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if I tell you I have to K**L you!! okay public drunk and disorderly behavior we haven't noticed that in China so that's pretty cool this is crazy how on earth can we get out of here? welcome to Chongqing we are here in this Bustling City it's almost 7 p.m. and look at this street we're in the Jiefangbei area and we're going to explore, we're going to see what it's like in the evening all the lights are coming on look at this crazy place SPA two free tickets to this SPA guys what does this mean? tell us I don't know but anyway we're going to check out these streets look at all the bright lights the noise everything that's going on is crazy here it's going to be a night to remember I think so we've made it a point to go around as many cities in China whereever we're visiting we're going to show you the night life as well show you just how safe it is for two people to go out and enjoy that time without you know the fear of drunk people getting in your face or without the fear of getting mugged or robbed or anything like that female as a solo female or as a couple just going there and having a good time you know what China's streets are some of the safest that we've experienced anywhere on our travels in the world I mean we did it in Urumqi, Beijing every single City that we've been to Shanghai as well absolutely we've been out every single City and it's so much fun Chongqing it's the monster city of China it's just got to be done because the night is when all of these buildings they come to life like you got these big screens everywhere you got these big shops neon signs we're going to head down there in a minute we're going to head over to this place here because this is where we saw a lot of food earlier so let's go and check this bit out we're going to show you what the night life here in Chongqing is like everywhere else in China has been amazing Chengdu, Shanghai Beijing Xi'an, Urumqi you name it Green Man Let's cross okay let's see what's happening down on this side of the road so this is the popular Jiefangbei area this is where all of the action is got some fruits and bits if you want that this entire section of the road it's a pedestrian street it's all food food everywhere of course it won't be a pedestrian street without that what have we got that's some yogurt (*tofu) very nice brilliant not in the mood for any yogurt right now we want to see what we want but right now it's just to go around see what's happening here in Chongqing and from the looks of it there's a lot that's going on already all right there is a massive queue here I wonder what this is for what are these guys selling here cartilage cup? do you have fancy some cartilage cups that's interesting it's a chicken with a lot of spice oh my guy just burnt his hand but the thing is the queue is too long the queue is so long it must be good I'm surprised we have so many different types of fish down here here we go here come all the announcements and the speakers I love it can I just also point out this is a week Day evening it's not over the weekend and this place is so Lively it's so buzzing already and this is just one side of the pedestrian street it's not even the main street yet it's like literally the corner this is the food Street I think we have big stores on the right hand side we have Puma and FILA and then on the left hand side you have all the food places there's restaurants on the second floor give me it what is this it's rice is it nice? it's that Rice Crispy dessert go on see what I mean good? I like it nice yeah it's like a rice cracker nice I like how this place looks when it comes to life at night like when it all lights up it's just so buzzing the atmosphere is electric all right cool got some fruits here on the side watermelons Citrus do you know the good thing that I've noticed about Chongqing and all of these areas I would say these are touristic areas but the food has a big variety it's not just your standard spicy potatoes and skewers there's so much more happening what is this a Citrus Garden wow look at this this looks like some Citrus pulp some more bits in there made out of citrus look at this is unique I've not seen this before a shop entirely dedicated to Citrus produce I have to say China is very heavy on all of their fruits there's fresh fruits everywhere and their fruits are big the oranges are like this the Watermelons are like this it's crazy and we have durian with cheese again on this one the second one would you fancy trying it? no it's literally everywhere that was a resounding no so this seems to be a thing look that's roasted Durian with cheese I wish I was that adventurous because Durian you need to have a strong gut to be able to try Durian especially with cheese it's another level altogether I think we should try it this actually looks appetizing are you going to do it? that's baked potato with cheese no the middle one baked durian with cheese okay yeah let's do it 25 Yuan can we have this one here? one small this one there we go it smells funny already it smells like durian wow so you can have durian with cheese durian cake with cheese or baked potato with cheese that's more my kind of style or baked banana with cheese banana and cheese is actually a weird but very good combination we've tried this in Malaysia we really like it and Indonesia they really like banana and cheese together as a dessert Durian and cheese so I just wonder what it tastes like hopefully this is going to be a good or bad thing it's either going to make my night or it's going to absolutely ruin it yes it's going to make your stomach party or very sad let's wait for our durian to be prepared what's in this shop here they're doing some grounding with the nuts maybe they have these like yogurt or nougat things I thought this was a real person I thought this was a real person as well it looks so he looked up at me and I smiled that's a grandma I couldn't work out for a minute I was looking the lady behind the counter's laughing at me because I'm looking like Is that real so what is it looks like they're grinding pepper yeah or like some nuts or something I love it and there Mahjong everywhere like all on the ceiling the whole theme crazy what are they selling? what are you looking for it's dessert sweets sweets It's that rice paper thing yeah not rice paper but rice cake like yeah Rice Crispies it's these ones here which one's better this one or this one yeah this one this one thank you everyone is so super friendly we say this every single time we must sound like broken records but they're so nice it's the best and such a nice feeling very hospitable very warm and now we're back to waiting for our durian cheese we got distracted along the way look he's going for it again mushroom crisp this one is a small crisp oh yeah look at that and this one in the middle I think is pork I see a sign at the top so that is where all of the actions happening right now I am a bit nervous about that and there's not many things on this planet that make me nervous but Durian and cheese on the other hand it's a new thing altogether you're brave you're really Brave I don't know if I can do it I've tried durian twice you've tried it a few more times than me and it's just not for me it is coming out so I think it is ready now which one is ours this gentleman here he's waiting for something as well he ordered banana and cheese he wasn't as adventurous as we are there we go okay you got the cutlery there you go yes there is is it hot I'm going to say probably yes oh my god oh is it on fire? we might have to have a walk and then come back to this once it cooled down a little should I open it this is piping hot oh we got Transformers here on the Loose as well see this is how futuristic Chongqing is instead of humans we got Transformers hello my brother that's it Transformers have taken over the world looking the best oh here we go oh he's trying to serenade my girl oh no that was a flirty robot I know he spun me around I'm blushing that was the best that was so funny I loved it but so Far you guys Chongqing is the most buzzing Place we've seen yet this whole entire Street was so freaking busy we've just come down to the end this here the steps coming up look like a good enough place to sit down let's do like the locals are doing grab a seat here somewhere shall We There we are lovely just outside FILA this is clean as clean as you can get look at that do you want some braids? thank you that's actually really cool the way it looks it could be lasagna it could be some beautiful bake but who knows What Lies Beneath all of that layor of cheese watch the world go past us in Chongqing it is coming to life and it is not even the main busy area yet because that is on the other side over there but we'll go there in a minute go on be brave I can smell the durian it doesn't smell as bad as it usually does I guess let's do it durian smells like durian right it's not good there's no bad it's just about perspective and how you get used to things it's tastes like mashed durian basically like they've like melted it all up okay is that for real yes there's a guy and a girl wow where's the music coming from? where else would you see something like this Chongqing baby they're going I told you this place is great they are maybe we'll hit up KTV later you never know I want to know where the speakers are on him oh I see it there we go my guy it's time for you to try so basically the cheese is quite a strong flavor you can't taste the durian as much when you try it like a normal fruit and the cheese does make it better because it's mozzarella I like mozzarella take some it's not too hot I can do a few more it's predominantly cheese that's the stronger flavor you can definitely taste durian in there as well but it's not as strong as when we tried it back in Malaysia Malaysia was like next level strong flavour that's so true yeah Malaysia was strong are you going for round two go on I'm going to try good on you it's it's very mellow compared to Malaysia look at all of that that is so cheesy is that mozzarella yeah I think so I like it let's do this look at this in this area we have shops we have restaurants we have SPA's we have hotels this place is mostly food there are cars coming behind us to and bikes galore it's because of his life it's called a cyberpunk city city look at these I love it this a good song let us know if it's a good one I don't know I haven't heard it before but everything's happening it is going crazy the vibe is high right now it feels as though it should be a weekend like should be a bustling Friday everybody's excited because they've got the weekend off but it's not it's a weekday guys tell us is this how it normally is is it busier than this? I think this is your normal weekday because these are local tourists from different parts of China they're not like local Chongqing'ers if that's a word so far you know we've visited many many cities I think Chongqing right now has the most buzzing night life it feels to be the busiest it feels to be the most amount of people out and it feels to be the biggest area I think we've got Omega over here China mobile we've got tea shops Taz is pretty fascinated with it all look no I'm just trying to figure out what this is is this like a planetarium? maybe but down here this looks like a tea shop it does indeed and ah the cake is delicous ah look at this we've even got group tours coming down here freaking hell this is amazing what is that look at Taz taking his sample I think this is a coffee now what is this it's tea it's like milk tea yeah like a chai right I like it good very nice this is the people's Liberation monument look at this dog it's got his tail and his ears he got a dye on him as well like an orange dye look at that what is that that dog is stylish yeah it's got a little outfit on as well things that you would only see here in Chongqing things that just make sense in China dye your dogs ears and tail orange why not oh this place looks totally different at night we've been there during the day once and it looks so different to how it looks right now you got like screens and screens everywhere this Tower here this is all lit up look at that wow the feeling of being here between all of these skyscrapers right now it is incredible this looks so cool what does that message say and that says I love Chongqing there's no heart there but it might do I don't know City of Lights welcome to Chongqing palm trees and butterflies on the building now I could just stand here and look at the display change all night you know going out during the night here in China in different cities I've noticed I have not seen anyone who's publicly drunk or drunk and disorderly yeah that is so very true and I have to say it gets to about 10-11:00 p.m. and generally it gets quiet but the atmosphere doesn't get sour it doesn't get you know I don't feel there's no disorderly people about there's not a big bunch of people who are being a nuisance to people about well if you guys have experience of the West unfortunately I'm not saying everyone in the West is like that no but there's always a group that you would come across every time you go out on a night out there's people who are like loud, obnoxious and just you know pain in the backside whereas here in China we've been out until 2-3:00am in the morning and we've not seen anyone like this so far public drinking or public drunken disorderly Behavior we haven't noticed that yet so it's pretty cool I actually like that and it's not like Chinese people don't drink they drink quite a because everywhere you go there's some cool advertisements for alcohol and stuff and alcohol but speaking of there's literally a liquor shop as I say that you would have never seen like drunk and disorderly conduct anywhere so that's pretty cool and the thing I love as well about Chinese cities is that they're really decorative there's flowers everywhere and they maintain them we've seen so many places where even during the middle of the night there's people who come out with big water tankers and they're watering them it's crazy it's so beautiful though look at this some more Neon Lights because I think there will be some light show maybe we heard so this is your favorite shop ever oh my gosh should I? the yogurt cow I think after lets get something to eat and then I'm so tempted to have another one were you yes you I was about to walk over this is a daily occurrence now I mean this is quickly replacing mixue don't betray them mixue would always be our first love but this is so good guys let us know if you like it or not the yogurt cow so good that's so cool oh yeah look the one behind this building is as well oh there's another one right next to this Tower oh and that one oh cool look at that amazing that's so cool Chongqing lights up at 8:00pm that one this one all right and this one some going on up here and butterflies and messages on this one how cool is that so cute I love it Chongqing full of surprises at night I might say it's even better than in the day oh 100% I agree with that it's a gift that keeps on giving I think it's time to go and check out another area that we've always wanted to see in China at night it's going to be magical I'm so excited we've only ever seen pictures I can't wait to see it should we go check it out let's do it let's go look at this we're greeted by a group of buildings here all lit up they've got some sort of display going on this is so cool it's so vibrant every single building here has something going on on the outside so we were on the other side of that building now we're here this is so cool I love it but cyber Punk City yeah the world financial center as well yeah that's 590M tall apparently we just looked it up wow there's no shortage of really tall skyscrapers here in Chongqing okay before we go any further sign for what we want to go see where we want to go it's underneath the tree you can't see it now but it's one of these blue ones here the road signs however are we going on the left or on the right alright I think we're going down here right side or left side well we'll find out it's going to be a long detour if we make the wrong move yeah that's the thing about Chongqing one wrong move and you'll end up in the next neighboring City because one's going down one's going up the roads that is so let's see let's get closer to it and find out let's do it right let's see how busy it gets we're headed to the area of Hongya dong which needs to be seen it has to be on top of your list for things to see in Chongqing when you're visiting this because this is quite a show so this is the approach to Hongya Dong which is straight up there and it's going to be cool look at that to the right all the skyline is all lit up it feels a bit like Hong Kong here you got the river in the middle and then you've got the buildings on the other side can you see the queue of people though just there on that particular part because I think it's the best view to see Hongya dong on this side we're coming at the top of it Hongya Dong's there they're all on the road trying to take their best photos can you see this bridge is so long so below this is the train running on top of the bridge here on the ground level is what you would like to call it you've got the cars and on the side you've got the pedestrian bridge as well so if you go further along on the bridge halfway down is the best point to see Hongya dong in the views because it gets all lit up alright we can either go down here or carry on on the side there's people trying to sell some sort of package or something get on the bridge I think they're showing you how you can get on the bridge they're showing photos of the Viewpoint from over there so I think that's maybe the best I am expecting this place to be absolutely crazy busy as we get closer to Hongya Dong because there will be a sea of people coming up very soon all right is this the entrance to the bridge to your right? okay yeah this is what I was talking about the sea of people everywhere Scenic area oh my gosh look at that oh 30 million people what's going on it's still loud here oh yes finally a little empty spot here how beautiful is this you know what makes it even more amazing is the fact that all of these buildings are lit up and they've got different designs and Light on them all right so this is the main Bridge wow wait let me just zoom in for you guys all right see that that is how many people are on the bridge to get a view of Hongya dong have you seen how many people are down on the water on the water line on the edge oh that is crazy what is that a beach I literally just saw them now wow there's so many people down there I wonder what they're doing it's a photo spot they've all got the lights on to go this way because this is the best spot because right now we're at the top of Hongya Dong we're on the eighth floor the Ninth floor I want to go up there see the light and then maybe come back and then go down Uncle you're looking Dapper yes mate get all them into the lights this is busy here wow this is why we wanted to come out at night and see what Chongqing night life's like and this is buzzing just the way we like it what's happening out here okay right I think we need to take the escalators down to be able to get to the scenic area because this is such a maze I don't know where it's going to lead us but it's worth a go we will all find this out together because it says entrance here we got the exit because this is different levels everywhere different floors we need to go down a few before we get to the riverside and that will take us to the scenic spot of Hongya dong this is super confusing yeah it's also so crowded I think this is the most busy it's been while we've been in China insane got an excited group behind me they're loving life oh wow look at this this is oh hey left I think we are going left are we going left I think we are going left it's loud it's colorful it's full of smells and flavors you can taste the air with all of these chili nuts and things look at this yes my friend you can taste their spicy fumes in the air my throat was like what is that can I have one as well thank you absolutely thank you what is it fudge has to be like soap it's like eating soap right what's the flavor this is buzzing right so we've got a little dilemma here do we carry on and go through all this hustle and bustle or there is this little shortcut that we think we've found and nobody else has straight here it says downstairs to scenic area designated passage for tourists that seems like a lucky find I think because everyone else now is going there let's go here go go go I think this would take us straight to the scenic area I guess we're nine floors up at the moment is it all steps I think it might be oh no I was really hoping it would be a escalator it might be some quick TikTok here for my guy he's on a break why not all right quick little detour we are floor number eight but welcome to Chongqing I love this place you can never get bored of this city whatsoever this is so mind blowing do we go down still? it says Exit here you can go here so I think every floor has something going on okay should we have a quick little look see what's happening here I think this is an arcade or play area or something let's see okay what's Happening Here What's Happening Here cherry blossoms everywhere got VR this is like an arcade thank you wow this is a haunted house or something okay cool I have no idea where we've come out to should we carry on going down yeah okay I think so let's go digital tour guide benefits all right as I was saying every single floor there's something going on what's Happening Here candles and things I guess don't know your guess is as good as mine going down another six floors I guess yes 6 floors let's go let's go so this is what the inside of Hongya dong looks like in case if you guys were ever wondering this is just one of the many floors many corners of this place because there's just so many and we have found escalators yes thank you look she's all dressed up looking lovely there's going to be a full-on photo shoot now she had a photographer as well have you lost count of the floor no I think this is going to the second floor is it I think so we did come here in the daytime you guys but it's so different and it's also huge so Hongya dong is this nine floors of craziness everywhere I mean I don't even know which way we should go are we going this way or are we going that way that's a restaurant I would say here I would say this way right here here here we've done it during the day already so we just want to go out exit this place and see the views at night do you want to dress up like this traditional outfit loads of people are now in their outfits I love it oh my goodness go we made it to the right place look at the chaos down there that was pure luck that we made it out here all right are we ready? oh my gosh look at that these are the views that we came here for this is just one side of this hongya building maybe if we make it to the other side of the road it's going to look absolutely gorgeous wow it looks amazing from here as well it's just the colors it's the color of the wood and the color of the light this is quite literally a sea of people people on people everywhere so much food, announcements things going on, just full on busy crowds yeah it is crazy down here it's on another level but we've come down to the bottom we've just got a glimpse of how it looks lit up it is beautiful but we're going to head a little bit further away so we can get more of a view of it there's a pedestrian traffic jam quite literally I'm not surprised it's so busy there's people on people Chongqing is crazy oh my goodness girls dressed up some photo shoots my gosh she almost fell that's just your work related hazards that could happen anytime anywhere all right this is getting too busy that's cool everyone's out here to get some piece of Hongya Dong this is so crazy how can we get out of this place? Help! there's just too many people look at her that's it girl you go look at that take a photo like that thank you my friend very nice good photos look at that everyone's got so many photos going on have they convinced you yet? they're actually really good photos you know look at the other side of the road that's even worse that is crazy I can't believe everybody's going so crazy for it wow so much going on you really need to have eyes in the back of your head there's this traffic of people nonstop oh look at this that's a nice little car love it good car I love your car very nice very good good man love this smile million dollars just to give you an idea what's happening over the road there is a NeverEnding sea of people that is crazy busy it's mad that's as far as you can see all the way along the River Bank it is full of people I was not expecting this if I thought Jiefangbei was busy well I don't even know I'm speechless this is crazy and they can take your photos here if you are wanting to pay 30 yuan you get photos sent through to you and you get to choose they take a few and you choose we might probably do that so you need to go on instagram and check it out did we do it did we not go over check us out @sunkissedbucketlist on Instagram and you'll find out the number of people we've never witnessed crowds like this ever people are getting up everywhere wherever they can people are climbing this column just to get a good shot of hongyong at night our mission now is to somehow try and make it to the other side we got security here just to make sure crowd controls in order it looks quite orderly at the moment I'd say good job look at this here they take their photos seriously down here there's no time wasting okay enough said shall we make it to the other side yeah let's see if we can I don't know if we're going to be able to or I hope so all right where wish us luck let's make our way through let's go come on you can easily get lost here as well excuse me coming through so many people it is mad I'm making sure I hold your hand in case if I lose Libby in the crowd there's groups here as well tour groups where's the crossing? definitely not here you have to go up that bridge oh that's going to be fun Bike taxi look at that that looks really cool what is this bike taxi oh wow how much is this I don't know oh Good if you don't know it's free but how much? what's the money? you get on the back and they do some photos and things mot look at that they do this that looks really cool that's really cool okay this one two one or two okay but money how much? two boys getting together telling us how much it is because this does look pretty cool but it depends how much they're going to charge for it one is 398 Yuan I'll give that a pass okay okay that's really cool it's it's too expensive I mean it's amazing and it is really cool but that's expensive wow I thought this guy was going to just walk into me this one here beautiful honestly everywhere oh I've never seen anything like it wow we were here in the daytime and it was nothing like this it was busy it was 10% of what we have now yes all right we're finally here by the bridge let's go make it to the other side which is even busier take my hand gorgeous I don't want to lose you in this sea of people so during the day it was busy or sorry before there was not even 10% of the people out that we have right now I could do with one of these uncle where did you get this from looks really good slowly but surely we're going to make our way to the other side of the bridge look at this just to give you guys an idea about what's going on with the traffic what a mess look at that down there it's all blocked it's all blocked here too and down there oh my gosh look at that that looks beautiful stunning right see you on the other side one second this is insane this is on another level look it's all up here too Chongqing everyone's out time to party now imagine if it starts raining it is quite an overcast night it is very cloudy right now that would not be good to the right to the right to the right we want to be here on the right oh my goodness that in the distance looks like Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed but I have already started feeling a few drops come down so I hope it holds off and it doesn't start raining because that will be sad look at this enough talking oh my Lord this is what we came here for no you've jinxed it I can feel the rain it's all right it's all right look at the views the rain can't take away these views look at that oh wow beautiful absolutely gorgeous do you know when you look up Chongqing this will definitely be up there with one of the first photos that you might see at least the top 5 so gorgeous it's time to get this beauty again look at this beauty here it's similar to a version of Rou Jia Mo he makes the fresh ones here looks really cool these are the ready made ones and these are for us thank you my friend when people in China tell us how much it is they do this different hand symbol to tell us the numbers right it's so confusing say here there's this is a symbol as well which means I think six or 10 I'm still really confused but look we've just picked up our Chinese hamburgers they were so good the other day we came back from more if you guys saw our previous Vlog you'll know we love these and if you didn't see it go watch it now it is still so very busy it's getting close to 10: p.m. and there's

still just as many people out as there was earlier more people coming in than leaving so it's only going to get busier all right we going enjoy our Chinese Pizza it is calming down a little bit now finally oh my goodness it was packed would you like? sugar cane is going to wash it down let's go oh can we have one sugar cane this one yes this looks good she's done a lot of sugarcane tonight look at all of that she's had a busy night tonight yeah she's gone through loads look at that wow take one like this and put it in the press and that's good enough to get you a whole cup I like the way they have presses down here this is so cool and look at that nice easy fresh cup of sugar cane juice ready for you madam yummy it looks absolutely delicious and I think it's 15 Yuan yes I think it is yes 15 Yuan all ready for you this is going to wash down our Chinese hamburger very nicely okay now we're going to just pay it's 15 Yuan and you guys alipay or wechat it's an absolute must have Perfection let's try it I'm such a fan of sugar cane since we've been traveling but before I left the UK I had never tried it so good anyone who's never tried sugarcane juice you guys have no idea what you're missing out it's the most refreshing thing ever especially when you've got a fresh sugarcane juice has been pressed in front of you no added flavors nothing like that oh incredible you guys but look it is not showing any signs of slowing down whatsoever I can't believe the contrast from day to night it's like everybody just suddenly woke up right now and they were like okay come on let's go explore Chongqing your favorite Duck Shop is to the right by the way is it oh yeah this one here with the spinning ducks some more sugar cane down here and these candied strawberries they look good and some what are these? These are sugar like animals Captain America I was just going to say there's Captain America there's one of the cats from Aristocats there's some fish they look good byebye amazing you guys there's so many different bits and pieces down here you could honestly spend probably how long would you say you could spend all night yes there's too much to see yeah too much to eat too much to do you can even wear the traditional costumes down here I don't know if this is the hanfu it's a different kind yeah I think it might be a different kind but look at all the jewels and stuff they have along here the jewelry is amazing there's some girls getting ready in the back there looks beautiful wow guys we're going all out here in Chongqing the girls are ready they're prepared to get their best photos what is this? this looks like an underpass no that's for the pier if you want to get on the boat okay so if you want to go on one of the boats you can head down here but I think right now the elevator is sounding like a very very good option so let's go check it out let's go down and see what's happening because I see a boat pulling in and it's got all of these lights as well so let's see one of these party boats we were up on some floor, not sure which, probably second third fourth fifth and we can see all of these boats going past and they were all busy this one's just left so it's dropped off everyone yeah but it must be pretty cool getting on one of these ones but they look super super busy I bet when this river is full it would look so beautiful especially with the skyscrapers on the other side as well would look exactly like Hong Kong look at that so there's one here there's a few more over there as well so one two three four and you can go on a big Yangtze River Cruise as well there's quite a few down here as well so what is this do you think it's a dinner cruise or something probably yeah I think it's a nighttime cruise down the river see all the lights probably have some dinner maybe a show and then you get to get all your pictures taken because obviously you're going to pass through all the sites what is that building if you guys know let us know as well please let's head somewhere else and see what else is happening here in Chongqing let's do it are we ready yes let's go back up that way we must have taken about 5,000 steps on the way up because from the ground floor up you can't go anything past the fourth floor if you're taking escalators or a lift there are only a certain number of places where you can take a lift all the way to the 11th floor and they were full so it would have been a long long wait still with no guarantee that you would get a place inside hello my friend how how are you very good good how are you where you from England England yes oh are you from Chongqing? no where are you from? if I tell you I have to k*ll you who is there who is that this is YouTube say hello no good what's your YouTube number it's called Sun Kissed Bucket List oh well I can go to America oh you can go to America and watch it wow this is what you call commitment guys this is how you do it all right so my guy here is going to go to America just to actually watch the channel this is the commitment that we need go on my friend we're here we've taken about 500 steps someone's taking a seat yeah we climbed five floors in stairs is this us? yes hello my friend it's time for another drink I'll have it here thank you okay okay this is definitely our favorite now there goes our friend he didn't want to tell us where he's from very strange yes he was very interested I said you can say hello to the world you meet all sorts of people so you got to laugh it off time for a yogurt drink are you ready you give it a try here we go here's Moo cow the yogurt cow number 500 we're trying a different flavor every single time it's really good though it's what like mango bits in there look where we are don't ask us how but we are on the bridge but look at where we've made it to we are finally on the bridge yay Oh wow these views are insane oh this looks so cool I am in love with this view this is beautiful how is this for a view from up here the crowds have all left everyone's gone back there's space to breathe when we looked earlier this entire pathway was full of people the whole length this whole pedestrian walkway all the way down to the very bottom was busy for this View and now you can easily move around take all the time in the world oh I absolutely love Chongqing this has been an amazing night yes it has we were actually walking back because we were quite tired and we were said okay you know it's been a really good time we've loved it we enjoyed it but we finished up it's getting late I think the time is check your watch mine's not working oh my gosh it is quarter past midnight but well worth the views it's cleared out so much down there now I can't believe it and it was even supposed to rain tonight and it's not rained the weather Gods heard my prayers it's still so cloudy but it's just holding back it's literally waiting for us to finish the Vlog yes it is Chongqing this evening at night has been an absolute pleasure what a place 10 out of 10 I've loved it it's far exceeded our expectations and can we just say this has been the best place for nightlife here in China loved it little extra bonus footage for you all we are walking back it is almost 1:00 a.m. and we're on the streets of Chongqing time check no issues it is literally 1:00 a.m. on the street of chonging the largest city in China and most likely in the world crazy and it's nice and safe yeah we felt no issues we felt very comfortable there's still plenty of security out and about in places especially in the main tourist areas and the big streets as well we're walking down here and there's still a fair amount of people around too well there's still a fair number out taking a nice 'past midnight stroll' this is to give you guys an idea that you can safely walk around in China late at night without being hassled by anyone feel safe have a good time and enjoy yourself you might just roll into a McDonald's on your way back home the Cow yogurt place was open still at 1:00am wow how amazing is Chongqing all right thank you we thought we'd just share that with you guys it's time for us to get in bed and get some sleep because it's been a long one and my feet need some sleep they do and I think yours too yeah my little legs have done extra work today so I'm ready guys see you in the next one goodnight!!!!!

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