echoes are fading, and I feel as if a void has opened below my feet. It opens wide its endless jaws, but a great pain has crippled my legs. As much as I would like to fade into eternity, I can’t make a single move towards it. You let this happen, Heavenly Father! The only thing left for me is to curl up at the edge of this void, to close my eyes, and let someone push me.

Thus, that which I had tried to prevent came to pass. In the fourteenth year after the end of The War of the Lance the mage Majere became God, having slain all other gods. He gained God’s ultimate power, but not the Creator’s skill.

And the world began to vanish. Everyone who had tried to block his path had been nothing more than a step on the stairway to God’s pedestal... And now, while the world is dying I look back and see clearly-- nothing could have stopped him. Producer - Ruslan Gerasimenko You are one of those who always pursue their ambitions. Those around you are just stairs toward your goal. You climbed them, without any pity.

Well then! Come to the throne, take what’s left. God, you can now see your world, covered in ashes and fire! That’s all you deserve– rule it in your own right. You made your path according to your wishes, and you failed just one trial – compassion! It’s not too late to tune the violin, To play the right note, to correct the mistake! Not too late to light the sun, the new sky and the new stars! It’s not too late! Listen! I hate to be left alone… In the void… It’s not too late to solve the problem, to play a major chord, or a nice theme. Not too late to live in harmony. To create a new world, better than its predecessor! It’s not too late! Listen! I hate to be left alone… The Lord of Nothing! You played your opening with a white piece. Your king gained everything in exchange for the queen.

There he is on the board, frozen and doomed, when you’ve led a masterful endgame for the black! Yes, you managed to open the forbidden door. But the world that God created was born from the heart: One who has no heart cannot create life. Pity, but you failed the trial by love! It’s not too late to tune the violin, to play the right note, to correct the mistake! Not too late to light the sun, the new sky and the new stars! It’s not too late! Listen! I hate to be left alone… In the void… It’s not too late to solve the problem, to play a major chord, or a nice theme. Not too late to live in harmony, to create a new world, better than its predecessor! It’s not too late! Listen! I hate to be left alone… The Lord of Nothing! It’s too late to count mistakes: There is no one to give me (you) a second chance! Too late to be begging for death: Cry out or not-- no one will answer. Too late! Listen! Wasn’t it you who wanted to be left alone? (I hate to be left here alone!) The Lord of Nothing! Only echoes will answer! From now on there will be no woman’s smile, no child’s laughter.

You are (I am) alone in the cold and dead desert! Too late! Listen! You can no longer save anyone, The Lord of Nothing! Too late. Video version producer - Sergey Smolin Composer - Anton Kruglov Lyricist - Elena Khanpira Choreographer - Pavel Ivlev Camera - Pavel Kochev Lighting designer - Dmitry Makarov Sound producer - Igor Yaguarov Montage - Sergey Smolin Administrative producer - Sergey Poliakov CAST: Raistlin - Ruslan Gerasimenko Crysania - Elena Khanpira Caramon - Evgeny Aksionov Takhisis - Daria Burlukalo King-Priest - Fiodor Voskresensky Dalamar - Sergey Smolin Par-Salian - Oleg Zimin Succubus - Alexandra Shtolina English subs by KrynnSub team (special thanks to Candice Evenson and Kait Howard) Since December 2022, the Last Trial: Reboot version has been closed, but all archived videos of performances from 2019 and earlier can be purchased on Stairway's Creative Lab web resources and accounts, including the most recent screenings of musical with different casts, as well as concerts and various creative events with actors and directors of project (links in description under those video). From March 2023, it is planned to open a new version of musical with two theaters at once, VITA and Eterius. The previous cast is only partially preserved by 30%. In addition to The Last Trial, Stairway also produces the mystical fantasy musical Viy and The Grinning Man. Bonus fragment of final rock concert 50PI for 10/16/22 with an orchestra, closing the production of Last Trial: Reboot version. The song of dark goddess Takhisis Legend of the Gates, not heard in this touist version, but available in Last Trial: Reboot, at the end of first act after scene Fall of Istar. Performed by actress Daria Burlyukalo. Raistlin - Yaroslav Bayarunas. Crysania - Elena Minina. There once was a wizard, a servant of night He dreamt of a maiden dressed purely in white So fearful and helpless, her arms weakly reaching She begged the dark wizard, “Don’t leave me to die!” Afraid she would suffer a terrible fate He rushed off to free her and unlocked the Gates But then the Abyss, with its jaws gaping open, Triumphantly caught and devoured its prey Falling for the bait of the tortured maiden He unlocked the Gates thinking Love would save them How it really ends, you and I know better Evil rose again with its reign of terror The poets say that Love will be the world’s great redeemer But that’s a bogus claim that you and I can refute The rivers run crimson, the world burns from warfare All for the Love of a fool! While poets were twisting the story askew The mage made sure no one else could get through For all, but worst enemies—there’d be no entry— In hopes Love would never be stronger than feud Now locked up again the fair maiden awaits Where one little key guarantees her escape The most incompatible Love brings together It’s Love that will always unlock any gate! Love could be the answer to save all people If it weren’t abused for their pride and evil But it would appear nothing ever changes Love has been a weapon for countless ages The poets say that Love will be the world’s great redeemer, But love is rarely quite as pure as what they describe And if that’s the payment the Gates should require The price is not that high! The price is not that high! The price is not that high! The price is not that high!

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