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Absolutely fantastic Drive! Bee and Theo from the Indie Projects! Theo's taking us on dodgy roads! Oh my .... are you not going  to scratch your car up? Stop stop! we've got to be sensible here,  because we are really in proper Bear Country! We're Marianne and Chris, in 2018 we quit  the 9-5 and bought Trudy our camper van. We are currently on an adventure to  drive the circumference of the world ! wow what a night's sleep that was! what'd you mean a night sleep? I didn't sleep! Because of that! the trains, the trains! these trains here, they literally came everywhere I don't know what they were doing but they were torturing me!! and the problem is the trains have like hundreds of carriages  and they were just going on and on all night.

So we feel slightly sleep deprived, I don't feel  deprived I feel like I haven't slept at all  !! But anyway we're going to go meet Theo and Bee and try and work out some kind of plan. We do have a problem with Trudy, that the bearings are making a lot of noise after driving all the way here, we may be making our way back to Vancouver Island. Can I add that some people might think that we're creating drama! We are not!  We're literally not! We love our van Trudy and we're so stressed out about it! It's bad it's bad! But we're pretty sure we know what the problem is now, and we've called The Garage  on Vancouver Island, Sean and the guys from Bronson Mufflers are going to take  us back and look after us! so we'll probably start the road trip back towards Vancouver Island with them over the next couple of days and for those of you that are thinking - but you're  in Jasper you haven't seen Banff! We are planning to do that later anyway, so we're going to come back when it's quieter   because it is rammed! Yeah the guys yesterday said  they came through the park tried to go to the the lakes, and they were just completely fully booked  they couldn't get to the Lakes even though they paid their entry and everything else so it's  Peak holiday season and it's busy! Good morning campers! How are you doing? Can I just say sleeping  next to a rail track is not a good idea! It sounds loud ! it's been like that all night! We had a lovely  quiet sleep in a hotel ! yeah thanks mate - it even had a bath !! okay actually I haven't formally introduced  these guys because last night we had so much fun   I'm sure that 99.9% of you recognise them,  Bee and Theo from the Indie Project - hello!   They are legends and we are doing a little  bit of a disorganised crazy Mad road trip   with no planning whatsoever but it's  fun! Ready for adventure - there you go! We have trains... What?! very noisy trains!

but I'd also like to blame Theo and Bee for us having a YouTube channel! It was our son's idea, I thought Chris would give it up but we had about a hundred maybe 500 subscribers, and then Chris met Theo and Bee at a big I don't know where it ? it was the NEC caravan and camping show,and Chris said oh I've got this many subscribers and Bee and Theo just looked  at him and said - you've got this mate! keep going! It is all. your fault !! okay what's the plan today? well I was thinking .of going to Maligne lake,... okay it is a lake? Yep, Two lakes on the agenda first, okay! Bee got a special gift from chicken, a chicken  for your chickens! Our chickens are going to love it! it's from chicken ! It's brilliant! it's from chicken! Right are we ready to hit the road? But I was so excited! Yeah! otherwise we're going to get a parking  ticket, because we've overstayed the car park! okay Bee and Theo are taking the lead.

Another beautiful day my sweet, it is epic! this scenery is so immense, that's the thing ! Driving through the park this morning,  going through another patch of trees   that have obviously fallen victim to a fire. Can see the river coming down  here, it's just incredible the water!   So blue! it's fast flowing  that would be icy icy cold   we were talking about jumping in the lake but up  in these mountains it would be absolutely freezing!   I'm just going along somebody was  waving slow down and that's because ...   not sure what's happened here? So everyone's just parking or oh there's goats! Goats in the road! Theo has pulled over goats in the road Did you see the baby? yeah very cute, I only saw it briefly.   We just stopped off because we saw  a bald eagle perched up in the tree   absolutely stunning here by this Lake yeah I think it's a juvenile, they don't  get their white heads until they're five   so the guys have just spotted another a  nest and a bird Chris thought it might   be a vulture but I think it's a juvenile? It's epic - you literally just do 10 miles uh sorry 10 minutes in the van, or the car, and a  couple of minutes and you see something beautiful!   You might have just heard that's the baby  calling that's definitely a baby bald eagle   We heard that in Valdez. Driving along the  edge of this lake is absolutely incredible, blue water, crystal clear, we're so lucky  that the sun is beaming down on us today   snow capped mountains, in the distance.

It's just an absolutely fantastic Drive so we've come down to one of the lakes, look you've  got coaches and stuff here it's a busy place! The park is busy! So here's the question are we going to get a parking spot? it's not looking too hopeful! Okay that didn't work! We'll have to go  for Plan B - oh there's another car park. Turn right and go up there That's it next car park - overflow car park! I love overflow car parks ! Oh this one's good, this one's great  we're at the top and it's quiet. We've come down to the lake, Chris is  sensible and admiring the view and eating nuts! And the 3 lunatics have got in the  water! I'm not sure if you're allowed to swim here guys? There's nobody else in the water, just for the record! It is very fresh...

Have you dried off ? I have we're sat chilling, Although Theo - is getting attacked by a horse fly - it is on your back! the horse fly! Don't panic! that's the horse fly Shuffle and it's caught on camera Theo! no it's gone! no it's gone!  I don't think this bug repellent t-shirt's working?! No ! I am sat here on the towel - there are bugs !! See the bugs around my face - but it's very beautiful. What is that? there's a lot of bugs Marianne! Oh they have come around me now! Thank you, although not all of them! Because I still have 140 million ! but this is a pretty nice spot to have a picnic ! Yes it's a nature place and you should never harm animals! we're in it we're in a national park - Die Die Die !! Bee's got a new pet? what is that? Sorry but you were going towards my head! What is that? it looks like a dragonfly? Right we jump back into vehicles and we're off! We're doing another little trip and then we'll find somewhere to Park up tonight, hopefully somewhere nice and quiet and no trains! Stop - we have just seen some animals on the island!  I think they're maybe moose, or elk, or look at that? How amazing was that, just looking at those elk on the island, and then the mummy came across and strum across the little baby was really struggling to keep up with the current, and then the other two - probably teenagers maybe? Or dad and a teenager, they swum across after and   then they've just wandered off into the bushes  absolutely fantastic! That's the first, is that the first elk we've seen? Yes the first elk we've seen, but it was definitely being in the right place at the right time! I tell you what ! These views are just getting and better ! We just passed one Lake that was so blue it  looked like it had been painted   absolutely unbelievable! Mauritius  eat your heart out that's what I say. OK - we are turning off the road, we're turning off into Bear Country ! Yes we're turning off into Bear Country we are oh What do you think of this road? Do you reckon Trudy is up for it? yes yeah that's fine slow and steady eyes peeled for the  Bears! camera's ready! Definite bear country ! You watch out for bears and I will watch out for pot holes ! This is what I call a nice wild camping spot  look middle of nowhere, dirt track, trees for miles this is definite Bear Country I would stay where you are for now - Okay mate thank you okay so we're just having a little walk  down, and we'll see if it's getting bad? The road disappears - oh does it? I think I will have to turn around Do you remember any turnings back there?  I think it was the single track   there was something ? I think maybe right at the beginning? yeah the track that came off but   should we just try and reverse back and then see if you ... come and have a look at this ?  Theo's taking us on dodgy roads! You  don't want to push your vehicle - not really!   you can see where people have gone off the road! I'm armed - I'm armed with bear spray HeyO oh yeah you can't go down there that's  what's the problem - yeah, you can't! But we need to obviously find a way back, reverse back or whatever - yeah, because there's no way we're getting around that! all right slow and steady! Okay Theo's going to attempt to turn round, see me up here, yeah I'm going to put my front tire here, I'm not going too far, but open the window so you can hear me. Oh my, are you not going to scratch  your car up? No of course not Chris - of course not! There you go, another foot, keep going, stop - you'll easily do that that's all right. Can you see me forward Chris? you can .... it is pretty solid up to about where I am

and it's off-roading with Theo We don't want to break down here guys! I mean, you know we'll tow you out! yeah rocking easy Let's see - where's my wife gone? she's just like in the Wilderness Chris - okay! I've got the bear spray, I can see  Marianne trying to - oh she's turned round! Thanks for the lift - You're welcome! right onwards we go - lunatics okay back to the main road and we'll try again So the guys have just turned round they've  seen a track a little bit further back so   they've just driven back to check it out. okay so we found a really nice little spot just off the road, but I'm not sure if Trudy will make it? I'm sure she will but I'll come to the road and then we can have a look at it. okay mate we'll turn around and come back The rest of the track in is flat See what you think, this is the wrong angle. do you want to turn around? yeah, if I turn  around - we'll go down a bit and turn round.

You have to judge that, it is quite steep!  I don't think she'll make it - huh? Are you not sure? um - I don't know if you can, there   is a there is a road that turns right - that just down there, I don't know whether they link, do they  link up? The going down isn't the problem, it's the bottom bit, as I go back up - hitting that bottom as I go up there go up there. that's the only thing! I'm going to go  and have a look at that one because it's flat, Yeah go and explore that, I'll walk the other side, we might meet in the middle! Yeah it's just a little steep! I mean even even if we drive down there it's a  little bit steep, no it's the bottoming out area - yeah just park there and then we'll have a look. See this bit's all right - steep but it's okay! okay So they have just messaged to say uh there's a   waterfall where he's parked up, but we're going to try this track there's another little track here, and maybe this  one leads somewhere suitable to park up as well I think this is okay - this way is okay I think! This way is perfect - there is nothing but a little hole with some water but it is minor! I am sure Trudy can go this way! does it link up then? oh that's all right I think this will be fine It's just that when you gotta be careful of go back a bit stop stop just go really slowly it's about that Oh that is nice! A nice little swimming spot for the morning! yeah it's quite cold but look  at this - how lovely is this! This is what it's about guys oh it's just amazing isn't it? beautiful oh my God lunatic it's evening in Camp we've had a lovely  evening, sitting down and relaxing and we've all had dinner, but  Bee pointed out something to me look at the size of that animal track! That is Big ! How many toes has that got? Hang on that is not even the big one! Chris this is the big one! Oh no - don't be silly Bee! No that one - Oh my god What is that?! maybe it is a wolf or something ?! A big dog? Is that a bear? No - it is definitely a dog? Bears would have claws? A dog? Where do you see a dog around here ? Well like a wolf ! I am talking about a big dog! If it was a bear it would have big pads and claws print! Well let's see if we can call them ! Oh my god ! You are on your own Marianne ! Oh I love wolves ! We just cooked chicken - so we said if a bear or wolf comes through camp - we're just gonna throw it! but we did find it  really odd that there's like a random Rose Planted - there's the package there how weird is that? How weird and we are in the middle of nowhere! I think somebody's buried there to be  fair! Why would you think that? that's not a reasonable thought! is that fur? No! it's um it is fur! no! it's not ! it is fur! Coyote?   that's coyote fur! it's not coyote fur! but someone could have .... No Theo you don't know where it has been! Someone probably just had their big dog and they were camping here .... and they brushed their dog! I reckon it's eaten something! look much fur there is ! no it really smells like goat or sheep what does it smell of? It smells of .... aftershave? This one smells odd! It smells like goats! hold on hold on! I know that as I have goats! can I just say, how weird it is that - we stood in the middle of the Wilderness picking up fur, sniffing it and trying to guess what it is! There is even more of it over here! the bloody Wolf eaten it - you can't  just get fur like that on its own Look how much there is there! Has anyone got bear spray? I just thought that! None of us have bear spray! hang on, we've got to be sensible here because  we are really we are in proper Bear Country I feel like we're in an episode of alone! I can imagine a bear walking across the horizon in between the trees Good morning, what a place to wake up to.

A perfect spot for that morning cup of coffee feeling a bit husky husky this morning we've had a fantastic night's sleep  here, just the noise of the water   so much better than the trains  we had in the last episode everybody's still asleep it's  quite early in the morning just thought I'd come out and enjoy my  morning cup of coffee the sun coming up Morning Bubba Morning, it's a lovely day out there! Oh there is a camera! good morning - oh I slept so well, it's nice isn't it ? it's so quiet it's sunny again today okay so those guys are going off a  little mini adventure, and we're going to go another route because of Trudys bearings, they're going down a dirt road today   um on the other side of the park so we're going to meet them on the other side, what a fantastic   spot we've had so much fun hanging out with  those guys, and we're going to see them tomorrow. find the best spots you got to go down the worst  little roads, for an old two-wheel drive, Fiat Ducato she's still she's doing okay! She's doing amazing! but that's why we didn't want to do the dirt road today really for Miles, we ask a lot of her and she always seems to give. And we don't want to abuse our relationship with  our van, so the first job today is we're going to head back probably 20 miles to find Internet, it's on the right the right direction   and then we'll look up see where we can get water, because we're in need of a little bit of water and then we'll start heading South, so that we can meet those   guys uh on the other side of the park  tomorrow, There should be a tap here... drinking water! at the Esso garage - free water and sani - dump - thank you Canada Oh Christopher ! So the water pressure is so good  I've just been swimming! It look like ..... it looks like you've had a massive accident in your pants! My excuse is it's the water pressure! These parks are super special because  they're so protected, and there's so much Wildlife just driving down the road we've  seen these long-horned sheep or goats, I'm not really sure which one they are. so Chris is going to jump out and take some photos.

I'm going to try to, the road's packed! It's busy!  busy! busy - busy summer holidays, avoid it! Is it me or are the heavens about to open?! oh it looks a bit grey we're actually sat in the van in Kamloops,  we're in the town of Kamloops, of all places at a Costco car park! and Theo and Bee, spent the night last night in a nearby town of Golden, they took a different route down, as we said yesterday  and they've arrived in the town, but they've just sent us a message saying that where they are, there's massive hailstones! I think it's coming I'm not sure whether you guys can see it but  the car park is literally looking like a river

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