Casa ESPECTACULAR por $3,100,000 mxn bien distribuida en 11x15 mts | Obras Ajenas | A+A Arquitectos

Casa ESPECTACULAR por $3,100,000 mxn bien distribuida en 11x15 mts | Obras Ajenas | A+A Arquitectos

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Hello to all young people, Today we are in the city of Cuautla, Cuautla Morelos, with architect Aldemar, architect very good day, very good morning, welcome, thank you very much for having us, please tell us where we are. Well we are located in the city of Cuautla Morelos, in a subdivision that was originally a country subdivision for people from Mexico City, little more than 50 years, and we are currently re-boosting density urban because it is underutilized or underutilized by building and developing more housing. Accessible and that allows us to take advantage of all these underutilized infrastructures that are avoid having to invest with greater resources by the municipality or developers.

And we take advantage of these areas that already offer us some very nice and very well located in the northern part of the city of Cuautla that give us a very nice set, We are practically at the entrance and communication and accessibility with Mexico City, an hour away, either by highway or by the Chalco highway, and can have that proximity. Of the weekend people to be able to get here. Excellent, excellent, then it's a house which may be a vacation.

Yes, the concept is very versatile. What we are really trying to do is to create a home that meets the needs of the people who live in it. Local population in terms of quantity of services, number of bedrooms and each one of the spaces comfort zone, and also to have living and utility areas within the same building. Safe scheme and also for people coming from Mexico City who are also looking for a safe and secure space for relaxation and so on can have these conditions that allow us the location, the area, the proximity and, of course, the affordable price.

Excellent, what are the measurements of the house, What are the measurements of the land? The lot has a frontage of 11 meters, for an approximate fund of approximately 16, close to 16, we are talking about a 163 square meter plot of land that allows us to have a wide façade, the truth, the front-to-background ratio is very pleasing, uncommon and that allowed us to make an extensive facade with a large garage towards the door. And covered, right? That's right. It is starting to become quite important.

This scheme is important because this way you can arrive with your car and if you bring the services you need, you will not have to pay for them. You have all the inclemencies of the weather, either by temperature, by heat, by water, you also suddenly arrive and run to him because you bring all these groceries, here you enter, you take shelter and with all the calm in the world whether you can enter the service area or the pool and garden area. Or directly to the house. Let's see how it is distributed. What materials are we seeing on the facade? The facade is sand-cement plastered and we need to coat some parts of it.

To give these accents. What are we looking for with this? We avoid an issue that comes up all of a sudden, graffiti. So by having this in these lower parts, you remove the stain and keep it faster, It requires less maintenance of course and also protects you from temperature issues, I mean, this is a quite versatile situation that allows us to do that and also allows us to highlight the elements by differentiating them in terms of finishes, in color and tones. Excellent, Very well, let's go in. Of course, go ahead and welcome.

The metal gate, slightly thrown out, the boundary of the land is the joint, I imagine. It is the board, here we made it so that in case you have a wider vehicle, allow us to enable them to be sheltered and not necessarily be able to stay on the street, can be given, but the idea is that everything remains safe and secure. Safety first. This is an important point, especially for people coming from abroad, that does not know or gives this issue of uncertainty, because we try to provide the best conditions and guarantees of peace of mind, because at the end of the day if you come to relax, the last thing you want is to be thinking about what might happen.

And what you were saying about the square meters of construction, How many are there? And that they are not contemplating. We contemplate a purely habitable area, We are talking about approximately 183, 185 square meters (183, 185 square meters). What do we mean by purely habitable area? Everything that is living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms. Those areas that are used, which is used as a dwelling. We also have all these accessory areas, which is the covered garage, we have a terrace and we have a pool, and a service area, at least half covered, with this projection that we make on the slab of one of the bedrooms, and that allows us at the moment of being attending the services, because you have direct sun, but it does allow us to have access to light to ventilate to the kitchen area or drying area.

The sun is very important. Is the sun strong here in Colombia? The sun is strong, is a warm zone, but at the end of the day the houses must breathe, houses should receive the sun in the right amount and in the right measure. Excellent.

So we have three accesses here, right? Three accesses. What do we have? You arrive in your car, bring your groceries, and if you have visitors, it is always in some way uncomfortable what happens to all the groceries, right? And then you enter directly into the kitchen through the service area, you have an access where you can enter to stock up if they send you things and so on, and you have to avoid all these kinds of issues, or you bring all your groceries and you don't have to spend all over the house carrying all your tracks, right? The other issue is that you can leave your house closed. Perfectly with your alarms, but you can give access to the people who come to service you. Pool and garden area, right? Then you have an access also for this, where you can get to this area and you can get in there, or in due course if you have one, which is a very common occurrence, adults are indoors having fun and so on, and the kids are having fun outside.

And then so that they do not mix and do not stir, can be coming and going as freely as possible. Excellent. How are we doing here on drainage? Do we have potable water? We have direct potable water, although the service, as is the case in most areas of the country, as it is a tandem service. So we have to guarantee the volume of water so that it can be working. The house correctly.

Then we housed downstairs, hidden a cistern that is supplied in the schedule that the Cuautla potable water operating system gives us, and in turn with an automatic is filling the services of a tinaco. And the drainage is direct, is paid for this sanitation, to a treatment plant. Perfect. Very good, very good. Well, now we are going in.

Of course, clear, of course. And that's the main entrance to the house. Welcome. And here we enter. Very good light.

Yes, as I was saying, the houses must, from my point of view, be healthy. And the sun is the one who will give you that theme. Excessive sunshine also complicates the habitability situation somewhat.

But taking advantage of good orientations, a good set of volumes, you can achieve an excellent amount of light, excellent ventilation and at the same time avoid these complicated assaults. In this area of the country, Morelos, because it is warm. Then avoid, as far as possible, an orientation towards the east, that does have a strong impact on us.

I asked you what facade we have, what orientation we have on the facade. Curiously enough, it is a south façade, south, right? It is a south facade, south, east, south west a little bit. East, but we leave these entrances of light and air to the north, to the north, which is the prevailing wind. And then what we achieve is with this offsetting a little bit the famous Venturi effect, which allows air to enter and we can extract it in those domes that we have housed upstairs. Then light enters here, we get air and there, and if you look now that we are open, immediately you start to feel this scheme and the hot air is already carrying you in a natural way.

In a natural way. Those are the ones we are looking for, these comfort schemes, than for those of us accustomed to a warm climate, as they already seem to us quite tolerable. However, we also have preparations for people coming from Mexico City, because it comes in another, in a different climate, of course.

In other words, we have preparations for these air conditioners. Perfectly. We leave them ready.

So, if it's someone here who doesn't understand air conditioning, then put on its cover. But if not, are ready, we are already connected and that's it. Great. And we have a very nice swimming pool, a terrace. Of course, clear.

We have the kitchen integrated to the dining room and the terrace. What we are looking for from the kitchen is that The view, the orientation towards the pool and the terrace, because it is a scheme that always, the mother, the father, seeks to be aware and attentive to what the children are doing and to be able to be attentive to this situation, but at the same time integrated with the terrace. Immediately we can have the service, the groceries, everything we need to be able to have a very good and a small sunbathing area, a couple of beds that we left free there, so that people can also be in their comfort zones. Already in the afternoon, that right now it's like the sun is starting to shine, shadow is beginning to be cast on these sunbathing areas and they can already be quietly enjoying.

The best thing is that it is north, right? So it will help us with the same shade the house. Of course, of course. How wide is this terrace? This terrace must have more or less approximately 5.50,

5.50 by 3.50, almost 4 meters. What we did was to integrate the terrace with the walker, so that it would not take up space, we put in an anti-skid floor, We do this obviously because the child is going to run away, we avoid it this way and take advantage of same in that way. Another way to refresh is also with this waterfall. This working waterfall may be perfectly cooling the environment and so on. The pool we do it with a depth of no more than 1.30 of water volume.

The pool may be a little more, but the rebozadero more or less goes at about 1.30, for an adult to become an adult. Reaches the chest, it is practically an area that already cools you down, but the child We prevent you from having an issue in case you need to leave quickly, then play it thoroughly and fast, even if he can't swim, with leaps and bounds to get out quickly, not have this major setback, even with all the conditions that we are looking for that they can see it, can be in sight. And we make this staggered for the access to the pool, I'm going down right now because we only have half a canta of water, and you're holding on, you avoid the handrail and then suddenly if someone stumbles and so on, they fall, but we leave this seat here, in this area, for in case you don't want to stand, you can be convivial, you sit here, You're cooling off, you're socializing, you're chatting, you're talking, and you're watching others who might be there with the kids swimming, then you can sit down, if you sit down, I mean I'm not going to be able to sit all the way down there, but the idea is that when you sit down the water doesn't reach your face, then you can be talking and living together, that is one of the ways to take advantage of the space with the maximum possibilities. Very good, I already understood that pools here are fundamental.

For the sun, for the theme, for the comfort, of course. And you have a barbecue area over there. We have a barbecue area in this part, we always leave also a direct tap direct key, for when the water scheme arrives, may be stocking and cleaning, its barbecue with its charcoal and its storage area, your sink to clean, your chopping area for preparation, but at the same time this space what we did was to take advantage of the opportunity to hide the machine room. The machine room, this to prevent it from being seen and to avoid that it is always there, an important volume that robs you of space, what I was repeating to you, we seek to make the most of the spaces to comply with one, two or more functions as far as possible. And here we hide a filtering system that is for the issue of the pool treatment. And in what space do you place it, right? What will it have, like a meter? One meter wide by...?

That's 95 or so for one, 65 or so. Ugh, minimum. What happens is that we calculate the necessary equipment for this pool. This equipment is sufficient to treat up to 20 cubic meters of water.

These pools, for what we do, are 15.5 more or less. Then it is still too much for this pool. In addition, We leave the preparations in case you want to install solar heating, The recirculation already goes to the roof and the solar heating system is installed. Excellent.

And with that also less space and less adaptations. In reality it is a housing scheme that you can add more equipment, but without having to intervene in a major or overly conspicuous way. That the masons have to come in, right? To break and so on. That's what we avoid all the time, prevent the person from being affected further. Let it already be direct and we give you your key and you can live perfectly. Very good.

Very good. We continue. I liked the kitchen. I liked how you have this large dining area on the left side. Yes, of course.

Very elegant, floor to ceiling. Of course, of course. Always the... Sir, you will not lie.

There is never enough space. There is never enough space. There is never enough space. Then we leave this barbecue area, of alacenero, sorry. So that they can fill up supplies, frets, everything you need. Have separate and independent from what we have properly in the kitchen.

You have dinners, to deaths for preparation and deaths for food. Or maybe you also have here for storage and so on. And it allows you to do all that. And you have this serving bar that doubles as a breakfast bar.

When you are living with the family. Or as a small bar when you are also living together. Excellent. What materials is the kitchen made of? MDF. Textured MDF. It has a wood-like feel and requires very little maintenance.

In fact, just wiping with a damp cloth will remove everything. Excellent. Everything is being removed.

There is the option of adding granite to the deck. Depending on the budget. Normally this is requested by the customer. What is the cover material? It is a cover melamine. It is melamine, isn't it? It is melamine, yes. It is a thicker melamine.

Yes, yes, yes. In other words, The roof is already prefabricated. And what we do by combining the finishes.

We have a palette of and after that we just make the cuts and connections. Perfect. Here we see a mark, young people.

Cobra. That's right. Very good, by the way. But still, we put it all textured and so on. And there is already a tremendous variety. You can already find in this in parota even already.

In other houses we have this finish in parota and it gives the impression of direct wood. Good. And back there is the laundry room. This is the laundry room. Here we already deliver with the basics which is your laundry room, its preparation for the washing machine, your space and your space heater.

Gas or electric heater? It is gas. This is Calorex. Yes, yes, yes. And here are your blades, the area for electrical control.

We do not have it here. Very good. Here we have a service bathroom. Sure, what I was going to ask you. It is a half bath. Directly ventilated.

It vents directly into the garage which has direct ventilation. Ah, we have a gap there. That's right. So we have an offset here and then we do this one. Window that gives us ventilation.

And there you have a direct ventilation of the bathroom. From the bathroom. Very good. That's right. And we have these salt shakers that we lighten to continue to reach this sensation of a free space.

At the bottom of the screen there is a saving area. And we leave in each of the spaces, dining room and chambers, voice and data output. Get there, run the cable and connect it there. And where is the pipeline? Up there. Ok, perfect.

Very good. And here's what we do, same in the same scheme of the facade, We put some accents on the walls to give them this volume and playfulness. That for example, the case of the dining room is in black tone with that vintage accent to try to mix it up and to have a reinvented space. This new finish, which is coming out vintage, allows us to take advantage of what is geometric play, quite pleasant, but without falling into excess. And we do the same also with this wall, which is a bathroom on the upper floor. That's a bathroom.

And what I mentioned a while ago, air comes in here and goes out on the top floor with those domes. Excellent. Very good. And the ladder, are wooden footprints.

Made of wood, yes, yes they are made of wood. Ok. Yes, we liked using this on the stairs to have this set of finishes, two, three finishes and that allow us to this one, that it is not so monotonous and it enriches it a lot because if you see it from up here, you see how wood gives another dimension to the space. How high are we here? And what kind of slabs do we have? Because we do not see the elements visible of the beams. Oh, right.

We have joist and vault slabs. In the mezzanine and in the top slab, which we call it, joist and vault, give us 20, 25 centimeters depending on the clearing. And in these elements we hide all the structures, either reinforcing beams, and thus we avoid we have a clean sky. Clean, isn't it? Totally clean. Very pleasant. Here we can see it a little bit because here the domes are even a little bit projected, but part of that is the thickness we bring.

Excellent. What about heights, clear mezzanine heights? They are about 280, approximately. Here a little less, right? Here it will be like 260. 260, is almost 270, yes.

Ok. Yes. All right, so we have this distributor that leads to three rooms. Three bedrooms.

This is one of them. This bedroom is oriented towards the pool. Take advantage of the pool.

Take advantage of incoming lighting. Allows, if you take your space, you can sit and contemplate the afternoon, to read and you can be enjoying this very cool view. You come this way and you will be able to see that whoever gets this chamber is going to enjoy it a lot. This is the good one. This is not the main one, but he got a very, very good view.

And a good balcony, right? Which would have about 1 ,40. 1,40. Width. 1,40.

And then it allows you to put a chair well, is a type of lounger that we call ocapulco, and reading and so on. What is the size of the pool? Like 3? 3x5. 3x5. 3x5. Everything is made of a reinforced concrete grid.

We cast it in one piece and then we make the blog walls to make the seats and the steps of the staircase. Very good. The terrain was flat, right? The terrain was flat, a very slight north-south slope, but very light, practically flat. And we have huge closets, because, yes, this project allowed us to put in some pretty big closets. The doors from floor to roof. Yes, floor to ceiling.

2,40. The height allows us to put double hanging area. And this space we took away from the balcony, which is also useful for the volume issue, is to be able to have a work center. A desk.

A desk and there you can be working without it stealing space in your room. Just as we repeated, preparations for voice and data, The pipelines are already there. And another important point is preparation for air conditioning. That's it, as we prevent it from breaking. In the event that the purchaser does not is just cut out and the cover is put on. And we hide it.

And the room, how big will it be? A 3.40 times 4? Yes. They are pieces of... These are 60. From 60. Yes, it has a little more room.

360 by 4. You already have an eye for... Yes, of course. Let's train him.

And glass also very much conforms to the doors. For example, the door is seen to is about 2 meters, 2,10. Yes, 2.10.

That's why I'm like... At the low fact, it already gives about 2 60 in height. Let's go to the second secondary camera, which is this one.

This one has the room facing the street. We make it with projection for the issue of sunlight. Ah, that's good. We make it with sunlight projection.

It's this one, isn't it? It is this dump that we have on the facade, because if not, this sunshine entry would give us like here. And that already generates less comfort. But at the same time, this window is coated, if fixed with floor, because it is the case that whoever wants to be either contemplating or reading or playing with their phone, you can also take advantage of this window. It is good. This window. And so it has a dual purpose.

That is why we insist so much on these spaces. That are not as broad, reduced, maximize them with a dual purpose. What if it measures what will it be? About 50 centimeters? 50 more or less, yes, 50 centimeters. Plenty of storage area, lots and lots of storage area. The doors are not melamine, right? No, it is plywood. It is plywood.

This one is custom-made, if it is custom-made each one, The drum door is the drum door, tailor-made. Ah, good, good, good, good. Yes. And with it we can already see the tone. Generally with the customer we have about 8 or 9 different shades, right? From mahogany to, what do you call it? Canadian oak, which is maple, about that way.

It looks great. They may be completely smooth or the beta may be visible. Wood, I personally like to see the beta of the wood, because I do try to the material is distinguishable, isn't it? And that's like richer, to look completely smooth, which is the automobile type finish that is also available. And this is the main one.

This is the main one. Ah, it does have measurements, of course, it's the garage, right? This is the garage. This one is huge, huge, huge. The fence bed. The fence bed.

Fence bed with low headboard, you have all this space of storage air, than by size, although it is the same size as us from there, but it gives the feeling that it is one less out, no, it is the same space, a storage area. And here you take out a window to the garden as well. And we have a balcony to the garden. That is a balcony to the garden, which is always very pleasant, and goes to its preparation for air conditioning, which is obviously useful for ventilation, for immersion and so on.

But also, what are we doing here with this space? Here we put the marine ladder to access the plosa. And we avoid leaving it from the first floor, and the risk that a small one may be able to reach us, for mischief, access there. Then we usually make it here high, and already so that I can be here.

From here you go up. Yes, yes, of course. Well, this dimension, what will it be? Let's see, let's base it on the floor. They are 1, 3, 6, 8. It's about 6 by 5 or so. Yes, yes, yes, yes, it's almost a 6 for 5. Yes, yes, it's a pretty generous one.

It has its own bathroom, obviously. They have their own bathroom here. And behind you is the sink, we do it with a bar, for its illumination. Well, how big is the bathroom? The bathroom is about 1.40 m long,

1,20, 1,30 more or less, for floor measurements. Yes, we have another model where the bathroom is a dressing room, and we have already removed the camera a little bit. But that is at the customer's request. Then these houses are sold in presale.

In pre-sale or finished in option. But if they arrive in presale, can participate in the development of the project, which is also very important, very enriching, because they are already deciding on these finishes. You raise me up, you lower me down, you add to it, you take away from it. And that is also very good, because then things are achieved that sometimes, from the particular vision of the architect, are already missing in the tailor-made suit scheme. Yes.

The tailor-made suit is missing, and that is important too. These exercises are very enriching, because you learn a lot. Yes, they give it the touch, right? That touch. Yes, already for particular, very personal to the house. And often the project looks even better, because it is resolved under a need.

And what we missed was the bathroom. The bathroom shared by the two bedrooms, that's right. It is in this volume, which is what we were saying the double height finial, and they have this bathroom.

Very good, ventilated, illuminated. Good. What do we do in these bathrooms? We leave a sunken tray. When we make the crockery, we hide in the facilities, that part we make a monolithic slab, to strain the installations, and that in turn already have their tray, so that when, we avoid putting up parapets. And we leave those soap dishes already integrated into the wall.

Of course, there is no parapet, there is only one step down. That's right, that's right. And they add a telephone to the shower. Pardon? They add a telephone to the shower. Ah, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, that's it.

To serve a dual purpose. Very comfortable. Very good, architect.

And now tell us a little about costs. What is the cost per square meter of construction? Well, one is going to be the cost for sale, but another one for the owner who would like to build, right? Of course, clear. More or less the cost for sale, between 11,000 and 12,000 pesos, depending on the level of finishing. For an owner who has it and wants to build it, 9,500, 10,500, I believe. It is quite good.

In other words, I do have the land, cost me approximately 9 500 pesos per square meter. With this type of finish. With these types of finishes, we are seeing, that they are floors of... Interceramic. But is it porcelain or ceramic tile? No, this one is ceramic.

These are ceramic. This is ceramic wood as well. Customized drum doors. MDF closets and kitchen.

With melamine cover. It increases a little if they want it with stone. It is perfectly possible without any problem. They only make the additional ones.

All custom-made steel ironwork. The stairs are the same with custom-made beams and others. Coated in wood. Aluminum 3 inches. Black or white. If it were with Tintex glass.

If only they wanted a little more, for nothing else really is, as I tell customers, the additional cost of the material. Because it costs us the labor to put a floor of these with a floor of a thousand square meters. Labor is not going to be like that. Well, who knows, right? Because at least I know people who do charge more if the piece is very large. Because they have more people, I don't know. Ah, because it is difficult for them.

They find it difficult. It is difficult for them or because of the risk. Lower the piece. Because of the risk.

Because then you have to put two and whether to be more or more careful. Yes, it would have to be very special issues, very specific. But generally within the standard, there it is. If it is porcelain tile, if it is ceramic tile, if it is the same format more or less. Not much should change.

That's right. Excellent. And how do they work, architect? How, for example, are they contracted by construction supervision or do they give a fixed, defined price? How do they like to work? Normally for an already defined fixed price and only the additional ones. We are making the complements of what goes. We say the cost of the house, We agree on this scheme and define the type of materials and finishes we are going to have. Should the case arise, You know that suddenly I want the cover to be in granite, we just quote that one.

And that difference is what they have to do. I want the stove to be an induction stove. The stove I quoted you is this. The difference in the deduction is this. Excellent, excellent, quite transparent. Yes, yes, of course, because we totally put it on the contract.

Floors of this type, ceramic margin of about this amount. And already at the moment there is an additional one. They already know exactly how much the square meter of the apartment is costing them, square meter of roof, the doors already have this parameter.

The house shows that. No problem. That one you see, take pictures of it, take the floor, everything it is. And that's what we go and tell you. In fact, I take it to the suppliers. This is the supplier.

Find another one here. This is the floor you have. It is in the store. Don't keep the one I tell you in the contract. In the store is the one.

And now I want this one here. Just the difference. That's all there is to it.

Excellent. Very good, architect. And how many houses are they building of this type? Here is a set of five dwellings we are doing in this part. All for sale, right? All for sale.

Perfect. And how are we doing? How many have we already sold? Already two. Two are already in place. These two are already in the process of being set aside and one we have just started. All is well. So let's see, to make me more excited.

How much does this house cost? This house, the selling price, 3 million. 3 million 100. 3 million 100. Already sold. This is already sold out.

And thank you very much for allowing us. He allowed us to do so very kindly because it is always an effort they make and we appreciate it very much. Architect, What are the social networks where you can be contacted? To social networks. On Instagram we are as A_mas_arquiectos.

Excellent. Well, go give some love to the architects' social networks. Thank you very much for sharing your work with all of us and we look forward to learning more about it. Of his work and his architecture. Thank you very much.

My pleasure. See you soon, young people. COTAPAREDES go ahead.

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