Discover Rogaland's epic Motorcycle Roads: A day trip through fjords and mountains in Norway

Discover Rogaland's epic Motorcycle Roads: A day trip through fjords and mountains in Norway

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Good morning everyone and welcome back. As you can see I am not exactly in my normal surroundings which is usually tent or outdoors and that kind of stuff. I do have my motorcycle gear here of course. Today we are taking a ride in my area in Stavanger in Norway. But I want to give you some background information first as to why I am where I am. I'm currently in a hotel in Stavanger called Clarion Hotel energy they reached out to me a couple months ago if not more and they were in the process of like they really wanted to make the effort to become a motorcycle friendly hotel which is really cool that a Big Brand like this does in my opinion because usually you just see that with like a smaller smaller places so the fact that a bigger Hotel like this one to make the effort of course I'd like to be on board and support that the only way I know how to which is making videos. So here I am at the hotel they got a lot of good stuff going on. First of all bikers will have a discount

coming to this hotel, they can park right outside the door of the hotel, they will most likely I think get rooms that are closer to that you don't have to walk so far with your luggage and stuff, there will be places where you can clean your bike or if you need to do some work on your bike that will help you get in touch with local workshops, all sort of different things that they are planning on doing and there's more to come as well. Just to make motor motorcyclists feel welcome here oh and they will have like a special menu in at the at the restaurant for bikers so that's pretty pretty cool so. The plan for today I will go ahead and have me some breakfast over here and then we are going out for a ride. It's today it's what is it fourth of April 5th of April something it's just the beginning of the Easter holiday. We are taking a really nice and scenic route along the coast and

up in the mountains which I think it is about 220-230 kilometers or something easily doable in a day. There are so many different roads you can take care of if you want to do shorter routes or longer routes there's it's just Endless Options and by the way also Clarion Energy, Clarion Hotel Energy, have also made a whole list of different places that it's worth going on your bike on their Instagram account and I'll try to put a link somewhere here or or here so you can check that out if you want to. So yeah without further Ado let's get going.

Now that I've had my breakfast let me just quickly give you a little tour of the reception and uh outside of the hotel All right so I'm actually in no rush getting on the road today because it's don't let the sun fool you it it's quite chilly outside. Getting over here it was about four degrees so this is going to be a cold ride today. But it'll get a lot better as soon as the sun has a chance to warm up so. This is not the official parking for motorcycles I just

uh took some freedom to to park there. And yeah this is the hotel it's quite it's quite big and what's actually really nice is that um it's very close to downtown Stavanger so if you wanna spend the evening going into town or something and do something completely different than riding motorcycles then you can do that. It's just like five minutes down to the city so. This is where they have motorcycle parking so it's under this area under this roof right close to the reception here so they're they'll keep probably nice and dry and safe safe there so. Oh it's cold. All right now without further Ado let's get on the road shall we. All right so let's get on the bike and get this day started we're

gonna have quite a few coffee stops I think along the way just to heat up but also because there's so many cute little places you can actually stop and have a coffee along the road all right. Let's take off. What a fantastic day this is We are making our way out of the city which takes not very long at all and now we are at another very popular tourist destination in this area which is Sola Beach, which is is usually packed in the summer with people on the few days we have that you can actually lay here sunbathing and swimming. I'm getting close to another Beach here you can really see how windy it is actually let's see if we can make a stop here and just take a little So we are getting close to the city of Egersund. It's a smaller city. Let's stop there for a cup of coffee and to warm my hands a bit. It's been between seven to eight degrees, now it's nine it looks like. With the wind on top

it just it gets cold. Kosen, this is actually a pretty popular motorcycle place I believe. All right let's find ourselves some coffee. Now we are continuing a little bit South along the coast and we'll do a detour down to a little place called, is it Nesvågen? Nesvåg? Nesvågen? Which is, I've been there before. I have

to say though it's since it's only spring and there's there's like literally no not a single leaf on any trees yet it just looks so gray and dull still. Some more information I'm not actually from Stavanger. I came to the city in 2019. to for a job. I'm a nurse by by profession. And I just remember that coming here and seeing everything that I'm seeing now for the first time and I thought it was just so unique and nice and I'm I've ridden this rode so many times now that it I it's easy to forget like what was what did I actually think of this place when I was here the first time and I kind of wanna um show you guys what I saw the first time I came here and give you the same feeling because it is really nice obviously nicer in the summer but that's uh yeah it's a really cool place so Just a reminder of how cold it is there's still ice and snow here. Now this is a really really Charming little Road. I know all of us motorcyclists really enjoys these tiny little roads like this Look at this perfect little harbor Private parking. I'm sure we can be excused just for a moment right?

How fun are these roads! Another delicious cup of coffee. We are pretty much done riding near the coast for a while now we're going more into the country and up in the mountains. So that's the plan for now trying to stay off the main road as much as possible. By the way the reason it says service all the time here is because it still has not had its first service but it's only on 334 kilometers this is a brand spanking new bike Gloppedalsura is the largest stone scree in northern Europe consisting of enormous landslide rocks scattered over a Moraine. It was formed as a glacier in Gloppedal Valley started to melt towards the end of the Ice Age and material carried by the ice formed the Moraine Ridge that dammed up the river in the valley creating the lake below Gloppedalsura was also the location of a well-known battle between German and Norwegian forces in April in the year 1940. The huge Boulders in the screen function as a fortress for the Norwegian soldiers. Both

sides suffered losses in this battle. And there, the round is competed! That took me a while. It's now I think about six o'clock in the evening? Yep 06:08 evening I started at about 9 30 this morning. I've had quite a few stops though I think it was about 230 kilometers I'll put the exact description of the route in the description of this video just so you can have a look if you want to. Yeah what a day it was actually I was afraid it was gonna be so freaking cold but it actually it wasn't that bad yeah I hope you like this um if you're in this area with your bike I hope you consider staying at this place because I think it's really it's something cool they got going on here and I hope people take advantage of it so. Yeah you can spend so many days in riding

in this area and this is just one little route of many there is still so much that I felt like I should have stopped here I should have driven there I should have made this detour in that detour and showed you this and that because there's so much to see around here But you can only do so much in a day so I guess we have to do more rides and more videos to show you guys. Ah yeah that's it. What a great way to start this season this is my first longer ride um of the season and also the first long ride I have in this bike so I'm not going to talk too much about that in this video I'll make a different one for that so. That's it I hope you like this and stay tuned for the next one. Have a good evening

2023-05-02 03:38

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