Day 11 Of Staying At Every Disney Hotel! Monorails & Superheros! Contemporary Resort FULL TOUR

Day 11 Of Staying At Every Disney Hotel! Monorails & Superheros! Contemporary Resort  FULL TOUR

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hi I'm Chris you're watching Provost Park  Pass and today is day number 11 of staying   at every single Disney World Resort Hotel in  a row and this little Hidden Mickey actually   is part of the Contemporary Hotel let's check  out the Contemporary from top to bottom cool   little fact though this little Hidden Mickey it's  like in the flower bed was like oh it's a Hidden   Mickey but it's actually not really a Hidden  Mickey it's a Hidden Mickey watch what oh my   gosh you guys see this there's a little there's  a little dial to to uh wind up the watch if you   look down here you kind of see the watch band the  center and you look down there you see the watch   band the center there how do you see it in its  entirety well you have to go up the top here of   the of the Contemporary Hotel you go up there  and you look down you'll be able to see this watch can you believe that there the here's the exterior of the Contemporary  Hotel and this is the hotel that most people   think of that don't know anything about the other  hotels because this hotel the monreal goes right   through the center of it the main building that  we're entering in is like an A-frame and the   Montreal does it goes right through the center  of it it is really cool and very convenient to   go into Magic Kingdom but there are some other  buildings off to the side that aren't in the   A-frame uh they're aren't quite as expensive  but they're really cool so they're just as   cool as staying here in the A-frame this place  is cool this is the lobby and the first thing   you first thing you notice see coming to Lobby  is how much it smells amazing they also have a   little contemporary grounds here uh coffee shop  and then if you go this way there is a Convention   Center so remember how the corado Springs are  Convention Center there's a Convention Center   here so there's a lot of restaurants here most  of the restaurants are on the fourth floor but   you guys nice little area here for in the morning  to kind of relaxing and you grab some coffee and   you're good to go now Mary Blair she did a lot  of the designs for uh it's a small world she also   did a lot of designs here for the Contemporary  uh the Contemporary was built in 1971 but it's   gone through some changes and Renovations it's now  themed for The Incredibles this is the lobby and   it has a strong retro Vibe I mean I would say  like 70s but because of The Incredibles maybe   even say the 60s this is where you check in and  it is just really cool I love the vibe here it's   you feel like you're just like in this just this  amazingness of everything that's going on here a   lot of the stuff are up these stairs we'll go up  there in just a moment to show you those before   I go upstairs and show you a lot of restaurants  cool things I'm going to take you outside cuz I   want to show you there's one other like Hotel here  uh that you need to see I'm walking outside now if   you look to the left of the screen here it's  kind of like this little horseshoe this is a   DVC building it's called the Bayside it's the  DVC uh properties I'm not going to be staying   there cuzz that is Prim primarily all just DVC but  you'll be aware that that's uh right next here to   the Contemporary now this here is outside that's  right on the lake and there is a swimming pool I'm   going to walk out this way and then turn around so  you can see the exterior of this amazing a-framed building it is awesome now they have some other  buildings right over here these are called the   main Garden buildings and and I'm going to  walk here in the shades I want to get out the   sunshine these right over here these buildings  are little three-story buildings and they also   kind of look like little a frames and they're  like a little bit off to the side they're not   in the main building and they are also themed  for The Incredibles tomorrow I'll get us closer   to the pool I'll show you what we have down here  the pool options and also the beach let's go back   inside this main A-frame building and explore it  that's the logo of the Contemporary you can see   the montal is going through it here you can see  a photo of the construction of the Contemporary   this lobby area is great it's really cool there is  a little area there for the kids to watch movies   while you're checking in but I got to talk to you  about a myth that I've heard about this hotel and   I believed it the longest time and just today I  found out it's probably not true so let me just   sit down here and tell you about this myth that  I heard about this hotel and I believe this for   the longest time actually I'm going sit right  over here this is a gorgeous little sitting area   I'm going sit right over here to tell you this  myth so when this building this hotel was first   constructed it was constructed in a maer way that  the rooms apparently the rooms would be able to   come out and they could redo all the rooms they'  be able to seriously like pull the rooms out and   then slide them back in and then as they needed  to update the rooms they could do that just pull   them out and slide them back in so the thing is  is what I've heard my this whole time ever since   I've started doing Disney trivia I heard that as  the hotel though it settled because it's on Swamp   ground it settled and it made it so those rooms  couldn't slide out and that they uh they wouldn't   do that anymore so for a long time these rooms  were just kind of stuck in the 1970s decorations   Decor they just left like that that was kind  of part of the charm of this amazing hotel but   just today guys I was talking to a person here who  works for Disney they they knew that I was doing   some videos here on the hotels and he was like  talking to me about it and he's like I just and   I told him I was like yeah I heard about how that  kind of sunk in the ground he goes well actually   that's not true I was like what what I've heard  that ever since I've been doing anything you know   about Disney goes that's not really true goes  everybody says that but that's not true he goes   the truth of the matter is he goes those rooms  still we could literally still pull them out the   gr the ground has never really sunk like that it  was designed the way it is and it still works he   was the problem that they encountered was in order  to do this you had to have so many cranes outside   and it's very loud pulling the rooms out and it  obstructs the view and it wouldn't give a guest   a very pleasant experience so they realized we're  never really going to probably do that because it   would be just you hear all kinds of construction  they have cranes right out to your window like   tons of them and he goes so they just never did  that after it wasn't a very practical solution so   I just found that out today and I'm kind of shook  because this whole time I believe that that the   whole building settled that's why they didn't  do the module rooming no no no no they did it   because it wouldn't be a good they haven't done  it because it wouldn't be a good guest experience   Disney I love Disney all right let's explore this  let's go up and check out this whole area on the   Contemporary this is the lower level here the  lobby you're coming in this is a 71 Steakhouse   71 is the year that this hotel opened this is  an incredibly popular restaurant you're going   to have to have reservations if you want to eat  here um and it the food here everybody says the   food here is amazing this is a lounge to the  71 Steakhouse and again it's gorgeous you do   it's going to require reservations it's open  for breakfast it's open for lunch and dinner   and they recommend that you get steak and eggs  and that is a se1 steakhouse very popular very   very and excellent excellent food okay we  are now going to go up a level here let's go up I don't usually trust stairs cuz  I always feel like they're up to something get it remember this is like a  Convention Center so we got like a ballroom   this is all done like this is a California  Grill this is like Convention Center area so   it feels like a Convention Center on the second  floor here Convention Center boardroom Atlantic   room but we are going to keep going up you want  to go up the fourth floor almost everything's   on the fourth floor this here is the fourth  floor you can see this is the interior of the   building so it's kind of like hollowed out here  very cool those are all the balconies and then   you got this beautiful shop right here right  in the center you have this beautiful mural   uh Mary Blair did this and this is the elevator  Banks to go up but you can see how cool this mural is it looks stunning I'm going to walk around  their side to show you their side as well this   is one of the really unique things because  here comes the monal the monal is coming right through I took the elevator up to the eighth  floor you see this kind of carpet you see they   have this is now inspired by The Incredibles  I retheme this for The Incredibles and you   beautiful carpet the little uh paintings and  stuff that represent The Incredibles but the   reason I came here is this right here I wanted  you to see this mural this is just kind of a fun   little fact Mary Blair Design This oh there's  the monal right there about ready to take off   this and a lot of people know this this is the  five-legged goat why is there a goat with five legs there goes the other monal  this is the one stops here and   this one is just an Express monal but  just goes through it doesn't stop and   there they go guys getting two  monals at the same time it's a twofer the reason I've been told that there's a  goat here with five legs is cuz when Mary Blair   was designing this she was designing this around  a Native American culture and artwork and a Native   American artwork they believe you can't have  everything perfect in art so that goat there   with five legs is a tribute to that this is  designed so interestingly to me so this is   the entrance right here this is Chef Mickey's I  have a reservation there tonight for uh 6:45 the   excellent dining right there that's Chef Mickey's  down there this here is called the Kempo Cafe and   this is just like a cool little grab and go go in  there grab some food just kind of sit down there   and then over here you got the outer rim Lounge  three entrances to three different places at one   spot I'm back on the fourth floor and you  can see these are the different those are   the three entrances right here the outer Ram  Chef Mickey's and the Kempo Cafe so let's go   take a look at the Kempo Cafe and see what  they have you got the Kempo burger and you   got the four cheese Patty meil the Chicago  style Italian beef sub hot roasted turkey   you notice the food is different because  we here more at a Del Lu Resort and right   over here they've also got different types of  flatbread pizzas they've got Kell power green   salad barbecue chicken flat bread vegetable  flatbread and three meat flatbread flat flat   bread sweet the Monella is right there I think  that's so cool they also have a little grab and   go fast food here it's cold and of course they  have look at these pastries and look at those cookies let's get a a little little uh Power Aid I love they have a little mug washes to  wash out your mug when you're done genius and   I love the chairs here at the kmle cafe with their  little wooden chairs the Mickey in them all right   so let's go in the outer rim and check that out  this is a bar or lounge area this is for adults   to come here relax at the end of the night and  grab have a drink and these are like the cocktails   that they have here lots of good cocktails and  they also have zero proof cocktails and then they   also have like beer and uh non-alcoholic specialty  offerings as well plus wine all right behind me is   food this is the elevator section that go up and  then this side here this is the stores let's check   out the stores let's go take a look at the stores  the first one we're look at is the bvg so anyways   we got to go in this store and check it all out  guys we're going to get in the store and this   is going to have some really amazing merchandise  we're coming in the store you notice right here   they have like a little treat bar they got fudge  they got cookies they got Rice Krispie treats this   is all good stuff right this is stuff that we all  love and I have to show you this I walked through   here oh sorry I just got excited what the heck  they have Tron what is it what is this what is   it I don't know what that is and I'm a huge Tron  fan is that that the recognize light up keychain   I don't know what that is but I I want it there's  also a Tron joystick okay it's a keychain it light   you could let's see I can just get the light the  reflect of it see it it says Tron it lights up I'm   not going to pull the battery thing out so that  way the person buys this gets a full battery but   see it says Tron light cycle to keychain I might  need that I might need that it's a key that's a   large keychain but it's pretty sweet oh my gosh  back it up cuz the reason I was walking over here   cuz I want to show you this but I got distracted  by that this is the first store I've seen that   has a mannequin in a wheelchair and I'm pleased to  see it I love that they have that I think that's   awesome okay continue on down here walking through  great store I mean like they have a lot more stuff   right this is this is uh you got all kinds of  things here jewelry mints by the way I heard   these are gone in Disneyland so I used to buy  these all time Disneyland I went there to buy   them their day and they were all gone I was  told they might not be getting any more of   them so if anybody can confirm that I'd love to  know that there's a lot of jewelry here look at   this they got Disney Pandora they got watches okay  so here we go this is the Contemporary merchandise   and remember it's now this hotel is is heavily  inspired by The Incredibles so they have like this   little dress here like you can see it up there  in the mannequin and on the back of the dress   Disney's contemporary resort they also have these  ears and they change color in the Sun so it's   incredible journey you turn it around Disney's  contemporary resort down here you got a Lounge   fight bag that says uh contemporary resort and  then of course you have the Contemporary Resort   like a tumbler and mug wow that's pretty cool  it's got the handle a monreal we go over here   and look you can see that they have this right  here Disney's contemporary resort they have this   is like a what a robe they have The Incredible  Journey shirt that says Disney's contemporary   resort they also here's their pins and then down  here you guys they have like an ornament wow wow   wow wow and this is the main restaurant here  chef Mickey they also have stuff here for Chef Micky's how cool is that oh I I like these  shirts it had these these baby blue shirts   and this one's the Disney's contemporary  resort and this one over here little zip   up at Tommy Bahama Disney's contemporary  resort that's kind of classy I like that   all right let's turn and go that way right  into the store here this store is called   Fantasia I'm actually going to walk into  the main entrance because it's got these   impressive Mickey ears that we want to see you see  one ear right there so let's walk through those   that's the entrance in the Montreal but let's  look in this these ears here wow Fantasia come   on in let's check it all out this has got toys  it's got all kinds of fun things well yeah kids   are going to like this little remote control  mono you got Buzz Light your walkie-talkies   little green man I got forky guys I've talked  about this before I just don't I don't identify   with that character I don't like that character I  know I know I know I know hot take there you got a   little RC car little Woody stuff let me move right  over here got a big Woody dog got evil emperor Zerg it says try me come to me my oh yeah look at all this good stuff  oh my gosh look at these little tiny   shirts all right and this stuff look  we got the Encanto Star Wars cars and   then look at this there's like a little  scar set I mean like a line it look like   scar fell down it fell off his little  perch it's been dethroned and I ain't lying these are one of the number one sellers  they have here are Bubble ones I mean like   just kids love them bubbles my favorite thing  to do is to watch adults handle the bubble on   when they're walking behind it some adults  are like they're just kind of have a good   time other adults are getting all irritated like  why are there bubbles it's fun to see how people   spawn to Bubbles bucket of lightsabers uh wish  it's a thing I I actually watched wish I liked it   the problem I had with wish was this guy I felt  like the transition from good he went they made   you trust him youve seen the song He's like I'll  protect you and also the next song He's like I'm   going to kill you like the transition was too  bad to B fast to for a bad guy for me plushies   and more and the exit they also have Mickey ears  here now I want to show you this nice little area   right here this is an important area you want  to come sit here you could get a good view of   the fireworks at the end of the day you could you  could sit right here and watch the fireworks or   you can even sit outside and watch them this is  a great place to watch them sometimes a monreal   will kind of block the view for a second but I'm  going to walk you right over here so you can see   this because at the end of the day sometimes you  want to watch the fireworks work but a little   tired you can sit here if you're staying here at  the Contemporary and just walk outside there like   that's Space Mountain oh there's a montal this is  crazy and then look down here they've got benches   for firework viewings all set up so you come out  here you can watch some fireworks and then this   is the Primo spot but you got to come here and  sit here early kind of camp out and get it not   a lot of people not everybody comes out here  knows this but look at this look look at this view oh my gosh just right here this is a resort that you can  actually walk to the Magic Kingdom I'll do it for   you if you haven't yet watched the uh French  Quarter video I did watch the Disney's French   Court Resort cuz I'm going to talk about cuz in  that video I kind of go into a whole detail how I   got sick and how it was a really hard time for me  was down here in 2019 2020 the reason I bring that   up is right here this is right where I walked in  I literally sat down at this chair right here and   this is when I started to I was like uh oh I don't  feel very good I started to feel a little ill and   that's this is when I left I went right from here  I went to the Uber and I was so worried about   getting my son sick that I went into uh French  Quarter and met with my friend Dave and stayed   in his room there if you want to hear that whole  story watch that video but that right there is   where it all started happening so I kind of like  when I saw it my stomach is like oh remember how   cuz I was so sick crazy crazy memories okay what  you're watching now is a flashback this is a video   taken four years ago of Amanda talking and at the  very end of this video you will see me sitting   there and that's right when I started to get sick  want to be let's do it I want be I want to see   fireworks and play in the water let's do it yes H  there I am poor sucker right before the whole got   is super sick I'll link the video look around you  see a link for it if you want to watch that video   all right we have the Fantasia Market let's walk  right here like a little market we grab some food   here of course right behind me they have wine  oh I've been told that if you buy wine and you   don't have a cork screw that you tell the cashier  they will do that for you um and then right here   move down you know look at these big bottles  of soda like these are some big bottles of soda   you got all the essentials that you need chips  bread marshmallows crackers Ziploc bags coffee   bags cereal large bottles of soda pup they also  have cuz by the DVC place right oh look at this   they got Kit Kat ice cream rollos they got frozen  pizzas waffles sausage we're going to exit out now   it's interesting because this floor design is  very open right so it's like a frame so we're   in the 7even a frame so right in the center this  is a store we just walked through the store with   those giant Mickey ears and then uh but at the  end they have a little arcade so let's check out   the arcade let's see if they' got Tron it's called  The Game Station let's walk on in and here we go   oh okay they've got two pinball machines of course  guardan and Star Wars every one of them they have   Guardian must be very popular people must like  those pinball machines uh let's take a look here   what else we've got nice got a lot of little games  here oh lots of ski ball ski Ball's fun for little   kids and adults a lot of racing games in here we  got some snowboarder Wicket tuna I've seen that   almost every one I it must be popular typhoon is  kind of like writing a uh roller coaster virtual   reality and then of course you got some more games  that over here and basket shoots right over here I   was really hoping they have a Tron machine darn  it yeah not bad not bad but what I did notice   there's no benches in here to sit you have those  massage chairs just keep in mind though if you   sit in those you don't pay oh you see right there  it's already done see how it's poking out there   somebody sat down it'll make it uncomfortable  until you pay oh there's another one right over   here too I go down and get my bag once I get my  bag let's go check into our room and check out the   room the Contemporary is one of two opening day  hotels when wal World opened in 1971 it's one of   two opening day hotels luggage is delivered here  no problem let us go to our room and check out our   room guys okay I'm not staying in the A-frame  building which is right there I am literally   walking over these little buildings right over  here and uh they they're very the interior is the   same as the A-frame buildings let's go check them  out here you can see they have multiple buildings   here these little three-story buildings I'm on  the third floor so I came out of the elevator it's   like this little Lobby here and it is it just  feels retro like Retro Retro Retro 60s I love   the carpet it just does have this kind of a retro  vibe to it and again it's all themed now for The Incredibles I'm here at my room these rooms have  recently been reupdated let's go check it out you're G to love this one this has something  that no other room has had so far can you guys   notice what it is I'll kind of just look around  see if you guys notice anything here that makes   this room different than every other room carpet  this room has carpet all the other Resorts do   not this Resort this room has carpet and it's  glorious okay look at this bed the of course   the theming here is for The Incredibles you got  Frozone right there right thing one first thing   you noce they have a little side table right  there on this side on this side for a phone   with plugs which is great moving over here to  the next plenty of plugs right there in the   center the lamp you got the Montreal going the  lamp going over the city and this is something   I have to show you guys check this I open up this  drawer and what do you see you see the to-do list   that is going on for Mr Incredible things too  uh take out the trash learn new math call Rick   DB buy more cookies stop the underminer research  adolesence ask e to babysit go bowling with Lucius   take incredible for tuneup and then of course  he also has his cookie and his remote for his car over here you got Edam mode right  over there on that side of the bed I love   the headboards they have reading lamps  look here you got like a little table   here like a laptop table look at this couch  what a retro Vibe right look at this lamp   look at this lamp right over here what oh my gosh  a little retro lamp I love it I love it I love it   I love it then if you look at these curtains  over here kind of see through mesh curtains   but they are all incredible themed kind of can  see them through little Jack Jack Violet there   they go Dash now looking back at this room  over here you see it's big it's a big room look how big that is and then I just this  I love this couch now this couch does pull   out I will have to figure that out a little  later on we'll figure that out we got a big   television there they got this nice little  otoman that kind of pulls out there you   can get a connecting room if you want and  then over here let's check it out we got a   curig curig and there little curig stuff  right there sweet sweet sweet we got to   have a beverage cooler in here oh this one  looks different all right little beverage cooler and then over here we've got  your closets closet closet closet   closing closets open up this first one  look at this plenty of space there's are   safe got some drawers down there there's  also that's where your mirror is on the outside it's where your mirror is so you have a  mirror outside the bathroom that's what I meant   to say you got this one here let's open it up  oh there's your super suits honey where is my   super suit there's a look at that all the  super suits hanging up right there that's   sweet oh my gosh it looks awesome I love it  something I noticed I had to take the little   stand out to look at this but you notice this  their super suits they're hanging there and   their boots are separate their boots aren't  on and then look there's violets and she's   got those really tall boots and there's Mrs  uh incred incredible and then her boots are   down there and then there's Mr Incredibles and  his boots are down there what I love that let's   turn around look at the bathroom okay here's  the bathroom okay this is the shower look at this opens up you got it's a very tall shower  rain shower you also have the wand down there   Perfect Look got a little step off the  side there is your shampoo and stuff   that's cool that's very cool you'll notice also  two sinks of course now we have two sinks and   this is the first time I've seen these round sinks  I like these round s looks very modern Sleek you   also they have like a little more amenities there  you got some like a what is that like a mouthwash   and lotion and then look at the mirror the mirror  it's the you got the there's a contemporary it   looks like it's the monreal coming out it is  really well lit you have lights up there and   also around the edges of the mirror is well lit  as well sweet looks beautiful and then turning   right back here behind me this is your little  I don't know little little office little Jack   Jack and you got a little office right here  little thing this door closes so you has some   privacy I've noticed this now in the two Deluxe  Resorts that the bathroom is by itself where in   all the other Resorts the bathroom and the shower  were combined but now they get that's separate   the shower is right over there wow that's a  really good looking shower I love it love it I don't think I showed you the view I have  a water-facing view so this is a nice little view there's a little bird  out there water nice little beach view all right it's 30 minutes until my  reservation at Chef Mickey's and so what I thought   I would do is I'm going to walk you I had to get  my umbrella guys the heat here um I'm going to   walk from here to uh Magic Kingdom and then back  and that should be more than enough time to get   back in time for our reservations as Chef Mickey  let's do this I do like the look of this hotel though that's the bus station  that's also the entrance to   the lobby to the Contemporary  this is the walkway to Magic Kingdom this walk takes 5 to 6 minutes and it  has own little security area though so you go   through so it's nice for security so if you are  standing contemporary I highly recommend just   making this little walk over here because  it is you go through security so fast you   can't take the Montreal of course that's  one of the coolest perks the Contemporary   is the Montreal but you can walk it as well  there's Space Mountain and Tron right behind it all right just crossed the street and then  you going to come this is a little security   center right here you go through security  and then literally you're at the Magic   Kingdom it's really simple and easy to  walk here there's the security Center   and now I'm going to walk back that's  how fast it is to walk to the resort   so if that is the most important thing  to you walking to Magic Kingdom there's   really only one it's the Contemporary  there it is the beautiful contemporary that's it just walk right back and Boom Pow  you're there I have a couple minutes I'm walking   back here so I just want to take a second and say  that I'm talking to you I am talking to you I hope   you're enjoying this video series it's kind of fun  uh trying to go to all these different Resorts and   I appreciate you watching it and if you guys feel  comfortable you can hit the like button you can   hit the Subscribe button and I really appreciate  that I want you to know that I am talking to you   you are amazing I hope you know that and if  you don't I want you to know that I know that   you make the world a better place if you are  going through a little bit of a rough patch   right now having a hard time maybe maybe  things are going the way you have planned   and this isn't exactly what you thought you'd  be doing or maybe your relationship is really   struggling or maybe you have some health issues  I'm sorry to hear that don't give up the world   gets better and the world is better  because you are part of it and I mean that I'm walking into the Contemporary because  we have a dinner reservation at Chef Mickey's   let's go do that right behind me there you see  a line of people there they're waiting to go up   to what's called the California Grill right  there the California Grill is on the roof uh   well on the top floor to floor 15 you check  in right here on the second floor then you   take an elevator and go on all the way up  to the top uh floor where you'll have dinner   it's a very popular restaurant because I think  you probably figure out why because fireworks   people want to be up there eating dinner  during the fireworks they can watch their   fireworks it's going to require reservation  you're going have to have a reservation to   go look at that but it is sweet I came up  the 50th floor and this is the observation   deck you come up here as well all right guys we  have reservations at Chef Micki let's go down   this is a special area elevator takes you from the  second to the 15th floor we have a reservation in   the California Grill that let you come on up here  so yeah it's really it's a really nice restaurant   too I'm sorry didn't get to show that but I  did get see a little observation area let's   go to Chef Mickey's I just checked in the lobby  and they have a little area where you can get a   photo they have professional and Chef B we're  about to go in there goes the express train all right so this is like a big buffet and uh I  want show food you get five characters that are   going to visit you you get Mickey Mouse Minnie  Mouse Pluto Donald Duck and Goofy they're going   to visit you here at your table this Buffet  is huge and massive they have all different   types of um see they have like cocktails and  different typ of drinks that you can order and   this is also a great place to oh look at the  salt shakers Hi how are you now this Buffet   you go through as much as you want over and over  and over and over again look at this beautiful [Music] buffet that looks good solid  offerings this is awesome we got noodles hot stickers it goes it's different all the way  around potato tots carrots Pizza more salad   and then they also have like dessert tables  as well and soup is minone soup of the day all   right let me go grab some food I'll be right back  all right so I got uh noodles vegetable noodles a   little bit of U some like prime rib a little bit  uh pork dumplings and some Mongolian beef with uh   broccoli Hi Minnie oh my gosh I love your outfit  you looks so good oh my [Music] gosh just want to   say thank you it's so good you made so many people  so happy so thank you so much Minnie you're the best now if you come here and you have kids  they will take time with the children they'll   give them hugs if you have a book they'll  autograph the book and you do photos as [Music] well oh that's why fa how are you no no  no no you look great I love your outfit   you look I love your hat I really do  you're so awesome by the way I know   that huie doy Lou give you trouble  you're always in the right though you're yes you are you know right  thank you Donald I appreciate it   oh thank you so much [Music] Donald hey  goofy oh my gosh you're fantastic sh oh I   love I love your outfit it look so good head  to toe to oh you like my tie oh thank you I   appreciate it thank you so much it's a pleasure  to see you I love it thank you for being so   positive all the time one of the best guys  goopy oh really stop it oh my gosh thank you goopy I think I'm blessing now like I said that  uh this you know for children they're going to   take their time with each child they'll let them  do you have to bring your own pen and in a book to   get them to autograph you want that and they'll do  photos your family photos it's a really fun dinner   the big man himself hi Micky it's so good to see  you thank you so much you made us all so happy you   brought such so you're wonderful we love you so  much and I love your little hat I love it it looks   so great you look great I love your little chef  outfit you're awesome thank you Mickey you're the [Music] best hey Pluto oh my gosh you look  fantastic oh you're looking good yes you   are oh thank you oh really thanut you're the  best you are the best seriously we love you so much all right plut thank thank you I got a big like like a kiss  there they go guys it's a party time [Applause] now they like a little  celebration dance they're like   anybody celebrating birthdays cheer anybody  celebrating anniversaries anybody celebrating   like just whatever cheer and then they they  were all dancing around the characters are   dancing but I have to say this this  Mongolian beef is so good how do get [Music] more guys I went back for third for this Mongolian  beef I love it so much for desserts have cookies   little mini cupcakes and Rice Krispy Treats  hot apple crisp garache brownies strawberry   lemon Shortcake cookies and cream cheese cupcakes  mini mini red velvet cupcake canoli cheesecake   for dessert I did the strawberry lemon sh cake  the red velvet cupcake and a cookie just leaving   Chef Mickey's it was awesome all right full  honesty about everything what I think about that   experience it's a it's Buffet the food was way  better than I thought it was going to be it was a   buffet style food but it was awesome so most most  time I say buffet food is like a 5 out of 10 but   that was probably like eight or 9 out of 10 it was  really good the desserts were okay but the food   was Exquisite then all those wonderful experien  you get with the characters it's just it's just so   fun they come to your table and they uh it's great  there were two families on both sides of me and   they had lots of little kids and a character spent  so much time with those kids it was fantastic all   right now we need to talk about Transportation  here from this uh contemporary resort easiest   resort to get to Magic Kingdom by far you can walk  it 5 minutes or you take the monel which is it's   kind of cool to do I'm not don't get me wrong so  take the monal the other thing that you can do   is you can actually um take you take the monoral  that's how you get to Epcot from here as well so   you got the monal Is for Magic Kingdom and also  for Epcot you can take buses the buses will take   you to Animal Kingdom and to Hollywood Studios  from here okay so Epcot you're going to take what   montal mat Kingdom monreal right here this is the  bus stop this a little bus stop this comes in it   take buses here to take you to Animal Kingdom or  to Hollywood stos Animal Kingdom from here to get   from here to Animal Kingdom that's the farthest  one away takes about 15 to 20 minutes 20 minutes   if it's really bad like get every red light and  did everything wrong whatever uh about 15 minutes   uh Hollywood Studios from here it's about 10 to  12 minutes 10 to 12 minutes to get to Hollywood   studio from here and they always have a little  uh monitor here to tell you what time it'll be here now you can always take a lift from here  you can always take a lift to Animal Kingdom   Hollywood Studios Epcot uh and they'll just chop  your off right at the front gate you never you   don't need to take a lift here to get to Magic  Kingdom because it's right there this this is   the closest as far as walking goes so yeah that  is really good uh and it's it's it's convenient   the the bus is to run often they're running  all the time so you don't need to worry about   that right here by the restroom they have a nice  little area here where you can put in and filter   your water get filtered water awesome tomorrow  morning we'll review the pool which is just the   end of this video for you guys and then we'll do  all the room tests but let me get down here and   kind of show you the shorefront there's the pools  down there splash pad and they also have down here   they have the Sand Bar and also like a little  pier let's check it out all right so down here   on the dock they've got like some Connect Four  they've got a pool table they've got a foosball   and there's lots of little games for people to  play down here this is where you can walk down here and they do have fishing apparently  fishing from the dock is not permitted   if you like to you have to oh you  get a fishing tour okay here you go let's walk down here that building right there  that's where our room is that we're overlooking   right here at the end of the period you catch  boats this is boat will take you to Wilderness   Lodge and it goes that's a different Resort  we'll be getting there don't worry it'll be   staying there and so the boat will just take  you out those are different lodges cuz they   have different like dining options out there  you might want to visit looks pretty doesn't   it contemporary I love this that top part there  that's the uh the California Grill very very top   part that's where people are always trying  to get reservations for for fireworks all   right see these boats here with like little  balloons on them we need to talk about these   These are something that's really special  here and also like at the Grand Floridian   they take you out into the bay right by the  Magic Kingdom and they play the music and you   get to watch the fireworks from the water from  this boat and they have like little treats for   you uh you get to go out there they have a  captain the captain drives you out there and   then once the fireworks show starts it stops you  kind of float along and you watch listen to music   of the fireworks and watch the fireworks from  the water now you have to have reservations to   do this and you need to make those really early  Advance cuz these things sell out like amaz like   so fast just wish there was somebody who would  make those reservations for you oh wait get away today I've done it once and  it was a magical magical experience little uh thing bag toss and Connect 4  now right here is the sandb this is going pretty   much most of the day it's serving the pool  let me show show it to you right here you   get some drinks get some food you take the  food by the pool area as long as you're 6 ft   away from the water they got hot dogs they got  sandwiches they've got all kinds of things for you it's so cool they have a little pool  table there all right guys nobody's here   so I'm going to film this right now  this a rarity okay this is a little   round pool okay it's a little round pool and um   they have these Cabanas you can rent these Cabanas  and it's just a nice little round pool it is 3 to   5T deep it's not the whoa duck came in for landing  it's not the main pool but this is like one where   a lot of people come out to relax just enjoy it  you know little round pool this is crazy got Ducks   I'm going I'm going to talk to I know management  I know Donald I'm going to tell them on you guys do you guys know what you call an exploding  duck a fire quacker oh yeah they they did not   like that oh man they're out of here like that was  inappropriate right not the time for jokes these   blue chairs here this is if you need assistance  getting a pool uh and they operate this and you   get in that pool it's a little chair it'll lower  you into the water it helps for people that needs   help getting in and out of the water there's a  little control on it it'll get you in and out   of the water if you need assistance there's the  pool behind me I will come here tomorrow morning   and and review it we got to go in the room guys  and get the get the water bottle ready to go   and get everything ready for the night but it's  pretty down here somebody did ask like I'm worried   about the heat then it yeah this gets hot this  this is Florida gets very hot but you're really   worried about the heat then you've got you know  uh December January February March those are very   very pleasant months I'd even say April's pretty  good May's not too bad it just starts getting a   little bit hotter that doesn't work time to pull  out that the hide bed I don't know how to do it that does like budging oh uh oh oh that's not good  you just you got to stretch it out a little my my tie so as you can see it's not that difficult  to do it looks like it turns a little day bed everybody's tuxedo was black but mine  was strawberry Red and that's when I   realized I just don't belong anywhere water bottle test tight what the heck good night water bottle you  guys this is check this out this   is going right here by the hotel  it is the what is that the electric   Boat Parade you guys it's starting again it's  right there in front of us what the heck is going on oh my gosh I never seen this this  is my first time oh my gosh I think   I have the best room [Music]  guys this is freaking awesome what is going on oh my gosh was  like fish jumping I'm right here   in the water you could see  the beach it's just right there I didn't even know this was a  thing I don't even know what's going on my gosh that's that like what that  old ' 80s or '90s song that rock the RO   the dinosaur dinosaur the dinosaur oh and oh now they've added  the crocodile see it's a dinosaur now   they've added the crocodile what's the  next one going to be is that Neptune I   guess or King Triton or something oh must be  King Triton cuz that's Little Mermaid music look at this guys they got little boats  out there watching it and the flags the   Stars the stripes and makes you  feel patriotic oh love [Music] this I've never seen anything like this B is chugging along they're enjoying the show that's it it just turned off now it's going  to go on and I think it goes over there and does   the show over there I love this all right I'll  see you guys in the morning good night guys bed test so it was a good bed um I'm going to  give it three Z's just three Z's out of five   uh it wasn't fantastic it wasn't bad but this is  kind of middle of the road three Z's out of five   and there's also something I need to talk to you  about this Resort that uh hasn't happened since   the Art of Animation I don't know if it's cuz  I have this connecting door right here or but   last night uh when I was going to sleep I could  hear the family next door and the dad or maybe   couldn't the mom I could hear the snoring like  they were snoring and then this morning when the   alarm clock went off their alarm clock I heard  the alarm clock and then I could hear them like   talking it was I haven't heard that much noise  from another adjacent room since maybe the art   animation that hallway but it might be because I  had a connecting door and um I don't know but I'm   just letting you know that the noise level here  was a little bit higher like I could hear that   other room whereas I haven't had that experience  in the other Hotel I'm busting my little bum this   morning because it is crazy in tomorrow's video  I'm going to be checking into the Grand Floridian   and I'm going to be doing something in that video  I haven't done in any other videos I'm going to be   getting a haircut they have a place where you go  get a haircut and I had I got made a reservation   actually I didn't make the reservation but we  get into that in tomorrow's video and so I want   to get there um and then I so I have to check  out of here early I have to check in there and   then go to the salon and so there not a lot  of time so I'm going to go quickly show you   breakfast offerings I'm going to come back and  show you the pool the pool might not be open but   there's a perfectly good fence around it like can  kind of videotape the pool then we'll go do the   room test and then I'm I'm out of here so let's  be quick this morning here I am on the fourth   floor and there's that chef chef Mickey you see  there's a big long line cuz they have breakfast   options we're going to go the Kempo uh Cafe and  and check it out and see what they have offered   for breakfast there's a Kempo Cafe oh they have  the Tacho Bowl which is awesome uh a lot of this   stuff we've seen the breakfast stuff seems to be  very similar no matter what resort you're going to   um except oh they do have what is this it's got  this looks like a breakfast pizza that's something   different there it is it's a breakfast flatbread  and they also have a breakfast burrito here you   place your order at the um you know with checkout  and then you go sit down and they bring you your   food out it's the there's a lot more people in  there when I was there yesterday afternoon that   Kempo Cafe there's hardly anybody there now  there's a lot of people in there sitting and   also the chef Micky's is very crowded okay we got  to go down and check out the swimming pools all   right the pools not open yet but the splash pad  is which is different from other uh hotels the   splash pad is currently open right now um looks  like there's a family playing there so I'm not   going to show it too much but I'll show what I can  then I'll show you the pool and I love this little   Mickey here so this is like the little interacting  Splash area they have there's a water can is there   little waterfall that falls down and little areas  they can Splash and a little Fountain area where   the kids can play oh it just started raining like  big just Big Thunder okay so this is the swimming   pool let me get a little area where you can kind  of see it it's Unique that it has two hot tubs so   this is the swimming pool area right here right  in the center see little water fountain is that   water fountains going over that is also a little  hot tub area and there's a hot tub area right down   there holy cow it's really starting to rain but  this is what I've been told about Florida weather   is that if it does rain don't worry cuz it doesn't  last long wow it's really starting to rain but we   are committed we're in it to win it all right I'm  going to walk down these steps this is going to   take you to Sandy Beach and I'll be to show you  the pool a little bit they do have volleyball   and they have like little uh Cabas you can play  here kids can build little things in the sand you   don't get in the water in the lake but it is nice  little Sandy area here and right over here is the   swimming pool let's get a little bit closer so  you can see the pool now the that is a there is a   water slide you see the water slide there see got  a little Tower you walk up into that water slide you see the water splashing because  of all the rain but this is the pool area I feel like compared a lot of the other  Resorts the theming we've seen here is it's   the pool is nice it's got two hot tubs which is  very nice it's got a water slide I think that   the uh as far as theming goes the theming  is not that strong I'm going to give this   2 and 1/2 2 and 1/2 pools out of five the  kids are going to be happy swimming in the   pool they're going to be they're going to be  this is great pretty happy happy with it but   there's not a lot of theming there and  they have that water slide which is nice   but there's like no themeing on water slide so  it's just kind of like um it's just there but   I think anybody who swam the pool is going to be  happy with it back in the room let's do our test   first test water bottle test this fridge  is different than the other Resorts seems like oh okay I felt that right off the bat  that's cold very very cold yeah no problems   with this one cold cold water which I need to  drink some right now cold cold water shower test [Music] so I thought because we're at the Polynesia which  is also a deluxe Resort that the showers maybe   they're all the same they're not they're not  the same this one here uh is one of the most   beautiful showers I've seen But the pressure  is only two and A2 two and 1/2 uh drips out   of five I Tred to show you the water is coming  from falling down it's not not to push it out   it Absolut looks gorgeous this is one of the  most beautiful looking showers I've seen But   the water pressure is really really low  which I guess is like an historian life   right sometimes there's beautiful things  that just aren't good on the inside flush test all right for this particular bathroom we  going to give us two and 1 half flushes out of   five two and 1/2 flushes out of five here's what  I'm going to do I'm going to do some shout outs   then when I'm done do these shout outs I'm going  to talk to you about the price of this hotel and   give you my honest thoughts of this uh amazing  Resort here so let's get into the shoutouts this   shout out is from Dan Travis hi Chris can you  please uh wish my partner Julian be a happy   birthday on the 22nd your birthday is going to  be tomorrow Julian I hope you have an amazing   birthday and I want you to know you you are  awesome um we love your videos and hopefully we'll   catch you when you come to Walt Disney World in  July love and best wishes to you Amanda and miles   all the way from Scotland thank you so much Dan  and happy birthday Jillian this next one is from   PS WFA PFS WFA and uh thank you so much for your  generous uh donation on the sh on thank yous and   this is what they said such an undertaking  try to get some rest and enjoy a little U   time thank you so much I appreciate that and I  hope you're enjoying this video series this next   shout out is from Donna Moore Donna Moore and  she wanted me to say happy retirement William   happy retirement that's amazing and then she also  want me to say she's like um she wants us to know   how much she enjoys watching our videos thank you  I love your energy and excitement in Sharing all   things dizzy thank you for all you do thank you  so much donam Moore and happy retirement William   this next shout out is from Laney of the Shire  Laney of the Shire this is so exciting I know   you're going to do great I like a shout out to  my daughter Ellie Ellie who makes every day a   Disney day literally she leads us around the house  showing us the castle and all the characters I   hope you're having a fantastic day Ellie this  next shout out is from uh Fiona McGill Fiona   McGill 5181 and she says I want to say how much  I love my husband I hope we get to see peos park   pass in Disneyland soon this next shout out is  from Emily Davis Emily Davis 9438 and she said I   want to give a shout out to my daughter Megan who  want a trip to Disneyland and is taking me with   her and her husband we live in Wyoming Wyoming  have fun on your trip this next shout out is from   Goku Goku 90260 and they said you're amazing  and you bring joy to everyone you meet thank   you thank you so much for saying that you're very  kind this next shout out is from storming stages   storming stages and uh they said I want to give  a shout shout out to my wife Emily she's a big   fan of when you sing at the end of your videos  also thank you for the thoughtful and heartfelt   positive affirmations you include in many of your  videos from Kyle oh thank you so much Kyle and   Emily you like those songs usually I'm literally  like looking right the camera doing something like   this I went to Disneyland [Music] today and I had  a really good time I hope you like the song Emily that that's those and literally it's yeah it's  they're kind of disasterous this next shout out   is from paa I think it's paa C 6989 and they  say I want to give a shout out to my awesome   seven-year-old son Jimmy he loves Disney trivia  and facts and you are his favorite Disney YouTuber   ah oh my gosh thanks so much Jimmy I'm glad you  like Disney you're going to love it your whole   life it's amazing this next shout out is from from  B3 JoJo B3 JoJo this is your patreon Joe kingp oh   hi oh my gosh I love our patreon community I love  it I love thank you so much I love that I love our   patreon community um wanted to do a shout out to  my wife for our anniversary and I can't wait to   take her and our kids to Disneyland Paris staying  in your favorite Hotel the seoa lodge oh my gosh   oh my gosh it's this summer thank you for all  your videos and your positivity positivity Chris   oh you were going to have so much fun this Paris  is amazing and SEO Lodge is my favorite one there   it's amazing and I might be going there this  summer and that's our last shout out for the   day which is a perfect time to talk about if you  do want to become a patreon become a part of this   amazing Community then click the link down below  there's a little thing that says patreon and for   little $3 a month you get include extra videos  and your name at the end card all right now let's   do a review and a cap recap of the Contemporary  oh man look at that rain look at that Lake this   okay okay so let's do a little bit of facts about  the uh contemporary resort it was built in 1971   and the it was one of the two originally  opening day hotels here the last time it   went through renovation the main tower the a  tower that went through a renovation in 2022   and then these Garden wings that that I'm kind  of off the side those buildings off the side   they went through a renovation in 2023 as you  see they did this whole new retheming here of   The Incredibles I like the them I like this hotel  I think it's a fantastic Hotel the price point at   this hotel is $550 per night up to $1,550 per  night and they they have rooms that could sleep   five up to 12 people so they have some larger  rooms here my honest feelings on Resort I think   it's so cool cuz the monal goes through and we  all see that we all want to see that and have   that experience I kind of feel like this is more  of a moderate Resort that they're pricing at a   deluxe Resort because of the conveniences this  is the only Resort where you can walk to Magic   Kingdom so easy back and forth within like less  than 5 minutes it's the only one so if walking   is important to you to get there early and you  want to stay late you don't want to worry about   Transportation options then this is the resort  for you hands down hands down because this is the   closest one to Magic Kingdom and that's important  to me I like to walk to the resorts so that's   one of the reasons I that's why I stayed here the  first Resort I ever stayed at when I came to down   here to Walt Disney World for the first time was  this one because I wanted to be able to walk to   the Magic Kingdom cuz I didn't quite understand  the transportation Transportation now I think   it's so easy to use but at the time I was like I  really want to walk so that's why I want to stay   here it is just storming out there like crazy now  here's what's going to be happening I'm going to   be checking out of this particular um uh hotel  at Resort and getting on I'm going to check my   baggage the baggage is going to be delivered over  I'm going to be going to the Grand Floridian uh   and I'll be taking a monell over to the Grand  flan to get there I'm going be checking in and   then I'm going to be getting a haircut hi what  so let's do that guys let's do this I'll see you   tomorrow in tomorrow's video you are amazing see  you tomorrow bye-bye you guys this is a massive storm I got to go in the storm get to the next  hotel I mean Resort this is luckily there's a   walkway so I'm walking under the walkway which  will take me to the baggage claim where drop   my bag off then I'm going catch the monitor else  I shouldn't have to be o

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