DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Like You've NEVER Seen It! Constanza is Breathtaking

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Like You've NEVER Seen It!  Constanza is Breathtaking

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well good morning everyone it's uh it's about 7:30  in the morning I just turned the camera on I just   woke up it's why my voice sounds funny uh I'm the  first one awake of the gang today and I walked   upstairs to our place that's in the mountains uh  we're in constanza by the way and this is the very   first thing I saw this morning we are we are above  the clouds that is clouds there's a town down   there and that is mountains Dominican Republic  constanza oh my God we rented this place we did   not think we'd get to see this and it's happening  I can't wait for everyone to wake up this is just   wild you guys this is not the way we're going to  start the video today uh we're on our patio we   rented a place that has this uh amazing view  that's overlooking the town but last night   yesterday we could see the town you could see a  hot tub here as well so hopefully later on today   we'll get to enjoy that but I still cannot believe  what I'm looking at there's no way the camera is   picking that up uh as as well as my eye does but  I've never seen anything anything in my life like   this look I'm I just turn I can see an and she's  just waking up do you see that oh wow I heard   someone talking and I was like who who's up Trevor  you're talking to the camera oh my gosh this is   amazing this guy just woke up yeah oh wow have  you ever seen him anything like that no we were   just saying last night that we' never seen it and  we've been in mountains before but we never seen   like the floor of I know yeah this is uh this is  just crazy I still can't believe what I'm looking   at I know we thought it left for a second we had  to wake Chris and Carol up so they didn't miss it   but it settled back down it still looks so cool  I know wow the DR just keeps blowing our minds [Music] 0:01:59.840,1193:02:47.295 [Music] [Music] no question that the views here are absolutely  amazing this here might give you a little bit   better idea of where we are right now yeah you  can see uh well the house we call it a mountain   house yeah it might as well be a mountain house  I feel like we are in the mountain we are in the   mountains it's absolutely a a mountain shall but  but we have a view of the town in the valley of   constanza now we will give them a tour a little  later right yeah we're about to go do something   really really fun as you've probably figured out a  little bit of time has passed we got ready got my   face on I'm not so uh woken up had some coffee and  we're ready to go doing something super fun today   I think it's going to be a little bit difficult to  get there we will see but I think it'll be worth   it for some reason if you guys don't know who we  are my name is Trevor and this is Anna I didn't   get to say that in the very first of the video  Welcome to the channel if you're not new around   here I hope you guys are enjoying this video so  far because we're completely shocked we're still   shocked this is this is in the Dr we're in the  Dr this is crazy this is the highest town in the   Caribbean we are up in the mountains we have  been to herab bcoa before which is the next   town down but this is the highest we've been  and just wanted to let you guys know this is   like the most requested place especially when we  uh ask Dominicans where we should go they always   say constanza I can't thank the Dominicans  enough for constantly telling us where to   go in this country because if you had have told  us a few years ago before we came here we would   have said this punta cana the DR is punta cana  but hello we are in the mountains in such an   amazing town right now we didn't think that our  rental car was going to get us where we're going   today so we've hired a driver to help us out we're  going to a waterfall I don't think we said that   the guys are in there see if I can uh you guys  exciting yeah everybody's going to Pile in here [Music] well the uh drive up here was absolutely  incredible the views I'm just going to keep saying   this are out of this world unbelievable the road  gets a little uh a little narrow yeah I was going   to ask were you happy that you weren't driving  yes uh we didn't have a 4x4 we didn't rent one   so we're uh now at AQUA BL what what's it called  I felt AGUA Blancos Blancos blanos so yeah this   is going to be cool so I keep uh comparing this  place to how AA or had AOA so far we've been there   uh about a year and a half ago and it was out of  this world but this is higher up in constanza here   we're about uh I think it's around 4500 ft High  and the whole climate here the landscape the trees   everything is different there's no palm trees  can you guys hear that yeah the waterfall is like   right here first Glimpse oh my gosh you guys this  is incredible and we're not even at I think the   main viewing Point yet yeah I can see like another  Landing uh further ahead but this is so cool yeah   I think I actually read that this is one of the  tallest uh waterfalls in all of the Caribbean so   it's actually multiple levels I don't think we'll  see that hopefully we'll actually get to fly the   Drone though so we can get some perspective it's  kind of cold up here huh yeah I I thought it was   going to warm up but you'll be fine this is the  half half Britain him Carol's just a little warmer   Brazilian yeah it's kind of funny the perspective  but do you guys find like do you notice how the   whole like landscape different there's no palm  trees and stuff I said to her it feels more like   the mountains in California or something yeah  it's like a it's like Canada up here the climate   actually we were saying it's December right now  it feels like summertime in Canada especially in   Nova Scotia can get a little bit cool overnight  and then you wake up in the morning it's like a   little bit chilly in the morning and then it warms  up during the day there's this uh kind of metal   bridge and like an actual walkway so far which is  nice we don't have to like use ropes yeah it's all   built up here they have stairs they have walkways  we haven't actually got to the waterfall yet but   I think there's like a viewing platform so if you  have any mobility issues or like are worried about   having to hike definitely none of that here  we're just making our way up to the uh up to   the waterfall now just a couple things to note it  is free to get in here which is incredible uh it   only took us about around 30 minutes from the main  town constanza there are bathrooms up here we read   that but the doors were actually locked so yeah  you it's starting to get louder isn't it yeah I   can kind of see a glimpse of it we're almost at  the very end end of the walkway is it going to   be so cool well here we go this is the big the big  reveal wow this is amazing I am just going to keep   saying this over and over and over how is this in  the Dominican Republic this is the Dr I know I'm   shivering we we were just on the beach like what  a day ago yeah like 30° weather now I think Carol   can I borrow your jacket for no only only me has  have that jacket so you might have to borrow a   jacket yeah we've established that it's cold here  but I could just keep staring at this beautiful   waterfall all day there's actually another level  which is hard to believe I I think it's one of   the tallest waterfalls in all of the Dr you guys  I know most of you come here for the beach that's   what people come to the dr4 and and lot go to  pakana but you have got to put this place on on   your list especially when it's so close to the  beach it's such a contrast it's so much fun and   I'm so glad we are here I'm going to touch this  uh water here yeah that's um that is U Mo Rio   very coold so I was actually reading on like the  official Dominican Republic tourism site and it   said between November and March if you go swimming  you have to be really really careful because the   potential of getting hypothermia definitely goes  up what we were saying how does that make sense   with people to do c I know can someone explained  it is it like a mind over matter thing if you   accidentally fall in the water and get hypothermia  it's like a you go into shock maybe but if you're   like purposely doing it you know you're cold you  don't get hyp like the icem man like the icem man   well we're not going in no I suuck my hand in the  water like 5 minutes ago and I know we already   said it's cold and the water is abely breathing my  hand is still cold I'm like doing the breathing on   it to try to warm it up a little bit so if you  are coming here especially in the winter time be   prepared maybe you need a wet suit that might help  then you could maybe go swimming but I was just   thinking about all the amazing waterfall things  into around the world and I know whenever you   go to one it's always mind-blowing they're always  amazing but the fact that it was we well we didn't   have to drive to get here and then the walk was  literally 5 minutes just to get right here super   easy and there's nobody else here so I'm going to  say this one wins out just for that that's alone I   was just thinking too there's not much spray from  it there's not and our lens the camera lens is not   getting that never happens that never so I don't  know if you guys know there's actually different   types of waterfalls we've learned this before I  don't have cell service to look it up but I think   there's about three or four this one's actually  called a horse tail just because it's thin I don't   mean the name of the waterfall I just mean the  type the style of it so it's good to know also   we were just thinking about it since we are here  I think it's a it's a Tuesday that's probably why   there's not many people uh the tour guide today  who drove us up here basically we used them for   the ride told us on the weekends it gets quite  busy with especially a lot of Dominicans come   from like Santa Domingo and Santiago so that's  super cool but I think in High season it gets a   little busier but nowhere near like a place like  Sana man this place ah the Dr absolutely love it   but now it's time to go to another place we just  came over to a place called lasina and it's super   cool inside here there's so many beer cans and  sures and right now it's early in the day not   many people and this right here my friends is a  craft beer from here and you might know no the   color like what's happening it's not St Patrick's  Day or anything like that it's just a green local   beer I will try quickly for you cuz I'm sure  you're like who makes green beer these guys doing castano I love that it comes in this like kind  of mug this is so cool it's uh light in taste   you don't really taste I'm assuming they add  some kind of like syrup to make it green it's   kind of like an easy drinking logger beer  it's messing with my mind though I'll say   that these guys got some stuff too let's  see what they got I got the Uno the one   also a bit from the Dominican not my favorite  it's almost the twoo light but it's still okay   it's still okay how much rum do you have in  your um your Coca-Cola no not I just have a   Coca-Cola she's ly she's lying Carol Carol's  the only sensible one I don't often order an   appol Spritz the Dominican Republic usually just  cuz it's way more expensive than say oh moo so   it's actually really well priced here maybe cu  were up in the mountains um it was 240 pesos   which is about 4 USD that's really good yeah  and the reason we found out about this place   was a recommendations yeah so we actually put a  call out on Instagram and asked people for some   recommendations and a few people recommended this  place some of our food has arrived at least two   of our dishes we decided to go for Tapas since  this is kind of a tapas restaurant we're doing   lots of small things so we got these K katti Bas  Cabas catabas what's in the catabas so there were   different types it's basically like a small and  Pata but these are made out of Yuka and we got   chorizo on the inside and then I believe we went  for chicken croquettes there again was a whole   bunch of different croquettes and I think  we ordered chicken and now I kind of forget   cuz there was so many options I'm going to try  this guy first just honestly I don't know what   to expect of it it looks like like a big chip or  something that it arrived I thought it was going   to look more like an empanada but I'm going  to bite right in there assuming the meats in [Music] here oh more food gra is Amigo back to the Food review how is it really  really good I honestly look well it looks like   there's like cheese in there so I think it's  just really small pieces of toizo but you super   get that smokiness from it so you taste the Tre  are right away but it's just like a nice little   light bite snack let's quickly try the crocetta  naoo out I always love the these things look at   the inside if you haven't had a cook ad you just  have to they're kind of like well they're deep   fried but the way the chicken is inside it's not  like chunks of chicken it's almost like a puree   mixed with all the other goodies on the inside  really good and a really good price we have two   other dishes to try all right next up potatus  bravis they don't look like the uh regular kind   you get in Spain no often when you get them in  Spain it's potato like fried potatoes same sort   of shape but they have the red sauce and sort  of a garlicky Mayo like a white mayoi sauce   on the top is missing that but I'm hoping this  will be spicy it's supposed to be spicy so they said yeah it's got a little bit of a Ki almost  like there's a lot of maybe cayenne pepper in   there it's got that kind of flavor to it that  kind of heat and it's really just a really   super tomatoey sauce our last dish to try is uh  this guy so it's way bigger than we thought it   would be uh lots of egg in here potato usually  it's quite a simple dish so we'll see [Music] oh oh yeah it's taking me right back to Spain when  we were there it's been quite a long time but we   used to get this dish all the time obviously  tapis is what you do here I just think it's   super fun that in this town there's quite I think  there's a few tapis restaurants so it's not the   only one and the portions as you can see are very  big I wouldn't get this one just like on my own   if it was going to be wo fly if I was going to be  the only dish I was going toy but when you have a   bunch of other dishes to have with it and mix it  up it's just super fun to eat all right what do   you got here I got the German sausage really good  there's like a I think there's some herbs in there   I think it's mainly pepper though but the the  the sauce is definitely the extra special part   yeah the barbecue sauce toon toones my favorite  see what Carol has yes I have fish which is the   MEO Alan and it has a creamy sauce on top yeah  there's a lot on there huh look at that yeah tons   of and I went for the French price well we're now  back where we uh started off in the video we are   in our uh well I guess I'm going to say our house  our rental this is a two-bedroom house we're going   to show you guys around you can probably tell  behind me it's a very big room some interesting   ceilings super high made of wood as well so okay  I'll try to give you a bit of a a bit of a rundown   here you can see a big couch behind me there's  actually a giant fireplace over there huh there   is it actually works is wouldn't it we haven't  had a fire here but you could cuz it gets cold   at night yeah I mean there's a TV we haven't had  that on but uh why would you when you got the view   that you saw earlier we'll take you out there  but the kitchen you want to go demonstrate the   kitchen yeah it's a really good kitchen your full  fridge over here a great big gas stove and oven   over there so if you want to do some cooking you  can do some serious cooking over here fridge and   everything over here and I feel like this this uh  kitchen is really well stocked yeah well stocked   one thing we were looking for when the four of us  got here was a place that we can kind of all work   so we're getting close to the window little mess  it's a little messy but you can see the yeah I   mean this is the workstation a bit of a mess right  now but I know where you guys want to go you want   to check out back here all right here we go we're  much more awake this time around you can't miss uh   well the first thing you're going to see is that  amazing hot tub yeah and it does actually get hot   we used it last night and it was legitimately we  had to keep getting in and out it get very very   hot right now it's actually hot during the day  cuz the sun's on yeah I know so it's much warmer   now than it was at the waterfall earlier now it's  like I'm pretty hot in the sunshine yeah we got a   big old couch area here we haven't even hung out  here yet but now that we're back we might yeah I   think I might like grab a book after we've done  this and just chill out here it really is though   all about the view and of course well the hot tub  the views up here you guys I mean you saw you saw   earlier in the video but even now I mean there's  none of those clouds and uh yeah it's just the   whole scenery is different the whole vibe of this  town just feels like a whole other place parts of   it driving around like when we're when we're  driving here reminds me a little bit of like   even Napa Valley if there was Vineyards here it  feels a lot like that feels like places in Croatia   there's no palm trees around remember we're in  the Dominican Republic not a palm tree in sight   a lot of the greenery looks like things we'd find  in Canada like what what the heck who knew I hope   there's some people watching the video that had  no idea you can do this here CU yeah I could I   could just you know I could be in constanza  for at least a month honestly so far we are   loving it so we'll take you guys downstairs here  so there's a another level it's quite big you see   these big old wooden stairs and this big Corridor  it sounds more eoy now that I'm here there's two   bedrooms uh Jumping Places has that one they're  the same kind like Style room yeah they're just   basically the same exact room but mirrored to  one another the only thing I don't like about   this place is that both rooms have double like  very small double beds almost singles so it's   not really meant for couples I don't know quite  what the intention was you could you could do it   or sleep in separate beds but it's just like a  weird it's kind of just an awkward layup yeah I   don't know why if it were me I would have if  you're trying to fit this many beds in here   I'd at least put make one a queen something like  that yeah the other thing to note just um you know   Canadians and Americans would care about this but  there's no screens on any window no screen so if   you open the windows you're going to and we just  had to try to get rid of a wasp upstairs so well   it happens but here we'll take you guys into um  the bathroom is this way so yeah the bathroom's   pretty nice we got all our stuff again looks  pretty lived in but uh yeah our swim trunks from   last night are there and you'll see the vanity so  it it pretty much does the trick there's nothing   wrong with it's a really nice place there's just  a couple things I would change but the upstairs   is amazing it's probably obvious but the reason  we're here is for that view because that's extra   special but now we're just going to get a bit of  work done uh busy morning busy day so far and I   think later later on we'll pick you guys back up  here especially at night if the weather holds up   we'll probably get in that hot tub it's a little  bit later and uh Chris is at the fire here it's   pretty funny how we got this going we used what do  we use toilet paper and hand sanitizer it's going   though it is going but we also have these two  secret weapons we've been turning on the backup   charger which is absolutely hilarious and then in  the back there's a button for this fan and watch   the minute we turned that on now it's now it's  clearly going we don't need it and you hear it   though yeah but to get that fan came in handy  look at that this great who would have thought   hand sanitizer toilet paper backup charger fan  improvising amazing fire yeah I'll also show you   guys the uh the hot tub now take a look at this  actually the power just came back on so you can   probably see the lights for the for the the town  uh we had no power up until just a few minutes ago   so we thought we weren't going to be able to uh  kind of film this part cuz we are going to try to   get in there and we thought since we had no power  we'd just light the fire so right now this is kind   of cool again I remind everybody that we are in  the Dominican Republic right now it's about 18°   C in the evening we have a fire going with a view  and a hot tub this seems like something we should   be doing in like Switzerland Germany somewhere  like that it's absolutely crazy we heated up   the hot tub for an hour or so and I imagine you  can probably see the steam that's coming off of   it it's quite cozy in here I don't know if the  steam's going to come across these guys are here   what do you guys have some wine yeah red wine  and me a bear oh same as before a beer you can   see uh you can see the steam though it's it's  hot in here huh a bit too hot for me yeah it's   been a weird day of like hot and cold yeah hot  cold hot cold the camera is going in and out of   focus cuz of the steam it's funny for all of you  guys that are new around here and um you're like   a cool these guys are all together we actually  have some history don't we yeah it's funny we've   actually ran into a fair number of people when  we were walking around cabarete and they were   like oh my goodness it's playful Travelers it's  Jumping Places you're together and they had no   idea that we' met in the past so yeah so if you're  wondering oh look at the steam if you're wondering   where we met uh I think some of you would think  maybe this we met last year in Thailand no we   actually the four of us got stuck uh in in the  Philippines when Co hit huh 2020 yeah but for   like how long like four or five months I can't  even remember yeah we were together that long   and then Thailand was tylon was just a week right  yeah yeah thailand was a week and um yeah we felt   like we all went through the whole Madness of it  all like I don't know if you guys think back to   that time like no one knew what was going on like  it was like the world was ending and the four of   us just kind of like stuck together yeah and after  that we always kept in touch we have an WhatsApp   group and we always keep talking friends I know  and now we try to meet up at least like once a   year and do things like this I mean today was  actually over the top how are we going to Top   This I don't know honestly Ser if you guys have  any suggestions for places around the world that   can top this yeah I don't I don't know if this day  can be top I mean this was this was pretty cool   and no lockdown there was no lockdowns this time  well it is the next day and we have one more thing   we want to do while we're here in castanza one  thing you might not know about this area is that   it's very very famous for growing strawberries  yes strawberries I'm sure that's not the first   thing that comes to your mind when you think of  fruits that might be growing here in the Dominican   Republic but this area grows loads and loads and  loads of strawberries so we've immediately come   into the part where they are sorting and packaging  the strawberries we're supposed to do a tour today   but the person that we arranged it with isn't  here so we're not quite sure what's happening   but if anything we're just going to look around  and see what's happening yeah take a look you can   see all the uh strawberries here kind of packed  back away and uh guys packing back there so it's   pretty neat to see yeah so of course we couldn't  come to constanza without trying some strawberry   since it is one of the most popular things to  do uh take a look at this there's so many of   these like this goes as far as the eye can see  and for where I'm standing it looks to be like   dozens and dozens so it's a huge industry here in  the Dr it's also stuff like I would I would just   never think that this is a thing in the Dominican  Republic but I guess this area is where they grow   lots of strawberries and lots of other vegetables  for the rest of the country I do wonder I didn't   get to look this up I wonder if they exported  um to other countries as well so yeah so cool   I'm just learning so much about the tr day by day  I can't believe how many strawberries are in here   these whatever you want to call them what work in  these basically like covered domes almost like a   greenhouse but they just go on and on and on and  on and on and on there's so many strawberries here   and when you're driving through castanza you can  see these all over the place there must be tons of   strawberry farms it's interesting they're kind of  white and red and I don't know if that's because   they are organic yeah I'm also curious if there's  a particular time of year that they are better or   like more ripe we um they only speak Spanish  here so we're we're relying on Chris and Carol   unfortunately to have to translate everything for  us we can make a few things I can get the gist of   it but it good but it's not too sweet it's nice  and fresh um I think the difference like maybe I'm   comparing it to strawberries we have at home and  I don't know if they're that are like inseason in   season strawberries when they're fresh and they're  like have a really big sweetness to them these are   they're tasty like again I kind of like that it's  a little bit tarp mhm this isn't even the only   like strawberry farm up here in the mountains of  the Dominican Republic it's a lot of fun to eat   though and just kind of walk around by the way we  had put a shout out I think we said this already   on Instagram to ask people for recommendations in  this area and so many people said we should go to   frza Aras I think it's called I think it's another  Farm around here and apparently it's really really   cool but they're only open on weekends and we are  not here during a weekend so that's the reason we   didn't go there yeah I know people will leave a  comment on that this is still pretty neat though   but that place did look cool on Google Maps did  you guys know before coming to constanza that like   strawberries and farming was a thing no I didn't  know anything about constanza besides mountains   yeah we told them it was mountains but uh yeah  it's pretty neat look at the we got quite a few   strawberries by the way they don't just grow  strawberries here in castanza they actually   grow loads and loads of different types of fruits  and vegetables loads of produce I think a large   portion of the produce that you buy here in the  Dominican Republic is growing here our uh tour   guide was just saying that the best time um for  well the season I should say the season to grow   strawberries is from December to February which  makes sense because it's the cooler months again   you guys probably heard us say a few times now  it's a little colder here than uh than the beach   area and the Dr Who there's like a wire here one  second but yeah so that's fascinating which would   I understand now like when I see all these domes  around there's literally so many U most of what   they have here is strawberries although we did  just walk by some like cabbage so there's clearly   a few other veggies but I have a I have a feeling  just because it's in season strawberries are where   it's at right now so if you're wondering where we  actually are it's called fras franchi we'll put a   link or a map below in the description if you're  trying to find it uh we contacted them in advance   and they told us it's 200 pesos per person for  the tour it takes about 20 minutes the girl or the   person that we were in contact with isn't actually  here so I'm not sure if we're getting the official   tour or not and I think they also told us maybe we  have a little surprise at the end but I'm not sure   check this out it's a a papaya tree I've never  seen a papaya tree it's funny cuz we often when   we get like a breakfast thing in cabarete it comes  with papaya and I never I wasn't really sure what   a papaya actually looked like on the outside but  I've definitely seen them around now that I see   it on the tree yeah even like it's just really the  leafy like I didn't expect the tree to be as leafy   I don't know why it's almost like they're hidden  hidden way back there oh what did you find this   a Pap again I think it looks different to the last  one cuz they just cut the branches that's why okay   all over I think this is probably what I expected  it to look like but I guess you cut the branches   it's almost like looks more like palm tree a palm  tree we asked her how you know when they're ready   but she said you actually have to pick them leave  them in the Sun and then they become ready so all   of these can potentially be ready I think you just  need to pick them and leave them in the sun well   we're finishing up the tour with some strawberry  tea here cheers everyone Cheers Cheers yeah it's   kind of hot to the when you're holding the glass  it's plastic glass it's really yummy a little   bit sweet a little bit obviously strawberry but  there's also some cinnamon in there which is a   nice little Added Touch I know but this was like  such a fun day but not not just that this whole   time with you guys what it's been like a week and  some now multiple videos flew by time flies when   you're having fun and how many videos that we  filmed together like four or five four or five   so for you guys watching that's been probably a  month or so so we hope you enjoyed having these   guys along definitely subscribe to them if you're  not already I'm sure most of you are but do it   if not and head over to their Channel cuz they  obviously filming kind of the same stuff as we   were so you get to see a different perspective  yeah so the big question is what next what are   we going to meet up next I think we should plan  something next year again I know maybe in the   Caribbean again it could maybe here yeah if you  guys have any ideas let us know cuz we keep you   know we travel we're all travelers and we travel  all the time but we're trying to figure out the   next place cuz we've done the Philippines not  on purpose we got stuck there together and uh   Thailand last year and Krabi which was super  fun yeah now here here it's going to be fun   to figure out leave us a comment let us know but  we're going to wrap it up close the video out if   you got this far hit subscribe and all that stuff  leave a comment hope you enjoyed it we'll finish   up our tea and for us it's off to Santiago yeah  yeah for you guys where you guys Virgin Islands   Virgin Island Virgin Islands so we haven't been  there so definitely go watch watch their stuff but   all right guys that's it from constanza wishing  you guys all delightful travels see you soon

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