CORON ISLAND Philippines BEST Island (I Couldn't Believe My Eyes)

CORON ISLAND  Philippines BEST Island (I Couldn't Believe My Eyes)

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A section of this video is brought to you by Squarespace [Music] if you're thinking you're thinking about coming to Coron here in the Philippines I hope this video will be useful for you not only will I show you where I stayed and a great spot for Sunset but I'll also go on one of the most popular island hopping tours and show you the Magnificent sites so sit down and relax and enjoy this little escape to one of the most beautiful places in the world [Music] good morning and welcome to the final the final installment of this Philippine series we've been backpacking around the incredible country of the Philippines for the past five weeks and you know we started off in Manila where we got to know a little bit of the history and we met some of the locals there we had a great time in Boracay I enjoyed the sunsets enjoyed the sailing and scuba diving great time in Boracay then we had bad weather in Cebu and we still made some Adventures we made some good memories there and after that we went to Mindanao and we climbed Mount Apo the tallest mountain in the Philippines and ever since then we've been in Palawan in El Nido and on a Tau Expedition for six days across the ocean here to Coron which is my final destination I've been hanging out for a couple of days here at Hop hostel which is a very beautiful hostel it's done in the Greek style beautiful flowers a nice swimming pool here where there's lots of bean bags and hanging out great food however I will say that this will be the last hostel I think I ever stay in even though it's really nice I just can't handle it anymore there was a bloke snoring his head off last night smelly shoes people coming in at all types of hours drunk you know usual fun young hostile backpack alive I'm 37 now I'm 37 I can't handle it anymore I'm too old I'm officially a miserable old bastard foreign for the final episode we could explore this town of Coron it's a small town that sits on this Bay and there are lots of beautiful places today I'm going to go on a little tour around the local area I'll show you some of the beautiful sights that this place has to offer I'll show you some more of the town and some more of these sites and we'll just sort of take it easy today and we'll just go at our own pace let's go enjoy Quran and see what we can find today so the lovely people at the front desk at the hostel recommended that I couldn't be in Quran without trying one of the many island hopping tours and they recommended the best one was the ultimate package and I paid 1600 pesos and I was picked up that morning around eight o'clock and we were quite quickly shipped off onto a little boat with 15 or so other Backpackers and we were heading in the general direction of paradise [Music] thank you [Music] it's starting to look like Avatar again there's quite a few boats here already which is surprising because it wasn't that busy when we were leaving to see it better over here look at this wow wow wow wow wow I want to swim right there see if I can find some fish [Music] okey dokey so I've flown the Drone and got a perspective of what's going on it seems like because there's a lot of boats you can't actually swim here because you'd just get hit by a boat so what we have to do instead thank you is make our way along the train of boats go past everybody else's tour hello paradise and head to another one I hope hi can you give me a hand sorry I love to not fall in here the water visibility is unbelievable but that's kind of normal here in the Philippines looks a little bit like Southern Thailand with these jaggedy Limestone Cliffs except for these outrigs on the sides of the boats that's the very Filipino touch isn't that beautiful look at the color of that turquoise bow in the turquoise Waters this first stop had a quick hike up to about 350 steps or something not difficult and not lengthy up and over a little mountain to reveal the freshwater lake [Music] thank you okie dokie here we go [Music] it was fun to swim around they do enforce the life jackets which means you can't really go underwater and you know you're swimming with a bunch of other people so if you need a professional looking website for your business then I really recommend Squarespace these are the guys that I use for my website and they offer a fantastic service with member areas you can unlock a new Revenue stream for your business and free up time in your schedule by selling access to gated content like videos newsletters or online courses which is something that I'm about to launch on my website very soon head over to to start your free trial and to create your site and when you're ready to purchase the domain head over to forward slash Paddy Doyle to get 10 off welcome to the second stop Barracuda Lake and we were told you know bring your life jacket you're not allowed to snorkel and I thought to myself let me fire the Drone let me just see if it looks any different and of course undeniably beautiful you can see people swimming in a designated area and everybody's got a life jacket on and no one's allowed to snorkel and I'm absolutely desperate and on the edge of our boat here you can see the fish and there's this huge Coral shelf that surrounds these beautiful Limestone Cliffs and you know it gives you a depth of about two or three meters and then there's just like a sheer wall and it looks like a really fun place to go free diving a really fun place to go snorkeling and I've asked the captain I said can I just skip Barracuda because I'd rather just have a little bit of an alone time just me and you with the fish in this and we'll swim along this little wall of coral and see what we can find that sounds way more fun to me [Music] and yeah it was way way more fun as you can see yeah I mean to be honest I wasn't really vibing from going stop to stop with so many people and the crowds from all the other tours and so just by asking if I could swim off and have my own little space and have my own little mini Adventure it was such such a good idea and so if you're feeling the same as me just ask a tour guide I'm sure he'll let you swim away and do your thing and then the tour continued to a few more places that were just undeniably beautiful and as this drone shot shows you it's just it's part of the world guys this part of the Philippines almost felt like it was saving the best to last and instead of me just trying my best to put how beautiful this boat tour and this part of the Philippines is into words I think I'm just gonna let Mother Nature do all of the thank you [Music] [Music] thank you foreign [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] so this is the secret Lagoon and most people come here by kayak you can kayak around or you can swim and then climb up the ladders like we just did man [Music] and yeah as I was swimming under the water and I'll show you some more of the incredible footage not only of the reefs but of the Limestone Cliffs the places that the boat was sailing across the amazing turquoise waters I'll share it all with you right now visually but um I just also want to quickly talk about the thrill and the joy that I get from traveling solo this has been a five-week trip around the Philippines and I've been making YouTube videos about it and I've hoped I hope you've enjoyed them I've had a lot of fun expressing myself and trying new things and just having a laugh and just enjoying travel and expression because there's something about the thrill of hitting the open roads that you just can't you just can't replicate that thrill the freedom the independence and you just truly experience things when your solo traveling and for one thing you know it's very empowering I feel you're forced to rely on your own wits and resourcefulness I mean yeah it can be scary at first the prospect of solo travel but honestly once you're out here you can navigate these unfamiliar areas and figure out what public transportation is how to interact with the locals how to navigate an entire country whether you're on the back of a motorcycle or in a chicken bus or on a little boat sailing across some Paradise Avatar Style Waters here in the Philippines for example these can just boost your confidence and help you in all aspects of your life I promise [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign must go on a trip completely on your own at some point in your life if you have done many solo travel trips before leave me a comment I'd love to know what you guys benefit from when you go on a solo trip please let me know in the comments below and we're going to finish this Quran exploration and this Philippine series with one last cold beer at One Last Sunset Viewpoint it's been a pleasure thanks for watching and let's enjoy the last scene together [Music] engage the calf muscles Ash for a lovely day let's see it's time to do something that Quran is very famous for which is walking up 700 steps to that beautiful sign and a Jesus cross and a gorgeous view overlooking the whole of the karambe so we've grabbed a couple of cold beers and we're going to try and finish our exploration of Chron in style and it's going to be a nice timing yes our plan came together 700 steps we're nearly there just at the bottom of the sign I'll show you the view in a second don't worry what 12 15 minute walk not too bad looks like they light it up at night with these light bulbs that's cool One More Level to go not quite at the top yet 720. we made it have a look at this we made it actually the view is very obstructive from up here not the best for you but but follow this path and there seems to be a viewing area wow it's beautiful it's beautiful enjoy incredibly beautiful oh you shine like gold so selfless [Music] [Applause] [Music] whoa you love me to pieces [Music] [Music] yeah I want it all could care less the cost I give you my everything [Music] [Applause] whoa You Love Me Two Pieces [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] give me your freedom pieces [Music] [Music]

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