Croazia - Zadar meglio di Dubrovnik e Spalato?! Vi stupirò

Croazia - Zadar meglio di Dubrovnik e Spalato?! Vi stupirò

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Hi guys here Gaetano Martelli for another great video on the LOUD TRAVELERS channel. Today I took you to my second destination in Europe, in one of the most beautiful national parks in the world and we are in Croatia Guys like first day in Zadar or also called Zadar, we have just left the central port and passed through the canal of Long Island passing through two islets 300 meters away from each other to visit one of the oldest fishing villages that we find in Croatia, so much so that we have seen many fishing boats that passed in the waters overloaded with fish. Right now we are heading towards the south where we will find an archipelago with all the most beautiful and characteristic islets of Zadar where we will be able to stop for a swim in its crystal clear water for a first impression of the sea in Croatia I can say that the water is very clean but near the coast and near the port it is normally very agitated so those turquoise colors are not seen very much. Rent a boat and move to all the small islands of the archipelago that you will find a much clearer water. This is my first dive in Croatia and I have two incredible hunks who will throw me in the water, my assistants. Come on guys throw me in the water! We are in Iz. the island with the shortest name in Croatia

very particular as one can only be reached by private boats or by a ferry that leaves three times a week, on the island there is only one elementary school for middle school you have to go to Zadar, the main island, and there is only one gas station to refuel. The particular, nice thing about this island is that despite the fact that in all of Croatia it is mandatory to have the car overhauled here due to the absence of police, people care little about it, yes. they can see cars completely destroyed and abandoned but still walking. As a second stop we arrived at "Smallish" (in Croatian language) in a small village on an island 25 minutes by boat from Zadar. One thing to know in this very exploited village the solar panels have electricity but they do not have water so in the dry period the summer period ships arrive with giant containers of water to recharge the water reserves of the city that normally collect during the rainy period rainwater and they use that for everything they need to do. Very very small feature we go down and go to visit it.

I asked our skipper the question because one thing I immediately noticed: the cars none have the plates, no inspections, no insurance, nobody has anything. As we told you before, as there are no controls and police, the only cars that are completely in order that you see with a license plate are the cars of tourists, these are fantastic things. Do you know how much money the locals save ?! Now it's time to make a toast all together but the only problem is not a corkscrew to open them. Do you have a corkscrew? The cap I pick it up is fantastic, it has slippers that you lift them and underneath there is a bottle opener to open the beer, health guys! We are walking through the streets of this very particular village, a former fishing village in fact we see a lot of elderly people who live there and all of them are like 11 in the morning already they are all drinking beer. Our skipper bought me a beer too I 'm not used to drinking so early, we continue our tour that this place is really beautiful.

We have just taken a plum from the tree let's taste it, let's clean it a little with our sweet hands, a delicacy then to grow in. an environment so surrounded by the sea, the mountains and nature could only be very good. Let's head to the top of this village Guys look at what a beauty from this village, the view that there is an impressive thing. Do you like Luigi? I was breathless. He gasped, help! haha Every 4 years they have elections, it means nothing, but they still consider Zadar to be Italian, as for a few years it was part of Venice and another time it was Italian during the Second World War. The houses are made of stone, first of all because in Croatia there are stones everywhere because there are so many rocks, so many rocky bottoms, the second reason because there are winds in winter at more than 200 kilometers per hour, so the rock and stones are very more resistant to build houses, they also keep more heat inside and here as we can see we have the gutters that recover the rainwater that goes down inside the cisterns to conserve the water during the winter for the summer for recycling, because as I said before Gaetano there is no water on this island. Imagine living on an island surrounded by the sea where you have no water

if you think about it an absurd thing, we continue our descent to the dinghy that we move to another destination and we have just made a reservation in a restaurant for 1:00 pm so we will go to eat on a very small island where nobody lives there but we will find this restaurant. Have you ever seen a "water cucumber", look here, super slimy and as the friend said, it sprays only once. When they were very young they don't get to Croatia so much and the best way to play was to take these "sea cucumbers", press them and spray the water with a super liquidator that we had when we were little. Here we go!!

We have just arrived at the islet of Stoich (Croatian term), wait a moment I don't understand Adriano what he is doing underwater, I was saying that we have arrived on this islet where once the local people used to come to hide the gold. Remember one thing sea snails are found only where the water is very clean so this is something that explains you the water here in Zadar is really ..... We arrived in the fourth island which is called "Velij" (Croatian term ) with all these white houses with roofs made entirely of orange tiles so the colors that prevail are white and orange and it is a real postcard, this is the place where we stop to eat. As I told you that on most of these islands there is no water we have these pipes that are on the street and like every house in Italy it has a meter above that shows you the water and cubic meters of water you consume, look! Here they are collecting water and based on meters. cubes

you consume you pay for the water at the end of the month. which is much more expensive than other places. Guys, the restaurant inside is very characteristic, in fact I asked the skipper not to take me to a tourist restaurant but to take me to something very typical. It is built inside a rock with all these wooden beams supporting it and look at the interiors they are very old. The time has come for a delicious lunch, we took this mixed grill of meat as you can see it is made up of four five different types of meat and then I took a small plate of local rice that they made me this tomato rice with some vegetables and onion. I greet you because later we will continue the adventure in other more and more beautiful places, bye!

We arrived in long island in "Dragove" (Croatian term) and as you can see behind me we have this cave, this construction made of concrete which is located in the center of the mountain that splits it into two parts. Here at the time of the war with Yugoslavia they built submarines, brought them to this place, immersed them under water and then went to the middle of the sea to attack other boats with nuclear missiles. Inside this door we will go to visit the bunkers that were there from the war period still with the iron armored doors we enter inside. They are armored doors, look how double they are. The soldiers and the population came to take refuge inside, closed the doors and were completely isolated from the world. Let's go inside and remember that these crazy adventures, now I took you inside a bunker of the Second World War, you can only find them on my LOUD TRAVELERS channel.

Our skipper is back to pick us up closer to the cave, let's head to the next destination. To finish the day with a flourish, I came to the northwestern part of Zadar to see one of the greatest works that was built in 2015, a musical but also a historical work of art called Organi Marino. This staircase that descends directly into the sea, inside the staircase there are 35 pipes of different shapes, lengths and sizes, which with the undulatory motion of the waves makes it so that it produces very particular sounds like these that you are currently listening to at my shoulders, and what is even more beautiful here on these steps you can see the best sunset in Zadar, with the sun going down directly behind the mountains of the national park. Tonight I am a guest of a restaurant on the port of Zadar called "Giardin". Luigi good things ordered? Tagliatelle con la carbonara. We are in Croatia

and order the tagliatelle with carbonara, oh well let's try this dish with four different types of fish accompanied by grilled vegetables, we are in a seaside place we can only eat fresh fish. I have just arrived at the Zadar bus station , an essential place to travel by bus throughout the city but also outside the city.This morning I will go to Plitvice national park to see the Plitvice lakes, the most beautiful place we can find throughout Croatia and can be reached by bus and is about two hours walk from Zadar, the ticket costs 26 euros per person and the buses, better to check on the internet, depart from an hour to an hour and a half between both. We arrived at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for more than 50 years. The park is characterized by 16 lakes connected to each other by two main rivers

that feed them. The park is divided into two parts, there is the upper part where we find the largest lakes that are located within the rocky chain of the Dolomites while we have a lower part that would be the one with many smaller lakes of a fantastic color . An increasingly beautiful panorama, we arrived in one of the main lakes that we find at the entrance to the park, 14 meters deep. If we want to count a total of all the lakes that are inside the park, we arrive at a number of 93 lakes and the waterfalls are not known yet, because often new waterfalls are formed over time and I remind you one thing that it is completely forbidden to swim in the lake or where there are waterfalls. We will now go up the stairs and enter one of the larger caves. Guys an important thing to know, if you have chosen path C like me you will find this branch, where on the left you go into the cave and here you go up, the signs are not clear enough but if you have chosen path C, the path that goes from four to six hours, it is the second longest there is, you have to continue here on the stairs on the right and do not go inside the cave because one there is nothing, two takes you directly to the beginning of the path.

So let's continue because it is the second time that I have redid the tour to return. After the first two hours on foot we arrived at a refreshment area where there are tables and chairs to sit, relax, there is a diner and there are many bars. The water costs 3 euros, I advise you not to buy it, go near the bathrooms that there is a fountain with drinking water and the water is frozen, so save yourself these three euros for a small bottle and take it directly there this is a tip for travelers like me who travel and don't want to waste money on useless things, because honestly a bottle of water 3 euros, it doesn't make sense + too much, the water should even be free We have just reached the waterfalls that are at the top the mountain is not a single waterfall but a row of 12-13 consecutive waterfalls, a spectacular view! I recommend you sign up and follow me also on instagram, because on instagram you can see the whole photographic department of the adventures I do. At the end of the route climbing to the top of the mountain, you arrive at point P3 or Pt3 which would be exit number 3, I recommend you take the bus directly from there, which is completely free because it is provided by the park, which will take you back to the entrance number 2 from where the buses from Zadar arrive. I eat something, I get my energy back a little and we wait 20 minutes for our bus to arrive and finally we go there to rest a bit, hi guys see you later.

It is time for me too, who have been recording all day, to make this beautiful video for you, to relax for a moment. I moved for the last two nights in Villa Tina luxury villa. It is this complex of private villas with swimming pool, in fact this is the swimming pool we have on the second floor of our villa where you can relax if you are looking for a holiday with maximum comfort. Now I say goodbye and it's time for me to take a bath too, hello guys! Good morning to all guys, for the third day in Zadar we will go to visit another national park, Paklenica national park, our driver came to pick us up, he is waiting for us in the parking lot and we are waiting for 45 minutes by car to reach the park that is located 32km from Zadar we go and start this other fantastic adventure.

This day was possible thanks to the Zadar tourist board who hosted me and invited me to visit this fantastic park, I took a map and I wanted to reassure you that the first 20 minutes of the route are quite difficult then the two and a half hours that you waiting to get to the top are not heavy but they are feasible for everyone. It's a bit like seeing an oasis in the middle of the desert, about an hour's walk going up, we almost ran out of water, we didn't know how to do it because there is a bar at the entrance and the other is after type 2 hours of walking, I found a fountain where we can fill the water and the water is the purest because it scenes directly from the source. Let's get your head a little wet because when it's too hot it's better to avoid sunstroke, dizziness, always wet your head. We arrived at the fork, there is "manita pec", this "manita pec" would be the cave which is a 40 minute walk while we will climb to the top of the mountain, we have to follow this other path to the house in the forest and the top of the mountain. 20 minutes from the top of the mountain we find ourselves in front of this local restaurant where they make typical Croatian food, there is a small stream where you can take a bath, the water is really fresh, we cooled down, we had a drink and we head towards the top.

We made it!!! This morning for the last day in Zadar, I came to visit two points of interest one is the local fruit and vegetable market, all the typical local products taken directly from the countryside and brought here every morning from 7 to 9. Instead now I I head towards the fish market, oh well Zadar being a very large port has a huge fish market with many different types of fish so let's go and explore it, let's see what we find. I would like to understand why every time the fruit and vegetable market is always super quiet while the fish market instead there is an absurd mess, it seems that people like to scream. We continue the tour and show you some of the catch we find. From the fish market on Saturdays and Sundays people moved to the central part of the city of Zadar which is called "calle largo", it is the main street where you can find all the shops, supermarkets but also many restaurants in the many narrow streets that open on the right and left, the prices are not very high more or less like those of Greece when I went to Skiathos. Behind the church of Sant'Anastasia we find this column, it looks a bit like an anonymous column, but the guide explained to me that this was the column of shame any person did something wrong especially something bad inside the city of Zadar, was hung here on the column and for two days without eating and from the market that is here people would take the fruit and throw the fruits at the people who were here on the column ancient times should do so also nowadays in a different way for all those people who do harm. From the historic center we took an uber and went back to our villa and we enjoy the last two hours in the pool before returning to the airport, let's go, let's take a dip.

Croatia vacation is over, Zadar is a fantastic place. If you liked the video do not forget to leave a like, a comment and above all subscribe to my channel to support me in the next adventures in Europe, see you soon another super interesting destination, hello everyone! I dedicate this video to my nephew, Luigi Lucarelli, in order to remember our adventures even when I am far from him in some other part of the world.

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