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Drag Queens Trixie Mattel and Katya React to Outlast | I Like To Watch | Netflix

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- But I'm trying to live outside of the box. What is that expression? - You live outside in a box. (Katya rasps) That's the expression. You wanna be buried in a box. - Is there an expression about a box? - Outside the box? Well, you think outside the box.

- Think out, oh right. Oh right. (wheezes) - You don't live outside in a box. I think your house is nice. (Katya giggles) - What the (beep), I'm Trixie Mattel.

- Hi, I'm Katya. - And we are two queens who like to watch. - We love to watch, right here on Netflix.

- And today we're watching "Outlast" season one, which is a survivalist, real, gritty, reality experience of people tryin' to win a million dollars. - That's right. Hot blooded rubes claw each other's eyes out for the glory of a million (beep) dollars.

- A million dollars. - A million dollars. If I were dropped in the woods in the middle of Alaska, I'd probably make it about 12 minutes, or maybe 15 if I could light a cigarette. (upbeat jazzy music) - Now, Katya, I have to ask you a question. - Uh-huh. - Do you think there's any world where we might spoil some details about the program? - I'm so glad you asked because we are living in that world right now.

We're gonna spoil it all for you. So if you're really lookin' for a suspenseful experience, (snaps) tune in and then come back to us later. - I'll tell you about survivalism. DragCon. - Yeah. - No peeing, 12 hours. - No peeing, no food, no water. (playful music)

- [Host] When these lone wolf survivalists that prefer to work alone, are forced to work together as part of a pack. - Oh, I'm gonna find a lot of these people hot. - Yeah. - I'm gonna find a lot. You wanna see an Alaskan bush? That's the final challenge, is as a group, they have to climb that mountain. - And then... - And (beep) me. (Katya titters)

- Each of these players- - Shoot it. - Are willing to do whatever- - I'm gonna (beep) love this, bitch. - This is so crazy. - This is like if you let a dozen drag queens loose at a Michael's.

- This is horror movie (beep). - [Host] The players have arrived in Alaska in the fall. (screen calibrating) And increased activity- - Oh, bears. That's horrible. - Bears are scary. If you ever see a bear, the best thing you can do is play dead.

Lay down on the ground, face down, - Like this? - and be submissive and dead. That's not playing dead. That's taxidermy. (Katya fizzles) - [Host] The game begins now. - The dirtiness. - The dirtiness. - So these people aren't gonna be doing sex? - No, no. - 'Cause it's about to be...

That pussy smells like kerosene. - Yeah. - After like two days. No toilet paper, can't wipe. (Blonde Women chuckle)

- Choose a team of four right now. (tense music) - All right. - That's the easiest way to do it.

- Just grab who's around you, right? - Yes. You just grab who's around you. - Let's do it. (pause chime) - Uh, the Abercrombie model present in the room? - So hot. - Excuse me.

- [Katya] So hot. - The hardest thing about this trip for you, is that you're gonna get sucked. (Katya chortles) Probably by me, probably soon. (playful music) Listen, I think it's cool to live off the grid. I think it's impressive to live sustainably. - Hmmhmm.

Anybody who can, like, truly push come to shove, like, tell you what mushroom to eat off a tree. I think that (beep) is really cool. - Absolutely. - It's kinda like at my house.

Like, I, if David folds all my laundry, I'll take the trash out 'cause I hate folding laundry. - You do the dishes though, right? - I take the trash out. (Katya hisses) - I didn't say anything about dishes. Has he been in your ear? Is he telling you to say that? (Trixie grumbling) (Katya guffawing) I hate it! I (beep) hate it.

Ooh, another one. Ooh, it's a small now. Ooh, it's a square. Like I hate it. - Oh, I love it! I can't get it out of that dryer fast enough. (playful music) - [Host] Identical gear sets. - You know what's gonna happen? These men are gonna start, for whose Alpha they're gonna start, like, (grunts). - Oh yeah.

- I grew up on 250 acres over at my dad's house, where I was taught how to survive. - He's quite handsome. That hair's insane. - The bubble beard has to go. - I'll tell you this, usually in these type of progrims, people get very hot. They use their bodies so much as the competition goes on.

Everybody gets like jacked and tan. - Oh they're all ripped. Oh, wow. - Yes. This happens. - If you don't have proper shelter, you can only last about three days without water, and about three weeks without food. - Three weeks without food. - Mm-hmm. - I wouldn't last three weeks without food.

- No, I wouldn't last three days. - No. - No. - It's the first night. Two of the teams don't even make fire. - That is so rotted. - So, they experienced the hardship of Alaskan fall nighttime.

- [Jill] They tried to blame me. I have to be able- - And the first major mistake. - Is made by Andrea. (Blonde Women tee-hee) - Andrea's (beep) up. - My caffeine withdrawal headache would've been so fierce on the first morning.

- [Host] Charlie Team managed to keep their fire going throughout the night. But their makeshift water collector. - We got a sip. - Has not fared as well. - No water. - [Nick] I just don't want there to be a beaver dam up there and we're eating its poo. - Beaver fever, it's real.

- What's beaver fever? - Contaminated water. You go drinkin' in a dam. Animal (beep) in there. - This isn't the place to get sick. - No. - [Host] While moving water is better than sitting water, it can still pose a serious risk of bacterial contamination or even parasites.

- You have to boil it! - She drank a little bit of it. - Oh, she's gonna (beep) herself and have to flare the gun. [Trixie gasps] - I love when people fall down. - On a survival show. Ugh. (yaps)

(playful music) - Back at Charlie Camp. (Andrea convulsing) - [Andrea] I've been throwing up all day. - Oh Andrea. - No (beep) hoe. - I had just gotten through helping build our shelter and all of a sudden. (spews) - Honestly, if I had somebody on my team who got themselves sick, I'd be like, "You better send yourself home - Get outta here, bitch.

- 'cause we're not feeding you, bitch." - No. - Oh, no. - Oh, and being filmed puking. - I know. - Like, oh my God. - To me that's just my body telling me that something's not right. - Dude, this water's clear. - Mm-hmm, not right now.

- No, no, no. You have to push through and drink water. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. - [Host] And the vomiting Andrea is experiencing, (Andrea chucking) has been relentless.

- Oh my God. I feel this level of drama when I have to do an outdoor Pride event. (Katya puffs) Do you know what I mean? - Under these circumstances, it's just gonna get worse. - Yeah, go home. - And I don't wanna bring you guys down.

- Yeah, go home! - No, you're not. - The girl's like, "No." And the guys are like, "Yeah, you should go home." - I feel like I'd be out of the tent throwing up. - It's been two days, Mary! One time I got food poisoning from Gelson's for eating avocado, and I lived. - And you were in worse conditions too.

- And I was in worse condition. I had diarrhea before the food. - Thank you. - But I don't think she was mentally...understood

what she was getting into. - That's possible. Maybe she thought it would be a little less intense than this? - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because in other programs sometimes they're surviving on like a tropical beach. - Yeah. I think this is worse. - It's horrible. - Wet cold.

- Yeah, it's horrible. - Worse. - Quitting is hard the first time, but the next time you do it, it's easy. And then it just gets easier, and easier, and easier your whole life. - Did he judge her for quitting? - Yes. - And I just kind of know what type of person you are. - Girl (beep) off.

- That is so (beep) up to say. - That is so funny. - [Nick] You know this isn't for everybody. - No judgment, but she should go to hell. (playful music) - [Host] With winter fast approaching and temperatures already beginning to drop.

- [Justin] There's a bear crossing the river right now. - (gasps) Ooh. - Terrifying. Make the bear join the team of three.

- It's gettin' tough. They're cold. They haven't really eaten or drinkin'. Drunken? Drankoon? - Drankoon! Drankoon. (Katya cachinnates) - So. Drankoon. So they are resorting to eating limpets, which are like a mussel, and worms, and seaweed.

- [Nick] It looked like two to me. - Two? - It looked like it. - She's vibing. - She's like the woman in the woods.

- We haven't seen her outta the tent once. - Anybody want their palm read? - [Host] That the first of 16 players has decided to quit the game. (playful music) - You know, enough is enough. - But it's a million dollars. - So what? - You know who's not cold and hungry? People with a million dollars. - It'd be amazing if everybody quit.

- Or everyone just shoots it and quits. And the producers are like... (Katya giggles) - (beep) you all. - All right. Anybody at home can understand quitting. It's almost crazier to be the last one standing.

- Yeah, you're nuts. - Somebody's gonna win a million dollars though. - It's usually the person you never wanna spend, that would be the person you never wanna hang out with.

- Yeah, totally. - You know what I mean? (playful music) - [Host] After three days, there are only 13 players left in the game. - Damn. - (beep).

- [Lee] I think I'm getting bronchitis. - Oh my God. Everybody's dropping like flies. - [Lee] Somebody's sticking a fork in your lungs. (Lee hacks) - Get naked. And get on top of each other! This isn't about sex, but like skin to skin. It's true. - It sounds like it's about sex.

- It's not about sex. It's about sex. (Katya laughs) (playful music) - [Host] Day seven, finally brings some ease.

- When the sun came out, that was a huge relief. Oh, Jesus. I didn't know you were a ballerina. - Is that gay? - Stretching makes you gay? - The hunties are getting fierce. - Oh, they certainly are.

- So finally, the rain stops and a helicopter drops some resources for them to go fish for some crabs. - Honey! Crabs! Finally, something I know about. (Blonde Women scoff) - [Host] In addition to all the materials necessary to build the raft. - [Nick] Hammer time. - Oh, they have to build a raft! Oh, for Christ's sake.

- We could do it. - Would we though? - I think we could. We could. - We could. But I wouldn't. - Two weeks ago, I hung two mirrors in my house. - Okay, anything's possible.

(playful music) - [Katya] Oh my God. - [Trixie] That raft does not look seaworthy. - No. - Like Tom Hanks in "Castaway" had a better raft. - The door from the "Titanic" was better. - Angie wants to go and get the crab pots for her team, but her other team member's like, "No, I'm gonna do it."

And she's like, "I swear I know how to do this." - But sexism. - Sexism! - Like, I have a really strong background in swimming and I am very cold tolerant.

- I weigh less. It's going to float more. It's gonna get me out of the water more than you guys. - Okay, everybody here. I'll let you be a hero, if you're like, "Are you sure?" - No (beep)! - I'm like, "Are you sure? Yeah, you go."

- Go, bitch! Go. What! - I would be like, "You've got this, girl." - Yeah, oh my God. You're gonna do amazing out there. Crabs. - When I say I can do something, I know I can do it. - Oh my God. - She's under water.

- Work. - I don't like her paddle either. - No, it's... (chuckles) - She got a kitchen spoon. - No, it's not great.

- Boy, I hope she gets it. - [Jordan] Are you guys sending a raft out? - [Nick] Yeah, it's behind you, baby. - Oh my God. (beep) talking. - I'd be like, "Is that a raft or a submarine, bitch?" - Yeah. - Fracking. - Fracking.

- Just hollowing herself out. Work, bitch. (claps) - Incredible. - Angie makes it to the island. And she could take all the traps. She takes three.

(teammates cheering) - Let's go. - You got it. - Angie. (applauds) - Work, Angie. - Let the girls know. So the women of Alpha Team, they cross the island low tide, to just go grab the last two pots.

- We're gonna eat good tonight. (Trixie shrieks) - I wouldn't even come close to that thing. That makes me sick.

- We're all tired. Our bodies are literally eating themselves. - He's getting hotter and hotter. - No, he looks gaunt. - No, it's good. - He looks gaunt. - It's at 4:00 AM Grindr,

like "You up, you wanna party?" You wanna party? (Katya rasps) - Yeah, PnP. (playful music) So it's been days without food for Team Delta. And Jordan, the Abercrombie model loses consciousness. - I heard a large thump. I'm trying to look, and he's face down in the mat.

- Jordan is evacuated by a medical boat, and now he's gonna have to decide whether he wants to come back or not. - [Joel] Regardless, we gotta start figuring out what that sustainable source of food is going to be for us. - Also not to be whatever, it's a million dollars. This seems unfair. - It is unfair.

- If you can go get electrolytes and warm up and come back. - Oh my God, every night at midnight, I have to faint- - I get really dizzy. - Yeah. I just need eight hours of electrolytes in a warm tent. - If you can just get me to a Long John Silver's, I think I'll be okay. - Yeah.

(playful music) - So, Paul figures out a way to feed his team, and he's also starting to concoct a strategy. - Hey, I wanna talk to you about working something out for some crab or a crab pot. - If somebody came over and asked for a crab trap and the stakes were a million dollars, I would go. - Get the (beep) outta here, bitch. - I'd be like that Jesse J, like, ♪ No, no, no, no, no, no ♪ ♪ No, no, no, no, no, no ♪ ♪ Absolutely not, absolutely not ♪ - (chortles) Yeah. (playful music) - Look, we have three crab traps.

One crab trap... The thing is our raft is not so well, and you guys have a beautiful raft with a- - Oh, trade. Do a trade. - If you guys could check the pots for us, you can have one third of whatever's there. - Oh, that's so fair. - Shake on it.

- Oh, that's nice. - See, people still makin' it work. - Yeah. - I think that's fair though. - Yeah, that's great. - 'Cause now they have free crab, without even having to go get it. -Mmmmm.

- He's definitely in the running- (Trixie gasps) - That beard fashion! - I know, it's crazy. - However, a long beard like that, it's probably nice and warm. - Probably filled with all kind of insects.

- And feces. - Feces. (fizzles) - 'Cause they say beards are really dirty. If you eat someone's ass with a beard? Mama? - I don't think he's eating anybody's ass. - Well, they're hungry. (playful music) A helicopter's gonna drop a message for Team Delta, about the fate of Jordan.

- [Dawn] I will not be returning. - This is gonna buoy them. They're gonna hit the slay button because of this. - Paul, gave us the old Irish Exit. - Paul slinks away like a filthy rat. - Uh huh.

- You guys get the crab pot? - No. - Oh, it's gone. - And he took the crab pot? - It's gone. - Yeah. (dramatic music) - [Joel] Paul's sleeping bag is gone. - He took their only food source?! By the way, that team he's going to, already had two crab pots. - Cowardly grabbed his things and then just defect.

- The fandom is not gonna love this. - No. - Have fun at DragCon bitch. (Katya snickers) - [Jill] They're definitely screaming across the way. - [Dawn] Here we are expecting him to come back with crab. - So he told them he was going to get the crabs? That's so (beep). - That is so shady. - I'm about a nanosecond from flipping my bitch switch.

- Bitch switch. - It's gonna be hard not to put both my hands around his neck. - Kill him. (playful music) - So Alpha goes to talk to Bravo about strategy, and it's been about three weeks now. It's very dire.

- Start knocking some people out. - So we thought it'd be really (beep) mother, if we like came over here and (beep) chilled. - [Jill] If we can get some of them to come over here, we don't have to take them.

- I hate that. - It's like "Showgirls." - I hate that. - Sabotage. - Do you wanna win this game or not? (players laughing) - This is sickening. - You can go over there and set fire to their whole (beep) camp. (Katya puffs) And there's nothing saying you can't do it.

- Lord of the Flies. - I love that. (playful music) - Yes I do. - It's like the opposite of fake reality drama. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's very real. - And I mean, once you trigger these people's actual dormant survival instincts, the storytelling just gets crazier and crazier.

If you were out here for a while, and let's say you eliminated yourself with the gun, what's the restaurant... What's the first meal after like, three weeks of starving? - Olive Garden. - That's a great choice, 'cause you can go in. - You can go in and you can get it quick. (fingers snap) - Yeah. I wouldn't go out there, because I know I wouldn't win. - I wouldn't last a day.

(playful music) - I'm just making a ghillie suit right now. - What's a ghillie suit? - It's, it's a camouflage thing. It's like a Swamp Thing, camouflage suit. - Chop, chop. - Don't rush- - Her roots are already grown out. This is gonna be a hard trip for you. - Yeah.

- This is my call when I go, not yours. - Shut the (beep) up! - Mary, like I'm over here doin' my thing. - Shut the (beep) up. (playful music) (Jill laughs) - [Amber] Hell yeah. - Team Alpha is completely off the rails.

And Justin goes across the river to try and sabotage the remaining members of Team Delta. - Did somebody steal our sleeping bags? - Sleeping bag gets stolen? - That's horrible. - No sleepy, no warm-y, no blanke-y. - No sleepy, no warm-y, no stay-y. - [Joel] I'm ready to grab our flares and just fire.

- Oh, that's what they want you to do. - It worked, it worked. - [Dawn] Why don't you go (beep) yourself! (Trixie gasps) - Horrible. - This is crazy.

- How you doing? - He looks awful. - He looks really, really bad. - Is it just me or are they not burning big enough fires? - Oh my God. He looks like. - It's freezing.

- Yeah, he looks crazy bad. - By the way, it's not even fully winter yet. - Oh my God. - Like, it can get worse. - Alaska, bitch. - [Brian] People are just so greedy.

They're willing to- - So Javier tells Brian what he saw. The other team playing dirty, and they discuss how they don't wanna play dirty. Wait 'till he finds out about capitalism.

So in the wee hours, Brian decides he's getting out of there, as a form of protest. - That'd be fun to shoot the flare gun. - And now Javier has to find a team, or else he's out too. (Trixie gasps)

So Delta and Bravo are trying to join forces, but Alpha intervenes and prevents that. - [Jill] He's comin'. - Guys are stealing my shit. - Oh my God. They're gonna steal from Javier. - Oh, those witches.

- [Jill] Either go to Delta or fire your flare gun. - I'm sorry, if you're touching the (beep), punch this woman. - Yeah, absolutely. - This is cheating. What the (beep) is wrong with you? - It's not cheating.

There's no rules. - No. - Cheating is breaking rules. - I would've already tackled her. - I know. Oh my God. I would (beep)! I would- - I would push her to the ground.

- [Amber] Get the (beep) off of me, dude! - Joel. - (beep). - So they're leaving Javier? See that's where your martial arts training would come in handy. - Mm-hmm, yeah. - I'll say benefit the doubt.

These extremes, push people to do things they probably never thought they would do. (playful music) So Javier's gonna try to join Team Charlie. But first he burns his own camp to the ground. 'Cause he is like, "Girl- - He's Angela Bassett. - If I can't have it, no one can."

- You ain't gettin' shit. - These people are losing their minds. - You're gonna die over there, honey. (pause chime) I think he's so hot. Oh, yeah. Let me just say I'd earn my keep.

- He'd have to wrestle my mouth off of his dick. - I'm burning it all down. - Girl. (playful music) Do you know how to start a fire? - I sure the (beep) don't. - Not even like a little camp fire? - With a lighter? - Yeah, with a lighter. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Yesterday I used a smoke machine in my house. (Katya laughs) Don't ask. And the fire alarms went off and David texted me, "Is our house on fire?" That was me. - Yeah, you're like...

- I'm burning it all down. - Burn it down. - I would've talked mad (beep) and then immediately quit. - Yeah. - Like, that's the way to exit the game.

- I would just love for them to be defeated. But please let me join forces with you. - Revenge. - And defeat them. - Not a bad deal. - No. It's great. - We don't want it to grow any further.

(Trixie gasps) - Damn. - That stings. - So Team Charlie won't take Javier, which I think is a mistake. It's not even his fault.

He just ended up like no one will take him. - Yeah, he gets to leave the show with his integrity intact. - That doesn't matter. (Katya titters) You think Chase Bank is gonna take my integrity on the first of the month? I don't think so.

Rest in peace, Javier. - [Jill] The prettiest flair I've seen so far. - Bitches. - Ugh. The remaining two teams catch a ton of fish to eat, and we find out that Ms Angie, has not gone to the bathroom in 24 days. - Oh my God. (Angie writhes)

- Angie has not pooped in 24 days. - So she- - Which is about 23 more days than you should allow. - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. - This now is not about the million dollars. - No, mama. Get the (beep) out. - But you gotta understand that turd is so backed up, it's going up through her large intestines.

It's in her lung now. Do you know what I mean, like... It's traffic. - She could (supping sounds). - She could (victualing sounds). When you open her mouth and you look down her throat, there's a little turd back there. She's run out of space. (Katya wheezes)

It's, it's not even funny. - No it's not. - It's actually like this girl could die. - Yeah.

- [Host] Angie's bowel obstruction puts her at a severe risk of perforation. - Perforated bowel! - Perforated col... This is a fate usually reserved for the fisting community.

- For "The Real Friends of WeHo". - Yeah. - Yeah. (Blonde Women hee-haw) - She is... You know what, I've never felt closer to her. - I know. (rasps and slaps)

- Hey, girl. - Hey, girl. - See you at bingo. - We see, I see you. - We don't have like medicine here. If Angie doesn't come back, it would really kind of be crushing.

- I feel, uh, really bad because you know what? Mind over matters a thing, but she could just die. - Yeah. - It's just a quick trip. - (beep) empty me and let me come back. - Yep, got you.

(Blonde Women whoop) - Did you (beep) hear that? Did you (beep) hear her say? - I hate it. I hate it. - She said, "Empty me and let me come back." (Katya blubbers) I usually say, "Fill me, and let me leave." (Blonde Women caterwaul and stomp) - I hate it here! - Oh, oh, it's horrible. - I hate TV. - It's horrible. - I hate TV.

You're in your third trimester with a (beep) baby. - I know. - When that turd comes out. - Oh. - Gray, bright gray. (Katya hisses) - Bright, charcoal briquettes. - Charcoal briquettes. - A football size rose quartz. (Katya hoots)

A pearl! (hand slaps) I think the (beep) impacted into a pearl. (playful music) - [Host] Angie's being taken to a medic. - News of Angie has dropped from the sky, and it has been determined for her, that she shall not be continuing. - Angie, we really salute you if you're watching this. - Yeah, honestly.

- It is amazing what you did. - Incredible. - And I think if this wouldn't have happened, she seemed like she could have won. - Yeah, for sure. (playful music) Jill is getting paranoid and pushy with her own team. Oh, surprise, surprise.

The pit viper is snapping. (Justin groans and flatulates) - The salmon, it's makin' me sick. - Oh, no.

- Well, I actually think diarrhea is better than Angie's situation. - Yeah. - And you know his (beep) gonna be squirrely. - Yeah. - Like that person's (beep)? What is he (beep)? Pipe cleaners. (Katya giggles) Like, those turds are gonna be nasty. - Very, very suspect. - Eels. Garden snakes. - Yep.

(playful music) - Okay, do you guys want to hear some truth? - So Justin goes to talk to Team Charlie about joining them. I mean, with so few people left, who you're with- - Get the hell out of there. - It's really important. - Smoke those two bitches out. - [Justin] Alpha Team was doing well, we were thriving. And all of a sudden, it just seemed like it took a hard turn left. - So before leaving Team Alpha, he ransacks the camp. - Good.

- Which at this point, I think I would too. - Yeah. - And I would (beep) all over it. - (beep) all over it. - (beep) on everything. - (beep) everywhere. - And then start it on fire.

- Diarrhea in the sleeping bags. (kissy sounds) Jill shoots an arrow over the river to tell them that if they keep Justin, they will start a war. - [Trixie] It would be cool to be good at that. - [Justin] I'm officially part of Team Charlie.

- The smells. - Oh, God. - [Justin] Twice the size of the one I was used to. They have fire inside the shelter. - Wow. (Trixie gasps) - Wow. - So the shelter stays warm. - That's incredible.

That's fierce. - They seem more equipped to outlast those other women. - Yeah. - It's a bummer that it's all men. All men! Just like men! Stick together. (scoffs)

So they find Jill's arrow message, and they confront Justin about ransacking the camp, 'cause that was not agreed on. - Right. - Yes. I destroyed this tarp. - You destroyed the tarp? - Mm-hmm. - Just the tarp? - Just the tarp. - And the tarp wasn't part of their shelter at all? Or? - No, it it was. (suspenseful music) - Werk bitch.

- Okay. - But because you said no drama. So I didn't wanna take their sleeping bags. I didn't want to do anything to alarm them to be on- - He's trying to like, minimize. - Minimize this, like... - I didn't shoot 'em. - I didn't gouge their eyes out or anything, or chop their tongues.

- This reminds me a lot of the way you act. (Katya titters) A lot of your behavior is coming through here. From the no (beep). To the (beep) a lot. (playful music)

Justin's outta the game. If he woulda played clean, he coulda stayed. - Yup. - But with only two teams left, neither will take him.

- So the final drop from the helicopter gives each team the final directions on how to win the money. - Teamwork, loyalty, and strength will be tested at every turn. - [Katya] These guys are like ragged. - [Trixie] I wanna know Jill's backstory. - Jill grew up in a spider hole.

- Yes. - You know what I mean? - And the other one grew up in a fish tank full of snakes. - Jill's like, "This is fine. I don't know what you guys are talking about."

Team Alpha's gotta go through the woods, and Team Charlie's gotta go through freezing water. - Oh God. Freezing water and then your clothes, oh. - Wet clothes.

Absolutely not. - Ice. - I'm not even a great swimmer. - The only thing that you can feel is the deep pressure of pain. (water splashing) - That's what I'm saying. It would feel-

- Oh, I can feel it! I can feel it. - It wouldn't feel cold. It would feel like pain. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Like stabbing, sharp. - My God. - Like walking through glass. - This sensation of like knives and stabbing.

(Katya bawls) - Hat off to anybody who even attempts to do this. It's insane. - Yeah, it's crazy. (playful music) The pit vipers have slithered through the woods, and Paul, the oldest member of the men's team is not doing so great. Both teams can see the finish line.

- I'm very impressed by these people. - Oh! He is like battling. - Oh my God. - He wants to lay down and die. - Yeah. - And his team's leaving him. - [Host] Your entire team must finish together in order to win. (Katya gasps) - Oh, you have to drag the dead weight! - That's what I mean.

If he can't walk. - (beep)! (Paul panting) Oh my God! Oh, no. - Frozen. - He's all bowlegged and (beep). - There better be orange slices at the finish line like the New York marathon. - I know, and like those little

those aluminum foil capes. - Yeah. - [Amber] I'm not a survivalist. - I'll say that woman we don't love, Jill. She seems like a bad bitch though. - Oh, yeah. Well, she's a pit viper. - Your plane goes down, you want Jill with you.

- You want a snake. - Jill, we're not sure about your morality, but we are impressed by you. - Okay. - I'm done. I'm done. - They better help him. - The Virgin Mary's appearing in a bush. - But you're so close! - I know.

- [Nick] Shit, baby. I (beep) think that's it. - Yep. - This is crazy. - That's it. - That's the thing you need to be running when it's insight like this.

- [Amber] I think I see three people standing on the shore. - (beep)! - Yes! (Team Charlie screaming) - Oh, I would be, I would be like losing it. Losing it. - 100%.

- Betrayal may allow for personal gain. While fidelity can expose weakness, we tend to embrace the strong and deceive the weak. - Deceive the weak.

- Have you ever deceived the weak? - Never. (kissy sounds) - Bonds form. Teammates become less of a hindrance and more of a necessity. - At the end of the day, we only have each other. And that's fun. (Blonde Women tee-hee) - I've never had enough, to have a (beep) money fight. - Yeah, money fight.

- Oh, what are you doin'? - No, don't throw the money... - Wait, no don't do that. Don't. No, no, no, no, no. - Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. - Don't do that. - Cause you gotta use your ice, little icy fingers to pick up each bill. Ooh, that makes me stressed. - This is what happens

when people get money for the first time. - They change. - And they don't know what to do with it. - Wow you've changed.

They blow through it. (Katya fizzles) Nouveau riche. - Plucktina. - And they're in eyesight of it.

They heard them celebrate. - Whoa, the pit vipers are left in the dust, five-minute difference. (Trixie sighs) - That's horrible. They win nothing.

- No, I think it's fine. They were horrible people. Justice is a bitch, bitch. (playful music) - This show is fierce. - It's so crazy. - It's so extreme. It's not fake drama. These are people who are being pushed to their absolute limits. These people are probably gonna watch this and be like, "This doesn't even seem like me." - Right.

- "I can't believe I was that much of an asshole." - This show had truly everything. - This show had crabs. - Impacted bowels filled with petrified feces. - Diarrhea. - Pissin' through your asshole - Hands. - and mouth hole.

- Freezing fingers. - Sabotage. - Bad people. - Pit Vipers. Alaska. - So check out "Outlast" season one. - Here on Netflick.

- Goodbye. (upbeat jazzy music)

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