CRAZY NIGHTLIFE in Xi`An, China... (YOU Won't Believe It)

CRAZY NIGHTLIFE in Xi`An, China...  (YOU Won't Believe It)

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good evening everyone we are here in Xian we are inside the Walled City and we are going to explore this place at night it is getting busy lots of people are around we're just by the Bell Tower here looks like such a spectacle when the lights come on this road here it looks bustling it looks hustling so we're going to go take a walk down here and see what it's like oh yeah actually there seems to be some big shopping mall we're not going here right now because this is not a shopping mall Vlog you never know we might end up there who knows we're just going to go around Xian at night explore this place check out the Night Life see what's happening maybe get some food going as well because every single Vlog obviously we got to eat because where are you? because we're hungry of course we are!! look at this, there's dogs puppies what? look at them we saw somewhere else earlier on our favorite shop absolutely love it MIXUE we saw earlier on somebody had a little like hamsters yeah I thought they were crazy you guys the side streets of Xian have turned into Pet Shops little bit confused however I guess there's a bit of everything going on yeah we've got some Hanfu here in front of us the traditional Xian outfit if you guys have seen our previous Vlog you will know exactly what we're talking about because we had the opportunity to wear them ourselves and go around the city that was really cool love that experience What's Happening Here? I saw this place from way back there on the main road and that caught our eye because it did it's quite bright all these signs are bright they're colorful some of them are flashing it got our attention from the street right back there because we were like wow what is going on down here so we came over to check it out I think we've got food stalls here we've got restaurants I see street food sellers out here wow that side of the road I don't know what's happening on this side but here I can tell lots of food we haven't checked out the Muslim quarter at night we've heard it comes to life with all the lights the street food the restaurants there's lots of Halal places there as well things on the radar tonight are the most famous hamburger called Rou Jia Mo also known as Roger Moore easy for the westers to remember... what? my favorite game with the guns and the balloons should we? why not let's go and do it yayy all right let's go waste our money straight away wait how much is it because I don't wanna pay too much let's find out it will be written somewhere um how much how much money we're trying to find out how much I thought you said Duo shao as how much 30 that's a bit much so we saw this place and we decided we wanted to try we fill these up like that let's just make sure we ain't got no blanks going here then so we're going to put the little bullets in here and then oh look we've even got union jacks on the the dart we had to do it then right so we've got the UK here okay here okay so now we're going to load up in here okay and you got it's ready for you to go you're going to show us your skills I mean let's see if I'm as good as I was the last time impress us oh that gun got pointed straight in my face stand here oh my gosh come this side this one huh on that line a this guy is really specific about his lines oh that was one let's go from here oh and another one how many did you hit so far? yay go girly go girly Ready there we go yay try some alright the aim is so off it's so so off you look through that little hole oh there you go she got one there we are good job load it again again oh now you're going oh finished okay do I win anything? okay here we go you can scan this pay the man how many did we even get I'm not sure maybe we'll have to rewind the footage and then see where we ended up but there you go so we managed to do it 3 yuan I think so just £3 and thank you my friend okay pleasure we won nothing not successful today it's all right we're just getting the night started anyway it's fine got the aim game going on a little bit but the aim was a bit off because the gun was a bit wonky that's what I would say that's Taz excuse anyway look at this got some good food here wow we have lots of different foods around here we've got street food Galore look at all of these different places up here wow we've got options to the left we've got options straight ahead I think straight it looks a little busier and it looks like there's a little more option ooh what's going on over here this is the meat skewers yes I can see some meat on the sticks over here this is looking good this is the dessert the one that we tried in Chengdu Bing Fen? yeah the meat skewers is taking my fancy right now is it too many foods behind you look at these I wonder what this is for whether it's just plain fruits on sale or if it goes in a dessert or something really cute dog down there wow see the one thing I'm always thrown off balance is I don't associate coconut and china yeah so true we got coconuts here we have wow oh look crabs we have some shrimps over here these are huge crabs they're big I like it this looks like something with cheese like durian with cheese from the photos are you up for that durian and cheese that sounds nasty if that is even a thing you just made it up I hope it's just a figment of your imagination no it looked like durian and cheese you guys back me up let me know was it durian and cheese hey mixue number 559 that's a sign from the universe getting so loud down here oh my goodness it is crazy this street has come alive Xi'an has come alive there is everything going on wow another one another mixue literally opposite the one that's just the other side of the street there there is one here wow oh and an arcade over here well let's go check it out see what's happening at the arcade if you guys know us then you would know we absolutely love arcades anytime we see one we have to go and check it out so the people in China when they're in an arcade they take it up a level welcome like espcially these dancing games they take it seriously here they've got all the moves just like this guy he's taking it easy he's just warming up okay so arcades, love them absolutely love them two for the price of one have they got Jurassic Park or Tekken? that's our absolute favorite oh and basketball as well we're going to have a go at this do you want to ride a horse you got some serious skills this Jurassic Park is that Jurassic Park? yes the Chinese version got to be done yes absolutely Jurassic Park we love you this is our absolute favorite arcade game ready? Mission complete woo we won yes look at you what a champion next one next one alright get ready for the next level let's do this this is a double win what a day to be alive what a day that was a lot of fun wasn't it that was a lot of fun I worked up an appetite I'm hungry now so we're going to head left I think so for a week night this in the week this place is not doing bad whatsoever wow look at all that back there woo Xi'an is really great tonight I love it everybody's on a holiday everybody's out enjoying themselves having some fun chilling out eating some good food what more could you want that's what we're out doing as well because we're out here to get some food as well as experience the night life here in Xi'an because it is looking really good Xi'an during the day is beautiful cultural very nice big character big city love it but at night it's also known as the city that never sleeps because of the light so yeah that is what we're here to experience no shortage of McDonald's anywhere here in China but that is not what we're here for every time we see McDonald's that's what we like to say we're not here for the fast food unless it's something really exceptional which the Western fast food unfortunately is not which is why we're not going to have that but look where we are now we were on the other side of the road before we've magically come out on this side here I'm not sure how that happened but we're here now this is what we mean by Xi'an comes to life at night look at that view there beautiful that is the Bell Tower and if you want to know the history about the bell tower watch the previous Vlog because we explained it all so now you know it's not just Aesthetics and good times here it's education as well I've lost my bearings I haven't it's up there this way okay it is absolutely wait one second let me confirm it yes we were there earlier okay and now we're going that way into the subway we go let's do this this Subway in Xi'an is amazing so if you haven't been down here before get ready to get lost it's got so many exits we are going to the right to the right the hanfu the beautiful hanfu's okay we are taking exit number 1 I think I hope so I think we're going around this way that way look it's a big map there I'm not surprised there's a map down here and because this one's the biggest we've ever taken anywhere in the world it is huge all right let's go get some food and see Xi'an at night I am loving The Vibes beautiful why are there so many people here guys you don't have school College University or what what's happening? this is a weekday night and everyone is out having a good time I am not complaining I'm just wondering China knows how to have a good time and Xi'an definitely has energetic vibes here all right I'm just following this one here I have a feeling we're going the wrong way but I might be wrong look at the amount of people out here everybody's on the steps mostly to get that beautiful shot of the bell tower up there look at that shall we have a look come on then let's go up to the bell tower go let's go let's go I'm coming Bell Tower we're here for you look at this gorgeous view of the tower it's the green the red and the golden so magical I think we're headed that way there yes we are I am so hungry now I need to go and eat something yeah me too my batteries are empty I'm racing away I want to go eat something that is the second tower that's the one that we're headed to that one is called the drum Tower people everywhere just the way we like it we like to see the hustle and bustle in every city we visit Chengdu was nice and laidback whereas Xi'an is full of life and energy yeah Xi'an seems to have a lot of both foreign and local tourists as well of course it's attracting with it historical significance with its incredible beauty its character lots of people are out here to see it and I don't blame them we're joining them too I can't get over all of these lights beautiful right everything's so beautiful and lit up and colorful and bright I like this as well the way it's all outlined golden and orange gorgeous and look this is another really popular thing this is the second time or the third time we've seen this the calligraphy with water on the path they do it here on the pavement and this is all water the way it's done so beautiful can you guys let us know what these words mean again because we have no idea but they look really good to the eye very satisfying oh yeah look uncle is over here painting them Uncle here he's doing it and it looks amazing look at that it's so cool and it's really beautiful very good it's very beautiful the way they're written I really love it it's so pretty to look at very aesthetic but I don't know what it says I wish I did so if you guys if you can read it let us know I'd love to know but we're going to head through now this kind of looks like a little Alleyway of shops and hello people are friendly everywhere you guys wow Xi'an's got some of the friendliest people we've met so far but as I was saying as I mentioned earlier here is now demonstrated Bright Lights shops Alleyway leading to as we get just under this bridge you will just see the drum Tower by the Muslim district oh wow yeah we've not been on this side before this looks so cool the path just opens up in front of you and just behind this bridge is the drum Tower I love the way this opens up this is mixue country Xi'an has the most mixue we've seen anywhere so far in China another one and we're still here in the alley on our way to the Muslim streets for some amazing food you know we should go through our footage of all the times we've pointed out there's a mixue we should do a count of how many it's honestly going to be 50 plus oh look at this wow the Towering structure of the drum Tower oh these places look beautiful at night this is stunning you know you can come during the day right it's not going to do this place any justice whatsoever but it looks nice it looks beautiful don't get me wrong but the way it looks at night it stands out wow we have a look just run to the side here I think it's where the Muslim quarter starts right by the side of the drum Tower oh this is already looking too colorful if you guys could see me walk right now you would know that I'm racing I am speeding my way over to the main pedestrian street because of all of the food that's on offer this is buzzing I'm hungry now for sure it's dinner time what better place to come at than the muslim quarter to try out some delicious goodies so bright down here it's loud it's colorful it is calling our names I love the way there's Signs on both sides I don't know what it says well I'm sure it's the name of the restaurants but so much color oh my goodness check this queue out what is this queue look at this what's happening around here check that it's Rou Jia Mo yes these guys must be some Next Level Rou Jia Mo because that is a long queue wow I think that's similar to the place that we tried on our first day here in Xi'an we came down here around lunchtime we were feeling hungry we had a Rou Jia Mo and we had one from a long queue I still can't remember the name but it was really good so I understand it can I just say this place looks 10 times better at night than it does during the day I don't know what do you guys think do you think it looks better at night or during the day I think I'm team night because of the colors it just looks more vibrant oh is that the biang biang noodles oh the way the Auntie is doing them look at that they look amazing is that why they're called biang because of the sound it makes because the noise it makes when they slap them out they're handmade so when they're doing it it's supposed to make a biang noise wow look skewers looking lovely oh my God he's grilling some meat very nice look at that that looks spicy nice do you want to try some absolutely I'd love to should we should we'll do it here yes okay these look good wow okay he's won me over already can we get two? oh look at that we got some good masalas going on there some spices look at that delicious how much 20? look at those spices some different sauces wow they are looking absolutely delicious woo what's this these are squid Huge, never skipped gym day in their life they're huge they are quite big squids actually I'm kind of surprised look at this we got the flame going over here we get them grilling nice and barbecued there's nothing better than a barbecued meat did you see the juice dripped down to the grill it looks delicious look at that loading up the spices okay oh my gosh this is hot yum have you seen the skewers they're literally like weapons they can double up as a weapon yeah that's a spear that's resourceful this is so resourceful yeah they've done it off an actual twig or a branch then they changed into a skewer which one do you want to go for this one or this one choose me one with the least amount of fat maybe this one oh that looks fatty that's the reason I went to it okay oh this is like the signature melt in your mouth it tastes almost like it's not fat but it's cheese oh yum cheese oh it's melt in your mouth so good and my guy just done it off the grill and I've eaten it straight away not realizing how hot that was maybe that's the reason the fat was so melt in your mouth texture they've been cooked Street side fresh as you can get okay what do you rate it? this looks good wow that is really good wow that's so tender it came off straight away and like you said those spices are just so good really flavorful 10 out of 10 perfect little snack I'm going to carry on walking and eating before we do that I'm going to get one more thank you very much yes brother going to get one more one more there you go you know what I just tried it because I wanted to see how good it is loved it gets my points 10 out of 10 so I'm going to get another one before we crack on and get something else along the way why not there we are easy my boy here doing some lovely grilled meat very good thank you very nice right next to this one where we are waiting for our skewers we also have over on this side we have some tofu oh there we go we have some this looks like a Takkoyaki I don't know what this is I don't know some ice cream it definitely looks like something sweet but we've got a huge shop back there as well there's loads of different bits some bamboo ice creams as well and then even down here I think we have some steamed cakes I think oh we had this in Chengdu actually they have these little pots here that they steam it all in and then they put different toppings they have some sugar little sweet bits over here there's some animals what's this? I'm not sure what this is it kind of looks like something with some beans in maybe something savoury I don't know but some pomegranate juice I don't know, blueberries? I'm not sure oh there's Taz I was just about to turn around and see if I could go and find him but there he is he's coming in oh this looks like it's loaded with even more spice now look at it oh my goodness yeah that looks delicious is it just as good as the first time round there seems to be a crowd favourite yes this looks so cool we've got like a dragon spewing out its steam this is a popular photo spot I wonder what's at the back behind it not sure but everybody loves to get their photos taken here I love it they're looking beautiful in their dresses in their hanfu very nice and someone is still going it's all around your face got different caricatures we've got people having theirs done in there and you can come down here the night is buzzing they've got so many different things to do what's this spices some dates? something? what is this it looks like a spice or a date? okay yeah okay it's like this is it a date oh look somebody else is taking them as well I wonder if they're spicy? not spicy? I think they're like spicy dates it's a bit sour I think it's like a sultana but it's a bit sour it's got like a little bit of Tamarind to it okay that's got me in a really good mood but I want to eat more this place looks like we've got loads of different restaurants they're all selling kind of the same things along this main part at least but have you seen something? look at this guys we've got loads of different bits out the front meat on Stics this is this bean jelly something I thought the first time this is probably potato it's not it looks like potato though it really looks like it to the untrained eye that is definitely 10 out of 10 potato that's maybe some sort of troters some kind of feet yeah and then we've got the meat skewers down there squid at the other end we got Rou Jia Mo we have some just here they're waiting for us look at that like come on guys order something okay let's go in let's go sit in here we go we're going to sit down here we've got a Menu here our lovely waitress is here ready what are we going to get let me try my skills at Mandarin Reading I think this is Rou Jia Mo so I think so this one here going to get two top one yes two please and the potato this one ice peak orange this color like that one yeah one thank you we're going to try and Sample as many things as we can little by little everywhere I want to see oh yeah look you guys I can see him doing it here oh look at that we've got what's it called the noodles here the rice noodle guy and now he's going to put it in the pot behind him but I think he's gone camera shy I just waved and he didn't respond look at that it makes that noise and now he throws it in the big pot behind him and he's still going look more more more more it's so thick as well they have all the bit it's pre-made here and then they roll it out into one long noodle and it goes into the pot as just one really long and thick noodle that's so cool I love it this is my favorite drink now it's way better than Fanta because this tastes like it's got real orange whereas Fanta is like Fanta you know like artificial flavors oh look at that we got the Rou Jia Mo look at the pieces of meat in there that chunky piece of lamb or beef or whatever goodness that is in it yum as I was saying earlier to the untrained eye if you give it a little wiggle and a little jiggle you would think this is potatoes right it's not it's red bean or some bean fried bean jelly yeah not red bean I think it's not red bean jelly I don't know you guys let us know we did the translation that's what it came up as but the spices on this are crazy look at those yum we saw this all throughout the street as well so it must be a very popular snack to have or a popular dish to have for your dinner so should we try and give this a go yeah of course it's time to taste this this looks like the absolute best Rou Jia Mo this is by far the most stuffed one we've had so far would you say looks like the most filling the meat inside is juicy see it's moist we've had enough now we know that some places had meat that was dry not here they are really generous with that little soup that they pour in it and the bread is so nicely toasted as well so all in all this is definitely 10 out of 10 oh I can see them as well we've got front row seats because they're making it at the front too there you go doesn't get much more behind the scenes it is time for me now to get stuck in because otherwise I'm going to get left behind here you guys I need to eat he might go in for seconds I wouldn't put it past him it's good right delicious okay let me try some right now let's give this a go I think we are kind of a Rou Jia Mo connoisseurs now we've had a fair few while we've been in Xi'an so it's very hot very hot oh my God I just took a big bite you guys but actually that is the best Rou Jia Mo we've had so far delicious the bread is so nice fresh a little crispy but soft on the inside and the beef it's not dry whatsoever delicious right I'm finishing up let's go my mind keeps telling me that I'm eating potatoes the best potatoes ever oh oh oh this seasoning is off the charts crazy so good have a look at this doing a jiggle jiggle that was a giveaway because that's how I figured out these aren't potatoes this is something else translated it fried jelly beans what's the local name for this guys comment below let us know this is So Divine love it our food Adventures just don't seem to stop trying something new new drinks new food why not here for it guys okay finished up you guys that was amazing this restaurant is probably the best food we've had in Xi'an byebye okay so you guys this is where we ate this place here and honestly do we recommend it absolutely absolutely the Rou Jia Mo down here in our personal opinion is 10 out of 10 by far the best in Xian I actually think that it might even be the best one we've had so far throughout our whole time in China even in Shanghai Beijing Chengdu and here so far the best it was absolutely delicious look at this do you fancy ice cream right now no I want to drink something first this looks really good look at that you got Oreo you got different sauces on it hello hello my friend and it's all in bamboo as well bamboo cup yes let's come back let's walk off that Rou Jia Mo a little bit let's get some steps in work up a little bit more of an appetite get a few steps in you guys and then I'm going to have some more space for something else but I am thinking about having pomegranate juice everyone's got it there oh yeah there's here yeah go wherever we're fancying a pomegranate juice can we get one please we have one of these ones pomegranate delicious look at the size of this watermelon is that real that is not real it says country of origin Myanmar look at this size that's huge wow that's quick and look at our pomegranate juice being made there nice it's going in nice and fresh oh we love pomegranate juice I think there's some more juices along here but this is going to be delicious haven't seen it in China yet so I'm curious to see is it going to taste good is it going to be fresh how much is this no idea I just saw it and I need to have this too many pomegranates everywhere thank you how much? 15? kay that's the one good thing about China yes everywhere any shop any restaurant that you go to they've all got QR codes hanging everywhere so scan, pay, off you go all complete nice and easy look at that 15 yuan and it talks to them as well so it tells them when you've done a payment because I always wondered how do they know whether you pay or not we've got our pomegranate juice got a straw ready? it's got fresh bits and pieces in there I'm excited for this oh oh oh so good it's not overpowering some pomegranite juices that you have they're so sour it literally turns your face like this one's good like what? like this it's really good though this is balanced you could tell from the color of the pomegranate if it starts going a bit white it starts getting sweeter the more red it is the darker the color the more sour the pomegranate in my expert opinion I like it there we go I like kind a bit more sour I like bit like tingly like a bit Punchy yes love it ooh sweet let's go see what else Xi'an has to do at night here there's so many shops and restaurants as far as your eye can see all the way down this road and I think that there are different Alleyways as well that Branch off of both sides and you can just walk for miles and miles and miles and eat good food and good food and good food what do you think 10 out of 10 everything I mean I sound like a broken record but I've been super impressed with everything here the history the culture the color the character the energy don't forget the amazing amazing food if I could move to China so far from the places every single City that we've been to I would definitely move down here Xi'an would be the place I agree it's the place I think I've enjoyed the most so far the food is delicious those naan breads over there are absolutely huge and there's all different varieties as well look at those we've got smaller ones at the front we've got round ones we've got ones at the back with some Sesame on this one oh yeah look at that some sesame seeds they're very nice love I love it all right no night out on the town would ever be complete without these Beauties the shiny rubbish shop I love these it's standard you've got a dragon with steam coming out you've got these beautiful lights magenta purple whatever you want to call it some beautiful signs in Chinese in Mandarin you got some water works has to be done and then once you go inside it will all be random goodness in here and this is how it starts these shops I never understand them like they are just full of everything and there's five or six down the street I'm sure there will be more than five or six and they all have the same stock as well bracelets you got time pieces we got some VR egg chairs here as well for your kiddies to keep them occupied oh you got little Terra Cotta Warriors as well so you have area specific souvenirs as well there you go this terracotta Warrior if he is one has been eating too many Rou Jia Mo I love these shops they're just so so random but they all seem to have a similar kind of stock to them they've all got the same sort of stuff like key Rings Bracelets, key Rings Galore they've got different writings on there oh okay for 10 yuan so 1 for 10 yuan okay guys here we go so choose one whichever one you want one yeah choose whichever one so this one this one this one whichever one it's for 10 okay thank you okay what else do we have? I just love these shops it's always bound to get you in some good mood because they're so hello oh very nice flower what is this? some tea yummy here we are some for you as well flower tea there we go that's awesome that's a beautiful thing about China everywhere you go you handed out samples ah I still haven't finished mine go for it cheers how do you say cheers in Chinese okay very nice so fruity oh yeah love it cherry rose ah lovely blackcurrent got blueberry, rum raspberry Peach oolong, Jasmine, Mango Passion Fruit yes thank you the variation here is off the charts so many had no idea tea like this could exist beautiful all right what else do we have got some sunglasses hats got some music going some cool stuff you can play the drums here as well there you go show them your skills I couldn't resist oh this is for the drum Tower now you know hence the drums there we go oh we got some hello mate how's it going look at these action figures Captain America, Batman Batman who's that LeBron James wearing red why are you doing that mate it is pomegranate juice number two time hello can I have one pomegranate thank you yes yes look at this you don't really get pomegranate in Asia like yeah fresh juice I haven't seen it anyway in places like Thailand the Philippines, Malaysia filling up nicely look at that look at that this is so easy to make if I could get one at home someone's doing the pomegranate and then I'll just make some fresh juice all day every day wow I'm so excited we love pomegranate juice as well so I mean we love it so much we're having it for the second time tonight so good how much 20? there we go you guys we came down here to get some pomegranate from this lovely lady nice and fresh juice second one for the night oh this one you can see from the pomegranate it's much darker in color which means it's a lot less sweet it's more Tangy and you like yours with a punch don't you yes I do look it's so much darker in color as well so good we've come down to a side street but more food wow this looks long as well fish spa we got a fish spa here as well in case if you want that or you can get some foot rub as well why not we got some crinkle potatoes that's the same jelly thing that's not potatoes guys so giving you a little heads up in case of you're thinking that's potatoes it's not Mr Monkey man's here wow I can't get over how much fresh fruit there is watermelon as well oh and sugar cane yeah yum fresh sugar cane do you think we can mix sugar cane and pomegranate together oh I don't know you can mix pomegranate and orange that is a very good combination we've tried that out before claw machines somebody was lucky with a claw machine earlier tonight oh wow wow I was a winner can I just tell you guys this it's 10:00pm and there's no signs of this place slowing down any minute because as far as you can see it is busy there's people still out on a weekday night that's amazing I think these are Regional tourists even International people as well there's too many foreigners that we've seen in Xi'an as well that's really cool what is this Hamley's toy store? so cool looks like it's some kind of tea shop and the British do tea as well so just as much as the Chinese do there you go I think it's time to get some ice cream or something because I'm seeing more stalls along here are you wanting ice cream now absolutely okay then there's one here these are like bamboo cups right I think so yeah so you want one in a big cup then yes let's do it these are Big which one would you like? I don't know how much? oh no one second but he understood my how much okay we've seen this everywhere 20 yuan which one would you like I don't mind we go for this one this one yeah can we get one look at that and a bamboo cup ooh so it's actually got a plastic cup inside makes sense because if it melts the bamboo cup might not be able to hold it that's a lot of ice cream for 20 yuan that is not bad that's great value for money so marshmallows oh this is the time to decorate it are you trying to make sure if this is real? I just had to touch it to see if it real, it's plastic look at that oh yes oh my gosh that's huge now this is going to be a loaded one as well this is our ice cream artist at work chocolate sauce this is huge wow got some sprinkles coming up now oh my gosh there we go there you are Madam thank you this looks unbelievable wait let me turn it around for you the spoon is sticking so far out I'm scared it's going to fall before it hurts someone yeah that looks so good that is beautiful look at that heart-shaped marshmallows you got some chocolate syrup on there as well and then you've got sprinkles in the bamboo amazing what a way to finish off the night we have to eat it quick because it's starting to drip so yeah but how is the ice cream though the sprinkles are really cute this ice cream is different I don't know why I don't know what it is but it tastes milky it's so creamy I'll help myself look at you going for it you got to try some of this it's really nice actually and it's a generous portion for 20 yuan I was going to say that is not bad whatsoever are you ready there's 2 yeah the ice cream's really good it's super milky and creamy it's calling out our name before it melts let's do it justice finish it and we'll see you guys in a minute let's go this is not not a bad ending whatsoever for 10:30pm at night every single place is still open there's still people coming in still sign of life also they have a culture of being out earlier on in the evening as well so it's not like you can't say oh you know everybody comes out much later and stays out later they're out early too so it's just a very steady stream of people I love it it's bustling down here still for very late at night and I think on that happy and fulfilled note we're going to wrap it up tonight because it's been amazing it's getting a bit cold right now as well it is we are so full we have to walk back to the hotel this place still has a queue going that is insane they have a queue at all hours of the day wow but guys it's been an absolute pleasure Xi'an we've loved you at night you're even better than in the day Happy Days very happy let's finish it here you guys know the drill already we're Taz & Libby if you've not subscribed yet go check out our second Channel as well @TazandLibby we're going to share loads of BTS loads of unseen footage that doesn't make it on to this channel so go subscribe there too and we'll see you somewhere at some point here in China in the next one subscribe!!!!!!

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