Derso Crore Ka Chakkar - Pushpa Impossible - Ep 153 - Full Episode - 2 Dec 2022

Derso Crore Ka Chakkar -  Pushpa Impossible - Ep 153 - Full Episode - 2 Dec 2022

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May I know why you are being nice to me? Honesty! I don't like people who try to butter me up. I like friction. Opposition! A difference of opinion! It helps us grow. You shared your honest opinion fearlessly without worrying about your job. Which is a big thing! Employees like you will prove to be an asset to our company. [sweeping music] Here you are. Please read it thoroughly and then come to me.

But, ma'am, I haven't accepted your offer yet. Mansi! I'm younger than you. You may call me Mansi.

Though you're younger than me, you're much senior to me in the hierarchy. 'Ma'am' is better. Do you have an important reason to reject my offer? Friction! Opposition! A difference of opinion! The things you like will only work for you if you know how to use them wisely. Ma'am, you have the means but unfortunately, you don't know how to utilise them properly. Dare I say, threatening my colleagues and demotivating them to get results is a tough task. Please give me some time.

I'll think about your offer. [suspenseful music] Did he accept it? He didn't accept as yet but he'll accept it soon. Mr. Suri, a person gets compelled by his needs.

It can compel you to do things that you don't want to do. By the way, do you have a special reason to keep him employed? His typical middle-class mannerisms. Mr. Suri, Ashwin is a rare breed. And people like him will soon be extinct. Loyal, committed, hardworking, honest and innocent.

If such people are used properly, they can prove to be potent weapons. If you increase their salary, make them feel secure, and appreciate them, they work without complaining. And Ashwin's biggest plus point is that he lives in Bapodra Tenement. When I transform the Bapodra Tenement into Hotel Raidhan Inn, I'll move this pawn forward. [dramatic music] Leave! Sure, ma'am! Ashwin, I know very well when to use the weapon. [eerie music] [joyful music] Father's birthday is the day after tomorrow.

Look! And this... This... This lantern! It's my father's last souvenir. Mother, it isn't the last one. There's one more souvenir. Do you remember you gave me 'patola sari' at my wedding? That's your father's souvenir, right? Yes! I completely forgot about it.

Father, my daughter-in-law's memory is amazing! [joyful music] Dipti, do you know something? This lantern lights me up. [ethereal music] It gives me strength and inspires me. Whenever I see its light, it seems my father caresses my head affectionately. [tense music] Ashwin, how was your day in the office? What about your resignation? [unzipping] [suspenseful music] Hey! Why are all of you reading the letter one by one? Please tell me about it.

Ashwin! Mother, Ashwin's job is safe. - The company has retained him. - They gave him an increment too. His salary is increased by one and a half times. Gosh! That's unbelievable! Ashwin, how did it happen? I mean Mansi Raidhan behaved like a villain till yesterday.

- But today she... - Please don't lift up your spirits so soon. There's surely a hidden clause behind this offer. Even if it's true, we'll come to know about the clause one day. Moreover, we shouldn't doubt it and curtail our happiness. It's great news that your job is safe. Right? Absolutely! [regional language] If your job is secure, everything else will be secure.

Now I'll be relieved after Dipti also gets a new job. Chirag, did you have a bath today? Thanks for reminding me, Rashi! Congratulations, Ashwin! [birds chirping] Ma'am, I checked the documents of Bapodra Tenement. BMC permission, land ownership documents, registration of property... All the documents are in order. Okay! Thanks, Mr. Kamath! [regional language] I'm sorry! My paperwork is always strong. - Now we can deal with you. - Great!

According to our valuation report and the market price, I'll pay you 150 crore to purchase your tenement. [dramatic music] - One hundred and fifty crore! - Yes! The procedures and paperwork are time-consuming tasks. As soon as the paperwork is done, the money will be transferred to your account. And then your tenement will be Raidhan's property.

I hope you get your tenants' signatures on the 'NOC' soon. I'll get the signatures overnight! Mr. Bapodra, it's your first deal. But such deals are a norm for me. It isn't easy to persuade the tenants to vacate their houses.

Alright! But it's my problem. You needn't worry. You may get the paperwork ready. Okay? You need the signatures of 51 members at least. - For a majority consensus. - Right!

- Only then we'll be able to go ahead with the paperwork. - Okay! Also, I'm paying you more than the market valuation - because I don't want to deal with trivial issues. - That's right! - Please get the signatures. I'll pay you the money. - Sure! Ma'am, I have a request. Once our deal is done, I want to send my daughter Prarthana out of India.

I'd prefer Canada. - Is she pursuing higher studies? - No! I have a personal reason. And you are from Canada. Maybe you can help me in do the paperwork and apply for a visa... - Mr. Bapodra, we may discuss these things later. - Okay! - Let the deal get finalised. - Yes!

Also, nobody should come to know about this deal for now. I wanted to say the same thing to you. The thing is, some miscreants also live in the Bapodra Tenement.

You know, spoilsport people! So I'll have to handle them differently. So we must... - You may leave. - Er... Okay! Fine! I'll keep in touch with you. Okay?

[eerie music] [sinister music] Dad, one of the deals of the three tenements we shortlisted is about to be closed. Well done! One more thing. The formalities of the merger are completed. The company is ours. - I love you, my child! - I love you too! I'll call mom at night. Bye! Bye! [dramatic music] - Good evening, sir! - Good evening! Please sit! Rashi will be here soon.

[ethereal music] Aryan, I have been observing for the last few days that you stay aloof and look sad since you got readmission to school. What's the matter? Are you missing your bullying days? No, sir! That's not true. Aryan, you sound depressed today. What's bothering you? [tense music] You can trust me.

Is it a personal problem? Something that's bothering you. Please share it with me. I promise that I won't discuss your problem with anyone else. Fine! Tell me who is your first friend after you rejoined the school. I mean your new friend! Aunt Pushpa! She was the only one who spoke nicely to me.

She comforted me like a mom. - Sir, I'm sorry! I'm late because of a traffic jam. - Good evening! Ah! No problem! Please sit! [suspenseful music] Sir, you said that you wanted to discuss adopt-a-parent with me.

Yeah! We'll get to that. Rashi, who is your best friend in school? Sir, best friend... I have many friends. But my best friend is my mom. Wow! It means that's a common factor between you two. You both consider Ms. Pushpa your best friend.

According to the theory of transitivity, if a=b and b=c, then a=c! Did you get it or couldn't grasp it? Tell me! So if Rashi is Ms. Pushpa's friend and Ms. Pushpa is Aryan's friend, Rashi and Aryan are friends! [sweeping music] [cupboard door opening] One hundred and fifty crore! I don't know how many zeros are present in 150 crore. Wow, Bapodra! Well done! I will earn a stupendous amount of money and my forefathers would never have imagined it.

One hundred and fifty crore! Why are you going on and on about 150 crore? What? 150 crore! [chuckling] You live in a tenement but dream of getting crores of rupees! Actually, I miscalculated 150 rupees so I was trying to recall where I spent 150 rupees. What did you hear? 150 crore! Sushi! Sushi! You're so naive! Sushi, you don't understand. Did you finish packing my bag? Yes, of course! I packed your bag. Here you are. So where are you headed this time? Su... Sushi! Pune! I have to go to Pune for work. People take a loan but don't pay the interest.

So I decided to go there and reprimand them. Are you done? Did you pack my bag properly? - Yes, I did! - That's good! When will you be back? Have I ever stayed away from you for more than two days? Please don't ask stupid questions. Hail Goddess Ambe! [upbeat music] [suspenseful music] Wow! You came on time. Keep it in the car boot and then lock it.

[car door opening] Valsad, Billimoria, Navsari, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad! 97370901... Where is he going? [thrilling music] So now that the ice is broken, Aryan, I want you to work with us on Rashi's adopt-a-parent concept. According to this concept, children can adopt parents the way parents adopt children. We may adopt a needy elderly person after doing some formalities in an old people's home. Youngsters will get an elderly person's care and the elderly will get the support of youngsters.

This concept is developing gradually in India. In fact, I've been working on this concept for quite some time. I visit old people's homes once I'm free from school responsibilities. I meet some abandoned parents there. I meet their families too. I try to patch them up.

I try to help them in some way. Anyway, I have this research material. I want both of you to study it together. And I want you two to discuss it and give your views and suggestions to me. Okay? All yours! [ethereal music] [crickets chirping] Pushpa! - Your timing is perfect. Tea is ready. - Wow! And your enemy is not home.

I saw him leaving. Why didn't you accompany him? Oh, no! He would be dealing with his debtors the whole day. I don't want to be a burden to him. Moreover, Pune is too cold. Hey! I forgot to ask him to buy 'aampuri'.

I'll message him. [dramatic music] 'But the taxi was hired to go to Gujarat.' 'Did Bapodra lie to Sushila and went somewhere else?' Pushpa, here's your tea. Sushila, since when is Bapodra going on tours? He has been touring for many years.

He has been touring for the last 15-16 years. Surat, Pune, Nadiad... I have no clue how many people he lent money to. Yes! [flute playing] [flute playing] - Your puzzle game was amazing. - Yes!

It gave me an amazing idea. Do you know it? - Thank you! - Love you! - Thank you! - It's alright! Chirag! Chirag! Yes, mom? I hope you don't disclose it. Oh! Is it a secret? Mom, you may tell me unhesitatingly. I work for the police. I know innumerable secrets! Moron, I'm telling you only because you work for the police. But, Chirag, it's a top secret.

- Please don't tell anyone. - Okay! Please note down a phone number. - 97... - 97...

370... How come you memorise phone numbers? - Whose phone number is it? - You need to find it out. Mom, what are you saying? You'd know if you called this phone number. Why did you call a professional like me for a trivial task? Hey! Mr. Professional! I called but nobody answered. That's why I gave this number to you.

- Please update me by tomorrow. - Hmm! - What do you mean? - Mom, I'll update you soon! Promise! And please don't tell anyone. Go on! [birds chirping] - Good morning, ma'am! - Good morning, ma'am! Good morning! - It looks like you have decided to work for the company. - Yes, ma'am! Mr. Suri asked us to attend this meeting. Good! Please take your seat. [sinister music] Well, ladies and gentlemen! Please thoroughly study the file kept in front of you.

I have identified some properties in Mumbai. We have to build India's finest corporate houses and hotels. Here are the blueprints. [thrilling music] [thrilling music] Any doubts? - Ma'am! - Yes, Mr. Ashwin Patel!

Ma'am, can we get some additional information on these properties? As in, location, names... It's not feasible to give more details than the details you have been given now. Because the negotiations are still on.

These properties are still hush-hush! All the information required for basic designing and planning is provided in these files. Mr. Ashwin Patel, I want to see your design first. I mean the models, wireframes and other such things. I want to see how you utilise the space. Sure, ma'am! It's a matter of a few weeks. The deals will close after that.

I'll share the required details with you at that time. Secondly, the Janani Group of Companies is the closest and biggest rival of the Raidhan Group in this city. I'm sure all of you heard about this company. I came to know that they are also interested in these properties. Our goal should be that the Raidhan Group develops these prime locations. And it should be done at the earliest. Right?

- Yes, ma'am! - Yes, ma'am! 'Janani Group of Companies. I heard this name before.' [suspenseful music]

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